Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 8

[ F/F/g/g, oral, exhib, ws ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 9-Oct-2011

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Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know what's going on in the story.

Arriving at the studio the four of them were greeted once more by the young receptionist whose name they soon learned was Lynn as she introduced herself, welcoming them, and asking them to take a seat while she went to notify Sandra that they had arrived. Today she was wearing a while flared skirt with a blue satin top that once more scooped low enough to reveal much of her more than adequate cleavage, something that did not go unnoticed by both mothers. "Wonder if she's wearing panties," Emmie whispered into Sammy's ear, remembering her dream. Sammy giggled.

"What's so funny?" Paula asked.

"Oh, nothing, Mommy," Emmie replied, looking over at Samantha again, both girls now trying unsuccessfully to suppress their mirth.

"Doesn't sound like nothing to me," Julia told them, but before anyone could say anything else Sandra appeared from her office and greeted the families with a big smile, reaching out her arms to Emmie and Sammy as they quickly stood up to say hi.

"Lynn told me you were here right on time," she said, placing an arm around each of the little girls and hugging them to her. "Don't you two look gorgeous today. Are you all ready for your first day as professional models?"

"Just try keeping them away," laughed Julia. "They were so excited to hear you called last night," she added.

"Yeah, and we were really surprised you got back to us so soon, too," Paula said. "I hope your client will be as happy with them as we were to get your call."

"Oh I'm sure the results will be perfect for their needs," Sandra assured them.

"What will they be modelling, anyway?" Julia asked.

"They have a new line of sportswear for young girls who are into gymnastics. They start that at a really early age in the countries my client services and there's a big demand for things like tights and tops. They've just started to manufacture a new style made from a newly developed material that stretches appropriately no matter what kind of routines the girls get into and yet it clings very well and doesn't bag. In fact it's almost like a second skin so they think it's going to be quite popular among young gymnasts as well as the more experienced ones.

"They also have a variety of other outfits to promote so we may be here for quite a while today to get everything done on time for them. I hope you are both full of energy," she said, smiling at Emmie and Samantha. "It might be better for you to leave the girls with us for a few hours while you two ladies do whatever other things you have planned to do today," Sandra suggested to Paula and Julia. "Can we reach you at home? Or do you have a cell number we can get you at when the shoot is finished so you can come and collect the girls?" she asked.

Julia looked at Paula who shrugged. "I guess that would be okay," she replied. "Better than sitting here waiting I suppose. Are you okay with mommy not being here, sweetie?" she asked Samantha.

Sammy and Emmie both smiled at each other, nodding their agreement, both secretly happy that their moms would not be there.

"We'll wait for your call then," Paula told Sandra as she and Julia stood to leave. "You girls be good now, you hear?" she added. "And remember to listen closely to all the directions and do everything you are asked by Sandra as best as you can." Then she and Julia thanked Sandra again for hiring the girls and walked out into the reception area where they gave Lynn their cell numbers.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they will do great," Lynn told them with a reassuring smile, sensing the ladies slight apprehension at leaving the girls by themselves.

"Will you be helping with the shoot, Lynn?" Julia asked, once more taking note of the receptionist's ample cleavage. "I think the girls have taken a liking to you," she laughed.

"Yes, I usually help with selecting the outfits and making sure they fit right, and I think I'm going to be busy today since there are a lot of new ones to work with. And with new models it sometimes takes a little bit longer since it's all a bit strange for them at first. But I'm sure they will get used to it all soon," she added confidently. "They are such eager little girls," she added with a smile.

"You should model too," Paula told her. "You're really attractive, and you sure have the body for it."

Lynn almost blushed. "Why, thank you. And sometimes I do appear in a few pictures, if a big sister image is appropriate to the shoot. Anyway, I'd better get in there so we can get started. We'll call you as soon as we're finished."

As the mothers started down the stairs to the sidewalk they both felt a little strange, maybe even apprehensive, about leaving their little girls alone. "You think they'll be okay?" Julia asked her friend.

