Chocolate Milk Game

[ Mg(5), anal, ws, bukkake, orgy, film ]

by Gesso


Published: 19-Dec-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I'd injured my shoulder - no insurance, lost my job - put every penny I owned into surgery, and two months later got kicked out of my apartment.

The shoulder was better, so I could work some - and I found myself accepting a job as a janitor of a building. Just four hours of work a day, and a tiny studio thrown in for next to nothing.

The tenants were all friendly, and I did small favors right and left, out over my usual duties.

One day I restarted this woman's water heater - she was very thankful, and offered me a cup of coffee. We sat there - I told her my story... she was struggling too - a single mom whose welfare would run-out in two weeks... we had some laughs - I guess misery does love company.

There was something between us - she was real cute, thin, kinda short - not much up front, but a beautiful ass. Her name was Kathy. She had to go get her daughter from daycare, but invited me back for dinner that evening.

As things go - after a week of seeing each other, I'd moved in to their apartment. The sex was great. Her little girl was sweet. So all in all, I was pretty content.

She got a job - night stocker at a grocery store - and started working from 7pm to 4am - five days a week. This kinda turned our sex-life around on its head - I started work at 8am and finished at noon. So we had two hours where we were alone, before picking up Missy, her daughter. Which I didn't complain about - but 'afternoon delight' as the only release kinda wears after a while.

We'd eat dinner at six - then Kathy would get ready and head off to work, leaving me all alone with little Missy.

I'm not really the kid type. I tried playing dolls with her a few times - and board games, and stuff. We weren't really connecting so well - I'd go watch tv while she played alone in her room, or she'd come play out in the living room, just to have company. Bedtime was eight - so it wasn't really uncomfortable.

One day I ran in to an old friend, and scored some pot. And the minute Kathy would be out the door to work, I would go to the bathroom, light up and smoke. Then would take my place back on the couch. This was better. I even played a bit more with Missy, joked around with her. We became friends.

For a five year old she was pretty smart, and quite the looker - long shimmering blonde hair, and a perfect little nose, bright blue eyes. Her smile infectious.

One evening we were on the living room floor playing Ken and Barbie. I was having a hellofa time getting some pants on the dude, when all of a sudden I felt a snap. I'd broken his leg. Missy laughed. I was very apologetic, and said I'd buy her a new Ken, but she said she didn't play with him much anyway.

"I thought little girls liked to do nasty stuff with Ken and Barbie," I said.

Then I took Barbie out of her hands, and brought her up to Ken.

Then, with my best doll voices, "Hi Barbie, my name's Ken - can I kiss you?"

And with that Ken was all over Barbie's mouth with his - and they were wiggling and really getting into it, me providing all the appropriate smasking and grunting noises. And Missy laughed and laughed.

"Oh, Ken - let's do it!" - And they started humping each other wildly - Ken's broken leg dangling, whipping up and down until it finally fell off.

I'd never seen anybody laugh so hard in my life - she was rolling on the floor holding her tummy, crying.

"Well, I thought that's how little girls played with dolls?"

"No, silly!"

It was bedtime - and I tucked her in - even read her a goodnight story.

The next evening as I watched the news, she came into the living room empty handed, sat next to me, and stared bored at the tv for a bit.

"What can we play?"

"Oh, gosh - I don't know."

She ran out to the kitchen.

"Hey, there's chocolate milk - can I have some?"

"Bring it on in here."

She brought out the carton of chocolate milk. "Well, what about some glasses?" She went out and brought back one glass.

"I could only reach one."

"That's o.k. Hey, we can play the chocolate milk game."

"O.k., what's that?"

"Just something I used to play when I was a kid your age."


I poured a glass of ice cold chocolate milk, then got up and went to the cupboard in the hall and found a beach towel. I spread the towel out in the center of the living room floor. Missy was real excited.

"Now, you lay down on the towel." She did. "Now, you have to take your nightshirt off." She peeled it off, and laid there full of anticipation in only her clean white panties - her pale little nips poking a bit in the air.

"Close your eyes." She did, but not for long, as she sensed me crawling near her. "No, you've got to close them." And she did, already giggling.

I then poured a little chocolate milk onto her right nipple - and she screamed from the shock - laughing.

I then bent down and began sucking the milk off her nipple - and some had trailed down her side - so my tongue licked down her side, just under her underarm - which tickled - and she wiggled and screamed and laughed as I licked all over her underarm. Until she couldn't take it anymore, and rolled away.

I moved around on my knees to her other side. She shut her eyes tightly, squirming, and I poured chocolate milk on her other nipple - and she screamed and giggled and thrashed around while I sucked her little nipple - then around and down her side.

After she'd calmed down a bit I bent over her face and softly kissed her lips.

She looked up into my eyes.

"We better not say anything about this to your mother. She'd get sad and angry and stuff if she thought we were falling in love."

She nodded.

"My turn!"

With that, she hopped up - and signaled for me to lie down. I took off my shirt and laid down on the towel smiling.

"Close your eyes." And I did.

She poured a little cold chocolate milk on my nipple - which made me laugh - then bent down and began sucking my nipple - and her tongue followed the streak of milk down my side - and I laughed and shook, just as she had.

She repeated this on the other nipple. And afterwards bent over and kissed me tightly on the mouth.

"Time for bed!" - This time I carried her weightless body to bed. "Oh" - and went back and retrieved her nightdress, which she put on. I read her a story.

The next evening as I watching the news, she came bursting into the living room with a towel under her arm, spread it out on he floor, then ran out to the kitchen - brought back the carton of chocolate milk and a glass, stripped off her nightdress and proceeded to lie down.

I got up.

"Now, sweetie, there's a 'part two' to this game."

"Part two?"

"Yeah - and you have to take off your underwear."

She slid out of her panties, and tossed them off to the side, and laid back down, legs together, arms fast at her sides.

It was the first time I'd seen her totally naked. And she was giggling in anticipation already, eyes tight shut.

I crawled over with the glass, then poured some milk directly on her crotch - which made her jump - and her legs spread a little - and I immediately bent down and began licking between her legs - gently opening her tiny pussy lips with my tongue, licking and lapping - long after the milk was gone. She was giggling, but this hadn't tickled like last time, so for the most part she just laid there with my head between her legs - her legs spreading involuntarily - naturally - and I scooted around so I was between them - sticking my tongue in her cunt as far as it would go - flicking her almost nonexistent clit - even lapped at her asshole.

