The Rape Of Candi Barr, Part 1

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Published: 14-Mar-2012

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All of my stories are FICTION, borne out of an over active imagination and a fondness for children......these events did not happen and therefore should not to be viewed by minors, miners or mynahs. If you fall into one of these categories, then I suggest that you march yourself immediately to your local police station and throw yourself on their mercy. Failing that you could just stop reading!

This story is a work of fiction which means that it did NOT happen. If stories featuring adult/child sexual activity offend you, THEN DON'T READ IT!

"We are now making our final approach ladies and gentlemen to Chicago International Airport. Please fasten your safety belts and remain seated until instructed to disembark from the aircraft. Captain Johnson and his crew hope that you have enjoyed your flight, and on behalf of Global Airlines, wish you a happy stay and that you will fly with us again. For your information, the local time is 9.30am and the weather is overcast at 22 degrees."

Conner heard the intercom click off as he put his seatbelt back on. It had been interesting for him having never flown before, and now he was there... he was ACTUALLY there. The past five years had been sheer hell, but now here he was, his first holiday in... how many years was it? He thought to himself. Six... no eight years, maybe even more than that since he'd last had a holiday, and now here he was on holiday. No ordinary holiday though. A holiday in the USA. He'd actually made it to the states, having saved like mad for the past 12 months and now he was there. In ten minutes they would touch down and soon after he would be walking on American soil. The thought of it made him so excited.

He wasn't the only one excited. So was Candi. In fact, Candi had been excited by the thought ever since Conner had mentioned the idea of coming to visit. Sure, she'd seen photos of him, and even video, but to meet him in the flesh... WOW! Candi and her best friend Stacey had been chatting to Conner on the Internet now for twelve months, and loved him deeply, as he did her. Not just her, but Stacey too. The three of them loved one another, which was a bit strange for people that hadn't met. But they were all certain of their deep love for another, so even the age difference didn't matter a jot. So what if he is 37? Candi thought to herself. She's always liked older men anyway. Candi was 8 years old. She was petite, with long blond hair. A right little cutie, with an innocent look so rarely found these days in a child. However, the book was nothing like the cover, as they say.

Candi was far from the innocent little 8 year old that she looked. In fact she was sexually aware. Very sexually aware and very sexually active. But Conner liked his girl's young, as both Candi and Stacey knew only too well. They were both happy with the knowledge, having enjoyed sexual activity not only with each other, but younger kids. They enjoyed the child porn pictures and video clips they'd seen on the Internet, and they often had sexy chats with Conner over the Internet too. He had become their "virtual" boyfriend. They had sent him their photographs and he had done likewise. He'd even sent them naked ones with erections and stuff. And video clips. The girls were disappointed that they couldn't return the favour, not having access to a digital camera at all but Conner, although he desperately wanted some, understood the difficulty for them. They chatted virtually all night every night, which was a bit of a strain with the eight hour time difference between the US and the UK but they managed.

Candi was so happy. She'd dreamt about this day for so long and now it was going to finally happen. She and Stacey had spoken about nothing else for weeks! They both deliberately dressed sexily for their first meeting with him. Stacey wore a short black dress with black satin knickers underneath. Candi wore a denim mini skirt and crop top. Out of sheer devilment, she'd left her knickers off, which was typical of her. Conner's plane was due in at 9.45 and the taxicab would get them there in good time. They both hoped that they would all recognise each other from the photos. Candi looked at the photo again while they were in the back of the cab.

"Do you think he'd have changed since this was taken?" Candi asked Stacey.

"Doubt it," Stacey replied. "I'm sure he'd have said and sent us a new one. I can't wait to meet him!"

"Nor me!"

The aeroplane had landed on time. Conner was through customs and into arrivals with no problems. They needn't have worried. As Conner looked around he recognised the dark haired 11 year old and blonde 8 year old instantly and headed towards them, pulling his trolley behind him. The girl's hearts were pounding so much, they both though it would explode!

"Hello Stacey!" Conner said as he got to them.

"Hi!" she just about managed to stammer.

"So that means, you must be...Candiiiiiiiii?" he joked.

He made a point of emphasising and extending the end of her name. It was a standing joke between them that Candi had started on the net, knocking the Y off her name, replacing it with an I and extending it. She always used it when they had their chats and she knew it always made Conner laugh.

Candi giggled.

"Sure am! Hi!"

"I can't believe I'm actually here... I think I'm dreaming..." Conner said as he reached out and hugged Stacey.

