The Facility, Part 14

[ M/bb, mas, inc, anal, humil, exhib, oral ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 24-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jamal the grotesquely hung negro stood to one side, gently frigging his enormous, bloated, leaking dick. Richard Dickerson, Agent for the U. S. Government and prisoner of Mr. Black was ashamed to have his two sons aged ten and eleven witness such an obscene act. But Jamal was the least of his worries. His sons were sitting totally bare assed naked across from him on straight wooden chairs. Richard too was naked, and his two pre-teen boys were not looking at the horse hung negro because they were staring at Richard's own half erect, leaking hunk of fuckmeat.

That's right1 Richard Dickerson was seated naked across from his two sweet innocent sons. They were there to make a film...what Mr. Black ironically called a "Sex Education Film." In reality it was an underground pervert film of the most degenerate kind, and Richard and his boys were unwilling victims. If Richard did not agree to film the obscenity with his boys, they would be harmed by Jamal and others in unspeakable ways. Only by making this film with them, could he protect them.

Richard looked lovingly at his young sons. They looked terrified and rightfully so. Every now and again their innocent youthful eyes gazed down at their father's fat semi-erect fucker. They had seen their dad naked before...Richard was very casual and very liberal at home. He often walked from the bathroom totally naked, his dick and balls swinging. He had taught his sons not to be ashamed or afraid of the human body. The boys had listened and even peeped in on their dad and mom having sex. They had giggled and played with their little baby peckers as only boys who have not yet reached puberty can. But now, their father sat totally naked with his legs spread wide while lights and cameras pointed at his naked half hard dick. The dick had been fully hard before Richard entered the room, hence the leaking, but the fear and the sorrow over his sons had caused it to deflate a bit. It was still an impressive hunk of fuckmeat.

The boys respected their dad's dick. They had boasted at school to other little boys that their dad's cock was larger than the other boys' father's dicks. Little Brian had even sneaked a photo of his dad during one of his naked walks from bathroom to bedroom. He showed it proudly around school to the other kids, and Brian's classmates had had to agree that Richard Dickerson had a massive dick.

"Holy Fuck Brian, how the fuck can your mom suck that?" Andy Lewis asked, rubbing his crotch as he stared at the photo. Andy was ten and just starting to take an interest in sex.

"Sleep over some night and we can sneak down the hall and you can see. She sucks it almost every night. When my dad is home, that is!" he added sadly. His dad was gone so much, he and his brother sometimes felt like orphans.

"You mean I can watch your fucking mother suck your dad's big fucking dick?" Andy as I said, was just starting to take an interest in such things and he had recently learned the power of swear and sex words. He peppered his language with them every chance he got. His buddies had had a huge laugh one day when Andy was answering a question in English Class about "Romeo and Juliet," and the pre-teen had said... "Friar Lawrence marries them and that night is their only chance to fuck!"

The class had erupted, and Andy had turned quite red. But more than one boy that night had had a dry cum thinking about Romeo and Juliet fucking. They took bets in school as to whether Justin Bieber was fucking Salena or not. The consensus was that he fucked her at least once a day, maybe more often and that she sucked it a couple of times a day. They surmised that the couple had broken up cause the Bieb would not wear a condom when he fucked her. Pete wisely explained that a rubber can really ruin a good fuck and no cool dude would ever think of using one. The bitch has got to learn to cope. Among this particular group of ten and eleven year old boys, they had just recently taken to calling all girls bitches and cunts. It was something most boys went through around that age. Some boys never grew out of it.

But here the boys were, huddled naked on chairs, their hands buried in their laps, their naked father across from them with his muscular legs spread and his big dick on display, surrounded by lights and cameras. They had never seen their dad's balls look so large. To one side of them off camera, they could hear a sloshing rhythm as Jamal masturbated his forearm thick fuckmeat. They could also hear nig big black nuts slap against his thigh. They dared not look in that direction.

They were so terrified, their teeth chattered.

"Relax boys. Everything will be okay. I promise you. We will all soon be safe and home with mom. Just do as I tell you. You have to trust me totally. This will all be over in an hour or so. Now boys, I want you to take your hands out of your laps and spread your legs as wide apart as you can, just like I am doing."

"Do we gotta, Dad. It's so embarrassing. Please!" Pete whined while tears squeezed from his tightly shut eyes. The cameras whirred and caught every expression.