She was breathing heavy when I stopped - her face a bit red - yet she was smiling from top to toe. I moved up and sucked on each barely puffy nipple, then kissed her mouth, then she jumped up.

"My turn!"

So I removed my clothes. Her eyes got wide - staring at my fully erect cock. I laid down, closed my eyes, smiling.

She poured the milk - it must've slipped or something, 'cuz it was a whole lot more milk than usual - set the glass down - and began licking my stomach, then my cock - sucked the milk out of my matted pubic hair, licked my inner thighs, and licked around my balls - and under - and came back up and licked around my cock again - searching for traces.

"I spilled."

"That's o.k. - that felt wonderful."

She was pleased.

Then she sprang up, sucked briefly on each of my nipples, then planted a kiss on my mouth.

I got up and said, "Now, lie down on your stomach."

She hesitated a bit.

"There are more parts to 'part two' of the chocolate milk game."

She became excited again, and laid down, wiggling her little butt in the air.

"Close your eyes." She did. "Now, you have to guess what I'm drawing on your back."

She giggled as my finger softly traced a huge heart on her back.

"A heart!"


Then I traced a huge penis on her back.

"A tower, a tree, a building - ohhh!"

"What did you just kiss?"

"Oh, your, your Thingie!"

"My cock, yes." And she giggled. "Keep your eyes closed." And I poured some milk right between her ass-cheeks - which made her hop. And I scooted around, and moved her legs apart and bent in and began licking the small of her back, and down between her ass-cheeks - and tongued her asshole - working my tongue in as far as it would go - with a finger rubbing up and down her cunt opening, teasing her clit.

"That's nasty" - she said with a giggle.

"I like being nasty."

"Me too." And she laughed - but became quiet as I continued licking. And her hips began to move a little - she was obviously enjoying it.

When I stopped, she hopped up, "My turn!"

And I laid down.

First she drew a huge heart.

"A heart!"


Then she drew some little circle.

"A sun, um, a ball, a wheel... ohhh!"

"What did you just kiss?"

"Your asshole!"


Then she poured just a little milk on my ass-crack - being careful after last time's spill.

And she dutifully crept down and began licking along my ass-crack - it was difficult for her to get in there, so she pried my ass-cheeks apart with her delicate little warm hands, and went to work on kissing my asshole - then trying to stick her tongue up my ass, as I'd done hers - then she licked any traces of milk which might have landed on my scrotum.

We got up and dressed, and then I carried her to her bedroom - and read her a goodnight story.

It was Saturday - thank god - I had the blue balls, and needed the relief of Kathy's cunt wrapped around my cock.

I quietly awakened her about 8:30am and began fingering her cunt - which began flowing with juices immediately, though she was protesting a bit, still groggy.

"What about Missy?"

"She's watching cartoons." Our bedroom door was a bit ajar, so we could hear the noise from the tv.

"God, shut the door!"

So I got up out of bed, went over, and did that fake shut thing - where I knew the door had sprung a bit open again, got into bed - turned Kathy onto her stomach, and I began pushing my cock into her, doggie style - (wishing it were her ass - but she'd not allowed me that pleasure yet) -

"Just be quiet," I whispered - knowing full well Kathy is a high-pitched moaner. And I sank in to her wonderfully warm, wet cunt, and began fucking the shit out of her - admittedly, thinking of little Missy in the room down the hall.

And just as I'd suspected, our bedroom door opened a crack - I could see it in a mirror set off to one side. I saw her face - so caught-up in watching my ass thrust in and out of her mother, balls slapping loudly, she hadn't a clue that I knew she was there. But of course she was there - her mother's groans - I was surprised the building's coffee club of old bitties two floors under didn't break in.

After coming with a groan, I promised to bring her breakfast in bed - and she rolled off back to sleep.

I got up and wrapped a robe around me, and went out, said 'good morning' to Missy, but headed into the kitchen.

She followed me.

"I'm going to make breakfast in bed for your Mom, wanna help?"


So we took out all the ingredients - I set her to tasks, and took up all the dangerous stuff, like frying eggs.

"I want you to fuck me in the asshole like you fuck mom."

"Sweetheart - she's a grown woman - your asshole is way too small."

"I want you to fuck my asshole!"

"Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!" - "I'll try, o.k.? I really want to fuck your asshole - but I don't want to hurt you."

We made breakfast - even one time throwing flour at each other, making the pancake batter. Laughing like idiots. I had definitely fallen in love with this charmer - though a child I could never relate to - somehow, she was my soul-mate - I'd never felt such pleasure as when being with her - and we'd never even fucked. Besides all this - this Saturday morning - I was stone cold sober - no pot, nothing. A twenty-eight year old man had fallen in love with a five year old girl - go figure... it was Missy who picked a pink geranium from out on the balcony, set it in a glass, as a final touch.

Missy carried in the tray - I carried in the coffee, and the mugs - they were kinda heavy. Kathy was surprised and pleased beyond her life - and kissed and hugged Missy, and smiled to me.

We went to the zoo that day. And when Missy ran over to see some monkeys, Kathy leaned in to me and said "You're really great with her, I mean, she adores you. You're such a perfect man." She leaned in and kissed me hard. Missy was devoid of jealousy, when it came to her mother, and she was simply beaming, hopping up and down clapping as we reached her.

Sunday was a bit more normal - problem was, we were home all day, and I needed Kathy's pussy again. So at one point, when we'd thought Missy was distracted by dolls in her room, I led Kathy into the bathroom and began to fuck her, me sitting on the toilet lid, her riding. But a knock came at the door, of course, with Kathy's screaming - Kathy panicked, but I simply hopped into the shower. She opened the door, and explained to her daughter that nothing was wrong - I was taking a shower, and she was peeing.

"Things are great honey - I think you may even have a new father."

I overheard this, and I lathered my hair like I was going to rip it out.

Monday night was football - she came and sat with me on the couch, then looked up at me with those incredible eyes.

"I want you to fuck my asshole."

"Sweetie, it don't work like that."


"First of all you've gotta have an asshole to fuck - and I know you've got an asshole - but it's really tiny, sweetie."

"I want you to fuck my asshole."

"Do you want me to, or need me to."

