Bedroom Window, Part 1

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Published: 26-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Working at the awning factory was a good job -- or at least I thought it was. We were running a production line that was new to our manufacturer. We had to retool the dies and set up the banding equipment and we had to do it all within a two day period. We knew it was an impossible task, but we needed our jobs so we did our best.

I had crawled inside to cutter to tighten the drive train and oil the blades when someone must have inadvertently powered on the machine. Before I knew it, I heard a load grinding noise and experience searing pain. I woke up two days later in a hospital bed missing my legs from the knees down.

A few months later I was living in a nice apartment, retired from my job and surviving on a very healthy settlement with the company. Because I knew I was apartment bound until I could do enough physical therapy to get me up and "running", I bought some things to entertain myself -- video game systems, computer, and even a telescope.

I set up the telescope and realized I couldn't see the stars from in between the buildings. And then I realized I could use the telescope to look across the way into my neighbors apartments.

There were many different kinds of people to watch -- tall, short, fat, skinny, old, young, ugly, beautiful. But one directly across the way and probably one floor down was like striking gold.

She was about 14 years old, gorgeous, with black curly hair that fell in ringlets about her shoulders. She would come into her room every day at around 4pm, strip down to her bra and panties, and get into a pair of boxer shorts and a sports bra.

She didn't do too much other than surf Facebook, look at herself in the mirror, try on clothes, and fix her hair. But every once in a while I would manage to catch her in full nude.

One night I could see in the front room next to her bedroom that her mother and father were yelling at each other. She slammed her bedroom door, apparently turned on some music, and covered her head with her pillow.

Then I saw the man smack the woman. She looked him in the face, turned around, and walked out the door. That was the last time I had seen her --and that was nearly two months ago.

The man would just sit in his chair staring out the window and drinking beer -- night after night.

But a few days ago things changed. This raven haired beauty was coming from the shower (or bath... I didn't know) wrapped in a towel and walked through to her bedroom. Her father stood, walked into the bedroom behind her, and grabbed her by the shoulder.

He started talking to her and she gave him a look and turned as if to walk away from him and he grabbed her by both shoulders and pushed her against the wall. She struggled with him for a moment and then her towel fell to the floor.

Looking down at her naked, glistening body, he paused for a moment --and then leaned in and kissed her, fondling her breasts. She tried to push him away but he pulled her over to the bed and smacked her in the face.

She lay there quietly crying as he kissed her neck, rubbed her breasts, and fingered her pussy -- which through the telescoped seemed clean shaven.

Then I realized, I needed to film this. I grabbed my camera attachment and hooked it to my projector. Then I pressed Record and watched the drama unfold.

He had moved down to sucking her nipples while playing with her pussy. He continued moving down, kissing her tummy and navel. Eventually he had traveled down and was licking her pussy. She covered her eyes as if ashamed by this.

Eventually he lifted her ass a little and was totally immersed in her pussy and I could see her hands clutching at the sheets on the bed -- her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open slightly.

Then he released his grip on her and stood. In the absence of sensation that she had been feeling, her hand went to her pussy and began rubbing.

The man pulled down his pants and took off his shirt and began to climb onto her. He reached down at his cock and her pussy and began fumbling --and then I think she realized what was about to happen because she started pushing at him to get off.

And then there was a sudden thrust -- and she clawed his back -- and he was inside her.

The next 5 or so minutes was a brutal pounding sex.

Soon it was obvious that she was having an orgasm because she was gasping and shivering beneath him -- and then he tensed up and pushed forward -- and a minute later, relaxed on top of her. Then he pulled out, got off the bed, and walked out of the bedroom.

She lay there shivering and confused. How could something so wrong feel so good.

The next morning I waited in my wheelchair down in front of her building. She came walking out past the doorman looking beautiful but maybe a little damaged. As she got on her bicycle and rode off I wheeled up pretending to try to catch her and said to the door man, "Oh, I missed her. Was that Ms. Williams?"

"Who, Courtney? No, sir... that's Courtney Andrews. Ms. Williams moved about two months ago." It seemed like people trusted someone in a wheelchair for some reason.

"Thank you, sir." I replied. "Have a great day."

Back up in my apartment, I started doing research. Who was Courtney Andrews and what could I find out about her.

I located her Facebook page, set up a fake profile, and waited for her to get home. We would need to talk.

I began doing some screen captures of her with her [apparent] father. I snapped screenshots showing her apparently enjoying the attention. Gasping at his touch, closing her eyes at his fingering, and clawing his back as she was fucked.

These would be the leverage I needed to make her do whatever I wanted. This girl would be masturbating for me to begin with -- and eventually letting me fuck her.

And then I wondered what I could get out of the guy. Money? Favors? And this was just one of the apartments in my targets.

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Would love to see more in this series.

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