Young Girl Club, Part 1

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Published: 8-May-2012

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All these stories are a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Every story I write contains sexual situations between adult females and kids. These stories should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did. Most if not all of the stories I write contain explicit pornographic material; it is not for minors under the age of 18 or close-minded people.

Any characters, places, businesses and/or circumstances etc. described herein are entirely fictional and are a product of my imagination. None of the following is based on real organisms or organizations, and any semblance to anyone or anything real, living, deceased or imaginary, is purely coincidental. There is no place called Cherish Valley in the United States that I am aware of.

I write stories for my own enjoyment. I write stories in which women are degraded and humiliated, but I don't believe that I am a bad person, just a bad writer, but you are free to form your own opinion.

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you. Anyone who is an adult or age of majority, of course, is welcome to continue. Email me with your comments.

I reply to readers who take time to email me.

Dr. Julie Swan stepped out of the cab. Her friend Sarah Hughes, Esq. followed her. They were standing across the street from the club that was all the rage in the Valley for adult women.

"Well, this is it," said Sarah cheerfully, flicking a lock of brown hair from her face.

"I am a little nervous about doing this, I mean somebody I know might see me," replied Julie, looking about nervously. Across the street from where the cab had dropped them off stood a two story large building, built of plain concrete block. The entire side was broken by only a single door. Next to it was a cheap looking bar with the name 'The Kiddies Hangout'. Down a little further was the 'Hairy Lemon' a cheap motel with the parking lot full of cars and across the street was a sex store with flashing neon lights proclaiming to have the lowest prices in town, "It doesn't look like much of a club."

Dr. Julie Swan at 42 years old was a practicing psychologist, well respected in her field. She had several books to her name, one that made the best seller list called "Love Story: Kids and the Mother's who love them". Now she was working on a new book but needed research to validate her idea.

Sarah Hughes was an attorney in the district attorney's office. She was 40 years old and worked in the Woman's Sexual Harassment Unit. She did have her own practice at one time but the Women's law school where she graduated had lost its accreditation, her business dried up and now she was working for minimum wage. Sarah took her hand and led her across the street, Julie taking care not to stumble; she wasn't used to wearing high heels. The employee entrance was behind the building down the alley way a little ways. In front of the guest entrance was a line of girls waiting to get in. Young girls who were probably in first or second grade all the way up to girls who looked to be senior's in high school. Friday nights were the busiest at the club.

As Sarah and Julie reached the other side, Julie adjusted her clothes. She wore a simple white blouse and a dark, knee-length skirt with black stockings, her light brown hair tied neatly behind her. Sarah was wearing her business suit which consisted of a short skirt that came mid-thigh and a blue blazer with just a push up bra underneath.

"Hey ladies, looking for a good time?" one of older teens asked. Her friends around her laughed.

Sarah smiled at the teen but Julie said, "I'm not really sure about this can't we do this another night?"

"No, we can't," said Sarah, reaching for the door handle, "You are doing research and this is one of the best nights to come here, the girls are horny, the women are hot and everybody is blowing off steam from the week"

Dr. Swan was doing research on why young girls find it exciting that many of the "sexy" clothes that adult women wear are highly sexualized versions of clothes that little girls wear. She was fascinated by the fact that many adult women dress up as sexy little girls at home and sometimes at work. Her theory she was working on pointed to both the sexualization and infantilization of the adult female.

Sarah pulled the door open the door of the employee entrance and led Julie into the dimly lit hallway that was crowded with laughing and giggling women and girls. The walls were painted a light shade of pink. Thumping music echoed through the hall.

A woman stood just inside the door, she was wearing a tight short pink skirt and a cut off t-shirt that barely covered her breasts. On the t-shirt were the letters YG. Julie felt herself turn red under her stare.

"Good evening Mrs. Stanton," Sarah said to the woman.

"You two here to dance or work one of the rooms?" she said back, not taking her eyes off of Julie. "Or maybe fresh meat for the girls?"

Julie gulped and looked at her friend.

"This is Julie, she is a doctor of psychology" she smiled, pushing Julie closer. "She's doing some research so we will observe."

Sarah turned to Julie. "This is Mrs. Stanton. She works for the school board"

Julie nodded to the woman, nervous as hell.

"Yeah, right, research?"

"Yep," Smiled Sarah.

Mrs. Stanton nodded, not taking her eyes off Julie. She stepped back from the entrance. "Enjoy the show, ladies," she said with a smile.

