12-Year-Old Sandwich, Part 2

[ Mff(12), cons, drugs, oral, anal ]

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Published: 3-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Beneath your perfume and make-up
You're just a baby in disguise
And though you know
That it is wrong to be
Alone with me
That come-on look is in your eyes."

"Young Girl",
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap


"OK, girls, time for the next game," I told them. "You see my cock? You're both gonna take turns sucking on the head. Neither one of you has to do it all, you can go and back forth. Pretend you're sharing an ice cream cone. And if you want to keep playing with yourselves while you do it, please feel free. Now get up on your hands and knees, that's a girl, very good, and start taking turns using your sweet little mouths on my dick."

Shit and hellfire, I couldn't believe it. A few hours ago, Karina and Marie were just a couple of normal little seventh-grade girlies, sitting in my U.S. history class, not paying attention to what I had to say about the Missouri Compromise. And now here all three of us were on my bed. Me, naked, laying on my back, partially propped up on some pillows like a pasha in his harem, an erection jutting up from my crotch that was hard enough to crack a cinder block. And here was little Karina kneeling on one side of my cock, and voluptuous Marie kneeling on the other side. Thepurple head already glistened with their saliva.

"OK, girls, let's take turns," I told them. "And I want you both to participate equally. What you do is put your mouth right over the head, and then start lowering your head so that more and more goes in. You don't have to make yourself choke, but I'll be interested to see which of you can get more of my dick into your mouth."

Karina's head bobbed down, and my dick was enveloped in the staggering warmth and softness of her young mouth. Her tongue was scraping against the sensitive tissue on the underside of the head. Completely inadvertent, I assumed, because she said this was her first time with a dick in her mouth, and I believed her. She wasn't exactly ready to star in a porn movie, but hey, a willing 12-year-old girl who's trying to get as much of your dick into her young mouth as possible is just going to be the right thing at the right time, know what I mean?

"Oh God, yes, Karina, that is so good. You are so hot, girl, so hot," I moaned. She seemed pleased at being praised. I was, after all, their teacher, and even though they pretended not to care, praise from an authority figure still carries some weight. Karina pulled back, and a second later Marie's head went down, and mycock slid into her mouth. It was the first time I'd ever had a double blow-job, being passed between two mouths, let along two underaged jailbait mouths. Marie's lips stretched around my hard-on and slid down my shaft, down, down, to about the half way point. She held it there for a few seconds, then pulled. And it was Karina's turn. And Marie's turn. And Karina's turn. And Marie's turn.

Meanwhile, the video I had just shot of Marie masturbating continued to play on my TV. Laying there, I could flick my eyes back and forth between watching the adolescent schoolgirl fingering her clit and moaning, and the two girls bobbing up and down on my cock. They didn't seem to be paying much attention to the video, though, and were focused on their task.

"Karina, I think Marie is beating you," I said. "She's getting her mouth further down than you are. You don't want her to win, do you?" Actually, there was no prize, except for a mouthful of my jism that was due to come fairly soon, but the power of suggestion can be surprisingly strong, and Karina accepted this notion. On her next turn, I could feel her mouth sliding down further, until the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in, and while I'm sure it didn't feel good to her, the spasm of her throat muscles milked my cock and felt like a little bit of heaven.

I then suggested a new approach, one I've always liked watching in porno. I told the girls I wanted them to place their little mouths on either side of my cock and lick up and down, like on an ice cream cone. "All the way from the tip down to my balls and then back up and again, until I tell you to stop," I instructed. On the tape, Marie was cumming now, screaming and pounding away at her little pussy. Her orgasm ended, and the tape cut off. I decided it was time to add some more video to my collection, so I Pulled ouy my iPhone agan. I got both girls' faces, their little tongue pink tongues sticking out and laving my cock up and down at the same time.

"Now I want you to try something different, Karina sweetie," I said. "Instead of moving your mouth on and off me, I want you to fasten your mouth right down over the head of my cock and start gently sucking me. Pretend you're trying to suck a ping-pong ball through a garden hose." And she did. Oh sweet Jesus, that 12-year-old kid starting doing exactly what I had told her to do. Karina Magnuson's hot, wet, young mouth was fastened on the head of my dick like a sea lamprey, while her fingers were wrapped tightly around my shaft, pulling the loose skin up and down. I could feel the jism in my balls starting to boil, could feel those nuts starting to climb upward, preparing to let loose a torrent into this girl's mouth for the first time in her young life. So far, the girls had done exactly what they were asked/told to do, all for a couple of backstage passes to the Justin Boys. It was time to up the ante a little bit, and see if I could make them go further than they had dreamed when they had struck this devil's deal.