He gently planted a light kiss on her lips, and it was like an electric jolt going through her body. She'd wanted to do that for so long. Then Conner hugged Candi, kissing her too. Always wanting to go that little bit further, she held him in the hug a bit longer so that the kiss lingered.

"Right then," said Conner, "this is your city girls. Lead the way to the taxis and we can find the motel."

Conner followed them, and before they knew it they were in a cab and away.

It was a very quick journey and before they realised it, they were there. Conner felt a bit overwhelmed as it was so different to back home. The size of the cars, being on the opposite side of the road, everything. He drank it all in. He paid and tipped the driver handsomely before the three of them made their way into the reception. They had already agreed to say that he was a visiting Uncle from the UK, just in case any questions were asked about their going with him to his room, but no one batted an eyelid as he booked in and got the key to his room. Once they were in the safety of the motel room, they could drop all the pretence and act like they really wanted to act... like lovers!

Conner dropped his cases down and sat down on one of the beds with each of the girls either side of him. He put an arm around each of them, and pulled them close.

"I love you both so much..." he told them. "I hope my being here proves that."

"We love you too!" they replied in unison.

Conner took hold of Stacey and kissed her again. This time it was a long passionate one, searching the insides of her mouth with his tongue. Afterwards, he did exactly the same with Candi. Conner made himself a coffee and retrieved a can of cola from the small refrigerator for each of the girls. Conner noticed that Stacey looked a bit pale.

"Are you okay sweetheart?" Conner asked her with some concern.

"I have a pounding headache," she told him.

"Why don't you have a little sleep on the bed?" Conner suggested. "It's probably all the excitement."

"Do you mind?" Stacey asked.

"Course not you doughnut!" Conner replied with a laugh. "I wouldn't have suggested it if I did!"

"I think I will..." she said, slipping her shoes off.

She got on the other bed and made herself comfortable. Conner tenderly kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear.

"I love you. Sweet dreams darling..." he said, stroking her head as she drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Candi lay on the other bed with her hands behind her head like the lady of the manor. When Conner was sure Stacey was asleep, he playfully jumped onto the bed with Candi. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him, before kissing her passionately once again. As he kissed the 8 year old, he felt his cock starting to stir. He had longed for this moment, and now it had arrived. As he kissed her, his hand travelled downwards. Eventually it arrived at its destination, and Conner began to caress Candi's small pert bum through the denim material. Immediately, he realised she had no underwear on. When they broke away from their kiss, Conner spoke.

"Haven't you got any knickers on?" Conner asked.

"Nope!" Candi replied with a cheeky grin.

"You know what they call people who come out without knickers on don't ya?"

"No..." the girl replied.

"A fucking whore!" Conner told her, staring straight into her eyes.

"But... but..." Candi stammered.

"No buts... you're a whore... a slut... A worthless, no good. FUCKING BITCH!" he yelled at her. And he meant it. "I'll show you what happens to little whores with no knickers on!" he told her, getting off the bed.

He delved into a suitcase and retrieved some items. Candi froze when she saw the twine.

"Get your arse here bitch!" Conner ordered.

Candi, too frightened to do anything else, obeyed. When she was close enough, Conner reached out and pulled her top off. He followed this with her skirt and let it lay where it fall. Candi stood there in front of him naked. For the first time in her short life, she felt somewhat embarrassed by her nakedness.

"Right, listen up and listen good, you worthless little piece of shit!" Conner said with venom dripping from his voice. "YOU are gonna do EXACTLY what I say, when I tell you to do it understand?"

Candi just stood there dumbly. Conner grabbed her tightly around the throat.

"I said... UNDERSTAND? Or are you fucking deaf as well?"

Sheepishly, she nodded. She couldn't believe this was happening, especially with Stacey asleep in the room. Conner was undoing his trousers and Candi could see his bulging erection through his boxers. She began to shake with the sudden realisation of what was about to happen.

Conner was now out of his trousers and boxers as Candi stared at his hairy rampant manhood. She gulped as she felt her mouth drying up.

"On your knees bitch!" Conner commanded.

Oh god, Candi thought, doing as she was told. Conner stepped closer and grabbed her roughly by the hair.

"Open your mouth and SUCK!" he commanded, as he stuffed the 8 year old's tiny mouth full of hard cock.

