Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 5

[ F/g/g/oral ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 21-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. (Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know what's going on in the story.)

As soon as Samantha heard they were actually going down to the modelling agency that night she was so excited she didn't even want to wait for dinner.

"Do I look good, Mommy? Maybe we should go home so I can change into something pretty before we go. What about my hair? Should you shampoo it? Or brush it again, maybe?" And on and on she went until everyone finally broke up into giggles - especially Emmie.

"You look just great, Sammy," her friend told her. "Don't worry so much. Mommy didn't dress me up pretty when I went there. She just took me up the way I was and they liked me right away as soon as I tested," she said, thrusting out her chest toward her girlfriend, hands on her hips. "Just look sexy," she added, giggling once more.

Samantha turned to her mother, this time trying to look just like Emmie with her hands on her hips and chest pushed out. "Do I look sexy enough, Mommy?" she asked, frowning at Julia.

Her mother laughed. "Not with that look on your face you don't," she replied. Samantha stuck out her tongue and tried to wiggle her hips as seductively as a five year old can, which brought more giggles from everyone.

"Don't you worry, sweetie," Paula consoled the little girl. "You look very pretty and that's all they will care about. Once they decide to use you as a model they will dress you and fix you up to suit the types of pictures and poses they need from you."

Samantha stared open-mouthed at Paula. "They're gonna dress me? Really? But doesn't that mean they're gonna have to undress me first? Who's gonna do that? Is mommy going to be there to help?"

And she looked first at Julia, then at Emmie. "Did they dress you too, Emmie?"

Emmie shook her head. "No, silly. Not for the first pictures they took. I just wore what I was wearing when I went there. You saw them, just ones of me in my shorts an' stuff. Mommy said they just wanted to see how my face would look to see if they could use me. But yeah, when you model clothes they will dress you to make sure they fit okay."

"So they will have to undress us too then?" Samantha persisted.

"That's what it's like being a model, honey," Julia explained to her daughter. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

Paula nodded. "Yes, but first of all you have to get chosen. So, eat your dinner and let's get going down there so they can see how pretty you are."

Samantha smiled. "You really think I'm pretty?"

Julia pointed to the table. "Sit and eat," she commanded. "And quit fishing for complements," she added, trying not to laugh at the sudden seeming lack of self-confidence of her adorable little daughter.

Dinner was eaten quickly and quietly after that, everyone anxious to get going to the agency before it closed. Before leaving, the two girls had a date with the bathroom mirror, giggling as they made faces together while their moms brushed their hair once more and made sure they were clean and presentable. Then it was a quick ten minute walk down to the hair salon where Paula worked and up the narrow staircase to the agency office on the second floor.

As Paula had indicated they were still open and they were shown into a tiny waiting room by the receptionist, who couldn't have been more than eighteen herself, Julia guessed. She was a tall, slim blonde, with wavy hair flowing down well past her shoulders, dressed in loose, white, scooped-neck top and a short, blue skirt that flared from her hips, reaching to about mid-thigh, revealing how beautiful her long, slim legs were. If she wasn't a model she certainly could have been one, Julia thought to herself as the girl asked them to take a seat while she went in search of the owner of the agency.

On the walls of the waiting room hung photographs of several young models ranging in age from about five to twelve or thirteen, wearing a variety of colourful outfits including bathing suits and underwear. "One of these days you could be hanging up there," Julia told Samantha as the little girls stared at one particular picture of a young girl with her back to the camera, her head turned so she was looking back over her shoulder at the photographer, a big smile on her face. All she was wearing were panties with the brand name 'Binado's' plainly visible on the waistband. And they hugged her cute buns as if they were painted on.

"Binado's?" Julia questioned. "Never heard of them," she said, looking at Paula. "Have you?"

Paula shook her head. "Well, they did say their clients were overseas, so it must be a foreign manufacturer."

Just then the door at the side of the waiting room opened and a middle-aged woman walked in followed by a cute young girl who looked to be a couple of years older than Emmie. Right behind them came the receptionist carrying a couple of file folders in her hands. The woman smiled at Paula, saying, "I didn't expect to see you again so soon. And you brought some company, I see," and she acknowledged Julia and Samantha with a nod. Then to the receptionist, "Please call Sharon's mom and tell her to come pick her up. We're finished shooting for tonight." And she ruffled the young girl's hair, telling her she had done a great job and that she'd contact her mother as soon as they were ready for her again.

As Sharon walked past Emmie and Samantha on her way out with the receptionist she smiled and asked the girls, "Are you two here to be photographed too?"

