Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 3

[ F/F/g/g/exhib/oral ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 15-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. (Make sure you have read the previous chapters so you know what's going on in the story.)

Julia waited in anticipation as Paula looked back at her friend, hesitating for a moment, and then, "Er... down below? Oh yeah, I remember," she replied, a slight, almost embarrassed smile on her face. "I did say that, didn't I? Well, Emmie's...her' do I put it? She's very well endowed; like, well-developed for such a young girl, if you know what I mean."

Now Julia was beginning to get the picture. And she thought she now had a pretty good idea why Paula usually dressed her daughter in such baggy shorts. The same reason she dressed her in loose tops - this time, however, she guessed it must be to hide what was probably quite a prominent vulva from prying eyes. She winked at Paula and teased, "Is that something else that runs in your family, too?" And then without waiting for a reply she added, as another thought quickly occurred to her, "But what's going to happen if she's asked to model panties for the studio's clients?"

Paula adjusted Emmie in her lap so that she was facing out at their guests again, trying to get comfortable as she clasped her hands around the wriggling little girl's waist. She shrugged away Julia's question. "Well, I guess she'll have to wear what they want her to wear, won't she. After all, they are paying quite a high hourly rate for her to model for them, and anyway, the catalogues are going out of the country so it's not as if anyone we know will see her."

Julia smiled as she wondered what the hourly rate might be, hugging Samantha once more and kissing her cheek, determined again to take her to the studio as soon as she possibly could. "Except us," she reminded Paula as she glanced at Emmie who continued to squirm around in her mother's lap, offering periodic views up inside the legs of her baggy shorts, her white panties plainly visible to Julia as the little girl's slim thighs opened and closed.

"What the hell," Paula finally decided, suddenly lifting Emmie from her lap and standing her in front of her between her spread legs. "We're all friends here so you might as well see what I mean..."

"Mommy, you said a bad word," Emmie interrupted, giggling, twisting her head around to stare at her mother.

"Hell's not so bad a word," chimed in Samantha, giggling. "My mommy says it all the time, don't you Mommy?" she chided Julia, sliding from her mother's lap to stand beside her at the counter, her yellow shorts still clinging tightly to her, outlining the shape of her pussy to Paula who couldn't help noticing.

Ignoring Emmie's scolding, Paula grasped the waistband of her daughter's baggy shorts and tugged them down, lifting her little girl out of them as they bunched around her ankles. Now it was Julia's turn to stare and she barely suppressed a gasp as she saw the way Emmie's white panties hugged an ever so prominent mound and vulva, made even more prominent by the slimness of her thighs as they gleamed in the late afternoon sun shining in through the kitchen windows.

Paula then slipped the thumb and forefinger of each hand inside the waistband of Emmie's panties and pulled them up snugly so that they revealed the complete shape of the little girl's charms. The bulge of her inner labia and even the nub of her clitoris were obvious and Julia felt her own pussy moistening as she stared in amazement. "See what I mean?" Paula said, almost proudly, catching the reaction of her neighbour.

Samantha immediately walked over to her friend and crouched in front of her, giggling and pointing. "I can see your pussy, Emmie. All of it. Even through your panties. It looks soooo big," she exclaimed, raising her finger as if about to touch her girlfriend.

"Samantha, don't you dare!" Julia cried out, scolding her daughter for what it appeared she was about to do. But it didn't seem to bother Emmie who was grinning widely as she watched her friend's hand momentarily freeze in mid-air only inches away from her panties.

"I don't mind, Sammy. Really," she added, looking over at Julia. "You can touch me if you like," she whispered to her friend, smiling slyly at her. "My mommy does, so why can't she?" she added, looking back first at her mother as if for permission, and then again over to Julia, who finally shrugged, secretly wishing she was the one about to explore little Emmie's treasure. Smiling down at Samantha who had once again lifted her hand, Emmie told her, "You can take my undies down too, if you like."

