Sabrina and Me

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by illg

[email protected]

Published: 19-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jeez! How much fucking noise can one zipper make? In the stillness of the camp it sounded like I was ripping the tent in half rather than trying to make a stealthy entry. I paused, but perhaps it was my imagination, my excitement magnifying the noise; no sounds from outside or inside the tent.

I finished unzipping the flap and slipped in. For a horrible, horrible moment I thought Shit! Wrong tent! I froze, my eyes adjusting. No, we're OK: there on the right was a tumble of wild black hair like no other. A softly breathing sleeping form, with a mess of clothes next to her. Honestly, girls are meant to be *tidy*. Well, at least that was something for me to lie on. I wriggled carefully beside the sleeping bag and lay down.

What a little cracker! Sabrina, all sweet brown sugar, her sleeping bag unzipped, a tantalising length of thigh peeping out. She was facing inwards, her gorgeously wide lips slightly parted in sleep. I licked my finger and reached out to touch them. She stirred a little. I grinned. Hot as fuck! Oh yes, everything the guys had told me was true - "nine years old, man, and fucking *loves* it every way! Can you *believe* it? Just be sweet with her and she let you take her *any way*, and I mean *any* fucking way!" I stroked my finger gently down that peeking thigh; mmm, yes.

What I really wanted to do was wake Sab with my dick in her mouth, but tents don't offer an awful lot of room for manoeuvre, so my finger would have to do. Licking it again I slipped it into her mouth... Fabulously her lips closed on it, sucking gently! Mmm, sweet dreams, honey! Hope you're dreaming what I want you to dream there.

I turned my finger in her mouth and her eyes flickered open. For an instant they showed shock, but then they focused and a big grin spread across her gorgeous face. She sucked harder on my finger as I winked back. I bent to kiss her, transferring my finger to circle her left nipple through her t-shirt. Her lips her warm and soft, her tongue welcoming. I let my hand travel down past her navel to circle the top of her pussy through her panties.

The gorgeous little bundle wriggled and tried to sit up, bumping the side of the tent as she squirmed. I caught her eye again and stilled my lips with a finger. This whole mission required absolute silence, like all the best commando missions. Silent entry, flawless execution, silent exit - and on this particular mission I had a lot of entries in mind.

Sab's gleaming eyes relaxed and I leaned over to kiss her. Her lips were damp from sucking my finger, warm, damp and super-soft. God what a mouth! And she kissed back, damn did she kiss back - hot little mouth avid in the dimness of the tent. What a little sex-goddess! My cock throbbed and some sixth sense alerted the little minx to my requirements. Or maybe it was the rising smell of sex in her nostrils; my shorts were wet with precum.

I felt her hand sliding down the back of my boxer shorts to grab my butt. I rolled back and her hand snaked around inside my shorts to encircle my erection. She snuggled in and I wriggled my fingers into her panties, finding the damp warmth of her pussy. I tickled my finger between her lips and rubbed her little clit as she squeezed my cock. She kissed my cheek and nibbled my ear; I turned to her, catching her lips and kissing her deeply.

Mmm! Within seconds there were two little hands in the dark, stroking and squeezing my dick, a little pussy getting warmer and wetter and more swollen by the second under my fingers. A wide, soft mouth on mine, an eager little tongue seeking and probing. For a good few minutes we played with each other and kissed. Fingers deft and practised, Sab had my juices spread around my cockhead and was massaging the killer spot below the head with one hand, while the other rubbed the fiery ridge. Mmm, this girl knew her business down there! Nine years' old and knew her way intimately around a hard cock.

Time to get serious. Naked now I sat up and spun myself around on my butt. I lay down again, my head now level with her knees. A little shuffling and squirming and I felt the first lick of her tongue on my cock. I reached to pull her butt toward me as she went to work licking my dick. I squished her in as close as I could so my head lay against her thigh, then I reached out and licked her pussy, a long, slow lick. She tasted of warm, sleepy little girl. She quivered and raised her left leg to give me full access. I tongued her hot, wet little slit, sinking my tongue in between her lips and right up her hole.

