Sam I Am, Part 1

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Published: 7-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My name is Sam, and I am the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on the planet! Let me explain. I am one of those people that perhaps you don't like, or perhaps you do, I'm not judging. You see. I like little girls. I like little boys too, but I like little girls the best. I should rephrase that. I LOVE little girls. I like to love little girls. Okay. To be specific, I love to have sex with little girls. There. I said it. Leave this story if you are going to judge.

The reason I feel so lucky, is because I actually DO get to have sex with my dream girls, whereas most guys with my predilection can only wish it, while making love to their right hand, or left if that is there favorite lover.

How is that possible you say? Well it helps to have a partner in crime who just happens to be the lead Investigator, Sexual Crimes Division of the Vice Squad. It also helps if that partner is a sexual deviant too! The only difference in our appetite for the little ones, my partner Jack prefers little boys to little girls. Is that perfect or what?

I met Jack at my favorite hangout, Juanita's Bath House. I've never failed to find what I needed there. Namely other like-minded gentlemen who love to get all sweaty in a Sauna, and then have sex with some other naked guy laying on a towel.

Jack is built much like me; perhaps that is what attracted us to each other that first day. Let those other lads with the foot-long dongs search for a deep throat. Jack and I have no problem swallowing a six-incher. Well, that's not why you are reading this tale. Back to the part about little girls and boys.

I invited Jack back to my place for more recreation that first day. I didn't know he was a cop of course. That's not something you share on a first date. How I found out almost gave me a heart attack! Following a couple of hours of crotch diving, we fell asleep. I woke up when Jack started shaking the hell out of me and hollering, "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST YOU SICK FUCKER!" all the while flashing a gold shield in my face.

After watching me piss in my underwear, he said, "Just kidding!" That was NOT the least bit funny. I would have kicked him in the balls while he was rolling around on the ground, but he was a cop after all. What caused him to play such a joke on me was his discovery of what was on my computer. Oh, I wasn't stupid enough to have child porn pictures or movies there. I DID have plenty of stories I had written detailing my sexual fantasies. That's all it was of course, just stories. Until meeting Jack, I had never even touched a little one.

To summarize, Jack was in the unique position of being an active Pedophile, while investigating and arresting those sick bastards! It really is true. If you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life! Jack was really happy we met. He finally had someone to share with. He just hadn't found anyone up to that day who wasn't creepy. Plus, he couldn't wait to witness this virgins dreams being realized.

Three days later, Jack calls and tells me he will pick me up at seven, and to bring a gallon of KY Jelly (kidding). A guy, who had been brought up on charges of molesting his three kids, was just released when the wife who had turned him in left town with their pool boy before the trial. Jack paid a visit to the guy and brokered a deal where Jack would see to it that he would never be arrested again for certain privileges. And that was my first real date with Jack.

The father was to be out of the house until he was called to come home. The kids were instructed to play nice with their two babysitters, and any entertaining videos were to be available for use.

As it happened, the fantasy turned reality, was even better than I could have ever hoped! The kids turned out to be not only a little girl of seven, but a sister five, and a boy eight. Needless to say, we didn't let dad come home until breakfast!

Jack took Brenda the seven-year-old, and her brother Mikey to bath time, while five-year-old Lucy and I checked out the CP collection in the den. I suggested to Lucy that we would have more fun in our underwear, and so it was. The flash drives laid out for us were labeled, and I chose "Beach Boy" to start.

"Have you watched this movie with your daddy Lucy?" I asked.

"No. He doesn't let us watch any of his computer movies. Are you a friend of my daddy's mister? Daddy told us that we better behave and do what you tell us to or he would whip us good."

"First off, I want you to call ME daddy tonight. Secondly, if you don't do what I tell you to, I will whip you. I may anyway because that's something I've always dreamed of doing. Got it?"

"Yes sir. Daddy told us that you will be doing the same stuff that he does with us, so we better do it good. I don't want to get spanked. I'll do it I promise mis...daddy! I promise!" she said crying.

I sorta liked her crying. It made my cock start to swell, so I placed her chubby little hand on it and told her to keep it there while I fired up the computer. The movie started with a beach scene, and of course the required creepy guy sitting in the sand not far from the bathrooms. He sees the necessary cute little boy go in the bathroom. He quickly goes up to the snack shack and buys an ice cream cone, then waits for the boy to come out.

"Hey boy! There's a guy up in the parking lot giving away free ice cream! I like the chocolate. It sure is good!"

"Lucy, put your hand inside my shorts and start jacking me off. You know how to jack a guy off don't you? She said she did.

"Okay daddy? Like this?" She said.

