Samantha Comes To The Rescue, Part 1

[ F/g/rom/inc ]

by Jeneee

[email protected]

Published: 14-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Damn," Julia swore, as she clicked off her cell phone and angrily threw it on her bed in disgust. The bank manager had said no to her request for a loan and she had no idea what she was going to do. Her landlord had given her one more month to pay her back rent or face eviction. And that month was up next weekend. She covered her face with her hands in despair as she sank down on her bed wondering what would become of her and her young daughter.

"What's the matter, Mommy? Why are you crying?" Five year old Samantha crawled up onto the bed beside her mom and put her hand on Julia's arm, trying to tug it away from her face. She hated to see her mommy sad, but it had happened a lot lately ever since her daddy had yelled at them a few weeks ago and walked out, leaving them to fend for themselves. She didn't know what had made her daddy so mad and nobody had bothered to explain it to her. She still missed him a lot but hearing him yell and scream that day had scared the little girl so much that she had hidden in her room until things became quiet again. When she'd finally crept back out and asked where he was, all her mommy would say was that he had left them and wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. That had made Samantha cry and she'd snuggled into her mommy's arms, sobbing, until she'd finally fallen asleep.

Now her mommy was crying too and the little girl didn't know what to do to help her feel better. So she just crawled onto Julia's lap and threw her arms around her neck, pressing her little body tightly against her mom, hoping that her hugs would make her feel better. After all, that's what her mommy did to her when she felt bad. Hugs are the best medicine her mom had always told her and it had always helped to make her feel better when she was sad. So now it was her turn to play nurse for her mommy. "I love you, Mommy," she whispered into Julia's ear and her mom replied by squeezing her daughter a little tighter.

"And I love you too, sweetheart," Julia replied, pulling away a bit so she could look into her daughter's deep blue eyes. She smiled at her little girl and cupped her cheeks with her palms, leaning down to give her a tender kiss on her full, red, bee-sting lips, lingering a little longer than usual as she slid her hands around to the back of Samantha's head, stroking her silky soft blond hair. She felt her daughter kiss her back and then break away to gaze up into her mommy's eyes, hoping that she was beginning to feel better. She hated to see her so sad.

"I like it when you kiss me like that Mommy," she told Julia. "It makes me feel all tingly inside," she giggled. And she leaned up again and returned her mommy's kiss, hoping against hope that it would help her feel better and maybe tell her why she had been so sad. Julia kissed her back a little harder this time and Samantha felt her mommy's boobies pressing softly against her like spongy cushions.

Samantha always loved it when she saw Julia naked and giggled when her mommy's breasts swayed back and forth or bounced up and down as she moved. She'd always thought her mom was beautiful and secretly hoped she'd look like her when she grew up. Sometimes when they played together she'd pinch her mother's nipples and giggle as they hardened into long points, and then she'd screech in delight when Julia slid her palms over Samantha's smooth flat chest, pinching her little nipples in return, making them stand out a bit. It tickled when she did that and the little girl enjoyed the feeling even more if her mom followed that up by leaning down to plant a gentle kiss on each of her tiny points. She got that tingly feeling between her legs whenever her mother did that and she found herself automatically squeezing her thighs together in response.

And that was what the little girl was beginning to feel right now from her mommy's kiss, and all she could think of doing was to keep kissing her back to make it feel even better. She felt a little flushed and couldn't understand why she was having difficulty breathing properly. Julia suddenly realized her daughter's predicament and gently broke the kiss, pulling back a little and placed the tip of her finger over Samantha's lips as if to help her daughter regain her composure. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" she asked with concern, knowing that her little girl was probably trying to deal with the strange new feelings of sexual arousal that must now be coursing through her young body.

"I feel a bit tingly, Mommy," she replied, trying to explain how she felt, the flush deepening on her pretty face, "but, why are you so sad? Was there something bad on the phone?" she added, glancing over to the foot of the bed to where Julia had thrown it.

"Well, sweetie," her mom answered, not quite sure of what to tell Samantha. She didn't want to scare her little girl. "We may have to move soon because Mommy can't afford to pay our rent here anymore and that was the bank calling me to tell me they won't lend me any more money."

Samantha looked back at her mom, biting her lips as she thought. "What if me and Emmie set up a lemonade stand outside? Maybe we could help make you some more money." Emmie was Samantha's best friend who lived next door, and they were almost inseparable even though she was a year older than Samantha. Samantha hated the thought of having to move and never seeing her dear friend again.

Julia hugged her little girl and felt tears coming to her eyes once more. "Thank you sweetheart," she whispered in her ear. "That's sweet of you to offer, but that's a lot of work for you and Emmie, and I'm not sure you could make enough money to be able to help."

Then Samantha pulled back with a big grin on her face, suddenly remembering something her friend had mentioned to her and she excitedly told Julia, "Emmie said her and her mommy are going to make lots of money from being a model. Why can't we do that too?"

