Sam's Dilemma

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Published: 9-Apr-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sam was way past nervous as his dad led him towards a large brick house. Usually his dad would hold his hand real tight to make sure the seven year old didn't wander off. But this time his dad just pushed him along by his shoulder.

Sam looked up at his dad. He had to strain his neck because his dad was nearly six feet tall. "Daddy," Sam said. "Where are we going?" They walked across the lawn to the concrete steps.

"I'm going home," his dad answered. "You're going to stay here."

Fear seized Sam, and as they reached the top of the stairs, he turned to his dad and grabbed his hands. "But I wanna stay with you!" Sam pleaded.

His dad pulled his hand free and pushed Sam towards the screen door. He rang the bell and patted Sam on the shoulder. "I told you before that you got to learn about our family. You're going to stay with your uncles, and they're going to teach you how to be a good little boy. You want to be good, don't you?"

Sam nodded. "Then you do everything you're told to do," his dad told him. "And when you've learned how to listen and be a good boy, I'll come and get you, and then you can come on trips with me and Davis."

Sam's eyes lit up. He always wondered what his dad and his older brother did on their trips. And now he'd get the chance.

The door opened and a tall man with big shoulders smiled at Sam's dad. "He's a cute one," the man said. He opened the screen door and ran his fingers through Sam's dirty blonde hair. "He's going to be lots of fun breaking," the man said smiling wider.

Sam shot a glance at his dad, but he ignored the boy. "He likes to fight you," his dad said. "Doesn't listen all that well."

"Don't worry," the man said. "He'll be totally different when we're done with him."

Sam started to shake. He didn't like the way the man and his dad were talking. His dad's voice sounded the way it did when he would whip Sam. His dad would leave deep red bruises all over Sam's soft butt.

"Come on," the man said, pulling Sam into the house by his shoulders. Sam tried to look back at his dad, but the man shut the door before he could. "You can call me Uncle Lou. You'll meet my brothers later. They're out getting food. I'm in charge of you, so when I tell you to do something, you do it without questions. Got that?"

Sam nodded as he checked out the house. It looked bigger than it had outside. The front room had a staircase on the right leading up to the second floor. And from there Sam could make out a bathroom, some of the kitchen, a dining room next to the staircase, and another room with the door closed.

But before Sam could check out any more of the house, Lou tapped him on the arm. "Take off your clothes," Lou said sternly.

Sam turned around and stared at him. "Why?" the boy said. Lou slapped him to the floor.

"What did I just say to you? Get up, boy. I see you're going to have to learn the hard way."

Sam pushed himself to his feet and rubbed the side of his face. Lou hit harder than his dad did, and he wasn't even angry yet. Lou stepped in front of Sam so that Sam's face was only a few inches away from Lou's crotch. "Undo my belt," Lou ordered.

Sam hesitated, and Lou slapped him again. But this time Lou grabbed Sam's arm and kept him from falling. He jerked Sam back to his feet, sending a rush of pain down Sam's arm. The boy yelped, and Lou popped him again. "No screaming. We got neighbors, you know. Don't want to bother them with a whining child. Now, undo my belt."

The boy glanced up at his uncle. Sam's cheeks were already starting to turn burn from the slaps. Slowly he reached for his uncle's belt. Lou let go of Sam's arm, and the boy used both his hands to loosen the belt. "Pull it off," Lou said. Sam pulled the belt free. It was a thick rawhide belt with a giant silver buckle.

Sam half excepted Lou's pants to fall down like his brother's did whenever he took off his belt. But Lou's pants were tented by a huge bulge, and Sam stood there in amazement at the bulge. He barely noticed Lou take the belt from him. But he felt the first blow against his little ass. He yelped, only to get another lick.

"Keep it up, and I'll just pop you again. Now take off your colors."

Sam started to say something, but the belt came down faster than he could speak. His back lit up with pain, and in a flash he had his shirt off and pants down around his ankles. He kicked off his shoes and stood there in his undies in front of his uncle's pulsing hard-on.

