Sally's Movie

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Published: 10-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Hi Sally," Joan said. She had called the younger woman on a lark, sitting in her cubical at work.

"Hi! How are you? How's Sara?"

"We're fine. I was wondering if you'd like to get together sometime, maybe go out for a drink?"

"I'd like that," Sally replied, there was a note of caution in her voice. "When?"

"Actually, I was thinking about tomorrow. Sara's going to be spending this next with her grandparents-her father's parents- they're driving up from San Diego to get her. So, I'm sort of batching it for a while."

"Oh, well, that would be great but, Joe's asked me to help out on a film. I'll be free after about seven, if that's OK."

"How 'bout if I come down and meet you after?" Joan said.

"Great. Bring an over-night bag."

Joan hadn't planned to spend the night, but she had thought that she'd probably end up not getting home.

"OK. Joe's office around seven?"


At one PM on Friday Sara's grandmother called and begged off the visit. Rather typical, it wasn't hard to see where Sara's father had learned his unreliability. It wouldn't be the first time Sara had been disappointed by her father, or his family. Of course, it being summer this also meant that Joan would have to pay another weeks tuition to the Summer Day Camp she had placed Sara in during the break. Not only was this going to be a big disappointment to Sara, it was going to cost Joan another $165.

'Complication- Sara's not going with grandparents.' Joan texted.

A minute later her phone chimed. 'No problem, we'll make it a girl's weekend. Bring two overnight bags.'

A little after five, Joan picked Sara up from Day Camp. "Honey, I'm sorry but your grandma and pa aren't going to make it," she said once they were settled in the car.

The little girl looked down at her backpack, then out the window. "OK," was all she said.

"But, we do have plans. Sally, you know, from Joe's studio, she wants us to go down to her place. Maybe we can go to the beach tomorrow."

"Sure Mom, that sounds great." The girl's smile was a bold attempt to cover her disappointment, but Joan could see she was actually really let down.

"It'll be a girl's time together," Joan said.

"OK," this time with a little more enthusiasm.

"We're going tonight and we'll spend the night at Sally's. We'll make plans for tomorrow."

Sara looked up at her mom. "Are you going to stay in her room?"

Joan wasn't sure how to answer. She paused. "Does that bother you?"

"No," Sara said, "I guess not."

"Sally and I are friends, and, well,...maybe we're more than just friends..."

Sara turned to her mother. "Mommy, it's OK. Grown-ups need love too, ya know!"

Joan started to laugh as she put the car in gear and backed out of the parking space. She was being extra careful, she had had the car for only a couple of days now-it would reach 100 miles on the trip to Costa Mesa.

Once home Joan went straight to the shower. She was surprised when the water suddenly cooled off, she hadn't told Sara to take a bath. When she stepped out she could hear the water running into the bathtub on the other side of the wall. She went in, her hair in one towel and another wrapped around her.

"You have to hurry up, we've got to be going soon and you have to pack some clothes too."

"OK," Sara said, looking up from the bath tub.

Joan turned to the mirror, then took the towel off her head. She fished around in a drawer and found an old hairbrush she knew was there.

"How was camp today?" she asked her daughter.

"Fine, didn't do much."

"Don't you go swimming on Fridays?"

"Yeah, it was alright." They were quiet for a few moments. Then Sara looked up. "Mommy, if we're going to the beach, can I get a new suit. The one I wear for camp is so...old fashioned."

Joan smiled to herself. Sara had been wearing a blue one piece, a conservative suit she had bought for the church run camp.

"You want a bikini like you had last summer?"

"Yeah," Sara replied.

"Sure, for the beach and the pool, but you can't take it to camp."


The towel had slipped some and the front fell open. Sara's eyes got big when she saw her mother.

"Mommy. Why'd you shave yourself there?!" she said.

Joan looked down, then closed the towel. "Sally does and, well, I thought she'd like it if I did too."

It took a moment for Sara to realize what she meant. "Oh..." she said.