"I'm sure they will," Paula responded, trying to sound confident. "I wish we could be there to watch their first shoot but I guess it's best to leave them on their own without us looking at them and maybe making them nervous. Hey, why don't you come into the salon with me and I'll give you a manicure while we wait." Paula opened the door and Julia followed her in, feeling a bit relieved that they wouldn't be too far away from their young 'working girls.'

Meanwhile, upstairs in the studio the girls were excitedly looking around at the different sets that Sandra was preparing for the shoot. Gymnastics seemed to be the main theme as there were different coloured mats, balls, ribbons and even a small trampoline in one corner of the room. "This looks like it's gonna be fun," giggled Samantha as she leaned down to pick up a big red ball, throwing it toward Emmie who saw it coming at the last moment, too late to prevent it from bouncing off her tummy and rolling toward one of the light stands in the centre of the studio. Luckily Lynn was close by and leaned down just in time to catch it before it hit the tripod holding the light.

"Careful girls. You'd better not touch anything. You could damage some of the equipment or worse, hurt yourselves, if you start to fool around," she admonished them, waving a finger. "Please go into the change room right now and see Sandra. She's picking out some of the outfits for you for the first shoot. We have to make sure they fit you well before we start to take photos of you."

Feeling rather guilty for almost causing an accident Emmie and Samantha walked to the change room door and peeked in. "Come on in girls. Don't be shy," Sandra smiled as she pointed to a rack of colourful clothes hanging along one wall. "Look at all the yummy outfits we've got for you to model today. Now we just have to make sure they fit you right. Off with your clothes and let's get going."

With a giggle Sammy asked, "All of them?"

Sandra laughed. "Yes dear. Strip 'em all off. Even your panties. Then we'll decide what to try on you first."

Emmie led the way, grinning at Samantha as she pulled off her top, then took off her shoes and slid down her shorts and finally her cute panties. Hands on hips, she did a sexy little wiggle with her butt and then watched as Sammy quickly followed suite, stripping down to her undies just as Lynn squeezed her way into the dressing room behind her to let Sandra know the cameras and lights were all ready for action. Before Samantha could tug down her panties though Lynn beat her to it and grabbed on to the waistband and all in one motion lowered them for her, kneeling down to help her lift her feet one by one to step out of them. Then, to everyone's surprise she playfully swatted each of Samantha's cheeks saying, "That's for almost knocking down our lights with that ball out there. And by the way, you have such a cute butt," she added, giggling as Sammy reached back with a little pout to rub it.

"Awww, did that hurt, sweetie," Lynn giggled. "Let me kiss it better for you." And she quickly planted two noisy wet kisses on Samantha's cheeks as Emmie screeched in laughter.

"Okay, everyone," interrupted Sandra, "it's time to get serious and get to work." She eyed Emmie's rather prominent pudenda and budding breasts, picturing how they would look in the tight-fitting material of the new outfits. Well, she thought to herself, the clients had seen the test pictures of her, dressed and nude, and they had selected her to model the outfits so they must know what they want in their promotion photographs. The sex appeal of young models must really be a selling point in their country, she concluded, looking forward to showing off the new product to its best advantage for their buyers. She'd always thought that little girls in their tight gymnastic and dancing attire looked so sexy anyway so the new material her clients were using was only going to add to that sex appeal.

Selecting two bright red outfits for the girls to try on she handed them to Lynn and motioned for them all to follow her out to one of the sets so they could get started. Lynn followed Emmie and Samantha out into the studio, once again admiring their cute little behinds as Sandra pointed to a beige mat in the centre of the room where the ball still rested at the base of the light stand it had almost crashed into. "That's where we'll do the first series," Sandra told them, "so hurry up and let Lynn get you dressed."

She watched as her assistant first helped Samantha to squeeze into the tight outfit which fit her perfectly, clinging to her slim body like a second skin. The pout of her pubic area was fairly prominent and the material even dipped slightly between her lips in the front and even more so between her plump cheeks in the rear. Then it was Emmie's turn. As Samantha sat herself down on the big ball to watch, Lynn slipped the other red outfit onto her girlfriend, tugging it a little here and a little there until she was satisfied it fit snugly enough on her developing young body.

