Makenzie Gets Another Chance to Model, Part 1

[ mult/g, photo, oral, anal, finger, les, mother, dau, voy, bukakke, spank ]

by Corn53

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Published: 20-May-2013

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This is a fictional story. All characters, websites, situations are entirely imaginary. Any similarity to names or sites is accidental.

"So, Makenzie, you enjoyed modeling for CandyGirls, and then the GoldenStars Agency for a little while?" Mr. Thompson smiled at the slim, nervous, blond girl. "I saw some of your CandyGirls video clips when you were using the stage name of Anastasia. Such a cute name for such a cute, little girl. A tall, slim blond with a pretty face. Just a perfect model. Only nine years old and almost five feet tall. That's great. We'll use your real name on our site, since you might get the chance to actually meet some of your new fans."

"Yes, it was fun." Makenzie said, after getting a nod from her Mother to go ahead and answer him. "I liked the neat costumes, make-up, and dancing and things. Oh, and high heels. That was fun, too." Nine year old Makenzie smiled at the new photographer. He seemed nice, but looked at her in a funny way. He was sitting just a few feet away across from her and her Mother. Makenzie was aware that he kept looking up her short dress. Her Mother had told her that it might be 'more erotic' modeling at this new agency, and that it might occasionally even involve some nudity. Although Makenzie was pretty sure that "erotic" would probably involve doing "naughty" things, she wasn't sure what it meant exactly, and she was curious. Still, with the way Mr. Thompson was looking at her, she couldn't stop herself from closing her knees tighter while she talked. She tugged her short dress further down the tops of her legs.

Makenzie's Mommy said, "Open your knees, Makenzie. Let him see your pretty, new panties. You know you have to model panties for him. We talked about it." She looked at Mr. Thompson. "She's been modeling for almost three years. Started when she was six and a half." She was smiling. "That's why I couldn't believe they stopped using her at CandyGirls. We went to some of their small parties, and Makenzie played with the other girls while I met two of the other mothers. One of the little parties was a 'photo party,' and the girls wore short, party dresses, and then changed into short nighties with matching, semi-sheer panties. The girls even played Twister in front of the cameras and then tickled the girl who fell. They had so much fun. The head photographer told me she was doing great, but then they stopped using her. I was contacted by the Golden-Stars Agency not long after that. They were the people who told me that CandyGirls had stopped using her. She modeled there once a month for a few months, and then they stopped using her, too, but said that you might be able to use her, but only if Makenzie isn't too shy, since you do more... ummm... 'art videos,' and erotic pictures. I don't know why CandyGirls and then Golden-Stars said she was too shy, because I watched Makenzie model a lacy, skimpy panties and bra set and dance around just like they told her. I told Makenzie what you said on the phone - that nobody in our country will see her pictures or videos that she does here, and this is very private, with just you and the other photographers and models, so its OK to... umm... show more." She patted Makenzie's knee.

"Makenzie, sometimes you might have to model for me with very tiny panties on, and I will touch you to get you in perfect position for the pictures. And sometimes I might even pull your panties down for more pictures. You know that, don't you, Makenzie?"

"Yes. Mommy said I would have to do that."

Her mother said, "I got her some new panties, just for today's mini-audition and inspection. She was too embarrassed to wear the other ones, even though they were cotton, and not as sheer or lacy as the thong panties she decided to wear for you."

"Why didn't you like the other ones, Makenzie?" He asked.

Makenzie blushed, but didn't say anything.

Then her Mother said, "They said 'Kiss Me!' in the center, low down on the front of the panties."

Mr. Thompson laughed. "That sounds really cute. Will you wear them for me sometime?"

"If you want me to."

"I do want you to, Makenzie." Mr. Thompson smiled. "Well, she has experience, and she is very cute, with such a pretty face, but even so, I can't use her if she is too shy. Open your knees for me, Makenzie. Wider. That's a good girl. Now lift the front of your dress. Don't be embarrassed. Good. Let me see the panties you chose to wear for me today. I'm sure you knew I would look at them, and even touch them. Those are very pretty, and very sexy panties."

Makenzie smiled and opened her knees another two inches.

He looked at Makenzie's Mother. "Did you wash her this morning? I mean, between her legs?"

He had followed Makenzie's career. His photographer friends at CandyGirls and Golden-Stars had both recommended her to him. Mr. Thompson sometimes offered the management at those agencies very nice incentives to let certain of their models go - and not call them back - virtually firing them, so the mother would get desperate for money and agree to his modeling requirements. For a few of his models, he actually bribed several people at CandyGirls to let a model go. He was trying to get them to release Valensia but she was still too profitable for them.

He knew she would be a hot model for him someday, but not yet. His friend told him that Valensia would walk around on the set before putting on her next costume, so everybody could see all of her. He said she liked showing off, which would be perfect for Mr. Thompson's videos. They had released Lilya, Alliysa, Dina, Sonya, Piona, and several others for him. After his friend told him that Alice even liked to let men help her change panties, asking them to make sure they fit her OK - meaning they were snug enough all over, so the men would feel them - but not if her Mommy was in the studio, of course. That's why Mr. Thompson offered a nice bribe to the manager at CandyGirls to release her from her contract.

Mr. Thompson would wait a few months, and then the girl's mother would contact him after a friend at the original agency recommended him as a possible source for a lucrative modeling contract since they could no longer use her daughter Most of the mothers jumped at the chance, even after learning there might be 'some nudity' involved. Some mothers were fine with that, and others looked elsewhere - at least for a few more months. Then they came back to him and said they had thought things over, and since the videos wouldn't be seen in our country, then it would be fine for their daughters to make videos 'that showed a little more.'

Those experienced models had become very hot erotic models for him - almost as if they had been holding back at their former agency - at least until the official photo shoots were over, and before mommy got back to the studio. Mr. Thompson had seen some of the 'unofficial' photos and videos, which the photographers had to keep to themselves - especially clips of their little nude darlings masturbating for the cameras and photographers, enjoying the compliments as they showed off to the men. One of the girls wouldn't let men see her naked if a woman was anywhere around, but was otherwise glad to show herself to a few men at a time, or maybe a dozen or more as long as the women weren't in the studio.

One of his friends even told him which girls got the wettest while modeling - including Valensiya, Piona, Alice, and several others. One of the costume and make-up ladies always checked the panties for 'girl cream' after a shoot. She knew which models got turned on the most while modeling in front of the men. Most of the experienced models he hired loved working for Mr. Thompson, and really enjoyed the nudity and action scenes with other girls and even boys. Usually the Mother didn't know how far her daughter would be going. Rather they accepted Mr. Thompson's word that the girls wouldn't actually be having sex, and that she would still be a virgin, at least until she was a teenager.

e always promised that "nothing bigger than a grown man's finger will go in her vagina or anus," and that reassured the mothers. Most mothers preferred not to know, and didn't ask their daughters or the photographers about what went on after they left the studio. When he mentioned wax treatments, the mothers listened and as soon as they understood that it would mean their daughters could keep modeling for several more years, and that her daughter would be invited to private parties to meet photographers and other models, at the full modeling fee, they approved of the idea.

Mr. Thompson also knew he got off on having a Mother tell her daughter to open her legs so he could touch her; to let him undress her, and so on. He saved those candid "mini-audition" videos for himself - getting both Mother and Daughter to agree to lots of naughty things, because "they won't be seen around here." Sometimes, after he took off her daughter's panties, he would touch and massage the little girl's pussy right in front of the mother, telling her that his customers loved seeing a full, firm young pussy mound with meaty lips like her daughter had, and that she would make a great model - opening her legs for the camera so all his customers could get a close look. He explained that his wealthy customers paid a nice premium for his videos, which was why he could pay the highest rates in the modeling industry.

A few times he had let the mother watch the first part of the 'examination' after the little girl was completely undressed. After examining and complimenting the girls tiny breasts and sensitive, pre-teen nipples, he said he had to check 'tightness' to make sure she was a virgin. The mothers always insisted that their daughters were virgins, but he could see doubt in their eyes and hear it in their voices. So he would have the girl lie on her back on the massage table and he would slowly spread her legs - complimenting the mother again on her daughter's beautiful, firm, plump pussy, saying how his customers would love looking at it. The mother would thank him for the compliments and say she was glad that he thought it was so pretty.

Mr. Thompson liked to say that he had seen and examined hundreds of them, and so he knew for sure that her daughter had an exceptionally pretty one. Then he would open her legs - often pulling the girl's feet up to her bottom and then lay her knees out - fully opening the girl's pussy. After starting to put his forefinger in, he would stop and say she was too tight. So he would add a little baby oil and then buzz a vibrator around the girl's clitty - telling the girl that this would help relax her pussy muscles and that he had to put a finger in to examine her. Next he would slowly insert his baby finger - telling the mother that she was very tight - definitely a virgin.

The mothers always smiled a smile of relief when he said that. He kept buzzing around the girl's clitty, and then was able to insert his forefinger after a few tries.

"Oh, yes. She's extremely tight and definitely a virgin." He would say as he kept fingering the little girl, still buzzing around her clitty, but not pressing directly on it - all while mommy watched closely. "I couldn't even get my finger in until I buzzed her for a little bit to make her muscles relax. OK, now I'm sure we'll be able to use her as a model. Roll over, Honey, I need to check the back." Again, Mr. Thompson would let the Mother watch as he put the girl in hands and knees position on the table and then put a small box and pillow under the girl's head. She would rest her head on the pillow and pull her own ass open for him. He always told the girl to pull it open wider, and often the girl's mother would remind her this was important so she should pull it really wide open for him. Then he would lubricate the girl's anus - taking his time - and many repetitions, saying how tight she was, while the mother watched him.

After about ten partial insertions, he was able to push in all the way - usually causing the girl to make a moaning sound as his finger finally pushed all the way in. He would compliment the mother on how tight her daughter was in front and rear, and that she would make a great model - working with other models, like other little girls... who might finger her as part of the role-playing videos. He pushed his finger all the way in ten times.

"There, she's finally starting to relax her bottom. She will do fine. You can wait outside the studio while I finish the examination." Then he would masturbate the girl using the vibrator and his fingers, sometimes with Ms. Laura's assistance on the girl's breasts, while wielding the vibrator.

Mr. Thompson could almost cum watching his private videos of a mother telling her daughter to let him pull down her panties so he could 'inspect' her. Once a mother even told her daughter, "Pull it open for him, Honey, so he can inspect it. Wider. He said he has to make sure you are still tight and innocent. That's it. Pull your lips apart with both hands so he can inspect your little bump. That's Mommy's obedient, good girl." Some of Mr. Thompson's friends - who had watched the candid videos, suggested he could easily sell those for a premium, even after editing himself out.

"Yes, she's going to be a great model for me." He would say - referring to both the girls pussy and ass as she touched her toes with her feet apart and he was sitting right behind her with his head less that a foot away from her open ass and pussy from behind. A couple of the Mothers watched closely as he fingered her daughter, inquiring if she was tight enough. So now, every time a Mother brought her daughter for a 'mini-audition' the mother also knew her daughter would get 'inspected.' A very intimate inspection.

Makenzie's Mother brought Mr. Thompson back from his musings when she said, "Mr. Thompson? Mr. Thompson?"

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something." That's when he decided to get Makenzie's mother watch him finger her daughter - so he could get off on it later, watching the video and watching her tell her daughter over and over to do whatever it was - from letting him undress and feel her, and even fingering her pussy and ass.

