Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 2

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by Jeneee

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Published: 14-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious. (Make sure you have read chapter one so you know what's going on in the story.)

Finally satisfied that the two of them were now presentable, Julia locked their front door and grabbed Samantha's hand, leading her down to the street, through the front gate and along the sidewalk over to their next door neighbour. Wearing her yellow shorts which hugged her shapely little girl butt, and her new white baggy tee with the smiling pink bunny on the front, her daughter looked so sweet as she skipped along beside her mom, long blonde hair flowing behind her in the breeze. It was a warm, sunny day at the end of May and everyone was looking forward to summer after the cool and wet spring they'd put up with.

Their neighbourhood was populated mainly by young families and the past few days had seen a flood of young girls and boys outside taking advantage of the sudden change in the weather, the girls showing off their new colourful shorts and tops, the boys just showing off period. Periodically, small clusters of young teen and almost-teen girls, arms linked together as they giggled conspiratorially together, also wandered back and forth along the street between the local strip mall and the park, probably hoping to be noticed by the few older boys living in the area who, however, seemed more interested in their sporting activities than in the budding beauties trying to attract their attention. One of these days they'd wake up to what they had been missing out on, but by that time most of the girls would have decided they weren't worth the wait.

Reaching Emmie's house, Samantha and Julia noticed the front door was wide open, their neighbours obviously welcoming the fresh, warm spring air into their front hallway. "They must have known we were coming," Julia teased, winking at her daughter who giggled back at her.

"Hey, anyone home in there?" Samantha called out as her mother opened the screen door for them to step inside. The sound of footsteps racing from the kitchen reached them just before Emmie's six year old friend popped into view, a big, happy grin on her face when she saw who it was. She was dressed in her traditional baggy shorts which looked at least two sizes too big for her, and a floppy red top which hung loose from one shoulder, almost baring one of her undoubtedly adorable nipples. Julia had always wondered why her mother outfitted her in clothes that were obviously way too big for her but concluded it was probably just to save money as she would eventually grow into them.

Seeing Emmie approaching them, Samantha rushed in and grabbed her hands, the two young friends then dancing and jumping around in circles, happy to see each other again, their hair bouncing up and down and Emmie's baggy top flopping around, this time failing to cover one of her tiny, puffy, pink nipples which Julia noticed was perched on an already developing breast bud. She's so young to be developing boobs, Julia thought to herself. Maybe that's another reason why her mom always dresses her in baggy clothes, she mused.

Emmie's mom appeared from the kitchen door to see what the commotion was all about, and smiled when she saw their visitors, reaching out her arms to hug Julia as the girls rushed past her into the kitchen. "Hi Paula," Julia greeted her as she felt her neighbour's soft, almost plump body press against her. "Hope you don't mind us barging in on you like this but Samantha mentioned something about Emmie maybe doing some modelling, so we wanted to find out a little more. I told Samantha that it was probably just little girl dream talk since Emmie is so young, but she insisted she seemed serious. So, what's the story?"

Paula laughed and told Julia to follow her back into the kitchen where she was just finishing some baking. "No Julia, she wasn't making it up or dreaming although I guess she is dreaming about being a star, I suppose you could say," she replied as the two of them approached the small breakfast counter where Samantha and Emmie were already munching on the first batch of cookies Paula had prepared. She reached over to her daughter and readjusted her top which had remained well off her shoulder, still exposing her budding little breast at which Julia was trying hard not to stare as she again wondered at the little girl's early development.

"You're flashing your booby for our company, you little devil," Paula laughed, tugging her daughter's loose top back up over her shoulders. Emmie just giggled and stuck out her cookie covered tongue, causing screeches from Samantha, accompanied by a few flying crumbs.

"Samantha!" Julia scolded. "Don't be so rude."

But, following the lead of her friend, Samantha also stuck out her tongue, bringing forth a new round of giggles from both girls, at which their mothers couldn't resist shaking their heads in resignation and smiling. Giggles were so infectious. "Girls will be girls," Julia laughed, glancing over at Paula with a 'so, tell us all about it' look. Paula put her finger up, indicating to hold on a second as she rushed over to the stove and opened the oven door, quickly removing another tray of delicious looking cookies.

