Wanting a Girl

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by JetBoy

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Published: 12-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Adjusting my skirt, I settle myself on the wooden park bench, the early July sun a gentle glow on my back -- and a matching glow of excitement quickly building in my tummy. She's here again...

Casually as I can manage, I allow my eyes to drift over to where she now stands, this slim, boyish young blonde of around twelve or thirteen who idly watches a small boy as he mounts the stairs to the top of the slide. Her arms and legs are delightfully bare, and she wears open-toed sandals. No breasts to speak of. Her hair is a thick, somewhat tangled mane of dark blonde tresses. And then there are her eyes -- bright blue and piercing. Hungry, somehow.

The sunlight that frames the girl makes the thin fabric of her short skirt almost transparent, revealing the outline of slender thighs. The steady throb inside me continues to make itself felt, and I savour the oddity of my situation.

A man of any age, seated here often as I am, would surely arouse the occasional look of suspicion from the she-wolf pack of passing mothers, taught to be always on guard against sexual predators. But I, a woman in my late thirties, attract no doubtful glances as I perch on the edge of the bench, my eyes lingering on this flawless nymph. As far as the distracted mommies know -- and that's if they even bothered to give the matter a moment's thought -- she could be my own little girl.

I feel warmth and dampness slowly gather between my thighs as I shift slightly, increasingly aroused by my little Lolita. She suddenly bends down to pick up a discarded flower, lying on the pavement near her left sandal, and a jolt of lust surges through me as I catch a quick glimpse of white panties. Studying the somewhat wilted yellow flower for a few heartbeats, she tucks it behind one ear, grinning hugely, then executes a few improvised dance steps. I quiver inside at the sight of her pale, elegant limbs as she moves to an unheard rhythm.

What brought me to this? Months after I first experienced this strange hunger for young girls, it's still a mystery. At my age I've had my share of men and more than my share of women, but this new, frightening temptation seemed to spring from nowhere.

I still recall that day when this slumbering obsession first awakened inside me. There I was, seated on the bus, thumbing through a paperback novel, when a schoolgirl of about eleven or twelve sat down in the opposite seat. I glanced up at her; and in that first look, felt as if I were falling down a long, narrow elevator shaft.

The girl was incredibly beautiful, projecting a certain delicate innocence that I found enchanting. Her short kilt rode high on her white thighs, revealing a taut triangle of blue knickers. My heart began to thump violently, and I felt a warmth that couldn't be explained by the weather.

I couldn't take my eyes from the girl... yet somehow she failed to notice me, so I continued to study her. I found myself wondering what she looked liked under her dress -- especially beneath those tight panties. Was her mound bare and smooth, or did she already have a sprinkling of baby-soft down? Would her pubes be the same bright red as the thick, unruly curls that tumbled to her shoulders, or were they of a more neutral hue? Had her breasts begun to bud beneath that white school blouse, or did she have the chest of a young boy? Were her nipples especially pronounced? Would they stiffen if I touched them?

Then my gaze shifted to the girl's mouth, lipsticked pink. It was a lovely, slightly pouting mouth; made for kisses. I imagined myself doing exactly that -- my lips covering hers, penetrating them with an eager tongue, kissing this pubescent child like a lover. I pictured my hand, slipping between those angel-soft thighs to touch the cleft of her sex through those pretty blue knickers, the girl moaning with delight at my touch, parting her legs further to let me have my way...

I came back to myself with a start, shocked to see that I'd passed my stop several blocks earlier. Frantically gathering my bags, I scrambled from the bus at it came to the next stop, not looking back, suddenly afraid that she might be watching.

Dazed, I covered the half dozen blocks that led back to my flat. Fumbling for my keys, I barely made it through the front door before dropping my bags and casting my coat to the floor. I quickly sat myself down on the sofa, reached beneath the sensible skirt I wore and tugged my knickers down and off.

Settling back into the plush upholstery, I begin to masturbate; first teasing my slit until it throbbed, then plunging two fingers deep inside. I was already so wet that thick, warm fluids were trickling down into the crack of my arse. There would definitely be a stain on the back of my skirt before I was finished -- but I needed to come so desperately that I didn't give a toss.

I fucked myself violently, wrist pumping like a piston as that familiar sensation spread through me like oozing syrup, gradually building in intensity. All the while, I pictured that exquisite girl from the bus -- imagined her undressing for me, eagerly revealing her naked body. I saw myself in bed with her, equally nude, the two of us making passionate love. I fantasized of licking her, exploring that baby-smooth cunt with my tongue. Finally, when the ache grew almost painful, I allowed the other hand to steal between my thighs, lightly pinching my throbbing clitoris. My scream echoed from the paneled walls as the mother of all orgasms crashed down upon me.

Afterwards, I sat dazed for a long while, sticky hands resting on my thighs. What in God's name had I just done? I'd brought myself to a convulsive climax, all the while fantasizing about an adolescent girl -- that's what I'd done.

Oh, I tried to explain it away -- told myself that, after all, it had been a couple of months since I'd gone to bed with a woman; that this child's beauty just happened to strike a certain chord inside me at that particular moment; that perhaps she simply reminded me of some other, older woman who tickled my fancy.

Deep down inside, though, I knew that I'd opened some locked chamber, hidden in a dark corner of my soul... and a monster had emerged, one who would not easily be coaxed back into its cell.

Pedophile. The word burned in my mind, filled me with unease.

Rousing myself from this troubling reverie, I shambled into the bathroom, stripped off what clothes I was still wearing and climbed into the shower.

I only intended to wash myself; but as I slathered my body with scented soap, lewd images of that cute little redhead began to scroll though my head all over again. I pictured her naked and on all fours, smiling at me over a bare shoulder, daring me to take her.

Soon I was slumped against the side of the shower cubicle, fingering my pussy in a renewed frenzy beneath the streaming water until I came again, nearly fainting from the intensity of it.

From that day forward, I was a changed person. Oh, I still hooked up with the occasional adult sex partner -- casual girlfriends, or women I met at a local lesbian bar -- but my new obsession was young girls. I'd quickly discovered that the little redhead from the bus was only my entry point into this realm of forbidden lust... and that the world was filled with nymphets aplenty to arouse the beast in me.

So that is why, several days a week, you can find me at this neighbourhood park three blocks from my place of employment, taking lunch in the early afternoon. And as often as not, I'm there after work as well, with a magazine in my lap that I only pretend to read. There, I watch for young girls at every opportunity -- and since the park is next to a school, there are usually plenty of them to see.

They have to be the right age to satisfy my craving, though -- say, somewhere from ten to thirteen. Old enough to have an awakening sense of their sexuality, but not mature enough to be called a young woman. Once their breasts have grown in, my interest begins to wane.

Nibbling at a sandwich, or turning the page of my magazine, I study these preteen lovelies as they play, chat amongst themselves, argue with parents and lick ice cream cones. I take in the shapes of their bodies, the fresh youthful faces, their boundless energy. Warm weather is best, when limbs are delightfully bare in summer dresses and cute shorts. I gorge myself on the sight of beautiful girls until my body throbs with lust, then hurry home to indulge myself with a hour or two of frenzied masturbation.

Then, about a month ago, while seated on my favourite bench, I spied her -- the rough-and-tumble princess who stole my heart at first glance.

I still recall that first sight of her; barefoot, in yellow shorts and a purple t-shirt adorned with the faded face of some pop star I didn't recognize. She was bounding through the grass with other children, engaged in some war game in which she was clearly a squadron leader, ordering her underlings about.

I was instantly smitten. Her brashness, her energy, her youth; those flying tresses of dark blonde hair, the flashing of her bare limbs as she strutted and pranced from one end of the park to the other. I longed for this wild angel, ached to kneel before her and tug those lemon-hued shorts down to her feet, then press my mouth against the front of her knickers to nuzzle the crease of her slit.

Since that afternoon, I still watch the young girls play, my head filled with lustful thoughts... but she is the one who brings me to this park nearly every day, where I pretend to read while seeking her out in the shrieking gaggle of kids. And when I spy her -- sometimes with the little boy in tow, most often on her own -- it feels like a benediction.

I come back to reality with a jerk. The boy is now scooting about in the sand pit, and my nameless little doll is approaching this very bench.

The girl flings herself onto the seat beside me, her firm thigh briefly touching mine. She turns to flash me a smile, and I catch a glimpse of white teeth just before she speaks.

"Hi, lady! You're here every day, aren't you? I see you a lot. Who are you with?"

I'm temporarily taken aback -- who'd have thought she'd have noticed me? I tremble at the warmth of her bare leg as it brushes against my thigh again. Keep cool, Lesley, I tell myself. Keep cool.

