Daddy's Boys

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Published: 15-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Dad will you tell Brian to stop bugging me," Dave yelled to me.

"Brian come in here for a minute please," I called to my youngest son.

Brian came into the den and plopped down couch next to me.

"Look son, I know you like to hang out with Dave but you have to remember that he is 14 and you are only 12," I told Brian.

"He needs his space to be with his friends so please quit pestering him, okay."

"Oh, alright dad," he sighed. "there is nothing to do."

I told Brian to go up to his room and work on the model plane that he started but never finished. He stood up and left me alone to finish my show in peace.

When the show was over I shut the TV off and didn't hear a sound coming from the boy's room. I got up to see if everything was okay and headed down the hallway. Brian's door was open but the room was empty. I noticed that Dave's door was open just a crack. I could hear some soft murmuring coming from inside. I peeked through the crack in the door and saw Dave sitting on his bed with his pants around his ankle stroking his hard cock. Brian was sitting on a chair in front of him watching his every move. I looked at Dave's body. He was 14 and in pretty good shape. He had no hair on his chest and just a light sprouting of pubic hair around his 5 inch cock.

"If you pump it like this it feels real good and then you shoot your sperm out and that even feels better," he told his younger brother.

"Are you going to shoot your sperm out?" Brian wanted to know.

"Not yet but it will come, why don't you try it," Dave told him.

Brian pulled his jeans and briefs down to his ankle and took his little bald cock into his hand. He pulled and stroked it until it reached about 4 inches of hard boy meat. Both boys stroked their cocks while looking at each others dicks.

"OOHHHH Dave this feels good," Brian told his brother.

"Yeah, I told you that it did," Dave replied.

"Do you do this a lot?" Brian wanted to know.

"Probably every other day at least," Dave said.

I continued to watch my to boys play with themselves. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go inside and explain to them about their bodies but didn't want to embarrass them.

"I wonder if dad does this since mom died?" Brain wondered.

"I bet he does, all guys do it," Dave told him.

"UUUMMMM, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, I'm real close," Dave panted.

Brian stopped playing with himself and watched his brother's cock closely. He asked Dave about the drops of liquid that was coming out of his dick. Dave told him all about precum.

"UUUGGGHHH, OOHHHHH, I'm cumming here it cums, OOOOOOOOHHHHH," he cried out.

He shot a powerful spurt of hot sticky cum out of his cock and it landed on his chest. Another followed and then a third. His chest was covered in the sticky mess. The last three spurts just ran down his hand into his crotch. Brian stared in awe as he watched his older brother shot his hot sticky cum all over himself. Dave stopped stroking his cock telling Brian to continue to do it so he could feel good too.

Brian resumed beating his little cock. He never felt his cock as hard as it was now. He pounded his fist up and down his shaft.

"OOHHHHH, OOHHHHHH, Dave I feel kind of tingly in my nuts," Brian cried out.

Dave told him that he was getting ready to shoot his juice. He told Brian to go fast and let it happen.

"AAAAHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHH, Oh, OH, I........ OH I........OH Dave," Brian shouted out.

"I......I.......AAAAAEEEEEEEEOOOHHHHHHHHH," he screamed as his very first orgasm hit him hard. He shot his first string of his boy cum all the way to his chin. The next blast hit him on his upper chest, then his stomach, the rest just flowed from his piss slit running down his shaft.

"Oh Dave that was so neat," Brian told his brother.

"Yeah, but we better clean up before dad catches us."

Just then the phone rang and I quietly went down the hall to answer it. I yelled for Dave that he had a call. Dave came running to the phone and after a brief conversation he told me that he was going out to play a game of basketball with his friends. I wanted to go relieve my aching hard on I had from watching my two boys but Brian had followed me into the den.

Brian and I watched TV for a while without talking much. After the show we were watching ended Brian turned to me and asked me if he could ask me something. I told him that he could ask me anything and I would answer the best I could.

"Do you ever make yourself feel good?" he asked innocently.

"Well, that's kind of personal but yeah, once in a while," I told him.

"Is it wrong to do it or will it hurt me to do it too often?" he wondered aloud.

"No, it isn't wrong and it won't hurt you, why are you asking all these questions. Have you started to masturbate?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I did it the first time today and it felt good dad."

"Yep it always does, and it can feel better too," I told him.

"How can I make it feel better?" he wanted to know.

