Sandwich Shop Girl, Part 1

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Published: 4-Jun-2012

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This story is fiction. Any resemblance to real life is coincidence. I do not condone hurting anyone, and this story is not meant to encourage the actions of the players in the story. Just a fantasy played out in text.

Chapter 1

I live out in the country. I work from my home and moved to the remote location for cheap rent and to get away from crime. I did not realize how lonely this place would be. Out here there aren't that many amenities. However, one luxury is a popular sub sandwich shop. I don't go often, just when I want to treat myself to not having to cook dinner.

Well on a warm spring day I happen to be treating myself to a hot meatball sub. I was flirting with the cute girl behind the counter, but she was just smiling and doing her best to be polite, but having none of it. I heard the door open and didn't bother to look who had come in. It wasn't till I heard the young feminine laugh, that I turned and took notice.

There was a large hairy man with a big grey beard and fat belly. He had a girl no more than eleven or twelve dangling in front of him. Their fingers were intertwined and he was lifting her off the ground. The way he was lifting her her made her t-shirt ride up, and at the same time her sweatpants were riding lower and lower on her hips. As the child dangled and twisted, more and more of her lower belly was showing. By the time I had turned around you could already tell she wasn't wearing any panties at all.

She was very thin and rather Tom-boyish. She had short dark blond sort of brown hair. It was cut short no doubt done over the kitchen sink at home. I could only assume he was her father, she was dressed in an old dirty t-shirt that had some sort of bass magazine on the front of it. It was tight on her and made plain she was not wearing a bra. The thin garment left little to the imagination as it clung tightly to her skin displaying her hard nipples, and small pointy tits.

When the girl noticed I was watching her she squirmed out of the large hands of the man dangling her before me. She seemed to get shy and looked away when I gave her a smile. I then made eye contact with her escort and he smiled and gave me a friendly nod that I returned. I turned my attention back to the sandwich girl and finished my order.

I kept an eye on the pair out of the corner of my eye. They were very happy and playful. The man also seemed very touchy fealty with the girl, and from her giggling response she seemed to be enjoying the attention. He had his hands on her shoulders and was rubbing her neck with his thumbs, while she was thrusting her butt back at him, her butt hitting just above his knees.

I normally take my food and go, but for the first time, I sat down and started to eat my sandwich. I wanted more time to stare at the little nymph. I was now able to check her out from behind as they put in their order. Her grey sweats had ridden down so much that I could see the top of the crack of her ass poking out, and the rounded tops of her cheeks.

It's a small shop, but there were several other empty booths, and I was surprised when I heard the rough deep voice of a man. "Mind if we share a booth with you?" I looked up and the burly mountain man was towering over me. I am a big guy myself, but this guy made me feel small. I nodded my consent what, could I do?

He stepped aside, sitting across from me and the tween with him hopped into the booth next to me. "Hi I'm Polly." She held out her hand and I shook it telling her "My name is Will." We sat and made small talk while we ate our subs. We talked about the weather, and I found out that Polly was eleven and was staying with her uncle Tim for the weekend. Apparently her mom worked in the city during the weekend and was lucky enough to have her Uncle to stay with.

Then, out of the clear blue like a truck hitting me in the face, "So, Polly says you were staring at her while we were in line." I looked up at the man and opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I just sat there looking between the pair trying to think of something to say. Polly had her head down and was clearly embarrassed. I looked back at Tim and he was just about busting up with laughter.

"Relax buddy, you look like you are going to have an aneurism. I only brought it up because Polly here thinks you are very handsome, and was wondering if you would like to come back to our house to play? Isn't that right baby?"

I still couldn't speak, but I turned and looked at the beautiful little girl next to me, and she was smiling and nodding while chewing a mouthful of sandwich. "Yuss Pwees" Tim scolded her and told her "it's not polite to talk with your mouth full." She giggled and swallowed the mouthful of meat and bread. She again got very shy, turning her face to the table again. "Would you please come home, and play some games with me and uncle Tim?" Finally looking up at me with the most precious brown eyes, that told me she really did.

I was still floored and didn't know what to say. Could this be a trap? Wouldn't this be entrapment? Or worse what if they were trying to rob and murder me? While thoughts of my organs being harvested went through my head, I felt Polly's delicate little fingers wrap around my fingers and slowly drew my hand to her lap. I stared at her smiling face, that seemed now filled with more confidence and she guided my hand under the loose elastic of her sweatpants waist band.

I felt her warm smooth skin and that she indeed was not wearing panties. I took over once the invitation was made clear and let my fingers curl and cup her smoldering hot sex. There was a small tuft of hair at the top of her slit, but otherwise her flaming hot mound was so soft and baby smooth. She put her hands on the table, leaned back and spread her legs to give me better access. I looked around and there was no one that could see us so I went with it and slipped my middle finger into her very wet tight little pussy hole.

I looked back over at Uncle Tim and he was smiling and nodding at me. I looked back down at Polly and she was staring up at me with pleading eyes. Her lower lip was hanging slack and as my digit penetrated her wet box over and over again, her eyes glossed over and her breathing increased. "I'll take that as a yes. C'om on lets clean up and get out of here." The husky voice broke my daze and after Polly adjusted her sweats and stood. I ignored the bulge in my pants and simply dumped all the food and everything left on my tray in the trash can.

"Do you live close to here?" Tim told me he lived close by I was surprised when we pulled up to his drive. He was less than half a mile from my own home. It was a simple cabin, very cheap and was dirty inside. However with the promise of getting to play with Polly a bit more, I would have wallowed in pig shit.

Polly was stripping naked before we even got the door closed and was running into the living room starkers. Tim and I followed the sweet naked ass, and found her sitting in the middle of a big couch that was facing a large tube TV. She was sitting with her legs splayed wide and was fooling around with a handful of remotes. "Polly, you know you have to ask before you turn on one of our videos." Tim chided the child.

"Please I want to show Will." It was very sweet. It was something the little girl was clearly proud of and wanted to impress me. Uncle Tim nodded, and I took a seat next to the girl on the couch. Tim went into the kitchen to get us a beer and Polly hopped into my lap as the screen lit up and came to life.

It took me a few minutes to recognize what was going on in the movie, but then Polly's smiling face came into view and filled the screen. "Hi, I'm Polly and I'm ten years old." I could see on the screen Polly was indeed younger. This must have been shot around a year ago. "And today I'm going to lose my cheery." She stepped away and you could see she was totally naked. Her small tits had not yet developed, and she had absolutely no hair on her pussy. She hopped up on the bed on her hands and knees facing away from the camera.

Polly's hands went to work on my pants and pushed them down to my knees. She moved so my cock was trapped in the crack of her as while she sat and watched the movie. I let my hands wander over her firm, young, naked body. When I slipped my middle finger into her tight pussy, she groaned and started to rock her ass on my hard cock. She leaned her head back and I got lost in the pleasure I was giving her. I was tweaking one of her nipples and kissing her on the neck. It seemed to be driving her wild.

I looked back at the screen, and saw the ten year old Polly showing her sweet pussy and ass to the camera, while a big man was rubbing oil all over her ass and pussy. His giant hand was roaming over the whole of her lower body, penetrating any hole his fingers touched and getting it nice and oily.

I was torn between the live preteen sex show squirming in my lap and the one showing on the TV. On the screen young Polly was turning around now facing the camera. Her beautiful smiling face clear to see. The big man from before stepped into the picture, wearing a hood. His cock was hard and shiny with lube. It bounced in front of him while he got behind Polly.