They left with almost an hour to spare, Joan was anticipating the usual traffic hell of an LA Friday night, but was surprised when they sailed right through to Costa Mesa. They arrived at Joe's office twenty minutes early.

"I thought we were going to Sally's," Sara said when she pulled into the office building parking lot.

"We're meeting here. Sally's helping out with a film."

"Oh," Sara said, she stopped for a moment. "Is Charlie here?"

Joan looked around the parking lot, Charlie's Porsche wasn't there. "I don't see his car," she said.

Sara started to open the door. "I don't think we should go in, they're making a film, dear," Joan said.

Sara closed the door and looked straight ahead. They waited in silence for a couple of minutes. Then: "Mommy, we can go in. Joe won't mind."

"I don't know who's in there hun, and you know what they're doing. They might not want us to see."

"Why not, lot's of people watch on the Internet," Sara responded.

The logic of the child was inescapable. Plus, Joan was just a little curious. She thought about it for a moment, then said, "Sure," and opened the door.

As they approached the office, Joan could see that the lights were off, the opaque glass that formed the wall between the outer office and the hall was dark, but there was a note taped to the door.

Ring the bell-we're in back.


Joan hadn't noticed the doorbell button on her earlier visits. Before she could think Sara pushed and the dim sound of chimes could be heard. After a few moments there was a light in the office as an inner door opened, then closed.

Gabriella opened the door. "¿Hola Joan, cómo estás?"

"We're fine. Is Sally here?"

"She is making movie right now. Esparanza has wanted to make movie with Joe for long time, I finally give in. Come in, come in!" she gestured.

Joan and Sara went in, the girl giving her mother a questioning look. Gabriella locked the door behind them then hurried by and opened the door to the studio. "Por favor! Come in!"

Joan stopped for a moment, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Across the room, under the bright lights, Joe's ass was sticking up in the air, his chest down, balls and hard dick hanging between his legs. Two small legs stuck up over his shoulders, knees bent, feet above him, little toes flexing as a girl made high grunting noises.

Gabriella ran past the new comers to look down at her daughter's face as she came, her eyes clenched closed, mouth open, beads of sweat on her forehead. Her arms were over her head, her fingers tangled and pulling in her long thick hair. Sally was on the other side of the bed, holding a hand-held video camera.

Joan and Sara entered slowly and quietly, not wanting to distract anyone. Joe lifted up on his hands and knees, smiling down at the exhausted five-year- old. Joan couldn't hear what Joe said but both Sally and Gabriella laughed.

"Come on mi muñeca," he said as he reached down and, sliding his hand under the child's neck, sat her up.

Esparanza was now staring Joe's cock right in the eye. She looked up at him questioningly, then took his shaft in one hand. Brushing her hair back she scooted forward, then tentatively took the head in her mouth. She pulled back, again looking up at Joe.

"Go on honey," he said. "That felt great."

He directed her back onto his cock, gently pulling her head toward him, and she opened her mouth. This time she took his entire dick head and some of the shaft into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Oh God, that's awesome," Joe groaned as he slowly humped into the little Mexican girl's face.

Esparanza moved her head back and forth, sliding Joe in and out, but the position, with her sitting on her ass, stretching her neck up, was awkward.

"Ponte de rodillas, Cielito, " Gabrellia said.

As the five year old sucked she shifted up, pulling one, then the other leg under her, steadying herself by putting her free hand on Joe's hip. She shifted onto her knees so she was no longer having to stretch.

Now she wrapped both hands around the base of his dick as she concentrated on his cock. She experimented, seeing how deep into her mouth she could take him. She had seen some girls take cocks down to the base, but she couldn't-it was just too big.

She felt some slippery goo on her tongue and pulled back, thinking he was cumming. Clear precum made several strings between Joe's cock and her upper lip. Joe gently guided her back onto his cock.

"You're wonderful dear," he said as she looked up into his eyes while pulling half his dick in.

After another half minute or so, Joe was beginning to breathe hard; rhythmically humping into Esparanza's mouth as he lovingly brushed her hair back from her face. Her brown eyes were huge as she looked up at him.

