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Published: 27-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Today, was my turn. I could hardly wait.

Thank goodness for modern alarm-clocks. one of the old-fashioned kind would have woke everybody up. The gentle "beep-beep" of the electronic alarm was enough to get me up, without waking anybody else. Particularly my parents. Even though they sleep at the other end of the house, one of those old clangers would probably been audible even down there. We certainly didn't want that.

I groaned, and tried to force my eyes open, until I remembered that it was my turn. . . I'd better hurry.

Opening the bedroom door, I checked to make sure that our parents weren't up and about yet; (They rarely were, this early in the morning.) and then slipped into the bathroom to get ready. First a douche, then an enema. I made sure I did a complete job of washing out my bottom; even though I don't like enemas. (I understand that SOME people do.) I still remember the times that I didn't, when it was my turn. . . Ick! On the other hand, it wasn't as bad as some people think. I flushed myself three times to be sure; and checked to make sure the water ran clean afterwards.

I used the salt-water douche that my big brother taught me how to make. About a teaspoon of salt to a quart of water, and just a drop of liquid anti-bacterial soap. (To find out how much salt to use, you do it "to taste." That is, you add salt until you can't taste the water. If you taste the salt, then you've added too much, and need more water. Jake says that make a "neutral-saline solution" whatever that means.) I do this with water that I've boiled, and let cool.

Anyway, so much for the mechanics. Anyway, I cleaned out both holes, and then took a shower so that I would be as clean outside for my brothers, as I was inside.

When I finished showering, I found that all that water running made me have to pee. Damn. I had already douched; and it's not good to do it too much. Oh well; pee is pretty clean anyway; unlike poop.

I was just settling down to go, when Jerry came in. He wasn't surprised to see me naked; we all go naked in the mornings. . . Even our parents.

"Hi, Sis," he said; taking in my nudity with an appreciative glance. "You about ready?"

"Uhuh," I said; then added, "And I can see that you are too." Looking pointedly at his erect prick as I did so.

Jerry had the grace to blush. "It's just a piss-hard," he mumbled. "Though with you there, I'll NEVER be able to piss," he added as a sidewise compliment.

This time, it was my turn to blush. "C'mere, Big Brother," I told him. When Jerry got close enough, I leaned out and sucked on his prick, while I finished my pee. No, not enough to get him off; just enough to be friendly, and keep him from hurting while he waited for me to get off. By sucking him, the REAL hard-on it gave him kept him from having to pee while I did; and besides, he enjoyed it. So did I.

Even if he HAD peed in my mouth, it wouldn't have been all THAT bad. . . He's done it before, and I'm not dead yet. I didn't suck too hard though. As I said, I didn't want to accidentally get him off, and spoil my turn later.

I finally finished peeing myself, and got up; grabbed a towel; and left my big brother to do his own job. I grinned, because I could see the kid was having a hard time of it as I left. I guess being sucked by his little sister had gotten him so hard he couldn't do the job he came in for.

I went back to my room, and checked myself over. "Pretty good," I thought. At thirteen, my hips were just starting to swell, and my breasts, while not large, had a nice swell to them that I knew all the boys liked. A clear complexion didn't hurt either. Thank goodness I didn't have zits, like my cousin Mary!

How her brothers. . . Well, never mind. . . Not my business.

I looked at my shoulder-length hair, and liked that too. Brown, almost black, it fell straight to my shoulders. Some girls cry when their hair's straight. I used to be disappointed that I didn't have "naturally curly hair" until my brothers all made it clear that they like my straight hair better.

Jake showed me this picture of a girl with hair halfway down her back, and the other boys all agreed with him when they said THAT was sexy! I've let my hair grow three inches since then, and I'm not going to stop until it reaches the floor. It's a little bother, (like right now.) but it's worth it.

I finished combing and brushing, and checked myself over. No makeup, but just a dab of cologne, and I was ready.

OOPS! I almost forgot. I dashed back into the bathroom, and brushed my teeth; following it up with minty mouthwash. I wanted my breath to be as fresh as the rest of me.

Does this sound like a lot of trouble to go to? Not really. I LIKE feeling sexy for my brothers. . . Especially, when it's my turn.

I suppose you're all wondering what this "turn" business is. Well, you'll find out in just a second.