As Julie followed her friend down the hallway she saw a nude woman holding up a young girl probably five or six years, the girl was fully clothed and her legs were wrapped around the woman's waist. The young girl and woman were kissing and the girl's hands were playing with the woman's nipples, pinching and squeezing them.

Along the hallway they squeezed past three semi-nude women laughing, giggling with some girls that looked like they were eleven or twelve. She notice one pre-teen girl hand a five dollar note to one of the women who was laughing and giggling, the woman took the five and took the girl by the hand and walked down the hallway.

"Did you know that there is prostitution here?" whispered Julie.

"Not prostitution Julie, a business transaction with consenting adult women," replied Sarah.

They walked past a woman who was kneeling in front of pre-teen girl, Julie thought the girl looked ten or eleven. The woman was wiping tears from her eyes. The girl had her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face as she stared down at the woman before her. Julie heard the girl say, "I got ten dollars from Mandy so she gets twenty minutes to play with your pussy, mother."

"But I don't want too because she hurts me," whined the mother.

They walked past the kneeling woman and her daughter coming to the dressing room where women were getting ready for the stage. They were all laughing and talking. Most of the women were applying make-up and lipstick, all wore some girlie type costume. There were women dressed as Bo Peep, Little Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks. One woman had a business outfit on with six inch heels, her hair severely pulled back in a bun. A couple of women had thong bikinis that left nothing to the imagination, especially a girl's imagination thought Julie.

A nude woman squeezed past Julie and Sarah as she came into the dressing room. "The girls are rowdy tonight ladies," the woman said as she waved dollar bills and showed off her torn costume. "Must have been a hell of week at school," she laughed.

Finally they came to the main dance floor.


Julie bit back a gasp as she looked around the room. There were four stages around the room, with an attached catwalk that led into the back. Each stage had a partially clad woman who was dancing around the steel pole. Teen and pre-teen girls were sitting around the stages yelling at the women over the music and waving their money. There was a bar stretched out along the right hand wall, a number of young girls seated, sipping drinks. The adult woman behind the bar was serving drinks. She had pink ribbons in her hair and a small size pasty on each nipple.

Sarah led her to an empty table close to the one of the stages. Julie hung her jacket over the back of the chair, more than a little aware of the pre-teen girls watching her.

An almost nude woman came over to their table who was the waitress. She had long red hair pulled back in a pony tail and wore a simple white skirt that wrapped around her waist and barely covered her crotch, white tennis shoes with frilly white socks and a pink push up bra.

"Hi, Sarah," she said with a smile, "What can I get ya?"

Sarah ordered sprites for both of them, and the waitress left. Julie's eyes locked onto the woman's ass.

"See," said Sarah, watching her friend's gaze. "This place isn't so bad. That by the way is Allie Johnson. She's an eighth grade teacher. The funny thing here is that Allie almost earns more in tips here than she does teaching"

Julie turned back and stared into the table, her hands shaking with nervousness. "I'm really not sure about this."

"Relax, Julie. All the women are here for the same reason."

As Miss Johnson came back with the drinks, Julie couldn't help ogling the teacher's firm breasts as she leant over to place them on the table, a much older woman came up to them. Julie had to admit, she was very attractive; long blonde hair tied up in a bow, wearing a black skirt that came mid-thigh and a pink t-shirt that had emblazoned across the front "Women suck". She sat down at the table and leaned over to Julie.

"So, you must be Dr. Julie Swan, read your book, Sarah told me a lot about you," she said, extending her hand, "I'm Mrs Jean Moore."

"The Mayor?" asked Julie with a shocked expression.

"That's my day job, pleasure to meet you," Jean smiled.

"Pleasure to met you," Julie replied, trying to keep her nervousness out of her voice.

"Sarah tells me this is your first time to our adult woman strip club."

"Y-yeah," Julie said, "I'm not really sure what to expect."

"Oh don't worry," replied Jean as lights began to flash on stage. She got up from the table. "I'm sure you'll know what you want by the end of the night."

Claps and cheers came up from around the club as the next round of dancers walked on stage. The PA system announcing her as; Mrs. Linda Morrison, Vice President of clothing sales for Skimpy Clothing on stage one, Julie Ann Betz who worked at the sanitation department, Mrs. Clarke homemaker, and Accountant June Byrd who worked for the school district.