Taking a calming breath, I reply. "I'm not with anyone, love. I just enjoy watching children play... like your little brother over there!" I gesture toward the boy, now gleefully pouring sand into one of his shoes.

The girl wrinkles her nose, then gives a derisive snort of laughter. "He's not my brother... he's our next-door neighbour's kid. I'm kinda s'posed to take care of him sometimes." She frowns, firmly crossing both arms before her. "I hate boys. I never want to have anything to do with them unless I abs'lutely have to."

I chuckle at that. "I'll bet you won't think that way in a few years, honey... anyone as pretty as you will have boys hanging all around, dying to ask you out."

My words make her turn and stare at me, her lower lip thrust out defiantly.

"My name's Josie, not Honey... an' I won't ever want a boyfriend!"

Not wanting to upset this enchanting child, I give her a great big smile, as if she'd simply introduced herself. Touching her shoulder, I softly say, "My name's Lesley... it's nice to meet you, Josie."

Mollified, she nods at me, then shifts her gaze to study the boy. Her charge is now burrowing into the sand and looks a mess. Josie places her small, soft left hand on my leg, then points at him with the right. "Why would any girl want to be with... with someone like that?"

I shrug, trying not to let Josie see how strongly her touch affects me. "Well, even little boys do grow up, eventually."

"Not enough!" she retorts.

The warmth of her hand upon my thigh has raised the heat between my legs considerably... and I'm ready to find any excuse to keep Josie company for awhile.

Then she gives me the opportunity to do just that. Stretching herself, giving me an enchanting glimpse of her soft underarm, Josie grimaces. "I have to take Tommy home now," she mutters, nodding toward the sand-covered kid. Then she quickly turns to me, her face alight. "Hey, wanna come with us? We can hang out some more. I like talking to you!" She bobs her head eagerly, that short skirt inching up a little further to reveal more of her snowy white thigh.

As you have no doubt guessed, I happily agree to accompany Josie and her young charge, feeling a surge of excitement when it strikes me that I might just get to find out where my brash little nymph lives.

We leave the small park and set off along the bustling street. On the way, I learn a few things about my new friend. She is twelve -- "nearly thirteen!" -- has two cats, named Spartacus and Gopher, loves curry and lemon tarts.

"Not together, I hope!" I reply, and she giggles.

Then, tilting her head in a most fetching way, Josie asks "So, Lesley... tell me 'bout you!" Her cheerful smile makes me lightheaded, stokes the building warmth in my knickers.

Rather than go into detail about my tedious office job, I tell her about the things in my life that truly mean something to me -- my love for old black and white films, my collection of blue glass figurines; and most important of all, my poetry. When she learns that I've had two volumes of verse published, Josie's awe is a wondrous thing to see.

"I never knew anyone who wrote a book before," she marvels... and I'm surprised to find myself blushing.

"Actually, they only printed a few hundred copies," I confess. "I've still got some left -- you can have one of each if you like."

"Cool!" she squeals, her eyes dancing. As for me, I was thrilled, having invented a plausible excuse to meet up with Josie again.

We stop at a run-down but nicely maintained house, where Josie rings the doorbell and waits, impatiently tapping her foot all the while. Nobody comes.

"Crap," she sighs, clenching her jaw. "His mum must be out. Now I have to take him home and wash him myself." Seizing Tommy's hand, she leads him down the short flight of stairs to the sidewalk, then up to the house next door. Taking out a key, she unlocks the door and pushes it open.

Realizing that our time together is over, I'm trying to work out how to ask her when she'll be at the park next when she turns to me hesitantly.

"Um, Lesley? Could I ask you a big favour? Mum's not home to give me a hand, so... could you maybe, uh... help me wash Tommy?"

Though I've never had kids of my own, I did grow up with younger brothers and sisters, so I do know how to bathe a little boy... and Tommy is certainly is in need of a major washing! But I'd have said yes even if I didn't have a clue what to do, just for the chance to be with my beautiful Josie for a little longer.

"Of course," I assured her with a big smile. "I'll be happy to help you." So into her home we went, then upstairs to the bathroom with Tommy.

The dirt-covered little imp is a rambunctious four, and like most kids his age, a shower can quickly become a game. That's how Josie and I get completely soaked when he grabs the detachable shower head while we're washing him and sprays us. Josie catches the brunt of it, and I get the pleasure of seeing her wet clothes plastered to her body, the girl's small, hard nipples clearly outlined under the thin cotton of her t-shirt.

Once clean and dry, Tommy is dressed... and Josie marches him next door once again while I wait in the front room. One of her cats is sprawled lazily on the couch, and I bend to stroke his back. Pleased, he purrs audibly, rubbing his face against my hand.

This time, Tommy's mum must be home to take charge of him, because Josie returns alone. She shuts the door behind her and leans against it, a mysterious grin on her face. "So, Lesley... what do we do now?"

Suddenly, I'm acutely aware of the fact that a luscious little girl and I are alone in her house. My body is throbbing with desire for this childish enchantress, standing before me in wet clothing ... but my mind is apprehensive, imagining what could happen if I put a foot wrong. Lust or fear, stay or leave -- what to do?

Then the decision is made for me when Josie wanders a few feet over to the entryway to a tiny room, one with a washing machine and tumble dryer inside. Reaching down to grasp the bottom of her t-shirt, she casually peels the damp garment off, dropping it where she stands, then unzips the brief skirt, letting it fall to the floor before stepping free. I gape in disbelief as Josie strips before me without a hint of modesty.

Now wearing nothing but a small pair of white knickers, she cheerfully says, "You should get out of those wet clothes, Lesley, an' I'll put them in the dryer with my stuff." Before I can respond, she adds, "I'll get you Mum's bathrobe to wear while we wait. She'll never know, won't be home for hours yet."

I find myself unable to speak, much less move... I'm hypnotized by Josie's flat chest and her startlingly large pink nipples that stand firmly erect. Then -- oh, God -- she grasps the elastic of her damp panties and slowly slides them down her pale legs. My eyes drop to the neat, pink crease of her slit, bereft of the slightest hint of hair.

Josie makes no effort to cover herself... in fact, she stands before me for a few heartbeats, giving me every opportunity to look before turning away, declaring "I'll be back!" She pads down the hallway, turns right and vanishes into a room.

I stand rooted to the spot, unsure of what to do now. Should I really undress... or was that far too dangerous an option to consider? The sight of naked little Josie had left me trembling inside, as if from a raging fever. How much worse would these mingled feelings of lust and terror be if I was nude, too?

At any rate, Josie leaves me no time to think about the matter. Instead, she merrily struts back down the corridor to me, the promised bathrobe draped over her arm. She stops, then frowns. "Well, go on, Lesley. Take your clothes off!"

My heart stutters frantically as I step out of my shoes, then begin to undress with clumsy fingers. She openly watches as I remove my dress, making no effort to conceal her interest. In fact, her eyes widen in what appears to be excitement as I unhook and slip off my bra. Taking a deep breath, I tug my knickers down and off, removing the very last stitch between us. That task accomplished, I straighten and stand awkwardly, stark naked and clutching a bundle of my soggy clothing.

Drawing near, Josie offers me the plush robe with one hand, taking my wet clothes with the other. She turns, bending down to scoop her wet things from the floor, then strides into the closet-like room where the dryer waits. Opening the metal lid, she packs our mixed clothes inside, reaches to twist a knob, then presses a button that sets the machine to rumbling.

With a glance and a "C'mon!" she pads naked down the hallway. The sight of her flawless little bottom, jiggling slightly as she walks away, leaves me lightheaded.

Somehow I manage to break from my temporary paralysis and slip into the bathrobe before following my nude little nymph into the master bedroom. Still somewhat dazed, I watch as Josie hops onto the bed and reclines among the pillows, her legs lewdly parted.

Josie is studying me, the strangest expression on her face -- almost predatory, if a word could be applied to it. I shiver, still caught up in this dizzying mixture of terror and excitement.

Is the wolf going to devour the lamb? I wonder, not knowing what is supposed to happen next.

Then Josie speaks. Her voice has the same childish lilt as before, but these are not the words of a little girl.

"Do you want me, Lesley? I've watched you at the park, y'know... I see the way you look at me, an' I think you want us to do stuff together." She places both hands over her nonexistent breasts, covering those dark red nipples. "Sexy stuff."

Smoothly as an uncoiling snake, Josie rises from the bed and up on all fours. We stare at one another as she crawls closer, inch by inch until she is kneeling before me, gazing up with those bright blue eyes -- the eyes of a girl who knows exactly what she wants, and means to have it.

