Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 6

[ F/F/g/g, oral, ws, anal ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 1-Aug-2011

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Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know what's going on in the story.

By the time the two young girls approached Emmie's house Samantha had heard all about Emmie's first visit to the model agency and discovered that her friend's test shoot had been similar to her own. Emmie had also been told to keep the details a secret but now that Sammy had been signed up she knew it was okay to talk about it. She told Samantha that Sandra had started with the same kind of poses and pictures she had taken with Sammy, but soon, after being encouraged to see how sexy she could look it wasn't long before her clothes started coming off.

"I kinda liked posing for her like that," Emmie giggled. "It made me feel like a real model and soon I was pretty well naked in front of her. She was so surprised to see I had boobies starting already and then when she saw my pussy she almost freaked out. She put her camera down and came over to look more closely and soon she was fingering me and I got so wet I was dripping. And before I knew it she was licking me and it felt so, so good. And then she brought the camera in closer and took more pics with my legs spread wide like that. She said I had the sexiest pussy she'd ever seen on a young girl like me. And you met that receptionist? The pretty blonde?" Sammy nodded.

"Well, she called her in to show me off to her too, and she thought I was so hot for a young girl. And," she giggled again, "she even got down in front of me and licked my pussy too while Sandra took more pics. That's when they told me I could make lots of money but I couldn't tell anyone. So I was dying to say something to you but couldn't, and that's why I told you to look sexy too, because I knew if you did you could do the same thing. And we'd both be rich, rich, rich!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down, causing Julia and Paula to turn around and look at them.

"What are you two conspiring about now?" Paula called back to them. "Come on, hurry up. We have to get you two new modelling stars to bed to get your beauty sleep." Julia laughed.

"We're coming, Mommy," Sammy replied, grinning over at Emmie. "Yeah," she whispered, "Sandra did say that you and me could model together sometime, and maybe even with that other girl that left when we were there, Susan, right? She's so pretty. I wanna do stuff with her too," she giggled. "She musta done sexy stuff with them too, I bet. And," she added, squeezing Emmie's arm, "I wanna do more stuff with you, too." She stuck out her tongue and wiggled it at her friend, demonstrating what she had done with it at her house before they left for the agency.

"But it's my turn first," Emmie reminded her friend. "I wanna do you and make you feel as good as you made me feel. Maybe your mommy would let you sleepover tonight."

Samantha clapped her hands together and exclaimed, "Yay, let's ask. Mommy," she called to Julia, who was now turning into the walkway to Paula's house, following her up to the door. "Mommy, can I sleepover with Emmie tonight?"

Julia looked at Paula and smiled. "I wondered how long that would take," she laughed. "I think it's payback time," she whispered into Paula's ear, thinking back to the unfinished business from the kitchen earlier that afternoon. "What do you think?" she asked her neighbour. Paula grinned.

"Can she, Mommy?" Emmie pleaded.

"It's okay with me, sweetie," Paula said, "but it's up to Sammy's mom. If she says it's okay too, then I guess she can. But," she added, "you'd both better sleep and not stay up all night giggling and chatting." Both girls high-fived again and hugged each other, nodding their heads in agreement before rushing in through the front door past their mothers.

"I gotta go peeeeeee," Emmie screeched out.

"Me too," echoed Samantha, giggling and grabbing herself between her legs and somewhat awkwardly racing after her friend down the hallway toward the bathroom.

Paula laughed. "I guess all the cola they drank before we left for the agency finally caught up with them. You ready for some more wine, Julia?" she asked.

Julia shrugged. "If you insist," she responded, and then laughed. "Of course I am. I never say no to an invitation to imbibe. But first I'd better run home for a sec and get Sammy's pjs and her toothbrush."

"Why don't you bring your own, too?" Paula suggested as Julia walked off toward the front door, causing her to stop in her tracks and turn around to see if her friend was joking.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Sure, why not? Sammy is staying so there's no reason for you to be all alone at home. You might as well join us too," she laughed. "Unless you'd rather be alone, that is," she teased. Julia walked back and hugged her friend.

"No, I'd love to join you all, silly," she murmured into Paula's ear. "I can just imagine what those two little scallywags will be getting up to," she giggled. "Pour me a big glass of wine and I'll be right back." And she hurried down the hallway and out the front door, a big grin on her face.