"I don' understand."

"You want me to fuck your ass, is something calling you from the inside - 'I'd really like this to happen' - you need me to fuck your ass because that's what you need - you need it... or, do you just want it?"

"I don' understand, really. I want you to fuck my ass... 'I'd really like this to happen' - and I need it."

This is exactly why I have trouble with women - their inability to answer questions - but this was a five year old - so I gave her the benefit of the doubt...

"You really wanna be fucked in the ass?"

"Oh, yes."

"Could be any male ape fucking you in the ass?"

"No - only you - I want you in my ass."

"This will take some time, and preparation - in the meantime, let me stick a finger all the way up your butt - two, maybe - and lubrication is probably necessary..."

I grabbed some oil from in the kitchen, and stuck one, then two fingers up her ass - she cringed.

"It's hard, babylove - it's going to hurt."

"I want you to fuck my asshole."

"Well, I'm not going to fuck it, until you say to me 'you need for me to fuck your asshole' - get it now?"

"Fuck my asshole!"

She got it. And I pressed my cockhead to her five year old asshole, but no go.

"You really want me to fuck your ass."

"I really want you to fuck my ass!"

But I gave up after several minutes of this, splewying all over her asscheeks...

"I'll find things we need, so I can fuck your ass, I promise - if that's what you need..."

"I need you to fuck my ass."

And she grabbed and sucked my cockhead - greasy with cum, smelling of canola oil and her sweet ass.

The next day I drove down to the local dirty book store - I'd never been in before, but it was right down from the Taco Bell, so I'd passed it numerous times.

I went in, the place was empty - being it was the middle of the day - and a woman appeared behind the counter. I started browsing the shelves - kinda embarrassingly looking over at the woman from time to time. Then she moved around the desk and approached me, as I stood befuddled before a huge display of various sex toys.

"Can I help you find something?"

"Um" - I'd expected some queasy old toothless man, or something - this woman was quite attractive - push-up bra and the lot, deep sexy voice. "Oh, shit - I'm sorry."

"Don't be embarrassed." I finally looked at her, close up. She was sincerely friendly - and smiled as I goggled her cleavage.

"It's my girlfriend. We want to try anal sex - but her asshole is real small. I was thinking there might be something here that might help."

"How sweet - most men just force their way right in - damn the screaming!" - and she chuckled, which I joined.

"Don't wanna hurt her."

"Of course not. Now, here is an anal stimulator..." she actually opened the box up, took it out and held it up. "Oh, let me get some batteries, so I can show you."

She grabbed some batteries from behind the counter, deftly slipped them into the machine, and turned it on. A very long thin plastic stick began to rotate slowly - the rest of the thing looked like a goddamned electric toothbrush.

"It has various speeds, and is meant to massage and enlarge the sphincter muscle inside the anus. Very popular amongst the gays."


"And here -" and she picked-out a thin vibrator, maybe seven inches long - "once she's been opened up a bit, begin to insert this into her... and after that, your cock should be a more than pleasant experience. You'll need numbing lubricant at first, then just normal."


"Shall I show you?"


"Is it a wife - or someone special?"

"Someone special."

"Good. I can demonstrate, if you like. You're a handsome man."

"Um... o.k."

She went over to the front door, twisted the 'Closed' sign outward, locked the door - and, smiling, took me by the hand and led me through a back hallway.

We entered a small pink-flavored parlor... "Beer?" - "Yeah, sure."

Bringing two beers out to the room, she asked "Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?"

"Yeah, sure - but..."

"But what?"

"This ain't a woman - this is a girl."

"Oh, I see."

"Probably not completely."

"How old?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no..."

"A real pervert? - 'Oh, I'm shocked!'" - she did a Scarlet O'Hara.

"Nothing like that!"

"Eighteen?... Sixteen?..."

"Maybe this was a bad idea..."

"I can't help you, unless I know what we're dealing with." And with that she took off her flimsy blouse - stood for a second, for effect, then shimmied out of her short skirt - so she was in black lacy hold-up bra, and sheer black see-through panties with garter straps and black net stockings - very high heeled shiny black shoes...

"She's young."

"I'm not a cop. I'm not one to make judgments about others."

I don't know why really... she had released her bra, and her tits were huge - sagging a bit, which I'd never really liked, but on her, it was sexy, and I was salivating - I'd never seen her before - would never see her again - she didn't know who the fuck I was... and I trusted her enough to confide in her.

"She's twelve (I lied)." She wasn't shocked, but unclasped her nylons and stepped out of them.

"You're planning on raping a twelve year old, anally?"

"No. We've like... she wants to be fucked in the ass."

"Chill. I believe you. You're a sweet man."


She slid out of her panties, hairless crotch - and stood before me completely naked.

"Might be an idea for you to undress."

I did. Then she laid out the products on the coffee table, and turned around, arms supported on the couch-top, spread her legs, her ass open.

"Let's see how you do... fantasize that my ass is her twelve year old ass."

I kneeled behind her and spread her buns, then began licking her asshole - a musky taste - but I was on fire.

"Good. Good. Now, I don't need the lube - but she will. Go ahead and use the anal stimulator on me."

I switched the thing on.

"No, no. Put it in my asshole a little ways first - then switch it on."

I did that. Put it in about three inches, switched it on - and she began moaning.

"Be careful you don't tear anything - maybe an inch at first. With me, you can push it all the way in."

I did just that, slowly - listening to her cooing. Seems the machine worked wonders on an experienced asshole too.

"Now, use the vibrator - don't switch it on - just use it dead - no batteries anyway."

And I did that - being gentle.

"That's it. Stimulate the sphincter first, before going deep - Yes! Yes!"

I was really turned on by her slightly wide ass responding to my treatment.

She bucked a bit, then extracted herself from the vibrator - turned and kissed me passionately on the mouth.

"Fuck my ass!"

And I moved up behind her, sank my cock in, and fucked her tight ass for all that I was worth.

After I'd cum - and she'd probably cum at least three times, and we'd dressed - and I'd paid for the stuff, as she let me out the front door of the shop, she said "After you've fucked her ass, bring her on by, and I'll give her a lollipop."

I was skunked as to how to hide this paraphernalia - wasn't really my house - so I just hid it down amongst a pile of boxers - and if Kathy ever found it, I'd explain it was a treat for her...

