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Published: 29-Aug-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My Diary

By Miss Sally Andersen, 6th Grade

** Don't You DARE read this without my Permission ! **


August 12,

Dear Diary,

Well, Summer's almost over and school is about to start back up again. So now I'll be in 6th grade; I sure hope that the teachers are better this year. Why do they have to treat us like we're so stupid? I don't know if I can stand another year of boring grammar exercises and boring teachers who don't care about anything but keeping us under control?

I just finished "My Secret Garden". I loved that book! One day I'll become a writer, and write stories like that, or better.

Okay, let's open up our Big Old Dictionary and see what word pops up today:

emolument: n. a fee received, a salary.

I should get an emolument for having to go to school! I hated it last year. Those stupid boys; one of them pulled my hair and I got mad and called him a poltroon. He just laughed and called me "Professor Sally" so I threw a rock at him, but the boys called me Prof for months after that.

I'll write soon.



August 29

Dear Diary,

Mom says that they're putting me in some special classes for smart kids. It's got something to do with those tests they gave me last year, I think. These people came in during class and asked me bunch of questions; I didn't do too well on the math ones, but when they asked me to write a poem describing myself, I wrote something like,

Blonde Nymph riding a white Stallion,

Blue eyes laughing at the stars
Keeper of the Flame Immortal
Someday i will Save You All.

They looked at me real funny. I was kinda worried because I had just found the word "Nymph" in the dictionary the day before and so I wasn't completely sure about whether I had used it right, so I went back and checked later:

nymph: 1. a semi-divine maiden living in the sea or woods. 2. a young insect that resembles its parents in form.

Maybe they thought I was calling myself an insect?



September 1

Dear Diary,

School started up today! I think it's going to be a much better year. The first two classes were ok, but I think I'm going to like my English class! Our teacher is Miss Roberts, and she's wonderful! She's funny, and she's really smart and wants us to read a lot of neat books!

Speaking of books, Mom gave me this little book yesterday called "A Doctor Talks to 9 to 12 year olds", which I guess is supposed to be about sex. It has all these pictures of boy's little things, and what my body is supposed to look like when I get older, and how we get pregnant. It sounds gross; I don't want any silly boy putting his little penis up into *my* vagina. I can't even get my own finger up there very far. I guess it gets easier to do when you grow some hair around it. I'm only 11 now, so I suppose all this is going to happen in the next few years.


Talk to you soon,



September 5

Dear Diary,

Miss Roberts read us some haikoo (how do you spell that?) poetry today, and asked us to write something like it. I really like Miss Roberts; she still hasn't asked us to do anything stupid like write essays about what we did during the summer. Oh, here it is, I just looked it up: "haiku".

She came walking in today in a sort of silk gown she called a "kimono", and told us all about Japanese culture and the beauty of very short but pretty poems. I loved to watch her walk around the room, and the way the robe flowed with her long, pretty, brown hair.

I like her eyes, too; she has these big brown eyes just the same shade as her hair. Her eyes seem to smile a lot, and when she looks over at me I get a funny feeling, all over, like she's sharing some special joke with me, but more.

That book that Mom gave me kept talking about "masturbation", and how its ok to do it sometimes, but not too much. I couldn't quite figure it out, so I looked it up:

masturbate: to produce a sexual orgasm by stimulating the genitals by hand.

The "stimulating the genitals" part I think I understand; that's just playing with your "pussy" (do the kids call it a pussy because it gets furry?), but my book doesn't say anything about what an "orgasm" is. My dictionary says an orgasm is "the climax of sexual excitement", and when I looked up "climax" it said

climax: 1. The point of greatest interest or intensity. 2. Sexual orgasm.

I think there's some kind of secret they're keeping from me; the dictionary is going around in circles! What's so interesting or intense about playing with your pussy? All I know is that it feels good when I do it, but it's not "intense"; maybe I'm not doing it right! This stupid little book doesn't help at all!

There is something about the way I feel when I'm lying in bed, and squeezing my pillow between my legs, that gives me the same kind of funny feeling in my stomach that I get when watching Miss Roberts. It's like hunger, but I don't feel like eating!

I caught my Mom reading this diary last week! Grrr! I got really mad and screamed at her and cried. The next day I told her I had thrown the diary away in a dumpster, but actually I've found a place to hide it where nobody can find it.



