Sabrina #1: Sabrina Takes Five

[ MMMMMMg, mult, lolita ]

by illg

[email protected]

Published: 30-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sabrina knelt in the middle of the sagging bed, tossed her thick, dark hair out of the way and looked back over her shoulder. The grin playing around her soft, wide lips was coquettish, bordering on lascivious. Slowly, she leaned forward, dropping to her hands, raising a grinding metallic complaint from the ancient bedframe. She arched her slender back. In the shabby room's dim light, the rich, coffee-colored skin of her butt glistened with the oil she'd applied a minute before. She dipped her head to the thin, discolored sheet, raised her slim hips a fraction more and slowly waggled her ass.

"Well," she said, "who's first?"

Sabrina, it must be noted, is a nymphomaniac. And not just any kind of nymphomaniac, not your regular common-or-garden likes-a-lot-of-sex nymphomaniac, no. Sabrina - all lustrous black hair, smooth Latina skin and sensual mouth - is a nympho with a difference, a nympho on a mission, a nympho with a capital N-Y-M- - well, you get the idea. An absolute slut of a nympho, a cock-gobbling, cum-sucking monster of a nympho, a nympho of debauched and degraded tastes, a lover of seedy surrounds and risky sex with multiple strangers.

Oh, and she's eight.

Sabrina lived a remarkable double life. On the one hand, a demure, church-going schoolgirl, full of life and the frivolities of her age. On the other, a rampant slut with an insatiable desire to be penetrated by penises and injected with male body fluids of many and various kinds, a child sex-addict who loved to meet men in secret surroundings far from her comfortable middle-class world, and fuck them. Her current liaison, on the third floor of a truly insalubrious hotel downtown, had been fixed up - like so many others - by her uncle Pedro. Sabrina loved her uncle Pedro dearly - he was her dealer in the manner of her addiction, arranging meets with men, keeping her safe, keeping it secret. Her dealer, her fixer, the first man to ejaculate in her mouth; perhaps, then, the man who kick-started it all, for Sabrina adored the taste of semen. For her, each man was a different flavor of icecream, a sweet, sticky treat to be gobbled greedily whenever and wherever.

She also loved to be filled up, adored the sensation of penetration and fullness that came from intercourse with grown men. Deep, satisfying penetration, both vaginal and especially anal, by a hard penis was often as good as - and sometimes better than - sucking semen from one ejaculating in her mouth. And today was a fill-me-up day.

Uncle Pedro had picked her up from school and had driven her straight to the Hotel Magnifico, a run-down dump of a place that was anything but. She'd sat on the creaky old bed, still in her uniform, legs crossed like she was taught at school, and a few minutes later uncle Pedro had returned with the men. There were five of them, a mixed bag, but all with the mixture of disbelief, fear and rampant lust on their faces that she'd seen a hundred and more times before.

Two looked like mechanics from the oil-stained overalls they wore, one black, one Hispanic, neither of them an Adonis but not bad. One was a business-type, suit, tie, everything - quite where Pedro had found him she couldn't imagine - but he was kinda cute, with a trim beard and slick, wavy hair. One was an older man, graying, wrinkled, shabby, and the fifth was barely out of his teens, a young black kid who looked scared half to death, but whose erection was plain in his pants.

She'd watched them shuffle in and crowd at the foot of the bed. Uncle Pedro had taken the rickety chair into the dark corner by the door and faded into the background. He liked to keep an eye on his little Sabrina, and dammit he loved to watch, of course. Sometimes he took pictures. As Pedro closed and locked the door quietly, Sabrina had risen magnificently to her white-socked feet and began to strip.

First off was her white polo shirt. Smiling at the men, she'd tugged it easily over her head and thrown it to one side. She'd held her arms up above her head, turning a little, bouncing slightly on the old bed. Her chest was flat, of course, but evenly tanned, her skin the color of soft brown sugar, her nipples dark little circles surrounding tiny, hard bumps. She'd rotated slowly, careful not to over-balance, as she'd unzipped her school skirt, stepped out and kicked it off the bed. The men had been fascinated; one of the mechanics and the businessman had unzipped their pants as her skirt descended. She'd stood, arms akimbo, head cocked for a little, letting them admire her lean, young body, before whipping down her white panties to a chorus of muted groans, and much scrabbling with zips and underwear.

Wearing nothing but white knee-socks and earrings, Sabrina had sat on the edge of the bed and one by one sucked her five suitors' cocks until there were hard, wet and fairly quivering with intent.

You could tell from the way Sabrina sucked cock that she really, truly loved the taste. She licked slowly to start with, always with her eyes on her man's face, her tongue slowly covering every little fold and wrinkle, her hands gently milking shaft and balls. She licked drops of precum away as they oozed out, relishing every one, and closed her soft, wide lips around each cockhead to suck them to full erection.