That evening when I was alone with Missy, I brought out the bag - and she lit-up - as if it were Christmas.

"These are things bought to help us - "

" - Fuck my ass!"

"Yes. Let's go in your bedroom."

She hastily disrobed, crawled up on her pink satin quilted bed and got into doggy-style position - wiggling her little tight ass.

I got undressed, removed the stuff from the bag, crawled up behind her, leaned in, and began tonguing her asshole, looping a finger under and caressing her cunt and nubbin.

I could slip the tip of my tongue in - but it was tough going...

Then I stuck a finger in her butt - coated with the numbing cream - she thought that felt 'funny.'

I waited a few seconds for the stuff to sink in, then dipped in another finger-load, a little deeper - then another - even deeper.

She didn't complain - quite the contrary - she hunched back onto my penetrating finger.

"My asshole feels all tingly. Can you fuck it now?"

"First, let me introduce Mr. Whirlybird."

I pushed the little nob about an inch into her anus, then switched it on. The weird little motor sound of the machine completely drowned-out by her kinda gurgling - appreciative gurgling sounds - not moans of pleasure, but like something was happening to or inside her body which she'd never felt before - didn't hurt - strange, but somehow wonderful - (that's how I interpreted her sounds)...

I slowly inserted it another inch - and here I got a reaction - her body kind of hopped a bit - then cooled-down - and she actually thrust her ass back, so the machine was buried at least four inches inside her asshole - and she was cooing.

I switched it off, and withdrew it, which brought an 'Aww' out of her - then slowly inserted the little vibrator - still without batteries - shit - I thrashed myself for being a pot-head...

It snuck in past the ring, and though it was obvious she was feeling full - extended - I guess the numbing cream worked its trick - she felt no pain - though her asshole was way distended...

I fucked her with the narrow vibrator like this for maybe ten minutes - and she was responding - even grunting after a while...

I withdrew it.

"Did you do it? - Did you fuck my ass?!"

"No, sweetheart - these were just things to get you prepared so I could fuck your ass."

"It felt great."

Noticing her sleepiness, I looked up and saw it was past eleven - shit! -

I made everything right, tucked her in, kissing her hair - and wished her 'sweet dreams.'

I washed the instruments in the kitchen sink - placed them in their bag, and shuffled them under my stack of boxers - went out to the kitchen and fetched myself a beer - it wasn't enough - so I blasted a little chillum in the bathroom, just to sturdy myself - watched late night television for a while...

I dreamed that night - and I know everyone says fuck dreams - but I dreamed, tossing and turning, but at the same time living in this wonderful space - that Kathy got involved in my seduction of little Missy - she was there, guiding my throbbing hard-on into her delightful little daughter's asshole - wonderful dream - I wasn't really asleep when she crawled into bed - I kinda lunged at her - my hard-on real - but was gone - and I think for the first night (morning) ever, we fell asleep entwined...

We fucked that afternoon - but nothing to write home about...

The next evening Missy was just there, on her bedcovers - ass thrust in the air - and I entered, unwrapped the things...

"This time, it's a different cream - no tingly sensation - just cream, to make it easier."

"Just do it."

I licked her asshole - it was a little bit open. Then I sunk in a finger with the normal lubricant - she was cool... then took another glob and sunk it in deeper, and obviously she felt something - she shifted a bit - uncomfortable - but she didn't complain.

"Here comes Mr. Whirly" - and I placed it maybe an inch inside her asshole - but it electrified her - she bucked - I wasn't so sure if in a good way...

I forced it a little deeper - and she was making noise like a grown-up woman getting fucked... "Are you o.k.?" - she grunted 'yesss'...

But it didn't sound as if she were - so I withdrew the machine.

"Why did ya stop?"

"Is it o.k.?"

"It's o.k."

So I drew out the slim vibrator - still dead of batteries - and began inserting it in her anus, having glistened it with ointment...

"And this? - Is this o.k.?"


So I thrust it in and out of her asshole - fucking it - not deeply - but enough so that if it were me I'd be screaming...

And she just rode it... it was exciting to her, not painful nor harmful - she was deriving pleasure from it...

But when I thrust it in a bit too hard, she demanded "Stop!" - Of course I did.

Withdrew the beast - turned her over and kissed her mouth repeatedly, opening it - she fell asleep in my arms. Shit - it was almost midnight...

It was hell the next morning - Kathy screaming at Missy to wake-up...

That evening, after licking her asshole for a good ten minutes, which made her butt wiggle warmly, then using a lot of lube directly in her hole and globbed onto my cock - I slowly, very slowly, entered her asshole - she was tensing up, and I tried to get her to relax - massaging her narrow little ass-cheeks - and she was making these soft mewling noises - I asked her continuously if she was o.k. - and she'd answer yes - but sometimes it was only a fragment of the word followed by a grunt... until I was all in - my whole cock somehow speared up her little asshole - my balls resting against her ass-cheeks... I just held there for a few moments - first of all I was on the brink of coming, and secondly, she was still adjusting to the feeling - slightly wiggling around, absorbing the sensations -

When I slid out about an inch, she made an ugging sound, and when I pushed back in she made an Oh-ugh! - But there was no pain in the noises...

So I began fucking her asshole - with short jabs, then a little longer - and I came hard - howling like an animal. She felt my cum blasting into her bowels and actually tensed her muscles down there somehow, so her asshole was milking my cock.

Now it's the only game we play - every evening - varying it a little by her lying on her back, legs spread in the air, or her riding me on the toilet seat, or bent over the couch... every evening... kids like routine.


One night, as she was straddling me and lifting up and down on my cock on her own, she was really quite the tease, and worked me long, and slow, and hard; suddenly she twisted her body a bit.

'Oh, no! - I've gotta pee!'

'That's o.k.'

'No! I gotta pee!' And she made to jump off me, but I grabbed her thin hips and held her square on my cock... I was completely up inside her asshole. She writhed, and pleaded, but I held her there, laughing at her predicament.

She got mad, turned red, but then flushed with embarrassment as the first spurt of her little girl piss shot all the way up to my face. Since I'd been laughing, my mouth was open, and caught a bit of her piss - it was the sweetest thing. She clamped down, trying really hard to hold back, but another spurt came, then another - and soon she let go and pissed wildly all over my chest and belly, her body squirming, her face aflame.

