Sad Sexy Sunrise

[ poem ]

by Kathy


Published: 11-Dec-2012

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Cookies and cake
When you made those cookies and told my mom
You only wanted to talk to me like a friend,
Neither of us knew what you really wanted
And I'm the only one who knows today.
So how was I way back then? when I didnt
Know how to do it or even what doing it was.
I remember you constantly telling me how
Sweet and so delicious I was. I remember
You telling me youd die without me and
Without my special kiss.
O what a kiss too!
What a kiss!
You easily stole my breath away, going
From up to down to up then down again.
How my heart nearly stopped!
Then o-my-gawd how it did stop
To the first time feeling of a gentle
Squirming creeping pushing up inside
Me and flutters all around that brave
Little girl-scout in the boat who stood
At attention all the while she and her tiny ship
Took a warm wet bath under love's most insistent,
Most gasping desire.
But now where are you? I want to see you again.
I want to hold you and offer you something more
Womanly than what you had. I'm not happily
Divorced from that guy you hated. Very happily
Roaming from this place to that in search of that
Lovely warm wet blanket you once gave me
That seemed to promise forever and ever. I need
It now. How I need it. So where are you. Come
And get me, take me away, make me cry like
A baby again while you deliciously torment me
With pleasures and pleasures. whatever you want.
Whatever you desire. whatever you ask is yours.
But where are you.
Come back.
Bake me more cookies and I promise again
Never to tell mom how much you love me.
How I love your cookies.
Here's my cake. It's yours. And all the
Warm pudding too.
I'm yours.

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