Oh Baby, Part 2

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Published: 26-Apr-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I went straight home from the doctors but I noticed that every guy I passes looked at my infant daughter with lust in their eyes.

As soon as I got in, I went straight to my bedroom and undressed myself and April. I looked at my 1 year old daughter as she giggled and acted like the baby she was but her clit was sticking out.

I put my face between her legs and licked her cunt while my nose nudged her clit and only after a minute or so she ejaculated over my face. I licked my lips as I stood up and sank my cock right into her and fucked her hard till I came inside her for the 2nd time that day. I lifted her up until her pussy was over my head and I licked my cum out of her.

Having a baby with an adult cunt was going to be fun.

I went out shopping for some groceries the next day, having fucked her in morning as I dressed her and like any other kid she started crying when she pooped in her pampers so I went to the mother and baby room to change her.

As I changed her I rubbed her engorged clit and she came loads, her juices dribbling out of her pussy when a mother came in with her baby daughter about the same age as April and started changing her when I noticed I had forgotten to bring any pampers with me.

I explained to the woman and asked if she could watch April for a minute or two while I bought more. She agreed and I left, but she had a funny look in her eyes and kept looking at April.

I raced out, bought a pack of dispossable nappys and returned to the mother & baby room.

I could hear the womans baby crying and when I walked in the woman was licking April clit and had 2 fingers in Aprils cunt. She looked at me her face covered in my baby daughters cunt cum then carried on. My cock sprang up.

I went behind the woman and reached round with one hand and squeezed her tits as my other hand went up her skirt. Her knickers were dripping and she moaned as I touched her.

I then reached up with both hands and pulled her knickers down to her ankles, then undid my jeans and dropped them and stuck my hard cock into her tight cunt from behind. She felt tighter than my daughter, and for the next few minutes I fucked her as she licked my babies cunt till I came hard inside her.

It was then I noticed the womans kid was also naked and the woman watched as I shuffled over to where her baby was, my jeans around my ankles. She kept licking Aprils cunt and watched as I put my mouth between her baby legs and started licking a normal babies cunt, my cock sprang to life again.

Her baby giggled and gurgled as I licked her cunt and pushed my tongue into her tiny vagina.

I straightened up and put my cock at her tiny vaginal opening and pushed gently. I knew I couldnt fuck her but just being at her opening felt good and I felt myself cumming again and as I came I pushed too hard and my cock head was inside spraying my cum into this tiny baby.

I ignored the babies screaming as I pushed deeper but as gentle as I could, then April came and the womans face was drippng with Aprils kiddie cum.

She walked ovet and kissed me, filling my mouth with Aprils cum then pulled my cock out of her babies cunt and sucked my sperm and baby blood off my cock then quickly dressed her baby and left.

I put a new nappy onto April and carried on shopping, knowing that I was now a real pedo and I knew I wanted more child sex, and April was going to help me get it.

I made sure to buy some extra big carrots and bananas, I'm sure you know why.

To be continued....

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This is a wonderful story that u have. My cock gets ROCK HARD when I read stories like this.


continue, please please continue

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