How To Fit a Hand Inside a Child

[ Fg, anal, oral, fist ]

by Eriko


Published: 6-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I could begin this tale by saying I was a babysitter, but that would be misleading. I did however look after a certain little girl at the time. But unlike most babysitters who receive payment for their effort, I've done my work for free.

I may be a pervert but I'm not retarded. There was a different kind of payback in my case. A year ago, under dubious and quite unwholesome circumstances of which I'm not at liberty to write about, I made an acquaintance with a woman. The woman in question was divorced, working mother with a peculiar taste. Some people would call it fetish or even sickness but to me it was a breath of fresh air because to stumble upon a person with affection for such exquisite perversion happens very rarely in one's lifetime, if ever at all.

The perversion I'm referring to consisted of voyeurism. But not just of any old perv-with-binoculars voyeurism. There was a touch of incest in this case and a handful of rules that came along with it. The woman whose name wasn't Helen, but which is good enough for our story, enjoyed seeing her little daughter molested by a babysitter. Quite common fantasy in erotic fiction, you might say, but very unhealthy practice in real life. This is where I came along. My own interest was to get into her daughter's panties. Hers was to get it on camera. The plot involved setting up hidden cameras around their home that would turn it into a virtual studio. I was to enjoy defiling her daughter in every imaginable way while deprived recordings would be later enjoyed by the girl's mother in her own privacy.

The plan worked out pretty well considering its criminal intent if it wasn't for the unavoidable "mother's rules". Right now I must say I hate rules. Always have. It must be inheritance that comes along with criminal talent that makes me circumspect the rules and pocket the cash. In this case, it wasn't the cash but sexual charms of a beautiful ten year old girl who was more than happy to give herself freely to my insidious advances. The rules, in short, demanded to keep sex clean. Oxymoron, you might say and you'd be right, but such was Helen's mental capacity and I didn't have patience of taking it upon myself to make her aware of it.

It wasn't all gloom and doom either. Most things were allowed. Fingers, tongues, toys. All orifices were explorable and most were insertable. How could I ever complain? Well, I wouldn't but I'm a sick puppy and yes, I hate rules. Don't get me wrong, I rolled along like the happy camper I am for some months. But the pervert of my calibre becomes bored with a standard fare after awhile and dreams of kinkier pastures to conquer. I had morbid fascination at the time and it had something to do with girl's holes. Let me be blunt. I wanted to put my fist inside a child's anus.

I know what you're thinking now. I'm clinically insane. Mentally deranged. Fucked in the head. But it's all irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. I had a problem on my hand and I'm not apologising for the pun. The problem was simple. It had to be done in a single day because it was all going to be on camera and the recording would be viewed by the mother that same night. If she saw what was on my mind I would never have the chance of completing my plan. But attempting such demented act in a single day meant no time for gradual stretching of the poor child's ass. What was I to do?

I spoke with a pervert friend and she told me about a guide book for such things. Granted, it was a guide for vaginal fisting concerning adult partners but I wasn't to be discouraged. I ordered the guide book from Amazon and it arrived a couple of days later. It was only a small book but well illustrated and with indepth explanations on how to insert a hand into woman's vagina. Reading it made it feel like it was quite normal thing to do, almost like handshaking. By page five you begin asking yourself why you haven't fisted your mother-in-law by now.

Masha had a very tight cunt and even tighter anus. Fingering her was always lots of fun but what would she think about the whole hand inside her? She was still small. No signs of puberty showed on her body. She had narrow hips and perky little nipples. In the guide book, all women had wide hips and large vaginas. The first time I mentioned it to her, she was intrigued by the idea but I blamed it on inexperience. Nevertheless, she's always been a good little trooper when it comes to sexual experimentation. Enthusiasm is always encouraging and it makes the job easier for me.

According to the book all women are able to be fisted with enough practice. The trouble was that Masha wasn't a woman and we had no time for practice. So the book went promptly into garbage. I knew I had about ten hours before her mother came home so I decided to use most of that time for stretching her ass. I also brought a lot of lubricant with me, probably enough to grease an elephant's asshole until I could step inside it.

