Satisfying Jessica

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Published: 14-Dec-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

When my wife walked into the room with a young woman who was unknown to me I was somewhat flustered, to say the least. Given that I was in the process of vigorously exploring my 6-year-old daughter's mouth with my tongue, my confusion was perhaps understandable. Jessica, of course, couldn't understand why I had to suddenly break off our embrace and moaned in disappointed frustration.

"This is Carol Delamere, David," explained my wife. "I asked her to talk to us about Jessica, if you remember?"

The slightly exasperated tone in which Sara said this told me that she assumed I'd totally forgotten our previous conversation. To be more accurate, I'd pushed it to the back of my mind, not wanting to think about its implications. I remembered now that Carol was some kind of sex therapist who Sara believed could give us valuable advice about our relationship with Jessica, or rather the advisability or otherwise of encouraging other members of our family to develop a similarly intimate relationship with her.

"Hello, David!" said Carol, giving me a warm smile which was clearly designed to set me at my ease. "I'm so pleased to meet you at last - Sara has told me all about the special love you both have for Jessica."

She looked at the 6-year-old with fondness - albeit, it seemed to me, a fondness with more than a hint of desire.

"I must say," she added, "how delightful it was to discover you French-kissing Jessica with such passion. Little girls have such sweet-tasting mouths, don't they?"

"All of Jessica's holes have a delicious taste - particularly her lovely little cunt!"

For some reason I wanted to disturb Carol's cool demeanour but my provocatively crude words failed to have the desired effect, eliciting only an understanding smile.

"David isn't convinced that you'll be able to help us with our little problem," said Sara as she invited her friend to sit down. "Or rather, he's not sure that we have a problem at all."

"I agree that it would be great if we could get your father involved with Jess - I'm just worried that it could all go wrong and end in disaster."

"He'd prefer us to keep things as they are," explained my wife, "rather than run the risk of spoiling what we've got."

"That's understandable," Carol said, smilingly. "However, the undoubted benefits of Jessica developing a sexual relationship with her grandfather are surely worth that risk."

"It's a fact that David is finding it increasingly difficult to satisfy Jessica's sexual demands," commented my wife, giving me a mischievous smile.

"To put it another way," I said, "Jess will gleefully take all the hard cock I can give her and still beg for more!"

Once more my crude words failed to perturb Carol, although I was beginning to suspect that her composed manner masked her real nature - the desire in her eyes as she gazed at Jessica was now palpable.

The 6-year-old had up to now been frowning at the stranger who had interrupted the wet tongue-kissing she so loved, but now she grinned at Carol as she teasingly pushed her firm little bottom against my growing erection.

"My daddy says I'm a horny little bitch!" she declared proudly.

"And what did mummy call you this morning when you climbed into bed with us and sat on my face?"

"A dirty little whore!" giggled Jessica delightedly.

"I'm sure you're the perfect little whore for your mummy and daddy," laughed Carol, her eyes fixed on the 6-year-old's wriggling bottom. "Wouldn't you like to be your grandad's little whore?"

"Of course she would!" I said brusquely, before Jessica could reply - though her glowing smile was answer enough. "We've established that Jess is a randy little tart - there's no doubt that she'd happily open her legs for Colin, always supposing he wanted her to, of course. We already have two kiddie-loving perverts in this family - it seems unlikely that Colin could prove to be the third!"

"Why not?" Carol calmly asked. "Jessica is such a sexy little thing that it's hard to imagine your wife's father not lusting after her, even if he's careful to mask his desire."

In truth I had to agree with Carol, though I was reluctant to admit it. I suppose I wanted to keep sole ownership of my little girl's delectable holes, despite acknowledging her need for additional sexual partners.

"If you'll forgive me for asking," I commented tartly, "I don't quite understand what your qualifications are for giving us advice in this matter - I assume that your work as a sex therapist is concerned with adults?"

