Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 7

[ F/F/g/g, anal, oral, ws ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 9-Oct-2011

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Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know whats going on in the story.

"Come on girls," Paula said as everyone finally caught their breath. "I think it's about time you both got to bed. You've had a busy day and even though you probably don't feel tired right now," she added, winking at Julia, "I'm sure you will fall asleep before you know it."

"Can she sleep in my bed with me, Mommy?" Emmie asked her mom, in a pleading voice.

Both Julia and Paula laughed. "We probably couldn't stop you anyway, so I'm sure it's okay. Right, Julia?" Paula asked her friend, who was shaking her head in resignation. But before Julia could even respond, the telephone in the kitchen started ringing.

"Now who could that be calling so late in the evening?" Paula asked, a puzzled look on her face as she quickly walked into the kitchen to answer the phone. Julia and the two girls followed and arrived just in time to see a broad smile spread over Paula's face. "Yes," she said. "Oh yes, they will be so excited. And thank you so much." A brief pause, and then she smiled at Julia and the girls, giving them a thumbs up sign and then holding up a finger as if to let them know she'd explain in a minute. "I'm sure that will be ok," she continued to whoever she was talking too. "What time? Sure, we'll see you then. Thanks so much, Sandra. Bye." And she hung up, throwing her arms in the air with a big 'yessss!'

"Sandra?" Julia asked. "That was Sandra from the agency?" she added, barely restraining her excitement as Sammy and Emmie began jumping up and down.

"She's got some work for you two already," Paula told them all, a big grin on her face. "She made some calls after we left and it turned out that one of her clients had a hurry-up job at the last minute and she recommended you two," she explained to Emmie and Sammy. "The client dropped in later to the agency and saw your test pictures and thought you'd be perfect for the job. So, noon tomorrow at the studio, girls," she told them as Sammy and Emmie high-fived each other giggling.

"Wow," Julia said. "That was fast. They must really have liked you two," she told them, hugging her daughter as Emmie turned around and jumped up into her mother's arms. "So, off to bed with you two, then," Julia commanded, "and no messing around. You need your beauty sleep so you're both rested up for tomorrow. This is your big chance, girls, and if you do well I'm sure there will be more jobs for you in the future." And dollar signs floated around in her mind as she and Paula hustled the two little girls down the hallway toward Emmie's bedroom. Both quickly undressed, pulled on their jammies, and snuggled together in the small bed, falling asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

"I think we have some wine to finish," Paula reminded her friend with a smile as she closed her daughter's bedroom door behind them. "Then it's our turn for bed. And, you can sleep in my bed too, if you like," she winked.

Julia laughed. "But no messing around?" she asked, teasingly.

"Hmmm," Paula replied. "We'll have to see about that."

Half an hour later, two orgasms leaving them both exhausted, both women quickly fell asleep, smiling contentedly, dreaming of their daughters' upcoming modelling careers...

...But they weren't the only ones dreaming. As dawn slowly approached, Samantha rolled over in her sleep with a slight smile on her face and found herself in Sandra's studio watching excitedly as the photographer slowly pulled up the sexy thong she had shown her that evening in the dressing room, and snugged it softly against her young pussy. Sammy even shivered a little in her sleep as she felt Sandra's hand caressing her, carefully slipping the string of the thong so that it nestled tightly between her firm butt cheeks as she rolled into a foetal position beside Emmie, one of her own hands tucked between her thighs. She automatically began to dampen her panties in her sleep from the touch.

Beside her, Emmie was having her own sweet dream as one of her hands snaked inside her own panties pressing against her very prominent clit which was now being sucked hard by Sandra as she lay on her back on the studio floor while the sexy young secretary, wearing a red dress which she'd hiked up, revealing she was wearing no panties, straddled the little girl's face, the imagined sensation of which causing the tip of Emmie's tongue to peek from her slightly open lips, allowing a little drool of spittle to escape and flow gently down her cheek as she moaned softly in her sleep. Her clit was on fire as two of her fingers tweaked it as if urging Sandra on as the little girl's tongue probed between the secretary's open and very wet pussy lips. Then, as so often happens in dreams, the secretary morphed into someone else and it was her best friend Sammy who was sitting on her face, spreading her cheeks widely so that Emmie's tongue could probe inside her sensitive asshole.