"Marie, I want you to lie down on the bed, with your head toward the end. Go ahead, honey." She did so, laying on her back so that her head was down near my knees. This put her pussy within reach of my left hand, and I reached out and began to stroke it gently, tenderly. "Ohhhh, Mr. Turner," she moaned, and opened her legs a bit more. Oh, she was turning into a little slut all right.

"Karina, in just a minute I'm going to cum. And even though you've never had a man cum in your mouth before, I'm sure you've talked about it with your friends, and you know I'm gonna shoot some sperm out."

"I know, Mr. Turner, like, I'm not stupid," she said, raising her mouth off my dick, but continuing her exquisite handjob.

"Well, when I cum, I want you to catch it all in your mouth. But I don't want you to swallow it. Just hold the cum in your mouth, OK Karina?"

"How come?"

"I'll tell you after I've cum. But do as I say, or you won't get the tickets and passes." I was having trouble talking rationally as my groin felt like it was about to erupt. But I gave myinstructions, and kept the iPhone recording. "Now put your mouth back on me, Karina, and start sucking the head again, and in just a little bit you're going to find out what it feels like to have a man cum in your mouth."

The sweet schoolgirl obeyed me, and once again I was engulfed by her tender mouth. She began sucking in earnest, and I could see her cheeks puffing in and out. "Oh yeah Karina, you little hottie, that is so fuckin' great, keepyour mouth on me baby, don't pull your head back no matter what. That's a girl. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh FUCK!"

And I was gushing into Karina's mouth. Her eyes bugged out in surprise, but bless her little heart, she kept her mouth on me, kept sucking away. I filled her mouth with my hot salty semen, what felt like about a quart of my nasty jism, all going into Karina's 12-year-old mouth. She met my eyes and I could see she was questioning whether it was OK to pull her mouth back. As much as I hated the thought, it was time tomove on to the next stage, and I told her she could remove her mouth, but under no circumstances could she swallow, or the deal would be cancelled.

"Now here's what I want you girls to do next. Karina, lean over Marie. Marie, open your mouth. Karina, bend down so that your mouth is a few inches above Marie's open mouth, and let my cum dribble out of your mouth slowly into Marie''s mouth."

"Eewwww, Mr. Turner, that's gross!" Marie protested. "Oh come on, Marie, don't be a baby. Didn't you tell me you've already had a guy cum in your mouth?"

"Well, yeah," she said, "but that was kind of natural. This is, like, perverted, you know?" "No it's not," I replied. "Women in porn movies do this all the time." "They do?" said Marie.

Karina, of course, couldn't say a word during this entire exchange. Her mouth was full of my semen, her sweet chipmunk cheeks bulging slightly. I had a feeling that she was more than willing to get rid of the load I had deposited, and if it meant putting it into her friend's mouth, that was fine with her.

"Yes, they do, Marie. And if you don't do this for me, then it's no Justin Boys. Remember, you said you'd do anything. You didn't say you'd do what you felt like."

"But I didn't think I was gonna have to, like, pretend to be a porno star," Marie protested. "Karina, take your position over Marie's mouth. Marie, quit talking and open wide," I ordered. Reluctantly, Marie did as she was told. I made the video zoom in for a close of the girls' heads. God, I could sell this thing for a fucking fortune on the Internet, I thought, if it wasn't for the jail sentence I would get.

"Now dribble it out slowly, Karina. And Marie, don't swallow it. Just let it collect in your mouth." I filmed the semen as it slowly dribbled out of Karina's mouth into Marie's mouth. If I hadn't just come 60 seconds ago, the scene would have caused me to cum right on the spot. Two schoolgirls, innocent for the most part, swapping my sperm! The white goo continued to drip out, and I zoomed in even tighter on Marie's open mouth, watching it pool inside. Soon Karina was done, her mouth empty, and my spunk had all been transferred to Marie.

"Very good. Now we're gonna change places. Karina, lay down on the bed, face up. Marie, get on your hands and knees over Karina. Keep the sperm in your mouth and don't swallow." "Mr. Turner, can I say something?" said Karina, now that her mouth was finally empty.

"You can say that you're happy to do anything I want. But anything other than that, no you can't. I don't want to hear any more bitching. Just do it."

