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Published: 6-Feb-2013

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This is entirely a work of fiction, with entirely fictional characters. The story in no way suggests anyone goes out and behaves with children for real in the ways the story depicts, and in fact gives a harmless and legal alternative.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed Dan down the phone.

"I thought it might be better if she goes in with her mother and you," said Sean, feeling strangely like a schoolkid being reprimanded.

"How long has she been like that??"

He could no doubt easily hear Hannah in the background whimpering relentlessly, but at least she wasn't howling like earlier. "About half an hour."

"What the HELL has that tit been doing to her?"

"I told you. It was deep-throat, and it went wrong. He's not stupid. He didn't mean to."

In truth, Simon had lost his self-discipline showing off to new member, Dave. Sean decided to leak the information to Dan on a need-to-know basis, though.

"It's Michelle." Hannah's Mom's voice came over the airways.

"Hi," said Sean, to his ex, in all but name.

"So, what... her jaw is fucking broken?"

"Not broken," said Sean. "It's only out of joint."

"How do ya know the difference?"

"It's obvious," sighed Sean. "Put Dan back on."

"Don't fucking sigh at me! My poor little darling, Hannah. Can she talk?"

"No. Put Dan on."

"Right," said Dan. "We're coming to collect her. We'll be there in half an hour at most."

"Right," said Sean.

"Have you got any damn pain-killers in the house?"

"Yes. I've given her Cuprofen."

"Thank God for that. Put Hannah on."

"She can't talk, it's all swollen."

"Put her on, anyway."

Sean overheard Dan saying soothing things to Hannah over the phone and promising to get her fixed very soon. The 10-year-old whimpered like a mouse in response, all her precocious sexuality evaporated and replaced by the basic child she once was. She handed tearfully to Sean.

"Listen," said Dan. "Get her washed, everywhere, and especially make sure her mouth is rinsed out thoroughly."

"Obviously. Done that." And it wasn't easy, thought Sean, with the pain she was in.

"Anything down below I should know about?"

"Nothing that's obvious," said Sean. "Nobody is gonna look at her down there anyway, are they?"

"Suppose not." Dan sighed. "Tell me anyway."

"Well, she's had bum-action from the new guy, Dave. Might look a bit sore, but he didn't damage anything."


"So, what are you gonna tell them?" asked Sean. "It's gonna be, like, 1.00am by the time you get her to the hospital."

"Don't worry about it. I'll come up with something. See you."

Dan hung up.'Bastard,' thought Sean. He has his cover-story already, smart guy like him, but just wants to make Simon and me nervous.


What a difference a day made, mused Sean. After the drama and mishaps of Sunday night's orgy at home, he found himself now enjoying an uncomplicated session of sex with an 11-year-old Philippino girl 350 miles away at the home of Anthony. Her coffee-coloured body was almost anorexically thin, an effect exaggerated by it being wrapped around his broad adult waist on a chair. He had one hand cupped under a brown bum that had no development to it whatsoever, and his other hand in her jet-black hair as he planted slobbery kisses on her young face. The girl -'Mia' - wore that stupid narrow-eyed half-smile of her breed, which you couldn't tell how much was fake. She impaled herself efficiently on his erection, however, controlling her own depth of fuck by bracing herself on his shouders. Sean gazed at a chest that was 100% flat, although she was a bit taller and older than his own budding Hannah. She did have a scanty tuft of black cunt hair, but it did little to disguise a tight-looking camel toe that he was surprised to be able to spear so easily.

Damn she was good: she rode him in wavy little motions of her abdomen, with an enigmatic grin or was it a grimace? "Come on, ride, you little bitch," he hissed in her ear.

He realised he was using her to vent his pent-up stress over the adventure of Hannah, and his dealings with Dan, last night. Simon, on the other hand, seemed nonchalant about it all and waited patiently to fuck Mia in the mouth. One thing was for sure; he wouldn't be dislocating her jaw.

"Yeahh, that's it," panted Sean, doing his best to roll upwards at her crotch. She was accommodating most of his length on her downstrokes as it was, and it looked awesome embedded between her stick-like thighs.

"Aiee, aiee!" she moaned, in a thick Polynesian accent. Her acting left a lot to be desired, but who cared, it was simply satisfying to fuck her and contribute to her male ownership.

Sean responded to her version of a sensual smile by planting his mouth around her oddly purple-looking lips. He grasped a handful of hair behind her head, and rooted a couple of fingers in her bum-crack such as it was. His kissing somehow seemed to'tame' her, especially as he burrowed his tongue in. Even her breath was like a mildly bitter coffee.

"Can you froth up...'spit'...'salivate'?" he asked her, not sure how good her comprehension was. She continued riding, almost like a sex-android, and after a moment of puzzlement bubbled up some saliva for him. "More. As much as you can."

Sean returned to kissing, immersing his tongue in her now very wet mouth and sucking as much of her immature slobber into his own as he could.

"Mmmm, mnnngh," she moaned, squinting now and then possibly in pain at the accelerating penetration.

It didn't go on much longer, though, and Sean broke off her mouth and grabbed her under the arms and swayed her skinny frame back as he shot his gloop up her cunt. He held her firm around her skinny ribs, his thumbs kneading her unraised paps as he juddered against her vagina and watched himself do so.

"Ughhhh, yesss," he grunted. He pulled her forward, and he switched to grabbing her thighs and pulling them up higher and wider round his waist as he strained out his last inseminations of her unripe womb. Well, Anthony reckoned it was unripe, not that Sean cared.

Mia cooperatively wrapped her arms around his shoulders, accepting his climax inside her. She was either well trained, or naturally slutty. Also, it was probably the natural sense of service to males that her breed tended to have. It was real, safe child-molestation material if ever there was.

