Sam I Am, Part 2

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Published: 20-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

If you recall from the first chapter I promised more detail on my first night as a virgin. Virgin that is to preteen sex. My friend Jack is the lead Investigator, Sexual Crimes Division of the Vice Squad, in the Sheriff's Office of San Bernardino County. His particular focus is on child abuse of a sexual nature. Jack is responsible for discovering and arresting those sick bastards. Jack happens to BE one of those sick bastards, and so am I now, thanks to Jack.

The county is one of the known areas where all manor of sin is taking place. For one thing it is well known that the area has the largest coven of witches in the world. Child pornography is on the rise and along with that, new pedophiles seem to be multiplying there. Jack and I couldn't be happier with the growth potential if we worked for the Chamber Of Commerce. That's right? It's "we" now. I'm in business with Jack on a new idea I had. But first I promised to tell you about the loss of my preteen sex cherry when I first met Jack.

Jack had taken me to the home of a guy he discovered was having sex with his three kids. The fucker was abusing his little girl seven, younger sister five, and a boy eight. Jack spent the entire night with the older girl and the boy. They did a lot of their playtime in the bathroom. I was with seven-year-old Brenda watching porn while playing with each others sex, and talking about what her daddy actually was doing with the kids. I wasn't in a hurry, because it was one of my fantasy's to have a naked conversation about sex with a little one. I was looking forward to being a Pedo, so why not enjoy what was before me knowing I could have her anytime I wanted? My conversations with Brenda went something like this; "Brenda honey, tell me about a typical day with your dad. Be real specific, and use the same language you've learned from him."

I was still a bit lost in dreamland with what was happening! The day before, I could only jack off imagining what it would be like to have sex with a little girl. Then there I was in bed naked, with a likewise naked seven-year-old little goddess stroking my cock, while I finger fucked her tiny pussy. To complete the perversion we were watching child porn on the tube. I just love the freedoms we have in America!

"Daddy wouldn't let us sleep in anything but our panties Mr. Sam." She said. "He even made Mikey wear our panties. Every once in a while, daddy would dress him up like a girl with makeup and everything before's hard for me to use those words Mr. Sam? Do I have to?"

"If you want to be able to sit down again without a lot of pain. Stop fucking around and tell me more. What did your dad do when he got Mikey all dressed up?"

"He would put his...his...cock in Mikey's bottom know...okay, fuck him. He always made us watch him too. Mikey told me he doesn't mind it when dad fucks him. It's when his friend from work does. I guess that guy likes to hurt kids. Mikey is usually all bruised afterwards. I'm just glad he doesn't want to have sex with Lucy and me."

"What's it like on a normal day during the week?"

The three of us kids sleep in one big bed, and dad wakes us up at four so we will have time for housework before school. He likes me to suck him while Mikey fucks Lucy. Then dad goes to work. He comes home for lunch and fucks Lucy in the mouth while I clean him up."

"Clean him up? What's that mean?"

"Dad likes me to lick him in the butt while he squirts into Lucy."

"What's Mikey doing when this is happening?"

"Dad usually picks him up and puts Mikey's thing in his mouth."

"What did I say about the language?"

"Sorry. Dad is sucking Mikey's little cock. Sometimes Mickey takes the pictures."

"I'm about ready to explode Bren, suck my cock until I do." She no longer had the head in that tender sweet little mouth of hers, than I shot one of my better loads. I pulled her head down until she was buried in my bush. I kept squirting so much it was amazing, so I kept her in place even though she started trying to come up for air. Something happened to me that first time. While I was cuming, there was no thought at all to Brenda's needs, only mine. Wow! Thanks dad I thought, for training her so well.

"Brenda? Is there any part of the sex you've had with your dad, or any other man, that you enjoyed. Anything at all?"

"Well. What we just did was really good except for not getting enough air. I like the taste of it...I mean the cum. The only time I liked getting fucked in my bottom was when this guy from daddy's work did it in his boss's office. He had a small cock is why. Except for the first couple of times in my pussy, I've enjoyed that too unless they were mean or something. I don't like that!"

"What do you think about my cock? Would you like that in your pussy?"

"I think so. You are a little smaller than daddy, which I like. It might even feel good in my bottom, but I don't know that for sure? Are you going to have sex with my sister too? And Mikey?"

"Sex with your brother and sister is going to happen for sure. I'm starting to get hard again, let's make love." So I started kissing her like I used to kiss the girls as a teenager at the drive-in movies. My hands were all over her. One finger sliding up and down on her ass crack, the other hand juicing up her puffy smile. Necking with such a little girl was so erotic that I had to slow down some. I wanted to fill up her little twat with love juice. I don't know if she moaned so much with daddy, but she sure was enjoying what I was doing. Me too!!

I couldn't wait any longer. I rolled her over into the missionary position, and guided my now slimy cock to the entrance of her little hairless pussy. A few rubbings of precum on the slit, and then I popped the head into heaven! Oh fuck she was so tight! She actually pushed back which I did not expect. The slide down to paradise was so overwhelming that against my wishes, my nuts erupted! I could get all the way in on the downward stroke, cuming all the way. There's no way I have ever had a better climax! Wow!!

Everything I do with her is better than what I had done before! I rolled us over, keeping my cock inside, and began kissing her again. We fell asleep in that position. I had the best dreams. I fell in love with her that night. We fucked a couple more times in the night. I promised her that she wouldn't have to participate in dad's pleasures any more, and that I had an idea of how things would be different. She was in love with me too, and said so.

In the morning I met the kids dad. He was an okay guy. Fairly good looking and still in pretty good shape. I told him I would be in touch about the future plans for him and his family. Plans he would like I assured him. I also told him that Brenda was off limits to him for a while. That is unless she wanted to participate in his daily routine, which I doubted from what she told me.

On the drive back to my place I told Jack what I had been planning, and told him it would only work if he partnered up with me. There is an abandoned motel in the desert north of Palm Springs that I purchased and have been remodeling. The idea I had was a place for other pedo's to meet for a few days convention style.

Jack came on board, and today we have a year under our belt, and the idea has blossomed into an amazing business. I didn't touch the entire front of the motel, but left it looking really shabby and rundown with the "NO VACANCY" sign permanently displayed. Parking was in the rear where the real entrance was. The interior was as modern as I could make it. There were ten rooms, an indoor pool/sauna, full kitchen and dining room, and activity center. The center had lots of toys and equipment design for every discerning Pedo. The entire complex was equipped with video cameras. The rooms also had video with two different camera angles on the king sized beds and two angles in the bathrooms. We wanted our guests to have some home movies of their experience at the "Twilight Inn", for an extra charge of course.

Twilight was the name of the original motel, and I thought it was perfect because it reminded me of the vampire movies by the same name. Blood suckers living out in the open with normal people. That sort of fit with what Jack and I were doing. I never really realized just how many people shared our desire to love children. Jack, through his work was able to cull out of the many cases of child abuse, the right men and women who he thought would want to experience a weeks retreat at the Twilight.

First of all, it was an opportunity to experience their wildest fantasies, be shielded from any further problems with the law. The cost for the five weekdays would be $2,500, plus provide a preteen for sharing. The price included all meals and the use of the facilities. Jack always made sure the kids were beautiful of course, and every guest would have access to every child at some point during the week. Saturday and Sunday was reserved for staff rest and preparation for the next weeks guests. I'm proud to say we are booked solid year round.

Read more of our desert adventures in my next story, "Twilight Time". See you there.

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