"It used to be, though I've recently had several requests from Social Services for help with children who have become sexually involved with one or both of their parents."

"But why should they request your help in particular - presumably there are other competent therapists out there?"

Carol glanced enquiringly at my wife and seemed to gain encouragement from her understanding smile.

"When I was Jessica's age I had already been having sexually intimate relationships with both my parents and other members of my family for over two years. Much later I realized that the wonderful things that were done to me from a very young age were routinely classified as sexual abuse - something which I rejected then as I do now."

"What about your Uncle James, though?" hinted Sara hesitantly. "He could certainly have been described as abusive, couldn't he?"

"I really don't believe so," responded Carol. "It's certainly true that he hugely enjoyed slapping me about before he fucked me, but that was such a major turn-on for him that it became one for me too, eventually. He used to bite me all over my body, as well, and that was such a thrill even though a rather painful one."

"And that led to your initial contact with Social Services, didn't it?"

"That proved to be a blessing in disguise, though it didn't seem so to my parents at first! I had a particular friend at school called Naomi and one day I was showing her the love bite Uncle James had given me just below my left nipple. I remember feeling so proud that he'd marked me in such an intimate way and also the wondering look on Naomi's face as she softly touched the purplish bruising around the bite. Then I realized that my form teacher, Miss Watson, was behind us and I heard her shocked gasp, and suddenly I was in the headmaster's office."

"It's a complicated story," said Sara confidentially, "but I'm sure Carol won't mind me telling you that Miss Watson and the headmaster eventually became her lovers."

Carol smiled reminiscently. "Those were wonderful times! The Child Care Officer my parents dealt with was surprisingly open-minded apparently, although I didn't learn all the details until much later. All I knew at the time was that Mr Jenkins, after due consideration, was happy for me to continue being the family slut. He visited me at home a good deal after that and of course my parents encouraged him to use my body for his pleasure. That's how mum put it, anyway - dad simply urged him to 'stick your cock into the little whore's sweet babyholes', with his usual subtlety."

"Which Mr Jenkins was soon doing with some regularity?" I suggested.

"Oh, yes!" Carol agreed dreamily. "I really used to look forward to his visits. He was a very attentive and considerate lover and he also took the trouble to persuade Miss Watson and Mr Jackson, the headmaster, that starting a sexual relationship with me would be beneficial for all concerned."

"That couldn't have been too difficult a task," I suggested with a smile, slipping Jessica's panties down and pulling her bum cheeks apart to display to Carol the wonderful sight of the 6-year-old's rosy-pink anal pucker.

"There appears to be semen seeping out of your daughter's bottom," Carol commented, giving me a quizzical look.

"I sodomized Jessica shortly before you arrived," I readily confirmed. "She'd been pestering me for sex all morning and I try not to disappoint the darling little slut."

"Her anus is rather reddened and a little distended. You must have fucked her with a good deal of vigour - indeed with no small degree of violence."

There was nothing accusatory in Carol's tone of voice as she said this - in fact her heightened colour suggested unequivocal approval.

"Jessica prefers me to use her roughly," I explained. "I often wonder if that's typical of all little girls who are sexually active."

"I would say so, definitely. When I was Jessica's age I loved being fucked as hard as possible and through my work I know of several little cuties who are just the same."

The flush on Carol's cheeks had deepened. For the first time I realized what a good-looking woman she was and I tried to imagine how she must have looked as a 6-year-old.

"Show him those photos, Carol," my wife suggested, as if she had been reading my thoughts. "She really was a sexy child, David."

"They're not at all pornographic," the therapist cautioned as she opened her handbag and gave me a dozen or so photographs. "I have plenty that are, though, at home, which I'll be happy to show you another time."

The informal snaps of the 6-year-old Carol were certainly not pornographic - but were undeniably erotic, showing the pretty, shy-looking little girl in clothes which were clearly designed to display the seductive loveliness of her immature body. Ultra-short skirts and tight shorts predominated, together with skimpy tops, and though there was some diffidence in the way that Carol looked into the camera, there was also an undoubted self-assurance apparent in her relaxed poses - here was a little girl who was fully confident of her sexual attractiveness.