Having finished adjusting her camera and lights, Sandra concentrated on watching Lynn dressing her new models and was amazed at how well the outfits clung to the young girls' bodies. As she had expected, Emmie's prominent pussy was plainly on display, her pouting lips clearly outlined and even the slight bulge of her young clit was visible as were the cute buds of her breasts, capped by the twin points of her sexy nipples. She felt herself moistening at the scene in front of her but snapped herself back to the reality of getting the best shots for her client.

For the next half an hour with Lynn's help the girls posed in a variety of gymnastic positions, with different costumes, individually and together, designed to show the flexibility of the new outfits while at the same time revealing just how flexible both Emmie and Samantha were. They followed Lynn's directions carefully and with a little strategically placed hands-on adjustment from her they completed a set of photographs that Sandra thought the client would be quite happy with. A couple of times during the shoot Sammy giggled as Lynn had to re-adjust one or two of Emmie's outfits, particularly when she was posing in a bridge, because her rather prominent pussy lips started to show as the crotch of the costume dipped in between them. And Sandra smiled to herself at Lynn's obvious enjoyment as she pulled out the material and patted it back in place.

"That's great girls," Sandra praised them after she was satisfied they had what they needed for the client.

"Now," she told them with a smile, "it's time to switch to a different series. I have another client who pays very well for specialty photos of the type that we mentioned during your test sessions. Remember? Are you up for some more fun?" she winked. "Maybe Emmie would like to do another bridge? Oh, and we're making a movie of this too," she added, reaching over to another tripod beside her and clicking on a video camera.

"Yay!" exclaimed Samantha. "We're going to be movie stars." And she watched as Emmie stretched out and arched her back once more, making a perfect bridge, once again causing the thin, tight material of the gym suite she was wearing to creep between the lips of her large, pouting pussy. As Sandra began to fire off the flash, Lynn motioned for Sammy to stand beside Emmie and this time, instead of pulling the crotch out as had been done before, pulling it to one side so that the little girl's pussy was revealed in all its delicious glory to the camera.

"Now bend down and lick her," Lynn commanded Samantha, who immediately giggled and stuck out her tongue looking toward Sandra as she leaned down to touch the tip to her girlfriend's pussy.

"No sweetie," Sandra said. "Just pretend I'm not here and lick her as you would if you were in your bedroom at home."

As Sammy started to do as she was asked Emmie laughed and said, "If we were at home I wouldn't be in this position." And then she squealed as she felt Samantha's hot tongue slide up to her clit and flick it from side to side and then had to fight the urge to just collapse on the mat and be in a more comfortable position to enjoy what her girlfriend was doing to her. But she also realized this was being filmed and that she was performing for the camera. So, being a movie star could have its challenges, she thought to herself, trying to maintain her position. Seeing her difficulty Lynn joined them and grasped Emmie's hips to support her. Much to Emmie's delight this also allowed her to see right up Lynn's dress and the vision of her dream the night before jumped immediately into reality as she saw the assistant's naked pussy above her. She was right. Lynn wasn't wearing any panties. And her pussy had no hair either, she noticed, gleefully.

Meanwhile Sandra's camera was focussing closely on Sammy's tongue as it pleasured Emmie's clit and since Lynn wasn't in the picture frame she managed to fire off several shots making it seem as if Emmie was thrusting herself up for her girlfriend. Of course, the video was getting a different perspective of the situation which would add to the variety of the shoot, something her special clients would appreciate very much she knew.

"I can see up your skirt," Emmie giggled to Lynn, "and I can see your pussy," she added gleefully.

"I think it's time you got a better view, don't you?" Sandra teased the young girl, removing her eye from the viewfinder and smiling at her. "Would you like that sweetie?" she asked.