You could see by the look on her face she was scared, but excited. I could also tell the moment he penetrated her, and the moment he tore her cherry to shreds. She screamed and her face was contorted in a mask of pain and fear. "Stooooooop, IT HURTS SO BAD." She was screaming at the camera, but she held her position. She hung her head and the man behind her stopped. After a moments rest her head started to bob as the brute behind her started to slowly stroke in and out of her.

Her head was still hanging down, and you could see tears falling from her face The hooded man gripped a handful of her dark blonde hair and pulled her head up to face the camera. Her eyes were closed and her jaw was slack. The dreamy look on her face betrayed her pleasure. Every once in a while her pleasure drawn face grimaced in a quick shot of pain, but it was clear this little bitch was a whore from day one. Her hooded lover picked up his pace slowly, but as the movie went on and on, he was pounding her cunt with fierce fervor. She was moaning out her pleasure to the camera.

As I sat and watched the brutal deflowering of this little girl on screen, I felt the live version on my lap start to lift her hips. When my cock head slipped into the molten hot sheaf I threw my head back and let out a deep groan. At this point the movie was lost on me. Polly was starting to bounce up and down on my hard cock and I just laid there and let her work it out.

I put my hands on her waist and started to help her move up and down on my pole. The tight wet snatch was gripping my dick so hard I was sure I would cum in no time. I lost it when I heard her moan "Oh I'm going to cum!" When her hips started to rock back and forth, I shot my hot sticky goo into her eleven year old pussy. I had never cum that quick before in my whole life. Not even the first time I had sex when I was a kid.

This little bitch had milked me dry in two minutes flat. Her uncle didn't even have time to get back with the beers. "I'm glad to see you are making yourself at home." He chuckled and handed me a beer around the limp naked Polly still speared with my cock on my lap. "And don't worry you can cum in her as much as you want she hasn't started her period yet." He sat down in a recliner chair to the side of the couch.

Polly didn't seem to even need to be told. She lifted herself off my cock and crawled on the floor over to her Uncle Tim and started to unbuckle his pants. He kept on taking sips from his beer while the little girl fished out his semi hard dick. He paid her no attention and just watched the home made porn. "She likes this one most. It's when I took her cherry on her tenth birthday last year. I've been training her since she was eight and can suck the chrome off a tailpipe." The fat man seemed to be bragging.

I simply nodded while my still hard dick drooled in my lap and his was buried balls deep in Polly's throat. She cupped his balls and took his cock all the way down to the base every time up and down. He rested a hand on the back of her bobbing head and quietly said "Good girl" I turned my attention back to the screen, and saw Polly was now getting the shit fucked out of her. Her face was again clenched up in pain and her teeth were gritted. He could hear Tim on the film. "Yeah you dirty little whore. You deserve this don't you? You deserve to be treated like the dirty little piece of shit whore you are don't you?"

"Yes oh god yes I do." Polly's squeaky little girl voice screamed at the camera. "Yes I deserve to be treated like a piece of shit whore. A dirty fucking slut just like my mommy." Her words shocked the hell out of me, and my cock got even harder. I listened to her uncle degrade her like a dirty worthless slut and she just moaned back her agreement.

On screen he still had a hand full of her short light hair, and also got both her arms in the grip of his other hand and started to power fuck the little girl with fierce and unforgiving thrusts. Poly was screaming and crying as her Uncle Tim raped her little body on screen. I looked over at the pair in real life and stroked my cock. After a few minutes of her little moppet head bouncing up and down in the big hairy man's lap, he grabbed a handful of her hair and came in her throat with a growl.

I was stroking my hard cock, and he pushed the little girl off him to the floor in front of me. I reached down and grabbed her wrist pulling her back up on the couch. I stood and stripped the rest of my cloths off. I positioned Polly face down in the corner of the couch so her ass was up in the air, and she had no where to go. I got her hands behind her back and gripped them in my fist.

I shoved my cock into her cunt and started to fuck her pussy. She was so hot and wet. My cum from the last fucking I gave her lubed me up great and I could start fucking her hard and fast right away. I let her ride me last time. This time I was going to fuck the shit out of this little fuck doll. "Yeah fuck her hard. Hurt her and treat her like the piece of shit she is and she gets off harder." I nodded at him and smacked Polly's ass hard, leaving a red hand print and making her squeal into the couch cushions.

I continued to fuck her hard, banging into her cervix every time I fucked into the eleven year old girl. I am glad I came only a few minutes before because this girls pussy was tinny, tight and as hot as the sun. Her screams and moans were muffled by the couch her face was pressed into, but it's not like I would have cared what she had to say at that point. I saw the dynamic here. She was his little fuck puppet sex slave, and he had trained her to get off on masochistic sex. The more you hurt the little girl while you fucked her the more she got off.

I fucked her slender tight body, and thought about what this little girl would become over the next few years. Clearly this guy had no problems sharing the whore with a perfect stranger from the sandwich shop, what kind of limits would he put on the perversion. What kind of horrible things would Polly suffer at this man's hands, now at my hands as well.

It was so dark, but so exciting. This little bitch never had a chance, and at this point she was fully trained and used to this awful treatment. I looked over at Tim and saw him smiling and staring at us while I fucked Polly. He was really getting off on this. He didn't even ask me for money. I pulled my cock from the child's cunt and thought I'd push the boundaries a bit, see how far I could take this.

Without any preparation or warning I lined my cum covered cock up with Polly's tight little anus and shoved it in. Polly's body tensed but there was little she could do with her arms in my grip, and her face shoved into the couch corner. Uncle Tim said nothing, but grunted and started to stroke his cock. Polly was screaming into the couch cushions every time I pushed into her. I started to pick up my pace and fucked her tight ass hard and fast.

Polly's little body shook after every hard thrust into her. She stopped screaming and was just making loud groaning squeals every time I bottomed out in her rectum. I grabbed her jiggling ass cheeks and spread them apart while I watched my large veiny cock speared her tender pink hole. The slimy grease covering my cock shined in the light ever time I pulled from her bowls. Her body was so small and thin, there was no way this girl could be mistaken as anything but a child. And I was raping her ass. She hadn't said no or struggled even a tiny bit, but there wasn't anything else you could call the brutal assault on her tiny anus.

I was huffing, heaving, and sweat was dripping from me onto Polly's taut stretched back. Finally, one more brutal thrust into her body and I was firing my seed as deep into the little girl's bowels as I could reach. I let go my grip on her ass and fell back onto the couch. I was exhausted, and was breathing like I had just run a marathon. Polly was still just laying there in the face down ass up position, her body shaking as she sobbed into the dirty cloth of the couch. Tim was just watching the video like nothing was out of the ordinary.

There was a new scene on the screen. Polly was tied face down on a table. Her legs were tied at the ankle to the bottom of the table legs, and her wrists were tied to the opposite table legs so they were stretch and pulled into an X. The hooded man was now whipping her with a riding crop. Tim turned and looked at Polly still in her bent over position. "God damn, that's the first time that little bitch has been tired out in months. My buddy asked me to watch his pair of hunting dogs, and Polly spent the whole weekend tied to the breeding bench." Polly came to life fell on her side and shot a dirty look at her uncle.

"She hates it when I talk about her being a doggy bitch don't you slut?" Polly hung her head in shame, but squeaked out a "yes."

"Well, where the fuck are your manners? Clean Will up, god damn look at the mess he made trying to make you happy cunt. Do your fucking duty!" Polly crawled over to my lap and began to lick the slime of our fucking off my dick.

