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Published: 7-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I had always been attracted to Mexican girls. I'm not talking about the fat ugly ones walking down the street with a stroller and an umbrella on a sunny day, I'm talking about the ones usually trailing closely behind. Living in San Diego I was constantly tempted by these littl girls but due to our wonderful society ideals doing anything about it would wind me up in jail. So begins my story about one amazing trip south of the border.

Now I'm not sure if the title gave it away but 12 is legal in parts of Mexico and I planned on taking full advantage of this on my little vacation. I arrived with not much on me other than my wallet id and a large amount of cash. My only mission for this trip was to meet and hopefully fuck a little girl. I had picked up a decent amount of Spanish in my years living in southern California and it was finally coming in handy. I wandered the streets aimlessly not sure what step to take next when I saw her.

She was a vision. She had long perfectly toned legs that seemed to go forever before disappearing under a fluorescent green t-shirt. It appeared that she wasn't wearing anything under it but upon closer inspection she was wearing a skin tight pair on black spandex workout shorts. Her shirt was baggy but I could clearly make out two small mounds. She was just starting to bud and was perfectly ripe for plucking. Her face was a picture of innocence, angelic even, but there was something in her eyes that pulled me towards her. Her eyes were a deep hazel but there was a lust to them right beneath the surface. I approached her confidently.

Being the first time I'd ever tried anything like this I wasn't sure how to proceed. I casually ask her if she'd care to join me for a drink and to my shock she happily agrees. I tell her to lead the way as my eyes never leave her perfect little ass. She has a strut to her something you'd see from a seductive older women not from a child but she knows what she's doing. We pass 2 or 3 bars before coming to a small residence. She takes me by the hand and leads me inside. I can only assme this is where she lives when she goes to the kitchen and comes back with two glasses and a half full bottle of tequila. She motions for me to sit as she takes up the seat directly across from me and begins pouring shots.

'Here we go, ' I think to myself as I cheers her and down my first shot. I look up just in time to see the last few drops of her drink trickle down her throat. Hopefully that won't be the only thing trickling down her throat tonight I think. I ask her if she wants to play a game and she asks what I have in mind.

I pull out my stack of cash and her eyes light up. I tell her that we will flip a coin, everytime she guesses right she gets $20 if she's wrong she removes an article of clothing. She quickly agrees and we take another shot. She gets the first 2 guesses right before finally missing one.

"Off with the shirt," I say.

She sheepishly looks down before slowly removing her shirt. My cock strains at my pants as her shirt reveals her toned stomach. Her breasts are perfect maybe an A cup with small purplish nipples. I look at her and smile. She immediatley blushes as her eyes avoid my stare. Modesty what a turn on. I flip the coin again and again she fails to correctly guess. Off with the shorts. As she slides them over her small hips and ass I feel like I'm going to explode. She's wearing a little black g string leaving little to the imagination.

What a sight to behold. Here I am hours from home but in a completely different world with so many opportunities. In front of me stands a small goddess in nothing more than a skimpy black g and a pair or socks. 4 more flips and she sheds the socks. 3 more flips and the panties are finally coming off.

My cock has never been as rock hard as it was at that very moment. It throbs painfully begging to be released. I ask her if she'd like to earn the rest of the money that she'd seen earlier. She giggles and jumps up and down her small tits and ass jiggling as she does so.

I tell her all the money can be hers if she'll do whatever I say for the rest of the day no questions asked.

"Yes," she says with out a second of thought.

I tell her to lay on the bed and she complies. I walk over to the bed and slowly begin to caress her smooth skin. I sit on the edge of the bed facing her. I rest her feet on my engorged cock and start massaging them. They are perfect. I slowly start working my way up her legs. Her small ankle makes way to firm calfs. Her calfs disappear into her butter smooth thighs. I lick her inner thighs and she shivers. I can feel her fear and excitement through her skin.

I eventually make my way between her legs to her virgin mound. She has a sparse patch of pubic hair right above her slit. I spread her thighs before getting my first taste of this sweet angel. As my tongue separates her pussy lips I can hear her breathing become short and ragged. She tastes amazing, a little bitter and salty. I suck on her clit as I slowly worm my middle finger into her. She squeaks out her initial discomfort to no avail as I continue to slide my finger in and out of her continually moistening cavity.

