Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 4

[ F/F/M/g/g, oral, accidental ws, inc, spank ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 17-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. (Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know what's going on in the story.)

Paula reached into the fridge and grabbed a couple of colas for the girls and sent them off to the living room to play while she put on a pot of fresh coffee for her and Julia. "It's getting close to dinnertime, Julia," she reminded her friend. "Why don't you and Sammy stay with us and I'll make some pasta and chicken? Or do you have other plans for this evening?"

"No, that would be great thanks, hon," Julia replied with a grateful smile. "I'm sure the girls would love to spend some more time together anyway, and maybe we can share a little about our own backgrounds as well while you tell us more about this modelling thing Emmie's going to be doing. And," she added, "it seems we have pretty similar tastes, if you know what I mean," she told Paula with a wink, thinking back to what had just happened in the kitchen, and how they had both become aroused watching their two little girls play.

And then suddenly Julia felt herself floating backwards in time, when she was just a young girl herself...

It had all started when she was just five years old, the same age as Sammy, after running into the kitchen from playing with her kitten in the back yard one Saturday afternoon. She was having so much fun out there that she kept trying to put off coming inside to go to the bathroom, but finally she waited just a little bit too long. All that juice she'd had with her lunch had eventually made her little bladder so desperately full that she found herself just having to let go, soaking herself terribly. Now, almost in tears as the screen door clanged shut behind her she cried out, "Mommy, Mommy, I just couldn't help it Mommy. I just peed myself. I'm all wet. I'm so sorry Mommy." And she felt her mother's glare stabbing into her as she shook her head in anger at the little girl and raised her finger - always a sign that she was in deep trouble.

"Look at you, Julia, you naughty girl," her mother had scolded. "You've soaked your new panties and the pretty pink shorts daddy and I bought you for your birthday. I've told you before to come in as soon as you know you've got to pee and not try to hold it. Now see what you've done. Go to the bathroom at once. I'll deal with you there!" And the little girl hung her head in shame as she slowly trudged down the hallway toward the toilet, leaving a trail of pee droplets behind her on the shiny linoleum floor.

Her mother followed closely behind, debating how to punish her daughter so she would remember never to let it happen again. Reaching the bathroom, she finally decided that a spanking was in order.

"Turn around and face me, Julia," she ordered the little girl as she stood in front of the toilet, her eyes still looking down at the floor, hands clasped behind her, tears slowly starting to drip from her cheeks to join the small puddle of pee that was forming at her feet from her soaked shorts and panties. "Pull down your shorts right now." And the little girl obeyed, tugging them over her slim hips, her panties - which were almost glued to them from the wetness - coming down with them. Realizing this, Julia stopped for a second and grabbed the waistband of her panties to pull them up and as she did, the shorts quickly fell to the floor around her feet with a soggy plop, weighed down by the pee they had adsorbed. Her panties were now almost transparent as they snugged against her puffy pussy, slipping tightly in between her labia and hiding nothing from her mother's still stern gaze.

"Come here!" Julia almost stumbled as she stepped away from her wet shorts bunched around her ankles and stood in front of her mother, still looking down, still with her hands clasped behind her back. Suddenly her mother leaned over and picked her up, grasping her easily around her waist and lifting her into the air as she stepped toward the toilet, turned around and sat down on the seat, placing Julia lying face down across her lap, disengaging the little girl's hands from behind her back so that they merely hung down toward the floor. Her wet panties clung tightly to her firm buttocks, burying themselves between her cheeks and before Julia had time to catch her breath she felt a sharp, stinging slap on her butt which sent a spray of pee flying into the air from the translucent, cotton material.

Julia jumped and let out a whimper as she automatically tried to lift her hands to try to protect herself from what undoubtedly would be a second swat from her mother. But to no avail. A second and a third followed in rapid succession as her mother tried to get the point across to her little girl. After the third slap her mother decided the lesson had been learned. Besides, she was getting quite wet herself from being sprayed with her daughter's pee each time she made contact. And anyway, she didn't want to hurt her little girl, just get the message across. She could see the red glow of Julia's cheeks through her soggy panties, and, lifting her up from her lap slightly, she pulled them loose from her butt and started to slide them down the little girl's slim thighs, eventually working them down over her ankles from which she eventually freed them and dropped them to the floor.

Julia's cheeks were so red, even from only three swats, that she felt compelled to caress them to try to ease the stinging. As her daughter looked back at her over her shoulder she could see the tears in her eyes and, being a compassionate mother, she smiled lovingly at her as her hand rested softly on one of her warm, damp cheeks. "I'm sorry if I hurt you sweetheart, but I just needed to punish you a little, and now I hope you have learned your lesson. Have you?"

"Yes," she whispered back, letting her head drop once more as her mother continued to caress her cheeks. Julia wiggled in her mother's lap, trying to make herself more comfortable as she started to enjoy the soothing feeling of her mother's hands, both of which were now softly squeezing the globes of her tiny butt. As the scent of her daughter's pee wafted up toward her nose, her mother found herself becoming strangely aroused by the situation, especially when her little girl's cheeks parted and she could see the little pink rosebud in between. As if sensing her mother's interest, or more likely in an attempt to become more comfortable, Julia spread her thighs a little wider, revealing more and more of her butt and the pouting lips of her young pussy to her mother. Unable to prevent herself, her mother found her fingers wandering between her little girl's red cheeks, straying closer and closer to the tight ring of her asshole and then tracing a path back and forth from there to her plump labia.