I came immediately, which started a chain reaction, and she came, like I'd never seen her come before.

Once I lifted her off my cock she was limp, and crying, embarrassed beyond belief. I pulled her up and kissed the tears from her cheeks, her eyes, then planted my mouth over hers - I swear, it was the deepest kiss I'd ever experienced.

After the kiss, I held her face close to mine, she was still sniffling... 'You can pee on me anytime.'

A bit swollen, she said, 'Really?'

Then began to cry again.

'You really love me, don't you?'

'Yes. I really love you.' And she livened-up and kissed me - for the first time initiating an adult tongue-kiss.


I don't know why really, I'd been having plenty of fantasies about having her mother somehow join us... maybe that was it... I don't know. But I knew if I fucked it up, that I'd be deprived of Missy forever, and probably do jail-time. I'm not stupid.

And here we were in the car, me just off work, and having picked-up Missy from pre-school, and while driving down that road, the thought jumped into my head of the woman in the sex-shop, never caught her name.

I pulled in, and parked mostly on the side of the liquor store in the same complex.

'What are we doing here?'

'I need to run in and talk to someone for a second. Will you wait here?'


I couldn't really hide the fact that I was walking into a porn-shop, but Missy probably had no idea what it was.

I shot in, and sure enough she was there, standing behind the counter... I couldn't see anyone else in the place. She recognized me, and smiled.

'So, I brought her here for her lollipop... but, like, she's younger than I said.'



'Well, is she sitting outside in the car like a dog?... or are you going to bring her in and introduce us?'

I went back out... I knew this was risky, foolish, stupid... I wasn't thinking... I went to the car and through the open window said to Missy: 'I want you to meet a friend.' And opened the door for her, and looking about crazily like some paranoid dope-fiend, hurriedly ushered her in thru the beads at the entrance of the shop.

Madam was quick to go lock the front door. She had this devilish smile.

Missy was bewildered, the bright neon lights, colors, the flesh exposed on film covers, it was like entering another universe for her. But Madam draped her arm around Missy's shoulders and hurriedly ushered her back to the little drawing room. 'That isn't a world for pretty little girls' she said along the way.

'Would you like a cola, miss?'

'Yes ma'am - and I'm Missy.'

'See, there, I guessed your name... only missing the eee part.'

Missy smiled.

'My name is Pat... well, Patsy, but everyone calls me Pat. You are such an adorable little girl.'

Missy blushed.

Pat then looked at me. 'How did it go with the toys?'

'Fine. Perfect.'

Then she turned back to Missy: 'You have a very nice boyfriend, Missy.'

She was very proud of that, she looked over to me beaming... because, I guess, our relationship had been kinda hush-hush... but here was a friend of mine who knew about it.

'How old are you, sweetheart?'

'I'm five.'

'Well, he says you act much older - you're a regular little woman.'

Missy was very proud.

'I see you're staring at my breasts.'

'I'm sorry. I just...'

'No, no. It's fine. What do you think?'

'They're big.'

'Oh, honey, it's all a mirage - wearing push-up bras and such.' She then undid her top and slid it off and reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and let her breasts fall out. 'See, they're not so big.'

But Missy was mesmerized.

'Would you like to touch them, baby girl?'

Pat walked over to Missy and bent down so her breasts were nearly in her face.

'Momma's breasts aren't nearly as large as these.' She said while reaching out to touch them. She was enthralled.

'Momma, huh?' - and Pat shot a mean glance at me.

'Suck them, child.'

And Missy dove in and began sucking her nipples.

'That feels so good!' Pat was shooting very strange glances at me - at times like she wanted to kill me. But the child sucking her breasts did the trick, I guess, so it was just warning or scorn after that, even some thankfulness after a while.

'Can I see your breasts, honey?'

'I don't got none.'

'Let me see what is and what isn't.'

Missy pulled-off her tank-top.

Pat immediately went to work sucking one nipple, then the other. At this point I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my stiff cock.

'Your boyfriend likes to watch me lick your nipples.'

Missy looked over, saw my hard-on, then giggled.

'I like it when he fucks me in the ass, like he does my mom.'

'This ass?' Pat asked, as I saw her insert a finger up Missy's anus, though inside her pure white underwear, her summer skirt now raised completely.

'Yes!' Missy groaned.

'You like my finger in your ass, don't you sweetie?'


'May I lick your asshole?'


And with that, Pat arranged so that Missy's ass was naked and in mid-air, and she began licking. And Missy was responding, thrusting her hips.

She licked and licked, also rubbing Missy's pussy, until Missy exploded in orgasm. Pat's face all covered in liquidy goo, looked up at me, and signaled me over with her tongue.

I approached Missy's asshole and quickly plunged in... Pat laying back, after watching the initial penetration, and having little Missy suck at her cunt-hole.

I came once but became instantly hard again and continued to pump my 5 year old sweetheart while she sucked this woman's cunt...

We were all in heaven.


'When can we visit aunt Pat again? - Missy insisted, almost daily, from there on out...

Now, Pat was a little bit older than me, so I thought I'd run the whole thing past her, and went into the porno-shop a few days later.


'You know, you're a fucking ignoramus, I've got a sweet deal here - but now I have to pick up stakes...'

'What're you talking about?'

'She'll talk at some point, dude, to her mother... naw, it was sweet, but you fucked me!'

'No, no, no, no - that wasn't my meaning...'

'Your meaning??! I'm done with fuck-heads who only think with their little dick heads.'

'Maybe, just maybe, if you can get the mother involved with her kid. I can introduce you as my sister.'

'What the fuck are you babbling about?'

'I have a plan. I am in love with Missy, I really am - however sick that sounds. I care for her mother, she's a good fuck, but it's Missy I want.'

'What's this plan?'

'You're my sister, o.k.?'

'Stranger things have happened.'

'You seduce Kathy - that's Missy's mom.'

'I'm into extremes, man, no sucking just any pussy.'

'This is pretty extreme, if you think about it. She's never had a lesbian experience she'd admit to.'

'All women are lesbian.'

'Well, let this experiment just reinforce your theory.'

'Then what?'

'Get the mother interested in the daughter.'

'That's fucking work! That's fucking screwed-up work!'

'Yeah, no, yeah... it's power and manipulation... you got the charms, Pat, to make it happen.'

