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Published: 30-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was on the BBS the other day, and I saw a story about where a girl "used" her little sister, as a method of "birth-control". The story was kind of sick, as the older girl both used, and abused her little sister. It wasn't as bad as some, because she didn't get into bondage, or pain, or anything like that. The coercion was purely of the "You'd better do this, or you'll be in even bigger trouble," type. Still, the relationship was definitely NOT healthy, even though it did make a fairly HOT story.

The idea, of using your own little sister, as a method of "birth-control" is not new to me, as my big brother and I were doing something similar, with our little sister for years, only we always called it "Safe-Sex" and she was never forced into doing anything.

It all started, when my big brother got grounded for a month, after the big party. I felt a little sympathy for my big brother, as he was the only one who got punished, and that, because HE was the one who got "caught." Still, what he had been about to do, could only be called stupid. So, I wasn't too sympathetic.

"Well, Geesh!" I said. "It's your own fault!" I was getting tired of hearing my brother complain about how it wasn't fair. Especially, as he knew that Linda hadn't gotten punished at all, and kept rubbing it in, down at school. I was sitting on my big brother's bed, with my legs dangling, while I listened to him make the same complaint, for the third time that day. How my 12-year-old, older brother, ever got Linda Shackmier (giggle) to go with someone 2 years her junior, I'll never know, except that Linda was Definitely a "slut" and by reputation, would fuck anything in pants (panties too, I hear). Now, the older girl was making life miserable for him, blaming him, saying things like "I knew I should have gone out with a MAN." This, after it had been HER idea to do it there. Of course Now, I realize that Jason really didn't have any choice, as he was just getting into his sexual prime, and the pressure of "not getting laid" was almost driving him insane. So when a sexy chick like Linda implied that she would "let him do it" only under her conditions. I guess I can't really blame him for trying. I don't think Linda really intended to cheat him. She may have been kinky, but she was basically too fair (and too horny) for that. She just got off on the thrill of it.

I continued, pointing this out to my big brother. "In her own father's car, for God's sake! And a convertible, at that. Not to mention, right in front of the house. You two were just TRYING to get caught. Why didn't you hire a brass-band, and set off fire-works, while you were at it?" I was getting disgusted at the thought.

Jason blushed, and explained. "It was the only place she would do it with me," he said. "You know how kinky Linda is. It kinda' turned her on, thinking we might get caught."

"Well she did," I said acidly. "And what did you get out of it, besides a sore knee, that is?"

My brother winced at the reference to his bandaged knee, but didn't answer, as I continued, "And why, oh WHY, did you pick a slut like Linda? Couldn't you find some NICE girl, to help you out? Who knows what you might have picked up from her? It's probably a good thing, that you WERE caught, before you managed to do anything."

The fact, that he really HADN'T done anything, seemed to bother him the most. He had barely gotten Linda's dress up, when the girl's mother had returned unexpectedly for her missing checkbook, and "The s**t hit the fan," so to speak.

"Oh, come off it, Karen," said Jason. "If a girl is a 'nice' girl, she doesn't do it. If a girl does it, then by definition, she isn't a 'nice' girl any more, she's a slut. That's why I wanted to do it with Linda. I know she liked it, and I couldn't get her knocked-up, or anything. Heck, Even if 'nice' girls do do it, they wouldn't do it with ME. They all think I'm too young!" This was said, with all the frustration of a boy with the sex-drive of an 18 year old, in a 12 year old body.

I finally took pity on my big brother, and decided it was time to carry out my plan to ease his boredom, and frustration at being grounded. "Maybe, that's because you never asked the right girl," I said quietly.

My brother's hearing is pretty good. In spite of the TV blaring in the other room, he not only heard, but comprehended what I was talking about. I watched Jason eyes get big, and then he hurried over to his bedroom door, looked furtively around, to make sure Daddy and Mother were busy, and then he shut it, closing out most of the noise, as well.

