Sandy Gets A Modeling Job, Part 4

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Published: 25-Oct-2011

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FICTION ONLY!!! The author does not suggest or condone sex with minors. This is a work of fiction only, and is the product of the author's imagination (and some ideas from friends). Thank you, Anna for the suggestions. The girl protrayed in this story is named for a friend who suggested it during a very fun chat. Enjoy!

Gracie was sitting on the end of the sofa, with Jamie's head in her lap when he started to wake up. As planned, a porn was playing on the flat-screen.

"You had a nice nap. You must have been pretty tired," Gracie told the boy as she ran her fingers through his short hair. He looked up at her and grinned sheepishly.

"I guess I did. I had a strange dream, hey!" as he noticed the movie playing. "Are you watching a dirty movie? I've never seen one, but I heard about them."

She smiled at him and nodded. "Is that OK, Jamie? You don't mind do you? I like watching them, especially if I'm with a cute guy like you."

Jamie blushed at the praise. "It's OK, I guess. Thanks for saying that. I don't think so, but thanks."

As the movie progressed, the medication had the desired effect on him. Of course, he had no idea why he was suddenly bigger and harder than ever in his young life, but laying with his head in the pretty girl's lap while watching porn certainly didn't help.

Gracie noticed. "It, um, looks like you are enjoying the movie."

He tried to turn over and hide his erection, but she wouldn't let him. "Don't hide it. Let me see, please?" she pleaded with him.

"Really? You want, but I don't know, I mean, I never,," he turned his face away from her as he tried to come up with the words.

"Yes, I do, Jamie." She reached over and put her hand on his shorts. As she rubbed his now-hard cock, he groaned. He couldn't figure out why he was so BIG!

Without waiting, she reached into his shorts and wrapped her slender hand around his 11 year old shaft. Although he had just given her a load of cum a few minutes ago, he was rock hard and ready for action. When she had sat down, she had left the cameras on in a "stand-by" mode. When he started waking, she had hit the remote, and had filmed since then.

He gasped when she stroked his cock. The gasping turned to moans and his eyes closed as he consciously enjoyed the first feel of a girl's hand on his cock.

"Why don't you take those shorts off, Jamie?" she asked him as she continued to caress him. "I'll take mine off too if you want to see me."

That got his attention. He looked up at her and smiled. "Would you really? I mean, I'm only 11, and you're older than me. Are you sure?" Of course, he said that as he was pushing his shorts down and off. The shirt quickly followed. His eyes grew bigger as he saw his "new" cock for the first time. Gracie grinned as she saw his response. The injections had done the trick. His ball sac was hanging heavily below his enlarged cock. He was obviously proud. He sat up as Gracie moved to undress. His mouth hung open as he saw, for the first time, a real, live girl standing nude in front of him. To Jamie, Gracie was an angel. Her "B" cup breasts were firm with puffy nipples topping them. His eyes traveled down her flat stomach to the swelling of her mound. She was shaved baby-smooth. He gulped as the wonder of today hit him. He was rescued from the street, allowed to have a hot bath, a hot meal, and now this beautiful girl was nude in front of him and wanted to see and touch his cock!

When she sat back down next to him, he realized he was barely breathing. Gracie put her arm around him, then placed his right hand on her bare thigh. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, and suggested they watch more of the movie. She wasn't sure what he knew, but thought he should see some actors doing some things. In the back of her mind, she thought she heard a door bell.

Ray heard the bell ring, just as he was zipping his fly. He told Sandy to wait in her room for now while he answered the door. She ran down the hallway, stopping to peek through the doorway where Gracie was watching the movie with Jamie. She hoped they let her play with him sometime. He was cute!

Ray looked through the peephole on the door and saw the beret of a Girl Scout sitting on top of brunette hair. He opened the door and saw the rest of the scout. She looked to be about 11, wore glasses, had a sprinkling of freckles across her button-nose. His trained eyes moved quickly over her body.

Her breasts were just beginning to swell under the uniform top. Her coltish legs were tanned. At least what he could see between the bottom of her skirt and the top of her knee-high socks. Sneakers finished her outfit.

"May I help you?" he asked the girl. She appeared nervous.

"Um, my name is Anna. I'm, um, selling raffle tickets to help needy kids. The winner gets an I-Pod. Would you like to buy one? They're only $5 dollars each." She was shifting from one foot to the other. In truth, the uniform came from a Goodwill store and the money was for her own use. Her step-dad had told her to find a job if she wanted lunch money for school.

"Sure, Anna. My wallet is inside. Come on in and I'll get it." He held the door open for the girl. He was formulating a plan to get more than a raffle ticket. He ushered her into the living room and told her he would be right back. She sat on the sofa, nervously wondering if this was the right thing to do. He might even be calling the cops!

Ray noticed Sandy still standing in the doorway of the studio. She was rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her shorts. He stood behind her and looked inside the room. Sandy was so involved in bringing herself off she didn't even notice Ray.