"There are a lot of ways to make yourself feel good. You can do it like you did, or you can get a blowjob, or you can screw a girl or a boy," I informed him.

"What's a blowjob?" he asked me.

I told him how a person takes a cock into their mouth and sucks on it until the person has an orgasm. I explained that he could fuck a girl or a boy. He wanted to know how a boy could fuck another boy because boys don't have pussies. I told him that boy's can screw each other by putting their cocks in the other boys butt hole. Brian looked at me trying to digest all the information that I just gave him.

"Have you ever done those things dad?" he wanted to know.

"Yes I have, I have given a blowjob and also fucked a man in the ass plus I've been screwed there too," I told him honestly.

"Gee, I can't wait until I get a blowjob," Brian said out loud.

"Dad could you teach me those things, I want to learn how to do those things," Brian asked me.

"I don't know, you're kind of young and I could get into a lot of trouble," I said.

"Please dad, I really want to do all those things," he said.

I told him that he had to promise not to tell anyone, not even Dave. He agreed and wanted to know what to do first. I asked him what he wanted to try first. He said he wanted to try the blowjob first. I asked him if he wanted to get or receive. Brian said that he wanted to get one first so he could know what to do when he gave one. I told him that we should go to my room so we would be comfortable. He ran into my bedroom and sat on the bed. I told him to take off his clothes and stretch out on the bed.

Once he was naked, I slowly took off my clothes.

"Dad, you're so big," he said in awe.

"I am a little larger than normal but not much," I said about my 8 inch cock.

I told him to lie back and let his legs dangle over the edge of the bed. I knelt down in front of his little hairless cock preparing to give my youngest son his first blowjob. I took his small cock in my hands and ran my fingers all around his hard boy meat. I stroked the shaft as I lowered my mouth to his rock hard cock.

"OOHHHH, UUUUMMMMM, Oh dad," he sighed as I engulfed his prick with my mouth.

I licked all around the head and tried to stick the tip of my tongue into his little piss slit. I put his entire length into my mouth and stuck my tongue out to lick his hairless ball sack. Brian grabbed my head to be sure I didn't stop.

"OOHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHH," he groaned as he bucked his hips to my lips.

I let his cock slip from my lips and sucked his nut sack into my mouth. I rolled his balls around with my tongue sucking them gently. I dipped my tongue into his butt crack and ran it down to his wrinkled brown hole. I slowly gave my 12 year old son his first rim job.

"UUUGGGHHHHHH, Oh dad it feels so good when you lick my butt, Oh keep doing it please dad," he begged me.

"Just relax son and let the feelings come," I told him.

I stuck my tongue into his anus and wiggled it around causing him to squirm on the bed. I sucked his cock back into my mouth sucking it gently and slowly. His 4 inch cock was just long enough so I could put the head it into my throat. I swallowed the head of his cock into my throat and worked my throat muscles to give his cock head a good massage. I slowly reached down and placed a finger on his butt hole. I slowly pushed my finger up his ass.

"UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, OHHHHHH," he panted as I fingered his ass hole.

I worked my throat muscles over his cock head while wiggling my finger in his rectum.

"OOOHHHH Dad, OOHHHHH, I........I........AAAAAAAEEEEEOOHHHHHH," Brian screamed as the first shot of his hot sticky cum painted my mouth.

When I felt his first shot of cum hit my mouth, I sunk my finger all the way in his ass.

"AAAHHHHHH, AAAAAAAWWWWW," he shouted as he continued to squirt his boy cum into my mouth.

Brian shot five strong streams of sticky cum into my mouth before he stopped.

"What's that taste like dad?" he asked as I was cleaning his softening cock.

I moved up and placed my lips on his. I pushed my cum coated tongue into his young mouth letting him taste himself. He sucked my tongue clean and shoved his tongue into my mouth to get any remnants of his hot slimy load that he deposited there. When he found no more he broke the kiss and smiled up at me. He told me that he really liked the feeling of a blowjob and the taste of his juice.

"I want to try that on you now dad," he told me.

I switched places with my 12 year old and he got between my spread legs. He took my 8 inch cock in his hand and examined my meat. He saw the precum that was oozing out of my slit and bent to lick it off. He opened his mouth wide and put the head of my throbbing cock inside. He ran his tongue all over the head and dipped it into my slit lapping up all the precum he could get. He reached down with his free hand and cupped my large hairy balls. He rolled them around his palm while bobbing his head on my cock.