"Who?" he gasped, getting right to the point. "Who is she? You mean, you know someone who wouldn't mind. . ." He didn't say it. He just grabbed my arms, and pleaded, when I didn't answer. "Aw, C'mon Karen, don't tease me!"

"I'm not teasing you," I said, blushing a little. "Can't you tell who it is?"

"Candy? Carol? Ginny?" he asked, naming my girlfriends off one by one. At my continued head-shakes, he started getting frantic. "C'mon Karen, who is it?"

"Some high-class lover you are," I sniffed. "Can't even recognize a willing woman, when you've got her alone, in your own bedroom." Well, OK, I exaggerated about the "woman" part. But my big brother DID turn me on. He always had. Even at 3, I had been following him around like a puppy-dog. At 10, I was getting almost as frustrated as my big brother, but I knew who I wanted for a bed-partner, even if he didn't.

Jason's jaw dropped. He may be slow, sometimes, but not very often, and never very much. "You mean YOU wouldn't mind, if I? . . ." He couldn't say it. He actually got tongue-tied, and blushed right down to his hair-roots.

I could. Finish the sentence, that is. ". . .fucked me?" I shook my head. Mind? I guess you could say I "minded," in the same way that a starving man would "mind" being handed a hamburger, or a man dying of thirst, would "mind" being given a tall glass of ice-cold milk.

All of a sudden, my big brother seemed to have 14 hands, and 5 pairs of lips, as he began feeling me up all over, and when I didn't object, Kissing me as well. Suddenly, our clothes seemed dreadfully in the way, and he was about to pull my panties down, when the situation reminded him of something. This was almost exactly the same position he had been in, when Linda's mother drove up. Not in a bedroom, maybe, but in the car. And our parents were right outside that door. If they came in, and found him doing to his little sister, what had gotten him into so much trouble, when he had just TRIED to do it, with a slut like Linda. . . My big brother broke out in a cold sweat, suddenly losing interest.

"What's the matter?" I asked. I had just been getting into it.

"We can't do it here!" said Jason, glancing fearfully at the door. His voice rose almost to a wail. "I don't know of ANYPLACE we can do it. Not where someone won't walk in on us sometime." He had a point. Kids our age, didn't have any REAL privacy. Maybe, for a good reason, too. Think how many kids would get knocked-up, if they all had someplace "private" that no adult, or anyone they DIDN'T want, could look into. Still, I had an answer to this, too. When I decided to help "take care" of my big brother's "horny" problem, I had thought of this, as well, and had an answer already prepared.

"We'll just have to use my room," I said.

Jason gaped at me. "Oh, Fine!" he said sarcastically. "And I suppose Diane will play lookout for us, or maybe she gets off, on the idea of watching her older brother and sister doing the big-nasty on her bed." Jason almost sneered at the idea, of using the bedroom I shared with my little sister, to have sex in.

I grinned. This was getting to be fun! "Got it right!" I crowed. "Both times! I can't believe it! Except Diane insists that we DON'T use her bed. She says she's NOT sleeping on a wet-spot, that she didn't help create."

It was almost comical, to watch the sandbagged expression on my big brother's face. It took him almost 2 minutes to recover, and then, only when he had an inspiration. "You're kidding," he said. "Right?"

"Nope!" I said. Jason's amazement returned. "Think about it," I said. "Our room is downstairs, in the far corner of the house. Nobody can come down there, without us hearing them, on those old creaky stairs. If we don't yell, or scream, or something, no one will. Best of all, there's a back-exit."

Jason looked at me.

"The bathroom," I amplified. "You can get to it from our room." Diane's and my bedroom, had once been the master-bedroomof the house. Mom and Dad preferred to sleep upstairs, and so Diane and I had gotten it, as our parents didn't figure Jason would need as much room, as two girls. Of course, if they had originally figured on all his computer-equipment. . .