"I was continually told from a very early age how pretty and sexy I was," explained Carol. "My parents soon encouraged me to watch them making love and mum explained that dad was desperate to make love to me too."

"He must have been," I murmured understandingly. "You certainly were a hot-looking little slut, Carol - if you don't mind me saying so!"

"Not at all! In fact I was about to pay the same compliment to Jessica. Look at that sexy little bottom - I can quite understand why you sodomized her this morning."

My slutty little daughter giggled at this - a giggle which quickly turned into a soft moan as I firmly worked my forefinger into her hot, cum-oozing anus. After thoroughly probing her rectum for a while I lifted my semen-covered finger to Carol's lips with a smile.

"It's still nice and warm," I commented temptingly as a creamy glob of sperm formed at my fingertip.

Carol needed no further encouragement, greedily taking my sticky digit into her mouth and briskly sucking it clean with evident enjoyment.

"More?" I enquired invitingly, accepting the therapist's glowing smile as an affirmative.

I continued to feed her my cum, Jessica moaning with pleasure at each insertion of my finger into the welcoming embrace of her arsehole.

"There's something very special about the taste of semen kept warm in a little girl's bottom," mused Carol as she licked her lips. "If we can just persuade Sara's father to bugger his granddaughter, it would be interesting to see if his sperm has its own particular flavour."

I reiterated my belief that encouraging Colin to sexually molest Jessica, enticing prospect though it was, would be too risky and could lead to disaster. Carol and Sara almost scornfully pooh-poohed my doubts and proceeded to devise a plan which, they maintained, would inevitably result in the 6-year-old's grandfather becoming her lover. I somewhat unwillingly found my scepticism being gradually overcome by their enthusiasm and was soon looking forward to the time when Colin and I could penetrate Jessica's vagina and anus simultaneously.

"What we could really do with," said Sara reflectively, "is another cock to plug Jess's sweet little mouth - I've no doubt that Dr Preston would be more than willing to volunteer his services if we approached him."

Dr Preston was an old family friend and had treated the 6-year-old's usual childhood illnesses, becoming in the process a firm favourite of Jessica, not least because he was so clearly captivated by her.

"It's clear that he's got the raging hots for the child," Sara declared confidently. "When I take Jessica to the surgery, he can't take his eyes off her - it's sheer lust and he does little to hide the fact."

"Could we concentrate on perverting your father, for the moment," I commented dryly, "before we approach Dr Preston, even though I've no doubt he's desperate to get into Jessica's knickers!"

"I'm not sure that 'perverting' is the right word to use," Carol said, in a tone of mild reproof. "The idea is to move Sara's father away from the current orthodoxy concerning pedophilia and incest and to show him that to fully express his love for Jessica, it's vital that he takes part in a variety of sexual activities with her."

"That's fine with me, as long as Colin and I get to skewer the little darling's cunt and ass together."

"First things first," said Sara with a smile. "I'll phone dad now and ask him to come over tonight - if things go as planned I've no doubt it won't be very long before you get your wish."

I still had my doubts, but I knew that once my wife had made up her mind there would be no shifting her. It was Sara who had initiated our own sexual activity with Jessica and who had sought to convince me that we needed assistance if the 6-year-old's increasingly urgent sexual demands were to be satisfied. I remembered with amusement how horrified I had been when Sara had tentatively suggested that we take turns to masturbate our then 4-year-old daughter and how my eventual assent had inevitably led to me enjoying full vaginal and anal intercourse with Jess shortly after her 5th birthday. I had to admit that Sara's often-expressed wish to have her father and Dr Preston join me in pleasuring Jessica was one which I was finding increasingly enticing, even though it would mean me giving up exclusive use of the little slut's fuckholes.