Some people say thumb is the most important finger but I disagree. Index fingers make more sense. They point, they command, they threaten. And they penetrate. We started with index finger because it made the most sense and because she was used to it. You could say my index finger fit her like... well, like a finger up the butt. It went in and out of her with ease and sometimes I wondered if she became too used to it probing inside her like some deranged ferret looking for nuts. But it made me confident to try the second finger, and so in went the middle finger. Stretch, push, stretch, push - that was the routine we were going to repeat for most of the day.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I was stretching her anus to the point of pleasure and pain. Over the preceding hours I had managed to insert three fingers in that small hole. A couple of hours later and I managed to insert the fourth finger. I didn't want to force it and hurt her. Granted, she was whimpering by then but still bravely opening herself to the ever advancing digits of my hand. Her little legs were spread and above her painfully stretched anus I could see her soft little pussy gaping slightly open and revealing her swollen and red insides. Her outer lips were completely free of hair and provided an excellent view of her little twat.

I moved my other hand over her pussy, just feeling the flesh under my fingers. Its texture. Its warmth and its baby-like smoothness. I ran my fingers up and down her swollen outer lips and over her inner thighs which she obligingly open further for me. She was an obedient child, at least in matters concerning sexual nature if not in doing her homework. I bent down and kissed her little erect clit, and flicked my tongue down between her lips and could taste her sweet juices. I thought I should try to give her some pleasure if I was going to violate her at the same time. I was looking forward to a peaceful retirement and I certainly didn't want a vengeful little monster claiming my head years from now. She arched her hips up into my mouth at the sudden assault on her pussy. I slithered down past her little piss hole and found the opening to her tight little cunt. I wormed my tongue around her hole and slipped in a little, making her jump in anticipation. I teased her as she expected me to shove my tongue deep inside her, but I wouldn't do it. I wanted her hotter than hot for what I had in mind.

When she thought I wasn't going to penetrate her, I torpedoed my tongue into her dripping wet cunt. She bucked and shuddered as a mini-orgasm jolted through her little body. I predicted today she was going to cum more than her usual once only. She was incredibly horny for a ten-year-old child right now and I think I could have done to her anything I wanted. And I intended to as well but I didn't want her to take too much pleasure too early, so I withdrew my tongue and instead began moderately slapping her baby-cunt with my hand as if spanking her for being a bad little girl.

She moved up and down and sideways hopelessly trying to avoid the slapping that her clit was getting. Meanwhile, I kept slowly fingering her rectum with my fingers, feeling all the space in her ass and thinking this is where all of my fingers will make their home soon.

I tried to insinuate those four fingers as far as possible into Masha's body. Her juices dribbled down from her stimulated little pussy and lubricated my fingers in her ass, but I needed more. Keeping all my fingers in her anus, I reached across to the side table with my left hand and grabbed a bottle of lube. I dribbled lube down onto my fingers stuck inside her and rotated them like some kind of human drill bit to spread it around and push it into her abdomen. Then slowly I removed my fingers and made sure that they and the hand were all well lubed. I also spread lots of lube around and inside her gaping asshole.

Slowly, I started reinserting my fingers one at a time into her rectum. She was still compliant and this time it seemed all four went much easier than the first time. Soon, I had all four fingers embedded again up to the knuckles in her. She was keeping very still, feeling every sensation of her own stretching as I slowly penetrated deeper inside her bowels.

I stopped moving here and allowed her to get used to the feeling of being stretched and filled. We stayed in this position for a good hour making sure her anus became loose and muscles stopped contracting. Masha was occasionally grunting and moaning and I could feel her reflexively trying to expel my fingers out of her body but I held them steady in position and pushed back against her contractions.

The time we had to ourselves was slowly slipping away and it was well in the afternoon by now. I felt I had to speed up my plan if I was going to accomplish fisting this poor child. Eventually I withdrew all four fingers slightly, allowing me enough room to fold my thumb in with other fingers. I used my other hand to spread more lube over my hand. Here we come, I thought. There was no way back now. I told Masha to brace herself and open up her anus however ridiculous it sounded. The poor kid was so open by now that she could host a party in her ass.