When I was satisfied with my looks and smell, I headed back to bed. Only I passed my room, and went on into the boys' bedroom, and climbed in with them. My brothers share what used to be the "master" bedroom in the house, with a big kingsize bed, and their own bathroom.

This is funny. Because the boys have their own bathroom, I get to have the "main" bathroom all to myself, while they have to share the smaller one. Well. . . Sometimes one of my brothers will share the main bathroom with me, but mostly I have it to myself. . . Unless I invite one of them to share it with me. There's nothing like "sharing" a tub with one of your own handsome brothers to "save water." Taking a shower together is fun; but you should see what we do in the Jaccuzi-tub! Mmmmm. Still, that's not what this story is about.

As I said, I headed back to bed; only this time I passed my room up, and got into bed with my three brothers. Yeah, stark-naked. . . And all three of my brothers were naked too. Didn't I mention before that we all go naked in the mornings? Well, none of us wears anything to bed at night either.

At least my brothers and I don't. Sometimes Mother wears this silky thing she calls a "chemise" to bed, and even sometimes around the house. I'd kind of like to get one myself, because I think it makes her look sexier than if she's naked. Of course, the last thing I really need, is to get my brothers more excited at the sight of my body. . . On the other hand, if I do, then maybe they would let me have my "turn" more often.

No. . . Jake always insists that we take our turns, and I suppose that's only fair. This way we each work that much harder when it's not our turn, so that when it IS our turn we know the others will do the same. If one of us hogged the system, then we'd lose our incentive. I guess our big brother knows what he's doing.

Of course, he always did. Even that first time, when I came in and found my brothers as tightly coupled together as sardines in a can, he hadn't chased me out like the two younger boys had wanted to; telling them that it could be as much fun with a girl, as with boys alone. And it had been. Now Jerry and Mike would no more think of leaving me out than I would think of doing it alone.

Oh, not that I've got anything against masturbation, since Jake showed us all how to do it. . . It's just not NEAR so much fun as doing it with one or more of your brothers. And since at least one of my brothers was always willing, then why should I have to do it myself?

With this comforting thought, I lifted the covers and snuggled into bed with my brothers. Jake moved over to let me get in between him and Mike, and I promptly fell asleep again; this time comfortably "sandwiched" between my brothers. Such a comforting thing to do; with your big brother's cock sliding along the crack or your ass, while his big hand cups your developing titty. Then, to have your little brother's prick poking you between the legs, while your other tit rubs against his chest, is so soothing. We were still all tired from the night before, so we went back to sleep.

It may be crowded with all four of us in the same bed, (Which is ONE reason I still sleep in my own bed. . . The other being our parents.) but it's sure cozy. Too bad that kingsize is the biggest bed they make.

It must have been about an hour later, that we all started to wake up. First Mike then Jake, and finally Jerry had to get up and go pee, before climbing back into bed. We still had about an hour before our parents got up though. Plenty of time.

By the time Jerry got back, we were all awake, with both my brother's thick pricks sliding between my legs; leaving drools of pre-cum lubricating us for what was to come. (Or is that, "What was to 'cum'? )

When Jerry got back, he happily took the third spot, as we shifted around in bed to make room for him. Then we started.

First, I captured Jake's big prick between my cunny lips; rubbing it back and forth until his lubrication and mine allowed him slip halfway up inside me.

Then, Mike slid in behind me. Since I don't get slippery back there, and Jake was already using my front-hole, Mike had to use a little saliva to mix with his pre-cum, before he could get inside my ass.

I let out an "Oof!" as he slid home in me. I always like Mike to be first in my ass, so I get used to it before my other brothers' big pricks stuff me. That's why we usually start in this order, when it's my turn.

OK! If you haven't figured it out yet, my brothers and I play sandwich. Yeah, sandwich. Haven't you played that with your brother or sisters? I thought everybody did. Geesh! How ignorant can you get? OK! I'll explain.

"Sandwich" is a game that can be played by anywhere from two, to as many as want to join in. It's best, when at least three players are involved, and probably better if there are more boys involved than girls, though not necessarily. I think our arrangement of three boys and one girl, is just perfect, though Jake says any combination works; and he wouldn't mind being the "filling" in a sandwich with three girls.

Jake should know. After all, he's the one who started everything, and showed my brothers that including a girl could be just as much fun as boys alone.

The best way to play "sandwich" is with three or four people though. You pick one person to be the "filling" and the others surround the lucky one; "filling" every hole.