"Pete, Brian, do as I tell you. I am trying to protect you. You have to trust me and do this. Now open your eyes and spread your legs wide, put your hands on your heads."

Mr. Black sat to one side with a perfect view of the filming. He wore a black silk pajama top open so his tight stomach and well formed pecs were visible. His nipples were erect, proud and pointy. He slid one hand down to cup his huge dangling nuts. His silk pajama trousers lay puddle at his feet. A beautiful Asian boy of twelve knelt naked with his head resting on Mr. Black's thigh. Another naked lad, this one sixteen or so and sporting a nice big erection fed Mr. Black black Greek olives. Sometimes Mr Black chewed an olive until it was ripe, juicy tasty mush and then gently spit it into the mouth of the twelve year old who dutifully swallowed.

Young Pete and Brian truly believed they were in some horror nightmare from which they would soon awaken. THIS COULD NOT BE REAL! Behind the boys and out of camera range, Kinto held cue cards for Richard to read.

" dear are ten and eleven years old now, and it is time for you to learn about the joys of sex. I am going to teach you about the birds and the bees, so that you have happy healthy sex lives. I know you probably know some things already from listening to boys at school, but it is important to know the proper and correct ways to a healthy sexual life. Today we are going to start with masturbation. Masturbation is something all males both human and animal do. It is the most common form of sex, as it does not require a partner to do it. Some people wrongly teach that masturbation is dirty and sinful. In reality it is totally healthy and normal. Masturbation starts for most boys right around your age. Although you have not yet reached puberty and your young nuts have not yet properly fallen and you can't shoot a load, you can certainly enjoy what is called a dry cum." Richard closed his eyes. He couldn't' believe what he was telling his boys.

"Boys play with their peckers all their lives because it feels so good. Around your age, ten and eleven, that play becomes more sexual and more specific Soon you will be masturbating two or three times every single day." The cue card gave an instruction to Richard. (TAKE YOUR DICK IN YOUR HAND AND BEGAN TO PUMP IT TO ERECTION.) Richard had to hold back his own tears. To have to do this in front of your innocent sons. His hand went down and encircled his lump swollen fucker. Some leak from the pisshole covered his hand at once. He pushed back the thick foreskin.

"Dad, Please..." Brian whispered desperately.

"Shhh. Just watch and listen. From now on...from now on, I want you boys to masturbate every day. Every single day. It will make your dicks grow nice and big like your dad's. I want you to spend at least an hour in the afternoon and another hour at night before you go to sleep masturbating your dicks. It's more important than school work or sports or anything." The cameras zoomed in for close-ups of the two pre-teen cocks...still slender little stubs.

Mr Black scribbled a note on a sheet of paper and showed it to Richard.

"Pump your dick harder, or we will have to film this all over again."

Richard moaned and began to beat his meat in earnest. His boys were aghast. Their young sweet jaws hung slack, spittle drooling from their pure pink lips.

"There are various ways to spank the monkey..." Richard went on reading as her jerked off. "This is the most popular stroke. You push the foreskin back and really pound your fucker. You can also do it back handed...or using both hands. You jerk it hard like this until it is fully hard and leaking, and then you slow down and work it sensually, rubbing the pisshead and the underside of the meat." Richard gulped and stopped reading. He looked over at Mr. Black with a broken, pleading expression on his face. Mr. Black smiled cruelly and kissed the twelve year old boy next to him on the mouth. He waved for Richard to continue.

" don't...ah...why don't you boys try it."

The two naked pre-teens wanted to fold themselves up and disappear. The toes on their big boy feet curled. They blushed and their cheeks grew red. Tears filled their young eyes.

"Come on, boys, Masturbate for Dad. I'll do it along with you. Nothing to be afraid of. Come on, show me what big boys you are. Get your big old pre-teen dicks nice and hard and pump 'em for me.'

Could there be anything more fucking filthy and perverted in the world? These two bare naked hairless, smooth skinned boys, their bodies twisting in the chairs with humiliation being ordered by their own father to jerk their little pricks. WITH CAMERAS FILMING EVERY ACTION!

"I can't Dad..." Pete almost wailed. "It's too dirty, and they're all watching."

Mr. Black chuckled. The clients would love that. They loved nothing so much as to see little boys and girls suffer.