Through dry lips I stammer, "How d-did you know?"

Again the predator's smile as she sits on the edge of the bed, unfastening the belt of the robe I'm wearing, spreading it wide open to reveal my bare body. "Oh... it's the way you look at me, just like this other lady I know -- she likes girls, too." Her face is nearly touching my belly. "We're lovers, y'see... an' she showed me how to do this..."

Suddenly her little hands are cupping my bottom while the tip of her wet tongue flirts with the dripping folds of my labia, sending these exquisite darts of fire coursing through me. I shrug the robe to the floor, then tangle my fingers in Josie's damp tresses as she licks a long, slow path through my vaginal cleft.

I have imagined this before with dozens of young girls, never believing I'd ever have the courage to realize my tawdry fantasy. But now a child of twelve is going down on me, and at that moment, it feels like destiny. Yes, I tell myself, this... this is who I am.

One, two, and then three slim fingers slide inside me, stealing the breath from my lungs for a dizzying instant. Then Josie is fucking me, thrusting hard and deep while her tongue licks circles around my inflamed clitoris. I spread my thighs to allow her full access to my vagina, whispering "Harder... oh, Josie, d-do it harder..."

And she happily obliges, suckling my clit like a tiny nipple as her arm churns to and fro, fingers spearing into me with a relentless rhythm. I sway, but somehow manage to remain on my feet.

My orgasm astonishes me when it comes crashing down, like a collapsing roof, the room ringing with the sound of my choked cries. My juices flow freely, coating Josie's face as my little lover continues to service me with her mouth. Her thin arms are wrapped tightly around my waist to hold me steady -- no easy task, as I'm barely able to keep my legs from buckling.

She finally pulls away, and I collapse onto the bed in a sodden heap, head whirling like a top. Somehow I manage to crawl up to where a very inviting pillow waits and bury my head in its cool embrace.

Without a word, Josie nestles into me, her arms twining around my back. I can feel her warm breath caressing my left nipple. I'm out of breath, heart still thumping in the aftermath of climax; but when Josie's naked body presses against mine I am instantly renewed, every inch of me pulsing with animal lust.

Sitting up, I shove Josie onto her back, crawling on top of her. Now I am the predator...

Her eyes are alive with excitement, lips parted in startled surprise. I press my advantage, dipping down to cover this naked nymph's mouth with mine in a French kiss; penetrating those soft lips -- still moist from my pussy -- with a thrusting tongue. She responds immediately, kissing me back with an ardour one wouldn't expect to encounter in a girl of twelve. It's as if she was born to make love.

Were I my normal, everyday self, I would certainly take things slowly with Josie, mindful of her youth. But the heat rages within me, and I am ravenous for this girl, needing to have her, all of her. As I fuck her mouth, using my tongue like a tiny cock, my hand glides down her body, slipping between thin thighs to cup Josie's sex. I don't know what I was expecting to find, but the warmth and wetness of her bare slit surprises me.

She wrenches her mouth from mine, panting, "Oooohhhhyeah... fuck me, Lesley!"

I hesitate, my crazed lust forgotten for the moment. Surely this -- this child couldn't mean... "F-fuck you?" I stammer.

Grinning, she covers my hand with hers, pressing it into the moist flesh. "Put a finger inside me. It's okay, I'm not a virgin anymore... it won't hurt." She is pinching her swollen nipples, twisting them. "Don't b-be too gentle, either," she demands, "do it to me hard an' fast -- that's what I want!"

The beast in me is rearing its head again, fed by this luscious adolescent and her craving to be taken like a slut. So little Josie-pie wants to get wild, does she? I'd show her what a woman on fire was capable of... but first, I'd make her beg me for it.

Without a word I stretch out between my nymphet's spread legs, gazing hungrily at her childish sex. Homing in, my nostrils flare at the thick, earthy scent of her. The labia are seashell-pink, slightly puffy, and glistening with moisture; the vulva silky smooth and innocent of the slightest trace of pubic down, inviting my touch.

Extending a finger, I trace along the sticky cleft with the lightest of caresses. A tiny whimper escapes Josie's lips, her hands now balled into white-knuckled fists.

My mouth waters at the sight of my new lover's cunt; the warm, fleshy banquet that awaits the caress of my mouth. But not yet... no, not yet. Pursing my lips, I lightly blow between her thighs, bathing Josie's sex with my cool spearmint breath.

"Ohhhhh..." she moans, impatient for pleasure. "What're you doing, Lesley? Lick me, touch me... something, damn it!"

"Hmmm... I don't think so," I purr, in control and liking it. "You're a demanding little girl, aren't you? And quite lacking in manners." I pause to blow once more, and she shivers. "If you really want to be fucked, child... ask me nicely."

Josie is quivering with excitement, but clearly unwilling to plead for what she craves. Her right hand begins to slowly glide over the tummy and down, straying onto the rise of her mound. I give it a sharp smack, and she snatches it away with a startled cry.

"No," I calmly say. Well, I sound calm, but deep inside, the beast writhes, straining at the leash, desperate to be free. "You're not going to come until I allow you to, missy... and that's not going to happen. Not until you prove to me that you can behave like a good little girl." I punctuate that by trailing a fingertip through her slit.

Josie's hips buck as if she is trying to impale herself upon my finger. But I have already withdrawn from her. She cries out in a mixture of anger, frustration and sexual heat, pounding the bed with her fist. "What? What?"

"Beg me," I tell her, my heart pounding so stridently that it seems to echo in my ears.

She stubbornly clenches her jaw, giving her head a tiny shake. Her defiance only excites me, makes me all the more determined to win this battle of wills. I begin to delicately stroke the insides of Josie's thighs, barely touching the pale skin. The effect is like fanning a flame, a violent shudder running through her thin form. A droplet of fluid oozes from her glistening crack, trickling down to pause just an inch or so above her anus. I lick my lips, poised to capture that droplet with my tongue.

Josie takes a long, shaky breath. "Please," she says, almost inaudibly.

"Please what?" I fire back. "Say the words..."

Her eyes are frantic, flickering wildly about the room. "P-please fuck me, Lesley. I -- I'm goin' crazy, I need it so bad!"

Satisfied, I move in for the kill. At the first brush of my lips on her slick flesh, she shudders and squirms on the counterpane. I press an open-mouthed kiss into her, seeking out the vaginal entrance with my index finger, easing the tip inside.

Slipping into her warmth, I'm able to smoothly penetrate Josie right up to the third knuckle. Sure enough, there is no hymen to bar my way. I move in and out of the lust-slicked canal, eyes widening in amazement as I feel her internal muscles grip at my probing finger.

Raising her upper half onto her elbows, Josie stares at me, eagerness and excitement written on her face. I'm expecting her to tell me how good this feels, and then she shocks me for the second time in minutes.

"Please, Lesley... p-put another finger in me. I can take it, honest I can! Please..."

Licking my lips as I break away from kissing the sweet, sticky flesh, I withdraw almost completely from Josie's vagina, then carefully placing a second fingertip alongside the first against the moist opening. Taking a deep breath, I press forward. My twinned digits enter her, filling her, stretching her just enough to make me wonder if she really can take it.

In reply, she thrusts her hips against me, impatient with my cautious penetration. "Don't do it so slow, Lesley... you w-won't hurt me," she blurts. "Please, oh please -- fuck me hard!" She lies back, bracing herself.

The madness is on me now, so I thrust my fingers deep into her and begin to piston them in and out, giving this luscious slut-child the crazed fucking she wants. She is soon shaking like a sapling in a gale, her hands seizing bunches of the bedding, face contorted in a mixture of unimaginable rapture and joyous pain. Her cunt seems to gush thick, warm fluids, and my hand is soon dripping with them. Unwilling to allow such sweet nectar to be wasted, I fasten my mouth to Josie's vulva, drinking deep of her essence.

My little lover is panting furiously, occasional words emerging in her ecstasy: "Oh, G-god... yes... just -- just... like that... L-Lesley... d-don' stop... so g-good... keep... keep... fuckin' me... yeah... oooh yeah... fuck me... fuck me... FUCK me!" She trembles from head to toe, the storm massing inside her, mounting rapidly.

I hammer her harder, plunging into her body again and again; carrying her right up to the point of insanity and a few yards beyond. Then I freeze my pumping arm in mid-thrust, fingers buried to the hilt inside Josie as I suck the tiny nubbin of her clitoris between my lips.