"Honey," he said, "I promised your mother I wouldn't cum in your mouth. Lay back now."

Esparanza reluctantly pulled away, then simply fell back onto the bed, her knees up and bent, her pussy opened. Joe slid back, off the edge and knelt on the floor. He reached out and grabbed her hips, then pulled the child down to the edge of the bed. Not being able to help himself, he leaned down and, again, started running his tongue along her smooth baby girl slit, pushing at the small pink clit that stuck out from between her full pussy lips.

Esparanza lifted her legs up, laying them over Joe's shoulders and down his back, as she craned her head to look down at him. Her own mouth was open, eyes bright, as she watched.

Meanwhile, Joe was using one hand to stroke himself, working the cum up. As he dug at the girl, and her breath began to deepen as her third orgasm built, the pressure was also building in Joe's balls. He straightened up, Esparanza's legs falling out and to the sides, opening her pussy wider, pulling the small inner lips apart.

Joe began rubbing his dick along the girl's slit. It was shiny with his spit and her own slight pussy juices. His dickhead pushed the lips farther apart. As the pressure started to go critical he lifted his cock off the girl, masturbating over her pussy. Then, just before he came, he placed the tip of his cock in the opening of her vagina. His body shivered and he grunted as he pumped cum into the girl's cunt, humping against her, pushing at the opening.

After a couple of shots a pool of white cum appeared in her crease, filling in the cracks around her clit and ridge. Then he slipped out, along the slit and shot several ropes of goo across her belly, one almost reaching her navel. The semen ran across her stomach and down over her right hip to drip onto the sheets.

Joe moaned as he jerked his cock a couple last times, then sank back onto his heels-panting. Quite suddenly, Esparanza started to giggle. Her laughing caused cum to squeeze out of her vagina and run down into her ass crack. She reached down and put her hand over her cum covered crotch. Lifting it out, she inspected her goo covered fingers, then spread it around her belly.

"¡Mama, es deslizadizo!"

"Sí. Pruébelo," Gabriella said.

The little girl put a cum covered finger to her mouth. Then she reached down and gathered a dollop of goo on two fingers and put it in her mouth. She made a sour face and shook her head.

"EsPrueba enfermo."

Joe, Sally, and Gabriella all laughed.

"¡Usted tendrá gusto de él pronto!" Sally laughed, still holding the camera on the little girl.

It was now that Joe noticed the two new visitors. "Joan! Sara! Hi, how are you! This is a surprise."

"Hi Joe," Joan replied.

He turned and held out his arms to Sara. She ran over and hugged him, unaware of the cum dripping out of his cock down her pant leg.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked.

"We're spending the weekend with Sally-kind of a girl's get together."

Joe held Sara out at arms length, looking her up and down. "Gee. I'd like to make a movie of that," he said, winking at the girl.

Sally looked up at Joan, a smile on her face, an eyebrow raised. Joan suppressed a small smile, then shrugged.

Joe looked at the two women and smiled. "Let me get dressed, then we'll go talk."

A couple of minutes later, after Sally had put Esparanza in the tub and Gabrellia was straightening the bed, Sally, Joan, and Joe met in his office. Sara was in the bathroom with Esparanza-but not in the tub. Joan was sure she'd end up drenched but there was a change of clothes in the car if she needed it.

"I have an idea, if it's alright with you, Joan," Joe said.


"Let's not tell Sara until you invite her, I think the surprise will make for something unusual and, if I know Sara, she won't be upset. But, catching her off-guard will make her even more awesome to watch."

Joan didn't have to think long. "OK," she said with a smile, "I'm sure she won't be upset with that, she'll just want to jump in."

They planned what they'd do and agreed to leave the business specifics until later.

Twenty minutes later Sally was sitting on the bed. Sally is a petit woman, and not quite buxom. She stands only 5'1" and probably tips the scale at 125. She isn't fat, just nicely rounded with glowing soft skin. Her tits are fairly large-round and hanging down nicely but not stretched. Her areolas are just over an inch in diameter with pencil eraser nipples. She has a wide face with a domed forehead, blue eyes, full lips and a small nose. Her thick blonde hair-the color of corn-falls down her back to her shoulder blades.