Richard went off script. "You've got to do it boys. We have no choice. You think I like doing this? I am trying to save our lives here. So just do as I tell you! "

"We m ay have to edit some of that out..." Mr. Black observed...working a finger up the asshole of the twelve-year old Asian boy.

Ever so slowly, mewling like homeless kittens, the two little boys lowered their hands to their just budding dicks and began to play with them.

'Legs nice and wide boys. Use your finger tips if your dicks are too small...then when they get harder...try to get some fingers around them to pump. Sit up straight boys...nice and straight like soldiers. Stick your tits out. Oh what nice budding tits you have boys..." Richard read. He eyed the brown nubs on his sons' flat chests. This was so sick, he wanted to vomit. He kept pumping his own prick which from all the masturbating he had been forced to do without release, was now fully erect and dripping. His cock had never looked so big. His sons stared at it. They worked their little peckers.

"Harder boys pump them harder. Lean back in the chairs and keep your legs spread far apart...let us all see you jerk your pre-teen dicklets. Okay, now listen to me. Most dudes find other things to do to help with the masturbation, things that feel good. Some guys play with their tits like this." (Yank and twist your nipples Richard... really hard. Keep pumping while you do it."

Richard reached up and gave his right nipple a yank and a twist. He grunted as he flogged his dick harder. His big toes curled as his sons had done. His muscular legs twisted in the chair. He grunted again and pulled on the nipple. He raised his eyes and read the next part.

"Your mom does this to me at home when we are fucking, or she is masturbating me. Men masturbate their whole lives, even after they are fucking girls. Many men actually enjoy masturbating more than fucking. Try pulling your little boy tits while you pump your pre-teen pricks.

Richards breathing was ragged. Tears squeezed from his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. His sons looked at him with great sorrow on their pretty little faces.

"We can't do that, Dad...please...."

"PULL YOUR FUCKING TITS, GOD DAMN IT! DO AS I SAY..." Richard barked at his boys, finally losing all control. Their hand flew like little birds up to their brown baby nubs and they began to pinch and pull their titty buds as they pumped their little boy dicks.

The cue cards changed. "That's good boys. Make sure you do it nice and hard. You might enjoy doing that while you masturbate at home every night. Don't worry...Dad's going to masturbate with you at first to make sure you get the hang of it.

Now while some boys love to play with their tits...other boys enjoy fingering their..." Richard stopped again. Another look to Mr. Black. Another warning scowl.

"Other boys enjoy fingering their assholes. Watch." (Lift and spread your legs. You may place your heels on the chair if you like, but make sure your asshole is fully exposed. Flick your finger over your asshole and then stick it in side.) Tears dripped from Richard's chin as he bend his legs at the knees and rubbed his fingers over his moist puckered asshole. "Your..." he could hardly read the words, and his voice sounded raspy and hollow. "Your asshole is directly connected to your sex organ. Inside your asshole is your prostate... that is what makes sex feel so good. Many boys shove objects like vegetables up their assholes to increase their masturbation pleasure. Look boys, how I stick two fingers up my asshole. Wow does that feel good. Now I pump my prick with my other hand." Every one knew what was coming. The words were like poison on Richard's lips. "NOW YOU TRY IT."

Imagine a film of a father teaching his ten and eleven year old sons to finger their little assholes and masturbate their dicks. "Rub your assholes boys. Doesn't that feel good. Assholes are not just for shitting, boys, they are for sex as well. Your mother sucks.....your...I can't read this...okay...your mother sucks my asshole almost ever night when we have sex. I love to feel her fingers or her tongue up my asshole. Oh God, I can't...." Richard broke down...two fingers up his asshole, his other hand still pumping his dick. He sobbed. His boys looked on in terror.

"Don't cry, Dad! Look, we're doing it...I got my finger in my asshole." Brian sobbed as well. "Pete put your finger in your asshole. We got to help Dad."

Each boy gingerly shoved a slender little digit up a tight moist pink asshole. They held their legs up and spread to show the camera, as if that would somehow stop their father from weeping.

Mr. Black scribbled a note and showed it to Richard, who took a few seconds to see it through his tears. "TELL THEM TWO FINGERS...AND TO KEEP ON PUMPING."

"Two...two fingers boys. Two fingers up your assholes and keep on pumping your dicks please.

The boys were insane with humiliation, not to mention that it hurt. Their tiny assholes were so very sensitive and innocent. The sniffed back tears and snot while they worked a second finger up their virginal boycunts. Sweat ran down from their armpits, as it did from their father's.