Julia put her hands on Samantha's shoulders, a puzzled look coming over her face. "What do you mean, sweetie? Emmie's mother is going to be a model? But she works full-time at the hair dressing salon down the street." And besides, she thought to herself, she wasn't exactly a model type - Emmie's mom was a little plump and a bit on the short side for modelling. But still, she seemed like a nice person and a good, caring mom. She, too, was separated from her husband. She'd kicked him out a year ago for being drunk half the time and not doing much to support them as he moved from one low paying job to another.

"No, Mommy," Samantha replied, giggling. "It's Emmie who's going to be a model. So maybe I can too, huh, huh?" She bounced excitedly on her mother's lap hoping she'd say yes.

"Tell me more about this, sweetie. Isn't she too young to be a model?"

"I don't know any more, just what she told me. Maybe you should find out from her mommy. Why don't we go next door and ask?" Samantha suggested excitedly, crawling from her mother's lap and tugging on her arm to pull her up off the bed.

Julia admittedly was curious as she let her daughter lead her from the bedroom. "But we'd better get freshened up a bit first," she told Samantha, knowing her cheeks must still be tearstained. "I feel kinda grubby, and your hair could use a good brushing too." So Samantha followed her mom down the hallway to their bathroom, and realizing she had to pee she tugged down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet as she watched Julia wash her face and carefully pat it dry. Her mom then pulled at her own dull, grimy looking hair with a grimace, knowing she badly needed a shampoo. But that would have to wait, she decided, as she turned around and saw Samantha still sitting on the toilet, watching her.

"I had to poo too, Mommy," she explained with a shy little smile, knowing that her mom was surprised she was still not finished. Julia laughed.

"Well, hurry up and wipe yourself then so we can brush your hair and go find out more about this modelling Emmie's talking about." And she watched her daughter tear off a large strip of tissue from the roll, fold it carefully and lift herself from the toilet seat a little so she could wipe her butt clean, just like her mom had taught her. Another strip and a second wipe completed the job and she stood, turning around to flush the toilet. "Did you wipe your pee-pee too?" Julia asked quickly.

"Ooops, you mean my pussy, don't you Mommy?"

Julia had forgotten she'd told Samantha to start calling it her pussy last week since she was getting to be a big girl.

"Yes sweetie, your pussy," she smiled. "Sorry, I forgot you're growing up. Well, did you?"

Samantha frowned. "No, I forgot. I was just thinking 'bout my poopies," and she reached for another piece of toilet paper and proceeded to pull one of her pussy lips to the side as she slipped the tissue inside, again as her mommy had taught her, and rubbed herself carefully. "There, all done, Mommy."

"Let me check, sweetie. Turn around and bend over."

Samantha obediently turned around to face the toilet, putting her hands down on the seat and sticking her butt up in the air so her mother could inspect her. She also reached up to the handle and flushed, watching her poop and pee swirl away along with the tissue, to be replaced by fresh, blue tinted water ready for the next time. Her mom always used a blue tablet in the toilet tank to keep the water smelling fresh and Samantha inhaled the scented fragrance that now wafted up to her nose as she bent over waiting for her mommy to tell her she'd wiped herself well.

"Looks pretty good to me, sweetie, but let Mommy check something," Julia said as she pulled another short strip of tissue from the roll. She carefully wrapped it around her middle finger and, spreading one of Samantha's cheeks to the side she circled her finger tip around her daughter's tight little anus and then inserted it slightly, carefully swirling it around before pulling it out again. "Hmmm," she murmured, examining it closely and then showing her daughter. "It's still a little bit brown. See what I mean, sweetie? Remember when you wipe your butt to slip the tissue inside a bit as you clean, to make sure you get yourself spiffy and spotless. It helps keep your panties fresh for longer too, " she added, smiling at Samantha.

"Yes, Mommy, spiffy and spotless," the little girl replied, giggling. "I'll remember next time. Is it okay now?" And Julia leaned down really closely as she spread her little girl's plump cheeks wider and gazed lovingly at Samantha's slightly open butt hole, now all pink and shiny inside. Then, without thinking, she quickly dipped the tip of her tongue into her little girl's inviting anus as Samantha shrieked and pulled away looking back in astonishment at the sheepish look on her mom's face.

"Mommy!" she exclaimed. "You licked my butt!"

Julia felt herself blushing as she nodded her head. "Just making sure," was all she could think of saying as she savoured the musky taste on her tongue. "Now pull up your panties and shorts and let me brush your hair."

"I guess I must be really clean back there now then," Samantha giggled as she snugged her white cotton panties against her puffy mound and pulled up her yellow shorts. "Maybe you should check me like that every time, just to be sure," she grinned slyly at her mom. "It felt kinda nice."

The vision of her little girl's cute butt and pussy now burned itself into Julia's mind and she reached for the hairbrush, feeling her own pussy moistening as the thought of once more licking her sweet young daughter persisted. Shaking her head in disbelief at her thoughts, she started running the brush slowly and lovingly down through her daughter's long, soft blonde hair.

(To be continued...)

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