Fun At The Dentist, Part 1

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Published: 10-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Richard Rogers enjoyed his job, he enjoyed his co workers and especially his patients. Richard was a dentist, a children's dentist.

It was summer 3 years ago when his work began to get so much better. A little girl of 3 was in his chair and was wearing sandles tee-shirt and shorts. He noticed when she came in that her camel toe was so pronounced that she was not wearing panties. She was getting 2 teeth out and was asleep and only his assisstant Cheryl was there too.

As he extracted the first tooth he rubbed the back of his hand across her tiny chest and his cock jumped, his eyes were drawn also to her feet because he had a shoe fetish and open toe sandals were a favorite.

He leant over pretending to look in her mouth and squezzed a nipple, god he needed to wank or fuck. Cheryl then said she needed to get anther tool and left the room, immediately his hand went under her tee-shirt and stroked her nipples. He raised it up and kissed and licked each nipple in turn then slid a hand down her shorts. He felt her smooth pussy and her tight slit and was searching for her clit when from behind a hand clamped onto his that was in the girls shorts. "What are you doing Dr Rogers"? asked Cheryl.

Richard stopped, frozen with one hand on her chest and the other in her shorts. "I..I... was trying to ....I mean I saw I mean I...." he stammered. Then he felt a hand on the ouside of his surgical trousers stroking his cock.

Cheryl put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Put your finger in her cunt, fill her up, imagine it's your cock."

Richard moved his finger around till he located her tight cunt and pushed his finger tip in as Cheryl freed his cock and wanked him slowly.

"Finger fuck her, get right in" she said as she increased the speed she wanked him.

"I can't," said Richard. "She's too tight."

Cheryl smiled to herself "then take her shorts down and lick her little baby cunt."

Richard did not need to be told twice, he moved down to her legs and pulled her shorts down and was pleased to see that he was right, she was not wearing panties. He lifted and opened her legs and stuck his tongue into her tight slit, He tasted sweat and stale pee and using his thumbs he opened her slit to see her vagina.

Cheryl was wanking Robert and now had started to touch herself. She rubbed her clit as she told him to push his finger into the little girls cunt.

Robert tried but it was too tight. "I can't.." he started to say but Cheryl took her finger from her wet cunt to under his nose.

"I want to see you fuck a kid, but first finger this one." Cheryl came as he pushed his finger right up to the knuckle and he felt himself cumming.

"Cum on her cunt" she almost shouted as she wanked him furiously and returned to fingering herself.

Richard cried out as he removed his finger from her kiddy vagina and sprayed his cum over her slit and bare chest. He was still cumming as he felt Cheryl cum and grip him tightly as she orgasmed.

They parted and looked at each other.

"I want to fuck you" he said as he pawed at her tits, "right next to her" pointing at the girl.

Cheryl smiled, "Only if you cum in her mouth."

That their first but not their last experience with kids, in fact it just got better and better.

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Oh i loved that.


Nice dentist fantasy.


I'd like to read where you fucked the kid as she lay there knowcked out from the gas. You never mentioned how big his cock was. I hope its a monster, at least 12'', with large veins.


Nice. Want more. Hope the assistant likes eating girls too.


DAMN! That was hot. Please write more.


more please


That is fucking hot. Please do more on this theme...

Uncle Jon

Extremely hot story! I'll bet Richard will have that little girl scheduled for some frequent visits.

Open Minded Dad

Thank you all, I did not think anyone would like it.


Great story. Well done. I hope to hear more. So hot!

Kink taboo

Wonder story make more of this add some of dentist to add more effect


SO bloody hot.easy to picture him spreading the little tots legs and licking at her cunt while she was under sedation and loved the tarty nurse wanking him.GOIng to part 2 now before I shoot my load !


That was fucking hot. I could picture the assistants lust as she watched the dentist with the little girl. My cock is throbbing right now at the thought of those two doing more little girls in his office....

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