They did. Karina laid back, and Marie, her mouth full of my sperm, got over her. "Nice and close, Marie. I want your lips exactly one inch from Karina's lips. Open wide, Karina, here it comes!" Again my two young students began to transfer my sperm. It oozed out of Marie's mouth in long, sticky strands, falling into Karina's mouth. When they were finished, I said: "OK, one last little trick and then we'll move on to something else. You girls sit up on the bed, legs crossed, facing each other. That's the way. Very good. Now lean your faces in, and kiss each other. And while you kiss, Karina, you push the cum into Marie's mouth."

"Mr. Turner, no way!" Marie said, almost shouting. "We're not lesbians!"

"I know you're not lesbians," I replied calmly. "I'm not making you have lesbian sex. But I'm getting tired of repeating this: You said you'd do anything, and this is what I'm making you do. You want to get dressed and go home now, be my guest, but it will be without those Justin Boys tickets. You'll have done all this so far for nothing."

"But I didn't think you'd make me kiss a girl," Marie said. Again, Karina was silent, her mouth full.

"Enough of this shit," I said coldly. "Either give each other a nice long tongue-kiss, or get out."

Karina and Marie looked into one another's eyes. They were friends, and maybe, somewhere in the back of her mind, one of them harbored a tiny secret crush on the other. It happens among young adolescent girls. Or maybe, in this case, not. I didn't really care. I just wanted to keep pushing them, a little at a time, and see what kind of hoops I could make them jump through to get the fucking tickets.

Something passed between them, I wasn't sure what. But they did as they were told, leaning their faces in toward one another. Their lips met, tentatively at first, then they locked firmly into place. The iPhone got everything on video. Both Karina and Marie had their eyes squeezed shut tight, and I could see them working their mouths.

"Push the sperm out, Karina. Use your tongue. Marie, let Karina get her tongue into your mouth."

Karina Magnuson and Marie Taylor were french-kissing on my bed, my sticky jism being passed between them. Ah, life is good. Soon they parted. "Both of you, open your mouths. I want to see that it all got into Marie's mouth." Sure enough, Marie's mouth was now full of semen. Karina's had a thin coating on her teeth and tongue, and probably would until I let her wasf her mouth out or gargle.

"One more time," I instructed. "Take Two. And then we'll finish this scene." This time the girls didn't protest. They didn't seem exactly passionate, either, but they both leaned forward and their lips met, and it looked to me more like a kiss between real lovers. I knew Marie's tongue was now inside Karina's mouth, and wondered if Karina's little pussy was fluttering a bit, given the erotically charged atmosphere in the room and the deep soul kiss she was receiving. They parted, and I noted they were both panting a little, short of breath. "OK, girls, you can both swallow now," I said, and put down the iPhone.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked. The girls looked sheepish. They wouldn't look at each other, or at me. They were obviously embarrassed. Somehow it shamed them more to kiss another girl then to suck a man off. Or maybe kissing another girl wasn't as bad as they thought, and this made them feel conflicted. "Did you like it maybe a little bit?" I prodded.

"I dunno," mumbled Marie, looking down. "Karina?" "It was OK," she allowed. "Come on, you girls are best friends. And it's not like you had sex. You can admit it if you liked kissing each other a little."

"I liked it a little," Marie said, and finally raised her eyes and looked at Karina. Karina smiled. "Me, too," she said. "A little."

"That's nice," I said. "Now I believe that Marie has had a nice orgasm, and I know I've had a nice orgasm, but Karina hasn't cum yet. So it's your turn to cum, Karina. Now since you told me you're not as experienced a masturbator as Marie, we'll give you a little help. Have you ever had someone go down on you?"

"No," she said shyly. "Well, it's your lucky day," I told her. "Cause you get to lie back now and have someone go down on you. And you even get to choose. Would you like it to be me or your friend Marie? Whichever one you choose will get down between your open legs and gently lick your pussy until you cum. It's up to you who does it."

Karina looked at Marie. I knew instantly what her choice was going to be, but wasn't sure whether Marie would go along. Oh, she'd go along eventually, I'd make sure of that. Karina locked eyes with Marie and said her name, softly and tenderly.

It crossed my mind, briefly, if maybe all of this had been a set-up by Karina, the little minx. I remembered how excited she had been when she and Marie first came to my door and proposed their little plan, how her eyes had seemed to sparkle. Maybe the Justin Boys tickets were just a ruse. Maybe I was just a pawn in her game. Maybe the whole idea was Karina's, and what she really wanted was to have a lesbian experience with her best friend, but was too shy to ask. And the tickets and I were just means to get to her particular end. After all,she hadn't hesitated as to who she wanted to give her cunnilingus.