From previous experience Lynn knew what was coming next and released Emmie's hips, letting her relax back down onto the mat, her pussy still bared for Samantha, who scrambled between her girlfriend's legs without being asked, and resumed licking her. Meanwhile Lynn now straddled Emmie's face and slowly lowered herself until her skirt covered the little girl, her pussy making contact with her lips. It wouldn't take much imagination for the viewer to realize what was happening underneath that skirt. Sandra resumed firing off shots which, although the viewer couldn't actually see it, made it obvious that the older girl was now being licked by Emmie whose hands reached up to grasp her new partner by the waist to hold her in place. As the shooting progressed, Lynn smiled and slyly started to lift the hem of her skirt, eventually revealing the little girl's tongue now working vigorously at the juncture of the assistant's long, slim legs. Lynn then lowered the front of her loose top so that her prominent boobs popped out, nipples erect, and then reached down to spread her pussy wider so that Emmie's tongue could be photographed as it probed between her now glistening lips. Sandra moved in for more close-ups of this sexy scene, catching the shiny juices on her assistant's pussy as the little girl licked away contentedly.

Meanwhile Sammy was becoming so turned on watching as she licked her friend that she felt herself becoming wetter and wetter, that familiar tingling becoming stronger and stronger in her own sweet pussy. She also knew her girlfriend was close to cumming now because of the frantic thrusting of her pussy against her face. Her large clit was so hard that Sammy could almost suck it into her mouth as she squirmed against her.

But much to her disappointment, Sandra stopped shooting and called a halt. "I know you're all having fun," she told them, "but we are here to get the best pictures we can, not so that you can all get off. At least, not yet anyway," she added with a sly smile.

"Stand up, Sammy."

The young girl obeyed, with a slight pout.

"You too, Emmie." Emmie stood, reluctantly, her pussy still showing because the material of the outfit hadn't returned to cover it. In fact it was squeezed so tightly against her thigh that it made her labia bulge even more prominently. Sandra quickly returned to the viewfinder.

"Sammy, go stand behind Emmie." Samantha obeyed once more. "Good. Now reach around to the front of her and grasp her pussy lips between your fingers and thumbs. Yes, like that. Good girl. Now, pull them out and spread them for me." Click...flash. Sandra zoomed the lens in for a close up. Click...flash. "Lovely...wider...yes, yes. Now slip the tip of your finger inside her. Mmmm, beautiful." Sandra watched as Sammy's fingertip worked its way slowly into Emmie's wet and widening little cunt, snapping off three more pictures.

"That's great, sweetie. Now, pull out your finger and slide it and a finger from your other hand up to Emmie's clit." Sandra still couldn't believe how well developed the young girl's clit was already and she knew these pictures were going to be a great hit with her special client. "That's right, hon," she urged Sammy, noting through her viewfinder how wet the tip of her finger was from probing inside Emmie's now soaking pussy. "Now carefully squeeze the sides of her sheath and see if you can force her big clit to poke out."

Sammy was following Sandra's directions so well by now and immediately the smooth and shiny bulb of Emmie's pink clit popped into view. Sandra zoomed in for more close-ups and clicked away, feeling her own panties moistening at the erotic sight before her. Samantha also couldn't tear her eyes away from her girlfriend's clit and had to fight the urge to lean down and lick it, but at the same time realized that this was all part of being a model, so she resisted the temptation.

But she wasn't the only one fighting the urge to participate. This was the first time Lynn had had the opportunity to really view this amazing little girl's pussy, so open and tempting before her. She had already lifted up her own skirt and was fingering her pussy with one hand, while squeezing one of her nipples with the other as she watched the shoot develop. Even from her position out of sight from the camera she could see Emmie's pussy was so wet that her creamy fluids were starting to flow copiously from it and flood down between her pretty butt cheeks and eventually pool around her cute little asshole. And her clit, between Sammy's fingers, was swelling even more as the little girl tried to follow Sandra's directions to keep squeezing it.