Julie let out a gasp as she looked at Mrs. Morrison. The woman wore a tight, leopard print dress. The lights pulsed on her skin, as she spun herself around the pole, letting the dress ride up over her hips, baring her bald sex to the crowd of girls around the stage.

One girl in a blue shirt yelled out, "Way to go you sexy bitch!"

"That girl there in blue shirt is her daughter. She's in the seventh grade," Sarah said with a smile.

Julie took a sip of her drink and watched as the woman slipped the dress down off her chest, exposing her pointy nipples and 36D breasts, leaving the dress around her waist. Glancing over at her friend, Julie saw Sarah was entranced, staring intently as the woman slid down the pole; her knees spread wide, and began humping her butt against the steel pole.

"Holy fuck," Sarah murmured, her hand slipping under the waistband of her skirt. "Makes me want to get up and dance."

Julie scanned the room and saw a lot of other girls were in the midst of pleasuring themselves, and each other.

She turned her eyes back to the Vice President lady, watching as she bucked up and down. She was moaning in delight, as she pushed her sex against the pole, pinching and tweaking her nipples. The girls around the stage were yelling and screaming with delight and waving their money.

She suddenly flipped over, onto her back, and with her legs spread as wide as she could, she rubbed herself off, and her legs tensing through her climax, her squeals of delight temporarily blocking out the music.

As Mrs. Morrison lay on her back panting, the teens around the stage pulled notes from their pockets. They lent over the stage and rubbed them against their wet lips. They then slapped them against the woman's thighs, and the notes stuck.

Eventually, Mrs. Morrison got up, blowing kisses to the crowd, before slinking off into the back. The other three women were still dancing.

"Well," said Sarah when the girl had gone. "What did you think?"

"I honestly don't know what to say," said Julie. "I mean, a mother and all."

"Well, yeah," said Sarah, "That's kinda the point."

"How come she left the stage but the other three women are still dancing?"

"If a dancer comes while dancing she has to leave, it kind of cuts into their revenue stream, but each dancer dances for three songs."

Julie was about to say something else, when the PA came on again.

"And next up on stage one, everyone put your hands together for; seven year old Angelica Mills and the professor."

"Teacher and girl acts are always a big hit, especially this one," Sarah said.

The lights flashed on again, only this time they were a lot softer. The seven year old had golden blond hair, which had been tied back in pigtails. She wore a typical schoolgirl's uniform; pleated skirt, white shirt with tie, knee high socks and shiny black shoes, the outfit was topped off with a set of furry white angel wings. The youngster was carrying a bag in one hand.

"Oh, shit,," Julie heard herself moan, not noticing the smirk she got from Sarah.

The young girl was pulling on leash, from behind the curtain came a naked black woman crawling on her hands and knees. "She's a professor?" asked Julie.

"Yep," replied Sarah as she smiled.

The song started and the seven year old tied the leash to the pole and walked up to the woman, lifting her pleated skirt she stepped over the professor's head and started humping her face to the beat of the music. After about a minute the girl backed off and went to her bag and pulled out a small whip and started whipping the black woman on the ass as she danced around her.

The crowd of pre-teen girls went wild, then the song ended and the youngster quickly took the leash and collar off the woman, stood her up and went to her bag and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs, somebody next to the stage pushed a small stool onto the stage and then a noose came down from the ceiling, the professor quickly got up on the stood on the stool and placed the noose around her neck then little Angelica attached the handcuffs to the woman's wrists and ankles then the music started again.

The girl started gyrating to the music again, dancing around the black woman.

The young girls around the stage started yelling, "Hang the nigger, hang the nigger."

Little Angelica kicked the stool out from under the woman and she swung back and forth.

The girls around the room went wild. Some teens were now standing next to the stage shouting encouragement at Angelica and waving notes at her.

The seven year old reached into her bag and pulled out a bamboo cane and started beating the black woman on the ass, legs and tits as she swung back and forth struggling to breath.

"Fuck me, God damn," exclaimed Julie her hand working her pussy back and forth, Julie noticed now that most of the girls were now in some state of undress, fucking themselves with their free hand.

The music ended and the noose dropped free of the ceiling and the black woman collapsed to the floor. The seven year old came around to her and started slapping her face and head as the last song came on. The girl went to her bag again and pulled out a twelve inch long pink strap on. The little girl quickly fastened it around her tiny waist, turned the black woman's ass to the crowd and proceeded to ass fuck her.