But as Dennis Miller used to say, "Oh fuck it, who wants pie?" It was time to get back to real fucking rather than mind-fucking. "Karina!" Marie was shrieking. "I don't believe you! There is like no fucking way I'm gonna like eat you out."

"Hey, settle down, Marie," I ordered. 'We're all here to have fun. I seem to remember reading an article in Cosmopolitan that a lot of women think that only other women can do a truly first-rate job of giving another woman an oral orgasm." This was, of course, a lie, but it sounded like something in Cosmo, and I was dealing with two 12-year-old girls here, whose minds were still clouded with Ecstasy, and whose sophistication wasn't that great to begin with.

"Yeah, I read that too," Karina said. Suddenly it was me and little Karina, she of the lithe, slender body, short blonde hair and freckles, on one team, and Marie, darker, more voluptuous, by herself on the other team. "I read that," Karina repeated. One thing about Ecstasy, it doesn't exactly lead to sparkling repartee.

"And anyway," Karina added, "Mr. Turner is like making us do all this stuff, Marie." "Indeed I am," I said. "You girls said you'd do anything to see the Justin Boys, and now I'm deciding what anything means. And right now it means that Marie is gonna use her mouth on Karina and give Karina a mind-blowing orgasm. And Marie, I intend to see that you like it, too. I'm gonna be doing things to you, too."

Marie slid past the faulty logic, that it was me making her eat out Karina, when just a few moments ago I said it was Karina's choice. I pressed the advantage. "Marie, let me ask you. Is your body still kind of buzzing from that wine?"

"Uh, yeah," Marie said, a bit confused. "And is your pussy still pulsing a little from when you masturbated, and all the sexual excitement we've been creating here in my bedroom?"

Reluctantly: "Uh huh." "Then lay that sweet body of your back on the bed, Marie. You'll like this, I promise. Lay on your back, that's a girl."

Soon Marie was sprawled again on my bed, her long dark hair once again spread out against the white linens. Her body was truly magnificent for a mere 12-year-old girl's; her pink tits alone looked like they would win first prize at any Spring Break wet T-shirt contest among college girls.

"Now Karina, you climb up over Marie's face. Put a knee on either side of her head, and lower your little pussy down toward her mouth, but don't cover her up yet. OK?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Turner," Karina said, and she caught my eye. God what a look we exchanged. In some ways the look that passed between my student Karina Magnuson and I was even sexier than when the two youngsters had taken turns slurping on my cockhead. It was a look of lust, and of knowing exactly what was going on, and of pure joy. Usually Karina was a good little girl in class who didn't dress provocatively or cause trouble. I wondered if the Ecstasy had unlocked some secret place in Karina's brain, some adolescent sexpot she had been repressing. Or maybe she was just a horny little slut.

Karina assumed her position over Marie's face, and I moved down with my head between Marie's splayed open thighs. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs, on the most incredibly soft tan skin imaginable, and spread them open. Watching her pussy intently., I saw that little pink portal open up, the labia splitting apart, providing a welcoming opportunity for the tonguing to come. I lowered my face into the preteen's and inhaled deeply. Ah, the aroma of a teenaged girl who has just masturbated! My cock began to twitch, even though it had only been a short while since I had cum. Then I leaned in a little more, and touched my tongue to Marie's protruding, bulblike clit.

"Yeeeeee!" she shrieked. Her pelvis shot up, and so did her head, both involuntarily reflexes at the intense and sudden sexual thrill. But when her pelvis shot up, it just drove her twat even tighter against my mouth, and I fastened my lips onto her clit and began to suck. Meanwhile, by jerking her head up, she had rammed her face directly up into Karina's snatch, and her best friend gasped and let out a quick burst of air. I could sense that Karina was lowering herself onto Marie's face as she sank back down onto the bed, and hoped that Karina had the good sense not to smother her friends. Although what a way to go, as they say, smothered by 12-year-old pussy.

I decided to do my best to distract Marie by continuing to give her the best pussy-lapping I knew how to give. I licked up her clit in long swipes with my tongue, which caused her to tremble. I used my tongue as a tiny battering ram and fucked into her pussy with it,enjoying the taste of her female juices as they flowed and flowed. I reached out with my fingers and gently spread her lips apart, exposing all the succulent pink preteen flesh to my ravenous mouth. Marie was moaning now, making loud noises that were completely unintelligible. I had a feeling that her moaning and screaming while her mouth was buried deep in her best friend's pussy was probably giving Karina some mighty nice vibrations, sort of the girl-to-girl equivalent of a hummer. I paused for a moment and lifted my face.