"Brian, try to put more of daddies cock in your mouth," I panted to him.

He pushed his face farther down on my cock and another inch or so went in. He bobbed his head on my cock trying to get more and more of it in. He gagged a few times when it went to far and touched the entrance to his throat. He moved his mouth from my cock to my ball sack and gently sucked my nuts into his mouth. He slobbered over my hairy balls letting his saliva run down the crack of my ass. He followed the wet trail until he touched my brown hole. I could tell he hesitated and tasted it to see if he liked it or not but the answer was obvious as he continued to lick my ass hole. He covered it with is spit and placed a finger at my hole.

He moved his mouth over my cock again and plunged a finger deep into my ass hole. His mouth was working hard on my cock while his finger was wiggling in my bowels.

"OOOHHH Brian, Daddy is about to cum," I told him.

I could feel him increase the suction on my cock. His finger was pounding into my ass.

"AAAAHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH, YEAAAHHHHH," I screamed as I unloaded my cum into my 12 year olds hot mouth.

Brian was surprised at the amount of cum that shot from my cock. He gulped as fast as he could but some still leaked out around his lips. I pumped six large ropes of my sticky cum into his mouth before I stopped shooting. Brian licked my limp cock clean and then came up to share the load with his father. After we both gulped down our share of the jizz he told me that he wanted to get fucked in the ass.

Just hearing those words come out of my son's mouth made me rock hard again. I rolled him over onto his stomach and pulled him up on his hands and knees. I got behind him and began to lick his ass crack. I ran my tongue over his anus to his ball sack and back again. I reached down and began to stroke his little cock while I rimmed his butt hole with my tongue. I pushed the tip of my tongue into his ass and worked it in and out opening his small hole slowly. After a few minutes my tongue was in as far as it could go. I pulled out and replace my tongue with a finger. When he was taking that comfortably I inserted another finger in his ass.

"UGH, UGH, Oh dad Oh dad I feel so full," he panted as I put a third finger in.

I eased the fourth digit up his ass and stretched his small ass even further. Brian was panting, gasping, and moaning as I pushed four fingers in and out of his 12 year old ass.

"Oh dad, put it in now please dad, OOHHHHH," he pleaded with me.

I knelt up behind him and placed my throbbing hard cock against his wrinkled brown hole. I slowly eased my cock into his well stretched ass hole.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH, AAAAWWWWWWWWW," he sighed as I pushed half of my 8 inches up his ass.

"More dad, I want to feel all of you inside."

I pushed all 8 inches into his tight young ass. I pulled back until just the head was inside of his anal opening and then I pushed all the way back in until my balls slapped his cock.

"AAAAEEEEEOOOHHHH, Oh dad, Oh dad, faster daddy push faster and harder," Brian shouted out.

I picked up the speed on my thrusts and soon was pounding into his tight young ass hole. I could feel his anal muscles pulsing against my cock as it plunged in and out. I could feel my cum churning in my balls as I was getting closer and closer to shooting my load.

"OOHHH, Daddy I.........I.........I'm cumming, OOOOHHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHH, AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH," Brian screeched out at the top of his lungs.

"OOOHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHH, Oh Daddy again, I'm cumming again," he shouted.

His cum shot out of his little prick onto the bed and pooled in a big spot on the bedspread. I told him that I was cumming too and shot several strong spurts of hot sticky cum deep into his bowels. When my limp cock finally slipped from his ass my spunk ran out of his ass hole like a river mixing on the bed with his.

"Now that was quite a show you put on," Dave said from the doorway.

Brian and I quickly tried to cover ourselves but realize that it was too late to try to hide what just happened.

"How long have you been there Dave?" I asked my oldest boy.

"Long enough to see that I would like to do that too."

"Come on and take off your clothes, I'll show you what dad taught me," Brian said to him.

Dave walked over to the bed and removed his clothes. He stood before Brian and me with his 5 inch cock sticking straight out at us. Brian reached out and started to stroke his brother's hard cock. Dave started to leak precum out of his cock and Brian bent down and lapped it off of his cock head. I pushed Dave down on the bed so I could feed him my hard cock. I placed my 8 inch cock on his lips and smeared my precum over his mouth. He licked his lips tasting my juice. He opened his mouth and I pushed my cock into his mouth.

"OOOHHHH, Brian suck my cock, OOHHHH suck it hard," Dave pleaded with Brian.