"Everything," Lou said. Sam's face shrank with surprise. But he didn't want to dare another hit, so he slid his underwear down his legs and stepped out of them. Lou smiled widely because Sam's little dick was rock hard. Sam blushed with embarrassment, but didn't try to hide his privates. Lou told him to take off his socks too. "I want you butt naked," he said. Sam did as he was told, looking up several times to make sure he wasn't about to get another swat with the belt.

"Alright," Lou said. Since he wasn't wearing any underwear, his pants were soaked with precum. "Go lay on the couch, Sam." The boy did as he was told. Lou pushed his face into the cushions. Sam could taste the lint on the tip of his tongue. He started to lift his head when the belt slammed against his ass. He jumped, and tried not to cry, but he yelped anyway. Another strike came, and Sam hissed.

"Here's your first lesson," Lou said. "You're going to learn how to keep your mouth shut. You're going to get thirty licks. I'm not holding back, so it's going to hurt a lot. Good boys know how to keep their mouths shut and do as they're told. If I hear so much as a gasp, I'm adding five more licks. If you move, I'm adding ten. And if you touch this belt, I'm going to break your fucking arm. Got it?"

"O-okay," Sam whimpered. Lou aimed for Sam's exposed balls and hit his target. Sam screamed loudly. Lou shoved his knee into the boy's back, pressing the side of Sam's face into the cushion.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Shut up, boy," Lou said, practically laughing. He'd broken dozens of boys before, but Sam was going to be the most fun. The boy actually thought he could get the best of Lou. "I forgot to add," Lou laughed. "When I tell you to do something, you say 'yes sir'."

Sam had to push off the cushion with his chin so that he could talk. "Yes sir."

"Good," Lou said, pulling his leg away. "Now put your hands behind your back and grab your wrists. Keep them there. If you touch your ass, I'm going to stomp on your hand."

Sam could feel the tears gathering in his eyes, but he fought them back. There was no telling what Lou would do if Sam started crying.

"Now scoot all the way up to the couch until you can feel it with your dick. Spread your legs so I can see your balls better."

Sam looked over his shoulder. "Please don't hit my bal-" Before he could even finish, Lou popped him with the belt right on his nuts. Sam held his breath, but he couldn't hold back the tears.

"Mel was right. You are a hard-headed little fuck. That's ten more for moving when I told you not to, and another five for opening your mouth. That's 45 licks now. Turn around and spread your legs. Say anything else, and I'm going to have to stick something in there to shut you up."

Sam did as he was told. From the way he was leaning, he couldn't see Lou at all. Everything was quiet for a moment, and for a second, Sam let his guard. The first swat sent a rush of fire up Sam's back. The sound of his soft ass being punished hung in the air. Sam cried out, regretting it immediately.

"That's another five," Lou said cruelly. Another swat came, harder than before. Sam yelped again, and then apologized. "That's another five. Keep it up, and you'll be here all day." Sam managed to make it through the next three without making a sound. But the one that followed caught him square on the balls, and he jumped forward.

"My god, boy!" Lou said as he whacked Sam's tender ass again. Lou was a pro, so it was easy for him to hit the same spots over and over. Already Sam was developing a nice, rosy bruise across his cheeks. "If you keep this up, you might end up with 100 licks!"

Lou got through the next ten without so much as a peep out of Sam. He leaned forward as he switched and saw that Sam's face was nearly as red as his ass. Tears were pouring down the boy's cheeks, and he was doing everything in his power not to scream. Lou whacked Sam across the small of his back, close to the boy's hands, to see if Sam would reach for them, but he didn't. He raised his hand up and slammed the belt onto Sam's tailbone. As Sam screamed, the belt fell into his hands. He instinctively grabbed it, and held on for dear life. In his mind he knew that if he let go, Lou would tear him apart.

"Let it go," Lou said sternly, jerking on the belt. But Sam held on. He didn't turn around at all, but he wouldn't let go.