Then, at the same moment, both girls found their dream states slowly dissipating as the soft warmth of their bodies against each other caused their eyes to blink open and bring them back to reality - to the realization that they were actually sleeping together for the first time. Broad smiles lit up their young faces as they stared lovingly into each other's eyes.

"I was just dreaming we were in the studio," Emmie half whispered to her friend. "And you were sitting on my face," she giggled.

"Oh wow, I had the same dream, like, I was in the studio too, I mean, but Sandra was putting a sexy thong on me, the one she showed me yesterday but said we'd try on later. She was rubbing my pussy, too," she told Emmie with a shy smile.

Emmie reached down between Samantha's thighs. "Like this?" she asked, grinning, as she cupped her friend's vulva in her palm and squeezed. "Ohhhh, your panties are soooo wet, Sammy!" she exclaimed. "You musta been having a real sexy dream," she teased.

"It was like so yummy. Like I said, she'd just put the thong on me that she'd showed me yesterday and said she'd take pics of me in it, and in my dream she was doing what you're doing now," she giggled as she pushed herself back against Emmie's hand and wiggled into it. "I love it when you do that," she half whispered, squirming a little, "but I gotta go pee real bad," she added.

"Yeah, me too," admitted Emmie. And both girls looked at each other and burst out laughing, remembering what had happened the night before when they both had to pee at the same time. "I got an idea," Emmie told her friend as she threw off the blanket and climbed out of bed. She looked at Samantha with a sneaky smile. "Let's go do it in the shower." And she whipped off her panties and jammies, throwing them on the bed and ran out of the bedroom, quickly followed by Sammy who at first stumbled a bit as she hopped around for a few seconds, sliding her own panties down and leaving them on the floor in her haste to get to the bathroom.

When she got there Emmie was already standing in the tub looking out through the shower curtain which she was holding open as she waited for Samantha. "Come on in quick," she told Sammy grinning, reaching out her hand to help her step into the tub. After she pulled her in she closed the shower curtain and hugged her tightly, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Now what?" Samantha asked, looking curiously at Emmie.

Her girlfriend giggled again. "We just pee," she told her.

"What, just standing like this?"

Emmie nodded and pushed her tummy hard against her friend's bladder. "Oooooh," Sammy squealed loudly. "I can't hold on any more."

Emmie reached behind Samantha and grasped her butt cheeks, spreading them as she pulled her tightly to her. "Then just piss, silly," she laughed. And Sammy did. She let go completely, letting out a sigh of relief as she felt her pee squirt from her and run down between their legs. At the same time she felt Emmie starting to pee too, and their combined yellow streams flowed hotly over their thighs, pooling down around their feet in the tub. Sammy felt like she was never going to stop peeing as she hung on to Emmie's ass, enjoying every moment of their naughty little game together.

Feeling her flow slowing down she bore down to squeeze every last drop from her and this effort caused her to fart rather loudly, eliciting gales of giggles from the two girls. "I felt that on my fingers," Emmie laughed as she too bore down, having the same effect on Sammy's probing hand and giving both girls more giggle fits as their farts squeaked loudly, blasting from their cute little buttholes.

"You gonna turn on the shower now?" Samantha finally whispered in Emmie's ear after they'd clung together for a minute or two, not really wanting to move as she felt her friend's finger tip exploring her further, and, copying Emmie, she too had poked the tip of one of her fingers into her girlfriend's soft, tight rosebud and was wiggling it around inside the warm tunnel.