I asked Dave if he wanted to try to get ass fucked like Brian did. Dave asked Brian if it hurt when I did it to him.

"No not at all, Dad used his fingers first and made my butt hole bigger and then his cock went in easy, you have to try it Dave it is so good," Brian rattled off to Dave.

"Okay dad, I'll try it. Just be careful but if Brian can do it I'm sure I can too," he said.

I told Dave to get on his hands and knees. I asked Brian if he wanted to do the honors of opening Dave's butt hole for me. Brian said that he would like that a lot. I got under Dave so I could suck his cock and he could suck mine. Brian got behind Dave's upturned butt and licked his butt crack from top to bottom. Brian placed his lips on his brother's brown hole and circled it with his wet tongue.

"UUGGGHHH, OHHHH, Brian that feels so good," he sighed to his brother.

Brian pushed the tip of his tongue into his brother's ass hole and licked the walls of his rectum. When he had his anal opening well saturated with spit he placed a finger at Dave's butt hole and pushed gently until his finger disappeared up Dave's ass.

"OOOHHHH, OOOHHHH, I'm cumming, OOOHHHH Dad I'm cumming," he shouted.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAWWWWWWW," Dave yelled as he shot his hot slimy cum down my throat.

He pumped string after string of his hot cum into my mouth as Brian plunged a finger in and out of his ass. I continued to nurse his still hard cock while Brian opened his butt hole by inserting a second finger in. Dave was rocking his hips as Brian put a third finger into his brother's hot hole.

"OOHHHH, OOHHHH God it feels good," he panted.

Brian put the fourth finger in and pumped it in and out. I told him that I think Dave is ready for me. I told Brian the we should switch positions. Brian crawled beneath his brother and sucked Dave's cock into his mouth. Dave lowered his lips over Brian's hairless cock and both of my boys sucked each others cock. I got behind Dave's ass and placed my hard cock against his tight brown hole.

"UUUGGGHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHH," Dave panted as the head of my cock popped into his tight ass.

"OOOHHHH Dad, it's too big, it won't fit," he cried out.

"Just relax and it will slide in without any pain," I told him.

I pushed two inches of my hard cock up his ass. He complained that it hurt so I just sat there without moving my cock at all. After a few minutes I noticed that his hips were pushing back slowly. I let him push himself onto my cock.

"OOHHHHH Dad, put more in, just do it slow but put more in," he begged.

I eased another two inches up his ass. I grabbed his hips and slowly sunk the rest of my 8 inch cock into his butt. I held my cock still to let Dave get use to the feeling of having a cock in is butt. I could feel his rectal muscles milking my cock shaft with their pulsations. Soon, Dave was pushing his hips back to mine trying to get more of my cock up his ass.

"OOOHHHHH Dad, do it, move it in me, OOHHHHH do something," he pleaded.

I slowly began to pump my cock into his upturned ass. I picked up speed every other stroke. It wasn't long before I was pounding into the ass of my 14 year old son. My large balls were smacking him as I plunged into his dark hole. Brian was taking Dave's cock deep into his mouth nursing it like a small child would suck a tit.

"UGH, UGH, OHHHH, Dad harder, faster, Oh God, faster, deeper," he moaned to me.

"I'm cumming, OOOHHHH God I'm cumming, OOHHHHHHH," Dave screamed loudly.

I could hear Brian gulping down his brother's hot slimy load of cum as Dave bucked his hips back on my throbbing 8 inches of cock. I could feel my own load begin to churn in my balls.

"AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAWWWWWWW Daddy I want to feel you cum," He yelled.

I grunted as I shot my seed deep into his bowels. I continued to pour my hot sticky cum into his ass hole. Brian had cleaned his brother's cock of all traces of his cum. I couldn't believe that I was pumping so much of my cum into my boy's ass. It was leaking out around my cock as I rammed it into Dave's hole. When my cock finally slipped out a steady stream of cum followed it.

The three of us collapsed on the bed panting. Brian said that he was hard and needed to cum also. I told him that I needed to shower and take a break. Dave said that he would be happy to take care of his little brother's problem.

He leaned over and took Brian's 4 inch cock into his mouth letting it slide all the way into his throat. Dave massaged Brian's nut sack and rolled his balls around the sack. He told Brian to turn around so he could try to lick his butt.

"I don't know if I can do it or not but I will try," Dave told Brian.