Gracie had convinced Jamie to suck her breasts. She was rubbing up and down his back while he enjoyed the first taste of breasts.

Ray startled Sandy just as she came. "Why don't you give me a few minutes, then join me and the Girl Scout in the living room. Play it by ear, OK?" She nodded and grinned at him as she caught her breath. He knew she and Gracie had played some, and thought she might help with Anna.

Ray picked up his wallet from the bedroom and returned to find Anna watching the closed circuit feed from the studio. She was sitting, open-mouthed, watching as Jamie was sucking on Gracie's breasts. He watched as the scene changed to Gracie pushing his head lower and spreading her legs. Jamie learned quickly what a pussy looked like up close and how he could please his new friend with his tongue!

"Looks pretty cool, huh?" Ray asked the girl when he walked back into the living room.

She jumped and turned away from the screen, her face a bright red.

"What are they, I mean, I don't, oh, I should go now," she stammered as she started for the door. She wasn't sure what was going on here, but she was pretty freaked. She had only recently discovered the joys of that "magic button" at the top of her slit. She had no idea what that boy was doing to the girl on the screen. Of course, the girl seemed to be enjoying it, but still, oh, she needed to leave!

"Wait, Anna. You didn't get the money yet." Ray was standing in the doorway, blocking her escape. He hoped she wouldn't report what she had seen. Maybe he could calm her down.

"I'm sorry I left that on. I hope it didn't scare you, Anna." Switching the subject slightly, he finished up with: "You know, you could be a model. You're a very pretty girl. One of the things I do here is photograph pretty girls."

She stopped trying to leave, and looked up at him.

"I'm not that pretty. I need to go now, please mister," pleading with him.

"But you are. I bet I have some customers already who would love to see a pretty Girl Scout with a smile like yours. I'll tell you what. How many tickets do you have left?"

She quickly looked at the fake tickets she was holding. Should she continue? Why not? She had gone this far. "Um, I still have 15 sir."

"I'll make you a deal." He pulled two one hundred dollar bills from his wallet and held them up. "If you let me take some photos of you and see if I can sell them, I'll give you $200 right now. You can even keep the tickets to sell to someone else."

Anna couldn't believe it! $200 to let him take some pictures! She probably shouldn't, but she knew that would buy her lunches, and then some, for a while. Against her better judgment, she agreed.

Ray picked up his digital camera that was always at the ready. He posed the girl in some perfectly normal positions, then had her sit on the sofa again. Her eyes went to the screen where Jamie was now lying on his back and Gracie was straddling him, riding up and down on his cock. She gulped as she realized that new feeling was returning to her private spot between her legs. Ray's voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Anna? Did you hear me? I said you look so pretty, would you mind if I unbuttoned your shirt a couple of buttons? I know my customers like to see bare skin, and your skin is so smooth and pretty. You really are a beautiful girl."

She gulped again, but agreed as his fingers were already working on the shirt. The touch of his fingertips sent jolts of electricity through her body. She had no idea what these feelings were, but no man had ever paid this kind of attention to her.

Ray pulled the shirt open slightly, exposing her chest, just above her simple bra. He stepped back and snapped a few more pics, then purposely shot one that she knew showed her panties. He even touched her knee (causing more tingles) and spread her legs wider. He was kneeling on the floor now and shooting up.

"Anna, if I promised you, say, another $50, would you pose in your bra and panties for me? It would be like wearing a bikini. You wear a bikini don't you?" as he continued to take her pics. He knew several buyers already who purchase anything he had of this girl.

"Um, I guess. Really? I don't know if I should," as her fingers seemed to working without her realizing it. Her shirt was open and she was standing to remove it. The sneakers were kicked off and her skirt was unbuttoned, then unzipped, and it fell to the floor. She was now standing in front of this stranger in her white bra and simple cotton panties.

"Wow, Anna! You are beautiful!" he praised her as he continued to snap away. He noticed her panties were a little small, probably over a year old. Her cleft was very obvious as she stood before him. He wanted to see more and had her turn slowly. Pushing his luck, he had her kneel on the sofa, her head facing away from him and he had her look over her shoulder and smile.

Without waiting for a response, he reached up and pushed the fabric of her panties into her crack. She gasped as his fingers touched her once more. What she didn't realize, was that a damp spot was forming on her panties. He caught that on camera as well. He knew he had her now. Years of filming and seducing girls taught him that this one was his.

He continued snapping pics, as Anna relaxed more. Her eyes flitted to the screen where the couple had changed positions. Gracie was now on her knees and Jamie was doing her doggy style. She had no idea what the position was called, but they both seemed to be enjoying it. The tingles were getting stronger in her special place.

Ray's cock was straining against his jeans, even though Sandy had just sucked him a short time ago. Anna was very sexy, and he wanted to get her nude. Setting down the camera, he leaned over the young girl and began to whisper to her.

"You are absolutely beautiful, Anna." His hands were moving up the inside of her thigh. She was nervous, but he noticed her arching her back as he continued to work his way up. Fingertips lightly brushing across her slit, she shuddered and bit her lip. He cupped one ass cheek in his large palm as he softly kissed her bare shoulder.