Samantha needed no further urging and immediately reached up to the sides of Emmie's white cotton panties and started tugging at them. As Julia watched in awe, her daughter slowly revealed first her girlfriend's firm and plump mound, then the upper portion of her puffy labia majora from between which protruded the top of her obviously well developed and wrinkled inner lips through which the tip of her shiny, pink clit was plainly visible at the top. As Samantha continued to lower the waistband of Emmie's panties the crotch seemed to stick inside her labia and she had to tug a little harder to release it from their grip. When she finally succeeded, it was also obvious that Emmie's pussy was quite moist, and that was why the panties initially resisted being lowered.

"Ohhh, you're all gooey!" Samantha exclaimed as Emmie giggled.

"I get that way a lot," Emmie explained. "An' remember how I told you my mommy likes to kiss my pussy? Well, she says I taste yummy when I'm wet like that. Don't you, Mommy?" Once again, as Julia caught Paula's eye, she saw her neighbour blush and shrug her shoulders as if to say, 'well, now you know even more about us.'

As the two women exchanged knowing glances, Samantha finished pulling down Emmie's panties and left them wrapped around her ankles as she once again lifted a finger to dab gently at her friend's shiny labia. Threads of white goo strung from her finger as she moved it around, becoming bolder and bolder as she continued to explore Emmie's amazing pussy, so unlike her own.

"Ooooh, your pussy's all so wet and slippery," Samantha told Emmie, giggling at her friend as she waved her finger around in front of her face. "See? Are you always like that?" And once again she touched Emmie's shiny inner labia and marvelled at the strings of creamy, white girl juice that clung to the tip of her finger as she pulled it away again.

Julia and Paula found themselves becoming increasingly aroused as they watched their daughters play, and when Samantha finally stuck out her tongue to taste her sticky finger, now coated with her friend's slick cream, Julia could no longer stop herself and automatically moved her hand down between her thighs to caress her own rapidly moistening pussy, which was now screaming for attention through the thin material of her shorts. She couldn't help noticing that Paula was doing the same thing, she, too, obviously becoming aroused from watching Samantha exploring her daughter.

"Mmmm, you do taste kinda scrumptious, Emmie," Samantha giggled, licking her lips before sliding her finger back between her girlfriend's wrinkly labia as she used the fingers of her other hand to try to spread her slippery lips apart. Emmie soon began to thrust her pelvis forward to meet Samantha's probing, obviously enjoying the attention with half closed eyes and a silly looking grin on her pretty face. Samantha finally found what she was looking for, the entrance to Emmie's vagina, and she very carefully slid the tip of her finger inside as far as she could before meeting the slight resistance of her girlfriend's hymen. At this point Emmie was so aroused that her little clit - well, her not so little anymore clit - now protruded in all its glory from its sheath, like a shiny, pink pencil eraser.

Seeing the little girl so obviously aroused was all it took for Julia to throw caution to the winds and slide her hand inside her shorts and panties, rubbing her own clit furiously, not caring anymore about what anyone else would think of her wanton display in front her neighbours. But she didn't have to worry - Paula quickly removed her own shorts and panties and Julia immediately saw from whom Emmie had inherited her prominent pudenda. Her mother's plump, completely shaved outer lips were amazing in their fullness as were the wrinkly inner labia flaps that spread out from in between, but what was even more incredible was the way her hard clitoris protruded from the juncture at the top, almost like a small penis. In fact, as she watched, Paula actually started to masturbate her clit between her thumb and forefinger as if it were a little cock. Julia had heard some women were built like that but this was the first time she'd actually seen one. She found herself wondering, as she continued to rub herself, whether Paula's clit had ever penetrated Emmie's vagina, or, even her asshole which Julia could hardly wait to get a look at.

But at the moment her view was blocked by her own daughter kneeling down in front of Emmie, peering even more intently at her girlfriend as she probed inside her creamy vagina. Then, as if on cue, Samantha pushed her friend down onto the floor and lifted her legs back kneeling between them and lowering her face toward her pussy.

"I wanna taste you some more," Samantha giggled as she stuck out her tongue and much to her friend's surprise, not to mention the astonishment of both mothers, she started to tentatively lick up and down between Emmie's luscious lips. Emmie groaned and let out a squeal as Samantha's tongue slid up to her engorged clit and flicked it playfully, and then, wrapping her lips around it she sucked on it as if it were a piece of candy. "Oh, this is so much fun, Mommy," she said as she momentarily pulled away to look back at Julia who was now close to cumming. And then Samantha spread Emmie's prominent lips as wide as she could and plunged her tongue as deeply as possible inside the little girl's vagina, making all sorts of delicious slurping noises as if she were eating the most wonderful dessert in the world. And as far as she was concerned, she was.