She gagged slightly as she felt the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Conner held the sides of her head firmly as he thrust hard into her mouth... and again... and again. He held her tight by the hair pulling her head backwards and forwards, at the same time thrusting harder and faster into her mouth. Candi had sucked a cock before, but never like this. He was fucking her mouth! Suddenly he stopped and again grabbing her by the hair, pulled her up to her feet. Roughly, he threw her onto the bed.

He grabbed the twine that he'd got out of his case earlier, and a few other bits that she couldn't quite make out. One thing she did see though was the Swiss army knife.

Conner got Candi to lay flat on the bed.

"Arms up and out!" he ordered.

Shaking even more, Candi obeyed. Conner got the twine and tied each of her wrists to the upper bedposts, using the knife to cut it. Then he grabbed each ankle in turn and tied them to the bottom ones so that she was spread eagled on the bed. He tied it so tight that it hurt, with her legs as wide open as they could be. She felt like she was splitting in two. Then he grabbed something else and Candi then realised what it was... A blindfold!

As he blindfolded her, she whimpered slightly, and was rewarded with a stinging slap across the face.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he commanded.

Candi, with her face still smarting from the slap, was instantly silent.

"IF I have to tell you again... WHORE... you'll fucking regret it!" he said with a menace in his voice that made her realise he meant every word.

He seemed to take pleasure in degrading her, and emphasised words like whore, slut, and bitch. The blindfold was on, and Candi was plunged into a world of darkness. All she could hear was Conner's heavy breathing, and the occasional murmur from a sleeping Stacey. She found it hard to believe that she'd chatted to him so often on the Internet. He'd said he'd loved her. She'd said she loved him.!

He looked at the bed. His prize. His dream. An 8 year old girl tied and blindfolded naked to the bed in his motel room. He smiled to himself as he got up on the bed.

"Let's have a closer look at this sweet little pussy of yours then," he said as he done so.

He looked at her tiny, hairless slit. The fleshy folds, stretched wide apart. The pink inner lips. Her tiny clitoris, or "love button" as he called it, and the tiny gaping whole of her pussy itself. Her little "love tunnel". Conner placed the palm of his hand on her mound and with his thumb, flicked her clitty. Not being able to see it, Candi jumped at the touch.

"Just fucking enjoy it, whore!" he bellowed at the little girl, as without warning he plunged a finger into her gaping hole.

She was unprepared for this and winced a little. Because of that, he pushed his finger in deeper, right up to his knuckle.

"You fucking WANT me to hurt you don't ya?" he snarled at her menacingly.

Desperately, she shook her head.

"Don't fucking lie to me you bitch!" he shouted, shoving his finger deeper and deeper.

This just made her wince a bit more.

"Listen slut. I am the master here understand? You are just a little slave right?"

Candi nodded.

"Can't hear a fucking nod!" he told her.

"Y-y-yes," Candi answered timidly,

"Yes WHAT?" he asked her.

"Y-y-yes.... M-m-master," she replied.

"From now on, that's what you call me. Understand?"

"Yes master."

Conner was now moving his finger in and out of her hole, pushing it in harder and deeper each time.

"Mmm... nice tight pussy..." Conner declared. "Let's open it up a bit!"

With that he inserted another finger into her already crammed 8 year old pussy hole.

"Aaahh!" cried Candi as the she felt the fingers go in.

She suddenly felt brave.

"P-p-please don't,"she stammered, "it... it hurts!"

"GOOD!" Conner replied as he thrust the two fingers in deeper, at the same time thumbing her love button.

He pressed it hard as he moved his thumb around in a circular motion. He pushed in even more so, that her tiny little pussy was crammed with his manly fingers. He thrust his fingers in and out of her wildly, enjoying watching the young girls pain.

"Aargh!" shrieked Candi.

Conner slapped her again. After a few minute of this, he changed tack. He removed his fingers from her now sore pussy and stuck them in her mouth.

"Suck them!" he ordered. "Taste the juices of your own little slut pussy!"

Candi done as she was told, as she could never tell when to expect another slap, and god they smarted! Silently she prayed for Stacey to wake up and rescue her from this guys clutches. But she slept silently and blissfully on, totally oblivious to her friend's distress, stirring only occasionally.

"Let's taste some of that sweet little slut pussy," he said, as he moved down her body.

At last, thought Candi, he can't hurt me doing this. Conner moved between her splayed legs, her pussy red from the thrusting of his fingers. His mouth moved over her mound as he took each of her sweet lips in turn and sucked on them. His tongue found her love button, and he flicked at it.

"Mmm..." Candi moaned.