"Side exit," he quibbled. "And you mean Diane's going to go for this?"

"Uhuh," I reassured him. "She said she didn't mind being a lookout, as long as she got to watch. . . Do you know how HARD it is for a kid her age, to find out about sex? Wouldn't you have given your right-arm, to have a chance to watch, when you were her age?"

Jason nodded. He had once been 5 years old, himself. So, for that matter, had I.

Jason made up his mind. "Well then, Little Sister," he said, his comical voice putting capitals on the last two words, "what in the heck, are we waiting for?" He grabbed my arm, and started for the door.

I stayed put on the bed, and he jerked back, as my arm brought him to a halt. "Diane," I said, answering his question. "This isn't going to work, unless we DO have a lookout. We're going to be too busy, to watch out, and if we don't. . ."

"We get caught," finished Jason. "Shit. And it'll be HOURS, before skating practice is over.

"Just 18 more minutes," I teased him, looking at the clock on the bedstand.

"Well, it'll seem like hours," he retorted. "Let's get out of here, before looking at you in that sexy little dress gets the better of me, and I rape you right here, on the floor, Mommy and Daddy in the next room, or not."

"You really think it's sexy?" I asked, twirling in the mini-skirt that barely covered the bottom of my matching panties, as I got up to follow him out the door. I knew I looked sexy in it, that's the only reason I had bought it, but a girl likes to hear it from a man.

"Grrrr," he said, reaching for the doorknob, and almost getting the door in his face, as Daddy peeked in, proving just how right we had been.

"There's something you two kids should see, on television," he said. Jason and I looked at each other. We both knew, that it had just been an excuse. Daddy had been worried, about what his two children had been doing, alone, in his son's bedroom, and had gone to check up. If he had been only 5 minutes earlier. . . We both shivered.

Actually, it turned out that Daddy was right. They were showing the news on television about the upcoming ice-stravegan za, and they actually showed Diane skating! The were calling her a "Local girl, who shows a lot of talent, for her age." I thought that last, was a little unfair, as Diane showed a lot of talent for MY age, let alone 5 years old.

The remaining 15 minutes raced by, after all, as we all discussed this. Then Diane got home, and was all excited, and wanted to see her interview. She was disappointed that they didn't show the interview with her, insisting that they had said they would. (Actually, they did, that night, on the 10 o'clock news.) We all watched, as Daddy re-ran the tape several times.

Then it was dinner time. Then chores. It was two hours, before we were free. Finally!

Diane and I, announced, loudly, that we would be downstairs, working on her skates, while Jason announced (also loudly) that he was going over to see Mike. He went down to the front-door, opened it, and slammed it, then went downstairs to the bathroom. That way, if somebody noticed, he'd have an explanation.

About two minutes later, Diane and I were clambering down the stairs, gaily chattering, as if this wasn't really the most exciting day of our lives. The first time that I got to fuck, and the first time that she got to watch!

Once we were inside the door, and had it closed and locked we made a mad-scramble for the bathroom door. Jason was waiting impatiently, on the other side.

Ten seconds later, we were hurriedly getting undressed, after Diane assured him that she really wanted to do this. Jason had his pants down around his legs, when a thought occurred to him. "How about you, Karen?" he asked. "Are you SURE, that YOU don't mind?"

I told him that I was positive, but: "If you EVER, so much as even TOUCH a slut like Linda again, you'll never EVER touch me again!" I made myself very clear. "I'm not taking a chance, on picking up some disease, from who-knows-who," I amplified.

Jason looked a little worried. "You mean, I can't date?" he asked.

"I said 'slut' like Linda. But if you ever so much as stick a finger in the pussy of anyone else, you'd better have certified proof, that she's still a virgin." I giggled, at another thought. "Except me, of course."

Jason's worried look returned, after vanishing when I told him he could date. "You mean, you aren't a virgin?" he asked.

"I mean," I giggled again, "I won't be, in another 10 minutes!"