Makenzie's Mother said, "That's OK, Mr. Thompson. I know you're a busy man. I was just wondering what you want us to do next. And I assure you that she's not too shy. Sometimes she would model in only panties and a training bra, or a skimpy swimming suit. And yes, I made sure she took a long bath this morning and washed real good all over. I told her to wash her panties area especially clean since she will be modeling different panties for you, and that you would help her change panties. I forgot to tell her about getting inspected after you take off her panties."

He steered the conversation to acting, watching Makenzie's reactions. "We like to practice acting here as much as modeling. More real-life situations with other models, even some young adults in their late teens, from time to time, like pretending to be a cousin or an older brother or sister. Acting and pretending things. The other girls love it. They are more for specialty fashions or certain types of action videos, which our advertisers and foreign customers insist on. I'm only one of their photographers around the globe, and have to provide what they ask for. These would only be seen and sold in other parts of the world so nobody around here would probably see her videos. Tall, slim blondes, like your lovely daughter are very popular. Some scenes would involve dancing and undressing like she is used to, but some scenes would also involve spanking or getting tied up in an imaginary kidnapping scene, or wrestling, or playing doctor with a girlfriend, and so on, or jumped by older boys in the woods and they undress her, and then she tries to escape. The spankings wouldn't be hard, and if her panties were off, she would probably be facing away from the camera."

"Panties off?" Makenzie said softly, talking to no one in particular.

While Mr. Thompson talked - watching both Mother and Daughter - he handed Makenzie's Mother an envelope. All he said was, "per hour."

She looked at the stack of twenties inside, calculating the sum, but without letting Makenzie see it. She smiled. "Yes, Makenzie will model for you, and she won't be too shy."

He handed Makenzie a pair of super-sheer, thong panties. "Do you think these will fit you OK? They will stretch."

Makenzie could clearly see her hand through the white, silky material, which was nothing more than a small triangle with a thong and waistband. "Ohhh."

Then he looked back to Makenzie's Mother. "As you can see from the hourly envelope, I pay more than those other sites, plus occasional bonuses, but the models must be obedient and learn to follow my directions, even if the things she is acting out might be embarrassing." He looked at Makenzie, "If I touch your arm or take pictures of it..." He put his hand on her arm. "... it doesn't hurt your arm, does it?"

Makenzie smiled, thinking he was making some kind of grown-up joke, which she didn't always understand. "No, that wouldn't hurt anything."

He continued, "Then, it wouldn't hurt if I touched or took pictures of any part of your body, would it?"

She thought about that, and nodded while she was still thinking. Something didn't seem right, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"And I assure both of you that nobody around here will see her videos or pictures. I know that makes it easier for the models to really get into the role-playing scenes in front of my cameras. After I examine her, we might even be able to try a session later today at the regular rate, to see how she adjusts to this kind of modeling. You would have to wait outside the building during our actual video sessions, but I'd like you to stay here and watch her mini-audition in a few minutes. Then we'll do a quick, private inspection - checking all her parts closely."

Makenzie was now looking at the pile of ultra-sheer panties, nighties, and bras sitting on the end table beside her. She was wearing a short skirt, no bra, a semi-sheer blouse, and even high heels that her Mother had her wear to this new studio. Her Mother knew they needed the money in order to make ends meet, since those other lucrative modeling gigs had ended. Makenzie knew it, too. And she was curious about 'erotic modeling,' wondering exactly what that meant, but felt tingles when she wondered about it. She knew that it vaguely meant 'naughty,' which was what her Mother called 'men's magazines.' On the bus ride over to the studio, her Mother repeatedly said, "these videos won't be seen in our country, so everything he asks you to do is OK."

"I want to show you both some picture sets. A few of my girls you might recognize, Makenzie, since you used to work with them at other agencies. And a few models I'm sure you won't recognize."

Mr. Thompson sat between them on the short couch and opened a big album. Each page had a dozen pictures of pre-teen girl in various states of undress. The models were wearing lipstick and the set started out with her fully dressed in an exotic gown, or nightie. After a few shots, the model was nude except for the high heels, and getting in various lewd poses, with close-ups of her pussy, titties, and ass - featuring both wide-open and closed views of the girl's pussy. Makenzie recognized the models on the first eight pages, and said they were nice and she used to work with them at CandyGirls or GoldenStars.

Both Makenzie and her Mother felt tingles between their legs when they looked at the pictures of young girls happily undressing and spreading their legs for the cameras. Her Mother said, "Yes, nice girls. I'm sure you'll enjoy playing with them again, Honey. And it's OK with their Mommies, for them to show their... ummm... private parts to the cameras."

"Well, now they enjoy working for me. Their Mothers are happy and the girls are happy. And they all show their private parts to the cameras and to the other models and the other photographers, too. On this page..." he turned a page that had close-ups of pussies - a legs closed, and a legs open picture of each of six different girls. Some were hairy. Some were shaved and nicked up with black or brown stubble and red bumps, and some were smooth as a baby. "Look closely. Each of these girls is ten or eleven. Which pussies are the prettiest, Makenzie?"

She pointed to the two bald ones without hesitation.

"Good. I think so, too, and so do my video customers. A little angel hair is OK, like on a couple of your friends..." He flipped back two pages and pointed. "See? Lilya had a little bit of blond, angel hair on her pussy lips back then. It was OK at first, but we arranged for wax treatments so she could keep modeling for a few more years. The girls we want to continue modeling for us, we provide wax treatments." He flipped back to the page of pussies and pointed to one of the bald ones. "This is Lilya now - smooth and bald again." He turned a page to a full treatment of Lilya - from her early days at CandyGirls to more recent pictures of a smiling Lilya as she spread her pussy lips open with both hands to show off her swollen clitty. That picture was followed by very wet close-ups. "Isn't it pretty?" He pointed to the creamy wet, open pussy. "You can tell she gets excited about showing it to the cameras, can't you, Makenzie?"

"Yes. She likes it. You can tell." Makenzie blushed, realizing that her own pussy was wet, too. She could feel that her panties were damp.

Makenzie's Mother said. "I heard that waxing was expensive, and... umm."

Mr. Thompson cut her off before she could say painful. "Yes, it is expensive, and it takes a little while, but as you can see..." He pointed to the bald pussies. "It's worth it. So, for example, Lilya started getting wax treatments - about every six months or so - over a year ago, and she is still modeling and doing our special photographer parties. Everybody wants to see her waxed area. She'll continue working for us for another two, maybe three years or more. Helping with parties and training our new, little girls and other models. Otherwise we would have had to stop using her last year. Once one of our models is waxed - and that means a nice extra bonus and video project - then she is part of our 'waxed club' and those girls get invited to other special photo shoots and sometimes on trips to the shore, or other locations out of town. Our waxed girls love doing those things. They get to meet new models and new photographers almost every month. So, if you qualify, and if you follow directions, you will probably be invited to join the waxed club in the next year. It means more parties, more videos, and more... well, photo income for your Mommy. All the photographers will want to examine your waxed area." He paused, then smiled, "We kind of have a tradition, since it stings a little bit to get waxed, so every time a photographer sees a girl's waxed area, he has to kiss it and say, 'I hope it feels all better now,' and then he rubs her waxed area for a minute to make it feel better." He laughed.

Makenzie's Mom laughed, too, and then Makenzie joined in, thinking it would be funny to get kissed there. She had heard about that, but didn't think people would actually kiss a girl there.

He asked Makenzie, "So, would you like your pussy to be bald and beautiful like this..." He kept his finger on one of the pictures of a bald pussy. "So you could keep modeling for several more years?"

"Yes. Gee."

Mr. Thompson closed the album, and flipped along the pages to a tab with a "B" on it near the back of the book. "And I'm sure you won't recognize these models, Makenzie." He opened the album to a series of pictures of boys - about ages twelve to fifteen. Again, each set started out with the boy fully dressed, and then naked at the end - including close-ups of front and side views of his erection. One page showed 'before-and-after' pictures of a boy's erection - from soft and droopy about two inches long, to hard and either straight or slightly curved with the head swelled to the max. Most of the boys were circumcised. The cocks ranged from less than three inches when hard to more than five inches. He turned several pages before closing the book. Makenzie and her Mother had seen at least twenty different, small-but-hard cocks.

"Oh, my." Said her Mother. "Will she have to..."

"No, not until our girls are teenagers. She will remain a virgin until then. She probably won't be modeling with boys for a while anyway, but my other girls like modeling with boys. They know they are safe and anonymous, and there are always adults nearby. The boys know they aren't allowed to have sex. A penis is never allowed to go in a girl's vagina, and everybody knows that. The models will touch and kiss each other, and undress, and play lots of different games, but a penis will not... and I stress that... will not go in her vagina. There might be some... well... oral experiences... when she is ready. The boys and girls both like that, but no actual sex. And..." He looked at Makenzie's Mother. "There is a nice bonus if your daughter causes a boy model, or even one of the photographers, like at a party... to... well... squirt. We don't want you to ask her questions about her modeling or private party sessions, except to ask her if she had a good time. Meanwhile, just know she is always safe.

"What do you mean? Squirt what?" Makenzie asked, while she was looking at the closed album, hoping he would open it again.

"It's OK, Makenzie." Her Mother said, "You'll see. It won't hurt anything."

"Sometimes you might need to wash her hair when one of us brings her home from a modeling session or from a special party, but if so, there is a nice bonus."

"That extra money isn't necessary, Mr. Thompson, but it would be nice. Thank you. Every little bit helps."

He said, "Some of the Moms fix a bath for their daughters when they get home and always wash their hair, whether there are streaks in it or not."

"Streaks of what?" Makenzie was intrigued. "umm, could I see those pages again?" Her curiosity was so obvious it was cute.

"Which pages?" Mr. Thompson teased.

"Like those other models."

"The girls or the boys?" He asked. "Or more of each. Would you like to see some of their video clips?"

"Yes." Makenzie said, smiling at him. She instinctively knew that smiling at a man would sometimes get him to do what she wanted him to do.

He smiled at her. "Later. You can study more boy erections later... if... if you do a good job in your mini-audition and during the examination. Maybe I'll even let you watch videos of young boys... but older than you... getting undressed by one of your model friends and then getting his balls tickled to make his cock get stiff. That's embarrassing for boys because it gets so long and stiff and they can't hide it. They have to stand still with their hands behind their back and let the girls play with it. That's our rule. Maybe you could do that someday. Would you like to play with a boy's cock in front of my cameras while he stands still with his hands behind his back? He will know that he has to let you play with it. The videos won't be seen in our country."

Makenzie quickly glanced at her Mother. "Well, like I would if you told me to."

"And would you keep rubbing it; maybe even kissing it, if I told you to?"

"Yes. If you told me."

"Good. But meanwhile, let me call in Ms. Laura, my assistant. She will usually do the costumes, hair, nails, and make-up, but since you already look great today, Makenzie, she will just assist me with the cameras and with the examination. And maybe later... one of your model friends will be here... you could stay and do a video or two with her. And Ms. Laura will get both of you dressed before each clip. But that's only if you pass your mini-audition, and if you cooperate fully. Would you like to make a few videos later today?"

"Yes, she would." Makenzie's Mother said. "Wouldn't you, Honey? Especially since nobody around here will ever see these videos. Isn't that right, Mr. Thompson?"

"Yes. You're right. These will only be seen in other parts of the world, where they don't even speak English. They aren't sold here in the USA."

As a well-dressed, attractive, smiling woman in her early thirties walked in, Mr. Thompson continued. "Stand here in front of me, Makenzie. Very nice. I like how you walk in high heels."