"Don't suffocate her, Karina honey," I told her. "And tell me everything you're feeling while she's doing this. She can hear you too."

"Oh, God, Mr. Turner, oh God, I've never felt anything like this in my life. Oh my pussy feels so wet and so open. I feel like I'm on fire."

I bent down and resumed my relentless tonguing of my young student's privates. The little hood that covered her clit was now completely drawn back, and that small pink pearl was completely exposed to my tongue and lips. I worked it hard, then worked it soft, playing with her, toying with her. The little organ was swollen and throbbing, the juices were running freely from her young fuck hole, I knew Miss Marie Taylor was close to cumming her brains out.

Karina, meanwhile, kept up her lewd litany, rocking back and forth on her best friend's face. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, her breathing heavy, her chest coated in perspiration. Although her breasts were small, mere A-cups on her torso, her nipples were reacting like an adult woman's, pushing out, hard as pebbles. "Play with your nipples, Karina," I told her. "Pull on them gently." She obeyed, taking a nipple in each hand and pulling them out. It only made her moan harder.

"Oh God, yes, eat me eat me eat me!" she wailed, and started to bounce up and down on Marie's face. I couldn't see what Marie was doing to Karina's twat, but whatever it was, it was working. Maybe Marie was being an enthusiastic cunnilinguist for her friend, or maybe she was just laying there, and Karina was rocking her young pussy back and forth across Marie's nose and mouth. But when I heard the deep, sexual moaning coming from Marie's head, trapped between Karina's strong young thighs, I knew that Marie had to be participating somewhat.

It was time to tip Marie over the edge, and I slipped my right hand up between her parted legs. Two fingers, pressed together, slid as easily into her dripping snatch as a straw into a milkshake. She shuddered at the penetration, and her mumbled raving grew louder. I began to piston my fingers in and out, finger-fucking this 12-year-old beauty, and sucked hard on her clit. Suddenly her body grew rigid, and her thighs clamped together on either side of my head, squeezing my ears. The sounds that came from between Karina's legs as Marie orgasmed were squeals of pure girlish delight. No words were intelligible, just bleats of pure orgasmic lust. I could feel her pussy spasming on my fingers, and I pushed them further and further into the tight wetness. I reamed her and tongued her while she gushed.

"Mr. Turner! Mr. Turner!" Karina yelled. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Apparently Marie's screaming into her pussy had turned the schoolgirl on so much that she was hurdling over the top too. I lifted my face and was surprised to see her pulling on her little nipples so hard that they stood out an inch from herchest!

"Yes! Yesssss! Eat me, God yesssss!" Karina screamed, and I was glad I lived in a neighborhood with no houses nearby, as she could easily be heard out on the street, even with the windows closed. The erotic games were having an effect on me as well. To my great delight, the initial twitchings of my cock had turned into a full fledged hard-on, less than an hour after I had emptied my seed into those young lips.

"Stay right there, Karina," I instructed. "Don't get up. Marie, you're about to have the first fuck of your life!" I pulled myself up, made the adjustments, and put the head of my cock right at the slick open lips of her cunt.

Were those screams of protest I heard coming from Marie? Hard to tell, with her face trapped by Karina. Well, I didn't hear her say no, and even if I did, it was time to push. And push I did, sliding my erection into her sweet, hot pussy as if it was always meant to be, as if it was home. God she was tight. Marie had said she was a virgin, and there was no reason not to believe her, even though there was no blood. Girls these days rarely have an intact hymen even if they are true virgins, what with gymnastics and horseback riding and maybe even masturbating with whatever items they can find.

I slid my hard-on into my young student's velvet glove, and listened to her incoherent sounds wafting up into Karina's puddendum. The poor girl must have been struggling to breathe under Karina's rocking pelvis, but neither of us had seen her face for quite some time, trapped as it was between Karina's strong young thighs.

"God, Marie, I can seen Mr. Turner's thing going right up inside you," Karina yelped. "It's so cool!"

"Remember to call it a cock, not a thing, dear," I instructed. "But keep telling Marie what you're seeing. I like that!"

