Dirty Daughter, Part 2

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Published: 9-Feb-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

As they lay together, Tracey fondled her Daddy's nice cock and balls, his erection rising faster than he could remember. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him, lowering her tight hairless cunt onto his hard cock ans sinking herself down on mum. His balls touched her perfect arse and he felt her cervix touching the end of his cock. She stated fucking him harder and harder until his cock penetrated her cervix. That was too much for him and he came hard inside her. As Tracey felt the jet of hot spunk enter her, she orgasmed and collapsed on top of him.

"I so want to get pregnant by you sweet Daddy" she hissed quietly.

"I love you with all my heart and soul but you seem to have acquired some experience since I last say you"? He asked her

James looked at Tracey and kissed her. So much had happened since he left her and it was all coming back to him

Since Tracey's mother had come home early and found them naked on her bed, passionately engrossed in the 69 position, things had not been great for Tracey. James was immediately thrown out of the house and told he would never see his beloved daughter again. James's last sight of her was a screaming, hysterical girl trying to escape the house and come with her daddy. His ex wife told him that he had to sign everything over to her and get out of their lives forever in exchange for her silence.

James had little choice. He moved form London to Birmingham and threw himself into his work. He changed his name to James Longhorn and set up a small consultancy business. Having nothing to come home to his shitty bed and breakfast for, he worked 20 hours a day. Before he realised it, he had amassed a fair amount of money so he bought his first house for cash. That way, it would have been hard for The Bitch to track him down and sting him for even more.

He moved onto a small modern housing estate into a nice detached three bedroom house. He liked to look out of the window and watch the local kids playing. A girl a few doors down reminded him of Tracey and he found himself wondering how she was growing up. She seemed to be outside his house most days, riding her bike up and down.

One Sunday, James was cleaning his house wearing just a pair of old shorts when the doorbell rang. James answered the door and opened it to the girl he had been watching. As soon as he looked at her, he burst into tears and tried to shut the door. She was having none of it and forced her way in.

"Why are you crying"? She asked the man with his head in his hands.

James calmed down and sat on the stairs. His face was level with hers.

"I had a daughter just like you and have not seen her for two years since she was 7 years old. You remind me of her and it breaks my heart" he sobbed the reply.

She went over to him and hugged him hard around the neck. She was not sure what to do next so she kissed his cheek gently.

"I am sorry, I didn't know" she soothed him.

James hugged her back, his arms circling her waist. "Thank you for the hug sweetheart, it is just what I need now"

They enjoyed the moment of closeness. "My name is Julia" she whispered in his ear. "My friends call me Jules and you can if you like".

"Thank you sweetheart" he answered, "are we friends then?"

"I like you you Mister" she replied "and I know you are James because someone told me" she squeezed tighter.

James felt himself hardening with the contact of this sweet thing. He had always loved young girls, their smell, their innocence and their concern. He felt his arms move down to circle her hips, his hands brushing her tight buttocks.

"mmmm, that feels nice" she purred into his ear. "I never get hugs and that felt so good. Will you stroke my bot bot again?"

James realised that this girl needed affection. He fought to control his actions but the more he tried to pull away, the tighter she held him. James was sitting on the stair with his legs apart holding her to him. She was dressed in a pretty cream coloured summer dress that ended at mid thigh. Her long blond hair reached nearly to her waist and her bare feed were in a pretty pair of sandals. He gently caressed her back from her shoulder blades to her bare thighs. She was positively purring back at him.

"That feels so nice, keep stroking me for ever" she purred again. As James stroked her back, he suddenly realised that he could not feel the tell tale bumps of underwear under the dress. His cock gave another lurch.

She felt his hard cock lurch in his shorts and pushed closer into him. "Stroke my bot bot harder, please" she encouraged him.

As he moved his hands up her bare legs towards her bottom, she flicked her body back causing the hem of her dress to cover his hands. As they were on the up stroke, they landed on her bare cheeks. James stopped breathing. Jules pushed down on his hands and gyrated her hips.

"That's better" she sighed opening her legs a bit. "Stroke me all over and around there, I love the feel of your magic hands"

James was past gone now! As he fondled her perfect bare globes, his fingers moved up and down her anal crease. As he touched her ring, she gasped and tried to push down harder. Feeling bolder, James moved one hand to her front and ran his finger up and down her soaking wet slit.

Jules turned her head and kissed James on the mouth. Not exactly a little girls kiss as her tongue worked into his mouth. He responded with passion.

She broke the kiss as moved back. She smiled at James and took his hand.

"Let us get comfortable James" she said with a smile, leading him into his lounge. "You see someone told me you are a photographer and I want to be a model so badly" she smiled at him. "I want to be a porn star" she whispered "Can you help me please?"

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