The young girls went crazy. They were throwing notes on the stage. The song ended and the little Angelica pulled the strap on out of the woman's asshole and waved to the crowd, most everybody around the stage started laughing as the twelve inch strap on obscenely swayed back and forth in front of her. The girl turned around, got the leash and collar, reattached them to the professor's neck and walked her off stage.

The PA came again. "Wow, girls, Angelica Morrison and the professor are always a big hit."

Julie couldn't say anything, she was speechless, so Sarah said, "Hey, there is Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Nichols waiting to walk out on stage. I think they are third grade teachers."

Julie just nodded her head, looking in the direction that Sarah was pointing.

Before the next song started, Angelica came out into the room, she sat down at the table next to Julie and Sarah. The table had several girls sitting around it.

Julie stared as the youngster waved a ten dollar note in the air then snapped her fingers. Three women came over and argued with each other then one of them grabbed the ten dollar note from the girls hand and dutifully crawled under the table, the girl slid back on her chair a little bit then she slid forward on her chair and lifted her pleated school girl skirt and the woman move her head between her girl's legs, then the youngster let the skirt fall down on to her woman's head. The girl seemed to pay no mind to the woman between her legs as she joined her friends in animated conversation with each other.

"I know that woman under the table," smiled Sarah.

"Who is she?" replied Julie not taking her eyes from the table with the woman underneath it.

"She is an attorney in the county real estate office" replied Sarah. "You see Julie, older women like to be dominated and controlled by younger girls, especially mothers with young daughters."

"No shit!"

The two third grade teachers swayed onto their respective stages, Mrs. Nichols was wearing a Bo Peep costume, her hips swinging back and forth to the music, her skirt occasionally flipping up to expose the tiniest white g-string. Mrs. Grant was wearing a Mother's Mini Mouse costume as she swayed to the music.

Mrs. Nichols slowly removed her shirt, undoing each button agonizingly slow, letting the crowd of girls get glimpses of her pale skin. She threw it into the crowd pre-teens when she was done with it. The teacher spun around the pole, her skirt flipping up again. Julie was fascinated by her fluid movements, she moved around the stage so confidently for an adult woman. Mrs. Nichols pulled at the little zipper on her skirt, and bent forward as she pulled it down, her round ass facing out into the crowd. She kicked her leg out, and the blue and white garment spun through the air, caught by one of the girls at the bar.

Julie didn't notice when Sarah excused herself and got up from the table, she just watched mesmerized as the woman continued to twirl around the pole, her too small underwear creeping down her body. Her panties finally slipped down her legs and she stepped one foot out of them.

As the woman looked up, she locked eyes with Julie and smiled. She walked to the edge of the stage, closest to Julie, and stuck her foot out, her white panties hanging off.

Julie willed her hand to stay steady not wanting to pull the woman's panties from her foot but a teen reached up and grabbed them first. Mrs. Nichols gave her the sweetest smile and cart wheeled backwards, landing perfectly against the pole.

She continued dancing, spreading her legs for the girl's enjoyment. Julie watched, enraptured by this woman, all the while her hands caressed her crotch.

Julie looked around the club wondering where Sarah had gone too. She noticed three girls staring at her from the bar. One of them collected money from the other two then she slid off the bar stool and walked over to Julie.

Before she knew it the girl was standing next to her, "What's your name?" she smiled sweetly as she looked down at her.

"Ah, Julie, um, Dr Swan," stammered Julie as the girl ran the back of her hand up and Julie's face.

"Hi, Dr Swan, I'm Aggie, short for Agatha."

"Um, how old are you?" asked Julie. She was distracted by the young girl stroking the side of her face.

"I'm nine years old," she replied.

Julie didn't know what to say. Here was a nine year old girl making a proposition to her.

Aggie moved her hand to Julie's right shoulder and started rubbing and squeezing it, "I have fifteen dollars here from me and my two friends over there at the bar."

"Ah, okay."

"Each of us would like to spend thirty minutes with your asshole," smiled the girl.

"Excuse me?" Julie replied. Sweat breaking out on her brow.

"We would like to spend thirty minutes butt fucking you for fifteen dollars," the nine year old replied, the smile gone from her face.

Julie smiled weakly, "Ah, um, you see my ass isn't for sale, I'm just here."

