The Garage Sale

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Published: 25-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Saturday and it's a lovely morning. Summer always brings out the best days, warm, sunny and full of happy people. Like the ones at the garage sale I am attending. It appears that old Man Witherspoon died recently and now his elderly widow wants some extra cash by selling off some of his 'junk'. Of course what is 'junk' to an old woman is gold to a guy like me, and looking around at some of the tools and collectibles the old bastard gathered over the years gives me a good feeling about this yard sale.

Almost as good as the feeling I got when I saw Judy. Judy is the thirty year old woman who lives down the block from me. She is hot as fuck, short red hair, skinny but perky in all the right places, very pretty to look at. Problem is, Judy won't talk to me at all, me or any other guy in the neighborhood. I have often wondered about why this was, she was a school teacher and a professional woman with tons of interesting things to talk about just not interested in us regular guys. I glanced at Judy as she looked over some of the items on the tables, never touching anything just scanning over them. She was turning towards my direction so I looked away quickly only to get a look of a pretty young thing in a miniskirt. The five year-old was in my sight for only a second when her mom took her hand and pulled her closer. When I looked up, Judy was gone.

Anyway, back to the garage sale. A few people showed up, aside from myself and Judy. Even a few of the local kids were here, running around, looking at stuff and just killing time.

The yard was filled with stuff, table after table of old appliances, old clothing, old books, the usual yard sale items. I walked around and wanted to find something interesting so I tried to get into the actual garage. A large, 3 car detached building. It would be a paradise to steal things from here as old lady witherspoon was all alone and busy in the yard, unaware of what could be happening in the garage.

And what was happening in the garage?

I quietly walked in and heard Judy's voice, she was talking to someone, someone who was short as she was crouched down and I could not see her. Not wanting to interrupt, I quietly closed and locked the garage door then quietly went to see what was happening. Judy was talking to a little boy, about seven years old.

"And does your mommy let you come to yard sales all alone?" She asked the boy sternly.

"No..." He said quietly with a sad look on his face. He knew he was in trouble.

"And what if your mommy found out that you were looking up women's skirts? What would she do then?" Judy asked the little boy.

"Spank me," He quietly replied.

"Come here." Judy commanded as she grabbed the little boy and lifted him onto the workbench, standing him up before her. "My you are handsome young lad for being such a trouble maker." She commented as she looked him over, noticing his tight swim trunks and tee shirt. Her eyes were glued to his swimsuit and soon her hands were as well. She pulled gently on the boys trunks and his little willie popped out with excitement.

"What a cute little dinkie," Judy commented as she stared at the seven year-old. "Why I could just..." Immediately her fingers began flicking his penis back forth while tickling the child's balls. "...Fondle you. Do you like that?" The smile on the little boy said yes. "Of course you do," Judy continued as she tickled his dink. Soon he was hard and Judy continued to flick his tiny erection with her fingers, "Tickle tickle..." She giggled as the little boy began to squirm and wiggle, "Oh no, your not escaping the tickle queen." She caught him as he tried to fall off the workbench but continued to flick his willie while her long finger nails gently rubbed against his tender flesh. The little boy laughed out but was soon muzzled when she put her free hand over his mouth. Judy held the boy tight and mercilessly tickled his dinky.

'My God,' I thought, 'Why won't she do that to me?'

Soon the boy began bucking in her arms and was partially trying to escape while partially trying to cum. He squirmed and wriggled and soon began spurting little boy juice all over his belly and Judy's blouse. She hugged him tight and really let his cum sink into both their shirts. The little boy held her close and embraced Judy. I could tell by his smile that he loved the experience and was more than thankful to this strange lady who was touching him. Judy pushed his face into her tits, she was wearing a bra but the thin fabric of her blouse allowed the boy to get a good face full of beautiful, shapely, small titted cleavage.

"Look at this mess you made," She said to the boy sternly. "We better get you to the waterpark to get all clean and wet so nobody finds out you were here."

The little boy obediently nodded.

Judy turned him so he was facing her left side and gave him several hard spanks on his still bare bottom. "Now, if you ever look up my skirt again you know what you'll get, understand?"