"Thank you." Makenzie said.

Mr. Thompson took her hand and set her in position, about five feet in front of the camera, with her left leg between his knees as she sat in a folding chair. "Face the camera during your examination and mini-audition. Something different about my studio from those other studios: I have to touch the models frequently. Here's your first instruction, Mackenzie. Say your name and age into the camera and that you want to be a good model for me and that you know I will be touching you all over, and even helping you change outfits."

She didn't say anything right away, so her Mother said, "Go ahead, Makenzie. Say it. Nobody around here will see your videos. It's just acting."

Mr. Thompson said, "I only use models who are cooperative. You remember Lilya, Laura, Sofiya, Sharlotta, Sonya, and others from CandyGirls. They all love modeling for me now. They tried other studios, too, but the girls, and especially the mothers, are glad they work for me now, since I pay so much more, and since the girls get to have more fun doing things with the other models. You'll get to work with those other girls. Do you remember them? Lilya and Sharlotta especially enjoy getting spankings, even front spankings. Oh, and try to act nervous today, like you're kind of scared to be doing these things."

Makenzie smiled weakly, "I am nervous, Mr. Thompson. You mean front spankings? Like on their..." She looked around behind her at his hand on her bottom, up under her dress.

Her Mother said, "It's OK, Makenzie. Some girls like spankings. Now, let him touch you. You know he's got to touch you all over, like to adjust your clothes or your position. Just say those things into the camera."

She tried to smile at the camera, even with Mr. Thompson's hand feeling around on her bottom. "I'm Makenzie, and I just turned nine years old, and now I'm going to be a model here. I like modeling and I will do everything they... unnn..." She was distracted as Mr. Thompson's hand slid off her bottom and went forward between her legs.

"Good." Said Mr. Thompson. "Start over. We'll practice this a few times and you'll get used to it. Sharlotta was shy at first, but even during that first day she let me start touching her all over to get her ready for pictures or videos. Once she pulled her panties down, she started having more fun. Now she likes getting touched all over - by me, by the other models, including the boys, and by all the other photographers. She loves it now, doesn't she, Ms. Laura?"

"Yes, Sharlotta loves modeling. She likes to show it."

Mr. Thompson continued, "All the girls do. You're doing great at acting jumpy and nervous, Makenzie."

Makenzie's Mother said, "Won't that be fun, Honey, modeling with Sharlotta, Sonya, and Lilya? You really liked them."

"Yes. That will be fun."

"You girls will be dancing and playing games together." Mr. Thompson said, still rubbing her bottom and occasionally sliding a finger between her legs towards the front of Makenzie's panties. "Start over. Name, age, how you will do everything the photographers tell you to do, and how you know we will be touching you and putting you in different positions, and that you are limber and can open your legs real wide - almost doing the splits. If you feel my hand trying to open your legs, then put your legs apart, but keep on talking. Talk about doing things with other models."

"I'm Makenzie and I just turned nine years old. I want to be a model and it will be fun to..." She slid her feet farther apart with Mr. Thompson's two hands pulling her knees apart. "I... I want to dance and do modeling and games with the other ...unnn... models." She stopped momentarily with Mr. Thompson's right hand between her legs, rubbing the front of her panties, but then continued. "And I know the photographers will touch me." He kept massaging the front of her panties.

"Good. Now tell the camera that you know the photographers and other models will be touching and undressing you, and that you will do everything you are told to do. And you will get to touch them and undress them, too. Say it."

As she started to speak, he added, "Put your feet farther apart and lift of the front of your dress. That's it. Higher. Good. Look into the camera, smile, and talk."

The nervous nine year old lifted the front of her dress and slid her feet farther apart. Mr. Thompson was blatantly massaging her pussy through the front of her panties. Mackenzie said, "I know that the photographers and the other models will be touching me, and ...unnn, that tickles... and that they will touch me and undress me in front... unn... in front of the cameras, and then... unn... then I get to touch them, too, and undress them in front of the cameras."

"You're doing great, Makenzie." Mr. Thompson said. Then he told her some other things to say and do to finish her mini-audition. "I told you this would be different from the other places you modeled before." He turned to Makenzie's Mother, "We never hurt our little models, of course, and if there is ever anything she refuses to do, then it is her choice. She wouldn't have to keep modeling for us. But our other young models, especially the girls, love doing things in front of the cameras. It's fun and exciting, and the other girls tell me some of the things they do feels really good - giving them big tingles. This doesn't hurt, does it Makenzie, the way I'm massaging you between your legs? Your pubic mound is plump and firm. Just perfect for our videos."

"No. Un, it doesn't hurt. Just kind of tickles."

"Honey," Makenzie's Mother said, "He just gave you a compliment, so that him. Remember your manners."

"What?" Makenzie wasn't thinking clearly.

Mr. Thompson said, "I said you have a wonderful, plump, firm pussy. A big mound, which is just perfect for our videos. It's what our customers love to see - young, firm, and fresh."

"Oh, unn, well, thank you, Mr. Thompson."

"Good girl. Now go ahead and talk into the camera."

She took a deep breath; looked into the camera, and started. "I'm Makenzie and I just turned nine years old, and umm, I like modeling and I promise to do everything the photographers tell me to do. I know the photographers and the other models will touch me and even undress me in front of the cameras, and I will touch them and undress them, too." She took another deep breath.

While she hesitated, her Mother said, "Go ahead, Honey. Pull them down. It's OK. It's for your audition."

She reached down with both hands and pulled the pretty panties down to her knees and stood up again, lifting the front of her dress high. She was blushing brightly as she said, "I know the photographers and other girls will pull down my panties. Unn, that tickles."

Mr. Thompson put his hand under her and began rubbing her pussy again. "This doesn't hurt, does it, Makenzie?" He leaned his head around in front of her, just inches from her pussy. He stared at it.

"Unnn, no. It kind of tickles."

"But it doesn't hurt?"

"No, it doesn't ... unnn... hurt."

"If it feels good, even a little good, then tell the camera it feels good and that you like getting touched and rubbed this way. You know your Mommy wants you to do a good job in your mini-audition. We're almost done with this part. And tell the camera if you'll do this to Sonya later today."

"Unnn, it feels good. I like how it ...unnn... feels. I'll do this to Sonya later." She moved her hips. "Oh, and I'll let her do this to me, too."

"That's good, Makenzie, because I'm sure all the other models will want to rub you between your legs. But first you have to model, dance, and undress for the cameras before you get to rub each other's pussies. And to show that our models like each other, we'll want you to kiss each other on the mouth and keep kissing while you feel each other. OK?" Mr. Thompson rubbed his finger between her lips - stimulating her clitty while he talked.

Her hips flexed again. "Unn, yes."

He said, "You have an especially pretty pussy, Makenzie."

"Thank you."

"You'll be so popular in our videos. Everybody will want to see it. They will like watching you get in different positions while you keep dancing to the music, after your panties and clothes are off. You might be wearing a garter belt and hose and high heels, but nothing else. You'll have to act like you enjoy showing it to the cameras. Is it tingling now?"

Mr. Thompson knew it was tingling, because it was quickly getting wetter.

Her Mother said, "Isn't that great, Honey? Mr. Thompson says lots of people will want to order your videos."

Mr. Thompson said, "She'll be very popular - with the customers and with the other models. Like I said, Makenzie, you're a very pretty girl with an exceptionally pretty pussy."

"Thank you." She blushed.

Ms. Laura said, "Yes, it's exceptional. Such a plump mound with full, firm lips. And it looks like she is getting juicy already."

"I'm so proud of you, Honey." Her Mother said. "You're doing so good at following Mr. Thompson's directions."

"You said it was important, Mommy, and that I should do everything he says."

"That's right." Her Mother said. "And you're doing great."

"Yes, she is! And you passed your mini-audition, so now we'll continue with the examination. Let me help you get this dress off. I want you keep your high heels on for now."

A minute later, Makenzie was naked except for those high heels. He stood behind her. "Hold your arms straight out to your sides so I can feel how well you're developing."

As he felt her tiny, breasts - nothing more than puffy, pink nipples on very small mounds, Makenzie said, "I hardly even have any boobies."

"They are perfect, Makenzie. Just how my customers like them." Mr. Thompson said.

"Really?" She smiled. "Oh, that kind of tickles."

"I think they are perfect, too." Said Ms. Laura. "Very nice. I know your customers will like them, Mr. Thompson. They love puffy nipples."

"And so do the other photographers and models. Perfect. I'll show you what to do, Makenzie. Put your fingers on your nipples and pinch and pull so they stand out for the pictures and videos. Try it. Just like I did it."

"Practice again. Very good. If you do it right, you should even feel little tingles in your pussy. We call this, 'fluffing them up.'"

"Oh. I felt tingles when you did it."

"Show the camera and pinch a little harder. Pull out and let them snap back. Yes, like that. Very good. Did you feel a tingle?"


"I'll step back. Look into the camera and say your name and age, and keep pinching and pulling on your nipples. Say you're doing that to get ready for your videos and for the other photographers and models."

Her Mother said, "Excellent, Makenzie. Keep up the good work, and I know you'll get a modeling contract."

She wasn't as nervous even though she was naked. She smiled into the camera, "My name is Makenzie and I'm nine years old. I'm fluffing up my umm... these... to get ready to make videos and for the other photographers and models. It gives me tingles when I pinch harder. Oh." She smiled.

Mommy Watches Makenzie Get Fingered

Mr. Thompson led her over to a massage table that was covered with towels. "Stand here while Ms. Laura gets your weight, height, and measurements."

With lots of fondling and stimulation, Ms. Laura eventually said, "Such perky, little titties. Just perfect. 31-28-33 And a beautiful plump, pussy mound and perfectly rounded buns. A terrific ass. Everyone will want to see it and touch it!"

Makenzie's Mother said, "Oh, that's great, Honey. Tell them thank you."

"Thank you." Makenzie said. She was blushing, but smiling.

Mr. Thompson said, "She's doing great. Hop up on the massage table and lie back for a minute. We'll do your full examination, but I need to check something first."

Makenzie, still wearing only the high heels, laid back on the massage table. Mr. Thompson and Ms. Laura pulled her heels up by her ass and laid her knees outward to open her pussy. The opening to her vagina was wet and slippery.

Mr. Thompson put his finger in the opening to her vagina and started to push in. "Oh, that's too big. It hurts." She said.

Mr. Thompson said, "I'll try it again in a minute with my baby finger, Makenzie. Let me buzz this area a minute with this little battery toy to help relax your muscles. This also makes it more slippery inside, so my finger will slide in." He looked at Makenzie's Mother who was standing at the foot of the massage table watching closely. He said, "She's very tight. Obviously a virgin."

"Of course she is." Said her Mother, who was also relieved by Mr. Thompson's pronouncement. She watched him rub the vibrator around the opening to Makenzie's vagina, around and around her clitty - frequently going across it - but not stopping on it.

He said, "This will help her muscles relax, and I'll try it again."

Everyone watched as he buzzed the vibrator on the blushing girl's pussy lips and clitty. After almost two minutes of buzzing her pussy area, Makenzie couldn't stifle a little moan, and her hips moved. He said, "Another minute and she will be more relaxed. Ms. Laura, why don't you massage her breasts while I try to help relax her pussy muscles."

Ms. Laura was happy to help and moved up to stand next to her chest. She started to gently stimulate Makenzie's breasts and tug on her nipples.

Makenzie was breathing harder and still making soft moans. "Unnnn, ohhhh, unnnn."

