Mr. Black's Jungle Flick

[ M/b anal, oral, pain, humil, racial, tor ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 23-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Mr. Black was irritated. He's spent far too much money on the jungle set. He wasn't sure if the movie would make back it's initial investment. Well, it was too late to worry about that now, they were filming this morning. He also wasn't at all sure about his star. The little boy who was to star in the film was standing off to himself in one corner of the set. The only clothing he wore was a thin almost transparent loin cloth which hung front and back. Each time he moved even a little, his tiny pecker and baby nuts were clearly on display. If he turned around, everyone could see his beautiful baby ass, all smooth and only as large as a cantaloupe. Mr. Black had picked this boy for his magnificent child ass as well as his angelic face. The boy's hair was like flaxen and his complexion porcelain white and delicate. It would look so good against the very black skin of the six foot eight negro actors who were to star with him. For those roles, he had gotten former basketball players, most of whom had been barred from the game for drug use or rape or other charges.

Each of the ten tall muscular black actors had a vicious streak in him, but more importantly, each had a monstrous dick over eleven inches long. It had taken Mr. Black's talent scouts some time to round them up. Of course the little boy was terrified. Mr. Black wanted that. That would add to the charm of the film. The boy had also been warned that if he did not co-operate fully, his little brother and sister would be murdered. This was not strictly true. Mr. Black did not deal in death of any kind. He is a man of principle. And he didn't make the threat directly. He had this funny thing about never lying or breaking his word. But one of his assistants had happily threatened the kid and then made the tiny child suck his dick as a sign of compliance. The kid was a lousy cocksucker, well at his age, what would you expect? But by the end of the day, he would learn how to not only suck and lick, but to deep throat huge black eleven inch fuckers. His tiny throat would be stretched by the dickmeat, and the camera would move in for a close-up of his neck, bulging with prick forcing its way down his baby gullet. Likewise the little boy's virgin asshole would be stretched to an obscene size. Mr. Black hoped it would not tear easily. That way they could get lots more interesting film..the tiny hole first opened by fingers, then by the big black nigger dicks, then by their hands as they fist fucked him. Then two huge dicks up the baby asshole at the same time.

The cute little star of the film looked around nervously and licked his delicate lips, almost as if he could sense what was about to happen.

"Are we going to film the section where they beat his ass with tree branches and stick twigs up his pisshole now or later?"

"These black boys are hot to trot, look how their hefty pricks are already pushing out their loin cloths. Let's film the initial fucking and sucking now, and then we can do the torture scenes later. When are the chimpanzees being brought in to fuck the boy?"

"Not until Wednesday. We had a problem with the shipping, and their trainer wasn't available until then."

Mr. Black sipped his vodka martini and with one finger carefully wiped a tiny spot from his two thousand dollar Italian loafers. "Shit, that means more money lost. I just don't know if this film is worth it!"

His handsome young assistant and part time fucktoy, Jeff shrugged. "You are the boss. But we have already sunk so much into the production, kidnapping the boy, getting the niggers, we might as well shoot now. Besides, imagine the perverts out there who will happily pay an exorbitant amount of money to see a beautiful blond eight year old little boy fucked over and over by ten sexually insatiable black men. And then there are the guys who ordered this film already. We have to meet our obligations."

Mr. Black smiled and put his hand to Jeff's cheek. "You are right as always, Jeff. Sometimes I think I am getting too old for this business. I've seen and done it all. Nothing interests me any more. Seeing a little boy like this one here, sexually abused and fucked up so badly it will destroy his entire life, bores me. The sight of a pretty little mouth stretched around the dick of a big black man or a chimpanzee does nothing for me. Watching a large hand stretch and enter the once tiny asshole of a sweet innocent little boy, makes me yawn. I need something new in my life."

