Parent-Friend Tie-Up

[ MFg, inc, pedo, bond, tort, sm ]

by Lana


Published: 17-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Hi. Lana here. I am sitting here cuffed and collared. Before I get to my tie-up weekend with my parents, I want to reply to D.s.R. about a link to a picture or two of myself. First of all, no one in my family knows how to do anything like that. If someone could tell us how, I might consider it.

Now. I am very sore inside from where plugs were put into my vagina and anus. My muscles are sore from being tied up for so long in so many painful positions. My nipples are really sore from the nipple clamps. Here is what happened:

Saturday Morning: I woke up early and bugged Clark to uncuff me. I took a shower and Clark put the cuffs on my ankles and wrists, and a collar around my neck. I went down for breakfast.

When I finished mom and dad told me to go back upstairs until I was called down. I waited about thirty minutes when I heard my dad call me. I hurried down, and he told me Lois and her 8-year-old sister, Lela, were on their way over, and he wanted to prepare me. Mom had the camcorder in hand and said she would be taping everything that happened.

Dad prepared me by standing me in front of the door, just far enough away it wouldn't hit me when it opened. He locked my wrists behind my back and my ankles together, then really surprised by putting in what he called a "pump" gag. I didn't know what this was until I saw him pick up a black bulb with a tube leading from it to the gag in my mouth. He began pumping it, and pumped it until my cheeks and mouth were completely full, and any little sound I made was just that - little. So I stood there like that waiting for my friends to come over.

I have known Lela since she was born, and whenever I stayed the night at their house, or they stayed at mine, we always bathed or showered together, and even slept naked together. So nudity among us was nothing new. But this tying up was. The doorbell rang. Dad answered it. When it opened it there stood Lois and Lela, grinning, looking me up and down. Dad told them to come into the dining room. Everyone went there, leaving me standing naked and cuffed and gagged by myself. Finally, dad told me to hop into the dining room too. When I got there the table had been completely cleared, and a plastic sheet lay on top.

Dad unlocked the cuffs and removed them, and removed the collar. He left the gag in. He started tying my hands and arms. He pulled my arms up behind my back with my palms facing each other, then began tying me that way, crisscrossing the rope. He tied me very tightly this way, and he told me this was the Japanese way of tying. He helped me up onto the table, my feet going the long way towards the head and foot. He put a very long bar on the table, longer than I thought my feet could reach.

He began by thing my right ankle to one end of the bar. He then began pulling my left foot as far as it would go, then pulled it farther until I was almost doing the splits, which I have never been able to do. I thought I was going to be split like a wishbone I was pulled so far. My vagina hurt, my butt cheeks were spread until my anus felt like it would be pulled apart. He pulled my ankle even more then tied it to the other end of the bar. I was crying through my gag. He got onto the table and wrapped rope around my neck and tied it tight enough to slightly choke me but not prevent me from breathing. He tied the ends to the light fixture overhead. He attached the nipple clamps and tightened them down all the way. I screamed even more. It hurt, damn it!

Finally, he put on the leather blindfold. All this time Lela, Lois, Clark, mom and dad, all remained completely clothed, which really embarrassed me, especially being this way in front of Lela. I heard her say I was beautiful tied up. I felt hands on my breasts, rubbing them, and then flicking the clamps which sent searing pain through my chest. I felt hands on my bare butt, rubbing around my anus, fingers playing with my labia, clit and vagina. I was really wet, and I could feel my labia pull apart on their own. Then searing pain on my butt and across my pubic area.

I was told later that Lela used the paddle with the holes on my bottom and Lois used a real leather whip on my labia, vagina and clit. With each whip and paddle searing pain surged through my body. It continued until I thought I couldn't stand it any longer. And I couldn't. But no matter how much I screamed through my gag no one took the hint. I suffered. I thought they would never stop. They said my bottom got really red. Eventually they did stop. And I heard nothing.

I thought I was going to collapse. My legs trembled at being tied in such a strenuous position. The choking seemed to become worse, though it really didn't. I could feel the sweat rolling off my body. My arms ached. My (OK, I will use the word) CUNT hurt!!! My (and I will use this word too) ASS burned!!! I don't know how long I was left there. It seemed like hours. It could have been. The blindfold was never removed until that night.

The first thing he did was to remove the clamps, which hurt like crazy as the blood rushed back into them. He then rubbed them with his fingers, pinched them, and I screamed some more. Finally, dad untied me completely. I stretched my arms and legs, then someone grabbed me by my hair and pulled me upstairs into Clark's room. There they forced me face down on the floor, cuffed me, and locked the cuffs so my wrists and ankles were locked in a certain distance from each other. Dad said it was called a crossbar.

Soon I felt my body being lifted up, putting strain on my arms and legs, but soon became somewhat used to it. The gag and blindfold were still in. Once again the clamps were applied and tightened completely again. I screamed. They were still sore. Dad said to prepare myself, because he was going to add weights to them. When he did I thought he had added a ton to each of them. Dad said I looked really cute with my nipples really distended like that. Lela said hi, and felt her hands on my butt. Lois said hi too, and felt her hands playing with my cunt and clit.

