Halloween Costume Party

[ MM/g, pedo, size ]

by Cucky


Published: 7-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jenn was around at Laura's house getting ready for the costume party. With her blonde hair but completely flat chest 11 year old Jenn needed a little help in going as Marilyn Monroe, the long flowing dress from 'that' scene and a bit of make-up was all that it took however. Laura, also 11 had opted for a very sexy and seductive saloon girl. Jenn looked at the clock 'I wonder where Mr. Tony and Mr. Larry have got to, it shouldn't have taken them this long to go and pick out some costumes' 'Well you know what the traffic is like on a Friday night, I'm sure they'll be back soon' replied Laura 'They're going to have to get a move on otherwise we'll never make it on time' continued Jenn 'I think it will be quite fun' said Laura with a chuckle, 'we can pace up and down and complain about how long it's taking the grownups to get ready for a change' Jenn smiled back. The conversation was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. It was Mr. Tony, to say that as predicted they'd got stuck in the traffic. Rather than come all the way back to the house, he suggested that Jenn and Laura should make their own way to the party and he and Mr. Larry would meet them there. 'Ask him what costumes they've got' whispered Jenn 'Tony is going as gangster and Larry is going as Lawrence of Arabia' recited Laura, 'sounds good, see you there......bye' Laura put the final touches to her make-up and the two of them set-off.

The party, which was being held in a large mansion, was just starting to get going when Jenn and Laura arrived. To start with the two little girls wandered around together, checking out all the other costumes, pleased to see no-one else dressed the same, and enjoying more than the few appreciative glances from the many men. After surveying all the costumes, not to mention eyeing up a few of the men, they decided to go there separate ways for a while. Jenn went off to talk to "Groucho Marx" (a middle-aged neighbor who lived across the road) whilst Laura introduced herself to a rather elegant looking "James Bond", a man in his late 40's or early 50's whom Laura had never seen before. Unfortunately James Bond turned out to be a very dull bank manager and Laura quickly excused herself and moved over to "Robin Hood" and "Little John." Laura smiled at the eager stares afforded her by the two outlaws, this was much more like it. She chatted to the two men for awhile, enjoying their flattering compliments and flirting with them shamelessly. She could see the effect she was having on them by the large bulges in their pants, and Little John was anything but little! Laura was really starting to get into the party spirit now, the friendly chat and the endless supply of wine, brought around by the waiters (dressed as penguins but wearing cock pockets rather than pants) both playing their part. Eventually she left to go and find Jenn, leaving the two men jaws hanging and she seductively wiggled her tiny little ass at them as she walked away.

Making her way in to the main entrance hall Laura grabbed another glass of wine. This was going to be her last one for a while she told herself, she was starting to feel very tipsy, not to mention quite lustful (it looked like Mr. Larry was going to be in for a fun night later). Looking around the room for Jenn she suddenly saw Mr. Larry and Mr. Tony walking through the door. Obviously seeing Jenn, Mr. Tony slapped Mr.Larry on the back laughing as he whispered something in his ear before walking off towards the study. Mr. Larry looked around the room and finally spotting Laura, waving her over as he strode towards the stairs. Laura had to admit Mr. Larry did look rather good as Lawrence of Arabia, you couldn't actually see too much of him in his costume, just his hands and eyes but his bearing and poise gave off a air of confidence. Mr. Larry had certainly got in to his character, he looked every bit the heroic film star, so commanding and forceful. She had been fucking and sucking most of the men in the neighborhood for more than two years, since she turned 9, but it had been a while since Laura had felt this hot for Mr. Larry. She could feel the juices starting to flow between her legs, she wanted her Arabic prince badly. Apparently Mr. Larry was of the same mind and not even waiting to give her a kiss, he took her by her little hand and led her up the stairs. Laura was a bit shocked, albeit pleasantly shocked, Mr. Larry was never this direct (quite the opposite in fact). Perhaps all the humiliation at the hands of Mr. Tony and more recently Mr. Rich had caused a reaction and Mr. Larry was finally fighting back. Laura giggled excitedly as Mr. Larry lead her into a small bedroom, closing the door behind them. Laura moved forward and stretched on her tippy-toes to kiss him but Larry quickly swirled her around so she was standing with her back to him. Reaching up he cupped her flat chest in his hands, squeezing and massaging her firm and hardening little nipples, rubbing his large, rigid cock against her ass. Laura let out a deep sigh as his fingers tweaked her nipples through the material of her costume, her pussy was dripping now and she wanted Mr. Larry so bad. 'Put it in me' she moaned as she pushed her ass back against his cock, 'I want you Mr. Larry, fuck me. Please fuck me.' Mr. Larry pushed her over one of the big padded armchairs and lifted her skirt up over her hips. He massaged her wonderful ass cheeks for a moment before quickly relieving Laura of her now sopping wet thong panties. The cool air on her damp pussy made Laura shiver, but not as much as when she felt Mr. Larry's hot cock rubbing against the entrance of her 11 year old cunt. He toyed with her for a while, rubbing his cock-head back and forth against her wet pussy lips, pulling back as Laura pushed her hips to try to take him in. Laura was now begging for him to fill her, she was so desperate, she couldn't remember the last time she had wanted Mr. Larry, or anyone so much (if ever). With one hard thrust Mr. Larry sunk in all the way to his balls. 'Aaaarrrrrhhhhh!' groaned Laura that felt so good. Standing up with her legs apart, bending over a chair was hardly the most comfortable position for fucking but Mr. Larry's hard cock sure felt good all the way in her cunt. His cock felt incredibly good in this position, quite big actually (well for Larry) she would have to remember this position for later. Mr. Larry quickly got into a good rhythm, banging into her hard and fast from behind as his hands gripped her tightly by the hips. 'Ugh!...Ugh!....Ugh!' grunted Laura with each thrust. She could hear Mr. Larry grunting as well, although his moans were muffled by the cloth covering his mouth and nose. Laura could hardly believe how good Mr. Larry was fucking her, and knowing that it was Mr. Larry under the costumn turned her on even more, she could feel her orgasm slowly starting to build deep within her pussy.

