Fun With Preteens

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Published: 17-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jerry had been discreetly following the two little preschoolers throughout the three-story Minnesota Mall. It was a hot Saturday, and the girls were dressed for the heat. Both were wearing skirts so tight and short that when he rode the escalator a few steps behind them, he was treated to a very fine panty display on their cute little behinds. He figured them to be in the neighborhood of eight or nine at the most. They looked good enough to eat, and if his plan worked, that's at least one thing he had planned for them. His eight-inch cock was another? Soon they would get to that area of the mall that was under construction and had little traffic. His only worry was why they were alone? Where was a parent or guardian?

While they were in The Gap, Jerry knew they would be where he wanted them to be when they came out, so he moved ahead and waited with his expensive Nikon camera at the ready. Jerry wasn't a professional by a long shot. He just looked and acted the part. He even had fancy business cards he made on his computer. Anyone can do that these days of course, but they do make him look more professional.

Jerry of course is a child lover. That's a nice name that covers a lot. Some would just say Pedophile for anyone that wants sex with children. He didn't give a rat's ass what the label on him was, as long as he had opportunities to enjoy his favorite types. His favorite types today, were these two little foxes that seem to scream "Fuck me, please fuck me!"

They don't really want that of course, it's just fun to be a cock-tease. In fact they probably don't even know what fucking is? That's what he figured they were at the Mall for after all. The attention from men, not other boys. They love to fuck with men. He had seen them before, and watched them saunter around catching even family men off guard, with their sexy bubble butts, and spandex tops that displayed smallish chests, and perky nipples. They particularly enjoyed causing swellings in the crotches of men. Jerry had been a victim in that regard two weeks earlier, and he wanted to do something about it!

"Gotcha! Jerry said as he clicked a few shots when they rounded the corner from The Gap. "I'm sorry ladies, if I startled you. You two are the most impressive girls in the Mall today, and I wanted a memory for my personal files. Of course I need your permission to keep them. Here, take a look?" Then he brought up the window display of the shots he had taken of them, and out of curiosity they gathered around. Jerry is eye candy in his own right, with his 6'4" lean tanned body wearing a tight fitting tennis outfit. He's just too old for them according to society rules at age forty-one. The girls just giggled and started flirting a little as he expected them to. He could feel them pressing against his body as they crowded in to look over his shoulder.

"Wow! You're really good mister! You can keep them if you want? Can you send copies to our phones? We would like to keep them too!" The two almost said that in harmony. The hook was there; he just needed to reel them in some.

"Sure! I can give them to you. Here's my card. I'm a professional photographer," He said with that captivating smile he's used to his advantage on girls before, even preteens this young. "My mobile Studio is in that big blue motorhome out in the parking lot under the trees toward the back. I'll be doing some work there in about an hour. Drop by and I'll give you what you need (a good fuck in the ass for one thing he thought).

"I need to ask you kids something though. Why is it you are here by yourself? Isn't your mom or dad with you today girls?" He said with that charming smile.

"Nah! Mom can't afford Day Care, so we have to hang out at the Mall where she works. She is a clerk at Macy's and doesn't get off until nine when the Mall closes." They said. God they were pretty Jerry thought. One the typical curly-blonde blue-eyed Shirley Temple type, with rosy lips and a plump ass. The other girl had long brunette hair down to the middle of her back. She had the most amazing brown, golden eyes that seemed to be lit from behind. She too had a wonderful little body. He was tempted to tell them what color their panties were, but decided not to come off too creepy.

"Be thinking about doing some modeling for me in the meantime. We could make a lot of money I think? That is if your are interested? Check with your mom of course. I don't need any problems with that whole underage thing right now. Don't get me wrong. You two are my absolute favorite age. What, eight or nine?" He asked.

"We are both nine. We almost have the same birthday. In two months we will be ten." The blonde said. "Do we have to get mom's permission? Can't you just take the pictures if we say it's okay?" They sort of pleaded with him, which was right on! Now if they will just show up and not chicken out!