She was sitting on her feet in the middle of the bed, back straight, hands folded in her lap. The bright lights brought out the lustrous highlights in her hair. She smiled up at Joan who had just walked up to the bed.

Joan, of course, is ten years older than Sally. She's tall and thin, standing 5'9" but not much heavier than Sally. Her dark hair she keeps short, just down to the collar. She was still wearing the jeans and blouse she had arrived in, but had slipped off her Reeboks and socks.

Joan's features are attractive but much sharper than Sally's. Her face is triangular, eyes dark and a small sharp nose. Her lips are thin. Her looks help her as a business woman-they're no nonsense.

She bent over and took Sally's chin, pulling her up. Sally lifted onto her knees and the two women kissed, Sally wrapping her arms around the older woman's neck, Joan putting her arms around Sally's shoulders.

Joe was kneeling at the foot of the bed, camera to his eye, while Sara, Gabriella, and Esparanza (dressed now, and sitting in her mother's lap) watched from chairs to the side. Gabriella looked embarrassed when the two women started to French kiss. She looked away, blushing when Joan brought one of her hands around and cupped Sally's left breast.

Sally let go of Joan's neck and reached down, then started pulling up on Joan's shirt tail. At this, Joan stepped back and, smiling down at her lover, she unbuttoned blue knit blouse and dropped it on the floor. Then she reached behind herself and undid her bra and let it slide off her arms and fall to her feet.

Unlike Sally, Joan's tits are small. As a young woman they probably didn't pass the pencil test, but now, after having a child, they do hang down some. The inch wide areolas are wrinkled some, the nipples small. She undid her pants and pulled them down with her panties. Despite her age (and the fact she has had a kid) she is still thin, her ribs clearly visible under her skin. Just a slight softness and a bit of a stretched belly button hinted that she is a mother. Her legs are long and thin, making up half of her height. She has almost no ass. Joe zoomed in on her clean shaven crotch, as could be expected; her pussy lips are long and thin with her clit and inner lips protruding slightly.

Where Sally is a buxom, healthy youth, any guy looking at Joan couldn't help but have the letters M-I-L-F go through his head.

Joan moved forward, kneeling on the bed and Sally lay back until Joan was on her hands and knees, looking down at Sally. They kissed again, Sally brought one of her knees up and pressed it between Joan's legs. Joan lowered down and the two rolled onto their sides, arms around each other, legs intertwined.

They kissed and pressed against each other for about a minute before Sally rolled Joan onto her back, then moved down and started licking and sucking Joan's tits. Joan, with obvious pleasure, hugged Sally's head to her. For a moment she looked up at Joe, then smiled. She turned her head and looked at her daughter but then some feeling went through her and she closed her eyes.

Sara sat in awe, watching her mother make love with another woman. She had seen films of women making love, and she knew that Sally and her mom were occasional lovers, hell, she and Ming were also lovers. But actually seeing her mother having sex was a shock.

Sally moved down, settling between Joan's legs. As Sally licked, sucked and fingered Joan's crotch, Sara began to feel a bit horny herself, remembering how it feels when her own slit is caressed and licked. Then she remembered what it was like when she and Ming made their movie, how much fun it was to give her friend pleasure.

She was brought back to the here and now when her mother let out a moan. She was holding Sally's head with both hands, pressing the younger woman's mouth against her pussy. Joan's knees were bent, her heels pressing into the mattress. Sally was laying flat, her arms extended out from under Joan's thighs, then she had her hands on Joan's hips.

Sara watched in amazement as her mother had a long, rolling orgasm, pressing her head back into a pillow, her mouth open, eyes staring off into space. Then it passed over her and she relaxed, letting go of Sally. She looked down and quietly laughed as Sally lifted her head up.

"That was wonderful," she said as Sally lifted up on her hands and knees, then crawled up on top of Joan.