Hot damn! Two days camping in summer without a shower and she smelled and tasted unbelievably hot. No soap-smell or sanitised shower-gel flavor - just hot, sweet girl, a little musky, a little sweaty. I felt an ooze of precum as I relished her flavors; Sab's eager little mouth sucked it away at once. I licked her hot little pussy as she sucked my dick deliciously in the warm, stuffy tent.

She wriggled, and her leg rose over my face. Very neatly she swung it across me, and her fabulous butt and pussy were hovering over my face. She now had my cock in her mouth, properly in deep, sucking long and slow. Fuck me, I wasn't sure how much of this I could take. Sab leaned back a little and pow! she was sitting on my face, really sitting there, squashing, smothering. At once I pushed my tongue right up her asshole, rimming her butt as deeply as I could stretch. She was hot and sweaty and sweet like molasses.

Her butt shuddered as I licked her asshole, shifting when I could to lick her pussy too. Sab now had her mouth sideways around my cockhead and was tormenting me with her tongue. I was harder than hard and the pressure in my balls was building. I jammed my tongue into Sab's pussy and she pressed down, squashing her hot, sweet lips onto mine. I found her clitty and licked hard, feeling her tension building too. Mm, the thought of a rush of little girl-juice covering my face nearly did for me.

The *actual* rush really did do for me. Sab came, her lithe little body shuddering silently as she ground her pussy down onto my aching tongue, her juices pulsing into my mouth. At the same time my abdomen tensed and convulsed and my cock exploded, shooting fountains of cum into the air, covering my belly, my chest and Sab's face in equal measure. Oo, it was a good one. My goo splashed everywhere as my dick spasmed under her skilled little mouth.

After a few moments Sab lifted her pussy from my face and swung her leg back. I leaned up to survey the mess; her face - her expression a mixture of surprise and pride - had three or four big blobs across it, and a long diagonal streak from chin to eyebrow. Sab moved to wipe it off but I caught her hand, pulled her toward me and sucked the blobs of cum off her face one by one. I kissed her, tonguing some of my goo into her mouth.

She grinned in the gloom, then bent to my belly and began licking cum off me with long strokes, slobbering up the slippery white cream from my chest and gulping it down. With the last, thick blob she didn't swallow, but slurped it carefully between her soft lips; making her way up my body she gazed into my eyes as she tilted her face toward mine. I opened my mouth and her lips pressed mine, her tongue entering my mouth in a cum-filled French kiss of epic proportions. We French kissed avidly with mouths full of my hot, slippery cum.

We eventually broke apart, and I held her close while I delicately licked the rest of my cum off her face. Her fingers were playing with my dick once more, rolling my foreskin, tickling my hole. I was getting hard again.

I lay back, reaching out to find her wet little pussy and fondle it, finger probing while she raised her slim, creamy body above me in the dark. I smeared Sab's now-copious pussy juices across the hood of her pre-pubescent clitty and rubbed her firmly, feeling her silk-soft thighs tremble next to me. Carefully, I wriggled around, my face between her legs, and pressed my lips up into her dripping pussy.

She was hot, on heat like a dirty little whore. She was so close it took just three licks to bring her off again. Her belly tensed and shivered and she moaned softly, thrusting her arm across her face to stifle the sound. She came, her pussy flushing noticeably even in the dim light of the tent. She sat back, panting, as I levered myself up onto my elbows; the little girl shook her head and grinned wolfishly. I caught her eyes and gave her my own wolfish grin, nodding down toward my semi-erect cock. I shifted onto my left elbow, reaching out to cradle the back of her head with my right hand. I guided her head down to my crotch and watched her slurp my hardening dick into her mouth.

Damn this little girl's blowjobs were something else. I let her lick and suck me for a while, and then pushed her head down. If she was gonna sit on my face she could damn well take my cock down her throat! Gently but firmly I pushed her down, feeling my cock sliding gloriously over her tongue and down the back of her mouth. Atta girl! No worries about gagging -the gorgeous little slut had my dick all the way in like a pro!

I lifted her head nearly all the way, then pushed her down again, getting her used to the sensation of my cock sliding into her throat. Fantastic feeling, it was. She caught my eye, and the naked pride burning in them was something to see. I winked. Up and down again, my cock slimy with her saliva, hard as a rock once more. Up and down, and I fingered her wet little asshole as she deep-throated my cock.