Jerry knew they were interested right away. He also knew they would not be asking mom for approval; because they also knew they would never get it! An hour later the two gave a rap on the motorhome door. He was ready for them.

"Come on in, I was just doing a little work on your pictures. Give me your email addresses, and I can send them to you. Would you like a drink? I have Pepsi, and Coke. I also have Rum, but I'm guessing you aren't old enough for that yet." Jerry said with a laugh. The girls giggled. Perfect!

Jerry had already put his COCKtail in the glasses, so he could just pour whatever into them. His creation consisted of a crushed Viagra to stimulate them in a physical way. Yes, it works on girls too! A Rufie, which is referred to as the "Date Rape" drug, so they won't remember all the fun they are going to have. Plus a little Oxycotton for the high. They both asked for Pepsi. Coming right up. They scribbled their emails on his notepad at the desk, and then settled into his luxurious wrap-around couch. He had no experience with the drug, and didn't have a clue how long a time it would be before it took effect or how long it would last on their tiny bodies?

"Did you ladies give any thought to doing some modeling for me today. I can pay you a hundred dollars up front for the first hour, and fifty an hour after that. The girls looked at each other like they had just won something.

"While I'm working on sending your photos, take a look through that big book on the coffee table. Those are the types of shots I'm thinking of taking. Sure, they are very sexy looking, but that's where the money is. You will also get half of what I get for them through my contacts in Europe. None will be released in America, so they will be private. Have a look and we will talk."

The two hotties giggled their way through the book as the drug began to take effect and they got more and more dreamlike. All the photos in that book were what are called; "Non Nude Preteens", however the poses were certainly erotic. Then he gave them the other book to look through. It was filled with Child Pornography that he had downloaded from one of his paid sites. Little girls their age and even much younger getting cock in every orifice, sometimes. Many at the same time. Airtight were his favorites. A cock in every hole! He had been taking the Viagra himself, even though he normally didn't need it, but he wanted to be hard for a few hours with these two fuck toys.

Wendy and Kim were their names. They had been very serious looking at the porn. No more giggling, but they were starting to put their hands on each other which he took as a sign they were under his control.

Jerry needed to see if his creation was going to work like he wanted. He dropped his shorts and underwear, and walked over to them pushing his cock in front of their faces.

"Before you two go in the bedroom and take off all your clothes and get ready to fuck like in those pictures, you need to have a drink of my piss." The glassy-eyed girls just sat there looking at his dick without saying anything. He put his hands on Wendy's head and pulled it into his crotch. "Open your mouth sweetie. I need to pee." Then to his delight, she opened her mouth. He stuck the head in and squirted about a cupful. She gulped it down. In preparation for this he had been drinking a lot of coffee. Jerry then pulled out of Wendy and slipped it in Kim's open mouth for the rest. They were totally his he thought!

"Do I know you Kim?" He asked. What's your mom's name anyway?"

"My mom's name is Dee Johnson sir." She said wiping some piss off her chin.

Jerry just told them to leave their purses, and go into the bedroom and strip down to their panties and wait for him. They didn't say a word, but just did what he told them to.

Jerry's hard cock was bouncing up and down just thinking about how perfect everything had worked out? He knew from their conversations earlier that they weren't expected to meet Wendy's mom at Macy's until nine o'clock. He could do whatever until then! Like take them home to his secluded beach house for the day. Where the screaming wouldn't be heard over the sound of the ocean. He would need to give them more to drink of course, lots more!

Jerry drove the girls to his beach house to avoid anyone hearing the girls making noise. He didn't know if popping their cherries would be something like that, but he wanted to make sure. He led the girls into his house and straight to the bedroom.

"Okay girls, hears the deal. I'm going to do whatever I want with you and you are going to love it. If I hear any kind of complaint from either of you, I will have to whip you and I don't want to do that. I have cameras set up to capture all the fun I'm going to have with you, and then make some money with them."

Jerry couldn't wait to have sex with them, so he had both girls drop their panties and get on the bed. He had Kim lay down on her back so he could fuck her throat, and he instructed Wendy to push her face into his crack and suck on his butthole while playing with his balls. When he slid his hard dick down Kim's throat, she began thrashing about, gagging like crazy. That seemed to make him harder, so he fucked her faster. When she started to go limp, he pulled out and let her gasp for air for a while. Wendy was making out with his asshole so nice he didn't mind the break in action.