"His cock is so big, Marie! He's pulling it all the way out and then shoving it back in. Over and over and over! O my God! O my God!" Marie's muffled howls (protest at being fucked? pleasure at what I was doing to her?) continued to echo in my bedroom. I rammed my dick into my little 12-year-old student repeatedly, as the juiciness of her pussy increased with every stroke.

"Oh, yeah, keep lickin' me, keep lickin' me, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah!" Karina wailed, and she scrunched up her pretty little face as another powerful orgasm washed over her. She bounced up and down so violently on Marie's face I was afrain she might break the poor girl's nose. After Karina came down from her orgasmic throes, I told her to lean over toward me. This would allow Marie to catch her breath a little as K's ass was lifted off her face, and also bring Karina closer to me.

We heard Marie for the first time. "Oh, Jeez, I can feel your dick, Mr. Turner. It feels good. Keep doing that, please, don't stop!" the slutty little Lolita called out.

"Kiss me, Karina," I said. I was back on my haunches with my lower legs folded under me, a good position to set up a strong, rhythmic fucking of my student Marie. But my torso was upright, and now Karina leaned forward until her face was just inches from mine, our mouths close..

"Are you gonna kiss me, Mr. Turner? Do you like having me and Marie as your little schoolgirl sluts?" she asked in a breathy little voice. The little girl was obviously into this play-acting with considerable gusto, a combination, I figured, of her own horniness and the Ecstasy I'd fed her and Marie earlier. "Do you think I'm sexy, Mr.Turner? Do you want me?"

"God yes, Karina, I want you so bad!" I yelled. "You are so sexy, you sweet sweet girl. Lean in and give me a kiss."

Our lips met. She parted her lips, and slipped her tongue into my mouth. It's strange, here I was fucking one girl, not too long after having had both girls sucking my rod like crazy,. But somehow kissing my seventh-grade student seemed like breaking the biggest taboo of all. She moaned softly as my tongue explored her mouth, and I reached out and tweaked her hard little nipples.

"Oh year, Mr. Turner, pull on my nipples!" she exclaimed. I did, pulling them out, gently but firmly, away from her chest, the way I had seen her do when she was cumming.

"Fuck me, Mr. Turner! Fuck me!" Marie yelled, and I did. I felt my cock swell, my balls tighten, and my orgasm approach. The last thing I wanted to do was cum inside this teenager and make her pregnant, so reluctantly I pulled my dick out of her sucking little cunt.

"Hey! Why'd you stop?" Marie asked. "Shut up and eat your friend's pussy," I told her. She lifted her head slightly, and Karina sighed as Marie's tongue made contact again with her clit.

"Karina, bend all the way over and lick Marie. I'm gonna shoot my cum on both of you," I told her.

Karina did as she was told, bending over and fastening her lips onto her friend's cunt, which gaping wide open from the pummeling I had been giving her. Marie shrieked with pleasure, and the two girls started going at it fiercely on my bed in a classic 69. I was torn. Part of me wanted to keep them playing their little lesbian game, keep them eating one another to orgasm after orgasm. Another part wanted to cum in a pussy or a mouth. But I knew that after I came a second time, and had time to rest, I would be ready for round three, and that there was one more orifice I had yet to probe with my cock. These girls would not get out of here tonight without at least one being fucked up the ass!

So I fisted my cock, and started pumping. I was kneeling on my bed, watching my students lap each other's pussies like starving dogs, both of them writhing and squealing, lost in their own little world.

"I'm gonna shoot my sperm all over you nasty little girls now," I said, and Karina paused long enough to say, "Yeah, do it, do it!" andt hen stuck her face back down onto Marie's pussy.

A few more jerks, and I came, surprisingly hard, and watched as thick ropey jets of jism spewed out, coating the naked girls. It got on Karina's back (since she was on top) and in her hair, and I adjusted the aim on my cock so that some squirted out onto Marie's belly and tits. My sperm dripped down off Karina onto Marie, and whether it was the thought that I had coated them in semen, or the drugs, or the cunnilingus (most likely it was the latter), my two little sweeties launched into orgasms themselves, a feeding frenzy of girl lust. They screamed into each other's pussies, which seemed to ratchet them up more and more. One orgasm led directly to another, and to another, and to another, as the last drops of semen dripped from my dick onto their smooth young bodies.

Spent, exhausted, sweaty, coated in love juices of all sorts, the three of us collapsed onto the bed, the girls hugging each other, me to the side. Not the kind of sandwich I was looking for (and that I'd be in later), but my chances would come again. And so would they, and so would I.

"Would anyone like some more wine?" I asked.

To Be Continued

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