Samantha nodded and explained, "Well, I'm here to see if I can become a model but Emmie's already been chosen," she added, pointing to her girlfriend. "Have you done it a lot?" she asked.

"Yes, a few times now," Sharon replied, as the receptionist took her hand to lead her out, reminding her that they had to call her mother. "And it's lots of fun, too," she added winking back over her shoulder at Emmie and Samantha as she was almost dragged from the waiting room, almost as if she were being prevented from saying anything more.

Then the woman, whom Julia assumed was the agency's owner, turned her attention back to Paula. "So, who's your friend?" she asked Paula, reaching out her hand to Julia. "Bye the way, I'm Sandra," she said, introducing herself. "I run this agency so I'm always looking out for new talent, and I'm assuming that's why Paula brought you here, or am I jumping to conclusions?" she smiled, as she glanced at Samantha.

Samantha quickly smiled and stood up. "I'm here with my mommy so you can tell us if you think I'm good enough to be a model like Emmie's going to be, Miss Sandra," she told the lady, hoping against hope that she'd say yes.

"Well, you sure look pretty enough, sweetie. If you like," she suggested to Julia, "we can take a few test shots to see how photogenic your daughter is."

Samantha jumped up and down, clapping her hands together. "Yes, yes. Can we, Mommy?" Julia laughed as Emmie ran over and hugged her friend, just as excited as Sammy was.

"Of course, honey," Julia replied. "That's what we came down here for, silly."

"Well, alright then," Sandra said, reaching out an arm toward Samantha. "Let's you and your mom come into my office and I'll get her to sign a consent form and then we'll get to work. Will you be waiting for them, Paula?"

Paula nodded as Emmie whispered into Samantha's ear, "Remember to look sexy." And both girls giggled as Sandra led Julia and Samantha out through the door into her office. She pulled up two chairs for them at her desk as she reached into a file folder for a form which she slid in front of Julia to read.

"This is not a contract, Julia, but I need you to read and sign it in order for me to take a few pictures of Samantha," she explained, smiling at the anxious little girl in front of her. "Once I get your signature it gives me permission to shoot some test photographs just to ensure she will be photogenic, and it also allows me to show her to my clients so they can select her as a potential model for their advertising needs."

Julia quickly scanned the form, picked up a pen from the desk and signed, handing the agreement back to Sandra and asked, "What are the modelling fees if Sammy is accepted?"

Sandra hesitated a few seconds before replying but then explained that it really depended on the clients requirements. "There are different rates for different kinds of shoots," she told Julia. "The rates can vary based on what the model is asked to wear. And sometimes the sessions are not done in the studio, but on location, and usually the rates are even higher in that case," she added. "And they can be quite generous," she emphasised, "depending on the client and the nature of the job, of course. Sometimes, you see, models may even work together with other girls on location for some of the shoots."

Samantha smiled and clapped her hands together as she asked, "Does that mean I could actually work together with Emmie? Or with that other girl that was leaving when we came in? Sharon - that was her name, wasn't it? She looked really cute and she said she'd been doing it for a while, too."

Once again, Sandra was impressed by the little girl's enthusiasm and replied that yes, anything was possible once she was accepted. Then she went over to the copy machine and made a copy of the permission-to-test form for Julia, and asked Samantha to follow her into the studio so they could get started. Sammy jumped up immediately, and then frowned a little as Sandra explained that it was best for Julia to wait in the waiting room for them. "Sometimes," she explained, "having a parent in the studio is a little distracting to the model and prevents her from showing off to her best potential."

Julia shrugged, but then agreed, telling her daughter to do her best and follow all the directions she was given. "And don't forget to smile," she added over her shoulder as she left the office.

Sandra led Samantha through the door at the back of the office into the studio where the little girl stared in amazement at the colourful backdrops and hanging lights all around the windowless room. There was a couch along one wall and another door at the back which she was told was the changing room where different outfits were kept. "There's also a little make-up table and special mirror in there, too," Sandra told her with a smile.

This excited Samantha who asked, "So will I have to wear make-up as well then?" Being so young she'd never worn any before, except when she'd found her mommy's lipstick one day and smeared some all over her lips, only to have her mom scold her - while trying not to laugh at the messy attempt Samantha had made - and wash it off immediately, much to her daughter's disappointment. The thought of wearing make-up when she had her pictures taken made her very excited.

"You may have to sometimes, depending on the nature of the shoot," Sandra told her, "but not for today though. Now, why don't you go over and sit on that stool in front of the pink background over there," she told Sammy, pointing to where she wanted her.