She lay down, full length on Sara's mother and the two women kissed, gently and long, their arms wrapped around each other. Then Sally rolled off Joan and sat up, crossing her legs. "Honey," she said to Sara, patting the mattress between herself and Joan, "why don't you come and lay down here between us."

Joe turned the camera to the girl. Her face was complete shock-they hadn't told her that she would be in the movie.

Looking at Gabrella and Esparanza, she left her chair and crawled onto the bed. She was still wearing the hot pink shorts and blue sleeveless top she had arrived in. She lay down on her back, between Sally and her mother, who had rolled onto her side, her head propped up on her elbow.

Joan leaned forward and kissed her daughter, then gathered her into her arms, facing her, and the mother and daughter started kissing as their arms wrapped around each other.

Joe leaned forewosd from where he was, on the side of the bed to Joan's back, and zoomed down on their faces. Sara's eyes flared huge when she felt her mother's tongue pushing into her mouth. They kissed like that, Sara obviously sinking into enjoyment after the first initial surprise, for almost a minute. Joan pressed her thigh up between Sara's legs, against her sex.

When Sally reached out and caressed Sara's shoulder, Joan let her go and the child rolled back onto her back, breathing hard, her face flushed.

Sally looked down at her, surveying her length.

"You're such a pretty thing," she said as she brushed a lock of hair off Sara's forehead. Then she ran her hand down to Sara's chest and rubbed where her right nipple was through the shirt.

"You're, what, eight?"

"Yeah, she turned eight in December," Joan said.

"You have a few years yet," Sally said. "Do you want to have big boobs or smaller?"

Sara giggled. "I don't know," she shrugged.

"When I was a teenager, I always wanted bigger boobs," Joan said.

"Well," Sally responded, "for me, they were a pain in the ass. I was the only girl in my fourth grade class that had to wear a bra-it was embarrassing. The boys were all either trying to feel me up or laughing at me and the girls thought I was stuck up. Then, when I got to junior high school, I just felt they got in the way."

"I guess that only shows that you're never satisfied with what you've got," Joan commented.

"I think they're pretty," Sara said.

Sally put her hand on Sara's cheek. "You're sweet to say that." She leaned down and kissed the girl. After the first peck she kissed her again, this time lingering just a little bit longer. She looked down at the child, then put her hand back on her chest.

"I remember, when I was about your age, I started to like rubbing my nipples like this."

Sara smiled, "Yeah, that feels nice."

"Here," Sally said, taking Sara's hand. She raised it up to her right tit.

Sara's palm cupped the bottom of Sally's boob. She ran her thumb back and forth across the nipple.

"Oh, that's good." Sally closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath.

Then Sara sat up and, after looking at the woman with an expression that asked for permission, she started to suck Sally's left tit while she continued to rub her right.

Sally let out a long breath and then, with a smile, clutched Sara to herself. Holding the child against herself, her face took on a serine look as she breathed deeply.

For a while, Joan had been content to watch Sally and Sara, but now she wanted to join in. She leaned forward and reached around her daughter, pressing her hand between Sara's legs. Sara looked up with surprise when she felt her mother's hand in her crotch. She startled a bit, then relaxed and went back to sucking Sally's tits-this time the right.

"I always liked to rub myself down here," Joan said. "Probably from the day I was born."

Sara shifted one of her knees, pulling her legs farther apart. Sally put her hand over Sara's and pressed it into her breast as she continued to hold Sara's head against her chest.

But, the feelings that were building in the third grader caused her to lose attention. She turned her head and looked at Joan.

She took a deep breath, then whispered, "Mommy, inside."

The two women looked at each other and smiled. Joan pulled her hand up, then slipped it inside her daughter's shorts.

This was the second time Joan had felt her daughter's sex like this. The softness and smoothness made it pleasing to the touch. She pushed her finger along the child's slit, feeling a warm stickiness in her folds. She began to move it in a circle on her clit, feeling it firm. Sara let out a long breath. She dropped her hand away from Sally.

With a smiling glance at the camera, Sally said, "I think it's time we got this little girl naked."