"Okay," said Sean, finally. He gave the side of her buttock a slap. "Done. You can get off."

She climbed off, strangely her smiling and sexual aura immediately going into'hibernation'. "Nice breasts," added Sean, giving her ribs a quick knuckle-stroke.

"Good then?" asked Anthony.

"Sure," said Sean.


"So, tell me all about it," said Anthony, later.

He had left Sean's house with his little Jessica shortly before the drama with Hannah happened, as had Debbie with the 9-year-old daughter Elise. Fiona, had witnessed the commotion, but not seen the deep-throat session that caused it. The annoying Kevin had also, thankfully, left by this time having been content with both vaginally and bum-fucking Fiona. The 14-year-old was less pleased, but behaved herself with'boyfriend' Simon close by in the house. Dave had seen it all up close, at first laughing but then becoming a bit shocked as he realised the injury to the poor 10-year-old. His own pleasure at bum-fucking Hannah did not mean he had no empathy for her, even though he hardly knew her yet. The 65-year-old Bill, and mild-mannered businessman Robert, had also been upset by Hannah's accident.

"I see," said Anthony.

"Not entirely my fault," said Simon, shaking his head. "She struggled at the wrong moment, just one of those things."

"Ahh, it takes a certain amount of pumping and force to do that," said Anthony. "It happens, though, we all make mistakes."

"Well, I think it's all been covered over nicely."

"So, what happened there?"

"The hospital? Well," explained Sean, "Dan gave them a story about her falling out of a top bunk in her sleep, and catching her face on a chair below as she landed."

"Neat," said Anthony.

"Yeah, except the consultant didn't buy it at first," according to Hannah's Mom," said Simon.


"He said he was surprised not to see bruising or a cut too, with such an impact," explained Sean.

"Like around her mouth?"

"Yes. Dan told him it was a very padded type of chair, though, and it simply the impact that must have knocked her jaw out, rather than any hard edge."

"So, he didn't say it was 6 inches of stiff penis that did it?" joked Anthony.

"Um, no," said Sean, not laughing.

"It's 7 inches, anyway, you twat," quipped Simon.

"If you say so," said Anthony.

"I think it is actually," said Sean, "especially when he's got it in a kid's mouth or bum. Not that I've measured it for him."

"Get this, though," said Simon. "The consultant then asked Hannah,'what is her bedroom chair like exactly?' "

"Jeez, like a cross-examination," said Anthony.

"He was asking it casually, like he just being friendly to her," said Sean, "but probably an act."

"Yep, he was suspicious, for sure," said Simon. "Especially when Hannah goes and says,'um, well it's a padded one'."

"Ohh, jeezus, is that the best she could do?" cringed Anthony.

"Well, no proof of anything whatsoever," said Sean. "They'd need a whole load of collected evidence to start anything."

"True," said Simon. "We're in the clear."

"She does have that cunt infection on her GP's records from last year, but that's nothing," said Sean.

"Yep, girlies can easily get things like that by wiping their asses carelessly," said Anthony. "Back to front instead of front to back."

They chuckled. "Yep," said Sean.

"I think old Dan got the story straight with Hannah and Michelle, apart from that little blip," said Simon.

"Just imagine, though," said Anthony, "if Hannah had have blurted out,'Help I'm an abused little girl'."

"No! Don't imagine!" said Sean.

"She wouldn't fucking dare," said Simon.

"Besides," said Sean, "she doesn't see it that way, not clearly at any rate. That's why it was a good move to have her Mom and Dan take her there."

"So, how's how mouth now?" asked Anthony.

"They gave her a local anaesthetic, and he just reset it by hand there and then. Didn't need any plating or nothing, as there was no fracture. It will be tender for a week or two, though, and might bruise up horribly. He prescribed painkillers."

"And he said,'no blowjobs for 2 weeks'," joked Simon.

"Ha!" said Sean. "It's true, though. Cunt and bum-fucks only, for Hannah for a while."

"Well," said Simon, "I didn't have such problems with HER, did I?" He nodded towards Mia, who was now semi-clothed and dourly watching TV.

"She didn't like it much, though, did she?" chuckled Sean.

"Tough shit," said Simon.

"She's done it before, and she'll take it in a day's work," shrugged Anthony.

"So, how's little Jess after her busy weekend with us up north?" asked Sean.

"Haven't seen her since I took her home, actually," said Anthony. "Just sore in her little cunt and bum, as you'd expect, but no harm done. We'll give her a week off, and then I've got a couple of Danish guys visiting who want to specifically try a blonde 7-year-old."

"She's the girl, then," said Sean.

"Yup," said Anthony. "And how is the gentle Elise faring after her first weekend in the world of sex with adults?"

"Her first weekend in the world of sex with anyone," said Sean. "Well, same: superficial imflammation everywhere. Her Mom and stepdad thinks she might need 2 weeks normality, mentally more than anything, and then we might be able to see her again."

"Hmm, not sure if that's right," said Anthony. "I believe you need to just immerse them in it regularly once you've started, and she'll find her own equilibrium, especially at 9 - it's a good controllable age."

"That worked with Hannah, not sure if it would with this one, though," said Sean. "Best to go with what Dave and Debbie think."

"And Fiona?" asked Anthony.

"A bit pissed," said Simon. "I'll have to smooch her up a bit this week. She'll be okay."

"Hey, I might be getting a 4-year-old," said Anthony.

His two male guests simultaneously turned attentively.


In the next episode, we see which of the men are willing to explore the extreme taboo (and impossibilities?) of sex with a 4-year-old girl. And, will Fiona stay loyal to Simon? Is Dan going to tolerate maltreatment of Hannah any more?

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Very Good Story again, only Dan getting boring being such a normal lover and friend to hannah and Michele Love Mia and Elise, Hannah, Sean, Simon, Anthony Reading about them

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