The black mechanic's cock was modest, perhaps, for a black guy, but thick, his cockhead pink in contrast to the almost-black of his shaft. "Mmm, your cock is a really pretty color, mister, pink and black, so cool! Mmm and you taste like toffee icecream!"

His partner's dick was similar in length but slimmer, with a gentle up-curve. He had dropped his overalls by the time Sabrina got to him, and she'd complimented him on his big, hairy balls. She'd sucked his cock and rolled his balls between her fingers and the sweat broke out all over his face.

The businessman had a long, straight cock, circumcised, golden brown. Sabrina caressed him and licked him and let him hold her head and fuck her mouth for a while, not something she did for everyone. The old guy's prick was pretty stiff when Sabrina got to him. She'd licked it and nuzzled it as she unfastened his pants for him, tugging them down and licking his wrinkled old balls. "Mmm, I love the way you smell, all hot and sweaty!" she'd giggled. The old man's knees had quivered as she'd taken him into her mouth.

Finally she'd got to the black kid, and he was just about on the edge, watching this eight-year-old schoolgirl, naked but for her uniform socks, suck off four guys in the hottest way imaginable. Sabrina had smiled up at him, stroking him, teasing him, telling him he was a hot young stud and that she wanted him so badly, stoking him up so much that almost as soon as she took him into her mouth, eyes fixed on his, he'd shuddered and moaned and ejaculated. Sabrina had moaned back, sucking hard, squeezing his balls, milking him, gulping down his semen as his knees buckled. Mmm she loved it! Hot, creamy, each man a unique, sweet taste, delivered right into her mouth. She sucked it out of the kid's spasming member and wished she could get her tongue in his hole.

"Mmm, mister, ohh that was so good! Ooo, you taste of the sweetest icecream, vanilla and coconut! Mmm, thanks mister!" She'd held his cock as she said this, looking up into his ecstatic, incredulous eyes, stroking him slowly. "Now you just get hard again real soon, OK?"

With that, she'd scrambled across the bed, fished the small bottle of Johnson's babyoil from her schoolbag and dribbled a good load across her butt and down between her buttocks. "Fuck my ass," she'd murmured, "cum in my ass," and moved across to the middle of the bed. "Well, who's first?"

There was a shuffling, a murmuring, a muted chorus of "fuck me", "so fucking hot", "oh my fucking God". Sabrina looked back again at the row of men at the foot of the bed, four rampant cocks and one rapidly stiffening again. She looked up at the second of the mechanics, pouted gently and said "you, mister, fuck my ass please."

That broke the spell. The mechanic shook himself, then stepping rapidly out of his fallen overalls and boxer shorts he climbed onto the bed behind Sabrina. He grasped her left hip with one hand and his cock with the other. She snuggled her butt into his palm and smiled back at him. "Yeah, take me, fill me up, I want it. Fill me up." He groaned, running the tip of his cock up and down her buttcrack for a second, before nestling against her anus. Sabrina flexed, opening her anus, and with a muffled roar the man penetrated her. He grabbed her right hip in his other hand as his cock slid sweet and smooth up her tight little ass. Sabrina let out a deep sigh of satisfaction at the feeling of hard, male flesh in her rectum. "Ohhhh mister! Ohhhh mister! So good mister! Oh fuck me mister!"

She ducked her head again, pushing her butt back into his crotch as he began rocking. Soon he had his rhythm and his cock rode out and back, four inches at a time, diving deep into the girl's hot young body. His fingers squeezed her hips, his thigh slapped her buttock, and his cock plunged and throbbed deep where she liked it best. As he fucked her she chanted softly, a slut's litany in her high schoolgirl voice: "yeah yeah yeah yeah fuck me yeah yeah yeah oh fuck me yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah YEAH YEAH!"

She felt his hands clamp tight and his cock jerk inside her and she tossed her head back in ecstasy. The guy grunted aloud as he came; she felt the spurts of his cum inside her and she balled her little fists in the gray bedsheet. "Oh yeah mister yeah mister ohhh!"

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" The mechanic subsided slowly, dazed, his hard, wet cock slipping easily from Sabrina's asshole. At once his mate from the garage pushed him aside, his thick black-and-pink cock seeking the girl's wide-open anus. He took her straight away, no dilly-dallying, and Sabrina squeaked delightedly as his cock rammed into her. "You a fucking hot slut, girl," he grunted, rocking fast, his cock filling her, fucking her, squelching slightly in the first guy's semen. He was more active, pulling her thighs back into him, slamming his cock in her hole, sometimes pulling out to rub up and down her butt crack before penetrating her again. Sabrina loved it. She lay her head on the bed, her hair splashed across the sheet, pressed her chest down and raised her butt as high as she could. The black mechanic fucked her hard and fast and didn't slow down as his semen erupted inside her.