"That's why I brought you into our little 'Play Group.' Polly here is getting older, and well so am I. I just can't provide the little whore with the proper fuckings she needs. She's constantly at my dick, and I just can't keep up with her now." I groaned my understanding as Polly's vacuum mouth had sucked me to full hardness for the third time in less than an hour. Her head was bobbing fast up and down the full length of my dick and the feeling was amazing. I didn't feel her teeth once, just her hot sucking mouth, tongue and throat.

I realized I had cum in her other two holes. I might as well let her finish me off in the one remaining hole I hadn't defiled. I gripped a handful of her hair, and thrust my hips up just a little as she hit bottom. On the screen Polly's ass back and legs were covered in red streaks. Some of them were purple and bleeding. Once the man had beaten the girl into submission he saddled up and started to fuck her ass hard and fast. Polly had a ball gag in her mouth so she could only grunt and scream into the plastic ball as her ass was raped for the first time. Watching the brutal treatment of the child on screen while she sucked my cock balls deep set me off. I forced her head down so her nose was in my pubic hair and fired off directly into her stomach. Before I finished I pulled out so the last two shots went off in her mouth. I wanted her to taste it fresh from the source.

I pulled Polly's head off my now shrinking cock and stared into her face. Her lips had jizz and spit on the corners, but her eyes had a dreamy look in them and she was smiling a broad smile with those same jizz and spit stained lips. She looked up at me with such love. I had treated her like a two dollar hooker, and she seemed to love me for it. She crawled up on the couch and then she was curled up in my lap again. This time we were both naked and she reached up and kissed my chin, neck and chest, anything she could reach from my lap. I ran my hands over her hot sweaty body. The perspiration made my hands slick and they slid over her firm yet soft flesh with such sexy ease. She was squirming and moaning as she kissed me.

Forgetting she had just swallowed my load, I tilted her head up and kissed her deep. My tongue penetrated her mouth, and ran all along the slick inside of her wet mouth. Her timid tongue fought back, as we dueled like lovers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I put one hand in her lap, while my other reached around her body and cupped her small tit. It was such a touching loving moment. She responded with such love and passion I could tell the child was desperately starving for any kind of affection.

"Hey if she's such a handful, I could take her off your hands for a day or two. I live right down the street..." Before I could even think up a good argument. Uncle Tim just wave his hand "Yeah yeah sure. Just have her back before noon on sunday. God Damn I'll be happy to finally get a little sleep this weekend." And just like that I was dressing my little sex doll and dragging the giggling girl to my car. The guy hadn't even asked me my address, I don't think he even knew my full name, and he just let me take his niece for the weekend to do god knows what.

Chapter 2

We drove in silence the short distance to my place. I looked over at her and it seemed strange to see her in her cloths after I had just spent the last hour fucking all three of the eleven year old girl's holes. She looked so small sitting in the front seat. Her body sat in the middle but she only took up half the space the seat provided. She was still so pretty in the dirty cloths she was wearing. We pulled into the garage and she was out the door and into my house before the garage door closed.

I followed her into the house and found her cloths at the base of the stairs that lead up to the main floor. I grabbed the dirty rags and put them in the washer, and went upstairs to find Polly standing in my living room just looking around in awe. I am not rich, by any means, but the work I do provides me with great security, and quite a bit of discretionary funds. I liked nice things and kept my place clean. Polly was digging her toes into the thick Burberry carpet and looking at the vintage movie posters I had hung on the wall. Her gaze seemed to stop and fix on the massive entertainment center the comfy room was built around.

I stood by and just watched the precious child drink in the normal home environment. "Lets take a shower and get cleaned up." I held out my hand and the smiling girl rand to grab my hand. I led her to my bedroom and into the large bathroom. She still had this deer in the headlights look as I led her past my large fluffy bed with the big screen TV at the base, and desk with the 27" iMac in the middle. She had obviously grown up very poor, and never been in a house this clean or well decorated.

Even the bathroom was a new experience for her. I had a ver large Japanese soaking tub, and a giant shower with four adjustable shower heads. I stripped off my cloths and tossed them in the hamper. I adjusted the shower temp while Polly stared at the giant soaking tub. "We can take a bath later if you want, but it takes a long time to fill." She looked back up at me in silence and just nodded. When the temp was right, I led Polly into the shower by her hand and stepped in closing the door.

I started by washing the sweet girl's hair. All I had were men's care toiletries so it was just Head and Shoulders, and a bar of Dove soap. She didn't seem to mind, and I guessed cleanliness was not a huge priority at her home or her uncle's. I did all the work. I wanted to dote on the child a little bit. I had spent so much time hurting her today, I felt I needed to spend some time making her feel good. I turned her back to me and gently washed her dark blonde hair, and massaged her scalp as I washed out the suds. Next I grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather up her firm little body. It was so smooth and slippery wet and covered in soap. I must have spent twenty minutes slipping my fingers over every single spot on her body they could reach. I realized I was taking too much time when Polly started to giggle at my touch.

Polly was sweet and wanted to clean me too. She grabbed the soap and in a move showing her childlike curiosity, she went strait for my dick. It was fine with me as her slippery little fingers felt great on my cock and balls. I had already showered today, so when she had exhausted her curiosity we both rinsed off and I towel dried the pair of us. "So what would you like to do? We could watch a movie, play video games, if you are still hungry I could make you something to eat?" We were both naked and Polly was just staring at my semi hard cock.

"Do you think we could do some more sex stuff?" I laughed at her eagerness to get fucked again. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bed, tossing her onto the big fluffy bedding. She giggled while she bounced on the big soft mattress. She smiled up at me and spread her legs wide on the comforter and started to slip a finger into her little pink pussy. I stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the tiny child in the massive space of my bed.

I crawled over her prone body and looked down into her smiling face. She really loved this. I leaned my head down and gave her a gentle little kiss on the lips. I pulled back and looked into her eyes. She stared up at me with this shy little smile on her lips. I lowered my body onto her and found her juicy little slot with the blunt tip of my phallus. Polly wrapped her thin legs and arms around my torso and thrust her hips up as I push my hips forward and down into her.

Her mouth was breathing into my ear and her moans filled my ear as I slowly penetrated her body. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and gripped her shoulders to get better traction. Our bodies were pressed firmly together, still a bit moist from the hot shower. I pulled my hips back, pulling almost the whole cock from her moist depths before slowly thrusting forward into her again. She let out a soft moan when our hips pressed firmly together. Her little tuft of hair ground into my thicket of unshaven pubic hair as my cock bottomed out into her wet hole.

I turned my head and kissed and sucked her neck while her hands roamed over my back and through my hair. Her ankles were locked around my hips, and her hips were thrusting and swiveling below me. It was an involuntary motion caused by her oncoming orgasm and was so sexy. She grunted in pain, but in the same breath groaned out in pleasure. I started to work my hips in counterbalance to hers. We swiveled around and Polly cried out as her cum peaked and then she went limp under my thrusting hips.

Polly's legs went limp and fell back and to the side spreading her wide and giving me full access to her hole. I started to piston my hips faster and harder while Polly's arms went around my neck and she just held on tight. She was grunting and moaning nonstop, She was babbling and groaning unintelligibly, while I penetrated her depths over and over.

I lifted off her body and grabbed her ankles in both hands. I pulled her legs out strait into a V making her do the splits and thrusting into her slow and long. She sleepily opened her eyes and looked up at me with a sweet look of innocent love. I looked down at her thin naked body, the body of a child. Her small firm breasts were just growing. I felt a pang of guilt, but it was lost when Polly's upper body twisted and she pulled and twisted her hard nipples. She was having another orgasm on my hard cock. I could feel her guts tighten and twitch around my organ, but this wast the fourth time I had fucked this girl's hole today. I know I wouldn't cum anytime soon. I stopped thrusting and let her ride out her fierce orgasm.

