Middle School Bus Driver, Part 1

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Published: 27-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Frank had been driving the middle school bus route for six years now. Watching these cute girls getting off and on the bus all day long was driving him crazy. Their bouncy little school uniform skirts, their pony tails, and their flirty little giggles. He knew he could never have them legally, but he definitely had his fantasies.

Sometimes a girl would be leaning back in a seat, texting away, and he could look at her spread legged, panty-covered pussy in his mirror. Oh, to be able to touch that little pussy.

One average day an event occurred that would change the course of his life -- and theirs. He glanced over as a young girl in the front seat was adjusting the sanitary napkin inside her panties when she caught him staring. Rather than be embarrassed, she shouted, "Ew, don't stare at me you pervert!" From that moment on, the girls and boys would snicker and call him names under their breath.

He knew that somehow he would get revenge. He fantasized about what sorts of things he could do, where he could hide, and how he could get away with it. Then things started to come together when his cousin Ricky got arrested for running a meth lab. He left Frank in charge of his property which was some distance out in the woods and very private. He would have the run of this place for at least 2 years -- and possibly longer. And nobody even knew that Ricky owned it. It was perfect.

Frank started building up food supplies consisting of rice, beans, dried meats, freeze dried meal packs, etc. He started storing thousands of gallons of water in addition to the well he had dug. He would be able to feed an army for several months with what he had stored there.

If he took one of the girls up there, nobody would EVER find them.

And toward the end of the school year, his opportunity presented itself. Frank was asked to drive one of the buses to the state park for their end of the year overnight adventure. And the bus would be driving within a few miles of his private road. He knew then that he would take ALL of the kids.

He began preparing by buying a remote garage door for the RV hangar, gate locks, and alarms. He bolted bars and tables and seats into the bomb shelter that Rick had converted to a large hideout in case he needed to get away. Frank also lined the interior of the hangar and the bomb shelter with a wire mesh, similar to a Farraday Cage. This would prevent radios, cell phones, and tracking devices from being used within the confines of the house. This might actually work.

A few weeks later he was parked in the parking lot of the school and preparing to get all of the students on the bus. He opened the undercarriage compartment and said, "Okay, everybody... all bags and food stuffs in here." When the grumbling got too much, he assured students, "Don't worry. We'll be stopping for a picnic and you can get into your stuff."

Then he climbed aboard the bus and put out a large plastic bucket. "All cell phones and electronic devices get stored in here until we get to the camp site. Principals rules." Students began to begrudgingly lay their phone into the bucket and grumble about how unfair it was.

But soon they were on the road -- unsure of what to do with their time since they couldn't text or surf the web.

After a while, Frank let the 1st bus pull ahead too far to see what was happening. He radioed in that the bus was overheating a bit and that he might pull off at the next rest stop to let it cool -- and then he took the next left instead of the right he was supposed to make. He also turned off the radio and his cell phone and dropped his phone in the cell bucket.

After about an hour, one of the students asked, "Are we almost there?" Frank replied, "Yep, but we need to stop to put air in the tires first. My friend has a garage up ahead and he can do it for free."

About ten minutes later, Frank turned down the dirt road, scaring the kids. They were sure they had gone off the road, but as Frank drove through loose branches and leaves and emerged in a clearing on the other side, they relaxed.

He clicked the remote and the door to the RV hangar began to open. He drove in to the back of the space, pressed a button, and the lights came on inside. He pressed another button and the door began to close behind him.

"Okay, kids -- quick break and then we'll eat. You're welcome to check the place out, though." as he gestured toward the stairs going down into the well-lit room playing music and videos. "It's like a nice rest stop." he said. "The bathrooms are in the back and there's sodas in the fridge."

The kids ran into the basement and began chowing down on the goodies laid out for them.

Frank closed the door to the shelter and cranked the emergency containment switch which was designed to release a sleeping gas cloud into the main room -- a non-lethal tactical response in case "the survivors" ever got overrun in whatever apocalypse they were hiding from.

After about 10 minutes I cranked the switch back off and heard the vacuum blowers clear out the air below. The automatic locks clicked open and I was able to go inside.

Once inside I saw all 19 middleschoolers crashed out on the couch, a bean bag chair, and a couple laying on the floor holding video game controllers.

I unlocked the main chamber and began the process of dragging the kids inside.

I had hodge-podged together a bunch of unique items from scrap yards and junk piles. In the center of the room was my coup de resistance -- A 1950's playground merry-go-round which was attached to a hydraulic lift, so I could lift the girls off the floor and spin them into position as I needed them at different heights. Around the perimeter of the merry-go-round I sunk 9 poles where I could shackle the boys. The idea was that the boys, while fully standing, would line up almost perfectly with the girls pussies. This was just one of the things I had planned for them.

I began strapping the girls down by their waists with their little pussies just over the edge of the frame, and then strapped their legs up to the handles of the merry go round above their torsos. I handcuffed each girl to the girl next to them creating an unbreakable chain. Nine of the ten girls were strapped in with one -- the little cunt who called me a pervert -- left over.

Next I shackled each of the nine boys to one of the poles by their ankle. I crushed up 2 Viagra and spilled it in the mouth of each boy. I left a bottle of water next to each of them so they would drink as they woke up.

Finally, I strapped the little cunt down to an old obstetric table that I had acquired. This girl was going to get fucked non-stop and I wasn't going to go easy on her.

I went up stairs to grab some food and came down about an hour later to check on their progress.

All of the boys were standing and trying to pull themselves free and the girls were crying on the merry-go-round. The cunt was crying on her table as well.

I noticed that nearly all of the boys had raging hard ons. As much as they struggled to get free, they were also trying to cover their excitement and mask their embarrassment in the situation.