Now this was more like it. Then suddenly, without any warning, he sucked hard on her clitty and when he had it between his teeth, he bit it.

Candi's body jolted involuntarily, not that she could move much, being bound so tightly. She wasn't aware of course, but she now had red rope burns around her wrists and ankles.

"Now..." Conner said in the now familiar threatening tone, "I'll show you how to fuck!"

He moved between her legs, grasping his cock in his hand. Candi braced herself, as he was sure to stab it straight inside of her. To her surprise, he didn't. With his cock in his hand, he rubbed the tip along the crack of her tiny slit. Candi moaned softly. This actually felt nice. He then rubbed it against her clit.

"Mmmm nice... she purred softly, sooo nice."

Conner then moved the head of his cock to the entrance of her tiny gaping hole. Then he thrust with all his might. Candi felt a searing pain as his cock tore into her. She wasn't a complete virgin of course, she'd often had her fingers there exploring - even used her vibrator, but it had always been gentle and never like this.

"Aargh!" she screamed as his cock entered her up to the hilt.

She felt his hairy balls slamming against her open thighs, as he thrust again and again.

"Nice eh?" he questioned with a smirk on his face, as he thrust again and again. With each thrust, he said a word.


He had his arm around the back of her and was lifting her off the bed to meet his thrusting.

"YOU'RE A SLUT..." he continued. "WHAT ARE YOU?"

"Slut m... master," Candi replied.

"And?" he continued to question her.

"Little... Whore... Worthless..." she managed to gasp between his thrusting.

"And NEVER forget it!" he told her, with a long, hard, final thrust.

Candi felt the swell of his cock, and she knew he was about to cum inside her. All of a sudden she felt the wet hot stickiness inside her pussy as his cock exploded. His cock continued to pump as her pussy filled with Conner's love cream. She could feel it oozing from her pussy and trickling down her legs. Conner withdrew while his cock was still pumping and moved up, aiming it at her face. Huge globs of cum hit her straight in the face. Some hit her nose, and the blindfold where her eyes were. As the pumping slowed up, Conner grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over the 8 year old's face. Large strands of cum hung down as he forced his cock back into her mouth. Her long golden hair was matted with the sticky gooey mess.

"Lick it clean!" he ordered.

Candi once again began to suck his cock and licked all the cum from it until it was clean. She felt that once she had done this, he would ease off, having shot his load and relieved the pressure inside him. Once again, she was mistaken. Soon, she'd cleaned all the cum off and although his cock was now limp, it was still in her mouth.

"Fuck it!" he exclaimed, "I need to piss!"

Candi quietly sighed to herself. Thank god for that she thought, he's finished. Suddenly she felt her mouth filling with hot salty liquid. He was pissing in her mouth! She gagged as she had no choice but to struggle and swallow the flow. It seemed to last for an eternity, before the steady stream slowed up.

"Aaahh..." said Conner with a sigh of relief, "I needed that!"

Candi couldn't believe it. He said it as casually as if he'd just walked out of the gents! Maybe I will get to rest now, Candi thought to herself. Conner on the other hand... was formulating the rest of his plan...................

End Of Part One


Quick note from D.C:

This story was written back in 2000. I don't usually write stories that are non-consensual and I certainly do not write stories of forced rape. However, this story was written following a request from one of my readers. Having said all that, I advise you to read Part 2 as sometimes, things are not always what they seem!

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Whether you like to write it or not, absolutely great work.


After that advice perhaps I shouldn't read Part 2 if I don't want the illusion shattered :-) Thanks anyway!


Okay, up front I'm admitting I have NOT read a single word of this story. I did however read the Summary as well as the note at the end, both of which make me wonder........This is ONLY 3450 words long. So why the hell not post the entire story at one time?! You wrote it over ten years ago so just post the entire thing in one go! Trust me, the site (and the readers) can handle it!


Didn't Need The Rape... It Was Flowing Till He Got Pissed

Darles Chickens

There are reasons for posting them in parts - as is how they were originally written, and posted on another site as well as my own page. However, following various PC changes and crashes, I lost a lot of my work and the ony way to get them back was via the site I posted them to all those years ago.
Since then, I have come a long way in writing terms, and therefore have had to make a number of corrections as well as removing all the garbage added on by the other site.
Plus, it's always nice to end on a bit of suspense! lol
However, I appreciate the comments, no matter how you feel.
There are a lot more stories to come, when my 'regular' writing allows me the time ton check them all.


I loved how he turned on her and used her...beautifully done.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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