I take a step back and admire my handy work. I slide my pants to the floor and my cock springs out of the hole in my boxers with such force that it makes an audible thud as it smacks of my belly. I sit on her chest my ass in her face and cram my cock down her throat. I grab her ass as I shove my cock deeper into her crotch. I can hear her gagging on my cock now struggling to catch her breath as I fuck her face as hard as I can. I can feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock everytime I force myself into her mouth. Her tongue tickles my shaft as her gag reflex tries to force it out of her mouth. Tears have started to form in the corner of her eyes and I can see the fear building in them. Her pussy is soaking wet by this time and i remove my cock from her throat. My face is covered in her juices as I turn around to look into her eyes. Her eyes are cloudy from tears she gasps for breath frantically. I pinch her little nipples and tell her to bend over on all fours.

Now in the doggy style position I can see her tight asshole for the first time. I began to ream out her ass and she begins to moan. Her hips start backing into my face pushing my tongue further into her poop chute. Time for penetration.

I position myself behind her with my hands tightly gripping her hips. I try to push my cock into her warm juicy hole but can't even get the head in. I again have her suck me, coating my cock in a slimy mix of spit and cum. Once thoroughly lubed, I again try to penetrate this ridiculously tight snatch. I finally get the head to slide in.

As soon as it does, I thrusty entire length deep into her. She cries out in sheer terror. I can feel warmth engulf my cock as I continue to ram myself deep into her. I see blood on the shaft of my cock between violent thrusts surely from her punctured hymen. My first virgin. Her vaginal walls contract on my throbbing member over and over literally milking my cock of every last drop of semen. I pull out of her and she 's a mess. A mix of cum and blood pours out of her defiled little twat.

I kneel in front of her and tell her to suck me clean. She takes me back into her mouth and the feeling is euphoric. Her tongue works my shaft as her lips make an airtight seal. She's sucking the limpness right out and before I know it I'm again as hard as a rock.

'This time she's gonna get it in the ass,' I think to myself as I have her position herself towards the edge of the bed. I rub the mixture of juices dripping out of her all over her puckered butthole. I slide my finger in up to the knuckle trying to guage how this is gonna work. I decide that my only chance is if I just cram it in. Once I've gotten her as lubed as possible I attempt to force myself into her tight asshole. I get the head in and pull it out. I then force myself balls deep into her tight ass. My balls slap against her pussy with every thrust. I pull her tight to me, every inch of me buried deep in her, and blow my load into her butt . I pull out and again make her suck me clean.

Seeing her sucking her own shit off my dick makes me incredibly hard again and I grab her by the back of her head cramming my cock deeper down her throat. Her eyes glisten as her air is again cut off and she begins to choke. I don't pull out till i feel her go limp. I lay her body down on the bed her breathing is slow but strong.

I remove my cash from my wallet and make it rain on my little slut. Before I leave I make sure to take lots of pictures to always remember my amazing trip.

As a last show of my complete defiling of this little girl I pee all over her unconscious body before putting my clothes back on and returning home as though nothing had ever happened.

Thank you little Mexican girl until we meet again.

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Awesome story! got me hard. Keep up the good work


Great story!!


This has to be the most poorly written attempt at a story I have read in a long time. Go back to the drawing board!


I could be wrong, but maybe what Daddy is trying to express is the idea that adult-man/young-girl sex stories should emphasize the girl's pleasure and the man's effort to ensure he delivers that pleasure for her, since after all a young girl's fantasies about sex are rooted in her own childish expectations and illusions about what sexual pleasure should be and will be like when she finally experiences it, and whatever success the man achieves in fulfilling her fantasies will only make her crave more sex, whether from him or from other men. As the man succeeds in making the little girl happy, he sets the hook, so to speak, and then tutors her on reciprocating that pleasure to him. Spelling and grammar also matter, but the tone of the narrative is what counts most. Older people are expected to know these values, and to teach them to the young. Try working that into your next story.


You started this story out really well then your grammar and sentence structure took a nose dive. Also... Try to bring some realism to your story as you had the young child behaving like a twenty-something with her grabbing the bottle of tequlia and glasses then you rushed the sex with her at a million miles an hour. Slow it down and take it slow and build the climax... not just finish the story.


You had me going at first... the tease was good but the violence took me out of the story and I lost interest in it. She should have been able to enjoy 'her first time' with you but, it's your story. I didn't enjoy the violence, is all. Maybe the next time she sees an American, she'll stab him.


This story was rushed and may have been enjoyable if you had put more effert in to it. Also makes no sence that how you rush to the sex part take it slow, but I love the part were you pissed on her.


So unrealistic and implausible.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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