September 25

Dear Diary,

I got a letter from Miss Roberts!

After I had written a story in class last week about how I was going to become a great writer when I grew up, she gave the essay back to me the next day with a big A+ on it; and as she handed it to me she smiled, looked into my eyes and gently stroked my hair.

Then, yesterday, I found a letter in the mailbox from Miss Roberts! It was in a pink envelope, addressed to "Miss Sally Andersen", and the return address was from "Miss Sylvia Roberts". Sylvia! I didn't even know her first name! How Pretty!

Here's what she wrote,

Dearest Sally,

Hi! First, let me tell you how much I enjoy reading your stories and poems in class. They are so funny, so clever, and so intelligent,that it makes me wish that I had a daughter, and that she was just like you! You know I cant say things like that in front of the other children, because it might hurt their feelings, and so I am sending you this letter so that you will know how happy I am that you are here in my class!

When I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be a teacher,but people often made me feel like maybe I should give up and be like everybody else. I sometimes made me sad, and sometimes a bit lonely, but now I see that it was all worth while, and you have helped make it so.

Please write back and tell me more about your stories, and what you want to be, or anything else you've been thinking about. I'd loved to hear from you!


PS: You can call me "Sylvia" in your letters, but *Please* don't call me that in class! The other kids would just laugh, and as I'm sure you know, some kinds of laughter hurt people. -S.

"Yours, Sylvia!" I was so happy! I went to sleep last night, hugging my pillow, and whispering, "Sylvia, Sylvia...", and pretending that she was lying here in my bed, stroking my hair the way she did that one time in class.

While thinking about her I reached down and touched my pussy; and all of a sudden I got a kind of a "zing!" and then that hungry feeling in my stomach got a lot stronger. It scared me a little bit, so I pulled the pillow out from between my legs and tried to go to sleep. It was hard though, because for some reason, now it was hard to breathe.

Maybe this has something to do with those awful changes that we're supposed to start going through. I don't know if I like this; it's scary.




October 2

Dear Diary,

I got out a map of our town and looked for Miss Roberts' house. The street she wrote in her return address is only a few blocks away from ours, even though the school is miles away.

This afternoon after school I walked over to her block and found the address. It's a pretty little house, and kind of looks like one of those gingerbread houses that witches always live in! I hid behind some bushes in the park across the street and waited for over an hour before a car came driving up and parked in the driveway. It was her! I almost came out to say hi to her, but I felt funny doing that, and shy. Also, I liked being able to watch her without her knowing about it; it was fun!



October 14

Dear Diary,

lesbian (cf. Sappho of Lesbos): a woman feeling sexually attracted to those of the same sex.

I had to dig through a hundred pages of the dictionary, and a Medical manual my mother has hidden away in one of her desks, to find this definition.

I'm not sure, but I think Miss Roberts is a lesbian. A few days ago we were working on an assignment, and I finished a bit early. So I walked up to her desk, and as I handed my paper in she looked up at me, and she was crying! She quickly wiped away her tears and smiled at me, but it was terrible! She looked so sad.

She didn't say anything about it later during class, so after school I went home and wrote a little card saying that I hoped that she was feeling better, and then walked over to her house.

When I got to her front door I was about to knock on her front door, but stopped: that funny pain in my stomach suddenly got really strong, and I felt my face turning red. What should I say to her? I stood there for 5 or ten minutes, not moving, but also not wanting to run away, either.

While standing there I suddenly noticed voices inside her house. I could tell one voice was hers, but the other was a woman's voice that I hadn't heard before. From the sound of the footsteps they were coming to the front door! I quickly ran across the street and behind the bushes and watched.

A woman came out first in a white uniform -- I think she must have been a nurse. Miss Roberts appeared at the door, and she was wearing that kimono that she wore in class; but the strings on it were loose, and I could tell that she wasn't wearing anything underneath it! I was too far away to hear what they were saying, but it sounded like Sylvia (I think I'll just call her Sylvia from now on) was crying or pleading with the nurse about something. Then she stepped out of the door, took the woman into her arms and kissed her! They kissed for what seemed like a long time, and while they were kissing Sylvia started running her hands down the nurse's back, and holding her bottom!