"But my dear friend, if you didn't have this business that made these kinds of films, you would not be able to live in the luxury you do. You would not be able to afford ten thousand dollar suits and your own private jet plane. And besides, if I know you, that wonderful massively thick dick of yours will harden right up the minute those jigs start to work on the little bitch. Tell me you won't get an erection when they spit in his sweet face and rub their huge black cocks all over his nose and mouth. Think of how delightful it will be to see that innocent boy licking their dirty black assholes. I still think we should add a shit eating scene."

"I've told you, Jeff, never add a scat scene unless it is specifically asked for. A shit scene can turn someone off to the whole film, if it is not expected and wanted. Shit has a very limited appeal."

"Okay then, what about shooting a scene later on of the niggers shitting into the boy's mouth and then offering it as an extra special feature?"

"I see nothing wrong with that, as long as it is clearly labelled on the dvd as an extra that may not be for everyone. We can't risk offending our clients. Not everyone has your penchant for shit, Jeff."

"Well, I only know one thing. That boy has the sweetest face of any kid we have worked with in a long time. Christ look at those sweet pink lips and that cute pug nose, and those innocent big eyes. I can't wait until the filming is done and I can squat over that pretty face, piss into his eyes, and take a nice long shit right into his mouth!"

"He may be in no condition to do much of anything when these boys finish with him. Look at the dicks on those black actors. Holy fuck, is he going to be spit roasted. Do we have a suck boy on the set?"

Jeff laughed. "Feeling horny already, Mr. Black. You see how long your disinterest lasted?"

"My disinterest is on a larger scale. Yes, I enjoy having my dick sucked by a young boy, but my disinterest is philosophical and metaphysical. It's a dissatisfaction with my whole life in general."

"Sir, if I might just say, you have made the lives of thousands of total perverts happy. You have allowed sexual deviates to dream. You have broken all the rules of sex and opened doors to the imagination. You have helped an awful lot of people. I only hope that I can do the same some day."

"You are doing a fine job,Jeff. That throat fuck you did on the five year old kid last week was masterful. You kept him right at the verge of choking to death, and then brought him back, not once, but three times."

Jeff smiled. "I learned from the master."

"Now what about that suck boy?"

"How old, we've got ten, twelve, thirteen and sixteen."

"Bring me the thirteen year old. Just old enough to feel disgust at what he is made to do. Old enough to know that his masculinity is being stripped from him, but with the smooth soft body of a child. Perfect."

One of the black actors, a tall darkly black handsome man with a hard perfectly toned body approached Mr. Black.

"Sir, I don't want to say nothing, but isn't is racially demeaning to make us wear these tiny loin cloths. Our dicks is sticking out already!"

"You are playing a primitive tribe of African negroes who capture this little jungle boy and savagely rape and torture him. I want you too look like primitive African natives, not hopped up basketball players. Now report to make-up for war paint. By the way, that is some cunt buster you have hanging between your legs. I bet you have ripped open some fine pussy in your time."

The big Black smiled. He had a handsome toothy grin. "I have torn more cunt in a month than most guys fuck in a lifetime. The cunts can't take my dick. They cry and beg for me to go easy, course I never do. I always say, no blood, no bang!"

"Well, I hope you do a real number on that little white boy's ass today. If you fuck him extra hard, there will be a bonus in it for you!"

"Yes Sir! I fuck him so hard my dick go in his ass and pop out of his throat!" The black glanced over at the trembling little white boy in the thin red loin cloth.

"Ohwee, look at how scared that little pussyboy is. He is shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. We gonna fuck him good. We gonna fuck him until he can't walk! We gonna rape dat little boy bitch!"

"You seem like a leader to me. You just make sure you tell all the other guys to fuck that kid as violently and sadistically as they can. Hurt him as much as you can while you fuck him. I would love to see some of you bite his tits and shoulders until you break blood. "

The black licked his lips. "I shore would love some of dat vodka you drinking, Sir. Can I get me some?"

Mr. Black stared at the black fucker. "There's water for the actors in the dressing room." He smiled a smile that clearly showed he was in total control. The black nodded and turned away, making a sour face. Mr. Black's voice stopped him.