Suddenly she heard the door click open, oh shit someone was about to come in. She had expected Mr. Larry to pull out so they could at least try and straighten their clothing and gain a semblance of respectability but he just buried himself in deep and held Laura firmly in place. Laura watched the door intently, wondering who might be coming in, perhaps someone had heard her moans and came to investigate (or even join in!) She wasn't sure whether to be relieved or petrified when she saw Mr. Tony's face appear around the door, Mr. Larry had never really liked Mr. Tony and Laura would not be happy if this interruption shattered Mr. Larry's new found dominance of her wet, sucking cunt. Completely taking Laura by surprise Mr. Larry suddenly started thrusting into her again, but this time with even more vigor, perhaps even ferocity. Laura could imagine Mr. Larry trying to show Mr. Tony how much of a man he really was by giving her a thoroughly good fucking, making up for all those previous humiliations at Mr. Tony's hands. Laura was only too willing to comply, and she loudly started to show her appreciation of Mr. Larry's fucking. 'Oh God Mr. Larry you're so good, Yes give it to me, I love your big, hard cock in my pussy, Mr. Larry.' Laura then really showed how much she was getting off on Mr. Larry's cock as she crashed into a very vocal orgasm. 'Oh Yes! Oh! Oh! Ooohhh! Aaaahhh! Aaaaaah! Oh Fuck Me! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh!' her screams crescendoing as Mr. Larry started to fuck her like never before. Her cunt was convulsing and squeezing down on his cock, she couldn't believe how good it felt inside her, filling her more than she could ever remember.

As her orgasm subsided Laura opened her eyes to see Mr. Tony undoing his pants and taking out his cock. He wasn't hard yet but she could already see that it was going to grow to quite an impressive size. 'Suck it' hissed Mr. Larry through clenched teeth. Laura could hardly believe her ears, Mr. Larry telling her to suck Mr. Tony's cock! Something very unusual must have happened on the way to pick up the costumes. She thought they'd seemed strangely friendly when they came in together but this was something else. Whatever it was Laura was pleased about the new arrangement, but this was no time to think about that, now was the time to think about how great Mr. Larry's cock felt in her, pounding into her dripping wet cunt, and the prospect of Mr. Tony's huge cock in her mouth and throat. 'Yeah suck it' laughed Mr. Tony, waddling towards her with his pants around his ankles. Laura took his semi-hard cock into mouth and started to caress it with her tongue and lips. She could feel it continue to grow and expand in her mouth, pretty soon she was struggling to open her mouth wide enough to accommodate his massive girth. Mr. Larry's thrusts kept on pushing her further and further onto Tony's cock and despite his large size, in this position Laura, well-practiced in the art of cock-sucking was able to take him deep into her throat. Seeing his one time nemesis's cock slowly disappearing into his 11 year old neighbor girl's mouth was obviously a huge turn on for Mr. Larry and with a loud groan he shot his load of cum deep inside her pussy.