Lela spread my ass cheeks and inserted a wet finger, then replaced that with a large vibrating plug, one much bigger than I was used to. Lois inserted one into my vagina as well. I struggled at the intrusions, but this just cause me to swing a little. Dad said that looks like fun, the pushed me hard and I swung pretty far. I swung a minute or two, was stopped and the plugs turned on. I screamed again, feeling the vibrations against each other as they rubbed against the membrane separating my asshole from my cunt. Then, they were turned on high, which I thought they already were. I screamed again. And was swung again. The weights on my clamps swung with me, but the delay in swinging when I reached the end of my swing was truly unbearable. I still struggled at all the sensations going through my body. I don't know if anyone was still there, for as I finally stopped swinging I heard no one.

But then, someone pulled on my clamps, adding more weight to them, and making me scream again. I was really sweating now. Someone took something long and hard and began to hit the soles of my feet with it. Never in my life had I felt anything like it. Someone finally let me down, but didn't uncuff me. I struggled, but it didn't do any good. The vibrators continued to do their work, and I orgasmed, twice, three times. Each time my body tensed, then relaxed. Someone pulled out the vibrators while on full, and I orgasmed again. I was breathing heavy through my nose.

Finally, someone released me, but only for a moment. They locked my wrists behind my back and my ankles together, but they removed the pump gag, but immediately replaced it with the ball gag. They also removed the clamps. Lela told me to hop into the bathroom. She led me by my hair. She started the shower, and Lois and Lela lifted me into it. They got in with me. They rubbed me all over with soap, washed my hair, washed my anus and pubic area very gently, then lifted me out and dried me off. Lois grabbed my hair and led me into my room. There they uncuffed me and laid me down on the bed. They spread my arms and tied my wrists as far apart as they could, then did the same to my ankles. Finally they removed my blindfold. I saw them kneeling between my legs, my mom with the camcorder taking movies from every angle.

I watched and Lois and Lela rubbed each other's naked body, kissing. They grabbed each other's ass and spread the cheeks, toying with each other's anuses. Lela lay down with her head toward me, and Lois got on top, her head facing away. I watched as Lela licked and sucked at Lois's cunt lips, cunt, clit, and even licked her asshole.

Finally, I watched as Lois tensed as she came. Then Lela tensed as well, noting she also came. Then they began on me. Lois removed my gag but put my blindfold back on, and Lela began playing with my cunt and clit, while Lois bent over and made me lick her cunt, clit and asshole. I felt Lois tense as she came again, and soon I orgasmed as well. They untied my wrists, retied them together and tied them to the head rail, the untied my ankles, tied them together and pulled them down and tied them to the foot rail. I was stretched, but not too strictly. They left me ungagged in case I had to do something during the night.

I had no idea what time it was. They lay down beside me, still naked, and we all went to sleep that way.

Sunday: They untied me and we all showered together again. They put on my cuffs and their clothes, and we went downstairs. We ate breakfast, then dad locked my wrists behind my back and my ankles together. He blindfolded me, then grabbed my hair and made me hop into the kitchen. He forced me face down, then took rope and hogtied me, my wrists actually tied to my ankles, my hands forced past my feet. He gagged me with the ball gag. He told me to enjoy myself.

Soon I had to go to the bathroom. All I could do was make noises, but no one seemed to notice. Soon, I could no longer hold it. I peed. Later when dad came in he saw what I had done, and took me and rolled me in it to teach me a lesson.

Later, he removed me from the hogtie, but left me cuffed. He put a mop in my hands, which were still locked behind my back and told me to mop up my mess, then go shower. I did the best I could at cleaning up. I then found my way through the house and up the stairs into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the tub and swung my feet over. I kneeled down into the tub and backed up until I could reach the faucets, and eventually got them turned on and adjusted. Basically all I could do was rinse off since I couldn't really soap myself down. I turned off the faucets, then got out the reverse way I got in.

I managed to get myself back downstairs. Dad told me to stop, picked me up and took me into the TV room (since the TV was on I knew where I was), put a rope to my wrist cuffs and pulled it up as far as it would go, bending me over. My ass was open to anyone who wanted to play with it, my nipples hanging down slightly. Dad removed the lock from my cuffs, then put them into a spreader bar, so now I was even more open to whatever anyone wanted to do to me. I would feel someone play with my butt, tickle my anus, flick around my clit, pull on my labia, insert then immediately remove a finger from my cunt.

This went on for the rest of the day. Finally, about 1700, dad called a halt, but not before someone began to play with my asshole and my cunt and made me orgasm again. Dad completely untied me, even removed the cuffs. Lela and Lois had to go, their mom was honking for them. I was still naked, of course, and I hugged them both and thanked them, and hoped I could tie them up one of these days as well. They said I could!

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