"Ok, forget about my two friends then," the youngster interrupted. "How about I pay you five dollars to butt fuck you for twenty minutes?"

"I don't think you understand Aggie, I'm not here for that."

"Ah come on, Doctor was it? I am known as the best butt fucker around here," smiled the girl. "Can even ask the bartender over there."

"My anus isn't for sale," replied Julie getting very nervous at the girl looking down on her.

"Suit yourself doctor, you don't know what your missing," the girl said as she walked away.


Sarah sat back at their table as Susan left the stage, smiling and giving little waves to the teen girls over in the corner. "Did I miss anything good?" she asked calmly, trying not to laugh at Julie's stunned expression.

"That last dancer was fantastic," said Julie quietly as she stole a look at the three girls sitting at the bar. They looked like they were giggling and gossiping about her.

"I'm glad you like her," replied Sarah. "She is one of the girl's favorites."

The PA system announced they would be a break for a while, so Sarah called Miss Johnson over and ordered a couple more soft drinks.

"When did this place open?" asked Julie when their drinks arrived.

"Several years ago," replied Sarah, taking a sip.

They continued their conversation. Mrs. Moore walked over, a certain stride in her step.

"Julie," she said, "Would you like a tour of the place? You can come along too Sarah."

Sarah smiled and pulled Julie to her feet, "Great. Now comes the good part."

She led a puzzled Julie out through a side door, which led to a staircase. Upstairs, the club resembled a hotel, with corridors leading to numerous rooms.

The manager led them down the hallway passing many rooms, the sounds of feminine moans and groans emanating from within.

They stopped outside a closed door that had a sign on it "Coon Room". Jean pressed a button on the wall. The shade pulled up revealing a window that they could look into the room.

"Don't worry, it is a one way mirror," she smiled.

Inside the three women could see a totally naked teen blond hair girl standing on one side of the room and black woman on her hands and knees on the other side. The room was large, there were several other girls in the room and two other black women. One black woman looked to be in her twenties, she was in a bird cage that was suspended from the ceiling. The black woman was perched on a wooden beam in the cage and eating a banana. The other black woman was face down on a coffee table with both arms and legs tied to the four corners.

The blond teen said to the black woman on her hands and knees, "Come here you little nigger, crawl to me like a good little doggie," she smiled.

"That's my daughter Maggie" Jean said with pride.

"How old is she?" asked Julie.

"She's twelve years old," Jean smiled.

"That's it my little nigger doggie" laughed the girl as the black woman eagerly crawled across the floor. That is when Sarah and Julie noticed a poodle like tail swinging back and forth from the woman's anus.

"Who's the black woman?" asked Sarah.

"Some stupid black history professor at the college who does a show with Angie Mills," smiled the Mayor. "The show you saw earlier?"

When the black woman was in front of the Maggie she said, "Sit" and the black woman sat back on her heels and put her hands on the floor in front of her between her legs and looked up at the girl.

As the naked twelve year old walked over to an end table, she looked over her shoulder and said "Stay" then she retrieved a doggie treat and walked back to the black lady. She patted the professor on the head and said, "Speak doggie"

The professor barked "Arf, arf."

"Good girl. Now if you're a good little nigger girl I'll give you this treat," said Maggie as she waved the doggie treat under the woman's nose. "But first you have to sniff and lick my asshole just like a real doggie would when it greets its mistress," she giggled.

The black professor replied, "Arf, arf"

"Okay, then nigger doggie, do your thing," the twelve year old laughed, turned around and stuck her ass out at the woman.

The twelve year old giggled as the professor stuck her face between her ass cheeks moving her head up and down, "Ooohhh, yes my little nigger girl, that tickles" laughed the girl.

Jean pointed over to the young black woman in the cage. One of the girls walked up to it.

"Who's the girl?" asked Julie.

"Amy Burns, fifteen years old and the woman in the monkey cage is Latasha Black, a 23 year old attorney, she is the daughter of the black woman licking my daughter's ass and the black woman tied to the table is the janitor here."

"I thought I recognized the lady in the cage, she is very smart and an ardent feminist in attorney circles," smiled Sarah.

The fifteen year old said, "Like that banana nigger monkey?" she smiled as she reached her hand into the cage and stroked Latasha's pussy.

The black woman in the cage didn't respond to the stroking but kept eating her banana, "My, my what a good little monkey girl, everybody should have one like you," laughed Amy. "If you remain a good lil' monkey I just might let you eat my pussy."