"Yes." He said in whimper. His willie was still hard and had a glob of boy juice at the tip. Judy saw this and turned him to face her. "Here," She said then put her mouth over and onto his little member. She licked the cum and began sucking. His dink was so tiny that all she had to do was open her mouth and she could easily lick his little balls. To everyone's surprise, the little boy came again,shooting straight into judy's hungry mouth. He stood tall, like superman with his hands on his hips and big smile of mischief. He enjoyed the moment.

Soon Judy was pulling his trunks back on, up as high and tight as she could. She let her fingernail gently outline his erection and scrotum. She giggled and hummed some generic tune as she continued to fondle the boy through his swimsuit. "Can you cum a third time?" She asked, "I'm pleased and impressed with you this far, don't disappoint me."

Using her fingernail, she gently tickled his dink through his swim trunks. Up and down, paying close attention to his balls and scrotum. Soon he was at the limit and a wet spot of cum soaked through his swimsuit. Judy smiled as she pulled down the front of his trunks and started licking the cum from his dink and swimsuit.

"Good boy," She said quietly through the cum in her mouth. She pulled up his swimsuit and kissed him on the mouth, sliding her tongue inside his mouth so he could get a taste.

She pulled away from him and commanded, "Swallow, swallow your boy juice." He did as he was told without hesitation.

Judy then lifted the boy down from the workbench and I quickly hid behind the old lady's parked car so they would not see me. I could see the them walk hand in hand to the garage door while Judy gave the boy one last stern warning to never tell anyone of this. The little boy obediently agreed and I could see his little hand on her ass as they approached the door.

They left the garage and I was alone basking in the glory of child love. Or so I thought.

The car door clicked and opened slowly, I could see a little girl poke her head out.

"Hello," I said politely to this strange girl, "What's your name?"

"Lana," The little girl replied quietly.

"And does your mommy know you're here?" I asked.

"No..." She said whimpering, "This was Tommy's idea, I wanted to stay at the waterpark."

Lana was dressed in yellow nylon shorts and a tube top. She was a chunky girl about the same age as the little boy who Judy just finished with. I was drawn to her shorts as she sat up in the back seat of the old car, her beautiful shorts were short on her legs but somehow a bit big for her, the legs rode up her inner thigh enough and sagged down enough to show me that she clearly without panties. I had to stare at her gorgeous puffy little pussy poking out from the leg hole. As she sat up some more, her tube top slipped and gave me a clear look at her budding booby of baby fat. She had beautiful nipples.

"Well, you saw what happened to Tommy," I said to her, "Do you think you should get away with this?"

A look of fear came on her face, "but,"

"No buts," I said, "You are in a lot of trouble young lady."


"Okay, Butt, it is," I said as I reached in the car and began tickling her ribs. She giggled and squirmed as I worked my fingers over her belly fat and upper chest. I knew she only seven but I had to take advantage of this. Tickling Lana brought a ray of sunshine to this already wonderful day.

As I gently prodded and tickled her ribs, I began lifting Lana's tube top up and towards her neck. Soon it was right off of her and I was fondling her tits and nipples. Her hands just went to her sides and she was allowing me to play with her. As her nipples got harder I began flicking them up and down and side to side. Gently squeezing and pinching her developing boobies. Then my hands began to wander as I reached to her hips and gently pulled down those beautiful yellow nylon shorts of hers.

The sight of her puffy bald pussy almost made me cum in my jeans. I lightly stroked it and slid my hand in the nice clean slit.

Lana smiled and giggled as I felt her luscious twat. I was surprised at how obedient she was, just letting me fondle her like this, "You must be Tommy's sister," I said to her as my hands were still exploring her fat little body.

"Twin sister," She corrected. "Mom's boyfriend plays with us like this too, I love it."

"Well, you are a very good girl," I said to her as gently stroked her pussy slit. "Lets see everything, shall we." I gently spaced her puffy labia major and looked into her gorgeous preteen hole. So pink, so tempting, I just... MMMmmmmm began licking her snatch, it was wonderful, normally I'm not into fat chicks, but it worked so well on Lana. The summer sweat offered a sweet and saltiness to the taste, I noticed how clean her bum was from being at the waterpark so I reached my hands under her cheeks and lifted her anus up and began munching. Yum.