Laura felt Mr. Larry's cum spurting deep into her cunt, her pleasure-filled groans somewhat muffled by Mr. Tony's cock stuffed down her throat. The sensations of Mr. Larry's cum filling her cunt sent Laura soaring to another orgasm, this was the best sex she'd ever had with Mr. Larry. This was obviously the best sex for him as well, she couldn't believe how much cum he was pumping into her. Wonderfully they came down from their orgasm together, both sighing their satisfaction (at least Mr. Tony had taken his cock out when she had started to cum, probably concerned in case she involuntarily clenched her teeth). Laura wished that Mr. Tony would leave them alone so that she could be with her new favorite fuck, but Mr. Larry had other ideas.

'Fuck her' he panted between gasping for air. 'Are you serious?' asked Mr. Tony, wording Laura's own thoughts. For an answer Mr. Larry reached around and grabbed Mr. Tony's arm, pulling him back behind Laura. 'Oh Jeez!' Mr. Tony exclaimed as Laura felt his big cock bouncing against her ass, slowly making it's way towards her entrance. Reaching around Laura pulled Mr. Larry around in front of her, she wanted to suck his dick as Mr. Tony fucked her, taste his cum in her mouth.

Mr. Larry's cock bobbed up and down in front of Laura's face. No wonder it felt so big in her pussy, it was bigger. She looked up at 'Mr. Larry's' face, the truth suddenly dawning on her. How could she have been so blind, those weren't Mr. Larry's eyes, that wasn't Mr. Larry's cock, this wasn't Mr. Larry! Suddenly it all made sense; the whispering and friendly slap on the back from Mr. Tony, the concealing costume, the dominant approach, the great sex and asking Mr. Tony to fuck her. Oh God, Mr. Tony was about to fuck her!

Too late! With one powerful thrust Mr. Tony sank deep into Laura's wet and willing 11 year old pussy. Laura had thought that the other guy felt big, but Mr. Tony felt huge she was so stretched and he was in so deep. She couldn't yet feel his body against hers and knew that there was still more to come. Laura wanted so much to cry out in protest at the way she had been tricked, stop Mr. Tony from fucking her but his cock just felt too good inside her. Her mind told her that this was wrong but her body's more carnal desires took precedence, she just couldn't help herself from shouting out in pleasure. 'Oh God Yes!' Mr. Tony pulled out a little bit and thrust in again, forcing even more of his thick cock into her straining cunt, ramming solidly against her little cervix. 'I can't believe you're so tight', grunted Mr. Tony, 'has Larry ever fucked you or his dick just too small to notice'. Laura was beyond answering, she was getting off so much on Mr. Tony's big cock. Two more surging thrusts and Laura felt the brush of Tony's pubic hair against her ass, he was finally all the way in, and she could only guess that the entrance to her cervix was surrendering to the pounding and allowing entrance. Mr. Tony stayed fully inside her for a few moments, savouring the feeling of Laura's gorgeous cunt encasing his cock. Laura could just imagine his satisfied grin as he looked down at Mr. Larry's little lover, his cock buried deep inside her. Laura had just about got over the shock of the size of his cock when he pulled back and slammed all the way back into her. 'Uuuugggghhhh!' groaned Laura as all the air was pushed out of her, but Mr. Tony was showing no mercy. He quickly picked up his pace, fucking her with all of his massive length as fast and as hard as he could. Laura's orgasm was a big as Mr. Tony's cock, HUGE! Thankfully some sort of disco had started down stairs otherwise half the house would have heard Laura's screams of pleasure. Her legs could no longer support her and it was only the power of Mr. Tony's cock pushing her against the chair that kept her upright. Her mind was screaming out that this was wrong but it felt so good, Mr. Tony's cock filled her like Mr. Larry could never do, touching her deeper than she ever thought possible. She knew she had never cum so strongly or for so long with Mr. Larry, her body was just over-run by the powerful sensations emanating from deep inside her pussy.