"How much did these girls pay for the women?" Julie asked. She was enthralled with the scene before her.

"These girls paid fifty dollars for these three black women for three hours" Jean replied.

"Wow, that's cheap," replied Sarah.

"Black women are cheap but these three enjoy the humiliation and degradation. This is their room and they set up with everything you see here. Let's move on shall we?" she said as she pushed the button and the window shade came down.

As the three women continued down the hallway a door opened and a woman and little girl came out. The girl was fully dressed but the woman had a thong bikini on and her hands were cuffed behind her and a pink ball gag in her mouth.

"Hi, Mrs Moore," waved the girl.

"Hi, Linda, where you going with your date?" smiled the manager.

"Bambi here has been a naughty girl, she came up short on the money when I pimped her out earlier tonight," Linda said as she looked up at the woman who turned three shades of red. "I am taking her down the street to the bar and pimp her out to boys, maybe then she will do proper finance accounting, huh, Bambi?"

The nodded her head and tried to smile thru her ball gag. "Oh, okay, just remember you paid for an hour with her."

Bambi and Linda walked off down the hallway. "Bambi is the finance director at the Woman's Bank over in Clanton. It's just a fancy title for a woman who makes minimum wage."

A couple of doors down Jean stopped and pushed the button again. The sign on the door said "Romper Room"

There were twelve girls and twelve women in the room. Another older woman walked into the room, she had dominatrix outfit on.

"These women volunteered to be abused by these five and six year old girls so the girls would know how to humiliate a woman. This part of our whorehouse program and that is Margie who works for the county. She instructs the girls," smiled Jean.

"Whorehouse?" asked Julie as she rubbed the front of her skirt

"The county runs the whore house next door and we train the little girls. It is a place where women with certain sexual needs can be degraded and humiliated."


"Our training program is for girls from five to ten years of age. And the women who work with the girls get a dollar an hour."

"How much do the girls make?" asked Julie.

"A desperate woman will pay upwards of a hundred dollars for thirty minutes of humiliation with the little angels."

As the three women were looking four girls were chasing four women around the room with cattle prods.

"Those cattle prods the girls have are low voltage stingers," Jean stated.

The four nude women were laughing and squealing each time a girl poked them on the ass. Over in the corner was a large doll house. On either side of the doll house were two women, partially clothed in children's clothes, their hair in pig tails, playing with Barbie dolls. Both women were talking to the dolls in a child like voice. Two girls were standing over them, hands on their hips, instructing the women on how to comb the dolls hair.

Margie walked over to the doll house, "Come on girls give them encouragement. Remember, adult women perform better when given praises by children."

In the other corner of the room two youngsters each had a woman over their knees. They were spanking the women and another girl had a woman on her knees, her head all the back and the little girl straddling the woman's face, the youngster was rubbing her pussy up and down the bridge of the woman's nose. The little girl was cooing and moaning with each slide down the woman's nose.

Margie continued over to a group of girls who were using floggers on the ass cheeks of the women they had. "Remember to alternate your strokes girls."

Jean pressed the button on the wall and the window closed, "Come along"

"Okay," she said, stopping a little further on. "This is your room Sarah." Jean gestured to a room on her right. She opened the door and the three of them walked in. On the floor were a dozen metal poles attached to the floor, the poles were twelve inches high with neck clamps. There were various other devices attached to the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

A pre-teen girl was standing in the middle of the room. She was wearing a black thong bikini and "Yes Mistress" boots that came just above her knees. She was slowly tapping a cattle prod in her left hand with an impatient look on her face.

"Hi, Tiffany, here is your date," chuckled Jean as pointed at Sarah. "Come Julie let's leave Tiffany to her fun."

As Jean shut the door Julie asked, "How much did Tiffany pay for Sarah?"

"Ten dollars for thirty minutes."

"Did Sarah agree to this?"

"Of course she agreed, Tiffany propositioned her and Sarah agreed."

"Oh my. Um, how old is Tiffany?" asked Julie.

"Little Tiffany is eleven years old."

"This is your room Julie," Jean said gesturing to the room which was two doors down from Sarah's. "My room?" Julie gulped.

"Yes, silly, you have been bought and paid for."

"But I didn't agree to anything," Julie stammered.

"Were you propositioned out on the floor?" "Ah, well yes, but."