"Please!" Sam begged. "It hurts! I'll be good, I promise!"

"Let it go," Lou said more firmly. There was a sudden coldness in his voice that chilled Sam to his bones. But still he held on, sobbing in fear.

"I'll be good, I swear!" Sam cried. "Please don't hit me!"

"Last chance," Lou said, jerking the belt as hard as he could. Sam hissed as the rawhide burned his fingers, but he held on tight. "Little motherfucker!"

Lou dropped the belt, snatching Sam by his arms. He spun the boy around and slapped him across the face. Sam fell to the couch with Lou's knee planted in his chest. Lou ignored the boy's pleas and smiled cruelly. Sam followed Lou's hands as the man unzipped his pants. As soon as the zipper was low enough, Lou's thick dick burst free, still dripping with precum.

"I see you're going to have to learn the hard way," Lou said flipping Sam over to his stomach with one hand, "to do what you're told!"

Sam couldn't get his cries out fast enough. Lou's dick poked at his puckered asshole, and instinctively Sam clenched his cheeks. But Lou was having none of that, and with a hard punch to Sam's side, the boy's ass cheeks went limp. Without any sort of gentleness, Lou shoved half of his thick, 8-inch dick into Sam's ass.

Sam groaned in pain, but Lou simply moved his hands to Sam's hips, and shoved the rest of his dick into the boy's stomach.

"It's hurts!" Sam sobbed.

"It's supposed to, you little fuck," Lou said as he began to slowly pump Sam's ass. He pulled his dick out only to the head, and then slid it back in until he could feel Sam's burning ass against his pelvis. The boy moaned in pain, begging for Lou to stop.

Once Lou figured Sam was loosened up, he leaned over Sam like a dog on it's bitch, and began to pound the seven year old's ass. Sam tried to wiggle away, but there was no getting loose. Lou had him, and his raging dick couldn't be stopped.

"No wonder you have such a hard head," Lou grunted. "Your little cherry's never been popped."

Sam finally stopped struggling and laying there sobbing. Lou's balls slapped against Sam's with each thrust. They were starting to bubble over with cum, so Lou leaned closer to Sam.

"When you stop whining, I'll pull out and we'll finish your licks. Keep it up, and I'll stay in your ass for the rest of the day."

It only took a few moments for Sam to quiet down. Lou couldn't hold his cum in any longer. He filled Sam's ass with load after load of burning semen, digging further into Sam's ass. Lou pulled out slowly, and wiped his dick on Sam's balls. He casually picked up his belt, and told Sam to assume the position again. The boy did as he was boy, shaking like crazy with fear.

"Now let's see if we can finish this time." Lou whacked Sam with harshly with the belt. A little bit of Lou's cum spurt out as the blow landed. Lou laughed and hit the boy again. Sam sucked in his breath each time, but he never moved a muscle. After another ten licks, Sam's cheeks were a purplish blue. And even though normally Lou would count sniffling as making too much noise, he decided to give Sam a break since he still had twenty licks to go.

"Are you going to listen to me now?" Lou asked softly as he started working towards the last ten licks. These he made sure hit Sam's tiny ball sac.

"Yes sir," Sam cried. He took his last hit square in the balls, but didn't make a sound. Lou pulled him by his shoulders and scooped him up in his arms. Sam cried softly, too weak to wipe away the tears. When Lou tossed the belt into Sam's lap, the boy began muttering, "I'll be good. I'll be good."

"Oh, I know you will," Lou said, heading towards the kitchen. Next to the back door was another door that looked sort of like a closet. Lou knocked gently on it, and a voice called him. Sam looked up as they went into a small bedroom. There was barely anything in it. Just a small dresser, a night stand with a lamp, a rocking chair, a couple of bookcases, and a bed with a shirtless old man reading a newspaper.

Sam's stomach sank as Lou walked him over to the bed and held him out for the old man to take. "He's all yours, Pa."

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