Polly was wiped out and seemed so sleepy, but when I pulled my hard cock from her hole she reached up for me and groaned, "Noooooo, I want more." I smiled to myself. I now understood why Tim was so eager to let go of this little piece of fuck meat. I rolled her over on her stomach, and put two pillows under her ass, raising her small hips into the air, while her face rested on another pillow. Her body was bent like a bow, but it made her look so sexy. Polly rested her sleepy head on her arms and I lowered my hips and penetrated her from behind.

The eleven year old girl's eyes opened and her head lifted. Polly let out a loud high pitch moan, and I slid slowly into her pussy from behind. She drew her legs up and out till the soles of her feet rested against each other, and her little holes were spread open wide for my assault. I moved my hand under her thin body and started to rub her clit. She immediately reacted to my touch and was squealing under my thrusting hips. Once again her body took on a life of its own. It must have been because she had been sexualized at such an early age, or maybe she didn't quite understand or could control the raging feelings coursing through her immature body.

Her face was wracked with a desperate look of pleasure, and her hips were bouncing around under me. She was fucking her little pussy on my hard cock and it was so out of control I slipped out of her oncer or twice. She cried out like I had stabbed her when I slipped out. I moved my hand from her clit to get my tip back in her hole and she was off again, her hips bucking and swiveling. Her moans turned to grunts, and those to squeals and screams as her body was was wracked with I don't know what number orgasm rocked her little body.

She went limp under me, but I wasn't done with her yet. I pulled her hips back and push her legs up under her. She was face down ass up and I started to fuck her harder and faster. As my pace picked up her little fists shot out and gripped the edge of my bed. She was grabbing and clawing trying to grab something firm, but the fluffy bed cloths was all she could get. She pulled and pulled till her little fingers and white knuckles grabbed the edge of the bare mattress.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and gripped her hip hard with the other. I pulled her tiny body back against my cock over and over again. The hard thrusts made her body shake and she cried out every time my hips smashed into her ass cheeks. "Oh ... thank ..... you....." she was thanking me and begging for more between brutal thrusts. This poor girl needed the pain now or she could not feel finished with sex. It was what she needed for her ultimate release.

Our bones banged against each other as my dick, began to tingle and twitch. I pulled her back hard against me one final time, she cried out and shook on my cock, obviously cumming hard on my dick. The clamping and fluttering of her pussy on my dick finally sent me over the edge and I came with my cock head smashed up hard against the little girl's cervix. I spewed out shot after shot directly into her immature womb. I fell on top of her, exhausted and crushing her with my weight. I rolled to the side and wrapped my arms around the little girl.

We both quickly slipped into a deep sleep. I dreamed of little naked girls dancing and giggling. When I got up in the morning I thought I had dreamed the whole thing, but laying across my chest was my naked eleven year old angel. I quietly slipped out of bed, put on some sweats and a t-shirt, and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I always keep eggs, bacon and toast in the house so I started a fry up.

I was just putting the friend eggs on the plates when the pretty tween padded into the kitchen wearing one of my t-shirts like a dress. It came down to just below her ass, and her pussy and ass would peak out if she moved or raised her arms even a little. "I couldn't find my cloths so I borrowed a shirt. I hope that's ok?" She seemed a little unsure. It must have been waking up alone in a strange house, but she seemed a bit scared too.

All her fears and shyness melted away though when I told her to sit down and put a plate full of food in front of her. "It's no problem at all. I was washing your cloths, I'll go put them in the dryer now. If you want I was thinking we could go buy you some new cloths today?" She lit up like a christmas tree but her mouth was too full of food to say anything. She just nodded her consent and I went down to put her now clean cloths in the dryer.

When I went back upstairs, Polly had already finished her plate of eggs and bacon, and was wandering around my house. She was looking at the movie posters and I asked her if she liked old movies. She went on to tell me she hadn't ever been to a movie theater. That didn't surprise me as out here in the country the nearest theater was an hour away and was way too expensive. She also said they didn't have a dvd player and they didn't rent vhs anymore. I told her when we get back from shopping we could watch some movies. Again she lit up and beamed a smile at me. There was something more there though. I could tell the little girl was beginning to develop a crush on me.

I suggested we take a shower and get cleaned up. After a fairly quick, yet still fun soapy shower, we were both dressed in clean cloths and we hopped in my car. There was an outlet mall about an hour away, so we set off on a little road trip. I let Polly play with the radio, and look through my CD collection. About twenty minutes in, we were on a single lane highway through the woods. Polly got a mischievous grin on her face and unbuckled her seatbelt. She turned in her seat and was undoing my pants.

I just watched as the little girl fished out my dick and began to suck on it. I must say she had really mastered the art of sucking dick. I kept one hand on the wheel and the other rested on her bobbing head. Her lips clung tightly to my spit soaked rod and her tongue swirled around my tip every time my cock left her mouth. She had one hand playing with my balls and I was going slower and slower on the one lane highway. I saw a vista point and pulled up to the scenic mountain view. Luckily there was no one else around and I just leaned back letting Polly do her thing. In no time at all I shot my load into her mouth and the little slut swallowed the whole thing.

The hot little bitch wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and left me to put my cock back in my pants. "What a pretty view." A few moments later we were back on the road, Polly was listening to music again like nothing had even happened. I was falling in love with this little fuck puppet. In no time flat we were at the mall and I was following the excited tween around the different shops.

We were in one of those ultra popular teen clothing shops, and Polly was looking around like it was a dream. She would reach for an item and look at me I would nod and she would do a little dance of excitement. Something happened at that point that kinda blew my mind. Polly went to the dressing room and the sales girl stopped her. "I'm sorry honey you can't go into a dressing room without a parent accompanying you." Polly got a big grin on her face and turned to me.

"Daddyyy, you have to come into the changing room with me." I smiled back at her and followed her in. The sales girl seemed not to notice and just went back to folding shirts. Polly grabbed my hand and led me into the dressing room. She pushed me down on the seat and closed the door behind her. Polly puled her old bass shirt over her head and dropped her sweats to the ground. I looked at her sweet naked body, and marveled at my luck at finding this little doll.

Over the next twenty minutes she tried on skirts, shorts, jeans, button up shirts, stylized t-shirts, and polo shirts. I marveled at just how beautiful the little girl was when she was actually dressed like a girl. "You look so beautiful." I said it just in passing as I watched her. It seemed to catch her off guard.

"Do you really think I'm pretty?" I said "No, babe I think you are beautiful." She got teary eyes and while still topless in just a pair of tiny tight denim shorts she hugged me and kissed my cheek. "I think I love you." She whispered into my ear, then fell off me and finished pulling on her polo shirt. It was a tight fit and showed off her cute little tits. I then thought about the fact that she had no underwear, and made a mental note to stop by Vicky's secret after we got done here.

I spent almost a thousand dollars on getting the girl a whole new wardrobe. It really wasn't more than I would have spent on a few hours with a hot escort in Vegas, so I figured it was a cheap payment for some sweet preteen pussy. We put all the bags in the car and I told her we had one stop left to make. Polly went red and turned to me "Are we going in there?" she seemed very excited and very scared at the same time.

"Come on baby lets get you some pretty panties."

"Yes Daddy." She gave me a wicked smile. We walked into the store and I felt a little overwhelmed by all the silk and lace. A sales woman seemed to notice exactly what was going on and swooped in to the rescue. "So how can I help you folks? First bra for your little girl here?"