"Oh, be careful," Emmie whispered, closing her eyes. "I gotta go poo. You gonna make me do it here so you better stop," she panted.

Samantha just giggled and tried to slide her finger in deeper, curious about what she'd find. Emmie snapped open her eyes. "Sammy, what are you doing!" she cried, but at the same time enjoyed the strange feeling of being so full, but then began to panic as she felt the urge to poop start to overwhelm her. She knew if she did it here, the tub would be such a mess. They could easily wash their pee away, but not her poop. She reached behind her and grabbed Samantha's wrist, yanking her finger from her butt and quickly jumped from the tub and plunked herself down on the toilet. Sammy followed, first sneaking a quick look at her finger which showed no signs of any of her friend's poop. Slyly she knelt down in front of Emmie, who was now looking relieved that she'd made it in time, and, grabbing her friend's knees, she spread her legs so she could look at Emmie as she started to poop. The little five year old had never seen anyone go before and she was so very curious.

"What are you doing, Sammy?" Emmie asked, looking down at her girlfriend and now beginning to feel slightly embarrassed.

"I never seen anyone go poo before so I wanna watch," she giggled, staring in delight at Emmie's still wet, plump pussy and protruding clit. She peered down more closely and gasped as Emmie's asshole started to open and a brown tip of poop appeared. Then suddenly, as Emmie couldn't hold back any longer, her butt opened up wide and a long, wrinkly dark brown log burst from her, splashing hard into the toilet. This was quickly followed by another, and then a third smaller one which clung to her until she clenched herself a few times and it finally dropped off.

"Wowsie, that was so cool," Samantha exclaimed, looking up at Emmie with a smile on her face. Then she wrinkled her nose. "But it sure stinks," she added, scrunching her face as another half-hearted fart echoed into the toilet as Emmie reached around for the toilet tissue to pull off a strip.

"What did you expect? Poop always stinks," she said, turning up her own nose as she prepared to wipe herself. "You satisfied now?" she added, giggling again. Then, "Hey, now what are you doing?" she exclaimed in astonishment as Samantha grabbed the strip of toilet paper from her hand before she could reach behind herself to start wiping her butt.

"Gonna wipe you clean," grinned Samantha. "My mommy showed me how to do it properly so I wanna do it for you," she added, carefully folding the tissue. I need to practice for when I have a baby of my own." And as Emmie watched in disbelief, her girlfriend proceeded to carefully wipe her butt clean of the leftover poop that still clung between her cheeks. After dropping the tissue into the toilet she reached up for another strip and wiped some more, and then a third until she was satisfied that no more poop remained, at least on the outside. As for Emmie, she soon got used to the feeling of having someone else wipe her, and decided it felt kind of hot and she became conscious of her pussy moistening even more as Samantha began to wipe it too, claiming that it still had pee on it from when they'd pissed together in the tub. Staring at the tissue as she removed it from her girlfriend's pussy Samantha giggled again. "I think you got more than pee there," she teased. "You like this, don't you? You're getting all horny again."

And she reached down to take Emmie's hard clit between her thumb and finger and squeezed it a little, causing the little girl to moan and thrust herself harder against Samantha's touch. "Still one more thing to do," Sammy told her friend, removing her hand, much to Emmie's disappointment. "Mommy told me to do this every time I wiped myself after I pooped." And she grabbed another sheet of toilet paper and wrapped it around her finger. "Now, hold still," she commanded her girlfriend as she slowly worked the tip of her tissue covered finger into Emmie's butt, gently twirling it around, bringing another satisfying groan from Emmie's lips. Extracting it slowly she peered at it and then showed her friend.

"See," she explained as they both looked at the faint brown stain on the tissue. "You have to clean inside yourself too so your panties don't get dirty when you put them on. Have to do it again," she grinned, reaching for another piece of tissue. This time Emmie lifted up from the toilet seat and spread her cheeks to help Samantha slip her finger in once more. She was beginning to love the attention. And then she groaned even louder as Sammy's finger penetrated much deeper this time and she felt her pussy begin to tingle even more as it continued to moistened. She couldn't stop herself from sliding the index finger from each of her hands down to her bulging clit and pinching it as Sammy twirled her finger around inside her. It all felt so good to her, something new, something she'd never experienced before.