He was barely out of her before the businessman was in her, plowing his cock in through the slimy mass of semen filling her rectum. His cock was long; Sabrina felt it reach deliciously deep into her. He was more measured, working back and forth slowly, each time pushing deeper until his balls pressed her wet pussy lips and his hard, flat stomach felt wonderful against her buttocks. He took her deeper than any man she could remember, and it felt fabulous - long, hard man-flesh so far inside her, filling her, comforting her, making her feel loved, special.

"Yeah yeah yeah, oh mister you so deep, I love it so deep, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah!"

She sensed his climax a good minute before he came, as he slowed, nestling deep into her, his movements becoming tiny as her hot, wet, tight little body drove him up and up and up. His cock was rock hard; she almost felt it throbbing. The anticipation was glorious; she clenched her fists again, moaning softly as he moved a little... just a little... a tiny movement... a little more... tense...

"Mmmm oh mister! Mmmm oh! Oh yeah! Oh mister!"

His semen flooded deep inside her body, a delicious feeling. Sabrina moaned aloud.

The old man took her next. His cock had a sideways curve to it, a different feeling, a delightfully different fuck. Her rectum was full of semen; it dribbled out of her asshole and squelched and squirted around his cock as he fucked her steadily, doggedly, his wrinkled old face screwed up with lustful effort. She encouraged him softly. "Oh yes mister, oh you so good, so kind, oh you fuck my ass so good. Mmm, I feel your cock, oh yeah, oh fuck me good, mister, oh cum in me, mister, I want your cum in me, mister."

The old guy gave a croaking cry as he came, his wrinkled old balls pumping a surprising flood of semen into Sabrina's asshole. She moaned soft and long as he came in her, and smiled fondly at him as the two mechanics helped him off the bed and made him sit down on the corner to recover.

Sabrina flexed her anal muscles, sucking her asshole closed and letting it relax again. She felt the wonderful squish and slop of semen in her rectum, enough now to make it feel like she needed the toilet. She sucked her muscles in, reveling in the feeling of retention. Just one more and it would be her record!

The young black kid was last. For all he'd cum in her mouth a short while ago, a hot sweet, sticky load, his darkly handsome cock was rampant again. As he climbed up behind her Sabrina reached back to touch his hard belly and stroke his cock.

"Mmm, mister, you hard again! You like me? You my last. You want to fuck me? I want you to."

She dropped to all fours again and lifted her wet, slippery ass. "Fuck me good, mister, fuck me good and hard and give me your cum."

The kid took her, hard, fast, his cock slamming wetly into her, squelching back and forth as he fucked her hard in her little whore's ass. He was vigorous, more vigorous than the second guy, almost rough. He slammed into her, his hands tight on her thighs, his balls slapping her pussy. Sabrina arched her back in pleasure as his hot, hard maleness filled her rectum, in, out, bathed in the four loads of semen she'd already taken. When he came it was another big load - the young had it all! - and she squealed in delight as he pushed her down at the last, lying on top of her, squashing her slight young body as his cock pounded and pumped into her ass. "Agh! Fucking... little... slut... ah... ah... ah... ah..!"

"Oh mister yes mister yes mister yes mister ohhhh..."

Sabrina lay, panting, on the gray bed. Strands of hair lay stuck to her face. Her eyes were closed and a big, dreamy smile played across her sensual mouth. Her butt felt wonderfully full, full of sex, full of raw masculinity and a swirling cocktail of mixed semen. Mmm, it felt so GOOD! So good to be wanted, desired by so many men! So good to please them and have them fill her up. She clamped her buttocks together and shivered. Soon she would put on her panties and school clothes again and go home, and spend her evening being a good little daughter, with five men's semen in her rectum.

The men were gone; only uncle Pedro was left. She heard him chuckle gently and opened her eyes. "Sabrina, my honey, you are some girl! You are one sexy, naughty little niece!" He climbed onto the bed next to her. She smiled up at him, and licked the angry red head of his proffered cock. He leaned back as she took it into her mouth, finishing him off slowly, playfully, until his delicious lemon-tasting cream filled her mouth. She drank him down, milking his balls in the way she knew drove him crazy. Wiping her mouth, she licked the last drops as they oozed from his hole and laughed her high, sweet schoolgirl laugh.

"Mmm, I love you, uncle Pedro!" She stretched, squeezing her butt cheeks together again, wriggling her bottom against the rough, wrinkled sheets. She giggled. "Mmm, but I'm hungry now! Do you think they do room service here?"

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Wow, I love this storyline, I mean a nympho of this order at such a young age! I would love to know her origin story, how she got this way. I haven't read chapter 2, so it may be in there, but if not, I'd love to know exactly when she got to love sex so much that 1 man wouldn't be enough for her, that she had to fuck time and time again until finally she had enough, if that was possible. I look forward to more about Sabrina! Keep up the great work!

Little Mary

I am very fond of this type of story specifically more than willing girl child whores being taken by multiple adult men. This story is magnificent. I truly hope Sabrina's adventures continue, perhaps with a higher number of men who not only take her in her ass but also deeply in her cunt and throat.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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