"Oh," said Jason thoughtfully. Then louder, "Oh!" A big grin spread across his face, as he hurried to remove the rest of his clothing. "I guess I won't be either," he explained. "Finally!" he said with heartfelt relief.

By this time, we were both naked, but suddenly shy, as we approached each other. We were distracted by movement in the corner of the room. Diane was just removing the last item of her own clothing. "Don't mind me," she said. "I'm just going to watch. I just feel more comfortable, if I'm not the only one still dressed, in the room. Go ahead, you two, pretend that I'm not even here."

Well, it was impossible to forget she was there, and I really didn't want to. For one thing, Diane had stationed herself near the door, with one ear against it, as her eager eyes took in everything else. I knew that Diane was taking her role of lookout seriously, and wouldn't let us down. For another, it was kind of kinky-sexy, to think of making love to my own big-brother, while my cute little sister watched. "C'mere Big Boy," I husked low in my throat. (OK, OK!, I didn't "husk" more like squeaked, actually) "Let's fuck!"

Jason almost burst out laughing, at my attempt to be sexy. Somehow, he managed to stifle it. (Later, he told me, that he found me sexiest, when I was just myself. Just a normal, giggling schoolgirl.) Still, he didn't waste any time. Two seconds later, I was lying on the bed, as something big and hard pushed into the tiny little hole between my legs. "Oh!" we both said, as the head of his penis snapped into the entrance to my vagina. His cock had been leaking so much pre-cum, for the past hour, that it was slippery as a greased cucumber. I groaned, as I felt my self being packed inside, as he pushed it in farther.

Jason stopped. "Does it hurt?" he asked worriedly, after hearing my groan.

"Unngh," I groaned again. "Feel's good," was all I was able to get out.

Jason grinned, so big, that I thought it was going to split his face. Here he was, fucking his own sexy 10 year old little sister, and she thought it "feels good." He started sliding his cock in and out of me, faster and faster. Suddenly, the wonderful feeling of his cock inside me gave way to an unexpected sensation, as he went deeper and deeper inside my hot little hole. The feeling was pain!

"Jason," I said, "wait. Jason, I. . . I. . . IEEEEEEEEK!" I shrieked, as my big brother's cock suddenly slid all the way up in my belly, and his pubic-hair came to rest against my bare little pussy-lips. I was vaguely aware of my little sister slip ping into a robe, and going through the bathroom, as she went to check out the reaction my scream had on our parents.

"Sa...Sah...Sorry," panted my big brother. From the feeling of his cock jerking inside me, he wasn't too sorry. "Should I pull it out?"

"Don't be silly!" I muttered. After all this lead-up, to stop just when I got my cherry popped, didn't make much sense. "Just go easy, OK?"

Well, I've got to hand it to my big brother; he tried. He kept getting all exited, and would start ramming his cock up inside me, then would remember, and slow down. Then, 30 seconds later, he'd get all exited again. During this time, I was vaguely aware of my little sister's return to the room, and her interested gaze. I knew it was OK, as she didn't say anything. "Oh stop it Jason," I said, referring to his attempts to take it easy on me.

Jason froze, until I continued. "Stop trying to take it easy on me," I explained. "Hurry up and cum in me. I'll like it better next time. You're just making it hurt more, by trying to take it easy."

My big brother started to push his cock back up inside me, hard this time, when something else started to bother him. "Uh Karen," he said, "you don't mean that, do you? About having me 'cum' in you, I mean. I don't want to get you pregnant."

I grinned up at my big brother. He cared enough about me, to actually pull out, just when he needed to cum the most. "Don't be silly," I said. "You can cum in me, as much as you want. I haven't even started having my 'monthlies' yet, so you don't have to worry." I didn't mention a few horror-stories I had heard, about girls who got pregnant, before they ever HAD their "period." "Actually, it might be fun, to pretend, that you're trying to knock me up, and I'm going to actually get pregnant, when you squirt your sperm inside me."