'Fuck you!'

'No, fuck you! You wanna leave your sweet deal in this town because of a fuck-up like me? Or do you wanna redeem yourself, still be the queen of porno, and pull-off the sweetest coup-de-gras?'

'Men have always fucked me.'

'I'm not here to fuck you up, I'm here to use you, properly.'

'What's your plan, again?'

'Just that you're my sister, gives you access, figure the rest out yourself.'

'Seduce a hetero woman so she becomes bi, then talk her into having sex with her five year old daughter... then what? You're a fucking idiot!'

'That's all I got.'

'O.k., well, here's what I got. Fuck your masturbatory dreams of Mother/daughter sex... fuck that! We need to contain the situation, and the situation is Missy, and tangentially your 'love' for her. If you really love her, we gotta make sure she never talks, that you don't fuck-up by getting caught fucking her by her mother.'

'What do you mean?'

'We've gotta play on her head - make it so she'd never, ever, tell Mommy.'


'Totally control her.'


'Not just her mind, but her body. Give her feelings she knows will be taken away if she squeals.'

'Isn't that like already in place?'

'No, I don't think so. She loves you fucking her in the ass. That only goes so far. I'm talking total debauchery.'

'What the fuck?'

'Embarrassment, my friend, brother - get her into the extremes... she'll be too embarrassed to tell, and too anxious to even think about tattling. We can also make some good money.'


'O.k., o.k., let me put this mildly... you're in love with a five year old whore, who is oblivious to her whoredom... she's at that phase of whoredom where nymphomania is still raging - it's not so rare as people think... but it soon withers into this dismal approach to society, especially towards men... and most whores turn lesbian at this point, and drop their game.'

'But, I mean, what are you suggesting?'

'The money? We film it. Film it all. The extremes are letting other men and women use her. You could demonstrate a love supreme.'

'Use her how?'

'Fuck her, pee in her mouth, drinking her piss... all caught on video... it's like, huge money.'

'I don't know.'

'You don't know shit! You're looking at a good 20 years in jail, ten, cut in half, and as a sex offender, your asshole is going to be so huge a truck could drive thru it, if you survive.'


I was totally lost in all of this... and even pleasing little Missy in the ass with my cock didn't enlighten me to any sense other than surrender...

It was nearly a week later before I phoned Pat.

'Now what?'

'Bring her to my place and we have a party.'

'Who's we?'

'Selected friends. Remember, dear brother, it is you who are the fuck-up... I'm simply trying to remedy the situation.'

She gave me her address. It was going to be a rough next morning I knew in advance, because it was already 8pm, and here I was escorting Missy out the door to some misadventure across town.

When we got there, Missy was almost delirious at meeting 'my sister' (or 'aunt' - we'd figure that out later) again, there were only four women, other than Pat, who greeted us in the drawing-room. From maybe 50 on down to 20... they were all attractive, attentive to the little girl, and all dressed like whores, some even dressed beyond whoredom. I was immediately hard, even before Missy ran into Pat's arms and gave her the most tremendous tongue-kiss.

The girls had wrapped presents for Missy - the first was a tiny pair of black lace panties with holes in the crotch - I wondered where they got this thing. I then looked around the room, it was off the living room, but equally as large, red-light district decor, with several sofas, a few coffee tables, and the middle of the room was this kind of low, dark-grey shag-carpet covered stage... Missy was prompted by the others to model her new underwear up on the stage - which she did, to hoots and hollers and cat-calls - but all very fun, everybody laughing, especially Missy, giggling through her embarrassment.

Then she unwrapped a short chemise, it was made of this non-material - don't know what you'd call it, she wore it, but it was completely see-through. And all the girls were saying how sexy Missy looked, how beautiful she was. My pants certainly were tenting.

None of them had given me so much as the once-over, I was a couch-potato with an erection. In the midst of opening another gift, Pat came over, and leading me by the arm, took me into this spacious bathroom.

She wasted no time, and took off the skimpy pieces which had already exposed her crotch, got on her hands and knees and said, plainly 'Fuck my ass.'

I was horny as hell, and of course thinking of Missy as I plunged in, but Pat had this trick of tightening and loosening her asshole around my cock - I felt like I was being milked... and just as I was about to come, she'd relaxed so that I couldn't come, though close. She did this fuck-trick to me several times, until, just resting in her open asshole, I couldn't help myself, I exploded. She immediately turned, grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I was a bit worried about Missy. Pat sensed my panic, but only after about ten minutes more, let me go.

When I found my way back to the show-room, Missy was on her hands and knees center-stage... one of the older women was behind her thrusting into her 5 year old ass, what I thankfully saw was a slender and short strap-on dick, and Missy's head was buried in the 20 year old's shaven pussy, Missy was delirious with pleasure... the other two were standing on either side furiously frigging themselves, moaning and screeching, until finally one let out this awful curse, and began spraying her cum all over Missy's back, which catapulted the other one to do the same, but hers sprayed more like piss - and Missy gasped, her mouth dripping, she yelled-out in this animal-like yawl - the woman behind her still simply thrusting into her asshole - until she fainted... then everyone backed-off.

'You know where the bathroom is,' Pat whispered to my ear. I went over and lifted her up, and set her in the shower, and we took a long hot shower together - she was asleep at first, then groggy at best, Missy's eyes looking like they'd been on acid for three days straight. But she came around a bit, I looked at my watch, shit, midnight. Dressed her, and drove her home to sleep.


'What about her cunt?' I was talking to Pat on the telephone.

'I haven't touched it... I mean, I've touched it, but no, I haven't fucked her - she's way too young.'

'We need her cunt.'

'What do you mean?'

'If this is going to work, we've gotta do her, completely, in all of her holes.'

'So you want me to fuck her?'

'No, no, no - you're a fucking imbecile. Let one of my friends take her virginity. You're an ass-fucker, it's a different game.'

I'd really wanted to take her virginity, one day, out there in the future... but if this bitch demanded that one of her women do it 'politically correct' somehow, with strap-on, well, so be it.

I decided Thursday night was best... Kathy was shot Friday mornings and barely noticed us.