"I'll come over again tomorrow, if I may," Carol said, "to find out if our little plan had the desired result."

"Please do," I responded warmly as I gently fondled Jessica's bare bottom. "And if you could remember to bring those pornographic photos of yourself as a little girl, I would be most grateful!"


When, two years ago, Sara's father lost his wife to cancer, he began to spend more time with us at our request. I've always got on well with Colin and so was happy to welcome him as a frequent visitor, despite the fact that Sara and I were just then starting to introduce Jessica to the delights of sex and so had to warn her that the exciting things we did together had to be kept a secret from her grandfather. In recent weeks, however, Sara had allowed the 6-year-old to wear her customary slutty outfits when Colin visited, instead of making her change into something more decent, and this had proved a great success. Colin had clearly approved of his little granddaughter's scanty and revealing clothing, though that approval was initially tacit - there was, though, a distinct lasciviousness in the way he gazed at Jess which told its own tale.

That lasciviousness was more apparent than ever when Colin walked into our living room a few hours after Sara's phone call. Jessica was wearing a brief, white camisole top which only just covered her nipples and exposed her midriff, together with a thin cotton miniskirt of the same colour which accentuated the slim shapeliness of her bare legs. Her mother had arranged the 6-year-old's long, ash-blonde hair into a single plait which made her look younger than ever and which somehow emphasized her childish innocence as well as her sexual attractiveness.

"Wow! You're looking really pretty tonight, Jessica!" Colin enthused as he sat in his usual armchair and looked at his young granddaughter with avid interest.

"To describe Jess as merely 'pretty' is hardly adequate," I suggested with a smile. "A few minutes ago I remarked to Sara that our daughter is an incredibly sexy little bitch, and she fully agreed with me!"

"Mummy says I'm a hot little slut!" chimed in Jessica, and dressed as she was I sure Colin agreed with his daughter, though whether he was prepared to admit it was another question.

"I never thought I'd hear you say such things about your own child," Colin said quietly after a few moments hesitation, sounding shocked but in no way appalled.

"I fail to see what's so outrageous about referring to Jess as a sexy little bitch!" I insisted. "I was merely stating the patently obvious - you surely can't deny that you find your granddaughter sexually attractive, given the blatant desire in your eyes every time you look at her?"

"I don't suppose I can deny that," Colin admitted with some reluctance, after a short pause. "I wouldn't normally admit to such a thing, but as you've pressed me I must confess that I do find Jessica extremely attractive - that is, um, sexually attractive."

"To be honest with you, Colin, I would think there's something wrong with you if you didn't. Just looking at the gorgeous little slut dressed like that gets me good and hard!"

"How about you, Dad?" asked Sara. "Are you starting to get an erection? I really do hope so - it would be the greatest compliment to Jessica."

"Well, as it happens, I am," admitted Colin, flushing with embarrassment. "It's hardly surprising, given the conversation we're having and with Jessica displaying herself in such a provocative manner!"

"She does have the most adorable body, doesn't she, Dad? There's something about the unformed figure of a prepubescent little girl which David and I find amazingly erotic."

"I suppose I've thought the same way for some time, without being able to acknowledge the fact. It wouldn't normally be wise to openly say so, but there's no point now in refusing to accept the truth."

"Can you see my knickers through my skirt, Gramps?" asked Jessica hopefully as she slowly twirled around.

"Yes, indeed I can, sweetie. They're such a tiny pair of knickers, aren't they? You look so, erm, sexy with them showing through your short skirt - sexy and, um ... "

"Slutty?" I suggested with a smile.

"Well, yes, that's an accurate description, David, but I'm not sure if you and Sara should be referring to a sweet little girl like Jessica as a 'bitch' and a 'slut'."

"Why not?" asked Sara, slightly brusquely. "Jess and I adore being called 'bitch' and 'whore' and 'slut' by David! He isn't being abusive at all - he's simply emphasizing the fact that he owns us body and soul and that our main concern must always be to please him. I firmly believe that a wife should always be her husband's faithful bitch and accept his authority over her in all areas of a marriage."