Josie goes rigid and utterly silent for a split second... then a strangled scream is torn from her throat when a mighty orgasm kicks in, snatching at her slight frame like the paw of some clumsy giant. I watch in astonishment from my place between her thighs as she roils and thrashes wildly, climaxing like a grown woman -- not the prepubescent girl that she is.

I'm doing my best to prolong and intensify her pleasure -- moving my fingers around inside her in a circular motion to massage the vaginal walls, still suckling at the inflamed clit. She is beyond words now, only giving low, hoarse moans. Finally one final surge of rapture tears through the shaking girl, her body arching like a bow and a last gush of her creamy fluids coating my lips and chin. Then she is pushing at me, shoving my face away with frantic hands.

I sit back, stunned and, truth be told, a little uneasy over what I've just witnessed. It had been easy to get caught up in the moment, to do whatever it took to bring my little lover off. But seeing a young girl of twelve take such a hard fucking and climax as convulsively as Josie had... Christ almighty, it just seems crazy.

And things are clearly about to get even crazier because Josie is once again flashing me that wicked smile, already eager for more. I'm gaping in disbelief, unable to accept that her pussy isn't too tender after the pounding she just took --but when she turns away to face the wall and gets down on hands and knees, presenting her bare bottom to me, I immediately know what she wants. Lowering her head and shoulders to a pillow but leaving her bum up, Josie reaches back to spread her cheeks apart, revealing the puckered jewel of her anus.

Oh, my. Nothing turns me on more than the soft, supple bottom of a young girl... and Josie's is exquisite. Heart throbbing with renewed lust, I kneel behind her, lower my face to the split of my little lover's buttocks and burrow in between them. First I let my lips roam around that tight rosebud, then bring my tongue into play, licking up and down Josie's crack. Soon she's writhing beneath me, moaning helplessly. I allow my right hand to steal between my wicked nymph's legs, fondling her slit. I know she has to be a bit sore down there, so my touch is gossamer-light; barely grazing the soft petals with my fingertips.

It seems to be achieving the desired result, too. A shiver surges through my naked angel, and a choked cry breaks from her lips. I continue to bathe her anal cleft with long, slow swipes of the tongue, tracing a path between Josie's cheeks while my hand presses against the wet, warm flesh of this panting twelve-year-old, gently masturbating her.

When my fingers find Josie's clitoris, she stiffens for a couple of heartbeats, then gasps as she seizes up in orgasm. Its intensity is less violent this time, her mews of pleasure quickly mounting into a tiny squeal. When her boyish frame goes limp, I withdraw; placing a light kiss upon each buttock before guiding my spent angel onto her back.

That accomplished, I sit back to contemplate my handiwork. My young lover is dazed, bleary-eyed, breathing hard, her cheeks and much of her body flushed a lovely pink. She lies with her thighs wide apart, revealing everything she has. I study her with folded arms, smug with satisfaction. It had taken everything I'd had to subdue this sexy little wildcat... but here she is, well and truly fucked. My own desire is hot and restless again, but I can wait while Josie regains her strength. She is only twelve, after all.

Moving to kneel beside her, I brush her damp bangs to one side, then bend to place a few soft kisses on Josie's face -- and that, dear friends, is when she lunges for me like a striking cobra.

Caught completely off guard, I'm no match for her speed and agility. I cry out in shock as Josie wrestles me onto my back, her teeth bared, eyes flashing. She quickly straddles me, her warm, wet sex brushing my belly and a feral grin of triumph on her lips.

"I don't like being told what to do," she declares in a low, even voice that seethes with menace. "An' I specially don't like being made to beg for stuff I want." She reaches down to firmly pinch my left nipple, and I whimper as a delicious surge of pain races through my quivering form. "You've been bad, Lesley, so you have'ta get punished," she hisses. "Get up on your hands and knees... I'm gonna spank you!"

Climbing from atop me, she sits, folds her arms and waits for me to comply, a stern look on her face.

Now, I've never been any kind of a submissive. In fact, I tend to take the upper hand with my lovers, if the issue ever arises. No one has ever dominated me in bed, or even tried to. But now this -- this child is determined to have her way with me, to paddle my arse like I was a disobedient brat who'd just had a temper tantrum.

The very idea is absurd, nonsensical -- but right here, right now, it gets me hot!

I had to experience this. I'd just engaged in wild sex with a young girl for the first time, now I was going to yield control to her, find out just what this freaky little bitch was capable of.

Without a word I rise, meekly getting up on all fours. Her hand lovingly caresses my bottom, and I somehow manage not to moan. "I'm gonna give you ten spanks," Josie declares, her lips nearly touching my face. "That's what really naughty girls get." Her tongue flicks teasingly at my earlobe -- and then she moves away, positioning herself behind me.

I find myself wondering what Josie will do while she doles out my punishment. Will she be fingering her slit, or tugging at her nipples? Will her mouth be drawn back in a sadistic smile, or gone slack with arousal? I want to see, to watch my young lover as she spanks me... but something tells me that I'd best not risk it.

I hear her take a deep breath, feel her draw back -- and a burst of heat sears my right buttock as a hand comes crashing down, the harsh crack ringing like a gunshot in the cozy bedroom.

It stings, but not more than I can stand, so I brace myself for the next. It arrives right on cue, this time connecting with the left cheek. "Bad girl," she growls.

The blows continue to land, one after the next. Josie's definitely not spanking me as hard as she might have done; still, my buttocks are soon burning from her assault. Funny, though; there's a matching fire in the vault of my cunt, a fire that seems to grow in intensity with each smack of my ferocious little lover's hand. I'm leaking warm, thick juices down the insides of my thighs, and it takes every bit of inner strength I can summon up to refrain from plunging a hand between my legs, to grapple with the inferno that rages there.

The hurt is quickly overtaking the pleasure, though; and I'm on the verge of crying when Josie's hand connects for the tenth and last time, and she cries "There! All done." I manage to choke my brimming tears back, determined not to let this child catch me in such a vulnerable state.

"Good job, Lesley," Josie breathes, stroking what I'm certain is a very red bottom. "Now, I got a surprise for you." Her voice has gone from soothing to dripping with lust in the space of five seconds. I feel her fingers, fiddling around between my legs. "I spanked your bum... now, I'm gonna fuck your pussy."

Suddenly something very thick is pushing its way into me, and I gasp in shock. Oh my God oh my God oh my GOD. I know what that is, it's Josie's four fingers and thumb, all bunched together. The blood roars in my ears as she presses deeper, stretching the vaginal ring, and I shove my legs further apart to accommodate her.

Yeah, that's right -- this little hellion is going to fist me, and I'm going to let it happen.

It's an exquisite agony, feeling Josie's fingers inching into my cunt. No lover has ever put a whole hand in me before... and I've taken some pretty large cocks in my time, both real and artificial, but none as thick as this.

She penetrates me right up to her knuckles, then slowly twists her hand from side to side, trying to work the rest inside. I try my best to relax, to allow her complete access to me.

And with a sudden lurch she pushes through, her hand plunging deep into my vagina. I throw my head back, a choked scream ripped from my guts at how utterly lovely it feels -- pain and pleasure mingled together in a dizzying combination.

Josie gives me no time to catch my breath, her fingers quickly melding into a fist before that little hand begins to churn about inside me; short strokes that soon become longer ones as she falls into a steady rhythm.

I'm totally into this, pushing back into every thrust. It's what being ridden by a stallion must feel like, I imagine -- this fleshy shaft driving in and out of me, accompanied by Josie's harsh breathing as her arm pumps back, forth, back, forth...

"Take it, bitch," my young lover snaps. "Take it all!"

Christ almighty, how deep is she fucking me? Up to her elbow, I'd swear -- then suddenly, her motion ceases, Josie's arm buried in my body, the subterranean rumblings of my orgasm mounting into a roar.

My fingers dig into the blankets as I brace myself for the imminent explosion -- and that's when I feel a warm, wet tongue licking at my anus.

The effect is like a ball of flame, detonating in my belly and radiating outward until I can feel myself glowing with the heat of it; a star gone nova. I want to cry out, to howl, but no sound emerges -- in fact, I can barely breathe. Instead, I pound the bed with my fist once, twice, three times; but my violent motion only makes Josie's hand shift around inside, spiking my pleasure even higher.

My little girl lover is shoving her face into the cleft of my buttocks, bathing my rosebud with her lips and tongue. It feels divine, all the more so when coupled with Josie's arm, filling my cunt like nothing ever has. I'm coming so hard that my entire body is shaking the same way that the crap car I drive does, any time the speedometer inches past sixty.

Finally I'm past the peak of ecstasy, and I simply slump forward, burying my face in the mussed bedsheets. Josie still has me impaled on her fist, so I remain on my knees.