Sab eventually came up for air, though not before my cock was once more achingly hard. I had my hand on her soft little pussy, and I caught her eye and nodded toward my slippery cock. She grinned, a slow, wide grin, then swung her leg over to straddle my belly. I ran a reassuring finger down her chest and belly, but I don't think the little slut really needed it. She smiled down at me, and wriggled her cute little butt backward. She raised herself over me, her pussy lips kissing the end of my cock. I held my shaft steady, reaching up to kiss Sab as she leaned over me, slim chest heaving gently in the warm air. She kissed me back once, twice, then descended.

Oh, what a sweet, tight little pussy she had! Tight and hot, but a smooth fit over my slippery cock. She descended perfectly, and my cock was soon buried half-way to the hilt in Sab's nine-year-old cunt. Magical! She leaned forward again to kiss me as she began to move her hips, rocking up and down on my hard dick. Yes! Fuck me, little girl, fuck me!

I licked her face as she fucked me slowly, and she licked back. We slobbered and drooled on each other as we fucked, and my fingers joined the party, teasing her clitty from below and probing her ass from above. Sabrina fucked me steadily, getting a little faster, a little more energetic as the feeling of a hard cock in her little cunt began to take over, and she shivered and wriggled as I fingered her sweet, sweet asshole.

Sab came again, her cunt squeezing me tight in glorious little waves as she bucked and moaned into the crook of her elbow again. I let her ride me hard, moaning, squirming, cumming around my cock. Oh, fuckin' fantastic! What a fabulously hot little slut! I kissed her fondly as she slowly subsided, and slid my rock-hard cock out of her dribbling cunt. I wriggled myself up onto my knees, arranging her butt toward me. I licked her asshole, sliming her up with saliva, then lined up my cock. I held her slim hips and slowly pushed my cock into the tight ring of her ass. She welcomed me beautifully, relaxing, opening, and with my cock firm in the soft, billowing warmth of her rectum I fucked her ass slow and hot. With one hand I played with her pussy, with the other I sought her mouth. She sucked my fingers as I filled her young ass with cock. The heat inside her was tremendous.

After an ecstatic few minutes of fucking Sabrina's smooth little butt, I pulled out, tweaking my aim to take her once more in the glorious sheath of her cunt. She moaned, shoving her ass high, her face buried down in her sleeping bag, her whole body trembling.

Tight, hot, sweet little cunt, gripping me like a fist. I stuck my finger up her asshole, feeling my cock huge inside her, filling her little body. I tangled my other hand in her rich, soft hair and fucked her. I think she came again.

Again, I pulled out after a mind-bending slow fuck, feeling the wet velvet of her cunt shivering around me. I pulled her head up gently by her hair and fed my slippery dick straight into her wide, trembling mouth. Her eyes were slut-wide, bright in the gloom, and she sucked my dick like her life depended on it. I felt her shiver, and she moaned around my cock as I mouth-fucked her to another trembling little orgasm.

Four times I think I switched, from mouth to ass to cunt and back again, each time slow-fucking the wet, sweet hole for a few minutes while the camp slept around us, each time climbing another step to my final destination, each penetration of her young body tipping the little slut into orgasm. I was so hot, so hard, my balls so, so tight when I slipped out of Sab's ass for the last time and re-entered her sopping cunt.

Five, six long, slow strokes and I came in silent ecstasy, shooting long, shuddering spurts of cum deep inside Sabrina's hot young cunt. I felt her squeezing me tight as I came, her cute butt in my hands, my cock right up inside her. Oh, what an utterly fabulous way to cum!

I stayed inside her for a good while afterwards, just relishing the feeling of her tight around me - until, with a cold little rush of horror I realised I could *see* her butt much better than I could before. Shit! Nearly dawn!

To much silent hilarity from a luxuriously-reclining Sabrina I scrabbled for my shorts and t-shirt and made as quiet an exit as I could. She slapped my ass as I left the tent, and I heard her muffled giggles following me across the sparkling dew of the early-morning campsite.

I love these school trips, don't you?

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absolutly great story. I hope it is just the being of Sabrina's adventures.

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