Huh? Of COURSE I mean sex! What else would I mean? Idiot! If you don't like stories about kids having sex, then what are you doing reading this? Get out of here, and go back to reading "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms" like a good kid. . .

What? Still here? Then you must LIKE to read stories about little girls having sex. So shut up, and pay attention.

As I said, the lucky person in the middle gets to be the "filling" and has every hole stuffed (if she's a girl) or both holes stuffed and his prick buried in someone else's hole, if he's a boy. Fun!

To make things fair in OUR games, Jake has us swap every day, with each of us getting our "turn" being the filling once every four days. (See, I TOLD you you'd learn what I meant by my "turn.") This was my turn. The "game" consists of trying to get all three of your partners off as close to the same time as possible. If you get off as well, that's OK, but you don't get bonus-points for that, unless all three of those surrounding you are starting, finishing, or in the middle of climaxing inside you at the same time. Then, you get one bonus-point for each one you share your climax with.

You get two basic points, for each person you get off simultaneously. So, if one is finishing, while another starts, you get two points. If the remaining one starts, before the second one finishes, then you get two more. If all three "cum" together, then you get six. The winner after a full rotation gets an extra chance to be "filling."

Yeah, it IS sexy. And fun too. It takes a lot of skill to bring three people off (or better yet four) at the same time.

This time was pretty good. For me, there's never any problem collecting bonus-points if I can, as I usually start climaxing the moment I feel one of my brother's thick cocks slide up in my overheated little pussy-hole, and don't stop until the last of them has gone limp and soft inside me.

This gives me somewhat of an unfair advantage of being a girl, but none of my brother's seem to mind. They say that feeling me climax around them, makes it all the better for them when they cum themselves.

As I carefully sucked on Jerry's prick; trying to estimate how aroused he was by how hard his prick got, and how urgently he was shoving it down my throat, I worked my bottom back and forth between my other brothers.

I didn't have much control over how soon they came, as my cunny was already squeezing and milking involuntarily on Jake's thick prick, while my asshole squeezed and milked on Mike's in counterpoint.

God, do I love fucking my brothers! I could feel Jake's big cock swelling in my cunny, as he prepared to fill my vagina with his thick sperm.

Hurriedly, I started slurping even harder on Jerry, working feverishly to bring him off at the same time. Mike would just have to take whatever he got.

My own body was shuddering almost continuously by this time, as climax after climax rolled through me.

Suddenly my big brother jammed his thick prick to the root in my belly, while he sent bolt after bolt of thick cream into my sucking vagina. That made me climax even harder, and I worked frantically on Jerry to bring him off as well. I did.

Jake was just slowing his frantic lunges; burying still more thick cum in my womb, when my other big brother's prick suddenly got bigger in my mouth and I felt the first thick squirt of cum wash against my tonsils.

Mmmmm; that tasted good! Sometimes I almost wish I could swallow all of my brothers' cum, instead of having some in my cunny and ass. The boys always say they are willing; but I can't ever seem to do it, as my cunny always aches to feel something inside it when we get around to sex. Oh well, maybe someday.

Jake had just finished jamming his thick cock inside me; leaving my cunny full of his precious seed, when Mike started to cum.

"Damn," I thought, "missed it by 'that' much!" Oh well. I stripped the last tasty drops of sperm from Jerry's prick, while my little brother shuddered and shook; trying to shove his prick as far up in my ass as he could, while leaving as much thick white cum in me as possible. "Oh well," I thought, "four points ain't bad at all."

Afterwards I tightened my cunny around Jake's thick prick, and stripped a last gob of warm cum up into my tummy. I did the same thing to Mike, and managed to get a last tasty drop out of Jerry's prick as well. My own body was still shuddering with mini-climaxes, but for the most part I was done as well.

"Pretty good; four points, huh?" I said, as we finally rolled apart. It's a good idea to confirm who came when, as soon as possible afterwards, as some people have a tendency to forget just who did what an hour or two later.

"Huh?" said Jake. Oh damn! An argument. Usually, we all agree on who came when; trusting the person in the middle to be honest about things. Still, Jake is the fairest one of all of us. He COULD get his way lots more times, and none of us younger kids would object, but he always makes sure we all get our "share".

"I mean," said Jake, "that you just got a last drop out of me, and since the other two boys were still cumming, I thought you deserved a six."