"That's perfect!" I said placing my hand on her thigh inches from the little crease in her panties. "Up and down just like that." I said.

On screen the little boy makes a dash up to the parking lot. The creep drops the ice cream and follows him up. Of course there is no ice cream man, as the boy is looking all around for him. Creepy guy says, "He's over there on the other side of that van." So the movie wouldn't work of course if the kid wasn't a little too trusting, as he heads over to the van. The guy pulls out a small bottle and soaks his handkerchief, and follows the kid to his van, and you know the rest.

"Lucy. Keep pumping sweetheart. You are doing very well." My hand was now playing with her smile. "Do you know what's going to happen to that little boy honey?" I asked.

"Does he get some ice cream now?" she asked innocently.

"Not exactly." I said, then leaned down and started kissing her on the mouth, while fucking it with my tongue.

We next see the van pulling into a garage with the door closing behind it. The boy is still out when the man carry's him into the house and down to the basement playroom.

The guy has, of all things, some homemade stocks. You know? The kind the pilgrims used for punishment, where a person's head, hands, and feet were placed in slots, with matching half slots on an upper bar that locked the victim in place while the townsfolk mistreated them. That is such a great idea! I simply must have one of those contraptions for sure! There is also a hanging noose in the background, but I won't be watching that episode.

I didn't want to get cum on my underwear, so I dropped Lucy's and mine to the floor. I would of course be taking hers home with me.

With my middle finger up to the second knuckle in her little cunt, and the little five-year-old slowly jacking me off, we watched as Mr. Creepy stuffed his cock into the wailing mouth of the boy.

"Wow! I really like what that man is doing? Don't you sweetheart?" She was very quiet. "Sweetheart?" The look on her face was classic horror. I loved it. She started to turn away, so I paused the video, and turned her over my knee, then proceeded to make her wail even louder than the kid in the movie. Man she had the sweetest bubble butt! I kept her in that position for a while, molesting her bare ass with finger fucks.

"You fucked up kid. Don't fuck up again understand?"

"Yes daddy."

She said in a quiet voice. While I had her there, I pried open her buns to get a closer look at her little pucker. I would be getting into that a little later. Right then we had a movie to finish. I wanted more of both.

With a close up of the boy trying to swallow spunk and failing, evidenced by some cum leaking out his nose, and more draining out the sides of his mouth because he was still crying. That wasn't about to stop either, as Mr. Creepy took his still slimy cock around back and drove it home with one surge. When the kid opened his mouth to scream, I almost expected to see a cock come out of it. Lot's more screaming as our hero pounded away. I wish I could do that? Well, yeah, fuck a little boy in the ass sure, but I've never been able to stay hard after a blowout? Maybe all I need is the right environment?

"Is your daddy's cock bigger, or smaller than mine Lucy?" I asked.

"About the same I guess. You know about my daddy da...sir?"

"I know he has been having sex with you. I want you to tell me exactly what he does with you. Don't leave anything out, and while you are playing with my cock, use the other hand to play with my balls." She was very quiet now that I turned off the video. I will be taking it home anyway. Time to rehearse MY first movie.

"Daddy likes to squirt that white salty stuff in my mouth for breakfast as he calls it. He calls it lunch and dinner with my brother and sister. We are home schooled, so that means we don't even have to wear anything but our panties unless we go out. That's really all daddy does with us. He likes to lick my tinkle place, and I really like that!"

"He doesn't put his cock in where my finger is, or where I spanked you?"

"No. That's for...uh...I don't think I'm supposed to tell about that?"

I immediately turned her over and really perfected the spank. Her bottom was beet red when I stopped. My hand hurt as well. "That's your second fuck up. There won't be a third time understand?" Then I gave her a series of hurtful pinches all over her butt and thighs.

Oh baby was she crying now. I'm really beginning to love that sound! What I hear from the bathroom is more like screaming! Jack must be putting that big black ten-inch cock in the little boys butthole/pussy.

"Now what were you about to tell me you little bitch! All of it now!"

"Sometimes daddy takes us to work with him. He leaves us in his boss' office. That's where...he uh...his boss likes with us. That's when we get their thingy's put inside us."

More about the kids at dad's workplace in a future blog. There was a hint of others when she referenced "their" thingy's. Plus more of what happened that first special night Jack led me into the ultimate fantasy life.

Until then, keep on jacking...

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Yeah man! Promise you'll write more, you sick fuck. This story has a lot of potential, it should run and run! Thanks.

shingouku issue..lucy gets anal came on myseld thinking about it...


Just adored it!!!! You've made me very hard! I came twice!!!


I just love stories about men fucking lil boys and girls....the younger the better. Keep up the good work


Hot story, he should plug her little pussy

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