"What do you want me to do?"

Sandra adjusted her camera, peering at the image in her viewfinder. "Just brush the hair from your eyes and give me a big smile."

"Like this? Should I look sexy?"

Sandra gasped. "Who told you that?"

Sammy giggled. "Emmie said I should look sexy." And she crossed her legs and put her hands on her hips, trying at the same time to thrust out her chest as she made what she imagined was a sexy expression on her cute face by pouting her lips.

Sandra forced herself to keep from laughing at the little girl's posturing but at the same time wondered what exactly Emmie had told her friend. She had emphasised to Emmie that what went on in the studio was to be kept secret from everyone. Emmie had been a quick learner in her test shoot and although only a few pictures had been shown to her mother, many others had been taken once the little girl had started to relax and get into the albeit too short session they had had. Sandra was definitely looking forward to the next shoot with Emmie, and had already lined up a client who was very interested in paying big money for sexy photographs of the young girl.

"What else did she tell you, sweetie?" And she took a few more shots of Samantha in rapid succession as the little girl actually flicked her tongue across her lips.

"Nothing, except that. And that it would be lots of fun."

Sandra put the camera down and walked up to Samantha. "So are you having fun, honey?"

Sammy nodded. "Yes, am I doing good?" she asked, hopefully.

"So far you're doing great, sweetie. So, do you really want to look sexy?"

Sammy giggled and nodded again.

"Okay, well get off the stool and stand beside it. Here, I'll show you how to pose."

Sammy obeyed, remembering that her mom had told her to do everything that Sandra asked of her. "Now put one of your feet up on the first rung of the stool." And she helped the little girl to get it just right. Now grab the bottom of that baggy top of yours and lift it up a bit, show me your cute tummy. Yes, that's perfect, sweetie." Now I'm going to go back to the camera and direct you through a few quick shots and we'll see how good you are at following directions." Samantha was now really starting to enjoy herself.

Throughout the next three or four minutes Sandra worked the little girl through a series where she slowly revealed more of her flat chest until both her cute little pointy nipples were on display, then started working on her shorts, having her slowly unzip them and lower them bit by bit until her panties were visible. Then she stopped and once more walked up to the little girl.

"You're doing great so far, Sammy. Still having fun?"

Samantha giggled. "Yes, am I sexy enough yet?" Sandra put her finger to her lips as if in deep thought, studying the partially unclothed young girl.

"Yes, sweetheart, but you can be even sexier if you like." And without waiting for a response she reached for the waistband of Samantha's now completely unzipped shorts and started to lower them a little. "I just want to see what your panties look like, okay?"

Sammy nodded. "Is this what Emmie did too?" she wanted to know.

"Yes, she did a lot of sexy stuff but I guess she didn't tell you, did she?"

Samantha shook her head no. "You said you told her to keep it secret and she never said anything to me."

Sandra smiled, now realizing that Emmie could be trusted and hoped the same would be true for Samantha. "Well, the same applies to you, sweetie. Studio shoots are private and that's why I asked your mommy to wait outside. So you mustn't say anything to anyone about what we do in here either, okay?"

Samantha nodded once more as Sandra pulled the little girl's shorts right down and had her step out of them completely.

"Can't I even tell Emmie?" she asked.

"Well, probably that will be okay because maybe you and Emmie can do some shoots together sometime. Would you like that?" she asked; and Samantha quickly responded by vigorously nodding her head.

"Can we do some now?" she asked eagerly.

"It's getting a bit too late tonight, sweetie, but maybe next time. Right now I want you to wear some different panties for a few pictures and then we should quit for the evening."

Samantha looked down at her panties and frowned a little. "Don't you like these ones?"

"Yes, they are cute but I have some really sexy ones in the dressing room for you to try on. Follow me." And she led Samantha over to the dressing room and rummaged around in a drawer, pulling out a silky, transparent thong. "What do you think of these?" she asked the little girl, dangling them from one of her fingers, a sly smile on her face.

"Ooooh, they do look sexy," Samantha giggled.

"Okay then, well let's try them on, shall we?" And without waiting for Samantha to respond she knelt down in front of her and slowly pulled down her panties, leaving the young model naked in front of her, having had her take off her top completely for the last few pictures they took in the studio.

"You are so pretty, Sammy," she told the little girl, eying her from top to bottom while cupping her firm butt cheeks in her hands and playfully giving her belly button a little kiss.

Samantha giggled. "My mommy does that too sometimes," she told Sandra.