Then, conscious of strange new feelings building inside her, Julia remembered closing her eyes and squirming around a little on her mother's lap, pushing herself upward against the fingers she felt exploring her. Her mother didn't seem angry with her anymore and she wondered what she was doing with her butt and, yes, even with her pee-pee, to make it feel the way it did.

As she recalled what her mother did next - leaning down between her legs and licking her little pussy and her tiny rosebud - and how it had made her explode into her first ever orgasm, she knew just how much Emmie must have enjoyed what Sammy had just done to her there in the kitchen.

Julia came back to reality with a slight giggle as she also remembered her own daughter's reaction when she had licked her little poop hole just before they came over to visit their neighbours.

"And just what are you smiling at," Paula asked her friend, interrupting her brief trip down memory lane. "And what exactly do you mean by similar tastes?" she added with a sly wink.

"Come on, Paula. You were just as affected as I was watching Sammy play with Emmie," she teased, looking down at her friend's crotch. "So, how long have you been playing with her?" she asked, with the emphasis on the 'you.' "And it's no good saying you don't," she giggled, wagging her finger at her friend.

Paula blushed as she concentrated on pouring them both a mug of coffee, and then admitted, "About a year now, well almost - ever since I kicked out that lazy, drunken slob of a husband of mine, really. Emmie didn't know why he left and at first she missed her daddy very badly. She was too young to understand and all of a sudden he wasn't there anymore for her to jump into his lap and cuddle, which she did a lot because he was home most of the time, while I worked my butt off trying to keep food on the table and pay the rent. Pretty soon after he left, Emmie would cry herself to sleep at night and before long she insisted on sleeping with me for comfort. What could I say? So I let her. Besides, it was also a comfort to me to feel her warm little body snuggled up beside me."

Julia nodded as she took a sip of her coffee. She could see where this was going. "Especially when she threw her leg across your tummy and you just couldn't help but caress her cute little butt, right?" Julia teased, once more observing the blush start to deepen on Paula's face.

Paula nodded, placing her mug of coffee once more on the counter and looking up into Julia's eyes. "Yes," she admitted, "and that's when she told me about her dad as well."

"Her father?" Julia questioned, a frown on her face.

"Yes. We were cuddling that first night, and yes, I was absentmindedly squeezing her little butt as she held on to me tightly, sighing and whimpering a little into my ear. I asked her if she was okay and she whispered how much she missed her daddy doing what I was doing. I immediately stopped and rolled her on top of me so I could look into her eyes and asked her to tell me just exactly what her daddy did to her."

"Just like you were doing, Mommy," she replied, snuggling back down on me, her head nuzzled against my neck, wiggling her tummy against me as if to encourage me to start caressing her again.

"What, like this?" I asked as my hands slipped over her cheeks once more, grasping her soft, tight, panty-covered globes in my palms, massaging them once more. She moaned affirmatively into my ear. "What else did he do?" I asked her, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

"She giggled a little and told me. 'He put his hands inside my panties when he did that and you know, like, rubbed his fingers between my butt. It kinda tickled, Mommy,' she told me, 'especially when he sort of tried to poke a finger inside.' Well as you can guess, I was shocked by then and felt myself getting mad, but I managed to control my anger because I didn't want to scare Emmie. So I asked if he did anything else. And as I did, I, too, subconsciously slid my own hands inside her panties."

Julia smiled. "Hard to resist, isn't it?" she commented, and then asked, "So, what else did she tell you he did? I have a feeling there is more."

Paula nodded once again. "Yes. It turned out that he actually fingered her pussy too and held her tightly against him, rubbing her tummy against his cock until he came. To make a long story short he used her to masturbate with and sometimes even had her play with his cock herself until he squirted all over her. She thought it was so much fun but never mentioned anything to me because he told her it was to be their little secret. And there was something else, too," she told Julia, and that's kinda how the two of us got started."

Julia looked at her, waiting.

"She told me he used to kiss her all over, even her pussy and her asshole, and she said it made her feel so tingly - that's the word she used - so tingly in her tummy, and then right out of the blue she asked if I would kiss her like that too. Well, by that time my own fingers had wandered between her cheeks and down lower over her pussy which I then discovered was soaked. And, well, you've seen her. Her lips were so swollen by that time and I could feel how hard her little clit had become as I rubbed her. It wasn't such a little clit anymore," she giggled, looking at me slyly. "Anyway, without waiting for me to answer she crawled up my body until she was sitting on my chest, her beautiful, juicy treasure staring me in the face, clit erect, poking enticingly from its hood. How could I resist? Could you?"

Julia shook her head, licking her own lips, feeling herself becoming aroused by Paula's description. "You're right, I couldn't," she replied.

"And I didn't either," Paula recounted, going on to describe exactly what happened that night, and how she had given her little girl her first real orgasm, Emmie telling her that even though her daddy had made her feel good, he never, never made her feel like what she experienced that evening with her mommy.

"So, yes, we do have similar tastes, don't we?" Paula giggled, picking up her coffee mug and draining it dry.

Yes we do, Julia thought to herself, knowing that her friend was in fact way ahead of her and that she had some catching up to do with her darling little Sammy.

"Yes, we do," Julia confirmed. "But I really want to hear more about this modelling thing, and if you think they would be willing to test Samantha too."

"I'm sure they would. I don't see why not," Paula replied. "But there's only one way to find out. Why don't we take her down to the office after we finish dinner? They're open until nine tonight. Why don't you go tell the girls while I get the pasta going?"

Julia didn't have to be told twice.

To be continued...

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