Suddenly air rushes into my lungs in a rattling gasp as that lovely hand begins to withdraw from my slippery channel, the scraping of Josie's knuckles against the vaginal walls a sustained note of pleasure that, after my frenzied climax, is almost too much to bear.

"N-not too fast!" I manage to pant, the last word rising to a cry as her hand exits my ravaged cunt with a slurping sound... and I tip over on my side, the world vanishing down a long, dark tunnel as I slip into unconsciousness.


I lie placidly, allowing the gentle tide to carry me along the shore. My body is warmed from head to toe, as if I'm stretched beneath some unseen sun. Then suddenly the ebb and flow of the ocean solidifies into a bed -- the bed, actually.

The sound of Josie's voice summons me back to the here and now... but wait, who is she talking to?

I raise my still-spinning head, suddenly struck stone cold sober by the sight of a woman standing in the bedroom doorway.

Oh, good Christ in heaven, I'm done for. Josie's mum is home and has caught me in bed with her twelve year old child, both of us naked and the room reeking of rough sex and cunt.

She doesn't look like Josie, though; not slim and blonde, but darker and heavy set, with shapely hips and a generous set of breasts -- and she's grinning at us both.

Grinning? I steal a quick look at my young lover, and she looks... pleased. What the fuck is going on here?

My head swivels back to the strange woman, who is fondling her left breast. "My, my. Looks like you two been enjoyin' yourselves..." she murmurs.

Josie tugs at my arm. "Lesley, this is Gillian. She's Tommy's mum." She flashes me a bad-girl smile. "Oh... an' she was my first lover, the one I told you about. I asked her to come by later when I took Tommy home. Mum gave her a spare key ages ago, so she can drop in to check on me and make sure I'm all right."

Gillian slowly enters the room, moving cat-like toward the bed. "Well, Jo... are you all right, then?"

Josie purses her face in mock-concentration, touching a finger to her chin, suddenly speaking in the lilting voice of a child half her age. "Oh, Miss Gillian... I met this nice lady at the park, an' we've been playing ever such lovely games together... but we could have even more fun if you joined us!" Her eyes are filled with innocent longing, as if she'd just spied a toy she wants in a window display. "Won't you come an' play... please?"

Fuck, she's behaving like a little girl, hands clasped before her and an angelic expression on her face -- certainly a far cry from the adolescent slut who just had her arm buried wrist-deep in my hole.

As for Gillian, she seems more amused than anything by Josie's sweetness-and-light act. Soon as she gets within reaching distance, her arm snakes out to roughly grasp the girl's shoulder, drawing her close. Taking a handful of Josie's unruly blonde tresses, she tugs at it until my young lover's head is tilted back. Gillian's eyes meet mine; and I watch, heart thumping as she claims Josie's mouth in a punishing kiss. Their tongues tangle lewdly, and I can see Josie's hands groping at her neighbour's heavy breasts through her flannel shirt.

You might think that I'd be consumed with jealousy at the sight of this strange woman, having her way with my Josie. Instead, I am on fire inside, the animal within me awakened and hungry once more. After all, I've never been one to behave possessively toward my lovers, and am very much into the idea of sharing my new bedmate with this dead sexy older woman.

Mere moments ago I was desperately in need of a breather from the brutal fucking I'd just taken; now I'm ready to run wild again.

Pushing myself up from the bed and onto my knees, I move to join the others. Gillian breaks away from Josie, raising her face to mine. "Well, Lesley," she purrs, "I see you like the young girls... now, d'ya feel like havin' it off with a woman?" Her gaze is cool, defiant.

By way of an answer, I take hold of her collar and yank it downward, tearing her shirt, buttons flying. Somehow I'm not surprised to see that she has gone without a bra, her heavy breasts spilling forth.

Not only is Gillian not upset by my aggression, she's positively elated. "Randy bitch," she hisses; then her mouth covers mine, and we kiss.

My head is reeling with excitement, and the next couple of minutes are something of a blur; but somehow Josie and I manage to strip Gillian bare, scattering her clothes about the room in the process. Naked, she's a formidable woman; with generous breasts, a soft, full belly, and deliciously rounded buttocks.

We get Gillian spread out on the bed, then I'm on my belly and going down on her, nose buried deep in a thatch of dark pubic curls as I feast on the juicy flesh of her pussy.

Josie is bent over Gillian's breasts, licking avidly at her nipples; raising her head when her older lover demands, "Enough of that, girl... you know what I need! I've been wantin' to taste you all fuckin' day." Gillian licks her lips in a very lewd fashion, staring hungrily at the naked child.

With a wicked grin, Josie moves to straddle Gillian's face. "Here y'go," she sighs, lowering her dewy slit to the neighbour's parted lips.

My mouth is fastened to this woman's vagina, drinking down the thick, syrupy fluids that flow freely from her; staring at Josie's pert little backside as Gillian's tongue flickers, flame-like, between her boyish thighs. "Mmmmyeah," Josie pants, rocking atop her older lover's face, "lick me, Gilly... get me off!"

I'm going down on Gillian with everything I have, licking and sucking at her cunt like the same ravenous she-beast I'd already been with Josie. No restraint is wanted now -- my intention is to make this woman come and come hard. I fuck her with my tongue, then press deep open-mouthed kisses into the rosy flesh.

Her clitoris protrudes like a tiny pink spear, practically begging to be sucked. I heed its call, taking the inflamed nubbin between my lips, teasing its tip with a fluttering tongue.

Gillian's frame seizes up as she gets slammed by the first orgasm. A choked cry is torn from her throat, muffled by Josie's vulva. As for my adolescent lover, she moans in delight, swaying atop the licking mouth of "Gilly," and groping at her flat chest. Josie's eyes are closed, head tilted to one side and a dreamy smile on her lips.

Gillian's legs begin to tremble as soon as she starts to come, almost imperceptibly at first. But soon enough she is bucking violently as her pleasure continues to climb. Josie is watching me as I work on her lover's clit.

I want to take this incredible woman through at least one more climax, to reduce her to babbling lunacy, but she suddenly reaches down to push my face away from her glistening sex. Not in a hostile way, mind you -- she's simply overcome, at least for now.

Josie slowly raises herself from Gillian's flushed, moist face to kneel next to her, then bends to kiss the panting woman, her tongue circling Gillian's mouth. "Mmmmyummy-yum..." the child purrs, tasting her own cunt and loving it. Finally she flops onto her back, still savouring the rich essence on her lips.

"Bloody hell," croaks Gillian, still straining for breath, turning to gape at me, "that's a wild mouth you got, er -- what was your name, love?"

"Her name's Lesley," chirps Josie before I can answer, rolling her eyes. "Wow, she made you come so hard that you can't even 'member stuff anymore, huh?" She's grinning.

"Quiet, child," Gillian scowls at Josie, then breaks into a smile as she glances back at me. "Pleased to meet you an' all, Les."

"Charmed," I smile, extending a hand to briefly grasp hers. "So... how long have you two been lovers?"

"Oh, 'bout a year or so," Gillian replies, idly teasing her nipples. "You should have known Josie before I got my claws in her, Lesley... quite th' innocent little thing she was!" She grins wolfishly.

I arch an eyebrow. "What happened to change that?"

She and Josie share a glance, then a brief laugh.

"I was talkin' about boys," Josie explains, lying on her back, peering at me upside down. "Like, what it would be like to snog one. It seemed kinda icky to me."

"And that," Gillian put in, "was when I offered to teach her how to kiss. So she'd know how, an' be ready for when the time came." She snickers. "Turns out that our Josie really liked kissing. A lot!"

"I did!" chimes Josie, "An' then, Gilly started to kinda, y'know, touch me... I was sorta scared at first, but it felt so good that then I forgot to be afraid. Then I started to touch her, too."

"I had us both stark naked before an hour'd gone by. For such an sweet little girl, she was pretty fuckin' eager to experiment."

Josie sighs blissfully. "It was the best... I never knew anything could be so much fun!" She hugs herself in delight. "I wanted to do more stuff with her. An' more!"

"Oh, an' we did, too, by Jesus," crows Gillian triumphantly. "Before the week was out, our precious Jo was a lesbian for life."

"That's right!" the child cries. "Who needs smelly old boys anyhow?"

"Well, that's how it happened an' all," Gillian murmurs, giving me a look that made me shiver with renewed excitement. "Now, how about letting me watch you an' Jo goin' at it, hmmm?"

Yes, that's what I want. By rights I should be utterly drained, left exhausted and limp after this crazed bout of sapphic sex. It's not enough, though -- not nearly enough. Not for Josie, not for me either. We want and need more, and the harder and faster the better.

