Daddy-Daughter Playtime

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Published: 22-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Daddy, I have to go potty," four-year-old McKenzie said.

McKenzie and her daddy were enjoying a beautiful spring day at the park. He father pushed her on the swing. Before they arrived at the park, Mark had given his daughter a Sippy cup of apple juice. McKenzie was potty trained, but she enjoyed special potty games with her daddy. She had a pink sundress with a Pull-Up.

Mark halted the swing and he rushed his daughter to the car.

"You're not allowed to go potty until we get home," he told his daughter. He took a wine cork from the cup holder and shoved into his daughter's pussy through the Pull-Up. As part of their potty game-routine, Mark shoved wine corks up McKenzie's pussy as a way to prevent her from urinating before their game began.

He drove home and led McKenzie to the basement, where a plastic mat lay. Mark undressed his daughter and commanded her to lie on the mat.

"Hold it for one more minute."

A roll of duck tape was sitting near the mat. He grabbed it, cut two pieces and tapped his daughter's arms to the mat. She squirmed as she was restrained.

"Good girl."

Mark inserted two fingers into the Pull-Up, removing the cork. He fingered his daughter's pussy.

"Those flowers need water," he said, pointing to the flower design on her Pull-Ups.

Within seconds, a flood of urine burst from McKenzie's pussy. The flowers on the front of the Pull-Up dissolved at the first feeling of urine.

"Someone's a good little gardener."

Mark removed his fingers, which were wet. He shoved them into McKenzie's mouth; she licked them dry. Mark slowly removed the wet Pull-Up, taking in the smell of little girl urine. When the Pull-Ups were off, Mark licked them and masturbated. He aimed his cock on diaper and came. He instructed McKenzie to lick the cum off of her wet diaper, while ate his daughter's pussy. When McKenzie ate all of her father's cum, he said, "Good girl. Let's get you cleaned up."

Mark thought about other potty game he could play as he dressed his daughter.

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Don't know much about female anatomy do you.


more like this please,boys/girls terry nappies and plastic pants.,
ripping plastic pants off while taped to the changing mat.
sucking /licking thru the pants. you have potential some of the above to make some good readings.thanks


Now THAT was funny,stepdad!

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