Sandra now wanted Lynn to become part of the action again and she indicated for her to once again lower herself over Emmie's face after removing her skirt completely. Emmie watched as Lynn's pussy slowly approached her from above and she reached up to spread the older girl's lips, as Sandra had directed, and open her as wide as she could. She thought Lynn's pussy was so beautiful as she peered deeply inside it, taking in the bright, shiny pink interior as it became visible to her. She could see tiny flecks of white cream clinging to the inside walls and little strings attached to her wrinkly labia which dangled above her. She didn't need to be told twice when Sandra asked her to stick out her tongue and start to lick Lynn's pussy.

"Slowly, now," Sandra commanded. "I need to get some good pictures," she added, smiling to herself at the eagerness that Emmie displayed as she started to plunge her tongue inside Lynn. How she was dying to join in! But that would have to wait until another time, she thought to herself.

After getting some more close-ups of Emmie's tongue exploring Lynn's pussy Sandra widened the field of view to include Sammy again, whom she could see was doing her utmost to not get carried away with the eroticism of the scene, and she managed to capture some great shots of the three of them depicting Emmie's seduction by Samantha and Lynn. Suddenly, though, Emmie groaned and then squealed and to everyone's surprise shot a powerful stream of liquid from her pussy over the mat on which she was sprawled. Luckily, Sandra was in the process of clicking some final shots before changing the set and caught the wonderful emission as it erupted from Emmie's still open cunt. She was also thankful that the video camera was still shooting the action and knew this would be one incredible scene that would likely be replayed over and over again by whoever got to view it. The price for the product had just doubled, she giggled to herself.

But this was all too much for Samantha and without being asked she automatically lowered her face between her girlfriend's thighs and started licking away furiously at the incredible taste of Emmie's sweet and soaking, cummy young pussy. This caused Emmie to completely lose control and her now full bladder erupted, spraying a stream of yellow pee all over Sammy's face and soaking the mat beneath them. Sandra couldn't believe her luck and clicked away furiously, catching the piss spurting from Emmie's urethra as Samantha pulled back a bit to swallow a mouthful. As Sammy turned around to look at Sandra for directions, the photographer was able to get some wonderful shots of Emmie's pee dripping from her face and her soaking wet hair.

No, Sandra thought to herself with glee - the price for the product had just tripled.

Knowing another of Lynn's fetishes she directed her assistant to lean over and kiss Samantha on the lips, and more photos were added to the collection showing her assistant licking Emmie's pee from Sammy's face while the young girl groped Lynn's big boobs which still hung out obscenely from her top, nipples erect from her arousal. Finally, satisfied that she'd taken more than enough pictures for her client, Sandra called a halt to the shoot, even though many other scenarios flooded through her mind. Next time, she smiled to herself. And maybe we'll even invite Sharon to join us. Once again her pussy began to moisten as she imagined the variety of combinations that would present themselves.

"Okay girls, time to get cleaned up and dressed. While you're doing that I'll call your mothers and let them know it's time to come and pick you up. You both did great and I'm sure we will be using you again." In more ways than one, she thought to herself with a smile.

Half an hour later, looking sweet and innocent, the two young girls hugged their mothers in the waiting room as Sandra told Julia and Paula how great they had been in their first shoot. Handing each mother an envelope, she assured them that they would both be called back as soon as another client requested them. After thanking Sandra profusely, the four of them left the office and started down the stairs. But on the way out through the office door both girls turned back to wave goodbye to Sandra and Lynn, winking knowingly at them, and hoping for a call back in the very near future.

Catching up with their mothers at the bottom of the stairs they heard huge gasps coming from them as they'd opened the envelopes they'd been given to each find ten, crisp one hundred dollar bills inside along with a handful of small prints that Sandra had quickly run off for them from the first part of the shoot. Tears running down her cheek, Julia hugged her daughter.

"Oh sweetie," she cried. "You really did come to the rescue!"


The End (for now, at least, although I may return to this series at some point in the future)

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Thank you Jeneee!! This was a great series. It made me cum multiple times day after day. You know how tell the tale.


My sister can make EVERYONE cum with her stories!!!!



What an explosive ending! hehehe Thank you Jenee


Awesome. Thank you Jeneee. I hope to see more of this story maybe with the mothers joining in on the next shoot.

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