Mr. Thompson pushed his baby finger all the way up Makenzie's open, wet pussy. "Yes, very tight. But it's more relaxed now." He continued pushing his finger in and pulling it all the way out. His finger was coated with her excitement. Then he used his forefinger, causing a slightly louder moan. "Yes, she is more relaxed now." He said as he continued to slowly finger the nine year old with her Mother just a foot away. Everyone could smell her excitement, and see it glistening on Mr. Thompson's finger and all around Makenzie's pussy.

After he pulled his finger out, and wiped it on the towel that was on top of the massage table, he pulled her legs down to close her. He said, "Your daughter will make an excellent model for us. Not only does she have a pretty face and long legs, but she has a beautiful, plump, firm pussy that is very tight. I think we might have to help relax her pussy area before some of our photo or video shoots, but I don't think she will mind while we get her prepared."

"She'll do just fine." Ms. Laura said. "She's already better at following directions."

"That's wonderful." Makenzie's Mother said.

Mr. Thompson said, "She's doing great so far. But we need to inspect her a little longer, so, if you don't mind, could you go wait downstairs while we finish examining her. It looks like it won't take too long. Thank you." He said as she went through the studio door. He stood in the door, and said, "We'll only need about twenty to forty minutes to finish our inspections. Then, if she passes, and now I'm almost positive she will, we'll all go get some lunch and then bring her back her to do a few videos, while you go on home with an envelope to cover her mini-audition and inspection. You'll probably get another, even nicer envelope later, if she completes her first set of videos. This will get her off to a quick start." Makenzie's Mother nodded, turned, and headed to the stairs as he closed the door and locked it.

He patted the table. "Shoes off now. Hop back up here and lie on your back, Makenzie, so Ms. Laura and I can examine you closer. Don't be nervous. This will feel good. We'll ask you some private questions, too. Were you more nervous with your Mommy watching me finger you?"

"Yes. Like it was more embarrassing with her watching what you did."

"It didn't hurt, did it, Makenzie, when I put my finger in you or when I buzzed your pussy?"


"Good. All our other models love it when we help them get relaxed like that." He said. "It's part of your modeling, to let us, or some of the other models or photographers help you get relaxed. We'll also do it at the parties. We like our models to be relaxed. OK?"

"Yes. OK." And she meant it.

Ms. Laura got two cameras in position on their tripods. Then both Ms. Laura and Mr. Thompson began massaging and feeling her all over while they talked.

Ms. Laura asked her again if she would like to see video clips of some of their girls playing with different boys... "with their cocks, to make them stand up. You can tell the girls like playing with them. Did you ever play with one, Makenzie?"

"No. I mean not a boy's."

Mr. Thompson asked, "Did you play with a man's?" He smiled as he continued to massage her pussy mound. "I'm hoping you will play with mine later. Would you like to?"

"Yes. Gee. But it was a neighbor man's a few times. Like he would tickle me, but he always ended up feeling my panties. Once he gave me a dollar to let him pull down my panties."

"That's very normal, Makenzie." Ms. Laura said. "You're a very cute girl. And then he showed you his cock?"

"Yes. It was big and kind of scary. I didn't want to touch it, but he said he would give me another dollar, so I did. You won't tell Mommy, will you?"

Mr. Thompson said, "No. Your secrets are safe with us. And you're not going to tell your Mommy that you played with my cock, are you?"

"No. Umm, can I really?"

"Here's my deal for you, Makenzie. If you promise to play with it later, then I'll let you see video clips of some of the boys, and you can watch clips of the girls doing things together, too. Would you like that? Does that sound like a deal for you?"

"Yes! Gee. Neat." Then she moved her hips. Mr. Thompson kept massaging her pussy and Ms. Laura was rubbing and gently pinching her breasts, which were now totally flat except for the puffy nipples since she was lying on her back. Then she said, "Like do the girls... umm... do they really kiss the boys' things?"

Ms. Laura asked Makenzie if she would like to try it.

"Well, like if you tell me to for a video I would do it."

"But would you like to do it?" She asked again.

"Yes. I mean, like I'm...unnn... that tickles, Mr. Thompson. I mean, like I'm curious about it. Like the girls keep sucking on them?"

"Yes, of course." Said Ms. Laura. "Girls like to do that."

Then Makenzie asked if that was what they meant by 'squirt.' She said, "Like when the neighbor man had me take off my shorts and pull down my panties to let him look at me and touch me, and he kept rubbing his thing, then it squirted out lots of white, sticky stuff. It felt warm on my leg and the top of my foot. But he wiped it off. Thank goodness I didn't have my panties or shorts still on my legs, or it would have gotten all over them."

Mr. Thompson stopped rubbing Makenzie's pussy, but her pussy kept moving and squirming on it's own. He said, "How many times did that happen, and when was the last time?"

"I guess about three or four times. It was two weeks ago, I mean the last time. His wife was on vacation, but now she's home again."

"Good." Ms. Laura said. "Because we need to keep the things we do a secret. You can't talk to anyone about what we do here for your videos and the games at the parties. Except you can talk with the other models. They will be your best friends. We even arrange slumber parties for you girls. No men or boys allowed. Well, sometimes. And no cameras, except mine, and only for certain scenes, like when you girls take turns doing things. Did you ever put your finger in another girl's pussy or bottom?"

Makenzie thought a minute. "Well, like my one girlfriend. But that was a year ago and she moved. It hurt when she tried to put her finger in me, so she didn't, but I fingered her, and I could tell she liked it. I kept doing it. Then her Mommy came home. We had on our nightgowns but no panties, and we were in the living room watching TV with her Mommy. And Cheryl and me were on the couch with a blanket over us, sitting close together. She took my hand under the blanket, and I started fingering her under the blanket with her Mommy just a few feet away while we watched TV. It was funny and exciting. Cheryl is a year older than me. When we went to bed, she wanted me to keep doing it. She said she could sleep better if I rubbed it for her for a little bit longer. I got under the blanket with a flashlight, so I could look at it while I fingered her. Her pussy was all wet and slippery with like white cream coming out. Then she wanted me to do it faster, so I did.

Then she said, 'Two fingers, and press in. Hold still. Keep pressing in. Ohhhhhhhh.' I felt her pussy squeezing my fingers. Then she pulled my hand away and pulled me up to cuddle next to her. She kissed me on the mouth which felt funny, and then she went to sleep; still hugging me."

Mr. Thompson said, "Set up the big laptop next to the camera aimed at her face. We'll let her watch video clips of girls and boys while we finish stimulating her. I think she is ready. But did you put your finger in her bottom, or did she put her finger in yours?"

"No. Not our bottoms. Do people do that?"

"She is definitely ready." Said Ms. Laura. "We need a bottom exam. Get her ready for that while I set up the laptop and pick out some video clips for her to watch."

A few minutes later, Makenzie was on her elbows and knees with her back arched and her knees about 16 inches apart. Mr. Thompson was lubricating her bottom, but not pushing his finger in yet. He asked her if now she can put her own finger in her pussy.

Se said she could do that now. "I used a marker pen, like with a rounded top, and it slides all the way in."

Ms. Laura said, "You just watch the screen and say if you recognize any of the girls and tell what they are doing. You'll get to do all those things, too. And I know you'll have fun at my slumber parties, Makenzie."

As Makenzie said, "Oh, that's Lilya and Sharlotta. They are kissing and undressing each other. Gee, Lilya is sucking on Sharlotta's titties.

"These are highlights, Makenzie, just little clips showing some of the things you will be doing while you're modeling for us. And things at the parties or slumber parties. Fun things."

"Now Lilya is putting stuff on Sharlotta's bottom. She is in the same position as me. Unnnn. Ohhhh." She said, as Mr. Thompson pushed his slippery finger in Makenzie's ass.

"All our little girls learn to love this, Makenzie." Mr. Thompson said.

"Unnn, and now Sharlotta is licking Lilya's pussy. I can tell...unnnn... that Lilya likes it."

"Sonya and Hannah are kissing, and undressing. Sonya is putting her finger in Hannah's bottom. She pushes it in and pulls it all the way out. Unnnn. Like you're doing to me, Mr. Thompson. Unnnn, your finger is so big."

"It doesn't hurt, does it Makenzie?"

"No. Unnn."

Then Mr. Thompson pulled his finger all the way out, and Ms. Laura put a finger - slowly - all the way in Makenzie's pussy.

"Ohhhh." Makenzie moaned. "Lilya is on her back with her legs open and Sonya and Hannah are taking turns putting a finger in her pussy or bottom. Oh, now Sonya is fingering Lilya's bottom and licking her pussy at the same time. Now Hannah and Sonya are rolling on the bed and kissing and laughing."

"That was at one of my slumber parties." Ms. Laura said, with a finger pushed all the way in Makenzie's vagina. "Would you like to come to some of our slumber parties?"

"Yes. Gee. Now Sonya in on her back with one leg up in the air, and Hannah is sitting on her thigh with one leg on each side of Sonya's leg, and now they are rubbing their pussies together. Oh, now Hannah is lying on her back with her legs spread apart and Sonya is lying between Hannah's legs and her mouth is on Hannah's pussy. Sonya keeps licking her."

"When the little girls are excited, they get so juicy, Makenzie, and then the other girls like to taste them and lick out as much as they can. You feel wet and juicy right now. I know the other girls will love playing with you."

"Yulia, Vika, and Alice are wearing sheer tops and bouncing on the bed. They don't have bottoms on. They are pulling cards out of a deck. Oh, and now Alice is lying on the bed with her arms and legs spread out and the other girls are tying her ankles and wrists. And now it looks like four girls are all rubbing and kissing Alice all over, especially between her legs and on her mouth and titties."

Ms. Laura said, "Alice gets especially juicy and the other girls know that. You can't see it in this picture, but there are some boys watching. They know Alice gets really wet and slippery, so the other girls are stimulating her with the boys watching. They want her to get really juicy so all the boys and girls can taste her. I bet you taste good, Makenzie." She pulled her finger out and tasted it. Then she pushed her finger all the way back in and pulled it out again, reaching her finger up to Mr. Thompson's mouth. "Taste her and tell me what you think, Mr. Thompson."

Mr. Thomas sucked the juice off Ms. Laura's finger. "Ummm, well..." He hesitated. "Fantastic. I want more. She tastes great. Little Makenzie gets very juicy and she tastes great. I'm sure the other girls, and the boys, and the cameramen will all love how she tastes."

"I think so, too." Said Ms. Laura. "You taste wonderful."

"Unn, thank you." She was still watching the small computer screen. "What are they doing?"

"That's a vibrator. They use it to tickle a little girl's clitty. And I'm going to touch one on your clitty now. Don't talk. Just watch the boys taste Alice. They you can watch the girls suck on the boys and you'll see what happens."

She started buzzing around Makenzie's wet, open pussy, while Mr. Thompson slid his big finger all the way in her ass.

A minute later, Makenzie enjoyed a noisy orgasm while watching a boy squirt into Hannah's open mouth. Some of his cum got all over her face, chest, and shoulders.

They pulled their fingers and the vibrator away, clicked off the computer, and let her rest on the massage table for a minute.

"What happened?" Makenzie asked. "What did you do?"

"Did it feel good, Honey?" Mr. Thompson asked while he gently rubbed her back.

"Yes, gee. Like my tummy exploded inside. What was that buzzy thing?"

"That's a vibrator, Honey." Mr. Thompson continued. "We use that as a reward for all our good, little models. Did you like watching the girls and boys while Ms. Laura buzzed your clitty?"

