The Abduction of Susan Hunter

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Published: 4-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Susan cut through the park
Just as it was getting dark.
She was such a pretty lass,
A lovely little piece of ass.

She was young, only eight,
And knew it was getting late.
"Mom will surely bawl me out,
Point her finger and maybe shout.

"I wish I hadn't stayed so long
I'm pretty sure it was wrong."
The dark shadows of the trees
Made Susan feel ill at ease.

On a bench, beneath an oak,
Sat a horny, well-hung bloke.
He watched Susan as she drew near.
He watched her with a lecherous leer.

A pedophile, through and through,
He was looking for a girl to screw.
As our heroine passed his way,
He swooped and took the child away.

Susan kicked and scratched and bit.
She was a feisty little shit.
This ugly, nasty boogeyman
Dragged poor Susan to his van,

He tied Susan up real tight.
So Susan could no longer fight.
Her month was filled with a gag.
Her head was cover with a bag.

Then they took a long, long ride,
While poor Susan cried and cried.
He stopped and carried her to a shed
And there he laid her on a bed.

She was stripped completely bare.
The youngster was extremely fair.
Her hands were tied above her head.
Her legs were tied and widely spread.

The man caressed her slender thighs
And pulled the bag from her eyes.
The blinding light made her blink
As the man fingered her juicy pink.

Seven men with big long dicks,
Were slowly stroking their hard pricks.
As one man released her gag
She felt the mattress start to sag.

She looked at the man between her knees
And said, "Don't do it to me . . . Please."
The little girl had never fucked
So her cherry was still un-plucked.

But a maidenhead is no protection,
Against a man with a hard erection.
One quick thrust did the trick
As Susan's cunt took his prick.

He fucked the child for quite awhile.
And soon the child gave him a smile.
But when his balls did explode,
He filled her with a milky load.

Another man took his place.
And stroked the girl at a faster pace.
This guy knew how to move his rod.
But all too soon he blew his wad.

His cock pumped his heavy load,
Til Susan's cunt overflowed.
Now her slit was so super slick
She barely felt the third man's prick.

The fourth man was the biggest yet.
And he would surely make her sweat.
He was the well-hung man,
The one who forced her into his van.

For her abductor she raised her butt
As soon as his cock cracked her nut.
And as his monster stretched her lips,
Susan wiggled and moved her hips.

She moaned and sighed and sweat a lot,
As he moved deeper into her slot.
It was obvious, Susan had lots of pluck.
As she savored each delicious fuck.

When the seventh man had creamed her cunt,
Susan was a happy, well-fucked runt.
So they untied her from the bed
And taught her how to give good head.

They petted her and called her Dear.
And fed her pizza with cold beer.
And Susan thought it was awful nice
When five of the guys bonked her twice.

But then it was late at night,
So, the well-hung man tied Susan tight.
And with sperm leaking from her crack,
In his van he drove her back.

Although her pussy was a little sore,
She would have liked to stay for more.
She fell asleep there in the dark
And when she woke, she was in the park.

All the rope had been untied.
Her Mother was at her side.
Mom led her down the path,
And took her home for a bath.

Mom scrubbed her everyplace,
Til Susan's body showed not a trace.
The police were never called or told,
And Mama kissed but didn't scold.

The next day Susan saw that van.
Her Mom was with the well-hung man.
Susan thought it was kind of funny,
When the man gave Mom a wad of money.

The landlord came, and he got paid?
Now Susan knew why she got laid.
The night she had just spent,
Helped Mama to pay the rent.

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bravo,bravo,cheers..this was very well written..more,more..thank you.


Lots of work went into that! Very nicely done, amusing and well constructed. Thank you for sharing.

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