Meanwhile, back in the washroom...

"I gotta go so bad," Emmie panted as she quickly pulled down her shorts and panties and plunked herself down on the toilet.

"Me too," said Samantha, squirming her legs together, trying to hold herself. "Hurry up, will you? Pulease!" she pleaded.

"I got an idea," grinned Emmie, as her pee started to hiss and splash into the bowl. "Take off your shorts and panties and sit facing me and then you can pee at the same time as me."

Samantha didn't waste a second and was soon sitting facing her friend on her lap, arms around her shoulders and just in the nick of time, too. She immediately let loose, her golden pee splashing all over Emmie's tummy and somehow dribbling down between their thighs into the toilet below as both girls giggled. "This is so much fun," Emmie squealed, grabbing on to Sammy's butt cheeks to hold her steady. "Your piss is so warm on me." Slowly both their streams petered out and Samantha started to lift herself off her girlfriend; but Emmie pulled her back down.

"No, stay here," she told Samantha, suddenly leaning up and kissing her friend on her lips. Sammy responded and then yelped in surprise as she felt Emmie's fingers gently prying her ass cheeks apart and poking around between, finding first her asshole and then, as Samantha lifted a bit, probing around her pussy, the tip of one finger slipping inside her tight vagina. Sammy groaned as Emmie continued to explore her, her pussy becoming increasingly wet as her own natural secretions started to flow, joining the wetness left from her pee.

She squirmed on Emmie's lap and moaned, kissing her even harder, their tongues dancing around inside their hot mouths and then she squealed even more when she felt another of her girlfriend's fingers start poking her asshole and then working its way inside. Now she had one finger in her tight little cunt and another in her butt and it felt so wonderful. Her mom had licked her poop hole earlier that day and that was a surprise in itself, but now she didn't know what to think. The feelings she was experiencing were so confusing - excitement mixed with an apprehension that she was going to lose control and poop on her friend.

"Ohhhh, Emmie, ohhhh," she cried out as she pulled her face away staring wide-eyed at her friend. "That's so good but...careful 'cause you're making me feel like I gotta go," she spluttered, a little embarrassed.

"Yay, I know that's what it feels like. My mommy's done it to me but it won't make you poop, I promise," she giggled. And she continued to swirl her finger around inside Sammy's tight asshole as the little girl panted on top of her. Samantha just gave in to the exquisite feelings she was experiencing and resumed kissing Emmie and forced her butt down harder onto her girlfriend's finger, trying to urge it deeper and deeper into her by bearing down as if she actually were trying to poop. Spurred on by Sammy's reaction Emmie also slid her other finger deeper into her friend's vagina, feeling it rub against the one in her butt through the delicate membrane between her pussy and her ass.

Sammy was by now lubricating so much that her juices were dripping from her tight cunt and Emmie's probing was starting to make noisy squelching sounds as her finger slid as far inside as she could make it. Emmie knew Sammy was rapidly approaching that wonderful feeling she'd had herself when Samantha had licked her that afternoon, and she continued to work her fingers in and out and around both her friend's holes, even though they were starting to ache slightly because of the awkward position the two of them were in.

But suddenly she was rewarded as Sammy threw her head back and uttered what could only be described as a deep animalistic growl which then quickly turned into a screech of delight as the young girl reached her first mind-blowing orgasmic peak, something the five-year old would remember for the rest of her life. Emmie felt her girlfriend's pussy and asshole pulsating in unison as her climax throbbed through her, alternately gripping and releasing her fingers as the vibrations slowly subsided and Sammy's small body eventually collapsed in ecstasy on top of her, her arms loosely clinging to her neck as she sunk her head onto Emmie's shoulder and tried to regain her breath.

"Wowie!" she finally exclaimed. "That was so awesome." And she kissed Emmie once again and then lifted herself up off her friend's lap. Then both girls were taken by surprise at the sound of clapping hands and calls of 'bravo' from just outside the bathroom door. Looking up they saw both their mothers grinning at them through the gap in the door that had been left open when they'd torn into the room, both dying to pee.

"Mommeeeeeee," they both cried out in unison. "You've been peeking at us."