Joan pulled her hand out of her daughter's pants and then started pulling on her shirt tail. With a grin, Sara helped as her mother undressed her. She raised her arms as Joan pulled the shirt up over her head, then off. Sara shook her head, settling her hair. Then Joan pulled down on her pants, pulling them and her panties down. When her ass was uncovered, Sara sank off to one side, then twisted around so her legs were off the mattress. Joan smiled as she worked the sweatpants over her daughter's knees, then free of her feet.

Meanwhile, Joe had moved around the side of the bed so he was filming over Joan's shoulder..

Now, with Sara lay out full length in between the two women. Sally reached down and ran her fingers along Sara's thigh.

"Do you remember being like that?" Joan asked Sally.

"Sort of," Sally replied. "I remember there was a full length mirror in the bathroom, so I saw myself when I was getting in or out of the bathtub, but I really can't remember what I looked like."

"God, but she is beautiful," Joan said. "Of course, I might be a little prejudice."

"No, you're not," Sally said, surveying the child. As she moved her fingers she stopped with one resting along Sara's slit. "She really is beautiful."

Then, without comment, Sally bent down and kissed Sara. When she pulled away, Sara lifted her head, following the older woman's lips. Then she reached up and pulled Sally back down; this time the two shared tongues.

Joan watched as Sally made out with her daughter. While they kissed, Sally had not moved her hand and, after several seconds, she started to move it, working into the girl's slit to rub her clit.

Sara started to hump against Sally's hand. Then Sally slipped her hand lower and pushed her finger into Sara's premature sex.

The girl let out a long sigh around the kiss. She lifted her hand and felt her way up Sally's thigh, then pushed down between them when she reached her belly.

Sally's crotch was out of reach because she was kneeling, her ass on her calves. She was leaning down, her tits almost touching above knees. With her free hand she took Sara's and lifted it to her left breast. Meanwhile, she started working harder at the child's crotch, pushing a second finger into her and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Joan had a small smile on her face as she watched Sally making love with her daughter. She herself reached down and ran her hand up and down Sara's arm, then onto her chest, as the child's desire grew.

Sally lifted up, catching her breath, then watched as she moved her fingers in and out of the girl. She leaned down and started kissing Sara again.

Joan, who was kneeling on the other side of the third grader, leaned down and ran the tip of her tongue over her daughter's right nipple. Sara writhed some with the feelings. Her vagina was becoming moister and her clit tingling, then the feeling of her mother's tongue and fingers on her nipples brought her close to the edge.

While keeping her hands and mouth on Sara, Joan shifted around so she was now kneeling between her daughter's legs. Then she licked and sucked her way down. As she was kissing Sara's belly, Sally pulled her fingers out of the little girl's vagina and then spread her lips for Joan. Joan moved down, she smiled when she saw how her baby's clit was red and engorged. She ran her tongue along it and Sara started to buck.

The two women, Sally Frenching Sara while rubbing her nipples and Joan licking and sucking her pussy, kept the child in a state of rolling orgasm for almost two minutes straight. Sara writhed and shook, moaning and grunting as rivulets of sweat ran down her sides and off her forehead into her hair. Finally she had had too much and she tried to move up the bed while pushing her mother's face away from her cunt.

"Oh, Stop...stop..." she whined.

The two women sat up.

"Had enough?" Joan asked.

Sara nodded as she panted, trying to catch her breath.

The two women looked at each other across the exhausted girl and smiled.

Joan surveyed her sweating and flushed child, then leaned forward and kissed her. "Did you like that?" she said.

"Oh, Mommy..." Sara said in a low voice. Then she broke into a huge grin and nodded.

Joe had to smile as he caught the gesture on tape.

Joan looked up at Sally with a small smile. "But, ya know, we haven't taken care of Sally yet."

Sara flipped over on her stomach and, pushing herself up on her elbows, looked at Sally with a big grin.

"Come on Sally," Joe said, "it's your turn now."

Sally crab walked backwards on the bed, up towards the pillows, then lay down. Joan and Sara looked at her, Sara could see right up between the woman's legs. She had a quizzical expression.