Lana just lied on the backseat of the car and enjoyed the moment. I moved my right hand up and resumed fondling her pussy, using a gentle insertion. By now, Lana's bum was wet with my juices.

"You know, Lana backwards is anal." I said to her.

"What's that?" She asked, a little frightened and a little curious.

"Well," I started pulling my hardened cock from my pants and gently moved it closer to Lana's bum.

"No," She pleaded, "Not that."

"Of course," I said, "You let your mom's boyfriend play with you."

"Play, yes." She said.

I continued to stroke her lovely pussy with my thumbs, paying special attention to her clit which was now very erect. "Let's just try it, shall we." I suggested as I moved my thumbs down to her bum hole and opened it a little.

Pushing my hard cock up to her anal opening and gently penetrating the tip gave me a rush I will never forget. Lana's face lit up with pleasure, this was better than she anticipated. I took that as a yes and gently proceeded, inch by loving inch stroking her beautiful pussy with my index finger the whole time. Lana just smiled an innocent and loving smile, so cute and obedient, she was now helplessly impaled on my cock, legs spread, pussy wide open before me. Her nipples got a bit harder as I gently slid my member out of her quivering bum hole.

"That's not so bad now, is it?" I asked.

"Guess not," She smiled as I gently slid it in again.

I put my hands on her fatty hips and held her as I slowly pumped her bottom. Once inside, I would tickle and fondle every part of Lana I could reach, then gently slide out only leaving the tip inside. Again gently into her bum with every inch and more fondling to her gorgeous nipples. Gently outward, gently inward, etc..

I gently slid it in fully again and reached my hands up to tickle her fat feet. Lana went insane with the giggling and squirmed on cock, working her cheeks and everything like I've never seen anyone do it before. I grabbed her ankles and spread her little legs as wide as possible and soon was overtaken by pleasure and shot a humongous load in her bum hole.

"Wow," I said as I slowly lowered to budding tits and began kissing and sucking on her nipples. On my stomach I could feel the juices flowing from Lana's pussy, she was loving this. I looked at her and she gave me the cutest smile. "Well, I hoped you learned your lesson," I said to her.

"I did," She replied, "But someday, I might need a refresher course."

"Well, I'll be glad to teach you," I told her as I gently slid my cock from her seven year-old bum one last time. I put my member away and helped Lana get her summer clothes back on. With a parting spank, I bid her farewell and hoped her mom's boyfriend continued to play with her.

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Sorry but this is SO unrealistic I can't even. 7 yo boys can't cum and if a grown man sticks his cock in the unlubricated anus of a little girl, she's not going to immediately find it pleasurable (if ever).

Fantasy is nice but can you attempt to make it even the tiniest bit believable?


Personally I'd like to see the kids a bit older, more like 10 to 11. Physically that would be more realistic. Still the story was well written. However I'd like to make a suggestion. What if a guy or maybe two, were at a garage sale and there were one or two girls, about the age I suggested, and just as a lark the guy, or one of them pointed at the girl or girls and asked the woman running the sale, '...and how much are these, or her.' Think how surprised he'd be if a price was mentioned then the story would be how he took advantage of the situation. Never seen a story like that but would like to. Anyway, keep up the good work.


Wanker, another nive stroker, but you have got to get with it. hell you had a long time there to play.but it was good all the same. I again look forward to your next.... thanks gain...


Please continue with these same characters, especially the teacher. There are several scenarios how the main character can become a very good friend with her. Even though she most likely is not interested in adult males, they can do things together to kids.


A very nice story. I hope that you will keep writing more stories about Lana and her neighbor.


Good story. Great premise, interesting characters I'll follow to see what's next. Thank you!

Of course, I'd be hugely amazed if a little seven-year-old boy could cum. Orgasm? Of course, but ejaculate? Hardly.

Also, 'Oh no, your not escaping the tickle queen.' That would be 'you're', as in 'you are', not 'your'. I see so bloody errors like this. Always proofread your work or, even better, have someone else do it. They're more likely to spot that sort of thing. I DO love the Tickle Queen though. Heh. ;) Don't depend on autocorrect, those things SUCK at word usage, they're only for spelling. Thanks again for a good story, mate. Looking forward for more! ;)

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