"That's what they paid for, your butt," laughed Jean as she opened the door. "You can pick your money up at the front desk when you're finished here."

"Wait a minute, this isn't right."

"Too late, Julie" she smiled. "Girls here's your date Dr. Swan." Jean pushed Julie into the room and shut the door. "Just enjoy yourself."

The three pre-teen girls were standing in the middle of the room, naked with strap-on's swinging from their hips.

"Hi, Dr Swan, remember me?" smiled Aggie. "This here is Sandy and Brenda. We paid fifteen dollars for a thirty minute date with your asshole. We're not interested in your cunt or your mouth, just your anus."

The three girls advanced on her. "Um girls, I think you got the wrong idea," Julie replied as she backed herself up against the wall.

"No Dr. Swan, we have the right idea, you just didn't want to play with us. We would have been so much kinder to your asshole if you had accepted our proposal. But we realized that you were just playing hard to get, we like that in a woman."

Sandy and Brenda grabbed both of Julie's arms as Aggie slapped her face. Momentarily stunned, both girls dragged her over to a table.

"Strip her girls, but leave the heels on, I like fucking a woman with her shoes on," laughed Aggie.

As the two girls ripped the blouse off, the buttons went flying, "Who gets to fuck her asshole first?" asked Brenda.

"I do," smiled Aggie. "You two were to chicken to proposition her"

"Me next," Sandy quickly said.

"Please girls, don't I beg you" whimpered Julie as her bra came off and her skirt fell from her hips. She tried to twist and turn trying to break free from the girls.

"Oh, we like a woman who squirms," laughed Brenda as she yanked down Julie's panties.

"No stop, I'll pay you whatever you want, please just leave me alone," cried Julie.

"Let's get her on the table," urged Aggie. "I can't wait to feel that asshole wrapped around my strap-on."

The table was low to the ground with wheels. It had a sunken molded top that would fit a woman on her hands and knees which would put her at the right height for girl wearing a strap-on. Brenda grabbed Julie's arms, Aggie grabbed her waist and Sandy grabbed both legs. The girls lifted her up at the same time and plopped her on the table.

"Ah, God, please no, please don't. I've never been fucked in the ass before. Please girls I beg you," cried Julie as tears came down her face.

"Shut up doctor and enjoy yourself," smiled Sandy. Sandy quickly strapped Julie's lower legs and thighs to the table and Brenda strapped her forearms and wrists to the front of the table. Julie was now totally at the mercy of the pre-teen girls.

Julie started crying and whimpering begging the girls not to do it

Aggie walked across the room, "I am going to get a ball gag to keep this bitch quiet."

Brenda got the lube for the strap-on's and Sandy pushed the table around the room laughing and giggling. Julie was crying harder. She struggled against the straps that were holding her in place.

"Bring the bitch over here Sandy" ordered Aggie.

Sandy brought the table over and Aggie quickly fastened the ball gag. Now the three girls were standing behind Julie admiring her asshole.

Aggie poked her finger into her asshole. "Umm, tight this one," she smiled then formed spit in her mouth and then let it dribble out onto Julie's asshole. Sandy and Brenda did the same thing. Then the girls started spitting on her asshole in earnest.

Julie was breathing hard, gasping for breath, waiting for the strap-on, "MMMfffgg, ummgghh" Julie tried to say. Tears were dripping down her face, her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"I wonder what the bitch is saying?" giggled Brenda.

""Who cares," Aggie replied as she took the bottle of lube and poured some on her strap-on. "Hold the table girls, I don't want this bitch to get away from me." she said as she lined up the strap-on with Julie's asshole.

With the tip of her strap-on at the entrance to Julie's asshole, she grabbed Julie's hips to steady her aim then she pushed, hard.

"AAAAAHHHHH," Julie screamed from behind her ball gag. "Ah, fuck girls this ass is tight," Aggie laughed as she pulled out two inches and then pushed forward another three inches, pulled out two inches and pushed forward another four inches. A couple of more strokes and the strap-on was fully embedded in her asshole. The felt pad on the waist band of the strap-on rubbed on Aggie's clit and she moaned with pleasure.

"AAAAggggghhhh, pleasggggg, uuuummmmggggghhhh" screamed Julie, tears pouring from her eyes.

"Woohoo," screamed Aggie waving her left hand above her head as if she were riding a bucking bronco. "This is great girls." she laughed. "I am going to stand here and I want you two to push the table back and forth on my strap-on."