Even the thought, must have been too exiting for Jason. Suddenly, I felt the head of his cock expand inside me, as I felt his motion became a lot slicker I felt a slow pulsing, as my big brother's cock began filling me with his rich creamy seed. Knowing that my own brother was actually squirting the sticky white stuff that makes babies inside my crack, was thrilling to me. I didn't climax; but I was very happy; to know I was doing this for my own wonderful big brother.

Finally my brother stopped pissing his creamy cum inside my belly. "Whoooo! Thanks, Sis," he said. "Hadn't you better go douche?"

"Don't be silly," I said. "Even if I could get pregnant, that just washes it further up inside you. I told you, not to worry. You can cum in me, all you want, and I won't get pregnant, and you won't catch any diseases either. Now that's what I call 'Safe-Sex'. Just remember, as long as you stick with me, you can have all the 'Safe-Sex' you want. But if you ever. . ."

"I know," he said, "it won't be 'Safe' any more, so you won't let me. Don't worry, Karen. I won't forget."

He didn't either.


That's how it all started. From that day on, we practiced our "Safe-Sex" as we called it two or three times a day. The third time, I had my first climax, with a man's (well, OK, boy's) cock pulsing my belly full of his baby-making sperm. After that, I was almost as frantic to get laid, as Jason was. One wonderful night, we spent the whole night together, while our parents went fishing. This time, Diane didn't have to play lookout, but she still watched, interestedly.

Diane always did watch. She never showed any signs of wanting to do it herself, but seemed to be pleased that she was able to help us out, as we seemed to need it a lot. And we did.

This went on, for two wonderful years, until one day, I felt cramps in my stomach, and later, when I wiped myself after peeing, I found blood on the tissue. Shit! I was having my first period.

That night, we were making love as usual, when I remembered. I could get pregnant now! My big brother was fast approaching his climax, when I told him, "Jason. You've got to pull out. I had my period today. I could get pregnant. Jason!"

My brother was almost past hearing. "Don't want to pull out," he mumbled. "Want to cum inside you. Don't want to get you pregnant. Want to cum inside. Oh Karen, I don't know what to dooo!" He kept on pumping, and in a minute, I knew my big brother's sperm would be flooding my now-fertile womb.

"I do," said Diane, as she pulled my big brother out of my arms. Skating makes for great muscles. I honestly think my little sister could fight both of us together, and win. She's that strong. Jason looked like he was going to cry, as a droplet of sperm was already starting to ooze from the tip of his penis.

I shuddered. What if that drop, had gotten in me.

"I said, I know what to do," said Diane. "Cum inside me."

She amplified, at my brother's confused look. We both knew that Diane didn't really want to have sex, like I did. Not that she seemed to mind. It's just that her interests were elsewhere. She liked helping us out though. "You can fuck Karen, but when you're going to cum, squirt it in me," she said, almost blowing our minds. "That way you can both have a good time, and Karen won't get pregnant. I won't mind. Just because I don't care to fuck, like Karen does, doesn't mean it bother's me."

Jason looked at Diane, now 7 years old, but still looking only about 4 or 5. Her rigorous exercise had kept her little figure hard and small. "Are you sure," he asked, barely able to keep from squirting sperm all over the sheets.

Diane didn't answer, she just lay back on the bed, and spread her legs. Two seconds later, my big brother had his cock all the way up inside the little girl, and was spasming her little womb full of his baby-making sperm. I watched Diane's eyes open wide in shock, as our big brother's cock almost split her in two. She had still been a virgin! And Jason had been so excited, he had not only broken my little sister's virginity, but had pushed his now 15 year old cock right up inside Diane's little 7 year old womb! It's no wonder she looked surprised.

Jason shuddered and jerked, on top of my little sister, as he tried to plant his seed as deeply as possible in the little girl's belly.