I see my lewd appetite reflected in young Josie's eyes as she crawls over to me and into my arms. We kiss hotly, facing one another on our knees.

From there it's easy enough to get my little-girl lover onto her back, raising one of her thin legs to prepare Josie for what I want to do next. My eyes never leaving hers, I fork my own legs wide apart and move into the child until my cunt, hot and dripping with juice, is plastered against her smooth vulva.

Josie looks confused for a moment but gets the idea immediately, grinding against me even before I start to work my sex into hers.

It takes us a moment for me to adjust to her movements, and then we are coupling like animals, hips churning wildly as our pussies slide and press together in a hot, slippery lesbian fuck.

Young Josie seems almost possessed by lust, her body arching and flexing, teeth bared and her breath hissing with each thrust of her slim hips. She clutches my bent leg, crushing it to her chest, then gasps, digging into the soft flesh of my thigh with gnawed fingernails as she reacts to an instant of heavenly contact between her sex and mine. I know what she feels, experiencing a similar jolt of pleasure every time her cunt brushes my throbbing clitoris.

I steal a glance at Gillian, who is watching us intently, breathing hard as she rubs wantonly at her minge; then I crush my mound into Josie's with a renewed energy, the two of us pumping in our crazed mutual rhythm like a machine gone mad.

Suddenly a howl explodes from Josie as her climax kicks in, the girl's supple body bowed backwards in helpless pleasure. I keep grinding against her, fucking the living hell out of this preteen minx -- and then I'm coming too, sucked into my own maelstrom of rapture.

It's the beginning and the end at once; a death that feels like being born -- my soul an infant expelled bawling from the slippery cunt of the goddess.

When the whirling in my head -- wheels within wheels within wheels -- slows down to a manageable speed, I allow my eyes to flutter open... only to see Gillian's grinning face inches from mine.

"Fuckin' hell, that was a lovely sight!" she exclaims, bending down to kiss me roughly, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. My tongue emerges to spar playfully with hers, then I give her lower lip a sharp little bite.

Gillian gasps, then draws back to study me. "Quite the firework you are, ain'tcha?" She moves in again, this time nibbling at my ear for a few seconds, then she whispers, "Jo told me you was a real find... she weren't far wrong, I'd say!"

I blink, and her face vanishes from my view... so I raise myself up onto unsteady elbows just in time to see her climb on top of Josie, their mouths coming together. Josie mewls into their kiss, tilting her pelvis to wrap both legs around Gillian.

My eyes widen as I see Josie's hips move. Fuck me, that little tart is grinding her slit against Gillian's belly! In my life, I've hooked up with some sexually driven women, but never one as insatiable as this twelve-year-old baby dyke.

Winded as I am, the sight of my hungry little lover somehow renews me, rouses the beast to life once more. I roll onto all fours, then begin a slow, catlike crawl toward the woman and her little-girl partner, feeling the heat rising inside as I draw closer.

Now I'm kneeling behind Gillian, staring appreciatively at her generous buttocks. Though nothing can fire my lust like the pert bottom of a young girl, I must admit that the full, apple-shaped arse of a woman -- a real woman, not some scrawny, weight-obsessed twat -- gets my juices flowing as well. And Gillian's is a beauty; built for comfort, made to be groped by a lesbian slut like me.

So I do exactly that, my hands exploring the contours of her bum. I can hear Gillian humming appreciatively into Josie's mouth when I seek out the opening between her legs, easing two fingers inside the slippery canal. That leaves my thumb perfectly positioned to enter her anal pucker. So, with a quick swipe of the tongue between the buttocks to get her moist there, I probe my way into Gillian's arse.

Now buried deep in both holes, I start in on fucking her, working my fingers about inside that juicy cunt. Gillian's honey flows freely, soon coating most of my hand... and she relaxes her arsehole enough for me to move my thumb around in circles, massaging the walls of her rectum. She and Josie are still kissing, interrupted by the occasional moan.

Then Gillian twists about to stare appreciatively at me over her shoulder. "Tell me, Lesley... you're not one of them dykes that has an objection to wearin' a cock, are ya?"

Puzzled, I pause in my lewd fingering to shake my head.

"Good," she sighs. "I had a lover once who... well, she an' her mates din't approve of women who liked to get rogered with a rubber prick. Women like me." She rolls her eyes heavenward. "Too much like sex with a man, they says. Well, now... see that bag by the door?" She gestures in that direction with her head, and I peer across the room to see a black leather satchel on the floor that hadn't been there earlier. She grins wickedly. "Not that your fingers don't feel damn good in there... but if you want somethin' that'll really fill me up, have a look inside the bag."

"Oooh! You gonna get her to fuck you with the Black Beast, Gilly?" squeals Josie, peeping at me from beneath Gillian's womanly form, her cheek touching a pendulous breast.

"That's the idea, love," replies Gillian, also watching me.

Extracting my slippery fingers from her cunt and arse, I climb from the bed and pad over to where the satchel rests. Picking it up and placing it in a nearby chair, I unbuckle the clasp that holds it shut.

My eyes widen as I take in the generous collection of sex toys that fill Gillian's bag. And right on top of the lot is an enormous latex cock with a harness attached, dark as ebony and at least ten inches long -- obviously, the Black Beast.

I gingerly extract the massive prick from the satchel as if it might explode; then cradle it in my hands, noting its weight.

"That's the one," Gillian purrs, now seated on the bed's edge. Josie lies on her belly, chin resting on crossed arms. "Wanna do me with it?"

I stare at her incredulously. "You can... take this? The whole thing?"

"Every bit," she grins. "Put it on, Les, an' see just how deep you can get inside me."

"Yeah!" Josie chimes in. "I tried to fuck Gilly with it, but it didn't work." She sighs resignedly. "I'm still too little."

Gillian got up on all fours, presenting her buttocks to me, peering expectantly over her shoulder. "C'mon, love -- put it to me! I've been all hot an' bothered for a good poundin'."

Well, that was an invitation I wasn't about to refuse. Stepping into, then adjusting the harness, I reach behind my back to fasten it, while Josie rises from the bed, luxuriously stretches herself, then wanders over to Gillian's bag and begins to root around inside.

"Look, Lesley!" she says, pulling another strap-on from the satchel, this one a bright pink four-inch model. "This is Pink Boy. Gilly uses it on me sometimes."

I pause in the middle of tightening my harness, dazed by an image of twelve-year-old Josie, on her back with thighs spread wide as she gets fucked by the mother next door.

"And this," my little lover continues, hauling out a long double-headed latex dildo, "is Elastic Man. We call him that 'cos he's all bendy!" She demonstrates, flexing the toy into different positions; then placing it to one side before plunging into the bag again, emerging with a string of anal beads. "Now, these--"

"Jo," interrupts Gillian, arching an eyebrow, "you can show Lesley the toys later, right? For now, why don'tcha ferret out the lube an' get the Beast all nice and slippery for me."

"Righto!" an unfazed Josie chirps, reaching into the satchel to poke and paw about. Finding what she wants, her hand emerges with a slightly crumpled white tube. Flipping the top open, she squirts a dollop of transparent gel into her hand, then turns to me and begins to lovingly anoint the jet-black cock that jutted, almost defiantly, from my pelvis.

"Nice an' slip-per-y," she chants, her little hands gliding up and down its impressive length. Finally, the grinning nymphet draws away, wiping both hands on her thighs as she cheerfully announces, "All done!"

"Good," nods Gillian, then wiggles her bottom enticingly. "Get behind me, Les --we'll let Jo do the honours." I get into position, the Black Beast bobbing up and down beneath my belly as Gillian leers at the eager child. "C'mon, love," she demands, "put your new friend's cock in me."

Josie is on the bed in a flash, grasping the thick phallus, carefully lining its head up with the portal to Gilly's cunt. I press forward, and the fat head slips through the vaginal opening with a slurping sound.

She's so wet and ready to be penetrated that all ten inches of the Beast slide into her body with a single smooth stroke -- like a fork into plum pudding.

"Ohhhhhh..." Gillian moans, shivers of rapture rippling through her womanly form. She breathes heavily for a few seconds, unable to speak, but finally manages to pant, "Oh, yeah... that f-feels good, Lesley."

Ready and eager to take this to the next level, I start to withdraw, but Gillian stops me with a shake of her head. "Ooooh, no, don't move just yet -- stay inside me." She shifts her gaze to the girl. "Now, Josie-pie... I want you to t-take Elastic Man an' get one end lubed up. You get to f-fuck my arse while Lesley does my cunt." She is quivering slightly, sensitive to the tiniest movements of the monstrous prick buried inside her.

