Sandy Gets a Modeling Job, Part 3

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Published: 17-Oct-2011

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Pure fiction.

Sandy had been "rescued" by Gracie and taken to the photographer's apartment where she had her first blowjob and orgasm. Now it was time for her deflowering. Since she had been sedated when Ray took her virginity earlier, to her, this would be her first cock inside her pussy.

"Sandy? Are you ready for this?" Ray asked the young girl. She was laying on the sofa, pre-teen legs spread and a sheen of sweat over her body after experiencing her first orgasm. Unknown to her, Ray had injected her still developing clitoris with a drug to intensify sexual stimulation. This had happened shortly after her arrival at the studio when she was drugged by the medication in a special "lollipop" she had been given. When she woke after the lollipop wore off, a porn movie had been playing on the flat screen TV. It was moments later when she sucked her first cock, and her screen debut was off and running.

"I'm ready, Mr. Ray. Your special milk made me feel so good! Please fuck me now!" she begged as she spread her legs wider and arched her back, offering her virginal pussy to the photographer. Gracie was recording every statement, and every action of the young girl.

Lifting one dainty foot over his shoulder, Ray lined his engorged cock up with the entrance to her opening. Due to the medications, and her recent orgasm, her 9 year old pussy was extremely wet. One push to let her know it was happening, a slight pull back, then pushing inside. To Sandy, there was no pain, just pressure from the stretching.

Sandy's medicated and stimulated clitoris spasmed with the first of many orgasms. As she shuddered and bucked, Ray stretched her newly opened pussy with his cock. This was one of the many things he liked about the scam he and Gracie pulled: taking the cherry of whatever girl they happened to draw into their little game. Sandy was the youngest and tightest of any girl he had been with in some time. The last few were closer to 11 or 12.

Slowly building a rhythm, Ray pumped in and out of the girl, stretching her tunnel more and more until almost all of his cock was inside. He couldn't believe the tightness as he watched her reactions. She was now pulling her nipples as the girl had in the movie she watched less than an hour before.

With each tug, she bucked her hips and moaned out. Her eyes were closed in pleasure, her blonde hair mussed and in disarray around her angelic face.

Gracie was zooming in first on Ray's cock pistoning in and out of Sandy, then on the young girl's body and face. The 18 year old photographer's assistant could feel her own pussy tingling as she watched her lover and boss in this deflowering of the young girl. It happened every time she watched him fuck someone new. She remembered back to her first time with him.

She had first met Ray when he taught a photography class in an after-school program she had been attending when she was 12. She developed a huge crush on him then, and he picked up on it. Before long, she was posing for private sessions and he was taking her virginity. On her 13th birthday, she left her unhappy home and ran away with him. From the beginning, she knew where his interests lay, and she agreed to help him. He had taken care of all her needs and she had no desire to do anything else. He was the first guy to pay attention to her. Maybe that's why she felt connected to the runaways. After all, her own mother never even tried to look for her, and it had now been five years.

As she focused back on the couple in front of her, she could tell Ray was close to giving Sandy her first concious dose of man-seed. The little girl had already experienced 3 orgasms and was building for her fourth.

"Here it is, Sandy. Here's your dose of milk inside your pussy," he grunted as he felt his balls erupt through his cock.

Sandy screamed out as the hot sperm filled her young pussy. "YESSSSSS!!" she screamed out as her little body wracked with the last orgasm.

When he knew he was almost done, he pulled out of her pussy and quickly straddled her body, offering his cock to her open mouth. She didn't hesitate, but took the last couple of squirts onto her tongue, believing this "milk" would give her the feelings that had washed over her body.

Greedily, she sucked the last few drops from his cock, then licked the remnants of their fuck-session from the shaft. Once finished, she looked up at her benefactor and smiled.

"WOW! Mr. Ray! That was so awesome! I wanna do that lots!"

He stepped back and leaned forward, kissing her lightly on the forehead before looking over at the camera. He knew his face and name would be edited out before the movies were made public. He gave Gracie a wink, then told her it was her turn.

The following day, Ray went out for supplies and let the girls sleep late. As he drove around the shopping center, he noticed a young boy trying to stay out of sight. Ray had watched and picked up runaways enough to recognize one when he saw him. He turned his wheel and steered towards the rear of the buildings.

There the boy was: crouching behind a semi-truck that had backed up to the dock. Ray stopped and stepped out of his car and approached the boy.

"Hi there, my name is Ray. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

The boy peered cautiously around the tires of the truck, then stepped out. He was dirty, like most of the kids he had "rescued" and afraid.

"It's OK, I'm here to help. Would you like something to eat?" That was the clincher. The boy nodded and continued to come closer. Ray opened the door of the car and the kid climbed inside. One final look around to ensure there were no prying eyes, and he was off.