Brian rolled over and lifted his ass to Dave. Dave pulled the cheeks of his brother's ass apart and stared at the little brown hole. He could see some of his Dad's cum still leaking out of the hole. He touched his tongue to the slimy goo and tasted it. It didn't have a bad flavor so he put his lips over the hole and sucked the juice out of it. He ran his tongue all around Brian's butt hole. He pushed the tip of his tongue into his brother's hole. Brian bucked his hips back and forced more of Dave's tongue up his ass.

"OOHHHHH, lick it Dave, lick my butt hole," Brian panted.

Dave gave Brian's ass a few more minutes of attention and then he pulled his tongue out of his brother's butt. He knelt behind Brian and pushed his 14 year old cock into his 12 year old brother's butt.

"UUUUGGGGHHHHH, Oh yeah," Brian sighed as Dave sunk his cock into Brian's butt.

"Come on Dave, I want you to do it hard and fast like dad did," he told him.

Dave slammed into Brian's ass the way only a young man could fuck. Dave's balls were slapping against Brian's ass beating out a stead rhythm. Brian's ass was humping back against his brother trying to get more cock into his ass.

"OOHHHHHH Brian, Oh God I'm cumming. I'm cumming in your ass." Dave shouted.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH," he yelled as he shot a huge load of hot sticky cum into his young brother's ass hole.

"AAAAWWWWWW, OHHHHHHHH," he groaned as he continued to paint Brian's bowels with his cum.

When his limp dick finally fell from Brian's ass his cum poured out and puddle on the sheets.

"I hope you felt good, because I haven't cum yet," Brian complained.

"I'm sorry Brian, but your ass looked so good. Roll over I'll do you right now," Dave told him.

Brian rolled over on his back and spread his legs wide. Dave sucked on Brian's small cock tasting his precum that was oozing out the slit. He licked all around the cock head and down the shaft. He took Brian's balls into his mouth and gave them a good tongue bath. He very slowly lowered his mouth down over Brian's cock and let it go straight down his throat. Dave swallowed so Brian could feel his throat muscles rippling along his cock shaft.

"OOHHHHHH Dave you do that so good," Brian groaned.

"OOHHHH. put a finger in my butt, please. OOHHHHH put a finger in," Brian begged.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHH yeah," Brian sighed as Dave sunk a finger up his ass.

"Suck me, Oh Dave suck me hard, finger me OOHHHHHH I'm cumming." he screamed.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH, OOOOHHHHHHH," Brian shouted as he arched his back off the bed.

Brian shot spurt after spurt of hot slimy boy cum down his older brother's throat. Dave continued to swallow every drop of the hot liquid. Then he washed Brian's small cock clean with his tongue when Brian was done shooting his spunk. Both boys snuggled on the bed and fell asleep.

I looked in on them to be sure they were okay. I knew that we were going to have a lot more fun in the days to come. I have some good friends at work that would love to join us in our games.


Let me know what you think of this story or any of my other ones. I always like to hear from readers.

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Good story gotta reread and jerk off


Hot story. Be fun to see the two boys use their new found skills to seduce young boys bring them home set them up for daddy to catch them in the act and blackmail them into lots and lots of steamy hot nasty sex games. Also a good father will want to catch it all on film-movies and still camera. It wouldn't be natural if the brothers being boys made a competition out of seeing who could bring home the most boys, the youngest boys, the most brothers in a family etc....FUN STUFF!!!!! Please keep writing.


Very hot! Can't wait to read more :)~


wow such a hot erotic story had me hard and leaking from paragraph one. Keep up the hot sexy writting.


Cool....they need to be given Viagra and a sleeping pill. They should be tightly bound and gagged and then constantly vibrated! They should then play the game 'naked movie star' and the good friends from work should arrange to bring their sons over too!


Very nice. Here's hoping that some of Dad's co-workers are female and that the boys get a crack at his ass.


Loved the story. Can't wait until the boys fuck their father.


Great story!!


Hot story. Be fun to see the two boys use their new found skills to seduce young boys bring them home set them up for daddy to catch them in the act and blackmail them into lots and lots of steamy hot nasty sex games.FUN STUFF!!!!! Please keep writing.


Very hot. Hopefully some of the work fiends are female and the boys get a crack at Dad's tight ass. Bi-sexual incest is so naughty.


Hot, hot. I'm Writing too, but in danish - have to translate.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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