When the little girls breathing became more regular, he jammed it back down squishing his balls into her eyes and began a relentless throat fuck. He dropped a marvelous load as she was kicking about the second time. He buried his tongue into her little bald pussy while smothering her with his crotch. Wendy never stopped working his butt. What a wonderful start, and it was only the start. He needed to pee again, so he led the girls into the bathroom and had them kneel down in the bathtub with their mouths open. He felt sort of like an artist the way he sprayed around on their faces and bodies, always getting some in their mouths. He instructed them to beg for more as he was pissing.

The Viagra was doing its job as he still had a decent erection. It was time for some pussy he decided. He decided to fuck Shirley Temple (Wendy) first. He instructed Wendy to lick Kim's cunt for a while and then spit on her hole a lot. That made for some hot video and Jerry's cock made the next decision. He just got on top of the little nine-year-old and drove it home, breaking her hymen and delivering all six inches into her now bloodied hole. Wendy let out a scream when he broke through, and began crying loudly as Jerry started pumping his cock in and out of her.

"Put your cunt over Wendy's mouth Kim and shut her up!" Kim dutifully did as she was told, and Jerry started making out with her as he slid in and out of Wendy. There wasn't as much cum when his climax came, but it felt really wonderful anyway. He was already looking forward to Kim's little hole, but he needed a rest. He had never had that many climaxes in his life, and he was a bit spent. He ate a big lunch and drank a few beers, before waking up the girls for the last round.

"Wendy, get my cock nice and wet with your little mouth so I can fuck Kim." Jerry still couldn't get over how erotic it was to see a fourth-grader sucking on his cock. Jerry's only regret after fucking Kim for twenty minutes was he wasn't going to have the stamina to do some cute butt fucking. He would just have to try this experiment again, that's all.

Jerry decided it was time to get the hell out of the area, so he checked to make sure the girls were still in a pliable mood, and let them out the door before leaving the parking lot. On his way out, he made a phone call from a throw-away phone he bought at Kmart and called the number in Kim's wallet for her mom's cell phone.

"Hi. Dee is it?" He asked when a sexy voice answered.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"I'm the guy who just filled your daughters cunt with my cum. She's wandering around the mall now so you should come pick her up. She was delicious by the way. I bet you are a great fucking fuck yourself. If you decide to lick her hole that will be my jizz you would be sucking. Bye now." He said and hung up.

Roger Temple was on the last three hours of his shift as Mall Security. He was cruising the parking lot looking for cute pussy in shorts or mini's to jack to. His cock had been hard for at least an hour because of all the cunt out and about on this bright sunny day. He wasn't sure what the deal was with the two kids he saw wandering aimlessly around the cars. If they were a few years older he would have thought they were hookers the way they were dressed. He pulled up along side them.

"Hey girls? You look like you're lost? Do you need help with anything? He said still stroking his cock with them looking at it. He liked the way they just kept staring as he handled his meat. He didn't say anything to break the moment either. God they were so fucking hot looking. He almost creamed.

Kim responded first. She was obviously still under the influence and really out of it. "Would you like to stick your cock in us too mister? I saw pictures of guys putting their cocks in the buttholes of little girls. What's that like anyway?"

Roger realized right away they were on some kind of drug. His dick informed him he should follow up on the little girls invitation somehow. "Why don't you girls get in the back seat and we can talk about what I want from you."

The girls climbed into the back seat and just sat there dreamy-eyed waiting for instructions. Roger hadn't realized it yet that the girls would do anything he asked. "So girls? Do you really want to know what a cock in your bottom feels like?" He said turning to face them and giving them another good look at his eight-inch cock, which he continued to stroke.

"If that's what you want mister. I'll do whatever you say mister as long as you don't hurt me. Will that fit in my bottom officer?" Wendy said rubbing her pussy.