"Yes. Unnn." An after-spasm made her twitch. "Gee."

"Will you like modeling and coming to the parties and slumber parties?"

"Yes." Makenzie was enjoying the attention in kind of a dream-like state.

"I know the other girls will want to taste you, Makenzie. Will you let them lick your pussy?" Mr. Thompson's gentle voice continued.

"Unnn, yes. OK."

"Good, girl. Because Ms. Laura and I will tell all of our models how delicious and juicy you are. So besides a beautiful pussy mound with full lips, and a very tight anus with rounded buns, two cute, little titties with sensitive, puffy nipples, you have a very sensitive clitty that enjoys getting a little buzzer treatment. And your pussy flavor is wonderful. You want to kiss other girls on the mouth; suck on their titties, and lick their pussies, and I bet you will enjoy sucking on boy's cock, and even men's cocks at the photographer parties. Won't you, Makenzie?"

"Ummm, yes."

"Roll over onto your back and open your legs so I can lick you off. Then I will let you lick me later. OK?"

She rolled over and opened her legs. He put a shawl over her chest as he bent down and started licking Makenzie's still-sensitive pussy. As he took long, slow licks up her pussy crack, he said, "Umm, little one. You taste wonderful." He tried to keep it slow, but she orgasmed again, and closed her legs.

"Ohhhh, unnn." Then she tried to open her legs again. "I'm sorry. It's just that it exploded again. Ummmm. I'll try to hold still for you. I couldn't help it."

Ms. Laura patted Mr. Thompson on the shoulder. "Let's give it a rest. You'll get another turn later. Let me get her dressed. We can't take a naked, little girl in the restaurant with us. Then everybody would want to eat her!" She laughed. "We'll all go get some lunch and then maybe do a few videos later this afternoon."


Makenzie's Mother was delighted to hear that her daughter had passed the mini-audition and examination, and that she would get to start making videos later today with another little girl.

Mr. Thompson said, "And her anus and vagina - both extremely tight. I had to use lots of extra lubricant on her anus before my finger would even go in." He said. "And even Ms. Laura's little finger had to press to squeeze into her tight vagina even though it was wonderfully wet."

"So," Ms. Laura said, "We know she's been a good girl. It's important to keep it that way." She looked at Makenzie. So, no fooling around with boys or men in the neighborhood."

"Of course she wouldn't do things like that." Said her Mother with conviction. "She knows she is not even allowed to tell her friends about her new modeling. She's only allowed to do those things when she is modeling."

Ms. Laura said, "We talked with her about that. She can talk with me and with the other models about anything, which reminds me - I'm having a slumber party for some of our models next Friday night, and would like to invite Makenzie. She already knows a few of the other girls because she has worked with them before. But not like what we are doing, of course. This way, the models will get to experience each other - lots of dancing, kissing, dressing up, trading panties, and other games. They will get a taste of working with each other, even though I'm the only photographer allowed in. I'll provide the pizza and pop and the outfits. It's fun. It's only girls and we party pretty late, so I'll bring her home the next day. I might make some video clips - as the girls take a turn doing different things with every other girl. Then it will count as a modeling session for Makenzie, so Mr. Thompson will have something for you after the party. The other girls are just there to have fun, although most of them will be in video clips with Makenzie. That's if Makenzie wants to come to my party." She looked down beside her into Makenzie's face and smiled.

Makenzie was sucking on a straw, enjoying her milkshake. "I want to." She looked across at her Mother. "Can I please, Mommy? I know some of the other girls who will be there - from Candy Girls, and from Golden-Stars. Please? I'll be good."

"Well of course you can, Honey. I know you miss playing with your girlfriends." She looked at Ms. Laura. "That's awfully brave of you ... having how many little girls?"

"Usually only five or six, but it could be more with a new girl. We only get a few new girls each year. We have to be very selective. The mommies have to encourage their daughters to do nude and open modeling, for one thing. Anyway, the girls love the parties."

"What kinds of games will we play?" Makenzie asked.

"Lots of slumber party games." Ms. Laura laughed. "Like every girl has a shortie nightie, but with the wrong panties, so they go around exchanging panties with each other. That's pretty funny. And pillow fights. And make-up birthday spankings. And spin-the-bottle with different stunts to do with the other girl it points to. And you will be the special star, Makenzie. There will be dancing and some other games. We have a little doctor kit and a nurse kit, so the girls love playing doctor."

"Of course." Said Makenzie's Mother.

"Another game the girls like is 'spin-the-buzzer,' and I bet your daughter will be spinning it a lot, since all the other girls will want to play it with her. Makenzie will spin the buzzer and whichever girl it points to will have to tickle Makenzie's panties with the buzzer for a full minute." Ms. Laura looked down at Makenzie, "I bet you'll like playing 'spin-the-buzzer,' because it really tickles."

Makenzie was blushing because she knew what Ms. Laura was talking about. Then Makenzie's Mother said, "That sounds like a fun game, Honey, whatever the buzzer is. I'm sure you'll have fun."

Actually, Makenzie was already feeling tingles just thinking about it.

Mr. Thompson held up his had to get the waitresses attention. He asked for the check. "Well this has certainly been a happy lunch. We've got other models scheduled this afternoon, so we'd better get back to the studio. Do you mind taking the bus home?" He looked at Makenzie's Mother. "Now you could afford to take a taxi, but it's best not to draw attention to yourself. This extra income usually only lasts a few years, and most of it during the first year."

"I'll take the bus. That's fine. And you or Ms. Laura will bring her home later?"

"Yes, in two or three hours. Four at the most. I'll have another envelope for you. Also, we've decided to schedule Makenzie's first waxing treatment - which is also a video session, and little party the next day to show her freshly waxed area to the other photographers. That's one month from today. And then the slumber party next Friday night. Your little model did excellent today. We both know she will be popular with the other models, even the boys, and with the other photographers."

"So, how did she do during the inspection? And you think you can use her for maybe a couple more years, after the wax treatments?"

"Yes, I know we can. Several years - for videos, parties, and later, to help train some of the other models."

"That's great. Thank you, Mr. Thompson."

"Like I told you, her little titties and puffy nipples are perfect. Her pubic mound is plump and firm, with fat, meaty lips like so many of our subscribers like. And during her inspection, when we opened her legs, her pussy lips finally parted revealing a pink slit that was glistening with excitement. No inner lips to speak of, but a pink, juicy slit. Just perfect. Ms. Laura pushed her finger all the way in, and said she was slippery but very tight."

Ms. Laura held out her finger. "It's smaller than Mr. Thompson's finger, and I had to push hard to get it to slide in. Didn't I, Makenzie?"

"Yes." She blushed.

"I pushed my finger in about twenty times, and it remained nice and tight. And I think it felt good to her." She looked at Makenzie, who was blushing. "It didn't hurt, did it?" Ms. Laura smiled.

"No." Makenzie's hips rocked in her chair as her body remembered being fingered by Ms. Laura.

Mr. Thompson said, "And we got her in position on her knees and elbows to get close-ups of her ass and to inspect her. It's beautiful, too. A tiny pink center with a narrow band of light brown wrinkles. I lubricated a finger to check the tightness, and had to push in just a little more each time. I used lots of lubricant and it still took ten tries before I could push this finger all the way in her bottom." He held out his finger. Makenzie blushed and looked down while her Mommy looked at Mr. Thompson's outstretched finger. "And after she was lubricated, I pushed it all the way in slowly, about ten times, so she would be able to enjoy that game at some of our parties with the other models and photographers. Once you were nice and slippery, it was still very tight, but it didn't hurt you, did it, Makenzie?"

"No. It didn't hurt." She remembered hearing herself moan each time he pushed in. And that was when Ms. Laura tapped the buzzer on her clitty and made her tummy explode with pleasure. Makenzie's hips squirmed in her chair. The adults heard her go, "unn," very softly, but still audible. Makenzie was blushing.

Her Mother asked, "So she passed your inspection?"

"Yes, with flying colors. After getting some official video of her undressing and playing with other models this afternoon, I know her videos will be big sellers. It's why I can pay such generous modeling fees. I'm sure her waxing video will be popular, too. People love to watch those, and to see the close-ups before and after. I'm sure at her first parties after that treatment that lots of photographers will want to meet he so they can see and touch her waxed area, and 'kiss it to make it feel better!'" Mr. Thompson laughed. I'll want to kiss it too. OK, Makenzie?"

"Yes, Sir." She said.

Mr. Thompson said, "She only has a little, fine, angel hair along the top edges of her pussy lips, and around the front of her pubic mound. We got lots of close-ups. That way our customers can see that she is getting ripe - just old enough to enjoy these new sensations, and all the attention. I bet our waxed girls at the party will want to feel Makenzie's fine angel hair before it's gone. It makes nice close-ups, as the other girls take turns licking to see if they can get a few hairs to stand up. It's something all our little girl models like to do."

"It sounds like such a fun slumber party." Makenzie's Mother said. "Well, I'll head out to the bus stop."

Makenzie, Ms. Laura, and Mr. Thompson went out to his car.

Once they pulled away from the curb, Makenzie said, "Who's coming? Is it more than one model? What are we going to do? I'll do whatever you say, but I'm just wondering."

Ms. Laura smiled. "I'm not sure without checking my list, but I know that at least Alice will be with us."

"She's nice."

"Yes. She's very nice. Does a good job." Mr. Thompson smiled, remembering his last session with Alice. After servicing five boys in two different scenes each, she still wanted to play with his meat. She loved getting fingers and little boy cocks up her lubricated ass, and she loved to make the boys cum. It was like a game with her. She liked girls, too, but preferred modeling with boys. She had even suggested - more than once - that he line up ten boys instead of only five on her modeling days, "especially since they cum so fast the first time. On their second time they can last longer, but maybe if we had more boys. I mean, since I'm here a few hours anyway."

He knew Alice was a good choice for Makenzie to work with. Alice was quiet and could act shy, but kept going. He smiled to himself, remembering telling Alice to act shy, and she did, until she saw the boy's cock, and then she went right to it with a hunger. He knew she would get Makenzie to cum on camera, and he knew she would show Makenzie how to make sure a boy was lubricated before he put his cock in her ass. She would teach with demonstrations, and then help the boys do Makenzie - well lubricated and starting slowly. And she knew lots of workable positions. She would get Makenzie positioned; get the boy started, and then she would work on Makenzie's titties and pussy. Ms. Laura had pointed out that at the slumber parties, if there was a girl they couldn't get to cum, they would let Alice work on her - sometimes with a partner - and they could get any of the girls to cum. Ms. Laura had once told Mr. Thompson, "She gets me to cum right away. She uses her fingers - front and rear - and her tongue. Best ten year old who ever got me off."

Mr. Thompson also remembered that Alice seemed to have more than the average numbers of 'little accidents' when a boy had his slippery cock in her ass and she was wiggling around, and it accidentally slipped out of her ass and into her pussy. He would just smile to himself and keep filming since she obviously loved it. One day, after four boys in a row were having 'little accidents' with her, he reminded her that she was supposed to wait until she was thirteen before doing that in her videos.

Alice had replied, "But I just turned eleven. That's too long to wait! And you said a 'little accident' wouldn't hurt anything, and that I was still a virgin even after a little accident since it wasn't on purpose. So can you please let some of the boys have little accidents?" Mr. Thompson arranged for lots more accidents for little Alice after that... and got them all on video. But, he also only used boys with a small penis - not the fourteen and fifteen year olds that she asked him to get. Alice loved watching the masturbation video of each boy, and she was used frequently as the first little girl - usually pretending to be a little sister - to manually jerk off a boy - getting it all over her, as part of the 'reality' of the incest videos. She wouldn't jerk off a boy until he had fingered and licked her 'so it would be fair.'