Just then a car came around the corner and they quickly sprung apart before it passed! The woman shook her head back and forth at Sylvia, and then after the car passed, briefly kissed her cheek and went running down to her car, got in and drove off. Sylvia just kind of stood there for a few minutes, resting her head against one of the posts on her front porch, and then walked back inside.

I just stood there behind those bushes for a few minutes, shaking. It had all happened so fast! It was all so confusing, and frightening, but at the same time so *interesting*. I had seen women kiss each other before, but that was just things like little kisses on the cheek like my mom does greeting women-friends at church! This was something different; maybe not the nurse, but at least Sylvia really *meant* it, and the kissing went on for so long. And even if she didn't really "mean" it, why was she holding the woman's bottom like that? Whatever it meant, she looked very sad, now, and I started crying.

Poor Sylvia!

I decided that I really couldn't just walk up to her door after all that, and so I went home to try to figure this all out. This all had something to do with sex, but none of the stuff in the "Doctor Talks" book was any help at all; it just talked about boys putting their things inside of you and how you should wait until you're married to let them do it; nothing at all about women grabbing each other's bottoms.

The book was also no help either, in explaining why, when I saw Sylvia's kimono open a little, so I could see one of her legs, or when I thought of Sylvia grabbing *my* bottom, gave me some of those funny feelings again.

Boy, I sure hope Mom never finds this Diary now.

I'll write soon!



October 21

Dear Diary,

Not much to report. Sylvia has been really sad this whole week; I wish there was something I could do to cheer her up, but I'm still so confused about what happened outside her house last week that I don't know what to do.

I think I'm in love with her.



October 29

Miss Sally Andersen
1562 N Holly Ave.

Miss Sylvia Roberts
1324 Juniper Way

Dear Sylvia,

I'm sorry I haven't replied to your very nice letter, before now. You *have* been keeping me busy with all your assignments; (not that I'm complaining!)

Thank you for telling me it's ok to want to be a writer; it's nice to know that at least somebody doesn't think I'm being silly, reading all these books and spending so much time with my dictionary! You wrote that you were very happy to have me in your class, and that you sometimes wish I were your daughter. Well, I think I would have to be one of the luckiest little girls around, to have *two* mothers who care about me so much! And I wish I could spend the whole day just in your class, you make me so happy to be there!

This past week in class you asked us to write a paragraph describing something in the room. I wrote a poem first, but then quickly crumpled it up and wrote a story instead, about the blackboard. I know the story was kind of stupid, but I only had a few minutes left to write this second one. I saved the first poem, though, and here it is:

An angel with chestnut hair
and tears inside,
Which from one who loves her
she cannot hide.
Whose Heart aches to laugh
and Eyes to smile
Just take my hand...
if but for a while.

I know for some reason you have been sad these past few weeks; I hope you will be feeling better soon, and that my little poem will help cheer you up!

Please write! Pleeeease?



PS: Who was Sappho? I saw her name someplace, but now I can't remember where. I think she was supposed to be a Greek poet.


November 10

Dear Diary,

I don't know if Sylvia has gotten my letter or not. She seems happier now, and is smiling a lot more, but sometimes I wondered if I should have sent her that letter?



December 15

Dear Diary,

I am still shaking from what happened this afternoon; I don't know if I'm happy or crazy or sad, because I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

I finally go up the nerve to go over to Sylvia's house. I brought a book with me of poems by Emily Dickenson that I wanted to give her as a present. Those funny feelings started up again when I got to her door, but this time I was able to force myself to knock and wait.

I could hear her footsteps coming closer, and as the door opened I could see that she was wearing her kimono. When I looked up at her she seemed surprised, and then blushed.

"Hi," I said, "I just wanted to give you your Christmas present early!"

"Oh! How sweet, Sally! Please come on in!"

She took my hand and led me into her living room. It was nice to come into her warm house when it was so chilly outside! She had a fire going in her fireplace, and I walked over to warm my hands.

"Shall I take your jacket?" she asked, and kneeled down in front of me to take of my coat. As she was unbuttoning my jacket, my stomach started quivering, and as I looked into Sylvia's eyes, I felt my face turning bright red. As she reached around to take off my coat, her face came very close to mine, and I could smell a faint bit of perfume in her hair. Her breasts lightly brushed against me, and I started feeling really funny, almost nauseous. But, I just gritted my teeth together and followed her over to sit in a chair next to hers.