Josie picks up the flesh-toned two-headed cock and the white tube. Nibbling her lower lip, she drizzles some of the slick stuff on the bulbous tip of the dildo, then smears it all around with her free hand, thoroughly coating one half of the toy.

"Good... now push that end into my bumhole," pants Gillian. "You'll have to bend it, love, so you don't get in Lesley's way while she's fuckin' me."

"Mmmkay," Josie replies, furrowing her brow as she deftly positions the cock at a forty-five-degree angle, leaving about four lubricated inches for Gillian's rectum. Then with a saucy grin, she dips down to place a messy tongue kiss between her grownup lover's spread buttocks.

Jesus, what an erotic sight that is... this girl of twelve, mouthing the anus of a woman old enough to be her mother -- and so willingly, as if there was nothing in the whole world she'd rather be doing.

After a moment or two she pops up with a giggle, then carefully places the blunt nose of the dildo against Gillian's rosebud... letting it rest there for a couple of heartbeats before pressing inward.

Gillian throws her head back, emitting an impassioned cry that fills the bedroom as the cock head slips past the tight anal ring. She pants like a rutting dog for a few heartbeats, then gasps, "All right, Les... let me have it. Fuck me. You too, Jo."

With that, I begin to slowly pump my hips, working the Black Beast around inside her. Just a little motion to start with; letting those ten inches do the job for me. Josie is pumping her arm steadily, brow knitted in concentration as the slippery sex toy glides in and out of her Gilly's rectum.

As my strokes slowly become larger, more of the ebony shaft appearing with each one, Josie and I fall into a shared rhythm where we take turns penetrating Gillian -- my cock plunging into her just as Josie's withdraws. I'm clutching Gilly's hips, leaning back slightly so as to give my little-girl lover room to work. And work she does, driving into her lover's rectum with short, staccato thrusts.

Harder, faster -- I'm fucking Gillian with everything I have now, pelvis churning frantically and my body gleaming with sweat. Her cunt squishes with each stroke, like boots trudging through heavy mud. I steal a quick glance at Josie, thrilling at the excitement I see in the little girl's dancing eyes. Then I look at Gillian, her head now pressed into the pillow, face distorted in what might be agony -- but I know that agony is only a small part of what she is feeling at this instant.

On impulse, I pause in my effort for a half-second, waiting for Josie to penetrate Gilly's arsehole... then quickly drive my cock into her at the same time. This slight shift in tempo now has us entering her simultaneously with every thrust. I hear Josie giggle with delight. Gillian gasps in disbelief, her eyes wide open for a heartbeat before squeezing shut once more.

It takes only five strokes before Gillian's body stiffens, a hoarse scream wrenched from her throat as she seizes up in a wall-shaker of an orgasm. Deep shudders convulse her womanly frame; so intense that it's all I can do to hang on. She is pressing back into us, trying to drive our cocks even deeper into her ravaged holes.

"Ohhhhh!" she howls, her body bowed backwards and gone steel-rigid for the space of a heartbeat, "oh God, oh God, oh God, oh, oh GOD -- FUCK ME!"

That's when another climax smashes into her, and Gillian begins to shake so convulsively that I'm not certain that she isn't having some kind of seizure. She is moving around too much for me to keep fucking her, but that hardly matters while she's impaled to the hilt on ten inches of the Black Beast. As for Josie, she's doing the best she can to keep her toy buried in Gilly's bum.

By this point, I have no earthly idea how many times Gillian has come, only that she seems to be battered by one orgasm after the next... so overwhelmed by pleasure that she can barely groan. Finally, she freezes in mid-shudder, a strangled cry escapes her lips, and she pauses for a small eternity before her upper half relaxes, sinking into the sheets. Absurdly, she seems to be deflating, like a punctured beach ball, a few inches of the jet-black prick emerging from her minge.

Still cradling Gillian's hips, I carefully withdraw the remaining length of the Beast from her body, while Josie relaxes her grip on Elastic Man, allowing Gilly's anus to do the work of pushing the greasy dildo out.

Fairly spent, I collapse next to Gillian, breathing heavily and every inch of my frame bathed in sweat. Slowly rolling onto my side, I fumble for the harness buckle, somehow managing to unfasten the pitch-black cock from my waist. That done, I bring the toy to my mouth, contentedly tasting what is now a cunt-flavoured lolly.

I feel Josie nestling into me. "Can I have some?"

So I hold the glistening strap-on between us while my twelve-year-old lover joins me in licking it clean. Naturally, our lips graze now and again... and I finally let the Black Beast drop to the bed, wrapping my arms around the child as we engage in a passionate kiss.

As our tongues lustfully engage, I sense Josie's body falling into a gentle, steady motion. Pausing to glance down, I see that she is masturbating, two fingers pressed into her vulva.

Gazing deep into her lust-glazed face, I murmur, "Such a greedy little baby you are." My hand slips between her quivering thighs. "Is baby's pussy all hot and wet?" It is, needless to say. "Does she need Mummy to make that wicked heat go away?"

Josie's head lolls back, an thrilled gasp escaping her parted lips. "Yes, Mummy!" she demands. "Baby wants her pussy licked... do it now, do it now!"

I smile to myself. Even while playing the toddler, Josie wouldn't say "please," to get what she wanted. Well, I wouldn't make her beg -- not this time, anyhow...

Rolling my insistent nymph onto her back, I give Josie one last flickering tongue kiss before nuzzling a moist path down her body, pausing to lick each nipple in turn. I trail my lips along the terrace of the ribcage and onto the baby-soft belly, savouring the sweet scent of her skin. My God -- how could I have resisted this hunger for little girls, even for a few months?

The adorable dimple of her belly button seems to wink invitingly at me. I respond, moving to penetrate the tiny opening with the tip of my tongue. Josie squeals in mixed surprise and delight, a shiver coursing through her slender form as she moves beneath me.

Flawless as it is, though, Josie's navel is only a detour from my ultimate goal; so downward I proceed, lips straying over the slight rise of her mound.

Now I lie between the spread legs of my preteen enchantress, gazing at her rosy slit -- ripe and syrupy as a fresh mango. Moistening my lips, I breathe deeply of the heady aroma, already as familiar to me as if I'd known it in a previous life.

Josie is practically squirming, desperate for release. "My pussy, Mummy," she pants, a hint of desperation colouring her voice. "M-my pussy!"

Taking pity on the trembling child, I place a tiny kiss upon the dewy cleft -- then press in deeper to lick, bathing Josie's sex with the flat of my tongue.

"Oh," she whimpers, the child's twitching fingers tangling in my hair as she clutches me to her. "Oh, oh, oh!"

I feast greedily on her honeyed opening, realizing that, for all the sexual games we've indulged in this afternoon, I've yet to really go down on her... the way I've dreamed of doing to a young girl ever since this mad craving first consumed me. So now I'm making up for it with a vengeance, exploring every inch of her vulva with my mouth.

Then I feel strong hands cupping my arse, spreading both buttocks apart.

Fuck me, I marvel. I thought Gillian was down for the count after the shagging we gave her...

But now I can feel her breath caress my bum as she draws closer, sniffing at the crack like a dog.

I've got my head tilted to one side as I French kiss Josie's slit as if it were a tiny mouth, pushing my tongue as far inside her vagina as it can go. That's when I feel Gillian burrow between my cheeks, giving me one long, slow lick that seems to begin at the tip of the clitoris and glide slowly over my vulva, finally slipping through the crease of my anus.

There's no way she'll make me come again, not after the trio of orgasms I've already been gobsmacked by... but Gillian's tongue does feel exquisite as it soothes my vagina, which still throbs dully from the fisting I received earlier.

Josie shifts about restlessly, unable to remain still while I ravish her with my mouth. Her sticky essence is positively ambrosial, and my lips are dripping with the thick fluids. I'm amazed, frankly, that a girl of twelve can possess a cunt so fucking juicy.

I could lie here forever, drinking from her fleshy chalice. But Josie's need to come has grown acute, even painful. She's panting like a marathon runner, her taloned fingers clawing at the bedsheets. So I withdraw my probing tongue from her vagina, trailing the tip along the line of the girl's barely-there labia until I reach the button of her clitoris.

Taking the tiny nub into my mouth, I apply the cunnilingus technique that I've always called the Triple Threat: sucking at the clit while gently squeezing it with my lips, then teasing it with quick little flicks of the tongue. It's a move that can drive a woman to the verge of insanity... how will this nymphomaniac of twelve respond?