Roger had to think fast. Whatever he was going to do, it should be soon before whatever drug they were on wore off. He decided to take them to his office in Mall Security. He was the only one on duty for the next few hours, so he would have the office to himself. There was a private entrance at the back, and he led the girls inside without anyone seeing them he was pretty sure.

He locked the door from the inside, and then kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and underwear and stood in front of the girls. They were so short their faces were the perfect blowjob height. His cock was more than ready for action and standing at full attention when he started rubbing in on Wendy's face.

"Suck it little girl! Open your mouth and suck my cock. Use your hands on my balls. He said to Wendy.

"And you! Get behind me and lick my butthole!" He said to Kim. He had been building that climax for an hour, so the flood happened within minutes. While the cream was flowing, he leaned down and molested the little girl's private stuff. This was a fucking wet dream in real life he thought.

Kim's tongue work got him hard again much to his delight. He wanted to fuck Kim in the ass really bad. He turned and picked her up and laid her on the desk with her legs hanging over the edge. He then sat Wendy down on the top with her cunt in Kim's face instructing Kim to suck and lick her pussy while he fucked her. Then Roger got on his knees and slobbered all over Kim's butthole. When he felt she was sufficiently lubed up, he stood and started forcing his cock into her little anal pussy.

Fuck that hole was so tight Roger wasn't sure he would ever get it in her! He kept at it though, and finally the mushroom popped in. His cock had never experienced anything so wonderful before! It was so tight he couldn't believe it as he started pushing for home.

She couldn't take all eight inches he figured, but he was going to give her everything possible! He figured she had about six inches in her when he hit the wall. She was pissing and moaning pretty loud but that just drove him on. He began to serious fuck her, pounding and pounding the best fuck of his life. This one had the sexiest butt between the two, and he couldn't be happier than the moment his second climax came, and came!

He had Wendy clean him up by sucking the extra cum and whatever off of his now spent cock. He fooled around with them for a while, feeling their little bodies and pissing down their throats once they mentioned it was something they would do. He put them in the holding cell for safekeeping and then went out to the Mall Information desk to see if there were any missing persons reports. There weren't any, so he went back to the office.

The girls were coming out of their trance like state and wondering why they were locked up. He told them he found them wandering around the parking lot and was still trying to figure out what to do with them.

"What's the last thing you remember?" He asked them.

"Well. We met with a photographer who took our pictures. He was very nice. After that I suppose we went back in the mall? Mom gets off work from Macy's in a few minutes, and we are supposed to meet her there. Can we go now officer?" Wendy asked.

Roger realized he had gotten away with abusing the girls and whatever drug they were on it caused memory loss. He certainly would not ever lose this memory. He only wished he knew what happened to them before he met them. They left his office walking a little bow legged, but otherwise none the wiser for what happened to them in the previous hours.

Jerry was sitting in his motorhome at the beach house plotting his next adventure. He wanted to mess with a little boy next time. A little girl too of course, but a little weenie could be a lot of fun also?

Dee Johnson picked up Kim at the mall before Wendy's mom got off, and she had a serious talk with her daughter about what had happened to her. Kim didn't know what to make of it when after they got home, Dee put her on the bed and lifting her skirt up and pulling her panties down, began to lick and suck on her little pussy. Dee recognized the taste of a man's cum in her daughter, and savored it. Although Kim was pretty surprised by her mothers actions, she also knew it was a most wonderful thing and wanted a lot more.

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Rufie? Oxycotton? Jesus, man, if you are going to refer to specific drugs, at least learn how to spell their names!

True Pedophile

I was confused at first - are these preschoolers or elementary schoolers? After I figured out the answer, the story was a decent stroker, a bit choppy in the story telling, but not bad. Just watch the consistency.

Hard Daddy

Ya lost me at making them drink piss. Whatever turns you on is your busiiness, and no big offense intended, but yuck.

Jack HOff

So you're saying that rather than being third and fourth graders, in Minnesota 8 and 9 year old girls are in 'preschool'? Well, that does help to explain Michele Bachmann.


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thought it was great man, liked it a lot would luv to hear more!

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