She opened up her present, and said, "Emily Dickenson! How wonderful! Thank you, sweetheart!", and she got up and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

Now my face was so flushed and my heart was beating so fast that I felt like I didn't know what to do but just scream, when Sylvia said, "Why don't you sit over here in my lap and we can read some of the poems together?"

I got up ran over and jumped up into her lap as fast as I could! I was so happy! I snuggled up against her breasts while she took my book, put her arms around me and we started reading the poems together. As we read, every so often she would move to turn the page, and as she did her robe opened slightly to show a little bit of her breasts. I would kind of try to sneak a little look at them, but one time she caught me at it, making us both blush a little. But she didn't try to close up her robe, either!

The thought of sitting in her lap, made me think about when she was kissing her nurse-girlfriend, and that got me so excited or nervous that I decided I needed to do something!

We had the book sitting in my lap, and Sylvia had her arms around me, and looked over my shoulder at the book. I was wearing a red skirt, and as she would turn the pages I would hitch my skirt up just a little so that the book was resting more and more between my legs. Finally, I had my skirt worked up so high that the book was resting right on top of my white panties, and Sylvia was right there, resting the book on top of my pussy!

I could tell by the way that she was reading that Sylvia was having a hard time breathing. So, does it feels the same way for her, too? I looked up at her face while she was reading: her lips were quivering a little, and her face had turned a bright shade of red.

That's when I said it: "Oh, Sylvia, I love you!"

I then and reached up and kissed her full on the mouth! She was so surprised that she didn't even move for a few seconds, which gave me just enough time to try to put my tongue into her mouth as well. She froze in the chair while I starting kissing her cheeks, her neck and whispering, "Oh, Sylvia, let me kiss you, please don't be afraid, I love you, and I want to make you happy. Do you love me? Please don't worry, it's ok, please I want to make love with you..."

Sylvia still hadn't moved after all of this, and now I was scared a little bit. I stopped for a moment, and looked into her eyes, and smiled. She seemed to relax a little bit, but still didn't move. Finally, I turned around completely, so that I was facing her and straddling one of her thighs, and then bent up and lightly kissed her lips. Something suddenly changed in her eyes, she looked down at me, and smiled.

She kissed my lips back once.

I kissed her lips again twice.

She bent down and kissed my lips three times.

We starting giggling after this, and then we started really kissing! It was so wonderful; her lips were so sweet and soft and gentle! And as we were kissing I had her soft thighs between my legs, much much better than my old pillow! I started riding her thigh, just like when I was younger and used to play "horsie", but now it felt so good!

"Please," I said, "Stroke my hair the way you did that time in class?" And while she was stroking my hair, I looked down at her breasts, which were beginning to fall out of her robe. I reached down and lightly stroked the top of one of them. Sylvia smiled at me, took my hand and brought it inside her robe and pressed my hand right up against her nipple.

"Here, squeeze it...gently! at first! there" she said, and as I was touching her nipples and kissing her I felt Sylvia's hand run up the back of my skirt and was resting on my bottom.

I gasped. "Sylvia! You're touching my panties!"

"Yes, sweetheart. Would you like me to stop?"

I answered her by kissing her on the lips, again. "No, please, Sylvia, I'm yours, do anything you like to me, I love you"

I bent down and kissed her nipples, and she pulled my head so tightly up against her that I thought I might suffocate between her breasts. But I continued to suck on them, and could feel them getting bigger inside my mouth. While I was sucking, I suddenly felt a familiar "zing!" coming up from my stomach, and then realized that Sylvia's other hand had now gone up the front of my skirt and her fingers were lightly rubbing the front of my panties, right against my pussy! That pain in my tummy started getting more and more intense. At the same time Sylvia's breathing was getting faster and faster.

"Oh, Sally! If we keep this up you're going to make your favorite little teacher come!" she said.

"Come where?" I asked. She laughed out loud, which made me pout a bit.

So then, in between gasps of air, Sylvia started telling me about orgasms, and how all this funny feeling in my stomach is building up to a really wonderful feeling at the end.

"Sylvia, could you make me come, too?"

"Oh, yes, baby; Here, now, this chair is getting a bit cramped, isn't it?; let's go over to my nice big bed!"