"Well, go ahead," Joan said to her daughter.

Sara crawled on her belly up between Sally's knees, her eyes big as she looked at Sally's sex.

Sara had only really looked at one other girl like this before-her friend, Ming. But Ming was a starting third grader too, and her sex was actually very small, even for a little girl. The first time she had ever looked at a girl like this was when she and Ming had made a movie last year. Since then, of course, she and Ming made love every time they had a sleep-over.

Being so close to Sally was something new. Her large, spongy lips, huge by comparison to Ming, were shaved clean but still the skin looked a little rough from the pores. This spread up over her vulva in a small triangle of slightly darker colored skin. Also, her clit and inner lips pushed her outer lips slightly apart, brownish-red and soft looking.

"Push your finger inside, honey," Joan said.

With a bit of a questioning look, Sara worked her arm out from under herself and, pointing her finger, pressed it up inside the woman. Sally bit her lower lip and made a low sound at the feeling of the little girl's finger. Sara was surprised at how moist she was, much more that Ming ever was, and also at how loose she seemed.

She pulled back and saw the sticky wetness of Sally's cunt on her finger, even some slightly white juices. She shifted her hand and pushed two fingers into Sally.

The older woman writhed as Sara started to move her fingers in and out. She smiled down at the girl. "Oh, that's wonderful," she said. Then she reached down and, putting her hands on Sara's cheeks, gently pulled the third grader's face to her crotch.

Sara's eyes were huge when she first kissed Sally's vulva. She was surprised by the musky scent, much stronger than Ming's, but not unpleasant.

"Go on, you know what feels good," Joan said, encouraging her child.

Sara looked down at Sally's cunt, her fingers still inside. She leaned down and ran her tongue over the engorged clit, then started wiggling her tongue along it, pressing with the tip, flicking it.

Sally groaned, then started to hump into the eight-year-olds face. She lifted her knees, flaring her hips more. Sara put a third finger inside Sally as she bobbed her head, licking Sally's clit.

From the side, Joan started massaging Sally's full tits, then leaned down and sucked on one of her nipples.

This pushed Sally over the edge and she bucked, throwing her head back and groaning loudly as she came, pushing the child's face into her cunt. Sara felt a sudden rush of wetness in Sally's vagina, she also rhythmically squeezed down on the girl's fingers. Looking up across Sally's belly at the mounds of her tits, her mother smiled at her as she sucked on Sally's left nipple.

Sally calmed down and relaxed, then she started to giggle. She and Joan kissed while Sara watched from between Sally's knees. Both Sara and Sally sat up at the same time, the eight year old now kneeling between the older woman's legs. Sally was amused to see her wetness spread around the girl's lips and chin. She pulled Sara to her and their tongues intertwined. For Sara, feeling herself, her chest pillowed between Sally's breasts was lovely, soft and warm. As they kissed, Joan gently brushed Sara's hair and caressed her back.

* * * *

A few minutes later, Joe was at a bit of a loss as to how to fill out the contracts. Should the money be split three ways, or half to Sally and half to Joan and Sara? Joan said half-and-half while Sally insisted on three ways. (Even though this was the first film she had ever made for Joe, before she had simply been paid $200 per movie she helped on.) Finally they settled on 2/5 to Sally and 3/5 to Joan and Sara.

The three went out to dinner at Applebie's. Joan surreptitiously switched her daiquiri with Sara's smoothy As she had planned, the girl was yawning by the end of dinner and fell asleep in the back seat on the drive to Sally's apartment. They put the girl to bed on the sofa in the living room before closing the door to the bedroom.

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Hot as always. I've been waiting for Sara and Joan to fuck. Hope it becomes a art of their lives.

Dave Miyagi

Another captivating chapter LS, thank you.

All the characters are so rich and interesting, even five year old Esparanza is a delight. But Sara once again has everyone yearning for her attention, especially us in the audience.

I know you have moved on to other stories, but would love to hear more of our precious little Sara and the FT films company.


The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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