Friends in High Places, Part 2

[ MM/g(9), pedo, inc, cons, oral ]

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Published: 11-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Doug, what the hell is going on here?"

Emily lay her head back against my shoulder and began to nuzzle my neck, her breath electrifying my senses. She began to rock gently in my lap, caressing my bulge with her perfect little butt cheeks. She took my hand and placed it on her soft little belly beneath the fabric of her tank top, and let out an erotic sigh as she began to nudge it lower.

"You feel so good, Mr. Pete. I want to play with your cock, if that's alright."

What the hell was she doing? Was I dreaming this? It felt so right yet everything I thought I knew about life was screaming at me to immediately stop and run for cover.

"Em, I think you're gonna kill him," Doug chuckled. "Why don't you give our guest a minute to collect himself."

Doug leaned forward from his seat on the couch and with a half-drunken heave raised himself to a standing position. Emily rolled herself from my lap, giving me a sly smile as she did. She walked over to join her father who was now standing in front of the TV. Without saying a word she began to rub the bulge in his jeans.

"Doug... I don't know what to think about this..."

"It's okay, Pete, just relax a bit. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Emily began working at her father's belt, the buckle clinking that beautiful sound. "Eve and I have raised Emily to make her own decisions regarding things like sex. We never pressure her to do it. In fact, it was Emily that initiated it with us at first."


Doug let out a deep breath as his daughter undid the button and zipper of his jeans and allowed them to fall to the floor.

"Yes, Emily likes to have sex with her mother as well. And I know she'd love to have sex with you. She thinks you're cute." Doug's cock was forcing itself against the fabric of his boxers, it looked almost painful. A single dark wet spot marked the apex of his bulge. Emily took the waistband of her father's underwear in her lithe little fingers and gently pulled them down, allowing his cock to stand freely. "She doesn't feel that way about everyone you know, you should feel lucky."

My old friend gave me one last smile before he was overcome by the touch of his daughter's gentle hand on his penis. She stared at his impressive member as she began a series of slow yet agile strokes, flicking her wrist as she went.

I'd guess Doug was working with a solid seven inches, slightly less than what I could claim but he had me beat in girth. Nothing too crazy, but just a nice, solid-looking cock. Normally I wouldn't be so interested in another man's penis, but given the context I could barely take my eyes from it. It looked so good the way he let his daughter stroke at it, and he was clearly enjoying himself as well.


"Shhhhhh," he cut me off. "If you feel uncomfortable you can always leave the room, it's fine. But I hope you decide to stay, and I know Emily does too." Doug let out a soft groan and closed his eyes.

Emily turned her head to me as she handled her father's heavy cock, a flirty smile across her face. "It's true, Mr. Pete. I think you're really cute. And it feels like you have a nice cock in there. I'd love to taste it. Just sit back and watch and I'll do you next."

With that Emily turned back to her father, who had by this point kicked his pants clear, and placed her lips on the tip of his swollen penis head. Her mouth opened and she began to bob her head gently as she accepted the first bit of his cock. She had to open her jaw most of the way in order to accommodate his girth, and it looked like it might be a bit uncomfortable, but Emily appeared to know what she was doing and it didn't seem to slow her down at all.

I tried my best to just sit there and watch. I was so incredibly turned on but so conflicted at the same time. Is this who I had become? What if somebody found out? My vision began to tunnel and my ears began to ring. I felt like I couldn't breathe yet I was sucking down air like I'd just run a mile uphill. I felt my face growing numb and within another few seconds I had blacked out.


When I came to I found myself flat on my back in the dark, with light coming from a doorway to my left. I realized I was laying on a tile floor with a cushion under my head and I thought about how good it felt to have the cool surface below me. Eventually my hearing returned, the buzz dying down to reveal the sounds coming from the other room, echoing slightly across the tile floor.

I could hear a human voice but couldn't quite make out what they were saying. I decided it must be Doug but his voice was low and it sounded like he was just muttering under his breath. I then became aware of a tiny squishing sound that stopped when I heard Emily's sweet little voice.

"Do you like that, Daddy?"

"Mmmm, you know I do. You do that so well. Uhhh... Yeah, play with my balls." The sucking sound resumed.

So it was true. It wasn't a dream. My old friend was right now, as I lay there, getting a blow job from his unbelievably sexy 9-year-old daughter. I immediately felt my cock begin to swell and instinctively reached down to hold it firm.

"Oh god, Emily. Mmmmmm. Fuck, you make it so good." Doug was a talker, apparently.

I noticed a framed photograph on the wall above me, a family portrait of Doug, Emily, and Eve. They looked like such a nice, normal family in the photo, but boy if you only knew. Emily's smile, radiant and beautiful, took on a whole new character knowing what I now knew. I stared at the image of her frozen in time as I listened to the sound of her sweet little mouth being punched full of her Daddy's cock. I looked at Doug, then Eve, and back to Emily again.