My older brother looked at his two younger siblings, and they nodded in agreement. "A nine, really," observed Mike. "She's STILL cumming. I can feel it around my prick."

"Nine," agreed Jake, while Jerry echoed him.

"Thanks boys," I said; panting while I recovered from that wondrous episode. "If I win, I'll make it feel REAL good for all of you."

"Promise?" asked Jerry, with a teasing grin.

"I promise," I said; giving him a kiss in response. Only this wasn't just a little-girl kiss; I stuck my tongue halfway down his throat. Since I had already cleaned his prick off with my mouth; this was somewhat to make-up for what my brothers would get that he wouldn't.

Jerry didn't mind; giving me as big a kiss in response.

Damn, there's something incredibly erotic about kissing your own brother. I was so glad my big brother had let me join in, when I caught the three of them going at it about three years ago.

I had just walked in on them one morning, when I was about 10 years old. None of us kids were shy with each other; often seeing each other naked around the house. So, it was more with interest than shock that when I found all three of my brothers having fun together in bed. I just watched until they were finished, before asking them what they were doing.

At the time I walked in, (Looking for a missing notebook fro school that I never DID find.) My big brother Jake was lying head-to-tail with Jerry, while Mike was behind his big brother; poking his swollen little peter up the older boy's ass. Back then, Mike didn't cum yet; but he sure enjoyed having sex anyway.

Once they were finished, Jake explained about how they were playing "sandwich," and this time it had been Jerry's turn to be the "filling." They all told me about how they had been playing this game for several months, and each day they rotated; so each of them got the chance once every three days of feeling BOTH holes stuffed, and their prick sucked at the same time. Even if they weren't the "filling," each of them got to get his rocks off anyway.

No. None of them were the least embarrassed to tell their sister about this. Why? Should they have been?

No; I wasn't either. Why?

Huh?! You mean some people's parents PUNISH them for talking about sex?

What?!!! They punish them for going naked, or touching their little sister?

No; our parents never did that. I can't imagine why they would. I mean, that would just make us think that there was something NASTY about sex, or doing it with your own brothers. Thank goodness our parents love us more than that.

Anyway, once they finished explaining what they were doing, and how the older boys got fun out of squirting white-stuff out of their pricks, they seemed to expect me to be satisfied, and leave them alone. Only I didn't.

I mean, they looked like they had all been having so much fun, that I wanted to join in too. I may not have been able to squirt white goo, like my big brothers did, but I liked to rub my little cunny, and it had a bump that felt almost as good to rub as the boys said it did for their cocks.

Jerry and Mike objected. They had already figured out that it would be easy to fit in as many more boys as they wanted to, but I wasn't a boy. I didn't have a prick to suck; so how could I join in?

Only my big brother Jake came to my defense. He looked at me kind of funny, but told the other kids they might find out that it could be FUN to include a girl in their "sandwich" playing. It was.

Jake explained to me that it hurt a little, the first time for a girl. (Unlike a guy.) But when I insisted I wanted to try it anyway, he had me sit on his prick, and slide down until it was all the way up inside me.

It DID hurt a little at first, but once he squirted that white-stuff up inside me, it began to feel better. Jerry then had me roll-over on the bed and suck Jerry off; while Mike stuck his prick up inside my ass; just like we did this morning.

He kept his cock inside me while they did; so his sperm wouldn't leak out. Then, he explained the down-side to me.

It seems that all three boys had forgotten to mention that. It seems, that we had to clean each other up. This was back in the days before our parents moved the boys into the master-bedroom, and they took the bedroom at the other end of the house. Jake didn't want any of us going down to other end of the house with sperm dribbling down our legs; and possibly making a mess on the floor. . .

So the rule was: "If you make the mess; you clean it up." Now, it wasn't such a big deal; with the bathroom right next door, but by this time we had not only grown accustomed to the practice, but it was part of the fun. At least mostly. Even the nasty parts were kind of sexy too. So we just kept on doing it. Which reminded me. . .

I got up on my knees, and then reversed myself in bed, so me and my two brothers were no longer facing each other, but I looked directly into my big brother's crotch. White sticky goo made a big mess there. It looked delicious to me.

I started lapping up the mess; starting with a big white drop oozing out the tip of my big brother's prick. At the same time, a shock ran through my body, as I felt my big brother's tongue return the favor by licking his cream and mine out of my hot little hole. I started to climax all over again.