Both girls were giggling as they pushed and pulled the table onto Aggie's strap-on. Aggie was groaning as the felt rubbed her clit in circle motion.

"We are raping your asshole Dr. Swan and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it," laughed Sandy as she looked down on the crying woman.

Julie was crying now but also grunting with each thrust of the table. "Okay, Sandy, your turn," Aggie said as she stepped back breathing hard. Brenda quickly turned the table around so that Julie's asshole was facing Sandy. She took the bottle of lube and squirted it onto her strap-on.

"My strap-on is gonna make love to your asshole, bitch," Sandy said as she lined up her strap-on and pushed forward.

By the time Brenda got her turn Julie was trying to wiggle and push her ass onto the strap-on's in her ass. The girls laughed and giggled as they passed the table around. Julie's crying had stopped and her sobs turned into moans and groans as each girl did a couple of thrusts then passed her to the next girl.

"Our time is almost up girls," smiled Aggie as she took her strap-on off and walked to the front of the table. "Your face is gonna make my pussy cum," she said as she looked down at Julie.

Aggie put both hands behind Julie's head as she started rubbing her pussy up and down on her nose, "Oh fuck me, oh God yes," squealed the teen.

Slowly at first and then more quickly the pre-teen girl was rubbing her pussy on Julie's nose. "Yes, yes, yes, ohhhh fuck yes," Aggie screamed as she came.

Julie was finding it difficult to breathe thru the ball gag as the girl came on her face. Aggie staggered away from Julie after she finished and Sandy quickly took her place. In less than a minute Sandy was cumming but she used the tip of Julie's nose to tickle her clit as she came. Brenda quickly mounted Julie's face using her nose to part her labia as she rubbed up and down. Brenda came in thirty seconds, her cum leaking onto Julie's face.

Just then the timer went off signaling the end of their session.

The three girls untied Julie and helped her off the table. Julie crumpled to floor trying to get circulation back in her legs.

"You see it wasn't that bad Dr. Swan," smiled Aggie as she got dressed. "Yeah, tell us you liked it," urged Sandy.

"I didn't like it," Julie replied as she took the ball gag off then rubber her rear end.

"Sure seemed like it to us," giggled Brenda. "Your ass was thrusting back on our strap-on's."

"Did you like just a little bit, Dr. Swan?" Aggie said with the sweetest smile.

Julie looked up at the three girls standing around her and slowly nodded her head in shame.

"You see I told you girls she would like it," Aggie laughed.

"Tell us Dr. Swan, say it," urged Brenda. "Yes, I liked it," Julie said staring down at the floor turning three shades of red.

"You have the cutest, most dainty little anus we have ever seen, Dr. Swan!" Aggie smiled down at Julie.

Brenda laughed, "Yeah, wait until we pass the word about your cute little anus, Dr. Swan. You'll have little girls lined up for blocks waiting to try your anus with their strap-ons."

Julie lowered her head in shame but it thrilled her to know that these girls loved something about her. The girls laughed and congratulated each other as they walked out the door.

The smell of pre-teen's cunts was incredibly intoxicating. She knew her face was covered with their slime. She felt ashamed but the softness of those hairless pussies against her mouth and nose was almost enough to make Julie come.

Julie got up to retrieve her clothes. Her blouse was torn and the zipper on her skirt came only half way up at least her bra and panties were in one piece. Her asshole was hurting and she walked a little funny down the hallway.

Sarah came out of her room, turned and kissed the girl on the lips, "Thanks, Sweetie, I needed that."

"Anytime Miss Hughes," the girl replied with a smile. "Next time I'll try you upside down."

"I look forward to it," Sarah replied as the girl shut the door.

"So how was it?" Sarah said to her friend.

"My asshole is very sore," Julie smiled weakly.

"I thought it would be."

"You knew?"

"Of course, silly, I pimped you out to those girls" smiled Sarah, "I saw you sneaking peeks at those pre-teen's earlier."

"Thanks, with a friend like you I don't need enemies."

"You're welcome and you can keep the money," Sarah smiled. "Have seen enough of the club then?"

"I think so."

"So," Sarah asked. "What do you think of this place?"

"This club," said Julie, still a little out of breath and walking funny, "is fucking amazing."

"Thank you for coming to the Young Girl club, come again soon," the front door lady said as Sarah and Julie walked out the door.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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