"Perfect, smooth skin," as one hand reached under her and cupped a small breast. More shudders. More biting of her lip. She knew she should stop him, but she couldn't help it. She loved the attention, and the tingles were stronger!

He moved from her hip to unfasten the bra and let it drop. "Let's take this off. I'll bet you are even sexier topless." He kissed her bare shoulders, then her neck. Anna couldn't hold back any longer. She came-HARD!

As she did, Ray pinched one bare nipple when the bra fell away. That caused a second orgasm to follow the first one. He didn't wait.

"Anna," still whispering as he gently directed her back onto the sofa, "lay back for me." He pulled her bra free, exposing a beautiful pair of developing breasts, topped with eraser-sized nipples which were perfectly erect.

Anna was gasping as she came down from her dual orgasms. He fastened his mouth over one of those perfect little breasts as his hands slid her too-small and soaked cotton panties down. She raised her hips to allow him to access. All that was left now were the green knee socks.

He kissed the other breast, then slid her down onto the sofa further. His kisses moved down her body, until he was spreading her legs and kissing her like she had seen the boy do to the girl on the screen earlier.

Gasping in pleasure as his tongue found her private place, Anna pulled his head tighter, her slender legs wrapping around his neck. His mouth expertly worked her over. As she felt another orgasm build, a new girl walked into the room and asked if she could join. She was totally nude, and looked younger than Anna herself.

Sandy was surprised to see how quickly this girl was stripped. She had followed Ray after she undressed. Remembering how good Gracie made her feel last night, she decided to try some of those things with the new girl. After all, she was already nude and Mr. Ray was licking her kitty!

She decided she liked kissing Gracie, and maybe this girl would like kissing her. After asking if she could play, she leaned over and kissed the girl on the mouth. To her surprise, the girl opened up and shoved her tongue into Sandy's own. The girls locked in a passionate embrace, with Anna running her hand over the younger girl's slender body.

Ray saw what was happening, and decided it was time. Anna's pussy was delicious and dripping. He was hard and ready. He stood and undressed. Anna didn't seem to notice as she tongue-wrestled with Sandy.

Once nude, Ray pulled Sandy away and had her move to the floor. Some simple directions, and the girls were locked in a 69 position with Anna over the top of the younger girl on her hands & knees. Sandy immediately resumed what Ray had started, loving the taste of her new, unintroduced friend.

Anna had tried this one other time with a girl who used to live in the trailer next door. That girl had moved away soon after. Anna now tried the things she had learned on this willing partner. She barely noticed that Ray was behind her. All she could feel so far was Sandy's tongue working on her private place.

Ray looked down at Sandy who grinned while she tongued the girl. Positioning his cock at the entrance, he held onto her slender hips and SHOVED inside her. To his surprise, there was no hymen. He would later find out that the mom of her former neighbor had taken care of that one night when she had slept over with Maria. Ms. Martinez had taught the girl's many things. Anna had cried when they moved away.

She was incredibly tight, and Ray loved how she felt as he began to fuck her little hole.

Anna gasped as she realized she was being taken for the first time. It wasn't unpleasant, as she might have thought, especially when Sandy was using her little pink tongue on that magic button. She continued her work on Sandy, enjoying the taste and feel once more of a girl's pussy.

Ray was pumping and still holding her ass. His large hands spread her cheeks. Using her own pussy juices for lube, he spread that wetness over Anna's rose before penetrating her with his large thumb.

The extra pressure made her orgasm once more. She was on fire sexually, and didn't understand it. Even playing with her old neighbor, she had never cum this much! Now, she was eating the pussy of a stranger, while a strange man was fucking her pussy and fingering her ass! She wondered if his cock would fit in there too?

She didn't have long to wait. Ray loved to use girls anally. He just hadn't tried that with Sandy yet because he thought she was too small. He planned to use some butt plugs to help her adjust, but for now, Anna was gripping his thumb with each inward thrust he gave her. He was alternating his thumb with his cock in her pussy.

Sliding out of her pussy, he pointed his cock at her rose. She raised her head up and simply said: "YES!" as he POPPED past the sphincter. She lowered her head to Sandy's pussy once more, and Sandy was working on her pussy again. The combination of the cock in her ass with Sandy's tongue in her pussy had her cumming once again. She was so exhausted now from multiple orgasms.

Sandy came with her as she sucked on the younger girl's magic button. She suddenly realized it was very swollen, and obviously very sensitive. Anna's little body was shaking and quivering, when she felt something very warm shoot inside of her bottom. It was very strange, but pleasant. Ray had shot his load inside the girl. Although he loved anal, he could never last very long, as the sphincter was like a vise that milked his cock.

When he relaxed and pulled back, Anna collapsed onto the floor next to her new, unnamed friend. The girls were both trying to catch their breath, when Sandy started giggling.

"By the way, my name is Sandy. I'm very pleased to meet you."

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