Afterwards, he apologized, for not going a little easier on her. Diane told him that she didn't mind. "It certainly felt. . . Well, . . different," she said.

After that, we used Diane, as our "birth-control-device," like the girl in the story I told you about. Except, we still called it "Safe-Sex" Every time, Jason would fuck me, and when he felt he was about to cum, he'd pull out, and stick it up inside Diane, and squirt his sperm in her. Diane would just lie there, and let him inseminate her. Afterwards he would come back to me, and we would continue making love. Diane always insisted that she didn't mind taking Jason's sperm inside her. In fact, she made sure he did, and told him, that if he knocked me up, there'd be no more "Safe-Sex" for him, from either of us, just like it would be, if he ever started fooling around with a slut. We could both tell that she was serious.

Once, I had Jason fuck Diane "for real" from start to finish. Diane just lay there, barely moving. She said it felt OK, but she didn't get off on it like I did. She told me, that it was more fun watching the two of us fuck, than doing it herself. After that, I stopped feeling like I might be cheating either her, or Jason out of a good fuck. I knew I wasn't.

Occasionally, I would feel a little guilty, as I felt like I was "using" my little sister, like a douche-bag, or condom, or something, to keep from getting pregnant. Diane giggled at the idea, and said that she was my "Safe" in the safe-part of "Safe-Sex," just like a condom was in the advertisements. At first, I was shocked, then I giggled too. It was funny, after all, using your own sister, as a method of birth-control.

I really felt guilty, about two years later.

I was watching Jason, after a wonderful night of lovemaking. He had just finished leaving another big load of incestuous sperm in my little sister's now 9 year old belly (she didn't look a day over 7) when I notice something funny. My little sister always looked healthy; but right then, she looked almost too healthy. Her eyes were brighter than usual, and there was a warm creamy glow to her skin, that I hadn't noticed before, but that wasn't it. What attracted my attention was her belly, when Jason pulled his big cock out of her. You could always see the little girl's belly bulge when our big brother's penis went up inside her, but it had always returned to it's hard, flat self afterwards. This time it didn't. A small bulge now rounded out the little girl's belly. I had a sinking sensation. Diane was pregnant.

This, we weren't able to keep from our parents. Somehow, it all came out. The whole "Safe-Sex" thing. Mommy and Daddy looked at me, as if it was all my fault. Somehow, I felt the same way, blaming myself for getting my little sister pregnant.

Diane didn't seem to care. She actually seemed to enjoy being pregnant. In fact, she insisted that Jason and I go back to using her for "birth-control," even though Daddy had managed to get me an appointment to the doctor so I could get on the 'pill'. She said she couldn't "get" pregnant, when she already was. I never made that appointment.

After Diane's baby was born, (A beautiful little girl she called "Love.") She still kept on taking Jason's sperm inside her. She said, that nursing a baby, was a fairly good method to keep the stork away, and anyway, she didn't mind, if we did have another "accident," as she was quite happy, with the result of the first one.

For two more years, my brother and I continued to use our little sister for birth-control, until he left for college.

It's now two years later, and I'm STILL using my little sister as a method of birth-control.

I feel a little guilty though, as Diane is pregnant again.

I know, I know! You're wondering how I could do this to my own little sister. After all my cute words about loving her, and "Safe-Sex," and all that junk. You're probably also wondering how I could force my little sister to fuck some boyfriend of mine, that she hardly knew, and WHY would my little sister let some guy she hardly knew, get her pregnant.

Well, I didn't, and she didn't. That would have made me feel REALLY guilty, not just a tiny bit. All you need to know, is that our mother died about 2 years ago, shortly after Jason left for college.

You say, that you STILL don't get it?

Dummy! This baby is Daddy's.

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To the characters:

If one of you selfish fuckers would have thought to give Diane a nice orgasm she would have been a nympho, too, and you all would have had a lot more fun!

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