It was at that moment that I awoke. Not like I had a few minutes earlier, but from the dream that we call normal, every day life. I felt like I was seeing everything from a whole new perspective that I never imagined could exist. I realized that I had been living my life according what others thought of me (or, more accurately, what I was afraid others would think of me) instead of what I actually wanted. I was a coward, or had been.

I jumped to my feet and quickly undressed before hurrying toward the light of the TV room, my cock bouncing in locked-step ahead of me.


Emily pulled her face from her father's groin and sprung to her feet. She ran over to me with giddy excitement, her face radiant as she looked me square in the eye.

"Mr. Pete!"

Without saying a word, and without removing my gaze from hers, I placed my left hand on her shoulder and applied a gentle pressure encouraging her to drop to her knees. Her eyes filled with a look of erotic surprise, visibly turned on by my new-found confidence. She let out a soft purr as she descended before me, her eyes never leaving mine.

I slid my hand from her shoulder up to her neck and took a gentle grip, guiding her head toward my swollen genitalia. With a small inhale she opened her perfect lips and allowed me to ease the head of my cock into the warmth and wetness of her sweet little mouth. Her tongue quickly found my pee hole and she began a lithe flicking motion across the opening. Her bottom lip began to pulse back and forth across the tender skin beneath the head of my penis as her blow job started in earnest. Her cool little hands rose to cup my weighty testicles, gently rolling them each inside my loose scrotum.

I knew I wouldn't last long, I was on auto-pilot. For the moment everything fell away, and I even forgot that Doug was in the room with us. I stared down at the little nymph sucking away at me, so turned on by everything about her. I began a series of quick, gentle thrusts into her mouth, the primary resistance coming from her agile tongue as it danced across the head of my cock.

I felt my balls begin to tingle, followed by my prostate. The feelings quickly merged and spread through the lower half of my body, and then the upper. My eyebrows clenched and my breathing all but stopped. My mouth hung open and a bit of drool ran from the corner. I began to shudder and pant, and just at the right moment Emily instinctively looked up again to meet my eyes. I forced myself to take one good deep breath before I began to erupt into her holy little oral cavity.

It felt like I unleashed a gusher, and judging from young Emily's reaction that was indeed the case. She let out a little cough, and a spatter of my sperm escaped from her lips and dripped down her chin. She didn't take her eyes from mine for even a moment until I was done. Eventually I threw my head back and my body shuddered one final time.

Emily let out a giggle and placed both of her hands on my shaft, stroking it firmly to help remove the last of my seed. I wondered if she knew that she had literally just given me the best orgasm of my life.

"Jesus Christ that was hot! Make room for Daddy!"

With a sexy smile Emily turned away from me in order to face her father. I realized that Doug had been jerking off while I had been serviced and that he was ready to cum himself. He pumped his fist furiously as his balls bounced wildly against his daughter's precious little face. He began speaking gibberish and spitting a bit with each heaving breath when the first tiny spurts of white began leaking from his cock and flicking through the air.

"Open your mouth..... Ahhhhhhh!" was about the only discernible thing he said, and Emily obliged. I noticed that she had not yet swallowed my own sperm as her father began to fill her mouth with loads of his own. Doug did the best he could to hit his target, but several times a squirt would clear Emily's head entirely and settle on the carpet.

"Oh, Jesus..." Doug panted as his orgasm subsided, still gripping his cock. "What a good little girl with both of our loads in your mouth like that. Show us what you have, honey."

Emily tilted her head back and began to swirl the semen around in her mouth. She played with it with her tongue and several time pushed it up to her lips to show us how much we had given her. It was an impressive load for just the two of us and Emily seemed to be very appreciative of it. Finally, she gave a forceful swallow and again opened her mouth, tongue out, to show us her accomplishment. She then giggled and rose to her feet, taking each of our still-hard cocks in her hands and rubbing them gently.

"I hope you guys are up for more," she purred. "Besides, you haven't even pleasured me yet. What kind of gentlemen are you?" She gave a wink and turned around towards the door. "Come on, let's go up to my room."

I looked over to Doug, his face all red, sweaty, and ecstatic. He raised his hand in gesture.

"After you!"

To be continued...

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Dear god, please say this continues... so hot!


Questo è uno dei più eccitanti racconti del sito, bravissimo, ora però se non vuoi che ti ammazziamo, devi continuare, INTESI?


soo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot continue to add a bit of gay though its really good too


ok this is getting hot two loads at once I could barly keep myself from cumming in my shorts what u got next maybe some ws for fun would be nice


Oh Lordy, Lordy, another delectable cum gulping slut, no doubt soon to be swallowing huge loads from an abundance of desperate old men! She has started a bit late for most cum addicted cock craving princesses but hopefully will catch up with girls like Katie, the four year old cock gobbler!


Jesus Fukin Christ! Damn hot story, lookin forward to next chapt.

Dan Cannon

Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is the first story I've written for public consumption so I'm glad to hear that people like it. I have some ideas for where it can go from here, hadn't thought of ws but that could actually work with one of the ideas I have. Stay tuned.


My husband and I love your story, you dirty little perv. :)

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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