"And I believe," I said, "that the father/daughter relationship should be of a similar nature. It's completely natural for a man to lust after his daughter and she should be taught from an early age that it's her duty to satisfy his sexual needs. Even after her marriage, she should continue to be sexually submissive towards her father as well as her husband."

"I would have so loved for you to use me as your whore, Daddy, when I was a little girl," Sara declared boldly, causing Colin's flush to immediately deepen. "I don't suppose you were ever attracted to me in that way, but ... "

"Oh yes, I was!" interrupted Colin. "Even when you were a toddler I had improper thoughts about you which disturbed me for a good while - until I decided to enjoy the fantasies which developed from them, knowing they would never become reality. Your mother, bless her soul, was always prudish about sexual matters and so there was no way I could discuss my feelings for you with her."

"I don't suppose you still have improper thoughts about Sara?" I hinted, confident of what his answer would be.

"Don't I just! Sara would blush crimson if she knew what I imagine doing to her in my sexual fantasies."

"I doubt that," I replied dryly. "It's extremely difficult to make your daughter blush about such things - she really is the consummate whore."

Sara laughed delightedly. "Thank you, darling! I try my best!"

"I wish you'd had the nerve to wear something in your usual slutty style tonight - I'm sure your father would enjoy seeing you dressed like a common tart next time."

"Would you really, Dad?" Sara asked imploringly. "Do say yes - it would mean so much to me!"

"In that case, I suppose I have to say yes - not that there was ever any chance of me saying no! If I may make a request, could you wear sexy knickers which show through a tight, clingy skirt, like Jessica?"

"Of course, Daddy!"

"I would prefer you to go braless, of course. You have lovely breasts, Sara, and I would adore to see your stiff nipples poking through a skimpy top."

Colin's embarrassment had clearly subsided to a great extent!

"My nipples get stiff as well," piped up Jessica, clearly eager to regain her grandfather's attention,"when mummy and daddy rub them and pinch them and suck on them!"

"Why don't you take her top of and see if you can harden her little nips up," suggested Sara, laughing at her father's shocked expression, "while I pop upstairs and change into something indecent for you?"

"Why not, indeed?" muttered Colin, the bulge in the crotch of his trousers more evident than ever as Jessica turned around to allow him to fumblingly unfasten her lacy camisole top.

His nervousness was apparent as he clumsily removed the flimsy top and allowed it to flutter to the floor. Jessica quickly slid on to his lap and nestled against him, taking his right hand between both of hers and lifting it to her bare chest invitingly. Hesitatingly at first, and then with growing confidence, he circled the tip of his forefinger around the soft pinkness of the 6-year-old's left nipple and then quite firmly tweaked it, repeating the process with increasing force until she began to cry out, more with excitement than pain, as her subsequent giggles made evident.

"Pinch me harder, Grandad!" begged Jessica, arching her back against him as he urgently twisted her stiffening nipple until tears welled into her eyes and spilled down her flushed cheeks.

"Don't let the little slut's teardrops put you off, Colin," I cautioned as he hesitated at the sight of her flushed, wet cheeks. "Making Jessica weep is generally a sign that you're doing something right! I should get to work on her other nipple - I think I hear Sara on her way down."

Colin obediently turned his attention to the 6-year-old's right nipple, squeezing it between finger and thumb with some severity and causing her to cry out piteously as her mother came back into the room.

"Ah, the sweet, arousing sounds of a little girl being vigorously pleasured!" Sara sighed, smiling at her father.

She stood before him in a matching sky-blue top and skirt, whose brevity and near-transparency wonderfully displayed her ravishing body, turning round to show him the clearly discernible outline of her panties.

"You shameless slut!" Colin exclaimed huskily as he continued to urgently tweak Jessica's erect nipples. "I never thought I would ever see you dressed like a common whore - though I must say the most adorable, desirable whore imaginable!"