Jake didn't mind. He says this just makes it easier for him to get me clean; as my cum is clear liquid that doesn't make a mess. At the same time, I felt my little brother's tongue ticking my asshole; as the little boy did HIS job of cleaning out what he had spent in there. Surprisingly, none of the boys seem to mind cleaning out the asshole they came in, even when the other guy hasn't cleaned it out first, like I did this morning.

By the time I was about half finished licking the sticky drops off my big brother's prick, he had given me at least three mini-climaxes, and his prick was hard again; making it easy to suck the last of the cream off the surface. Still, I carefully did NOT suck him off, as this would have been cheating.

By now, all the boys knew I could cum many times to their few, so it no longer seemed unfair that I got off while being "cleaned-up" while they all had to wait for "next time."

Mike had just finished cleaning up my bottom; patiently waiting for me to clean HIS prick, and Jake and I were about halfway through cleaning each other up, (Jake's prick and pubic-hair were a MESS, and it took quite a while for all the cum he had squirted in me to drip out.) when our mother walked in.

Oh shit.

While we didn't feel guilty about what we were doing; somehow we all knew that our parents wouldn't exactly approve of it. Or at least Jake did, and we figured it out from his efforts to keep things private.

I guess there was no doubt about what we had been doing though. With my legs spread wide facing the just-opened door, you could see right into my snatch, where a white bubble of goo was oozing up to meet my big brother's tongue. I was so busy cleaning my big brother up, that I wasn't even aware of Mother taking in the sight of her little girl working diligently to clean every drop of her big brother's sperm off his swollen member; while her cunny-hole oozed thick white bubbles of her brother's seed.

Besides that, Mike was still sitting there; a drop of white oozing from HIS prick, while the "sheen" on Jerry's prick announced the fact that even he wasn't just a disinterested observer.

Jake says that Mother's mouth opened and closed several times, before she came over to get a closer look. The first thing I knew about it, was when I felt a thick finger slide up in my horny little hole; bringing yet another climax wringing my body out.

This was a little unfair, as the boys weren't supposed to use their fingers on me; just their tongues, when cleaning me up. (Just like I wasn't supposed to suck Jake off.) I looked up to object, and noticed Mother sniffing the cum-streaked finger she had just withdrawn from inside me.

"Yours?" she questioned Jake.

Jake nodded. I guess he didn't DARE say anything.

Mother turned to where I had just finished MY part of cleaning up my big brother. "How long ago was your period?" she asked.


"Your period. . . Your monthlies."

At my still-blank look, she amplified further. "Bleeding between your legs," she explained disgustedly. "When you use tampons!"

Oh! "I dunno," I said. "Probably a week or two ago, I guess." I wondered what the big deal was.

"Oh shit," repeated Mother. "If you were TRYING to get your little sister pregnant, you probably couldn't have picked a better time, could you?"

Jake just shrugged. I guess he didn't dare argue with our mother.

I wondered what the big deal was. I mean, it's not as if today was all that different from any other day. Tomorrow, when It wasn't my turn to be "filling" I would still get fucked. The only difference was today everybody would take turns filling my front hole, while on the other three days I would always be the one who got to be the "front-slice" of the "sandwich."

Jake had figured this all out three years ago, when he first showed my brothers how a girl could fit into the rotation just as nicely as another boy.

On the days I was the "filling," each of the boys took turns at the three positions. When it was one of the boys' turns, I would always take his prick up my front-hole, while the other two boys swapped off mouth and rear.

That way, ALL of us got our sex-organs properly exercised, while the "filling" of the sandwich got to have sex in his mouth and rear too.

Sometimes we would pair-off, two and two, but usually we played sandwich. Oh, occasionally, Jake would come into my room at night, and leave me with a cunny full of my big brother's sperm slowly oozing into my belly.

When he did that, for some reason he didn't WANT me to clean up afterwards. I didn't mind. It was kind of nice to go to sleep with my big brother's thick white sperm oozing from my crack and all slippery and gooey inside me.

Occasionally, Jerry and I would get together out in the barn too.

Mike never did anything like that though; seeming to be satisfied with the fun we all had together.

Me? Heck, if all three boys had wanted to take me on one after the other all through the day, I would have been agreeable. Sore, but agreeable. I LIKE to feel my brother's pricks sliding up in my hot little hole.