Finally well lubed, I resumed my slow penetration of her anal cavity. Masha began protesting as the thumb joined other fingers. She didn't like it but I persisted. I was gentle but determined and I kept stimulating her clit with my other hand and soon I was at maximum penetration. My hand was buried in her anus all the way up to knuckles. I was astonished and I think she was too. I could feel her apprehension of what I've done to her and I could sense that she was feeling very stretched and little frightened.

We stayed still for 10 minutes, maybe more; all the while I was slowly rubbing her clit, trying to calm her down and the panic slowly building inside her at the realisation of what has happened to her and the fact there was the whole hand buried inside her body. I think it had a good effect on her because her breathing sped up and she began wiggling her pussy around which in turn moved the hand inside her.

I slowly started to withdraw my hand fearing I was hurting the child too much but before I got far, she reached down and grabbed my wrist and pulled it back into her ass.

"No, don't," she said pleading and with that she lifted her hips up and held tightly onto my wrist and forced her hips upward and onto my fist. I was speechless and transfixed by the obscenity of what I was seeing before my eyes. I didn't move but let her do all the incredible work herself in her own time.

For an instant her anus relaxed just a tiny bit more, enough for my hand to slip forward, past her gripping rectal sphincter. Once my knuckles had passed the tightest part of the journey, her anus seemed to open and suck my hand like a vacuum into her body. A very tight entry, to be sure, but when knuckles passed the sphincter it was all much easier. My fist was entirely inside the ten-year-old Masha and I was ecstatic. In my entire life I never thought I would accomplish such task. I felt proud of myself. I felt proud of Masha and her incredible anus. I hoped this wasn't going to damage her psychologically or physically. She was a cute and bright kid with incredible sex life before her and things she's learned from me will make her future partners very happy.

I could feel my hand now completely filling the space inside her ass. It was incredibly deep inside her and I felt her muscles crushing and sucking my hand even farther. It was so unbelievably tight. It was unlike anything I expected when I put a finger in her cunt the first time I babysat her. I felt her tightly stretched rectal muscles around my wrist and it almost felt like I had handcuffs on my wrist. I just hopped it wasn't a harbinger of what was to come.

"Don't move," she whispered. "Let me get used to it."

She just held my wrist, preventing me from moving and we stayed locked together while she adjusted. She was breathing quite deeply and in ragged gasps at times as the pain pulsed from her anus.

"We haven't got much time, Masha. Your Mom will be home soon."

After five minutes or so, she moved her hand around where my arm entered her sphincter. Very delicately she explored with her fingers the area of her anus where we became one.

"Is your hand inside my tummy?" She asked, her voice trembling with fear and excitement.

"It sure is, Masha. Or half way in there. I'm touching you from the inside. Do you like how it feels?"

"I feel like I need to poop."

"It's not poop, sweetie. It's my fist inside your bottom. Do you feel my fingers when I move them and turn them around?

"A..! Ouch! Yes... Unnn... I feel that."

"Good girl, Masha. You're so sexy with my hand deep inside you."

After exploring our connection for a little longer, she moved up to slowly rub her clit. Pleasuring herself she started a slow grind of her hips against my fist. I could feel her anus relax around my fist allowing me to move my hand even deeper inside her.

She continued to play with herself and I noticed again a change in her breathing. She was really getting into this and her breathing was becoming shorter and more ragged. She ground and rotated her hips against my fist even more vigorously. She looked like some diabolical little hand-puppet, a sexy and horny little hand-puppet stuck on my fist and me controlling her by moving my fingers inside her.

I bent down and started licking around her fingers while she continued to masturbate herself. Soon she abandoned her own attentions and just enjoyed the tongue lashing that I was giving her. Her breathing became more and more erratic. She reached down again and held my wrist tightly and rammed it into herself and rotated her hips around me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; she was loving every minute of her ass being fisted. Then her rectal muscles started to tighten around my hand. As her orgasm grew, her cunt and sphincter spasms became more and more intense and soon her anal muscles were crushing my hand. It was almost too painful. In response, I attacked her clit with my teeth and with even greater intensity which made her anus tighten even more around my hand.