"Do you really find me desirable me, Daddy?" Sara asked anxiously. "Surely not as desirable as Jessica?"

"I think you're both incredibly sexy bitches, to use David's phrase. I'm still getting used to having such feelings about my own daughter but I must say that the filthy slut look suits you admirably!"

To say that Sara was pleased by her father's admiring comments would be to greatly underestimate her evident delight - her face positively glowed with elation. Colin's unashamed lust for her was no doubt gratifying to my wife but for the time being I wanted to promote his lust for little Jessica and I therefore winked at the 6-year-old as a sign that she should continue with our agreed plan. Her response was immediate.

"Mummy, I feel sore down here - will you rub some cream on me?"

Jessica's hand had strayed under the waistband of her skirt and between her legs to indicate the area of the supposed soreness and I noted the look of shocked excitement on Colin's face when Sara knelt down and began to unfasten the skirt.

"Let's have a look, shall we, darling? You're not embarrassed are you, Dad - I'm sure you must be dying to have a look at Jess's sweet little pussy!"

Colin tried to respond but after stuttering incoherently contented himself with a decided nod of the head before passing the 6-year-old over to his daughter.

"Let's just slip your skirt and knickers off, sweetie," murmured Sara. "She is looking quite tender, isn't she, Dad?"

In fact, although Jessica's professed soreness was a ploy, her labia were somewhat puffy and reddened, due to the increased regularity with which I had been fucking her recently. With an impish smile, she lifted her legs to her chest and allowed them to fall apart in a manner which was somehow both innocent and lewd.

"Would you like to massage some of this into Jess's darling little cunt?" my wife added, handing her father a tube of cream.

Still speechless, Colin squeezed a dollop of the salve on to his fingers and tentatively smeared it over the plump smoothness of the 6-year-old's vulva as she sighed with pleasure.

"Rub it in harder, Dad," Sara laughed. "You'll know you're doing it right when the little slut starts squealing!"

Colin began to vigorously circle his fingertips against Jessica's pouting pussy lips, continuing with increased energy when she responded with enthusiastic moans. As he did so, Sara twisted the 6-year-old's erect nipples with some force, knowing from experience that this would enhance her rapidly approaching orgasm.

"Work a finger into her slit now," I hinted after a while. "The little darling's cunt hole should be nicely juiced up and relaxed by now - a good hard fingering seems to be called for to finish her off."

Colin adopted my suggestion with gusto, probing eagerly between Jessica's labia as her appreciative moans increased in pitch. His finger slipped easily inside her and he began to thrust it urgently into her hot, greasy hole, encouraged by the 6-year-old's ecstatic yelps. There was something particulary arousing in the contrast between my father-in-law's gnarled, swarthy finger and the smooth pinkness of Jessica's mound - for the first time I was watching another man fingering my little girl and the experience was proving to be highly seductive.

"Do it to me, Grandad!" Jessica squealed desperately. "Do it to me - fuck me, Grandad! Please, please, fuck me, Grandad!"

"Oh, God, yes!" Sara cried. "Fuck the horny little slut, Daddy! She needs your cock so badly - give it to her good and hard!"

"She's only a child!" Colin moaned unhappily, even as his free hand moved towards his zipper.

"A child who's begging you to ravish her!" I returned, as Colin continued to feverishly finger-fuck the 6-year-old. "She's had my cock in her pussy countless times this last year - it's high time you shafted the randy little whore!"

"Help him, David," Sara instructed, seeing her father fumblingy trying to free his bulging erection.

I quickly unzipped Colin and pulled out his thickly-veined shaft, feeling it hot and pulsing in my hand. As he withdrew his gooey finger from Jessica's hole, I manoeuvred his swollen cock head between her reddened labia and into the loving embrace of her immature cunt. All my misgivings about allowing another man to enjoy her lovely body had disappeared - now I longed to see Colin fuck my sweet darling as she loved to be fucked, with aggression and passion.

