Tina and Mary, Part 2

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Published: 4-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jim Phillips never had any children of his own.

But after years of seducing, filming and fucking other people's children, Jim had learned a few rules about little girls.

Rule Number One: little sisters want to be like their big sisters.

Jim thought about that while rubbing Tina's back and shoulders and watching her little sister Mary recover from her orgasm.

"C'mon, Tina," he whispered in the 11 year old's ear as he lifted the girl by her armpits.

Jim sat on the bed and pulled Tina to his chest, reaching around to rub her tight pink nipples. He then backed off the bed and lifted Tina up so that she was kneeling on the bed.

Mary looked up to see her sister moaning as a big adult man ran his middle finger up and down her cunny slit and began probing inside Tina's hole.

"Can't let you have all the fun," Jim told her. "Tina likes to be touched by me just like you like to touch her. Look at your sister, Tina. She likes watching me rub your pussy."

Tina opened her eyes and saw that her sister had moved her hand back between her legs and laid back on the pillow.

Jim then shoved his finger all the way into Tina's canal. Tina gasped as she felt the finger rub and twist inside her.

A startled Mary asked Tina if she was hurt. "No," said Tina. "Just surprised. Oh, that feels good."

Jim moved his other hand to fondle Tina's clitoris. Soon, Tina began moving up and down, her pussy sucking on Jim's finger until she yelled out her pleasure. Mary had never heard Tina so loud.

Tina sagged against Jim's chest as he pulled his finger from her vagina and put it next to Mary's face.

"Smell that, Mary? Your sister just had a really big cum. Go ahead and lick my finger. Taste Tina's cum."

Jim was surprised when Mary flicked her tongue out and licked his finger. "My God," he thought. "She might be as sex-hungry as her big sister."

Jim reached up under Tina's buttocks and lifted her up while walking over to a TV set. Tina wrapped her arm around Jim's neck as he brought the TV back over to the bed.

He turned on the set and DVD player and the image of an infant girl popped up on the screen. Two female hands came in from the edges of the picture and pulled down the baby's diaper.

"OK girls," Jim said with a laugh. "It's time to learn about little girls growing up."

Over the next few minutes, the images switched from the baby to a naked toddler of about two years of age standing in a bathtub to a girl of about 5 or 6 wiggling her butt to the camera and turning around to dance.

Then, Tina recognized Jennifer with four other girls about her age coming out of a lake to show they had been swimming in the nude. The girls hugged and kissed each other. Nipples were tugged and hairless slits and backsides were rubbed.

"Now," said Jim, "we'll see how girls' bodies change as they get older.

A teenage girl with hair on her pussy crooked her finger to get the camera to come close enough to watch her stroke her hair and pull apart the lips of her vagina.

Then there were other girls and women of different ages and sizes....some with large breasts, some smaller...some with dark skins and even a few Asian teens all playing with themselves or with another girl or woman.

Jim stopped the disc and took it out of the machine.

"Well, Mary, what do think? See how much fun girls can have?"

"Yeah," said Mary...licking her lips which for some reason suddenly felt dry.

"Have you ever seen a naked boy, Mary?"

"No. Well, kinda...when my aunt changed Billy's diaper."

Jim started his second disc...again with a little baby having his diaper removed, this time showing a little penis and scrotum.

The girls giggled as they watched more naked babies and young boys. Jim froze the video on a close-up of an eight year old boy's genitals.

"See, Mary. There's a difference between boys and girls. Do you know what this is called?" Jim tapped the screen.

"Um, it's a pee-pee." Tina laughed at her sister's comment.

"OK, Tina. What is it called?"

"It's a penis...and underneath it is a sack that carries the boy's testicles or balls." Tina felt proud that she had learned those things...and had seen and felt more than a few of them.

"That's right, Tina." And Jim restarted the video.

Now, the boys were becoming adolescents and teens. They were running and jumping up and down with their penises dancing in front of them. Jim kept an eye on the rapt girls as they giggled and nudged each other. Mary whispered something in Tina's ear that Jim couldn't hear but he saw it made Tina smile.

A group of three naked teen boys was joined by three naked teen girls. The camera panned down to their waists...as a penis went into full erection on what of the boys.

"Alright Tina, what is this called?"

"A boner," laughed Tina as her sister put her hand to her mouth.

"Well," said Jim. "We call it an erection. It's what happens to boys and men when they get sexually excited. It's kinda like when your little cunny gets wet when you rub it. When you rub yourself, that's called masturbation. You wanna see how boys masturbate, Mary?"

