Jilly's Problem, Part 1

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Published: 21-Dec-2012

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Home Sweet Home

Six-year-old Jilly sat on the little wooden bench in the corner, facing the wall. At first glance you might have thought that she was sitting in the corner because she was naughty, and so far you would have been right. Her head hung low on her stooped shoulders, and looking from behind her it would seem that she was sadly regretting her transgressions. But as you moved closer to her you would notice that she had her light green dress pulled way up in front, and was staring down the front of her frilly white panty. She had stuffed both hands into it, all the way up to her wrists. Her panty writhed as her fingers sought to briskly rub, well, something in there, or more likely, everything in there. Her hips pumped softly up and down as she did this, desperately seeking some elusive prize.

You see, Jilly was again doing the thing for which she had been put in the corner in the first place. Earlier that morning, Jilly went downstairs because Mommy told her to get the laundry out of the dryer, put it in the basket, and fold it. But instead of doing that, she had other ideas, and when Mommy came downstairs a good fifteen minutes later to see what was taking little Jilly so long, she found the girl sitting backwards on top of the spin-cycling, wildly oscillating washing machine, on one corner of the big enamel box in such a wide-legged, forward-leaning position that she was as much straddling the machine as sitting upon it.

"JILLIAN MARIE!" Mommy shouted in surprise and anger, and as Jilly jumped suddenly, her dress flew up to reveal her panties around her ankles and stretched near the bursting point as Jilly spread her legs as wide as she could, grinding her naked pussy into the smooth, vibrating surface, warmed by the hot water inside.

So, to make a long story short, Jilly was busted yet again doing her favorite naughty thing. Mommy had seen her a couple of times sitting on the machine while she watched Mommy do the laundry, and noticing that she seemed to be enjoying herself "a bit too much" told her that it was time to go now, but she had never caught her doing anything quite like THAT. Well, there were those couple of times Mommy found her in the tub, laying under the spout with her legs spread and her knees pulled up next to her body, running the water right onto the tenderest folds of her naked cunt. Now, Mommy gets suspicious if Jilly "needs more water in the tub" and comes in to see what she's up to.

So this wasn't the first time Jilly had been caught playing with herself. After Mommy picked her up off of the washing machine and stood her on the floor, she ordered her to pull up her panties, grabbed her by the hand, and pulled her along, up the stairs and right to the bench in the corner of the living room where Jilly was sent when she was being bad.

So there she sat. It took her only a few minutes to become bored, for she has always been an active and playful girl. Without any toys to play with, she turned instinctively to the one toy that she always carried along with her. And so, that is how her Mommy found her, with both hands stuffed into her panties.

"Now Jilly!" chided her mom as she walked into the room, "Are you doing THAT, again? If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times, it's a nasty, dirty habit, and you need to stop it!"

"But Mommy, it feels so nice, how could it be bad?" Jilly challenged.

"Well...well..." Mom stammered, turning red in the face, "well, it just is, that's all." She grabbed each of Jilly's hands, plucked them out of her underwear and dropped them roughly onto the seat beside her.

"But Michelle says it's good for me!" Jilly replied, feeling confident as she did whenever she quoted her eighteen-year-old sister. "And besides, she has all those things that buzz and look like a boy's dicky and she says--"

"HOW DARE YOU talk about such a DIRTY subject in THIS HOUSE! YOUR SISTER knows NOTHING about being a WOMAN!" Mother screamed, cutting off Jilly in mid-sentence. "You just wait till your father gets home!" she said curtly, and with that, she stormed out of the room to leave Jilly alone again in her chair.

Jilly sighed and wiped a tear from her cheek. She was sad and hurt, but more than that, she was fuming mad at Mommy! Not only for insulting her big sister Michelle, who knew everything about being a big girl, but for saying her coochie was dirty and bad. Michelle said that every girl is a princess, and every girl is beautiful from her head to her toes, and that includes her coochie.

Once Jilly asked Michelle what the shiny plastic popsicle in her nightstand drawer was for. She laughed at first, but then she told her. At first Jilly was a bit shocked, until Michelle explained all about how big girls like to do weird stuff with boys like play with their dickies, and how the plastic popsicle was like a pretend dicky that buzzed and made the girl feel good. Better than most boys could do, Michelle said.

She turned it on and let Jilly try it, and sometimes when Jilly visited Michelle in her room, Jilly got to play with it for a little while, as long as Mommy wasn't around to see. Jilly really liked the tingly feeling she got between her legs, even though she only used the vibrator over her clothes. Michelle would watch her lay on her bed and do herself with the toy, and giggle as she watched. "Watch out Jilly, you're gonna get your panties all wet!" Michelle teased her, and this prompted Jilly to ask how a girl would get wet. So Michelle told her that a girl gets all wet and slippery inside when she feels really good.

Jilly just had to try this out practically every night after that, under her sheets after her parents put her to bed. She pulls up her nightie and takes off her panties, and even though she can't borrow Michelle's vibrators right now, she rubs her clit until she feels really good, and then she pokes a finger inside her coochie hole to feel the wetness. Sometimes she sniffs her finger, and sometimes she even sucks on her finger and tastes her pussy's salty, fishy flavor. One time while she was sitting on Michelle's bed with the vibrator, Jilly was trying a little bit too hard to make herself get wet, and she accidentally went pee in her pants instead. Michelle just laughed, but not in a mean way, then hugged her and helped her find some dry panties.

Michelle said that some boys will lick a girl's coochie to make her feel really good, and that made Jilly think that maybe boys were of some use after all, but she thought that she would rather have a doggy instead. Doggies really know how to lick, she thought. Jilly happened to know this for a fact, because once her friend Sally's little dog stuck his nose up the leg of her shorts, on a hot summer day when she didn't have any panties on, and licked her bare coochie, and it felt kind of nice.