This time, we were met by two men in that same room meant only for one thing... I looked around, and spied the cameras this time... there were six, seven, eight cameras embedded in the walls, two hovering from corners... the guys were pleasant enough, Mike and Milton, but I felt this was all a set-up, a trap... though Missy loved the attention - they fawned over her... again with the presents, and the compliments until she blushed bright red... Pat was there as chaperone the whole time, hugging Missy often, they giggled together like deep friends as gifts were torn open... a tiny pink teddy, a g-string - that fit her! - where are they getting this stuff?

Both of them were larger than me in stature, and, revealing their members, much larger than me in that department...

Pat, once assured Missy was comfortable with them, worked me away from the situation, once again leading me in to the bathroom, but I really hesitated... she had to pull me along...

'She'll be fine.'

'Tell me, where do you get these outrageously sexy outfits for children?'

'Oh, Pamela, she was the older woman you met last week... she's a seamstress. Come fuck my asshole - Mike and Milton are experts... Do you think I'd let anything happen to our princess?'

I have to admit, I was addicted to Pat's asshole... though I had Missy's every night of the week, and that was tits, there was something about how Pat could contract and expand hers, plus her being an adult, I never had to be 'careful,' I could just fuck away... and she really loved being fucked in the ass, it wasn't an act, just like with Missy, it was something they really enjoyed, wanted, craved, demanded...

So we got into the bathroom, but instead of the quick turn-around, she sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs, and did a little girl 'Will you lick my asshole first?' She scooted up as I eagerly got down on my knees before her.

I licked very softly at first.

She started rambling.

'My father started fucking my ass when I was not much older than Missy. He always licked it first, really really licked it, and that felt wonderful, though the fucking was sometimes too much. He just loved my ass - his hands were always on my ass, even in public, and kinda embarrassing, like at school functions and shit... he didn't pat my ass as I'd seen other dads do their daughters, he fondled my ass - all the time, where-ever we were. I really liked it, after a while, I guess. It was like he worshipped my ass. And after that him fucking my ass just made sense.'

I raised up.

'What about your mother?'

'Oh God no! She was blind from here to eternity. What one would call a prude. She wasn't capable of love, or at least loving me - guess I caused her too much pain squirting out of her vagina, I don't know... a very surface person, incapable of deep feelings and deep thought... of course I love her...'

'When did you first become a prostitute?'

'I've never been! Well, I've always been. See, to me, to please a man... well, uh, I ended up in the porno-shop business because I don't give a fuck. I've got six shops throughout the US, though it's a fucking hassle to find decent people to work in a porn-store... half a dozen times I've caught them stealing me blind... that's why I'm standing in this franchise... then in walked you, and little Missy.'

Now I didn't so freely lick her asshole and cunt, and actually moved back a bit from the throne, and looked up at her, her juices glistening on my chin...

'What do you mean?'

'You're the fly in the trap, dude. You know how many sick motherfucks are willing to pay to see a girl like Missy abused?'

'And you don't mind abusing her?'

'Fuck, shit-head! - There are literally millions of people, children, who would sell their souls for the privilege of eating a decent fucking meal - they would do whatever just to get a bowl of rice, or whatever the fuck they eat... don't you see, we're on the upper echelon... there's no reason to make believe... that's my catch-phrase on the films I send out...'

'You're fucking me.'

'No, but soon you'll be fucking my asshole.'

'Naw, fuck that!' and I wandered out and found the 'film-room' and here was Missy, not only being anally taken by one of the brothers, but, tears streaming down her eyes, the other brother had inserted his cock all the way up her child pussy...

I grabbed her, didn't even bother with her clothes, turned the heater up so she was warm naked in the car.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' - I kept repeating...

'It wasn't so bad, hurt a bit in front, but they weren't doing me no harm.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sweetheart.'


The next night, I too found it irresistible, and after giving her a half-hour long tongue-fest, I slowly, ever so slowly started inserting my throbbing hard-on into her tiny cunt. It was tough going - it felt even tighter than her asshole. But I worked it in a few inches, then started the out in and out. She was happy, and even thrust up to meet me. I was getting closer and closer when she stopped me.

'In my ass-hole! I want you to come in my ass-hole!'

I'd really wanted to empty into her cunt, but wanted to please her, so I withdrew, then immediately plunged into her asshole and came like a horse. She giggled.

Pat called me later that evening. She instructed me to pee in Missy's mouth every night. To pee on her face and chest and body. Do it as a game, so she gets to like it. Then we were to meet over at her house next Thursday.

Now, I'd let her piss in my mouth several times - and once, when I was taking a pee, she came over and took hold of my cock and pointed it into the bowl for me. And after I was finished there was a shimmering bead of piss on the head, and she closed her mouth around it and sucked it off - then smiled up at me.

The next evening I smoked a joint and got in my play humor. I'd bought us two large bottles of Cola - she could drink cola to no end. We were bouncing around to some music video or other when I announced I had a game to play. She was excited. I led her into the bathroom, and we both removed our clothes - then I told her to lay down in the bathtub. She was giggling as she laid there.

'Now close your eyes.'

And I aimed my cock to her stomach, and let out a squirt of pee. She cried-out in shock. Opened her eyes, saw what it was that had squirt her, and smiled devilishly, then settled back down and closed her eyes. I squirted a little upward on her body this time - directly hitting her nipple - which made her laugh and squirm - and because her mouth was open, a bit splashed on her lips. I stopped the flow. She got this very serious look on her face while she swirled the pee on her tongue. She swallowed, and smiled, and looked up at me encouragingly. My cock was hurting from me squeezing down on it, so this time I couldn't possibly stop the flow - and I shot everywhere - aimed at her cunt, her legs, up on her belly, then across her chest, then finally, as the flow began receding, I aimed for her face and hair. She opened her mouth once like a fish - I guess she'd been holding her breath, and took in a nice shot. Then I was finished.

'My turn!' And she hopped-up, soaking wet from head to toe.

'Ah, let's rinse you off, first.'

'No. I like the feel of your piss on my body.'

So I laid down in the wet tub - a bit uncomfortable - here I was lying in my own piss. She stepped back into the tub and placed one foot on each side, and, holding her tiny cunt lips open, began to piss directly on my soon throbbing cock, giggling the whole time. Then she shuffled up and began pissing on my chest, and arched her back so she pissed directly on my face - I opened my mouth, and caught some - which made her really excited. As her flow weakened I reached up and took hold of her hips and pulled her down so she was sitting on my face, and I went to work on her little cunt with my tongue.