During the ride to his apartment/studio, Ray discovered Jamie had left home after mom hooked up with a new man who didn't want him. He felt like he was in the way, and told his mom he was leaving. She didn't make a move to stop him. He had been alone on the streets now for two weeks.

Ray made a phone call to Gracie and instructed her to ensure both she and Sandy were dressed. Ray began telling Jamie how he could work for him and earn his keep. It would be like having a family again, as there were two girls there. When asked his age, Jamie replied 11. Perfect for Gracie. Probably perfect for Sandy, too.

Arriving at the apartment, he showed the boy where the bathroom was, and told him to strip out of his dirty clothing. Jamie hesitated, but kicked off his sneakers, then slowly took off the soiled jeans and t-shirt. He was wearing nothing underneath. Ray took in the sight of the boy. He knew Gracie had already turned on the cameras that were hidden in the bathroom. After showing him where the towels and other necessities were located, Ray left with his dirty clothes, promising to bring him something to wear.

Gracie met him in the hallway. "Is that for me, Sweetheart?" she gushed as she wrapped her arms around her lover. Ray kissed her passionately as his hands roamed over her firm, young body. They heard giggling and broke their embrace to see Sandy standing the doorway of the bedroom.

"Looks like somebody's ready to give up some more milk. Will that new boy have milk too, Mr. Ray?" the girl asked.

"Let's get him something to eat first, Sandy. Then maybe Gracie can show him the studio while I give you some milk," Ray told her. That brought a smile and giggle from Sandy. Ray left to find clothing for Jamie as the girls went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Jamie walked into the kitchen a few moments after the others had sat down. Introductions were made, and Jamie was more than a little embarrassed. He was dressed in a t-shirt and loose fitting shorts, but Ray had told him he could not locate any underwear in his size, so he was "going commando" under the shorts. One look at the two girls dressed in extremely short cotton shorts that hugged their bottoms, and halter tops, and his "little soldier" started to grow. He just hoped they didn't notice.

They did.

While they ate lunch, Ray explained what his duties would be. Gracie would show him around the studio after lunch while he helped Sandy clean up. Jamie was quickly becoming comfortable with his new hosts. Besides Gracie was "hot" and Sandy was kinda cute, in a little sister way.

Lunch finished, Gracie took Jamie by the hand and led him towards the studio. As they walked away, she offered him a lollipop. Sandy didn't notice, as she was quickly working on the dishes so she could get her milk.

Ray rewarded the young girl right there in the kitchen. When the last dish was put away, she turned to him, a big smile across her face. Today, Gracie had helped her curl her hair, and it was falling in ringlets around her angelic face. Ray couldn't resist and opened his jeans, releasing his cock. Sandy quickly took the semi-erect member into her mouth, working to produce the milk she wanted to badly.

Jamie had taken the lollipop and was quickly feeling the effects of the drug. Gracie had made it into the studio and the sofa where Sandy had lost her virginity the day before. As Jamie slumped into a blissful sleep, she positioned him, then turned on the cameras.

Knowing Ray had set this up for her, she made a production of stripping in front of the camera. Next, came Jamie's shorts. She was impressed with his little cock. It was almost 5" long and looked very tasty. Taking him in her mouth, the organ grew to full strength.

Gracie had become very skilled at sucking cock. She loved the feel of the soft skin on her tongue, and loved the taste of the cum when it sprayed down her throat. She would have to properly thank Ray later for thinking of her today.

Once he was at full attention, she took the already-prepared syringe and injected half the dose into the base of his cock, the other half into his scrotum. As with all the females, Jamie didn't feel a thing, thanks to the sedation of the lollipop.

His cock was in her mouth when it began to swell. Gracie loved this about the medication. Most of the boys did too. She fondled the now-heavy ball sac as she sucked the cock fully inside her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum, and was rewarded with a load very soon. They would have to work on his staying power, she thought as she gulped down the last few drops.

Pulling on her clothing as she licked the cum from her lips, she smiled for the camera, then dressed Jamie. He would be waking up soon, and she wanted him to be ready for the next part of the plan. Turning on the porn movie she wanted, she sat on the sofa and cradled the young boy's head in her lap.

She wondered when Ray and Sandy would make their appearance. If they didn't, she would make the first movie with just her and Jamie. That would earn Ray another treat.

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Keep up the good work.


Dont screw a perfectly good story by adding gay scenes in the following chapters please


Gay scenes will not be in there. Thanks for the comments.


nice... I love the idea of no gay scenes... but you will need to feed him well if he is to handle the two girls.... thanks.. now when is the next chapter coming...

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