I like it even better, when they squirt that white-stuff up inside me; making my cunny all slick and creamy with their sperm. It makes me cum so much better when they do. (Of course, I usually start cumming the moment anybody sticks a prick, finger or tongue up my hole, so that's no surprise.)

We all waited for Mother to decide what she was going to do, now that she had caught us.

"Oh, go ahead," she finally sighed. "You might as well finish. If Cindy's going to have a baby, then she probably already is. Your father and I will have to decide what we're going to do about this before her next period. . . If she ever has one, that is." Mother sighed again, before continuing, "Only don't ever say that I condoned this, because I didn't."

She looked at the four of us, and left us with one final comment, before going out and closing the door. "I didn't want you kids to grow up with sexual-hangups, like we did. But I think this is going a little bit too far."

I looked at Jerry; Jerry looked at Jake; Jake looked at Mike: Mike looked back at me. Then we all looked at each other and shrugged. Whatever it was, Mother hadn't told us to stop.

I finished licking Jake's big prick, and motioned to my little brother. This was the part I wasn't so wild about, but I wasn't about to "chicken-out" in front of my brothers. Especially, as none of them ever raised an objection.

Not to mention the fact that I never had to do what my little brother just did; lick somebody else's asshole. (Well, OK. . . I HAVE done it a few times, but I never HAD to.) I licked my little brother's prick clean. Even at the worst, a prick that's been in your asshole isn't all that bad. When the guy has "cum" inside you, it's a lot better, as the taste of sperm covers up almost any other flavors. And, as I've mentioned before, I LIKE the taste of sperm. Especially my brothers.

So with only a little effort I got my brother clean. I could have done it without the enema, but I was still glad I was prepared. Besides, the enema makes it nicer for my brother. Not that he's ever objected to eating my shit.

When I finished getting Mike clean, (to the interested gaze of my older brothers,) I collapsed back on the bed with a sigh. "Now what was that, that Mother got so uptight about," I asked Jake.

My big brother, who had been grinning up to that point, looked at me with a kind of horror on his face. "You mean, you really don't know?" he asked.

I looked at him blankly.

"Oh Shit!" he exclaimed; echoing our mother's words. "I'm sorry, Cindy. I thought you knew! I thought Mother told you, the same time she told the rest of us."

"Huh?" I said, blankly.

"About getting pregnant. . . Having babies. . . That kind of stuff."

"Huh?" again, from me. I was really showing my brilliance. . . NOT!

Carefully, Jake began telling me about sex. How a woman produced eggs. How those eggs ripened each month, when the woman (girl in my case) got old enough, and waited to be fertilized by the sperm from a man. (Or, boy. . . like my brothers.) As he talked, my memory stirred. Yes, Mother HAD mentioned some of this, it seemed like years ago, but I hadn't paid much attention. I guess I should have. Jake told me how he had just assumed I WANTED to get pregnant by him or his brothers, when I first came into their room that day not long after my first period, and about 6 months after Mother taught us all about sex and where babies came from. Since then, he'd been doing his best to see that I got what I wanted. Oh shit, indeed! No wonder Mother was so upset.

By the time he finished explaining, and fully realized that I had NOT known, my big brother was almost crying; saying he was sorry, but he thought I wanted it.

Jerry and Mike were looking at me kind of surprised too. (I found out later, that unlike Jake, they weren't even thinking about getting me pregnant, they just liked the feel of their pricks sliding in and out of a hot little hole, whether it was on the backside of their brothers, or the front of their sister. It just felt good. They both knew about how babies were made, but had never thought about it applying to either me OR them.

Jake had. Only when his 10-year-old little sister had come barging into their room, not long after her first period, he had just assumed she knew what she wanted. In fact, (as he reminded me) he had asked me several times if I was sure that I wanted to do those things.

Well, I had. Wanted to join in the sexy fun the boys were having. All too often it seemed I got left out of things, just because I was a girl. This had just been one more of those things where my brothers seemed to be allowed to have fun that I wasn't. So, when my big brother had asked me, "If I was SURE I wanted to do these things," of course I said, "Yes."

When he asked me if I minded getting pregnant, (I don't actually remember that part, but I'm sure he did; just like he says he did.) I'm sure I said "yes," to that too. Heck, I didn't even know what "getting pregnant" meant. If my brother had asked me if I wanted to get garfled (imaginary word here) then I'm sure I would have said "Yes," as long as it allowed me to join in the fun with the other.