I smiled back at her and nodded. "Uh yes, my daughter is growing up fast, and I wanted to get her something pretty to wear. Something to make her feel more adult." The sales woman seemed to know that I wasn't really her dad, but didn't seem to care. She just whisked Polly away and told me she would take good care of her. "Any budget you want me to work with?"

"I don't want to spend more than a grand, but other than that go nuts." The sales girl's face started to glow. This was obviously going to be a big sale for her. I noticed as she walked away with my preteen slut, just how young and sexy the sales girl was. She was about eighteen or twenty and had short dark hair. She was very pretty and has a slim sexy body with big tits. I stared at her firm ass in the silky dress she was wearing as she walked away.

I sat down in a waiting area obviously made up for the men waiting for their women to finish shopping. I was reading a men's health magazine and before I knew it half an hour had passed. I was starting to get a bit drowsy when the sales girl placed a hand on my shoulder. "I think we have gotten Polly fixed up with everything she needs. Would you like to come back and make sure everything fits right?" She had a beautiful smile on her face and her touch on my shoulder was gentle. I nodded and followed her back to the dressing room. She opened the door and there was my waif dressed in a black corset with pink lace trimming, black transparent lace panties with garters and stockings that matched, all with pink lace trim.

The sales girl was right behind me and whispered in my ear. "Doesn't she look good enough to eat? Like a sweat little piece of candy all pink and frilly. Makes you just want to lick her head to toe?" She was pressing her body up against my back and pushing me forward into the dressing room. I was nervous but obviously she wasn't looking to make any trouble. "My name is Andrea, and your little 'Daughter' here has told me how much she loves when you fuck her little pussy."

Polly was turning and modeling her beautiful lingerie, while the sales girl grabbed my ass. "You know I had a Daddy like that. He was so nice and gentle with me. I don't get to see him much anymore, but my little sisters that still live at home keep him very busy." She now reached around me and was massaging my hard cock. "Polly baby why don't you show Daddy the other beautiful things we picked out for you." Then she whispered in my ear again. "Wait here I'm going to close the shop up, and I'll be back."

I stood there with an erection and watched as my pretty Polly stripped and then put on a silky pair of virgin white panties, and matching bra. It was a thong and the material was transparent. I could see her little slit and nipples through the material. "Soooo what do you think?" She was looking kind of shy now. I sat down and pulled her close to me. "You look so sexy baby I can't believe how hot you are." And she was.

She seemed embarrassed but gave me a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you. Just then the sales girl came back into the dressing room. She walked right up to Polly and started stroking the silky panties and bra. "Those fit well baby." She ran a finger under one of the leg bands as if to adjust it but her finger stayed under the material of the panties and slid down the slit of Polly's little pussy. "Mmmmm we should do something about this hair though don't you think so Daddy?" Andrea was looking up at me with a sexy look on her face and Polly had put a hand on her shoulder to gain her balance on her weak knees.

"Why don't you try on the special ones I showed you." Polly pulled down her panties and I noticed a wet spot in the gusset of the thong. Polly reached into a pile of lace and silk pulling out a pair of flaming red silk panties with a black bow in the front. My little play thing slipped them over her hips and snugly over her wet excited mound. Andrea reached back and removed Polly white bra. I looked down at Polly's silk encased pussy and realized they were crotchless panties.

I reached down and ran my finger through the silky folds of the material. They started to split at the black lace bow and left her whole pussy and ass open to my roaming touch. She was wet and warm, and her pussy felt like it had been fingered recently. "So Andrea, you warmed her up for me a bit." She didn't look me in the eyes she just pressed her body against Polly's back and started to kiss her neck. Andrea's hands went around and cupped the youngster's developing tits. She tugged and twisted Poly's little light pink nipples.

There we were a thirty year old stranger and a young hot sales girl molesting an eleven year old child in the dressing room of a lingerie store. This was so dirty and hot. I had to free my cock, and when I let it out of my zipper, Andrea took a deep breath. "Oooooh looks like Daddy likes the new panties." She went on sucking and kissing the girl while playing with her tits, and I was probing her tight pussy with two fingers and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

Polly had her eyes closed and her head thrown back. Her mouth hung open and she was breathing hard between little moans of pleasure. "What do you want your Daddy to do baby? Do you want your Daddy to fuck your little pussy? Or do you want Daddy to fuck your tight little ass maybe? I can smell you have already swallowed Daddy's cum today." With that she looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

Polly was so sweet, she kept her head back and did the cute little hip turning side to side sway and spoke softly. "I want him to fuck me in the ass like he did yesterday." She looked up at me and smiled a wicked smile like she had told a secret. Andrea took one hand from Polly's nipple and joined my two digits in Polly's stretched little pussy for a while. It was hot when her finger would slip against mine, and the different friction caused little Polly to cry out. When her finger was good and gooey, Andrea pulled it from the warm hole and slipped it into Polly's hot little asshole.

Again Polly let out a groan, and I could feel Andrea's finger press against mine through the thin flesh between Polly's holes. The over stimulated eleven year old came like crashing thunder and would have fallen to the ground if there hadn't been two sets of hands holding her body firmly in place. Andrea looked up at me and smiled her wicked smile. "She's ready for you Daddy." She turned Polly to face the wall and placed her hands to brace for the oncoming assault.

Andrea pulled Polly's legs wider apart then spread her buns to make my penetration easier for the both of us. I moved behind the little girl and looked down and her beautiful little pucker. It was moist and pink. Just a little hole like a snail shell's opening. Andrea grabbed my hard cock by the base and sucked my cock to get it wet with her saliva. At the same time she helped me pull down my pants. When I was naked from the waist down and my cock was rock hard and dripping spit.

Andrea again pulled the cheeks apart, and I lined up my turgid rod with her tiniest of openings. A quick twitch of my hips and I had popped through her anal ring and was slowly sinking forward into her dark passage. I loved the feel of her super tight hole and couldn't get enough. I was slowly thrusting in and out of her ass while Andrea played with Polly's little girl clit. Polly turned and with a pained expression on her face she begged. "No fuck me hard like you did yesterday. Hurt me please?" She sounded so pathetic begging like that. Andrea's mouth hung open and she looked at me with disbelief.

What could I do? I grabbed a handful of Polly's short brown hair and pulled her arms behind her back locking them at the wrist in my grip. I was now supporting the top half of her body at these two points of restraint, and the rest of her weight was being bounced up and down on my cock. Her anus was getting a workout and out of nowhere Andrea slapped Polly across the face. It made Polly gasp, but a second later I felt her shake and cum on my cock. Those hips doing her magic dance.

Andrea had a wild mean look on her face and she went to work on Polly's nipples with one hand and moved her other hand around the thin bird like neck of the child and started to choke her while torturing the delicate flesh of Polly's nipples. Polly started cumming and didn't stop. She had one series of multiple orgasms after another. She was shaking in my grip and if I hadn't been so strong I don't know if I would have been able to keep my grip.

"Ooooooohh yeessssssss. Uuuuuuugggguuhhhh Uuuuuuuguugugugg!" Polly choked out her cries of passion, through Andrea's choking fingers. Then she passed out. I was still bouncing her whole body on my cock, and Andrea let her throat go so she could breath. Her hand flew under her silky green dress and I got a view of the same red crotchless panties Polly had on. Andrea frigged her clit and watched me fuck the daylights out of the unconscious and slack eleven year old child.