And then Sylvia picked me up in her arms and took me into her bedroom. She had this wonderful white canopy bed, with lots of pretty lace and soft plush pillows. She laid me down on top of the bed, and then undid her robe and let it drop to the ground.

I gasped; I had never seen a completely naked woman before, except in statues, which aren't the same thing. She was so beautiful, with her breasts standing up like that and the pretty fur between her legs.

"Okay, Sally, you're next!" And she jumped up on the bed and, giggling, started to pull my shoes and socks off. At first I kind of playfully fought her off, but it was fun when I realized she was taking charge, and so I sat up and let her unbutton the back of my dress and pull it off, so that now I was just sitting there in my panties. I laid back and she sat down at my feet, leaned over and pulled my panties down and off.

"Oh, you have such a pretty little pussy, Sally!" Can I kiss it, please?"

(Kiss it? I had never thought of that!)

Sylvia was on her hands and knees over me, and first she lightly kissed my mouth, and then slowly started working down from there; first my neck and then around my tummy, and back up again. She was teasing me!

"When are you going to kiss my pussy?!" I demanded.

"Right now, honey!" She answered, and lowered her face down and pressed her lips right to my pussy! That felt really good, and I would have been happy to just have her do that for the rest of the afternoon, until she then stuck out her tongue and started licking it! I giggled and screamed at the same time!

"You like that Sally?" I nodded my head.

"You want more?" I nodded again.

"Well, what are you going to do for me?" She demanded. I looked at her and didn't know what to say.

She answered her own question by rolling over on her back, pulling me up on top of her, so that I was straddling her face. While she sucked on my pussy, which felt like it was getting redder and redder by the moment, I reached down and started squeezing her breasts, kneading them and massaging them.

"You're making me so wet, Sally! Feel how wet my pussy is!" Sylvia took my hands and led them down to her pussy, and guided my fingers between her legs. Her pussy looked like a bright red flower, and it *was* wet! I started rubbing it and getting my fingers all wet and slippery.

"Would you like to kiss it?" Sylvia asked.


"Okay, honey, lie back on your back"

And as I laid back on one of her soft white pillows, Sylvia now kneeled with her legs on each side of my face. I was looking straight up her legs at her pussy, her breasts, and her beautiful smiling face!

"Okay, Sally, here she comes" Sylvia started lowering her pussy lips right down to my mouth. I bent up slightly and kissed the top of her lips. I licked my lips a little; the juice tasted sweet. I kissed them again, and this time sucked on the little button at the top of her pussy lips. Sylvia sighed, and lowered herself right on top of my mouth!

While I was sucking on her pussy, Sylvia got some kind of baby oil and was rubbing a little of it on my pussy with her finger. And the harder I sucked on her pussy, the harder she started rubbing mine!

My face was feeling really flushed, and I was getting so excited by the feeling of her stroking and teasing my pussy with her fingers that I started running my tongue inside her pussy and biting it and sucking on it really hard, making her scream! In reply she started working her little finger up inside my pussy, and the feel of her going so deep into a place where I didn't think existed just started driving me crazy!

Suddenly, Sylvia's whole body started shaking in a new way, and just as she started moaning and rolling her hips in sort of waves or circles, I felt a shot of *intense*...

Pain? Pleasure? Yessss! Oh, Yessss! straight up from my feet through my pussy, and up into my throat! I screamed and laughed, and cried and started rolling around, kissing Sylvias pussy, her thighs, the pillow, her pussy again, as Sylvia got up, turned around and held me in her arms, my legs wrapped around her thighs, rocking gently back and forth, back and forth, kissing my forehead, and stroking my hair, stroking my hair...


After that Sylvia got me dressed and made me some hot tea. We talked a little bit about what just happened, but there really didn't seem to be too much else that needed to be said.

It was getting late, and so she had me pack up my things, walked me to the door, lightly kissed me on the lips and sent me on my way, with a little pat on my bottom.

I don't know what else to say.



Jan. 2

Miss Sylvia Roberts
1324 Juniper Way

Miss Sally Andersen
1562 N Holly Ave.

Dearest Darling Sally,

Now you know who Sappho was. Let's talk soon, when you come back from Christmas Vacation!

All my love,


The End

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Beautiful, Thanks!


Very well done! Kudos!


Great story. Loved it

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