"Whew, just in time," she breathed in relief, setting the hot tray down on the top of the stove to cool a bit. "Would you like a coffee, Julia? Or perhaps a glass of wine?" she asked her neighbour.

"Oh, a glass of wine would be terrific," Julia replied, not having enjoyed such a luxury at home for quite a while now because of their very limited budget. "And then can you tell us all about what Emmie's been telling Sammy?" That was what Samantha was usually called at home, unless she was being scolded about something.

Hearing what Julia had just said, Emmie ran over to her, Samantha tagging along right behind, and told her, "I'm going to be a model, going to be a big star soon," and burst into more fits of giggles as Samantha ran into the back of her, sending a cookie flying from her hand.

"You'd better lay off those cookies, sweetie," her mother chastised, laughing. "If you want to be a model you're going to have to look after your cute little figure." Emmie giggled again as she swivelled her tiny hips and thrust out her chest, as if to demonstrate that that was how she was looking after it. Not wanting to be left out, Samantha promptly copied her friend, hands on her hips as she tried to show off her charms, her tight yellow shorts emphasising the plumpness of her vulva and pubic mound, and immediately catching Paula's eye.

"So, to answer your question Julia," Paula explained, regaining her train of thought, "yes, I signed a contract with this agency last week for Emmie to do a trial session for catalogue modelling. You know, like for tops and shorts, panties, jammies and stuff. If they like her then there will be quite a lot of work for her in the future, they said. Maybe you could see if there's something that Sammy could do for them, too," she suggested, once again turning her gaze back to Samantha who now had her back to her as she and Emmie high-fived each other. She sure has a cute little butt, Julia thought to herself as she eyed the way the little girl's shorts had crept snugly between her cheeks, emphasising their plump fullness.

"What store is it for? The catalogue, I mean," Julia asked, as Samantha and Emmie began dancing around again, excited at the thought that they might be modelling together after hearing Paula's suggestion.

"Not sure, really, but they told me their clients are out of the country so it's not local. Japan and Eastern Europe I think they said."

"But why wouldn't they use models from their own countries?" Julia asked, still a bit confused about the whole idea. Paula just shrugged.

"No idea, but we're not complaining," she replied with a giggle. "Are we sweetie?" she asked as Emmie now breathlessly plunked herself onto her mother's lap and threw her arms around her neck, once again dislodging the shoulder of her top. Samantha likewise snuggled up to her mother, peering hopefully into her eyes, waiting for her to say something about her doing some modelling too.

"So, where is this agency?" Julia asked, once again sneaking a peek at Emmie's puffy little boob as Paula did nothing this time to re-adjust her daughter's baggy top.

"Actually, it just opened up on the second floor above the hair salon where I work. That's how I first noticed it and since I was curious I went upstairs on my break to check it out. The woman who runs it had already made an appointment to have her hair done with us and she seemed really nice. She's maybe in her mid-thirties, and was more than happy to sit me down with a portfolio of a sample of their models when I told her I had a young daughter. They specialize in preteens and early teens, she said, since that is the age range in highest demand by their clients. Some of the photos she showed me were of girls as young as four. And age fifteen was probably the oldest.

"But all of them were quite beautiful, the younger ones looking adorably cuddly and as the ages increased some of the eleven to fifteen year olds were quite sexy looking in their poses, if you know what I mean," she winked at me. "Depending on what clothes they were modelling, of course; they seemed quite happy to strut their stuff. And most of them had a lot of nice stuff to strut. The photographs were very professionally and tastefully done though, and some of the models were grouped in pairs, sometimes a younger one combined with an older one, and there were even a few groups of three, especially when sportswear was being illustrated. I guess they wanted to show off their clothing in action," she laughed. "In several cases you seemed to be more captivated by the models themselves than by the clothes they were wearing, although I suppose the clients had to have signed off and accepted what was being portrayed," she shrugged, pausing.