"Oh Daddy, YES! Fuck her hard Daddy! She needs it. Every good girl needs her Daddy to fuck her ass goooooouuuuuuuunnnnn." I watched the young woman cum on the floor and I shot my load in Polly's tight asshole. I let go of Polly and she fell to the floor next to Andrea. My cock made a popping sound as it was yanked from her tight pucker. Andrea flew towards my dick and swallowed it whole. The feeling was unbelievable. She was desperate to lick every bit of filth from my cock. It was hot but I had just cum buckets inside Polly and there was no keeping me hard.

Andrea seemed satisfied my cock was clean of every speck of cum and ass juice. She then turned and started to suck my cum from the leaking asshole on poor unconscious Polly. At least she wouldn't ruin her new panties on the drive back. I stood over the depraved scene and wondered how my life had changed so much in so little time.

"Wrap it all up, I'll take it." Andrea raised her head from the unconscious child's ass and smiled at me with her gooey lips. I put on my pants leaving the sleeping Polly on the soft bench of the changing room, I followed Andrea out to the front. She rang up my purchase and it came to nine hundred and ninety five dollars. I laughed she had gotten within five dollars of my limit and didn't go over. Good girl.

After she helped me put all the bags in the car I gave her two one hundred dollar bills from my wallet. She was so excited and jumped up and kissed me on the cheek. "Ohhh thank you Daddy. Uuuuh I mean, thank you sir, you are very generous." I chuckled at her little slip and went back inside to gather my limp eleven year old lover. While I was bucking the sleeping slut into the car Andrea ran out to catch me before I left.

The dark haired beauty slipped a piece of paper in my hand and give me another kiss on the cheek and ran off back to the store. I opened the note and it just had her name and phone number on it. I smiled to myself and closed the car door. As I drove home Polly slept soundly and was just so beautiful I almost got into an accident staring at her beautiful sleeping face. I had fallen for this kid hard. What was I going to do? I think I was really in love with this little angel.

There aren't any radio stations out here in the country, and I drove back in silence. I just listened to the little sex pot breath deeply while she slept off the day's activities. A million ideas went through my mind. I kept glancing over at the sleeping little girl. I thought of trying to save her. But save her from what? She seemed to really like all this. I had just met her, and ninety percent of the time we had spent together were taken up by rough degrading sex.

I carried Polly back into my house and placed her on my couch in the warm afternoon sun. Her shirt rode up and showed her firm belly. I just stood there and started at her for awhile. I went to the kitchen and fixed a sandwich and glass of milk for the both of us. I came back in to find her rubbing her eyes and stretching out on the couch like a sexy little cat. Her face lit up when she saw the sandwich and began to wolf down the food.

Re energized by the meal, Polly insisted on doing a fashion show. She quickly ducked into the bathroom with her bags and came out about fifteen minutes later. It seems Andrea had given her a makeup kit and Polly had put on some rouge and lip gloss. She was also wearing a very pretty powder blue thong and bra set. She came out and did a little dance. Next came a sexy little black with pink pinstripe garter belt and half cup bra. Polly didn't have much in the breast department but the bra seemed to really push up and present well what she did have.

We spent the next hour having her model all her new cloths and underwear. She said she was saving something special for last. She came out with her short hair in tiny pigtails, wearing a light pink baby doll nighty. It had red hearts stenciled like falling rose petals in the wind on the front. She wore a pair of matching pink thong panties that were cut so they hung high on her hips. When she turned, I saw there was a small heart shaped section at the top of the thongs back. It split the material down the center, and when she playfully jumped around and bent over, spreading her legs and looking through them at me, I could see it was crotchless. Her sweet little pussy lips poked out and just above was her red rosebud.

Polly ran over to the couch and jumped into my lap facing me. Her legs spread wide left her pink wet pussy wide open to my probing fingers. We kissed and ran our hands all over each other, like the young lover she was and I wished I could be again. I fed off her passion and excitement. I drank it up like whiskey. It made me drunk and giddy, and was why I loved this woman child.

Polly's hands were hard at work on my belt and zipper. Before long I was proudly sticking strait between both our middle bits and looking for a wet hole to plunder. Polly's hips thrust up and down wetting my pole with her juices. On one down thrust of her hips my cock head caught on her wet hole and slid in making us both groan into each other's mouth. Her hips moved like a little machine as soon as my cock was inside her. She was fucking me so hard it was almost painful because she was so tight.

We broke our kiss. I laid back and watched my lace wrapped kinder slut and enjoyed her youthful exuberance. Polly leaned back and really started to bounce up and down my long cock. She was breathing hard and starting to sweat. Her wet body glistened, the defined lines of her abs and toned muscles shone in great contrast. She was made for this. "UUUuuuuuuhhhhh nNNNNnnn SOooooo GoooooooD. Unnnn Daddy's cock uhn uhn uhn" She started to sob. "Oh gawd DADDY! SO BIG! ohh daddy. oh oh oh."

Polly seemed to really like the Daddy play. She was getting lost in it and really getting off hard. "Yeah you like being Daddy's little whore don't you? You filthy little slut! You're Daddy's filthy little slut." Polly got a pained look on her face and started to wail out her intense crescendo once again. She bore down in my hips and just shook. She pressed her face into my chest and sobbed in pleasure. I dumped her to the side face down on the couch. I thought back to the first time I fucked her ass.

I gave her bum a slap and lifted her hips into the air. I repeated the coupling as best I could remember. I stuffed her face into the cushions and the couch corner. I stuffed my cock into her wet hole to freshen the lube, then pulled it out and stabbed it home in her delicate little shitter. She screamed into the couch and her arms were reaching back at me flailing about. I got ahold of her arms and pinned them to the middle of her back holding both of them at the wrists with one hand. I started raining down hard slaps on her upturned jiggling ass as I stuffed it.

She squealed and struggled lightly but it was just for the fun of it. Over and over I fucked her little ass with my long cock. She squealed and cried out the songs of lust I had come so accustomed to hearing. Another round of hard slaps on her lilly white ass and it was completely red. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her short brown locks. Pulling with ease I bowed her back and her screams and groans were no longer muffled. I was glad I lived in the woods. If I was in the city the cops would be banging on my door investigating the screaming by now.

Her tight anal ring gripped my cock and the feeling was incredible. In no time flat I was feeling the rushing of my cum blowing into her bowels. I pushed balls deep and fired string after string into her darkest depths. I pulled my rod from her with a pop and released her from my grip. We both fell to the couch and worked to catch our breath. Polly started to crawl and moved her mouth to my soiled tool. She lovingly used her tongue to clean every spec of filth from my meat and seemed to do it with love. After she seemed content with her cleaning job, she passed out on my belly. I was very close behind her.

I woke a few hours later in the dark and carried Polly to my bed. It was so much fun having a hot over sexed little girl at my disposal. Just the feel of her soft, warm, naked skin against my arms as I carried her, was so erotic and exciting. The fact that my penis had cum inside every hole in her body my cock could fit, was just the icing on the cake. I had to give her back tomorrow, and I still wasn't sure how I felt about all this. I did know one thing. I wasn't going to give this little slut up.

The morning sun shone through the sliding glass doors and lit up my bed. I looked over at Polly still laying nearly naked in her baby doll and crotchless thong. I ran my hand slowly and softly over her back and ass. After awhile she stirred and sleepily blinked her eyes up at me. "mmmmm Good morning Daddy" She giggled at the paternal nickname and I started to get hard. "Oh Daddy, it looks like your thingy is all swollen." She again giggled at the cutesy little girl talk. I didn't think to remind her she was actually a little girl.