FLASH! Suddenly Laura was blinded by a bright light. FLASH! FLASH! She opened her eyes to see that a camera had mysteriously appeared from somewhere and Lawrence of Arabia was angling up for another shot, a huge grin on his face. 'Smile!' he joked. FLASH! 'Ugh!' Laura grimaced as Tony slammed into her again. FLASH! Laura knew instinctively that these photos were for Mr. Tony, no doubt to show around at his next party. The REAL Mr. Larry would never live this down. Again, guilt at what she had let happen to her wracked her body, but a massive orgasm wracked her body even more and she was powerless to stop it. Her cunt didn't so much convulse on Mr. Tony's cock as quiver, Mr. Tony was fucking her ragged. Laura was beginning to see why Jenn so often complained of being a bit sore after fucking Mr. Tony. He had a big cock and he sure as hell wasn't gentle with it. Mr. Tony suddenly started to slow his pace, still thrusting powerfully but with measured purposeful strokes. He was close to cumming, despite all her better judgement, Laura ached to feel him shoot his cum inside her. Feel his hot sperm over-filling her womb, dribbling out her pussy and down her legs, she just knew that Mr. Tony was going to cum a huge amount. Digging his fingers deep into the flesh of her thighs, Tony gave one massive thrust, almost pushing Laura over the back of the chair. 'YES!' shouted Mr. Tony triumphantly. Laura felt his cock twitch followed by the familiar surge of hot cum blasting into her cunt. Pulling out almost all the way, Mr. Tony then sunk back deep into her sending another huge spurt of hot cum deep inside her. Laura could feel the hot liquid as it splashed against her cunt, penetrating so much deeper than Mr. Larry ever had. Mr. Tony kept on pumping, the knowledge that it was Laura's cunt that he was filling driving him on still further. He was cumming like a fountain, more and more of his hot cum he pumped into her. Every fresh load sending Laura more and more delirious in her orgasm, she could feel it running out in between Mr. Tony's cock and her cunt, dribbling over her mound and down her legs. Finally just when Laura thought she couldn't take anymore, Mr. Tony pulled out with a contended sigh, the camera flashed a few more times, no doubt pictures of Laura's dribbling pussy and Mr. Tony's cum covered cock. Laura no longer had the energy to care, she had been well and truly fucked and she knew it. She stumbled over to the bed and collapsed on to it totally exhausted, watching as Mr. Tony pulled up his pants and left the room, an arrogant grin on his face the whole time. Laura lay on the bed catching her breath, she wondered what Mr. Tony was going to do now.

Mr. Tony found Mr. Larry downstairs in the dining room, dressed as Count Dracula. 'Tony, have you seen Laura?' asked Larry 'Yes, she was upstairs last time I saw her.' 'Ok, thanks' replied Larry starting off for the stairs 'Wait' said Tony grabbing Larry by the arm, 'I've got something for you'. Tony reached into his pockets and pulled out a pair of panties. 'Here I think Laura might be missing these' he said with a grin. 'She might need them to stop my cum running down her legs' Larry looked at Tony in shock, not knowing whether he was telling the truth or just trying to annoy him. The confident look and the arrogant glimmer in his eye told Larry that it was all true. 'You Bastard!' Larry spat at Tony 'You pathetic wimp' Tony responded. 'I thought the video was bad enough but this is too much'. With that Larry took a swing at Tony. By now everyone in the room was watching the exchange. A couple of dozen costumed men with as many little girls in all states of undress and sex play stopped what they were doing to look toward the ruckus. Tony deflected Larry's ill aimed punch and pushed an open hand into Larry's face. Larry staggered backwards but managed to remain on his feet. Coming back for more Larry charged towards Tony only to be met by a solid fist. This time Larry crashed down onto the floor, his nose and upper lip both bleeding. He struggled to get up and went to charge at Tony again, but several men let go of their own little girlfriends and grabbed hold of his arms holding him back, not wanting to see him injured further. Larry struggled to break free but they held him fast, tears pouring down his cheeks. 'Yeah cry like the baby you are' taunted Tony 'Go rot in hell' shouted Larry back 'Go fuck yourself, let's face it no-one else will. Not now that your precious little Laura knows what a real man is like' Everyone gasped as they realised the implications of Tony's comments. Larry broke free from the people and ran towards the door, completely humiliated, knowing that everyone now knew that Tony had fucked his little lover. He dashed out into the grounds of the house and sat by the river, sitting down he thought of how he could ever face his neighbors again.

In the upstairs bedroom Laura was horny again and making her costume presentable enough that she could go back downstairs to find Jenn and Mr. Tony. If all went as planned she would soon be returning to the bedroom with them, and with "Lawrence of Arabia" in tow, whoever he really was ....

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A man of no importance

Puleeeeze.... This is absolutely implausible. I don't mind implausible stories, as long as the implausibility is plausible, so to speak. For example, a story set in a distant future might be plausibly implausible. This one just asks us to accept that 11 year old girls will go to a Halloween party attended by grown-up men - in our present-day society - and let themselves be fucked. Bah.

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