After Julia had left to get their pjs and toothbrushes, Paula had sneaked down the hallway to the bathroom to check on the girls and had been spellbound watching them in their sex play. As they had continued, completely unaware of being watched, Paula had heard Julia return and quickly waved her to come join her, placing her finger over her lips to keep her quiet, and together they had seen the beautiful site of Samantha experiencing her first ever orgasm.

"I came down to see what you were both up to, and when I saw I just didn't want to interrupt," Paula explained. "You were so into each other that I couldn't tear my eyes away, and then when your mom came back with your pjs and toothbrushes she was just in time to see you orgasm, Sammy."

Julia reached out her arms to her little girl who rushed over to her for a big hug. "It felt amazing mommy, what she did to me. She had her fingers right inside my pussy and my butt and, like, my whole body was tingling all over...and then, I dunno what happened. But I want more, more and more," she giggled, looking up at Julia's smiling face.

"What happened was, like Paula said, you had an orgasm. Just like Emmie did when you licked her this afternoon," Julia explained. "Now you both know what to do to make each other feel great. And," she continued, looking over at Emmie who she saw was now cautiously licking her fingers, "I'm sure you two will be doing it again, lots and lots of times."

Paula meanwhile had walked over to her daughter who was still sitting on the toilet, now with one finger completely in her mouth. "Like the taste sweetie?" she teased. "Wanna share with mommy?"

Emmie shook her head no, removing the finger and then replacing it with the one from her other hand. She sucked and then giggled. "It's all mine, Mommy. Go find your own."

Julia laughed and asked, "Which do you like best?"

Emmie switched fingers again. "Mmmm, I love them both. Her pussy tastes kinda sweet and creamy and her butt is, well, I dunno, like stronger, kinda bitter but still so yummy."

Samantha giggled. "So now I gotta taste your asshole too," she told her friend, sticking out her tongue and wiggling it at her friend. "Just like mommy licked mine this afternoon."

Paula pulled her little girl up from the toilet seat and lifted her so her head was on her shoulder and her legs tucked around her waist. She then slyly slid a finger between her daughters cheeks and dipped the tip of it into her butt hole which opened up easily for her, as it had many times before when they'd been playing. Then, walking over to Julia and Sammy she withdrew her finger and waved it temptingly toward Emmie's girlfriend who was about to reach for it when Julia suddenly bent down and beat her to it. Holding Paula's finger up to her mouth she teased, "I think mommy should give it the taste test first, sweetie. Just to make sure it's okay for her little girl. Don't you?"

Emmie screeched, "Mommy! She's my girlfriend." And she tried to grab her mother's wrist. But Julia was too quick for her as she plunged Paula's finger deeply into her own mouth, her eyes lighting up in delight.

"Mmmm, so yummy," she teased, as she pulled out her finger. "Yes, it's definitely okay for you to try now, sweetie," she grinned, winking at Paula and Emmie who were staring at her in surprise. "Here, sweetie, you try." But before Emmie could grab Paula's finger, Paula suggested that Samantha help her by spreading Emmie's cheeks wide so that she could insert her finger once more and give Sammy a real good taste of her goodies. Samantha's face lit up as she grabbed her friend's firm globes and pried them apart, loving the way Emmie's pink anal ring stretched and almost opened in front of her. Then she watched in delight as Paula's finger slowly but surely worked its way deeper and deeper into her girlfriend's asshole. Julia, who was also watching carefully, found herself getting wetter and wetter as she looked on, unconsciously licking her lips imagining it was her tongue invading the little girl's butt.

When Paula finally removed her finger, Emmie's asshole didn't close immediately and to everyone's surprise, Samantha ignored the proffered finger and immediately plunged her face between her girlfriend's cheeks and slid her tongue as deeply as she could into the wrinkled hole in front of her. Emmie groaned and clung tightly around her mother's neck as she felt Sammy's tongue worshipping her asshole. Julia meanwhile, not wanting to let Paula's finger go to waste, slid it deeply into her mouth again as she watched her daughter, now sharing with her the musky, tangy flavour of Emmie's anal passageway. She now knew that she'd be doing the same with Samantha as their relationship progressed in the same direction as Paula's and Emmie's.

(To be continued...)

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