"Well baby, what do you think you can do for Daddy to help him out with that?" I smiled down at the child as she moved slightly to take my stiff cock in her mouth. She was still sleepy and the expert technique was replaced by an action almost like a nursing baby. She took maybe the first two or three inches of my cock in her mouth and just suckled on the tip and bit of shaft. It felt wonderful and was a thousand times better than breakfast in bed. She started to get some spit gathered in her mouth and began to take more and more of my meat into her gullet.

In no time flat I was shooting my first load of the day down her sucking throat. She didn't stop there. She kept sucking and licking now with more practiced form to keep me erect. Polly then got up on all fours and crawled over my body. She swung one leg over so she was facing away from me and I was gifted with the site of her perfect tiny ass lowering over my dick. She got the glands purchased at her pussy hole and just rocked her agile hips a little to wedge it inside her snug, moist, and ready hole.

Her ass did a little swivel till she had worked about a third of my boner into her. She looked over her pink lingerie covered back and when our eyes locked she slammed her hips down taking the whole of my manhood into her wet welcoming box. She let out a loud groan and the smile was wiped from her face, only to be replaced by a grimace of pleasure and pain. My dick was bigger than her uncle's and she was still getting used to it. But my little masochist seemed to love the feel of it.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. I love the way Polly works her hips. They are magic. They twitch this way and that, moving in so many directions, swaying to the music of fuck. I had just cum in her mouth, I think part of her whole plan, and she began to do work. She grabbed my ankles for leverage and just fucked my brains out. I put my hands on her ass and just felt the motion. I closed my eyes and let the pleasures explode from my crotch.

Sometimes when guys close their eyes during sex it's because the are imagining a hotter version of their partner, but I couldn't think of anything hotter than what was working her hole on my dick like a machine. She was better than any fantasy I'd ever had. She was real and willing. I just let her go and relaxed in the warmth of the sun. The feelings she was causing was just amazing, and I knew I was getting close to cumming. Polly was starting to squeak and moan with greater urgency and frequency. It was now a race to see whom could get off sooner. Our gooey genitals smacking together and our cries of passion fueling our fire.

Polly won. She sat up strait and grabbed her hair in her fists, and came hard. I was thinking of getting this girl involved in rodeo, because she was a rider like I've never seen. The closest thing I can compare it to is, Michael Flatly doing the river dance. The whole upper body was held still, but from the belly button down she was a blur. This triggered my nut and I was going off like a fire hose inside her. Between her orgasm, and the fact that she was eleven there was no room for my juice to go anywhere but to get squelched out around my dick as she continued to bounce through her multiple orgasms.

We laid together like lovers giggling and kissing, holding each other close. It was a great moment I would remember for a long time. There was so much love and closeness. We eventually got up and took a shower together. If you haven't done it before, taking a shower with a sexy willing little girl is one of the greatest experiences of my life. After we had our slippery fun, we ate breakfast in the nude, and finally got dressed. Polly got all her things gathered together and got a very sad look on her face. "What's wrong baby?"

She looked up at me on the edge of tears. "I can't keep all this stuff." I looked confused. "If I bring all this stuff with me, mom or uncle Tim will want to know where it came from." I didn't really think that would be a problem with Tim as he had all but held her open while I fucked her on his couch, but the problem with her mom made sense. I thought for a minute and came up with an idea.

"Look, you can keep all your stuff here at my place. It's yours and belongs to you, but you can take it home one bag full at a time. I gave her one of my old backpacks and we filled it with a few of her new outfits and some of the tame underwear. She seemed happy with the plan and was again smiling and the bouncing around when I dropped her off in front of her uncle Tim's. I drove away and hated to leave the little girl in that bastard's hands, but she had survived this long. There wasn't anything I could do about it anyways. I drove home and went strait to bed.

I slept for five hours and got up to get a head start on this week's work. I tried to focus but I could still smell her. The whole house still smelled of pussy. Not stinky nasty sex smell, but the sweet fragrance of little girl sex. It was like soap and baby powder, mixed with that unmistakeable womanly smell. I missed her, and suddenly I wished I had taken a picture or something to keep to remember her. My little Polly.

Eventually I was able to get some work done. It was the only thing that was able to distract me from craving Polly's sweet ass. I worked into the early morning and when I did sleep it was restless and I dreamed of naked little girls. Monday I had to put on my game face and get things done. I made phone calls and got in touch with contacts. I drummed up some new business and was just about to make a late afternoon snack when the door bell rang. And who could it be, none other than my sweet little Polly.

I opened the door and she leapt into my arms kissing my lips first. Our mouths made love while I held her in my entryway. I lifted my foot, closed the door and dropped my hands to support her weight. She dropped her heavy backpack on the floor, and we both did all this without breaking our lover's lip lock. "I missed ... mummuah .. you ... mmmumu .... so mmm much" Polly managed to groan out between long wet kisses. I carried her upstairs to my bedroom and dropped her on my bed. I fell on top of her and we made out like teenagers. Hands roaming over cloths and sneaking little touches of skin here and there. It was very sweet.

The novelty of dry humping lost its charm and we were both pulling away cloths to feel skin on skin and full penetration. The sounds of our ragged breathing and the bed squeaking filled the room. I ran my fingers over her small features. I felt her perfect soft skin and a firmness that can only be found in youth. My index finger found and pushed inside her hot wet box. She is so excited her whole crotch was wet with pussy juice, and her hips kept thrusting up every time I touched her hot hole.

We rolled around the bed groping and fondling. I ended up on top of Polly, between her wide spread eleven year old legs. I fit the head of my cock into her small opening and pushed into her snug sheath. Her face scrunched up in pain and she let out a yelp as I entered her. When my weight settled in her hips her legs wrapped around my waist and we started to kiss again. One thing I was really starting to enjoy about fucking young girls was all the foreplay. I feel like I'm a teenager in the back of my dad's chevy.

I laid on top of Polly and grabbed her shoulders from below. Our bodies were as connected as they could possibly get. My tongue fighting her strawberry flavored one, and my meaty cock surging in and out of her tight wet snatch. It was so tight, and there was a ring of muscles inside her that clenched every time she started to cum. I pulled my cock halfway out so my cock head would pop in and out of the ring. We broke our kiss and she started to wail. She was cumming nonstop as I hit her buttons over and over.

Finally, it was too much for the little girl she couldn't handle the intense feelings. "Please..uUuuuuuhhnnnnn.... STOP!..... oooohhhh ggggaaaaawwdd.... uuuuuuuUUUUgggh!." I pulled my cock from her hole, with one last lurch of Polly's body. She laid there for a minute or two twitching in my arms. After she recovered, Polly pushed me onto my back, draped her sweaty, naked body on my leg and stuffed my hard cock down her throat. The little whore could suck a cock. In little more than five minutes the slut was swallowing a mouthful of my man gook.

We were laying in the afterglow, Polly was still pressing her naked form against my body and twirling a finger through my chest hair. "Sooooo, ummmm My uncle is having a party this weekend." I lifted my head and looked at my beautiful fuck doll in the eyes. "And, I was hoping you would come." I was about to say something but sweet Polly cut me off. "But...." A pregnant pause, and then she started talking a mile a minute. "Well, see we have these parties where my Uncle invites his pervert friends over, and me and the girls they bring fuck. Well, really the guys fuck us girls, but it's lots of fun and I don't know if it's ok cuz I kinda want you to be my boyfriend, but I am going to fuck a bunch of other guys and girls too." She started to get teary eyed, and I pulled her in for a hug.