Now it was MY turn to say, "Oh shit." I could have my big brother's baby growing inside my tummy right now. According to Mother, there was a very good chance.

She was right about something else too though. If I was gonna get pregnant this month, then I probably already was. "No point in crying over spilt milk," as the old saying goes.

I told this to my big brother. After all, it wasn't HIS fault I didn't listen. Besides, he seemed to feel so sorry about something I wasn't even sure I cared that much about.

"It's OK, Jake," I said.

"Huh?" This time it was my big brother's turn to be brilliant.

"I said, 'It's OK.'," I repeated. "You can get me pregnant if you want to." That seemed to be the easiest way to make my big brother feel better.

"You mean it Cindy?" he asked. "You don't mind if I accidentally knocked you up?"

"Knocked what off?" I asked; perplexed.

Jake giggled; his tears still running down his cheeks, but getting flung off as he suddenly burst into laughter.

"Knock you up, Silly Goose," he teased me. "Get you pregnant. Knob you. Make a baby in that cute little tummy of yours. Put a bun in your oven. Plant a watermelon in your belly. Get you in a family-way. They all mean the same thing. . . Where you and I make a baby start growing inside you."

"Oh," I said. "I guess, if you say so."

"No," corrected Jake. "It's if YOU say so. If you really don't want to get pregnant, I'll have Mother put you on the pill or something."

I remembered how happy my big brother had been, when he thought I wanted to get pregnant. . . Then I thought about how he had looked when he thought it was all a mistake. No way could I hurt my brother like that. I love all my brothers, but especially Jake. He always takes such good care of us littler kids. "It's OK, Jake," I repeated my earlier statement. "I don't mind. . . Really."



"Thanks, Little Sister," he said.

"Why?" I asked. "I'll enjoy it too."

My big brother looked at me seriously for a minute. "Maybe I'd better explain a little more later," he commented. "In the meantime, if you don't mind, and Mother's probably right anyway about it not mattering now; we'd all better get going and do the chores."

"Oh shit!" This time, the exclamation came from all three of us. Jake was right. We had been so involved with discussing sex and babies, that we were late for doing chores. If we didn't hurry, we wouldn't have time for the afternoon-break, that we usually used for the second "rotation" in our "sandwich" game. I couldn't wait 'til this afternoon, to feel Jerry squirting a baby in my tummy; now that I knew what was going on.

I love my brothers. . . All three of them. If any one of them made a baby in me, I knew I would love it. Still, I really kind of hoped it was Jake's.

Just think. . . Two more rotations where it was my turn to be the "filling," and then tomorrow it would be my big brother's turn.

If I was lucky, maybe we could go four times today, and I'd get to feel Jake squirting his baby-juice inside my tight little slit one more time tonight. Then tomorrow, I would get to feel him make a baby in me three or four more times, before his turn in the center of the sandwich was up.

I hoped I caught before then. Well, if not, it would still be fun trying with my other brothers. Damn! How was I going to make it to lunch-time, and my turn to be "filling" for the "sandwich?"

I suddenly got took with a set of giggles, as I grabbed a bucket and headed off to do MY share of the chores. Yeah, I was going to be the "filling" all right! I knew that sometime in the next few months at least one of my brothers would be "filling" my womb with our baby. I giggled again. I just HAD to remember and tell the other kids this one. "Filling for a sandwich." What a sexy thought.

Now that I thought about it, "stuffing" would be more like it. I would be "stuffed" like a turkey, if I got anywhere as big as our cousin Marsha did, before she had her second baby at 14. Now that Jake had explained things to me, suddenly some things became quite clear. I wondered how big MY tummy would get before I had a baby. Oh well; not to worry. It would get as big as it got.

Damn! Why do chores have to take so long? I'm so itchy between the legs, I can hardly wait. Now that I KNOW I might get pregnant, it seems to excite me even more!

When I got back inside from doing my chores, my brothers were still working. So, I sat down to write this up, to keep from jittering while I wait.

Maybe tonight I'll write some more; but it's finally lunch-time, and my brothers are back. When we finish eating, it'll be time for a nap; but I know the boys and I won't get much sleeping done in OUR end of the house. Not while it's MY turn, anyway! Gee, I love playing "sandwich."

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