Suddenly her whole body jerked. Her hips thrust into the air and her body started thrashing around as if she was having seizures. Her moans went from a low and gentle to a low wail flowed by loud screaming. I thought she was hurt, it was so unexpected. She trashed about on my fist as I tried to keep licking her clit. But it was like riding a wild horse and I couldn't withdraw my hand until she'd worn herself out. In desperation I started biting and nibbling on her clit, hoping it would bring her off sooner and eventually it did. Her massive orgasm ended in a high pitched scream and involuntary contractions of her anal muscles.

A wave of warmth and wetness spread from her little pussy, her juices ran over my hand and down between the cheeks of her little bubble butt. She continued to spasm for minutes after her orgasm then slowly started to regain her senses and realise that the fist in her anus was getting uncomfortable. Her sphincter though was still very tight and was locked around my fist making it impossible to withdraw.

I began to panic. Her mother was due home any moment and here I was, stuck with my fist inside her little daughter's ass. I tried cork-screwing my hand in an attempt to pull it out. I turned it clockwise then anti-clockwise. I pushed in and pulled out, clenched my fist then relaxed it and extended the fingers. Nothing worked. Masha was moaning by now. I was afraid the second wave of her violent orgasm was approaching again and she won't be able to control herself. Her fingers were back at her pussy, rubbing desperately and pinching her clit, her head thrown back, eyes closed in concentration.

I pulled again. Nothing. I twisted left and right. Nothing. I was stuck. My heart was pounding like mad.

"Masha, you have to push. Push as if you're going to poop."

"I can't. It's too big," she whimpered and began shaking in another wave of seizure-like orgasm.

"Try, baby! We have to get my hand out before Mommy comes home." I urged her in near panic as another orgasm took over her body.

But to my horror, I realised it was too late. There was a shuffle before the entrance door and then they key turning. The door swang open and Helen walked in.

I couldn't believe it. This wasn't happening. This wasn't in my plan. The first thing I saw were Helen's eyes, open wide in expression of shock and disbelief at what she saw before her. My eyes turned now to Masha screaming her head off in throes of orgasm with my fist embedded deep inside her, now to Helen and the colour draining from her face. I was pulling at my hand like a mad woman, desperately trying to dislodge it from Masha's gripping rectum. I was yelling at her to push, dammit, push!

Then the next second I saw Helen's eyes turn upwards in their sockets, her knees buckle and she slumped down on the floor, unconscious.

Great, just great, I thought. Here I was with my fist inside the ten-year-old child and her mother is lying unconscious on the floor. What was I supposed to do? Should I try to take my hand out of the little girl or try to help her mother? I couldn't even reach Helen without taking Masha with me. I tried to imagine myself shaking Helen back to life with one hand while the other was held fast in her daughter's ass. Surely I couldn't do that? That was just downright obscene.

"Masha," I pleaded with the little girl. "You have to concentrate. You have to push. Push hard!"

Gradually she relaxed her muscles and pushed and pushed and pushed, allowing me to start withdrawing from her body. Eventually I managed to pull my fist past her outraged anal sphincter and removed my fingers one by one, leaving her with a gaping, swollen, red and very wet ass. I could see right down inside her rectum before it finally closed. Her little pussy was pulsing, all swollen and red from a day-long masturbation. She was exhausted and so was I.

"What's wrong with Mommy?" she asked, looking at Helen lying on the floor.

"Mommy is taking a nap."

"Why is she taking a nap on the floor?"

"I think she is very tired. Couldn't make it to the bedroom."

Tired and exhausted I cuddled up to Masha and pulled a sheet up over her naked and sweaty little form. She was so wasted it took only a minute before her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. I checked on Helen and made sure she was alright. It will be a few minutes before she woke up; enough time for me to slip out of the house and disappear, I thought.

But before I did, I took the DVD that hidden cameras were recording. No need to leave this behind as evidence, I concluded. And besides, how often do you get the chance to watch yourself fisting a ten-year-old girl?

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this was pretty good story with nice erotic elements though honestly i thought it was more funny then anything lol. made me laugh out loud a few times so thank you xD

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