"Hey, hey hey. You have been doing this since before we met, I understand. And I understand how you feel." I put my finger under her chin and lifted her lips to kiss mine. Moments later the kiss broke. "I want to be your boyfriend. And I think it would be hot to watch you get fucked by a bunch of guys. As long as I get to fuck you too."

Polly seemed so excited. She jumped up on the bed and bounced up and down clapping her hands. A very erotic sight considering she was buck naked. The excited little girl dove on my limp cock and started to suck it to life. Our eyes were locked and her sweet mouth bounced up and down my rod. To be honest I wasn't really that hot on her being "Fucked by a bunch of other guys," but it was clear she wanted to do this, and I am sure her uncle would be pissed if I fucked up his pedo party plans. However, as I was picturing a group of men with huge dicks fucking little Polly with no mercy, my cock got rock hard in her sucking mouth.

Polly hopped up on my dick, and her hips started to move in ever direction you could imagine. She was a blur and I had just cum, so her staying power could only be credited to being so young. She rode me hard for nearly half an hour, before I shot off in her tight snatch. She fell on top of me and we both passed out.

I woke and it was dark. I was cold, and alone in my bed. I got up made some food, and managed to work till midnight and got a ton of work done. I knew of Polly was going to be making more afternoon visits I would, need to get ahead when I could. I was right too. Nearly every day after school she would run to my house and I would give her little body a workout. She didn't come by on friday, but she said her uncle needed her to get ready for the party the next day. I was disappointed, but to be honest it was nice to get some rest.

Chapter 3

The next day I drove the short distance to Uncle Tim's house about noon. I was not ready for what I was greeted by when I entered his house. After I cleared the entryway the first sight I saw was a group of men around a table and one was snorting a line of white powder off the belly of a naked little blonde girl. She looked like she was almost passed out and there was a river of cum pouring from her red and open snatch. She was beautiful, and looked about twelve, but I didn't get to see her long as the man who just did a line off her got between her legs and fucked her on the table as another man snorted powder from her belly.

I walked through the house to the back yard, and a group of naked girls ran past me. I noticed the extremely tall privacy fence and the line of little girls bent over a picnic table getting fucked hard from behind. I was looking around at all the naked girls and horny men fucking them, but I didn't see Polly. I walked through the house to Tim's room. A big fat hairy man was on the bed completely covering what I assumed was a little girl. At least that what the screams and moans sounded like. "Oh Daddy, it feels so good. Oh Daddy ummmmmm!" It was so hot I had to watch for a few minutes, but really wanted to find Polly.

Tim had never shown me around his house so I just started looking in all the doors I found. I found a spare bedroom, with a large black man jerking off a massive cock, while he watched five young girls sucking, licking, and finger fucking each other. I finally found a door next to the kitchen that led down to a basement. I never knew he had a basement. There was a single bare bulb in the stairwell, but a red velvet curtain cut off what was going on below. I didn't think there could be anything that would shock me more, but I was wrong. It was dark so at first I didn't really know what I was looking at. It was a sexual torture chamber in full swing. There were three little girls tied or cuffed to various devices.

One little red haired girl had a big black ball gag in her mouth. Her body was stretched on a wheel. Her form taut and tight, it really showed off her naked body. She had red streaks criss crossing her belly, tits, legs, and pussy mound. Her eyes were red and filled with tears. There was a tall grey haired man standing over her holding a riding crop. He looked over at me raised his arm and brought it down hard right across the middle of the restrained girl's beautiful budding breasts.

Right next to the wheel was a tall thin blonde girl. Her face was covered with a leather mask. Her hair was pulled out from the mask to form pig tails. There was a pretty bight pink bow that looked to be tied very tight around her neck. Her legs were in leather cuffs attached to the concrete floor, and her arms firmly secured over her head with more leather cuffs attached to the wood beams that went across the celling. There was a short fat man standing behind her fucking one of her holes.

The third girl I knew was Polly immediately. She was on all fours attached with leather straps to a set of wood posts coming right out of the concrete floor. There was a thick wood pole under her body and another leather strap around her waist. Her body was completely immobilized. There were five or six men standing naked around her waiting their turn. One man was fucking her face and another was pounding her from behind. The man in her mouth threw his head back and was clearly unloading in her mouth. He stepped back and I got a look at Polly.

She looked like she was half unconscious. Jizz was drooling form the corners of her mouth as her body was rocked back and forth. She had a goofy smile on her face and didn't even recognize I was there. She was just looking around for another cock. I guessed she was on some drug or another. "She's been there since last night." I realized Tim had come up behind me. He put his arm on my shoulder, and was talking to me butt ass naked.

"Some of the guys came over last night to drop off the party favors, and as usual Polly paid for the blow." He started laughing. "In fact looks like she still is. Man when those guys get some uppers in their system they can fuck for days." He slapped me on the back and grabbed a scared naked little brunette girl by the back of the neck and led her upstairs. The short fat man fucking the hanging blonde, seemed like he was done and followed "Uncle Tim" upstairs.

I was still fully clothed, and in total shock. I knew while those guys were fucking her I couldn't get her out of here, but she did say she enjoyed these parties. I looked over and the hanging blonde girl, she looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. I realized she was looking at me as I was looking at her. "Fuck me." I looked around. She was talking to me. "Fuck me please, I need a cock in me so bad, please fuck me." My compassion for Polly was put on hold and I stripped.

I walked over to the hanging girl, and ran my hands over her stretched body. I felt her wet sweaty features, and she groaned and moved her body to press harder into my hands. By the time I was behind her I was rock hard. I looked over at Polly again, from where I was I had a perfect view of Polly's forced fucking. I brought my attention back to my current victim. Her ass was so round and perfect. It had beautiful tan lines and her waist was so small. I grabbed her hips and lifted them so I could get my cock in her. as I lifted her weight she sighed in relief, but groaned when I let her weight settle on my bone.

I ran my hands up from her waist and grabbed her big soft tits and used them to get leverage and started to fuck the hanging blonde with no mercy. She made crying whining sounds, like a dying dog, but starting moaning as well. She was in pain, but she was loving every moment of it. She was like Polly. Suddenly I realized Polly was exactly where she wanted to be. She loved rough degrading sex. Just like this little sex kitten dangling on my cock. I kept up my pace as long as I could, but I quickly shot off inside her.

I walked upstairs, and a stunning auburn haired girl walked up to me and took my hand. "Hi." I said hi back. You're new here huh?" I simply nodded. "I'm Jenny." I smiled and told her my name. "So, do you want to fuck me in my butt?" She looked up at me like she just asked me if I wanted a drink. I looked at her naked body. So firm and full. She had beautiful B cup tits. I guessed she was thirteen or fourteen.

"Sure baby, you want to fuck right here or go some place private?" She smile and still gripping my hand led me to Tim's room. The father daughter team was gone, and the room was empty. The cute teen ran to the bed side table and seemed to know exactly where the lube was. She squatted where she stood and stuffed two gel covered fingers into her little back door. She put the bottle back in the drawer and hopped up on the bed on her hands and knees. Her back was arched and her face pressed into the bed. She turned her head and looked back at me as if to say. "Well?"

I knelt on the bed and shoved my stiff cock into this little girls ass hole. She cried out and screamed, but made no effort to stop me. I guessed she was like the other girls and like to be treated like the little whore she was, so I showed no mercy. I always thought of myself as a nice guy, but ever since I started fucking little girls I learned I have a real sadistic side. I grabbed a handful of the little girls hair in one hand and grabbed one of her ass cheeks hard. She squealed into the bed and I fucked her hard. I slammed my weight into her frame over and over. This was just the beginning of the wildest night of my life.

To Be Continued...

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