Jilly decided that most of the things Michelle said made a lot of sense, especially about putting the plastic buzzing thingy in you instead of a boy's dicky. Why would you want to put a boy's dicky inside you anyway? She thought most boys were icky, except maybe Jason Callahan, who sat next to her at school. But now Michelle was away at college, and unavailable for answering such questions. For the time being, Jilly was all alone in her journey toward being a big girl.

"Wash your hands good before dinner, because...I know where they've been!" Mother scolded her, a few minutes later. Jilly walked slowly to the bathroom, sniffing in the bouquet of her own pussy that lingered on her fingertips. She didn't really want to wash the smell off, so she splashed a bit of water on her hands and patted them lightly on the towel, and she was done.

All through dinner Jilly's parents hardly said a word to her, or to each other for that matter, except to discuss a small matter concerning the water bill. Jilly knew that a storm loomed in the distance, but she kept quiet and waited.

After dinner, Father called Jilly into the den where he and Mother sat, side by side on the sofa, waiting for her. "Please sit down, dear," he said to her. "There is something we need to, uh, discuss."

Jilly sat down in her little chair in front of them, as they towered over her in their throne for two. She was a bit nervous about what they might say or do, or what punishment they might decide to level against her for her repeated offenses.

"Uh, Honey," her father began, "you really need to learn about having, uh, having respect for your body. You know, there are special hospitals for people who abuse themselves and can't stop. You need to act like a lady, not like a wild animal that operates on instinct and can't, uh, control its natural impulses..." He sighed and wiped his forehead with his sleeve, shivering nervously. He was trying to communicate his fears to Jilly, but didn't seem to be having much effect.

Jilly wasn't sure what he was talking about at all, and her eyebrows were all scrunched up in confusion.

"I think what your father is trying to say," her mother chimed in, saving him from his embarrassment, "is that as you are growing older, what is okay for a baby is not okay for an older girl to do."

Jilly scrunched up her face even further, completely misunderstanding her mother's point. "What, do you mean that babies can put boys' dickies up inside their coochies too?"

"No, NO!" both parents cried in unison, waving their arms like they were trying to stop a runaway train.

"But, uh, your hands, Dear," Father again attempted, after a short pause to regain his composure. "You need to keep your hands out of anyplace that's, uh, well, private. If it's private, that means, 'Keep Out!'"

Even at her tender age, Jilly was already showing promise in some branch of the legal profession. "But Father, if it's 'private', doesn't that mean that it's just for me to look at and touch, and nobody else? And what about in the bathroom, when I have to wipe? I hafta touch my coochie when I do that..."

"Stop!" Mother said sternly, "Stop saying that dirty word your sister taught you! There are proper words for these things. And, when you're old enough, we will be sure to teach you about them. But from now on I don't want to hear any mention of anything about anyone's privates, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOUNG LADY?" Now her hand was raised, threatening to slap Jilly's small cheek.

"Yes, Mother," Jilly replied, cowering, with a tired, surrendering look in her face. She knew she was right and her parents were just stupid butt-heads, but she also knew that she wasn't going to win this battle, and would just have to wait out their long, boring lecture.

Sure enough, true to form, Mother and Father spent the next fifteen minutes haranguing little Jilly on the proper uses of her body, including allowable self-touching during bathing and toilet use. It probably wouldn't have taken most parents this long to give such a talk, but the task is made much more difficult when one is not allowed to use any words that specifically describe any private region of the body. Mother and Father went on and on for what seemed to Jilly to be an eternity.

She pretended to listen, as she had been doing for the past couple of years now whenever Mother and Father lectured her like this, but as she sat there she began to daydream. Also, as she often did when she was bored, she began tightening up the muscles of her inner thighs, squeezing her legs together very tightly and releasing them, slowly at first, with a pulsing rhythm that made waves of pleasure course through her tiny body. Carried away by the sensations, she abandoned herself to the flow of her own desires, gradually picking up the pace as her young clitoris craved more and more stimulation. She completely lost awareness of herself, and the next thing she knew, she was sitting in her chair with the fingertips of both hands buried deep in her crotch and spastically clamping her thighs together, and all the while rocking forward and backward in her seat with her eyes tightly closed, making little "Unh, unh, unh" noises in her throat. She was only vaguely aware of her parents trying vainly to distract her as she suddenly burst into a full-blown orgasm, and for a few short seconds the tiny girl's hips arched upward off her seat and twitched in a simple, primitive humping motion before she opened her mouth and let out a sweet little high-pitched sigh, then promptly fainted in her chair from total exhaustion into a deep, deep sleep, with the tiniest Mona Lisa smile upon her lips.

Jilly wasn't sure whether she actually heard or merely dreamed her parents talking:

Mother: "Oh my God! Is she breathing?"

Father: "Yes, but just barely."

Mother: "I think she had a seizure! We need to call 9-1-1!"

Father: "Are you kidding? And tell them what? That she just masturbated herself into a coma?! That would be so humiliating, and they might even accuse us of molesting her!

She remembered Father carrying her upstairs to her room, and Mother saying things like, "Oh, my poor baby!" They pulled off her shoes, but that was all. Then Father laid her in her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Then Mother thought better of it, and slid the covers up to her armpits with her hands on top of the covers They both kissed her forehead, and said good night.

"You know, we really need to take her to that clinic," Father said decisively.

"But really, Josh, is that necessary? Surely there is something else we could do..."

"Marge, these people are professionals. They deal with this kind of problem all the time. I think this is what she needs."

"Well, alright, I'll call tomorrow for an appointment, and we can give it a try."

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Ohhh yesss very hot story.

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