The next evening I was sitting in a chair, she was facing me, and her asshole was impaled on my cock, she was riding me up and down, moaning and squirming - and soon I screamed-out 'I'm coming!' and began flooding her asshole with my seed - then I pleaded 'Piss on me Missy!' - She giggled, it took a few seconds, but while my last bucking eruptions were happening she neatly began pissing - it landing on my belly - and she stared down at herself pissing on me, and seemed overjoyed.

She crawled off me and stood on her knees, took the base of my withering cock in her hand, and began licking her piss out of my naval, then licked all around my belly, and even sucked her piss from my public hair, before she finally took my cock in her mouth - and she gave me this look - no words needed - and I began pissing straight down her throat - which she could only handle so much of - then held my cock there inches from her face, so it just splashed all over her face.


The next evening, after her Mom had gone off the work, we sat across from one another at the dining table, each with a huge bottle of soda and a glass, and we had a drinking contest. It was truly amazing how much she could drink and how fast - I'd like to say I'd let her win - but she really won.

'Now,' she said, 'we have to hold it in. The first one who has to pee, loses. And we have to pee directly in each other's mouth, and the one who can drink it all wins.'

'We should maybe go in the bathroom - in case there's a mess.'

We sat together on the bathroom floor, on the pink shaggy bathroom rug, and we'd set up candles around the room and turned off the light, so it was quite romantic. And we just lay there in each others arms, kissing and fondling like a pair of teenagers. At one point I tickled her - 'No, no, no! Not fair!' - and at one point she was kinda pressing into my stomach - 'No, no, no! Not fair!' - and we laughed.

Then she flushed, really squeezing her legs together. 'I can't hold it any longer!'

I laid on my back and she straddled my face - and the instant my mouth was sealed over her little cunt-hole she let loose - and it really came out, a powerful jet - and she was sitting down hard on my face, so I couldn't move - and yet I couldn't take any more, so I closed my mouth - then her piss began spraying all over. But then her stream died down and I swallowed and opened my mouth again and began lapping at her cunt, swallowing, until she was finished.

'You didn't do very good.'

'Let's see how you do.'

I sat on the toilet lid and she crawled over on her knees, then taking a deep breath, placed her little mouth over my cock-head. I let loose just like she had. And I was amazed to see Missy's cheeks fill, then she'd swallow - she did this twice before she couldn't take any more, then simply held my pissing cock an inch from her face and had me squirt all over her face - at one point she began laughing, and I filled her mouth again - and she swallowed.

When I finished she looked up at me sexily, still holding on to my cock 'Now I want your cum.'

With that she began giving me the most charming little girl blow-job, and after five minutes I exploded in her mouth - she drank it all.


After last time at Pat's I wasn't so eager to return, but Missy was always asking 'When are we going to Aunt Pat's?' So I guess I was doing this more for her than me. We arrived a little before 8pm - Missy was really excited.

There were so many cars parked outside that it was difficult to find a parking space. I figured there was a party happening someplace on the street. We entered the house, and I realized that this was the party. There must have been thirty, maybe even forty or fifty people there. It wasn't your usual cocktail party - everyone was sleazily dressed - a few were even naked - I saw one couple in a corner just doing it, and a girl giving this bald man a blow-job by the stairs. Pat came over immediately and took Missy's hand and guided her to the center of the room. Everyone quieted down as Missy was announced - it was obvious she was going to be the center of attention.

There was one of those plastic outdoor pools which they'd stepped into, as Pat quieted everybody down. One of the old lesbos came over to me and ushered me to a front row center seat.

'I believe there is enough of us here, so whatever darling little Missy can't drink, we can fill this pool with our piss and cum. Everyone drink-up, and let the pissing begin.' With that she helped Missy out of her clothes and laid her down in the middle of the empty pool, Pat then lifted her short dress, no underwear, and squatted over Missy's face and began pissing hard, everyone clapping. Missy struggled for a bit, then simply laid there and let the stream bounce off her face. One of the other lesbians from before had moved up, and began pissing on her legs and up to her cunt. Two men came up, standing beside the pool, just started pissing, both on Missy and on the two others. The party came alive. A girl, she must have been twelve at most, jerked this older man off, and he let fly a huge spray of jism, which landed on Missy's chest - Pat had moved off. A beautiful short-haired woman came to the edge of the pool, and pretending to be a man or something, began tryin g to piss all the way to Missy - but it mostly splashed against the pool ring, and people laughed. Then there were five men standing around the pool, and one really concentrated on getting his piss directly on Missy's lips - and she opened her mouth to drink it in, causing everyone to cheer. An oriental woman, of indeterminate age had crawled over and began giving me a blow-job, and it didn't take long for me to come. But instead of swallowing my cum, she turned and spat my come in the direction of Missy, a wad landing on her cheek. A teenaged girl walked into the pool and squatted down right over Missy's mouth - men were pissing all over her while she pissed directly down Missy's throat. And I noticed Pat was on the floor at the base of the pool being ass-fucked by this black guy with a huge cock - he withdrew his cock just as it was about to explode, and shot-out across Pat's back - a good splotch even reaching Missy's toes.

There was a solid inch of fluids in the pool - and this only after the first twenty-five minutes or so. There was always one or two or more people pissing or ejaculating on Missy - one time eight men were lined up around the edge pissing all over her.

There were people getting drunk, and missing Missy and the pool entirely - and some people were focusing more on fucking, than the helpless little girl. One girl, who seemed to have an endless line of friends, was putting her mouth over cocks and vaginas, taking a mouthful of piss, then spitting it out over Missy's very messy, very wet body. And the pool was getting so full now, that she would begin floating any second.

One man came into the pool, and lifting her little legs apart, began fucking her - there was this huge sloshing around - and people just keep pissing - on him, on her.

After a while the frenzy kinda died down. Everyone had cum what they could and pissed what they could - and they just turned to each other and started conversations, or went down on each other, or fucked. Until there was little Missy, in a good four inches of piss and sperm, just lying there, her eyes closed, but a faint smile to her lips.

Pat came over to me and whispered in my ear 'It's Midnight.'

I carried Missy to the bathroom and cleaned her off, and drove her home.

I got her into bed, and she immediately fell sound asleep. I couldn't help myself, and rolled her over, and fucked her ass.

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