Mary nodded and the screen was filled with the image of a 14 year old boy, his erection in his hand as he rubbed and pulled it.

After a couple of minutes, the boy moaned and white fluid came out of the end of his penis. The camera pulled in and Jim stopped a full-screen image of the penis as a wad of semen flew out of its tip.

Mary groaned as she felt her tummy flip-flop and shake as Tina rubbed on her nipples.

"That's called semen or a boy's cum. The boy got so excited he had an orgasm and he squirted semen like the wetness that comes out of your pussy. And girls can help boys get their cums with their hands and even their mouths."

The video rolled again with images of girls holding and stroking penises, then licking and putting the penises between their lips.

Mary's mouth was agape. She whispered to Tina, "they can't do that! Boys pee with their pee-pees!"

Tina grinned at her sister "I pee out of my cunny and you like sucking and licking it. It's really not too bad when you try it."

Mary gasped. "You've sucked a boy's penis?"

"She's sucked mine," Jim chuckled. "Would you like to see Tina suck my penis? She's really good and I like it a lot."

Mary stared at Jim and then at the eight year old girl sucking on the penis of a man who looked like he was twice her size.

"It's perfectly normal, Mary. It's all part of growing up. Would you like to suck my penis, Tina?"

"Sure," said Tina smiling at her stunned sister. And then she reached over and undid Jim Phillips' belt and his pants.

Jim pulled off his shirt, showing Mary his hairy chest and belly.

"This is it, Mary. Do you want to learn about sex between girls and boys?"

Tina pulled down Jim's pants and rubbed the crotch of his boxers.

Mary could see the erection growing in Mr. Phillips' underwear and that feeling of excitement was growing again even though she was not touching her cunny.

The 9 year old leaned forward to watch her sister's hand reach between Mr. Phillips' legs and rub.

"Yes," she breathed. And Tina pulled down Jim's boxers and grasped his cock.

"Seeing you and your sister naked excites me, Mary. Watching you play with yourself was so beautiful. Now, Tina's going to help me feel as good as you did when you rubbed your pussy."

Mary stared with amazement as her sister wet her lips and kissed Mr. Phillips' penis.

Tina licked the crown of Jim's penis and opened her mouth to suck the tip.

"Play with my balls," Jim commanded as he put his hand on Mary's head to keep her from turning away from the sight.

Jim knew he was not going to last long. As Tina sucked, he cried out "ohhhh I'm cumming, Tina" but instead of pushing his erection into Tina's throat, he pulled out of her lips to spray his semen on her mouth, neck and nipples.

Mary gasped as shot after shot of cum landed on her sister until Jim released the girls' heads and stumbled back to catch his breath.

Tina licked the cum that was on her lips, and then put her hand back on Jim's penis to clean it with her tongue.

Jim knelt down to Tina and kissed her, telling her what a good job she did and what a big girl she had become.

Between breaths, Jim said to Mary: "that's what a guy's cum or orgasm looks like. Oh, that felt good. Sometimes, big girls like to lick up a man's cum because it'll help their breasts get bigger. Show her, Tina."

Tina wiped up a couple of blobs of cum and licked them off her fingers. "Wanna taste?" she asked her sister.

Tina scooped up some of the cum that was on her tummy and put them up to Mary's lips. Mary licked her sister's fingers and then her lips, trying to figure out if cum had any taste.

"What do you think, Mary?"

"I dunno. It was fun watching your, your penis shake and squirt. Did it feel good?"

"Oh, yes. But look at the time! You girls had better get dressed and get home. Do you want to come back here for more lessons, Mary?"

"Yes, please. It was fun!"

The girls scrambled to pull on their panties and school uniforms. Tina, of course, wiped her chest with a damp towel provided by Jim Phillips. Jim covered himself with a robe.

The tall man walked his two little students to his door. As Mary walked down the steps, Jim pulled Tina close and whispered to her: "You were great today. Keep an eye on your sister and make sure she doesn't tell anybody about this. And come back tomorrow and we can have a party by ourselves."

"OK," said Tina. "Mary will be good about keeping this secret." She smiled and skipped down the steps....taking her sister's hand as they ran out to the street.

"Wow," said Jim to himself. "So far, so good."

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Instead of writing this alternative to the already long published Part 6 of Tina: Younger/Older //pegast-irk.ru/~LS/stories/unknown290.html (which Frankly is a much better story, and much better written than this alternative storyline), why not just put your creative energy into writing a new Part 7, 8, etc. to that popular storyline? This seems sort of pointless, especially given that it is not nearly as interesting.


Not bad but could be better.

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