Suddenly she felt like she had to poop again but knew she that couldn't be because she'd just emptied herself. Then, as Sammy's finger probed even deeper she felt her pussy begin to drip, and even squirt a few drops of liquid as she pinched her engorged clit even harder. Then something incredible happened. Wonderful waves of ecstasy throbbed through her body, through her groin and tummy, and a stream of moisture squirted forcefully from her pussy, splashing noisily into the toilet as if she were peeing like a fire hose. She didn't know what was happening to her but she didn't want it to stop. Ever.

Samantha felt Emmie's asshole throbbing around her finger as she watched in amazement, wondering where all the pee was coming from since they'd both just emptied themselves in the bathtub. Slowly her girlfriend wilted and collapsed back onto the toilet seat, momentarily trapping Samantha's hand before she was able to extract her finger from Emmie's butt. The tissue around her finger was perfectly clean and as she prepared to show this to Emmie to prove it had worked she heard a whispered voice exclaiming, "Oh my god, she's a squirter!"

Looking up she saw her mother and Paula, both naked, peering into the bathroom through the half-open door they had forgot to close in their rush to pee. They were caught again, just like last night, Samantha thought to herself, starting to giggle.

"You two really have a thing for bathroom fun, don't you?" laughed Paula, as Emmie looked up, hearing her mother's voice. She wearily pushed herself up from the toilet and stumbled over to her, hugging her tightly.

"What happened to me, Mommy? It felt so, so good, like I've never felt before."

Paula picked her little girl up in her arms and kissed her gently. "It looks like you are one of the few lucky girls who squirt when you have an orgasm, sweetie. That wasn't pee, you know," she added as Emmie looked at her with a puzzled expression on her pretty face.

"It wasn't?"

"No dear, it was a special kind of girl cum that only happens sometimes, like when you are so, so excited and aroused and can't control yourself any more, and it usually doesn't happen that much. And only a few girls ever get to experience it. Sammy must have been doing something wonderful to you. And, ahh, I see what it was now," she added with a smile, as Samantha proudly waved her still tissue covered finger around in front of her mother.

"See, Mommy. I did what you showed me to Emmie after she pooped. Like, you know, to make sure she was clean."

Julia looked over to Paula. "It looks like your little girl had an anal orgasm," she guessed. "And maybe that's what made her squirt."

Paula nodded slightly, wondering if that's what really happened and hugged Emmie tightly against her once more. "Oh, sweetie," she whispered to her daughter. "You certainly have your mother's sexual genes."

Samantha looked over at Paula. "What's that about jeans?" she asked. And then suddenly realizing their mothers weren't wearing any clothes she exclaimed, "You're both naked!" And then she giggled. "Did you two sleep together, too?" she teased.

"Guilty as charged," Julia laughed.

"Mommy's got a girlfriend, mommy's got a girlfriend," Samantha sung, as Emmie, who now seemed recovered from her experience, climbed down from her mother and grabbed Sammy's hands and together they danced around the bathroom singing the same refrain over and over together.

Paula and Julia laughed, arms around each other's waists as they watched their daughters prancing around.

"Okay you two," Paula finally said. "Into the shower with you both. You've got a modelling job to get to in a couple of hours, so snap to it. And be sure to clean up that pee first, she added with a laugh as she peered into the tub, shaking her head."

Two hours later, fed, showered, shampooed and dressed neatly, the two young girls headed hand in hand down the street toward the studio, followed closely by their two proud mothers.

(To be continued...)

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I am sooooo loving this series! I have moved from chapter to chapter with tingling anticipation! You haven't disappointed in any chapter! Thank you

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