"Oh, really? And what else does she do?" she asked, beginning to wonder what kind of relationship Julia had with her daughter.

"Sometimes she kisses and licks me, you know, like on my pussy, and this afternoon when we were getting ready to go to Emmie's she even licked my poop hole to make sure I was real clean down there," she giggled shyly.

This sounds like a very interesting family, Sandra thought to herself, becoming even more hopeful of what she could do with the little girl. "Does your daddy ever do that too?" she pressed on, gently squeezing Samantha's butt, spreading it a little wider.

"No, my daddy left us a while ago. And that's why mommy wanted to see if I could be a model like Emmie is going to be. 'Cause we need to make some money to pay the rent, you see?"

Sandra did indeed see and now knew that there was a lot of potential for this young girl and her friend. She looked up at Sammy's face and smiled. "Tell you what, sweetie. Why don't we save any more shooting until the next time? And you can model this thong then. Would you like that?" And her finger tips gently grazed the young girl's tight asshole, lingering for a second on the muscular ring causing a slight 'mmm' to escape Sammy's lips. Encouraged, Sandra let her tongue slide slowly over Samantha's firm, prominent mound and down along the slit between her puffy lips, as she pulled the little girl tightly against her.

Samantha was in heaven once more. Her sweet little pussy was reacting to Sandra's touch just like it had when her mommy had licked her. She wanted more, and grasped the back of the photographer's head, pulling it as close and as tightly against her as she could.

But suddenly Sandra stopped, coming to her senses and realizing that this would have to wait until another time. Samantha groaned as she pulled away, disappointed that it seemed to be over as Sandra handed her back her panties and softly asked her to get dressed again. "Next time, sweetheart, and we'll take some really sexy pictures of you and Emmie together if you like. And, you met my receptionist in the waiting room, remember?"

Sammy nodded.

"Well, sometimes she helps us in the studio too, and may even have her picture taken with you as well."

The little girl smiled big. "Really? I thought she looked like she could be a model. Does she do sexy stuff too?"

Sandra laughed. "You sure are a smart little girl. And yes, she used to model for me too, but now she just helps the younger models during some of the shoots. She sometimes does sexy stuff with you too," she assured Samantha.

"Like what you were just doing?" Sammy wanted to know.

"If you'd like her to, yes," Sandra replied, feeling herself becoming more and more aroused at the possibilities these two young girls presented. "Now, let's go see your mom, shall we?"

Completely dressed once more, Samantha followed Sandra back through the office into the waiting room and ran over to her mother, giving her a big hug. "How was it, sweetie?" Julia asked.

"It was so much fun, mommy. I'm really going to like being a model." And she gave Emmie a high five as her friend ran over to her, a big smile on her face.

"Here's a few of the test shots we took," Sandra told Julia, waving a handful of Polaroid's she had retrieved on her way from the studio. "I think your daughter's going to make a fine model. So now, if you could come back into my office I need you to sign a contract for me."

As Emmie and Sammy jumped up and down hugging each other, Paula looking on with a big smile on her face, Julia followed Sandra back into the office and sat in front of her desk once more. "Did she really do that well?" she asked, anxiously.

"She's perfect," Sandra assured her, sliding the contract in front of Julia who was so happy she just signed on the bottom line without reading it. Besides, she knew she'd get her own copy to study in detail later, and it was getting so late now that they really had to get home and put the girls to bed.

"Thank you," she sighed in relief to Sandra. "This means an awful lot to us. Oh, what's this?" she asked as Sandra handed her an envelope.

"That's your signing bonus," Sandra explained, smiling at Julia.

Julia opened the envelope and found five crisp one hundred dollar bills inside, and she almost broke into tears. She couldn't help herself and threw her arms around Sandra, hugging her tightly. "Oh, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much. So, what's next then?" she asked.

"Well, I know I have a few clients who will be interested in seeing what both Samantha and Emmie can do, maybe even together. So as soon as I line something up I'll give you a call and let you know."

With a huge smile on her face Julia walked back into the waiting room holding the envelope and a copy of her contract, waving both at Samantha and the others.

"What's in the envelope, Mommy?" Sammy asked, trying to reach out for it. But Julia tucked it into her purse quickly, smiling happily at her daughter.

"It's the rent, sweetheart. You really did come to the rescue."

And the four of them quickly made their happy way home together, Emmie and Samantha trailing a little behind, arms around each other, whispering and giggling, both sharing their experiences with Sandra. And dying for more.

To be continued...

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