And as far as Emmie was concerned she found herself hoping that Samantha would never, ever stop. This was even better than when her mommy had licked her, which after all, had always been sort of like a fun game to them. But this was serious, and she felt her insides tingling like they'd never felt before. She wanted more - she wanted it harder. She wantonly thrust herself up against Samantha's mouth, urging her on, feeling her insides about ready to explode. But even that wasn't enough. Reaching her arms up, she roughly grabbed on to the back of her girlfriend's head and mashed her face against her soaking pussy, rubbing it up and down, around and around.

And then it happened. She didn't understand what it was but something took over her young body as waves and waves of intense delight throbbed through her. It felt like she was on fire, like her clit was on fire, and she just let herself go, let it overwhelm her. She knew she must be in heaven.

Poor Samantha didn't know what was happening to her friend who was suddenly grunting and squealing like an animal in distress. Sammy couldn't breathe, her face was pressed so tightly against Emmie's pussy, held there by her girlfriend's suddenly amazing strength. Then, to add to her difficulties she suddenly felt her mouth, wide open as it was as she tried to catch a breath, start to fill up with the most delicious liquid she'd ever tasted. She had to swallow it or else choke. And it kept coming, and she kept on gulping down whatever it was that Emmie's pussy was squirting into her. Is this what pee tastes like she wondered to herself? Whatever it was, it was wonderful.

Little by little, Emmie's grip on her head loosened and Samantha was finally able to breathe in short, rapid pants as she stared down in amazement at her girlfriend's wet and very swollen pussy, still slightly open and gaping at her, white cream slowly dripping from it and running down to the pink ring of her asshole which periodically winked at her as Emmie's orgasmic contractions weakened. Her mother and Paula, both of whom had now recovered from their own orgasms, came over to stand on either side of Samantha and gently grasped her arms, lifting her to her feet, their eyes also glued to Emmie's swollen pussy as it gleamed in the setting afternoon sun streaming in through the kitchen windows.

"I think you just made a lifelong friend, sweetheart," Paula whispered into Samantha's ear. They say a girl never forgets her first orgasm, or the person who helped her to reach it, and I'd say Emmie's was something she'll remember forever."

Samantha licked her lips, the delicious taste of Emmie coating them like a paste made for the gods. Julia hugged her daughter. "I think Emmie owes you one, sweetie," she giggled as she squeezed her little girl's cheeks through her tight yellow shorts. And then to Paula, "I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. And I suppose orgasms like that also run in your family?" she asked with a wink.

"You might say that," Paula replied, with a sly nod. "Yes indeed, now I know Emmie will carry on the tradition," she laughed, reaching down to grasp hold of her daughter's hand to help lift her to her feet. As Emmie's eyes slowly opened again, the expression on her face conveyed 'oh my god, what happened to me, Mommy?'

"Can we do that again sometime?" she asked shyly, looking at Samantha, at which point everyone burst out laughing.

"Many times, my darling. Many times," Paula replied, cupping her daughter's flushed cheeks with her palms and planting a little kiss on her lips.

"I love you, Mommy," Emmie told her mother, looking up into her eyes. "And I love you too Sammy," she added, running over to her girlfriend and hugging her tightly. "Whatever you did to me was so yummy, an' now it's my turn," she added. "Can I?" she asked, looking over at Julia.

"Yes, sweetie, I'm sure Sammy would love that. But maybe another time. Instead, why don't we talk more about modelling," she suggested, dying to know what Emmie's hourly rate was. "After all, that's why we came over in the first place."

Paula reached for her panties and shorts, pulling them back on and helped her daughter do the same. "Why don't I make us some coffee and get sodas from the fridge for the girls? Then we can relax in the living room and fill you both in."

To be continued...

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Jeneee is one of the world's great erotic writers. More please, as always, hon.


Now, that was an awesome story! I was sure that Mommy was going to kiss off Emma's juices from little Sammy though. See? never satisfied...... Thank you


great story!

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