Mr. Thompson was smiling, thinking about Alice. He was looking forward to seeing her in a little while. Ms. Laura asked him what he was thinking about.

He patted Makenzie on the back. I'm thinking we'll have Makenzie do an undressing video, and then when Alice gets here, they can dance, kiss, undress each other, and touch each other, and then, after they take turns rubbing and kissing each other in different places, we could have Alice teach Mackenzie about tribbing."

"What's tribbing?" Makenzie asked.

Ms. Larua said, "It where you rub your pussies together - like pressing and moving, and you can get in different positions. Most girls like it once they learn some good positions for themselves. It feels really good, especially in a position with your legs open so your clitties are smashing together. Your pussies are usually real slippery by then from fingering and kissing each other, and your excitement gets all over the other girl and her excitement gets on you. Want to try it? I know the other girls will want to do it with you at the slumber party. It's a fun way to mix your excitement together - like to become 'slippery sisters,' which is one of the things the girls call themselves. Then they can talk to each other about anything."

"'Slippery Sisters?' You mean like kind of a club?"

"Yes, so you can completely trust each other will all of your secrets. Once you've licked each other between the legs, and after you smash and rub your clitties together, you are like sisters. Won't that be fun?"

"Gee. I have to lick her between her legs?" Makenzie clenched her hips.

"Yes." Said Mr. Thompson. "For your videos. You're the new girl today, and at the party, so the other girls will probably lick your bottom and your pussy first - for at least a minute, and then you can lick her. Like taking turns."

"Oh, you mean in front of the cameras, without panties on?"

Mr. Thompson laughed. "Yes, because the cameras add to the fun - just knowing that maybe thousands of men, women, and boys around the world will watch you licking another girl's pussy and her anus. It's very sexy. All the girls like it, and sometimes they can even orgasm if they keep doing it long enough."

Ms. Laura said, "And sometimes boys will be sitting just a few feet away watching you. That's fun. But then the boys are so excited that they don't last very long before they squirt."

"We might show some of the boys your pictures and a few video clips so they will want to meet you." Said Mr. Thompson. "I think you will enjoy undressing boys and playing with them. They have to follow directions, and they know they aren't allowed to do anything without my orders - or else they won't be invited back to kiss, and feel and undress more little girls. The boys you'll get to model with are all older than you, Makenzie. Some of them are sixteen! They can pretend to be your big brother and play games like that. Like maybe they will pretend they have to give you a bath but you don't want to, so they have to wrestle you and undress you and then spank you to make you take a bath... and once they start washing you, then they want to get in the tub with you and you could tease them for having an erection. Once you see his erection, they you become the boss. Make him wash you all over, and then you can lead him back to your bedroom by his penis, and then make him dry you off and put lotion on you, and then make him lick you between your legs, and then you can play with his cock - maybe even putting lotion on it and rubbing it until it squirts. That would be a fun role-playing game, wouldn't it?"

Ms. Laura was helping Makenzie put on a garter belt and hose before getting her dressed up for her strip video. She said, "One time, I remember that Alice even made the boy put on her panties and training bra before she would suck on him, so he did it. She made him cum in her panties, and then he had to get back in the bathtub to wash himself off."

"That's still a popular video. She did other things with the boy later. It takes about an hour or so before a boy is ready to do another scene, because after they cum his penis gets soft. But it's ready to go again, and even cum again, about an hour later. That's why we have so many boy models. And it's nice variety for you girls, too."

"Gee." Makenzie stepped into the sheer panties and stood up straight. "You mean like after you make a boy squirt, then you get a new boy to play with?"

"Sounds like fun, doesn't it?" Ms. Laura asked.

"Yes. Gee."

Mr. Thompson asked, "So, then, let me ask you again. Would you like to undress a boy and play with his cock?"

"Yes. I mean it's for the videos. And like I have to do it."

"But does it sound like fun to you?" He asked.


"Good." Laughed Ms. Laura, "because there are five boys scheduled here in about an hour. After you make a video and after you and Alice make a couple videos."

"Five! Boys?"

"Yes!" Ms. Laura laughed. "And you have to suck on each one of them for a little bit, after you undress whichever one is modeling with you and let him lick you between your legs and suck on your titties. Then you'll suck on every one of the boys, won't you, Makenzie?"


"Alice will show you how, if you want, or you could just play with one by yourself and lick it, and then suck on it if you can. We'll see. But only after you let the boys watch you undress Alice and lick her between her legs. That gets the boys so excited."

She was dressed now. The cameras were ready. Mr. Thompson said, "We can keep talking with you while you dance and undress, Makenzie. Most of the people who might watch this video don't speak English. Go ahead."

Makenzie started dancing to the slow rock beat, and touching her own breasts like Ms. Laura had taught her - to 'fluff them up.' As she pinched and pulled on them through the silky blouse, she asked, "But will the boys... I mean... you know... like put their things in my bottom?"

Mr. Thompson asked her if it felt good when he put his slippery finger in her bottom earlier during her inspection.

"Yes. I mean, it didn't hurt."

"I could have sworn you liked it. Especially when we touched your clitty with the buzzer."

She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Her instructions were to undress except for the high heels, stockings, and garter belt and to remove her blouse and training bra last.

"Yes, that did feel good. You're right. Do all the other girls do that? I mean, do they let the boys do that?"

"Yes. They love it, like we said." Ms. Laura replied since Mr. Thompson was busy with the cameras. "And if you want, you could watch a couple of the boys do that with Alice before they do it with you, or you could show us how brave you are and you could go ahead and make sure a boy is really slippery and that his cock is covered with the greasy lubricant and then guide it in to your bottom. A boy cock is only about the size of Mr. Thompson's finger. So, do you think you'll want to show us how brave you are? Remember, his cock is about the same size as Mr. Thompson's finger."

"Yes. I'll try it."

"Good. Now squeeze and pull your titties towards the camera again. Pretend the camera is a dozen boys watching you. That's it. We will show your videos to some of our boys before they meet you, so they will want to play with you and make videos. Good. Now face away from the camera and keep moving your pretty ass. That will make them want to touch it, and finger you, and get you all slippery, too. Now pull your ass open with both hands and bend way over. Keep your balance, because you're wearing the high heels. Excellent. Isn't she doing great, Mr. Thompson?"

"Yes. She's making me want to put my finger in her bottom again!" He moved closer for close-ups of her pulled-open ass and pussy from behind."

"Stand up, turn towards the camera, and blow a kiss to all the boys. Very good. Cut."

Alice Arrives

Alice and her Mother came into the studio after Mr. Thompson unlocked the door. Makenzie was wearing a robe. The girls were glad to see each other again. Then Ms. Laura took Alice back to the dressing room to get her ready for their first, erotic, joint video.

When they were in the other room, Mr. Thompson said, "This is Makenzie's first day as a model with us. Alice will help us train her. Do you want to inspect her, like you inspect the other girls Alice models with?"

"Yes, of course. I have to make sure the girls Alice works with are clean and fresh from head to toe, and not stretched out like a little whore."

Mr. Thompson laughed, as if she was making a joke, but had Makenzie take off the robe and climb up on the table for a quick inspection. "Alice's Mother is going to feel you all over and finger you in front and back. It's OK, Makenzie." He didn't tell her that this would become another video feature for his private collection.

She examined Makenzie with both hands and her nose and mouth, spending several minutes with a lubricated finger in Makenzie's bottom and her mouth, finger, and nose inspecting Makenzie's pussy at the same time. Then, because Mr. Thompson tapped his watch, she stood up.

"Very nice. Smells clean and very excited. Tastes very good. Pussy is slippery, but tight. A little pubic fuzz, but you'll probably get her waxed pretty soon. Alice is glad she got waxed and thinks it's so pretty and smooth now." She looked down at her greasy finger and began wiping it on a towel. "Now, when some of my men friends stop over, Alice wants to show them her waxed area. And if it's one of my generous friends, I let Alice go back to her room to put on one of her shortie nighties. Sometimes, like if Alice feels to hot, I'll let my friend take off the panties to help cool her down and so he can look at it for a little while. Then, without her panties on, she can stay in the living room with us to watch TV. She likes to sit on the man's lap. But anyway, Makenzie has an extremely tight asshole. Very good. She can model with Alice." Then she helped the blond girl who was still wearing the garter belt, hose, and high heels down off the massage table, and spend another minute fondling Makenzie's small breasts. "Springy, firm, and pliable. Tiny nipples. Very good." She turned to leave, taking an envelope from Mr. Thompson and dropping it in her purse. Alice's Mother turned back to look at Makenzie, "Be nice to my daughter, Makenzie. You are welcome to come over to spend the night at our house sometime." She smiled; turned; and left.

Mr. Thompson said, "I think she likes you, Makenzie."

"She's nice."

Mr. Thompson smiled. He knew why she wanted Makenzie to spend the night - to either impress her generous, male friends, and then for herself.

Modeling With Alice

He sent Makenzie on back to the dressing room to get ready for her next video.

Fifteen minutes later, Ms. Laura led the two girls - wearing shorts, T-shirts, and gym shoes out into the living room set. Makenzie was surprised to see five, young teen boys in soccer uniforms sitting beside the cameras.

Mr. Thompson gave instructions to the two girls - about playing and then kissing and undressing and other things to do. He told the girls to ignore the boys because they would get to play with them later.

Makenzie was nervous - not from Alice, who was dutifully going slowly - although Makenzie didn't know how much Alice was holding back. She was nervous undressing and kissing another girl in front of the boys. But she kissed and undressed Alice who was both older and bigger. She spanked Alice as directed while they were playing around, but not hard enough for either Alice or Mr. Thompson.

Alice was on her hands and knees with her ass towards the camera and the boys. Makenzie was still fully dressed in her T-shirt, shorts and panties, as she spanked. She spanked harder - making the slapping noises that Mr. Thompson liked in his videos. Then Makenzie could tell that Alice, and Mr. Thompson, and the boys liked seeing and hearing the harder spankings, so she got into it, really smacking Alice's ass.

Then he gave the girls further instructions, and reminded the boys not to touch themselves, but to tell him if they were ready to cum anyway. He asked the boys if they were looking forward to feeling and kissing the girls. They gave a hearty agreement.

Next, he had Alice take off Makenzie's clothes and then teach her several tribbing positions to rub their pussies together. Makenzie liked it, and slipped her clitty around and around - pressing it against Alice's clitty. First Makenzie was on her back with one legs straight up while Alice straddled the leg that was lying on the floor. Alice slipped her knees farther and farther apart so she could hug Makenzie's upstretched leg and rub their pussies together. Then Makenzie was on her back with Alice lying on top. Next the two girls crab-walked toward each other until their pussies touched and then they both rubbed. Both girls were creamy wet. Everyone in the room could smell their charged excitement.

Then one of the boys said he was ready to cum and he couldn't help it. So Alice stepped off the set and the boy stood in front of Makenzie. She pulled down his soccer shorts and underpants and started to play with the boy's stiff, four inch cock. It was about the same diameter as a hot dog, which Makenzie thought looked bigger than Mr. Thompson's finger. She was still dressed when it started squirting on her - taking her by complete surprise - getting on her face, hair, and legs.

Mr. Thompson wanted her to suck on it, which she did for two seconds. Then she made a face. "It tastes yukky."