"That's great boys, doesn't that feel sexy? Now pump your fingers in and out of your asshole while you pump your dicks. Get into a rhythm. This is how all the jocks masturbate. In some high schools, the entire football team does this together at the end of every practice." Richard and his suns were breathing together in heavy grunts as they pump fucked themselves. Richard was very close to cumming, but he had been warned not to. If he did, they would have to film the whole thing over from the start.

Another used cue card floated to the floor. Mr. Black now had the twelve-year old's soft young face buried in his crotch. The kid was making quiet choking noises.

"All right boys, enough of that. I know you could go on finger fucking yourselves all night, but you have plenty of time to explore that game later. Now when we get home, I'm expecting you to teach the other boys at school these sex games. No reason they should not enjoy themselves too. But let's move on. The only thing more fun than masturbating, is masturbating with a buddy or a brother. Pete, Brian, you don't know how lucky you two guys are to be brothers and to be so close in age. You can learn all about sex together. From now on at home, you two are going to be sleeping together in one bed..and from now on you sleep bare assed like adults do. That way, you can masturbate together every night. Now stand up boys, and show the cameras your nice stiff little boy dicks.

Both boys let out quiet little moans, but the reluctantly shuffled to their big bare feet. Their hands covered their hard dicks but at a sign from their dad, they put their hands to their sides. The cameras zoomed in to see pre-teen pink pale cock flesh with red rosy dickheads and baby pissholes. Under ordinary circumstances, in just a few years, these dicks would be fucking girls' cunts, but who could say how this horrible experience would warp these two little angels. They stood still as the cameras moved around behind them to capture their tight round little asses. Pre-teen boy ass is among the most coveted things for homosexual perverts.

"Now boys, let me show you how to increase your masturbation pleasure. I want you to reach over and masturbate each other. Brian take Pete's dick, and Pete you pump Brian's fuckmeat." Richard read the directions in a dull, dead voice. He had no fight left in him. He only wanted to save his children. The two boys hesitantly reached over to grip each other's naked dicks. They pulled back, looked at their crying dad, then swallowed once and grabbed dick. It wasn't so bad. They were brothers. They had grabbed each others dicks when they wrestled from time to time, and once at school, the boys in gym class had been measuring their dicks, wondering when they would grow huge like Mr. Johnson the gym teacher's, they playfully had started to play "Grab Dick."

Pete had gotten hold of Brian's little fucker and yanked it, and Brian had in turn grabbed his brother's cock. They had spun each other around that way, giggling and yelling, hopping from one naked foot to the other, until Mr. Johnson had come in naked from the shower and told them to stop horsing around and get into the shower stall. Mr. Johnson was twenty-seven and always showered with the boys to keep them in line. The boys wondered if Mr. Johnson had a girlfriend he fucked. Mr. Johnson always lectured the boys on keeping their young bodies clean, and he always washed his ass and balls and dick for a long time in front of the boys. Mr. Johnson lived with another man named Nigel. Sometimes Nigel would come to give Mr. Johnson a ride home, and he would stand outside the shower room and watch the boys and Mr. Johnson shower. Then Nigel would come and chat with the boys while they dressed. Mr. Johnson had a rule that the boys could not put on any clothing until they had dried themselves completely with their towels and then walked across the locker room to deposit the towels in the hamper and then walk back to their lockers. Only then could they open their lockers.

Pete and Brian stood stiffly jerking on each other's little dicks. They didn't feel any pleasure, it was so damned humiliating. They just wanted the nightmare to end.

"And now boys, I want you to stand belly to belly and rub your dicks and balls together. This is how the jocks in high school do it. This is called masturbation by body rubbing. Reach around and grab each others' ass cheeks to really get your bodies rubbing."

No denying how hot the sight would be for perverts. Two naked little boys rubbing themselves off on each other.

"Now keep doing that boys, and I want you to do something special for me. A special brotherly thing. I want you to kiss each other on the mouth." Richard could not believe what he was reading...but he remembered the dirty photos Mr. Black had already taken of the boys. Keep rubbing each others' asses and keep rubbing your dicks together.