"She'll take almost your whole length," Sara commented eagerly, as her father slowly eased his rock-hard cock into Jessica.

It was a heavenly pleasure to watch my father-in-law cunt-fuck my adorable 6-year-old daughter for the first time. I had told Carol that Jessica preferred to be used roughly and Colin certainly gave her no cause to complain, fucking her with an almost brutal intensity which soon had her screaming with pained delight and Sara whooping in appreciation. His distended, brick-red shaft pistoned repeatedly into Jessica's squelching cunt as he grunted loudly, gripping her fiercely below the knees, while Sara's busy fingers continued to pinch and pull at the 6-year-old's stiff little nipples.

Colin certainly had plenty of staying power, fucking Jessica with unabated vigour for several minutes and bringing her to a wailing climax before he finally unloaded his full balls into her trembling belly and withdrew his sticky cock, leaving her with a red, swollen cunt which she displayed with lascivious delight.

There followed an energetic discussion between Sara and myself as to whether it would be wise for me to sodomize our little girl next, given that her anus still looked somewht sore following that morning's ass-fuck. Sara, though of course eager to show her father how the 6-year-old adored taking hard cock in her lovely bottom, argued that Jessica needed a day's rest before more anal sex. Colin and I put forward the opposing conclusion, that a prickteasing slut like Jessica should willingly allow herself to be fucked in any hole at any time, however sore she may happen to be.

Jessica settled the argument by tearfully begging her mother to let me bugger her, persisting with her tears until Sara gracefully gave in, herself guiding my bloated glans into the 6-year-old's tight anal pucker. I ass-fucked her with some restraint at first, in deference to Sara's views, but eventually my aching desire took hold and I began to ram my thick shaft into the hot clutch of her bowels with increasing vehemence, her piercing yells intensifying until I orgasmed fiercely and flooded her rectum with pulsing squirts of hot semen.

"We'll double-fuck the sweet little whore tomorrow," I declared, this time receiving no opposition from Sara.

"A triple-fuck would be even better, if we could arrange it," my wife suggested smilingly, lifting Jessica's head so that she could lick my cock clean.

"We really need to have a serious talk with Dr Preston! I can't imagine that he would turn down the opportunity to pleasure Jess, even if we restricted him to the use of her pretty mouth for the time being."

When Sara came downstairs later, after putting Jessica to bed, the three of us had an enjoyable discussion about the erotic appeal of little girls, Colin openly admitting his longstanding desire for his granddaughter. We all agreed on the advisability of permitting Dr Preston to have sex with Jess, Sara confessing that she herself would enjoy a tumble with the good-looking doctor.

"You really are a dirty slut, aren't you, Sara?" said Colin admiringly.

"Thank you for your kind words, Daddy! I would love to be your personal dirty slut, if you'd only let me."

"I think you can assume that I'll let you, with pleasure! Get your clothes off, you sexy bitch, and open your legs for me!"

Sara obeyed her father with alacrity and he proceeded to use her with impassioned severity, stabbing his turgid cock into her cunt with an unremitting force which soon had her squealing with joy. I watched for a while as I contemplated spunking on my wife's face, before creeping upstairs to Jessica's bedroom. The 6-year-old was fast asleep, her mouth slightly open as she breathed softly.

"Jessica, darling," I whispered in her ear, nudging my cock head against her lower lip as I vigorously wanked. "Wake up for a moment, sweetheart."

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled sweetly at me, even as I ejaculated into her mouth. She sucked the sticky mess to the back of her throat and swallowed it with evident pleasure as her eyelids closed again.

"Thank you, Daddy!" she murmured sleepily.

"Goodnight, my darling little cumslut. Sleep well tonight - tomorrow your gramps and I are going to fuck you senseless!"

The 6-year-old's smile deepened as she drifted asleep.

The End

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