He told her to keep sucking and playing with the boy's balls, so she did. She noticed it got much softer - almost limp in her mouth and in her hand. Then it started to get stiffer again. Mr. Thompson told the boy to pull up his pants. He wasn't mad. He looked at the other boys, "Anybody else?"

The other boys weren't ready yet, although they could have been, but they respected Mr. Thompson's command about not touching themselves. He said, "Makenzie, as a reward for him being the fist cock you've sucked on so far, I want you to stand up and let him smell you and finger you. Keep standing up."

She had noticed that everyone did what Mr. Thompson said without question or disagreement, so she did. She put her feet as far apart as she could. The boy kissed the front of her pussy and then fingered her. He pulled out his finger and smelled it. He licked it off and put it in again for another fingerfull of her flavor. He looked at the cameras and the other boys. "She's slippery but tight, and she tastes really good."

After she put her panties and shorts back on, Alice came back out on the set and the boy sat down with the other boys back near the camera tripod. He knew he would have another turn later. Soon Alice and Makenzie were kissing and feeling each other all over. She undressed Makenzie again, pulling down her shorts and panties several minutes before taking off the T-shirt. Alice was getting excited, although still on a verbal leash from Mr. Thompson, now that she could see and smell Makenzie's pussy and knowing she would get to lick it pretty soon. She wanted to get into it. But first, she had Makenzie suck on her slightly bigger breasts, and finger her pussy before licking it. Makenzie was very self-conscious about licking Alice's pussy in front of the boys, but she was also aware how exciting it was to let them watch her do that. Even Mr. Thompson was getting excited. Unlike the boys, he was allowed to touch his own pants.

He said, "You boys like watching girls lick each other's pussies, don't you?"

All the boys agreed, and squirmed around, but kept their hands away from their silky soccer shorts. They could smell the two, excited pussies, just a few feet away.

Alice put towels over the sturdy coffee table and got Makenzie in spanking position with her bare pussy and ass towards the cameras and boys. Alice spanked Makenzie hard enough to make a slap noise with each hard smack. The boys, Mr. Thompson, and Alice loved it, but Makenzie thought they were a little hard and kept moving her ass around to make a more difficult target.

They stopped filming for a minute because three more boys in soccer shorts arrived. They joined the group watching Makenzie getting a spanking. After a few minutes - when Makenzie's bottom had a reddish glow, and her pussy crack was filled with whitish, creamy excitement, Mr. Thompson gave the new directions.

Alice And Makenzie Get Spanked And Fingered

Alice and Makenzie wore blouses and pleated navy blue, school uniform skirts, but nothing else. They were sitting in the living room pretending to read a school reading book to each other with some clowning around, and lifting their skirts to show each other that they had taken their panties off. The panties were sitting on the floor next to them.

All the boys in soccer shirts and shorts came into the room. One of them pretended to be Alice's big brother, Johnny. He snatched up both pairs of panties and showed them to his friends. They laughed, and then told the girls they had to lift up their dresses and show them their pussies if they ever wanted their panties back. Alice did so immediately but Makenzie balked. Then Johnny said, "I think my little sister and her friend have been bad!" The other boys agreed, and they also agreed with Johnny that they needed spankings.

They put the girls over the coffee table so their bottoms were towards the cameras. They flipped the skirts up onto their backs so they were naked from below the belly button. Ms. Laura had a portable camera and was moving around. She got close-ups of each girl's ass and pussy as she was getting spanked and massaged. Some of the boys liked to pull the girl's ass open and let it spring closed. Then they did the same thing with the pussy lips - joking around while spanking them.

Johnny said, "I heard one of the high school boys bragging about eating a girl's pussy. He said that once he got used to it, he really liked the pussy smell, and liked tasting it."

One of his friends said, "I heard you liked to lick your little sister's pussy. If you show us, then we'll try it."

So Johnny had Alice stand up and lie on her back on the coffee table with one foot on either side. He flipped up her dress. He looked at his friend who had just dared him.

"OK, I'll show you how, but then you all have to do it. Not just to Alice, but the Makenzie, too. While I smell and lick her, one of you has to feel her titties. But be nice. This is my little sister and her friend, so don't hurt them."

He bent down to smell Alice's wet pussy. "Smells good, once you get used to it. If it's wet, then that means she likes it to get touched. So do it for a whole minute, so you get used to it. Watch me."

Makenzie watched, too, as he smelled Alice's open, wet pussy. He rubbed a finger around between her lips, and then bent down and started licking. One of the other boys started feeling Alice's breasts through her white, semi-sheer, uniform blouse. Neither girl was wearing a bra. While Johnny was licking his little sister, the boy who was rubbing her titties started unbuttoning her blouse. When Johnny had licked his little sister a whole minute, he said, "Don't take her shirt off in case Mom gets home. Unbutton Makenzie's, too, but don't take it off."

Another boy started to unbutton Makenzie's blouse as Johnny laid her out on the floor next to the coffee table where his little sister was stretched out. He said, "OK, Makenzie. I want to taste you, too. Keep your legs spread apart. You can bend your knees if you want to, but you have to keep your pussy open for us. We'll take turns smelling and licking your pussy, and you have to let us or else we'll tell your Mom that you and Alice had your panties off and you were fingering each other."

Makenzie stayed in position. Several boys commented on how flat she was once her blouse was unbuttoned and open. Johnny said, "Maybe she's flat, but she smells and tastes good. You'll see."

It got quiet in the room except for the slurping noises, and the soft moaning of the girls as one boy after another took a turn licking her pussy.

One of the boys said, "You can tell they really like getting a licking." He laughed at his own joke but nobody else did. They were all watching closely. Then the same boy said, "I wonder if they would like to get fingered at the same time?"

So the boys started fingering, too. And both girls DID like it. The moaning got louder.

Finally one of the boys said, "I bet they would like to get fucked."

The boys, except for the two current lickers stood up to talk things over. Johnny said, "No, we can't fuck them. What if one of them got pregnant?"

One of the other boys said, "But they are both still flat, or almost flat, and hairless, so they probably can't get pregnant."

A Tiny, Slippery Cock In Her Lubricated Anus

The boy with the English accent who was wearing glasses said, "We don't have to fuck their pussy. I wonder if they would like one in the ass? Then they couldn't get pregnant even if we did cum inside them. I want to cum in Makenzie's mouth, but it would feel good to put it in her tight bum hole for a minute first."

Johnny seemed to be in charge since Alice was his little sister. He said, "OK, but we have to use lots of lubricant. I do it with Alice sometimes and she likes it. I bet Makenzie would like it, too. Then, we could let them play with our cocks and suck on them."

Everyone liked that idea, including Alice and Makenzie, although they didn't say anything, because someone was still fingering and licking each of them.

Johnny asked Makenzie if she had ever had a cock in her ass, and she said, "Unn, no. Not yet."

Johnny said, "Then we'll play a little game with you and blindfold you. That way you won't know who did it first, so you can never tell on him."

They stood the girls up straight and blindfolded both of them, because they didn't want Alice to see who did her friend's ass first, because they might talk. Once the girls were blindfolded, the boys dropped their shorts and started lubricating their erections. Johnny had the girls kneel next to each other in front of the coffee table which was pushed against the couch against the wall so it wouldn't move. They bent the girls over the coffee table just a foot apart from each other so Makenzie's right knee was touching Alice's left knee, but their asses were a foot apart. They took their time getting the girls really lubricated, with each boy putting in a finger full of lubricant. The moaning started again. The also spanked the girls at the same time, laughing when one of them jumped or twitched from a hard smack. Mr. Thompson liked the slap sounds along with the moaning. He knew that Ms. Laura was getting close-ups, while he got the whole scene in his tripod-mounted camera.

The boys were also surreptitiously checking out each other's cocks - straight, slightly curved, fatter or thinner, longer or shorter, hairy or not, and so on. None of the boys had hair on his balls yet - which ranged from the size of small grapes to larger grapes. Mr. Thompson thought briefly of having the boys lubricate each other's cocks, because he knew they would follow directions so they could keep modeling for him. He hardly paid them anything, but he knew they each loved feeling little girls almost as much as he did.

Makenzie felt a soccer shirt brush against her bottom as one of the boys got in position over her. She felt a hand on her ass - fingering her ass and then two hands were pulling her ass open and she felt other fingers positioning a cock against her anus. It started pressing. "It's too big. Wait, don't.... unnnnnnn..." and then it was in. The boy began stroking all the way in and most of the way out. He was going slowly and had a steady rhythm. Makenzie started moaning each time it pushed in.

One of the other boys said, "I think she likes it."

"Of course she does." Johnny's voice said from several feet away. "Alice loves it. OK, you can start on my little sister now, too, but go slow. Only ten strokes each maximum. If it feels like you're going to cum, then pull it out and squirt it up her back." Johnny knew Mr. Thompson's rules about cumming - that it has to be captured on the video.

The third boy in Makenzie's ass suddenly pulled out, and she felt warm cum squirting up her back. He wiped her off with his soccer shirt, and another boy got in position.

He pressed his small cock all the way in her ass, but it slipped out as he backed off, and went in her pussy on the next stroke. Makenzie said, "Wait, that's my front! It's in my front!"

"Hold still, everybody! Cut!" Mr. Thompson yelled.

Everyone held still, and the boy kept his cock pressed up Makenzie's vagina.

Mr. Thompson's voice was right beside them. She felt his fingers on her pussy. "Yes, that happens sometimes, Makenzie. Don't say anything about it. It interrupts the video production. Just keep quiet and tell the boy later, if you know who did it. But don't interrupt a video production. That's happened to you lots of times, hasn't it, Alice?"

"Yes." She said. "Lots of times."

"But you don't interrupt the videos, do you?"

"No, because like you said, since he started out in my bottom, and it accidentally slipped into my pussy then it doesn't count as losing my virginity since it's just a boy and not a man and since it was an accident. Like the boy couldn't help it. And I don't want the boy to get fired."

"Right." Said Mr. Thompson in a stern voice. "Can you remember that, Makenzie?"

"Yes, Sir." She said, suddenly worried about losing her modeling job.

"So, will you say anything if it happens again?"

"No, Sir. I'm sorry."

"You want to suck the boys later, don't you, Makenzie?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then don't say anything if one of them accidentally slips into the wrong hole."

"OK. I'm sorry."

Mr. Thompson's voice softened. "OK, then. You kids are doing fine. Just a few strokes each now. We'll start over. Try not to cum yet."

The next two boys each did two full strokes in Makenzie's ass, then slipped out and kept stroking in Makenzie's pussy. Nobody talked.

Then Mr. Thompson had the boys take their shirts off, too, and had the girls get on their backs on the floor with their legs up and their asses over a pillow to raise it. The boys continued - a few strokes in the ass, and then a few more in the girl's pussy. Again, it got quiet in the room except for the moaning of both Alice and Makenzie. They both moaned while taking it in either hole. Other boys were massaging and pinching the girls' breasts.

Ms. Laura zoomed in to capture the "front" action on the blindfolded Makenzie. Mr. Thompson was able to zoom in as a boy use his hand to press the head of his cock into Makenzie's vagina, and then pushed it all the way in.

The last boy went right to her vagina. Makenzie accepted the slightly larger penis without complaint. Mr. Thompson nodded to him. He kept stroking all the way in and out, getting faster, which made Makenzie moan louder. Then suddenly he pulled it out and shot all over Makenzie's pussy, abdomen, and on her skirt and bare chest. His second full shot almost hit Makenzie's chin. When he was done, he stood up and let the last few drips splatter on Makenzie's pussy mound.