No, don't kiss like that. Kiss like your mother and I do. Open your mouths and use your tongues. From now on, I want you to do this with each other for fifteen minutes every night. It is great training for later sexual activity, and it is totally safe, cause you are doing it with your own brother. Open those mouths more. Really slosh your tongues around. Now, lick each others' faces. Lick each other all over. Keep your bodies rubbing and lick each others' faces. "

It was amazing. It was like the little boys suddenly lost it. They licked each others' faces like animals. The licked leaking noses and eyes and cheeks and necks, and they sucked on each others' lips. It was like they were trying to eat each others' faces. Mr. Black howled with laughter...he seldom laughed that hard. Their pre-teen hands pulled at each others' ass cheeks and they rubbed their dicks against each other.

"That's how brothers should behave. How lucky you are. But now I want you to stop boys." It took a bit for the crazed pre-teens to come back down to earth. They turned toward their dad, their faces red and covered with spit. Their dicks stood out hard and stiff, quivering. Their breathing was ragged. Their tummies fluttered. Their young eyes confused.

"But you boys are having all the fun. Why not come over here and masturbate your dad for a bit." Richard looked to Mr. Black. "Please... Sir... not that... for the Love of God!"

Mr. Black chewed an olive and pulled the boy's head from his swollen cock. "Just stick to the script." He said quietly.

"Why not...why not help me out. You're having all the fun. My dick is big enough for one hand from each of you. Why not pump my dick for me for a bit." Richard's voice cracked as he said it, and a large tear rolled down his cheek. His boys almost ran to him, but not to jerk him, to hug him. He held his naked boys to him, all three of them trembling and crying. His hands rubbed his boys' sooth, pale, slender backs and their small round asses.

Mr. Black coughed and pointed to the cue cards.

"Come on, boys, grab your dad's big old cunt stuffer. Grab that dick that fucks your mother every night and pump it for me. I wish you boys could sit in the room and watch me fuck your mother. You'd learn something that way." Richard had no idea his boy did sneak a peek from time to time.

The two pre-teens looked at their dad and then at each other. Their soft little hands went down to the big wet dick and encircled the thick stalk.

"Boys, make sure the camera can see you masturbating my dick. I have a lot of foreskin and dick skin so you really have to push and pull the skin back and forth. Pump it together. The boys moved like zombies...their thin arms moving up and down as their hands masturbated their own father.

"With your other hands, boys why not feel my big balls. Soon you will have nice full nut sacks too...feel how big the nuts are in my fuck bag. Each of you feel a nut while you continue to pump my fuckmeat." Richard's voice rose in pitch as he psychologically approached hysteria. He could not take much more of this perversion.


"Now how about giving your dad a nice sloppy kiss. (Make sure you get your tongue deep into each boy's mouth. Rub their asses while you do it.)

Richard knew he was losing his mind. His head turned left and right, as he tongue kissed first one son and then the other. His dick throbbed and he felt an orgasm approaching. He tasted his boys' sweet spit. He licked his sons' soft faces. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum. He needed his own sons to jerk him off. It was beyond his control. Cock slime covered his sons' little hands Losing control, he leaned over and began to suck on one of Brian's pouty brown nipples. He rubbed his boys' ass cracks and inserted a finger to rub their little assholes. He knew it was a sin from which he would never recover, but what could he do? He pushed a finger at the puckered ass buds and then into the moist asshole interior of each pre-teen boy. Pete buried his face in his father's neck. Richard bit down on Brian's tit nub. Both boys jerked the big leaking dick even harder. All three bodies jerked together.

"CUT." Cried Mr. Black. Hands immediately pried father from sons. Richard's fuckmeat was angry and red and throbbing. His big balls were drawn up under the cock root. Pre-fuck bubbled from the wide pisshole.

"Daddy..." Brian sobbed as Kinto dragged the boy into the darkness. Jamal took Pete up into his arms, making sure to rub his big black dick across the boy's crying face first.

Richard looked pleadingly at Mr. Black. His mouth hung slack. His eyes were disoriented and out of focus. "What...what....what?" was all he could say.

"Relax Richard. You and the boys did very well. I am very proud of you. Take it easy. Jamal will get you a drink...anything you like. And a nice meal. A steak maybe?

You really did very well. And tomorrow, we can film PART TWO.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


Oh Dale, Dale, Dale.... I'm floored, this really is your best story yet, what a little saga this is turning into. I check every day without fail to see if there will be another installment and I am just one of your many fans, please, keep up the good work. Noriko was excellent too by the way, and a very interesting departure from your usual perspective in storytelling.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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