"I have another question," Julia indicated, hugging Samantha even more tightly against her and squinting over her shoulder at Paula. "You said you already signed a contract for Emmie to model, but didn't they want to see any pics of her before deciding if they could use her? I mean it's kinda strange they'd take her without an audition, or whatever they call a trial, to see if she was any good for them. Not that she's not pretty or anything, I mean," she added, sneaking another look at the little girl as she hung from her mother's shoulder dangling an arm out to wave at Samantha with a grin, her tiny booby still on full display.

"Oh, they did take a few of her already. I brought Emmie down to meet the owner that evening after school and they took her into the back studio for some test shots. They wouldn't let me watch in case I made her nervous or something, so they said, but afterwards they showed me a half-dozen or so pics of a couple of outfits they had her wear and she actually looked great. I was so proud of her," she said, smiling at her daughter. "They even gave me a cheque for five hundred dollars as a signing bonus." Hearing that, Julia immediately decided she would take Sammy down there for an interview as soon as possible.

"I'm gonna be a star," Emmie giggled, waving her arm around again.

"Yeah, sweetheart, and if you keep flashing your booby like that you'll be a real popular star for little girl lovers," Paula added, although still not making any attempt to adjust Emmie's baggy top.

"And I like your booby anyway," Samantha announced, wiggling round in Julia's lap to smile at her friend. "When am I gonna get boobies, mommy?" she asked, pouting up at her mother as if it were her fault that her little chest was still completely flat.

"Don't worry, sweetie," she replied. "They'll grow when you get a little older." Then, turning back to Paula she finally asked, "Emmie's developing at such a young age. Sorry, but it's hard not to notice. Does that run in your family?"

Paula hesitated a little before answering. "In a way, yes. Both my mom and grandmother were a little on the plump side, just like me," she almost blushed, slightly embarrassed, "and I was only a little older than Emmie is now when I started to, you know, develop. My mother had me in a training bra when I was only seven..."

"And I want one, too," Emmie interrupted loudly, proudly sticking out her chest.

Paula frowned at her daughter for her little outburst, which was accompanied by more giggles from Samantha, and then continued, "You probably noticed how she wears baggy clothing almost all of the time. I just don't want to draw any attention to her...little charms," she explained, now smiling again, once more looking down at Emmie's cute booby, still not making any attempt to cover it up, almost as if she were proud of her daughter's early development. And then she added, definitely blushing this time, "And down below, she's, well...well-developed also, if you know what I mean."

"Do you kiss her boobies, like my mommy does to me," Samantha chimed in, out of the blue, causing Julia to gasp.

Before Paula could think of how to respond, Emmie burst out with, "Yes, and she kisses my coochie too, don't you mommy?" Emmie giggled.

"Your coochie? Mommy tells me I can call it my pussy now since I'm getting to be a big girl. And my mommy even licked my butthole clean before we came over," she proudly announced. "And it felt so nice when she did it," she added, looking up at her mother with a big grin.

Both mothers found themselves tongue-tied at these revelations from their outspoken daughters, not quite knowing how to react to their innocent honesty. Julia was the first to recover her wits and finally said, "Girls, this is something private between us and you must never say anything about it to anyone else. You must promise. Okay?"

Paula immediately agreed, a serious look on her face, and repeated to Emmie what Julia had said. "You must promise, sweetie. You must never tell anyone. It's just between us, don't ever forget that." And she tweaked her little girl's puffy nipple as if to emphasise her point. Her nipple immediately pointed back, much to the delight of Samantha.

"See mommy? Hers get all pointy too, just like mine when you kiss them," she giggled.

Julia looked over at Paula, smiling conspiratorially. "I guess we're all in this together now, aren't we?" she laughed.

"Oh, and you mentioned something about down below?" she asked her friend, with a sly look on her face.

(To be continued...)

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Awesome series. I hope there is a lot more to come. Thanks for writing.

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