When they saw me come in, they all started saying things like, "Oh thank God... get us out of here!" And then when I smiled, they realized that I was the one who had set them up.

I pressed a button and the merry-go-round began to lift up to about my abdomen level -- which was at face level for the smallest boy [who surprisingly had the largest cock of the group].

"What are you going to do to us?!", one girl screamed.

"I'm going to play with you and then let you all go... if you do exactly what I tell you to do. Those who don't do what I tell them to do will simply disappear. Nobody will ever see you again." Again the kids began to cry.

"Right now" I explained, "Boy #1 is lined up with Girl #1. I want each boy to lick the pussy of the girl in front of you. Let me demonstrated." I walked over to the little cunt on the table and began licking her tight little pussy. She began to squirm and cry harder.

"EVERYBODY will do this or we won't get to the next step. If you don't do everything at every step, this game will end."

Each boy immediately began licking the little pussy laid out in front of them. I noticed one little boy rubbing his little cock lightly as he licked away.

"You will continue until I tell you to stop.", I said strongly.

The boys continued. Looking down I saw that all 9 boys now had hard ons.

I told them all to stand back so they pulled up off the wet little pussies, and I pressed a button. The merry go round began to lower until I got it low enough for the shortest boy to reach his target.

"Now," I said, "You will fuck these girls." Before I could even demonstrated, three of the boys were fucking. "Like this -" I explained. And I unzipped my pants, pulled out my large cock, and pressed it against the cunts tight little pussy hole. She began to cry and yell, so I stuffed a pair of girls panties into her mouth and taped it down. Then I returned to her pussy and this time, plunged fully forward tearing through her hymen directly.

Each boy began fucking the little girl in front of him except one. I walked over and said, "Fuck her now." He said, "I can't... she's my sister." I smiled and said, "Okay, do you want me to cut off your dick or kill your sister?"

"NO!" he said. And he pushed into the little girl in front of him.

Some of the little boys were easing in and out with gentle fear, but a couple of them were pounding for all they could. One little boy started to shiver so I grabbed his ass and pushed him inside, holding him while he filled her little pussy with his cum.

"You will ALL cum inside of them. If I see cum on the floor, there will be pain."

The all continued until all little boys had stopped.

I left the room and came back an hour later. "I hope you're ready to go again.", I said. I cranked the lock and advanced each girl to the next boy and lifted the merry-go-round back up.

"Begin by licking her again." After a while I lowered the merry-go-round and had the boys fuck the girl again.

It took nearly 10 hours, but every single boy had fucked all 9 of the girls.

I said, "Okay, it's my turn." I walked up and released by 8 inch sausage and walked up to girl #1. I spread apart her pussy lips and pushed in through the tight ring of her pussy, stretching her wide and pushing through what was left of her hymen. She began crying and I gave it several good, hard, pounding thrusts. Then I pulled out and went to girl #2 and did the same thing. In about 5 or 6 minutes I had fucked all 9 of the girls and was ready to cum.

I went over to the cunt strapped to the table and slammed my cock into her hard. I began pounding and pounding and suddenly felt my balls erupting inside her. When I was done, she lay there with her mouth open while cum and a little blood dripped out of her pussy. I cranked the table back so the the cum would stay inside her pussy through gravity.

Then I unshackled all of the boys and forced them all to fuck her until they came. I let her lay like that and waited until her body absorbed the loads of cum she had received.

Next I unshackled the girls and told everybody to hit the bathroom and then the showers. I went back upstairs and watched them on the security monitor.

After all of them had showered and used the bathroom, I cranked the sleeping gas on again.

A short while later I had everybody reconnected -- but this time in a different configuration.

The boys were strapped down to the merry-go-round, ass to the edge of the table and legs attached to the bars above their abdomens and the girls were attached to the poles.

This time I had the girls suck the guys dicks at first, and then apply some petroleum jelly to their fingers and finger the boys assholes. The boys were actually enjoying this, but they didn't know that the girls were just getting them ready for me.

Soon I had the girls step back and I went in with my hard cock and pushed into the greasy little asshole of Boy #1. He yelled at first, but in this position my cock was sliding along his prostate. His cock got rigid. I moved to the next boy and then the next, eventually ass fucking all 9 boys.

Again ready to blow my load, I went to the cunt that I had strapped back to the table and ass fucked her harder than I had ever fucked anything in my life. I came inside her little bowels and relished in the feel of her little colon sliding along my cock.

Next I went back upstairs and came back down with my two German Shepherds. They could smell sex everywhere. I lead on over to the cunt on the table and he immediately began licking her pussy and asshole, trying to get the leftover jizz. His long, red cock had slid out of its shaft and he was ready to fuck. I helped him up, lined his cock up with the cunt on the table and helped him start fucking.

This huge dog cock started pistoning in and out and then it became obvious that he had knotted up and would be like that until he came.

The other dog made his rounds around the table, licking the girls pussies clean and the boys cocks got a licking as well.

All in all, I spent close to 8 weeks with them. By the time they left, they could lick, suck or fuck anything. But I wasn't done with them.

I decided to let them all go -- except the cunt, of course -- I had special plans for her.

I knocked everybody out, loaded up the bus, drove into a nearby town where I had a second vehicle waiting, and drove back to the mountain house. I packed up the cunt, put her in the dog crate in the back seat (covered so nobody could see her) and began my trek across the country.

Whenever we would see a transient on the street asking for money, I would offer to pay them to fuck my "daughter." Each time she got fucked, I paid $20. I moved on from city to city so we would be gone by the time a bum reported it -- if they reported it.

When I was sure that her little pussy had been used up, I tied her up naked, bent over a table in a back alley next to a dive bar and watched until I saw a line of men standing to take their turn.

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This is very close to a fantasy I've had For years well done

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