Just as I'd hoped, it turns out. Josie inhales sharply, then an involuntary jolt races through her boyish form, giving her a hard shake as if she were a rag doll in the grasp of a furious toddler. A soft gurgling sound issues from her mouth, then quickly builds into a rising moan. The child begins to tremble -- almost imperceptibly at first, just enough to be felt in her legs. But as Josie's orgasm kicks in, that trembling mounts higher with her ecstasy until she is bucking wildly, squeezing my head between clutching thighs. Somehow, I manage to hang on to her lower half, my mouth still fastened to the girl's sex.

She is wailing now, lost in boundless pleasure. "MmmmmMMMMnnngoooOHHH Mummy, God yes, ooohhhhhh lick me, LICK ME!"

My tongue toys with Josie's clit in every way imaginable; circling it, lashing it, pressing it against my teeth. I want this climax to be the one she'll remember for the rest of her days.

Gillian is clutching my hips, her nose buried between both cheeks while she eats me. I can feel her warm, wet tongue swirling around and round the opening to my vagina, and it feels divine. Still, my attention is centered on Josie, carrying her through the peaks and troughs of her climax.

All at once her voice rises to a strangled scream -- and the girl wrenches away, twisting her body to one side to escape my mouth. She rolls over to lie on her belly, motionless but for the rise and fall of her back as she gulps lungfuls of air.

I stare, enthralled, at the twinned moons of her buttocks, a hint of rosy slit still visible just below. And even now, in the aftermath of pleasure, I find myself dreaming of future bouts of sexual abandon with Josie; hungering for more of her, much more.

The lid of Pandora's box has been wrenched off, the perverse demon inside freed to make its dwelling place in my soul. Are you a pedophile, then? a stray fragment of conscience inquires. Well, yes, I calmly reply. So it would seem. Then again, it's really just a word. Means fuck all in the scheme of things, doesn't it?

Of course, I still love grown women as well -- and there's one servicing me from behind right now, her tongue gliding moistly through my arsehole. Gillian is rimming me with such tenderness that I'm suddenly overwhelmed with a surge of affection for her.

Raising myself, I turn around and draw Gillian up to her knees, embracing her warmly as our mouths meet. The urgency of before is now gone, our kissing soft and sensual. We gently break apart, and I smile, then whisper, "Thank you... that was lovely."

Without a word, we lie down on either side of Josie, cuddling the flushed, damp girl between us. She wriggles onto her back, flashing us a toothy grin apiece before settling in, turning her head to gaze warmly at me. "That was so wild, Lesley," she chirps, "how you was pretendin' to be my mum..."

"Really?" I reply, instantly curious. "So, thinking about your mother gets you... excited?"

She actually blushes. "Yeah, sort of... Mum's still totally sexy, an' I know it's pervy an' all, but I love to think about fuckin' her." She gives a wistful sigh. "I'd never try to, though -- she'd freak out!"

"Hells bells, Jo," Gilly exclaims, astonished. "I never knew you wanted your mum that way!" She nibbles thoughtfully at a fingernail. "Mind you, I'd like to give her a tumble meself. That arse of hers..." Her voice trails off.

I lightly brush Josie's cheek with my fingertips. "Never mind, love... you've already got two grown women to romp with. Not many girls of twelve can say the same."

"Guess so," giggles Josie, relaxing against me. Then she sits up again. "Um... does that mean you wanna fuck me again sometime? An' Gilly too?"

I roll my eyes. "Try to keep me away, girl... just try!" My hand strays onto the child's flat chest, and she hums with satisfaction as I tease her nipples. "You're an incredible lover, Josie." I pause to wink affectionately at Gillian. "Actually, you both are."

"Thanks, Lesley," the girl coos, covering my hand with hers.

"Yeah," Gillian adds with a nod. "You were fuckin' incredible yourself, Les."

That resolved, we lie quietly for awhile, basking in the afterglow of good sex. Our mouths occasionally drift together to share soft kisses; hands lazily explore the curves and planes of each other's bodies. The mood is easy, mellow.

Eventually Josie sits up and stretches with a yawn, then casually announces, "We better get up now."

Gillian opens one eye. "In't your mum on the closin' shift tonight?"

"Well, yeah," the girl replies, "but I have to wash these sheets before she gets home." She glances at me, sees puzzlement in my eyes, then grins sheepishly. "Er... this is Mum's bed," she confesses.

I peer about, noticing for the first time that this looks nothing like a young girl's room. Of course, I was so dazzled by Josie when she led me in here that we could have been entering a bloody bear cage and I'd have been none the wiser...

Meanwhile, Josie rises to her feet, sweeping her hair back with a toss of the head. "I'll go get our clothes out the dryer," she tells me, pausing to yawn again. "Be right back!" And she pads through the doorway, still gloriously bare.

Gillian props herself up on one elbow, studying me. "So, Les -- I'm glad you're not cheesed off 'bout me joinin' your little party..."

I laugh. "Oh, no, not at all... I think it took both of us to satisfy Josie. Quite the appetite that girl's got!"

"She's a right animal, ain't she?" grins the brunette, then transfixes me with a smouldering look. "Tell me -- what're you up to this Thursday night, Les?"

Something in Gilly's eyes sets my pulse to racing, and it's all I can do to seem casual as I reply, "Oh... nothing in particular."

Her smile deepens. "Well, I was thinkin' that we three might hook up at my place for a repeat session." She arches a questioning eyebrow. "Sound like a plan?"

I slowly nod, transfixed by Gillian's hungry gaze. "Yes," I whisper, "I'd love to."

"Good," she purrs. Reaching down for the Black Beast, still lying where I dropped it on the bed, she displays the ten-inch toy to me. "I'm dyin' to do you with this... an' I'd love to watch you fuck Jo with the smaller one."

As you might imagine, both scenarios sound wonderful. I'm just about to tell her as much when Josie marches back into the room; laden with dry clothes, hers and mine.

"Oy, Jo," Gillian announces. "I need you to babysit for me on Thursday night... 'bout seven o'clock, I'd say."

Josie ponders this as she dumps our jumbled clothing on the bed, frowning slightly. "D'ya really want me to watch Tommy, or--"

"Don't be daft, girl," retorts Gillian, smirking wryly. "I mean you, me an' Lesley here, havin' ourselves a lesbo orgy. You game?"

"Yes!" Josie squeals, bouncing up and down where she stands. "That's... that's great! Oh, Lesley, we'll have so much fun, we will..."

She seems so adorable to me at this moment that I can't help but enfold Josie's slender frame in my arms, hugging her close. Then, extending a hand to Gillian, I invite her into our naked embrace.

We three hold one another for a long while, breathing in the mingled fragrance of sweat and sex.

Eventually, Josie breaks away. "I guess we ought to... get dressed." She sorts through the clothes, taking out my blouse, skirt and underthings; handing them to me with a sweet smile. "There y'go."

I'm not exactly fresh at the moment, but my clothes are clean enough to get me home without too much embarrassment. I'd definitely need a wash later, though!

The mood is contented but subdued as we slip into our clothes. I pause for one last tantalizing glimpse of Josie's nakedness before she steps into her knickers, tugging them up and over her flawless bottom. All too soon, the three of us are dressed.

There isn't much to tell after that. Josie strips the sodden bed linen, then we follow her out into the hallway. I retrieve my shoes and handbag from where I'd abandoned them, and Josie throws the sheets into the washer, followed by a dash of soap.

Gillian and I say our goodbyes to Josie by the front door, each of us sharing a passionate tongue kiss and a hug with her before we exit into the street. She holds onto the door, a half-smile on her lips as we descend the short flight of stairs; then with one final wave, vanishes inside.

I walk Gillian over to her doorstep. We dare not kiss in public, but a warm gaze and a quick squeeze of the hand between us says all that is necessary. She opens the door, turns to me to whisper, "See ya Thursday, love," then is gone.

I scarcely remember the journey home -- too busy reliving the experience I'd just had, overwhelmed by the realization that my taboo fantasy had been made real. I'd engaged in lewd, slutty, unimaginable sex with a girl of twelve. Furthermore, I'd shared that girl with a grown woman who was every bit as twisted as me. And a few days from now we three would meet, shed our clothes and do it all over again.

Later, I'm sprawled luxuriously across my bed, naked and pink from a much-needed shower. A glass of fine Cabernet -- one I'd been saving for some undetermined special occasion -- rests on the bedside table. My laptop is open before me, and I'm busily typing out the intimate details of today's adventure, shaping them into a story.

This story.


Many thanks to my dear friend Les, who inspired me to write this. Love ya, girl.

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