"Of course if you let us shoot a special feature where we can stick long pins through that fat hunk of fuck meat you have there and into your gigantic nuts, I could arrange a bonus for you and all the vodka you want!"

"I ain't into pain, Sir, unless it is giving it to others!" the black said proudly.

"Think it over. I could throw in some drugs of your choice. I have clients who would pay a pretty penny to see a massive nigger dick get tortured."

The black frowned and balled his hands into fists. "You ought not say dem words, Mister!"

Mr. Black smiled. "Sorry, that massive hunk of nigger cock! Is that better?"

Everyone on the set knew Mr. Black was an expert at Hong Gar Kung Fu, so they didn't stand up to him. Many had seen him destroy men twice his size with a single kick or blow. And those who had not seen it, had heard about it.

The black shuffled off. Mr. Black admired the muscular black ass for a moment. He would love to see that black giant tortured and gang fucked and turned into a fucking dick slut. Perhaps that would be something to interest him. He attention was turned by the arrival of the naked thirteen year old suck boy. The kid had a somewhat arrogant street boy look, that kind of cross between baby boy and thug. His full young lips curled in a kind of sneer. His hair hung over his eyes. His naked body was perfection, not yet a man, no longer a little boy. His dick hung full and heavy beneath a light bush of delicate black prick hair. His balls were soft and rosy looking. His ass rode high with a deep crack.

"Are you the suck boy?"

The boy looked at the floor. "Yes Sir!"

"Look up at me. Are you the fucking cocksucker?"

Tears filled the boy's eyes. "Yes, Sir. I am the....cocksucker, Sir."

Mr. Black smiled. "Good. I want a nice gentle long term suck. We are going to be filming for several hours, so I'd like my dick and balls licked and kissed and gently sucked without bringing me off. If you bring me off too soon, I'll have you castrated. Do you understand that? You have very attractive cocksucker lips, and I bet you give a really good blow job. If you do a good job, I may take you into my bed tonight and fuck your cunt. Don't disappoint me, boy!"

Now the kid looked scared. "No Sir!" he answered, and he pondered how he could keep the man from cumming too soon, but also keep him pleasured.

"Where's our little star? Come on over here Alan. This is a big day for you. You are going to get ass and throat fucked by ten huge black dicks. Won't that be something. Now don't hold back. Scream and cry as much as you like. This is your film debute. And don't you look sweet in that little loin cloth. I can just see your little dickie when you move. It's so tiny, like a pencil stub. We'll get that loin cloth off in no time, so all the viewers get a good look at it. My clients like tiny little boy pee pees. The also like to see baby boy pussies get brutally raped and stretched beyond belief. So that is our goal today, to open up your ass so wide that a big black hand or perhaps even two can easily fist fuck it. That is going to hurt alot. I want you to know that we have a doctor on the set in case things get "out of hand" shall we say? I've seen boys like you hurt so badly they broke their teeth from the agony. But that's okay, you can suck cock with or without teeth! Yes, this is quite a big day for a cute sweet innocent eight year old boy. Now Make us proud. And just a word of warning. These niggers are mean sons-o-bitches. You best do whatever they tell you to. And do a really smashing job when you lick and suck their assholes. They love that. Get that eight year old tongue way up there!"

The cute little tyke spoke with trembling lips. "Sir, if there is a doctor here could he give me something to help numb the pain?"

Mr. Black laughed. 'Numb the pain? Of course not, little Bitch. Your pain is the entire reason we are here." He reached out and grabbed one of the eight year old tits in the fingers of each hand and twisted hard. The child squealed like a stuck pig.

"Everybody ready? Suck boy, get my dick out of my pants using only your mouth! Everybody else, on the set! Let's get this show on the road!"

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Nice idea - when are we going to read more?


i love the Mr. Black character. hope you post the fbi & wedding gift series again. He wasn't as jaded then...

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