Then Mr. Thompson called cut, but told Makenzie to leave her blindfold on while the boys wiped off their greasy cocks with warm, soapy washcloths. Now put your underpants and soccer shorts back on. Just stay still, Makenzie, but you can rub your fingers through the cum on your belly.

"So, did you boys enjoy sliding your cocks in Alice's ass and Makenzie's ass?" While most were all saying 'yes,' a few said they didn't get a chance to do Makenzie's yet. "Some of you might get another chance at Makenzie later, or maybe at a future video shoot, but I didn't let all of you put your cock in Makenzie on purpose. Only half of you got a chance to drill her ass, and some of you twice. I don't want her to know who's cock was inside her. If we have time, we might spank the girls again later, and then some of you can grease up and slide into her ass. Johnny, you did a good job today as director. I bet you would like to slip into Makenzie's ass, too, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I'd like to give her a hard spanking and then do her ass until I cum."

"OK. You can do that after our next scene. I want the rest of you boys to stand quietly - taking turns moving in front of the two girls who will slip their hands up your soccer shorts to feel your cocks. Then they can pull down your shorts and underpants and tickle your balls and lick and suck on your cocks until you cum. Say 'ready' before you shoot, so the girl can open her mouth wide, stick out her tongue to catch your cum - mostly in her mouth. If you get some in her hair or on her school clothes, that's OK, too. Girls, leave your blouses unbuttoned, and keep your panties off."

Then he asked for two volunteers to wait for one more scene before cumming, and most of the boys volunteered without knowing what that scene would involve, but they knew it would be hot, so they wanted to save their cum another fifteen minutes. Mr. Thompson picked out the two he thought would enjoy it the most. Johnny, the boy who had just cum on Makenzie's tummy, and two volunteers, waited behind the main camera.

So, the other four boys stood in front of the girls. The girls removed their blindfolds and got up on their knees in front of the boys.

Mr. Thompson told Alice to act as director, and for the boys to remain quiet. "Don't say anything except 'ready,' when you are ready to cum. Then you girls get in position. Don't swallow the cum until you open your mouth to show Ms. Laura's camera. She'll be getting close-ups. Makenzie, try to swallow as much as you can. Some might get in your hair or on your clothes, but that's OK."

Alice said, "Watch me a minute, Makenzie, and I'll show you how I like to do it. It's fun playing with cocks. If they are stiff, it means they think you are cute." Then she put her hands up the leg inside the boy's soccer shorts - one hand on each leg. "Oh, this boy thinks I'm cute. I can tell. Go ahead and check the boy in front of you."

Makenzie smiled as she slid her hands up the boy's legs and inside his soccer shorts. "Should I feel inside his underwear?"

"Not at first. Just feel his cock, and then slip your hands up inside his underpants. See if he has hair on his balls, otherwise you can pretend they are grapes and lick them after you pull down his pants. This is fun, isn't it, Makenzie?"

"Yes. Gee. He must think I'm cute because his thing is real stiff!" She giggled and looked over at Alice who also had both hands up inside a boy's shorts.

Alice said, "We'll get to pull their pants down pretty soon, so we can look at his cock and balls and then play with them. Don't start sucking right away. Be sure to lick for a little while first - like licking around on his balls and the sides of his cock. Try to feel the head to picture what shape it is. Some are pointy and some are fat and some have a big ridge." The girls kept feeling around inside the pants of the two boys. Then Alice asked Makenzie if she liked getting a boy's cock in her bottom"

"It felt too big at first, but once it went in, it felt good. But I wished somebody was buzzing me at the same time."

"I know. Maybe we'll get that later, like after a spanking and with another boy putting his slippery thing in your bottom. Want to try it? I mean getting buzzed at the same time?"

"Oh, neat. Yes."

The boy Alice was playing with, said, "Almost ready."

As Alice pulled his pants down, letting his cock spring up, she said, "Watch me." She got a drop of pre-cum on her neck, when he cock flipped up past the waistband of his cotton briefs. There was a two inch string of white pre-cum hanging from the tip of his four inch cock. Alice took the pre-cum into her mouth and grasped his cock and started sucking on in, bobbing her head up and down. With her other hand she started tickling his balls.

The boy said, "Ready!"

Alice backed off and stuck out her tongue, opening her mouth wide. She was still holding his cock, keeping the tip of it in front of her tongue. But the first hard squirt shot into the back of her throat, making her gag. She let go of the squirting cock and it got all over her. She stopped choking and was able to get the last dribbles onto her tongue. She had it all over her face, some in her hair, and some on her chest and open blouse. She swallowed before she showed the cum to the camera. Then she laughed.

"That's not how to do it. He kind of took me by surprise. It's easier if you hold the whole tip in your mouth while he's cumming, but its better for the videos to let him squirt into your open mouth. And try not to get it in your eyes, but it doesn't hurt much. Kind of like getting shampoo in your eyes, but not as bad. It's OK if it gets in your hair and all over you. Go ahead and pull his pants down now, while I start on another boy."

The boy she just got off, stepped back and another took his place. The girls were having a blast, and their joy would be obvious in the video.

Makenzie pulled the boy's shorts and underpants down in one long movement, the way she had seen Alice do it. His cock sprang up and hit her on the forehead, which she thought was funny. After studying his cock and balls, and the little tuft of blond, wispy pubic hair above his cock, she started tickling his balls which tightened up even more. She kept feeling and looking and then started licking the cock. She put the whole tip easily in her mouth.

"Oh, you got a curved one. I like those. But the straight ones are good, too. I think the curved ones are springier. Pull it way down and let go."

Makenzie did that, and laughed when it flipped up so fast. "This is fun."

"Try licking his balls. He has pretty, little balls. They look firm. You can massage them while you lick. You're doing great, Makenzie. It's fun, isn't it?"

"Yes. Gee."

"Just think if we had seven or eight boys each, to play with and spank us, and finger us, and lick us, and suck on our titties, and then let us play with their cocks... or..."

"Or put them in our bottoms. That felt good, too." Makenzie added.

"Yes, exactly. And there are more positions to get in, too, that we didn't even try. Would you like to try more positions next time we get to model?"

"Yes, that would be neat. And it was fun rubbing our pussies together, too. I could tell the boys liked watching us do that."

"Stop talking and start sucking!" Alice giggled. "I like modeling with you, Makenzie. You're fun."

"Umm, unnn." Makenzie agreed with her mouth full.

Then the boy said, "Ready!"

Makenzie got in position, but the boy didn't cum. Then he said, "Suck it another minute." So she did, and then he started cumming in her mouth. She tried to open her mouth and hold his cock with her hand, but it kept squirting and got all over. She swallowed what was in her mouth before she could get him in position, and by then it was just dribbling.

Alice said, "Just suck out what you can and show it to the camera. You did good. Show it to the camera and then swallow it, and open your mouth to show the camera it's all gone. Good." Alice watched, then asked, "Are you starting to get used to the taste?"

"No. Not yet."

"Wait until the parties, like with other models and the new photographers. You'll get to taste lots of it. That's how I got used to it. Once you've modeled a few times, you'll get invited to some of the parties. It's really fun. They play games with us, and once I got to taste ten of them."


The next boy stepped up in front of Makenzie, and she slid her hands up inside his baggy, soccer shorts.

When they had finished the boys, Mr. Thompson said, "OK, now, Alice, I want you to show her how to get a boy ready to finger. Lubricate his bottom and let Alice help. Then you know what to do. We'll see if she can tell the difference between a girl's bottom and a boy's bottom. I'll have Johnny put his hand over the boys balls or your pussy, and then guide her finger directly to the asshole so she can push in. And, Makenzie, you did a good job sucking on the boys. Would you like to make more videos like that? I mean pretending different things?"

"Yes. That was fun."

"And would you like to come to some of our model-parties so you get more used to the taste of cum?"


"That's great. Your Mom will be happy. And you'll be coming to a slumber party and also doing your wax treatment video and celebration party. You're off to a great start today. Now follow Alice's directions on how to finger a boy."

Fingering A Boy

Makenzie enjoyed helping Alice lubricate a boy's bottom, and she liked tickling his balls from behind, like Alice said.

"They kind of shrink up and get real tight and bouncy."

Alice laughed, "Go easy on them. You don't want to get too rough with a boy's balls, but you can slap his cock around, and you can spank him. That helps get his bottom to loosen up, so it feels better when we start putting our finger all the way in. Go ahead and spank him, Makenzie."

Makenzie smiled as she started spanking the boy who was leaning over the coffee table with his knees apart.

"Harder than that!" Alice said. "The boys spanked you harder than that!"

So Makenzie started spanking harder making the boy jump on the really hard ones.

"Keep spanking him while I put my finger in."

She kept spanking the boy - irregular strokes - changing tempo, pausing, hard ones and then soft ones. She watched as Alice changed her tempo, too - inserting slowly, and then several real fast ones.

Alice had the boy stand up. "Kneel in front of him and play with his cock and balls and then suck on him. Bob your head up and down on it, and reach one hand through to finger his ass at the same time. When he starts to cum, keep your finger pressed all the way in so you can feel his spasms. The boys like to feel our spasms when we have orgasms, and I think it feels neat. Catch all his cum in your mouth, but don't swallow it. Stroke the base of his cock or massage his balls. That's it. You're doing great, Makenzie."

As she said that, the boy started cumming.

"Oh, good. Nod your head if you can feel his ass squeezing your finger."

Makenzie nodded - noticing that the squirts in her mouth matched the squeezes on her finger.

"Don't swallow it. Show it to the camera when he's done."

Makenzie's mouth was full when she backed off his cock. There were several more dribbles on her arm and lap - getting on her pleated, navy blue, school skirt. She opened her mouth to show a large load of white cum to the camera, then swallowed about half of it before gagging up the other half, which got on her school skirt.

"It's OK, Makenzie. That happens sometimes. See if you can suck anymore cum out of his dick. It's starting to shrink, so maybe you can get some more out, and then swallow that."

Makenzie took the shrinking cock in her mouth, and slipped a finger up the boy's ass again - playing with his balls with her other hand. She kept sucking, then stopped. "He's getting stiff again, Alice. What should I do?"

"It's up to you. You're the boss. You could keep sucking and even fingering him again. Sometimes a boy will cum again, but usually not for fifteen or twenty minutes."

While Alice was talking, Makenzie reached between the boy's legs and put her slippery finger up his ass again. "Oh, I can tell he likes my finger in his bottom, because it's getting even harder. Mmmffff." She slid her mouth down on it as far as she could.

Alice, who was now rubbing her own clitty as she watched Makenzie, said, "But we might get to play with the boys again later, so go ahead and do the next one right now. Kiss his cock 'goodbye-for-now.' You can do the next boy by yourself."

She pulled her mouth off and kissed the tip of it. The boy walked away and the next boy came over, awaiting Makenzie's orders.

Alice said, "First, get him in some position to lubricate his bottom, and then tell him what else to do. He Has to do it. Like tell him to get on his hands and knees in front of the couch and then rest his head on the couch and reach back with both hands to pull his ass open for you. Then you'll lubricate him. If you want, spank him first. You are the boss, Makenzie."

Makenzie smiled, then pointed to the couch. "Kneel down and put your head on the couch. I'm going to spank you."

She spanked him, and played with his balls. She reached under to play with his cock, too, as she kept spanking him - keeping the tempo irregular. Some smacks were hard and some were soft, but she kept tickling his balls and playing with his small, stiff cock.

Mr. Thompson smiled, realizing he had another winner on his hands. He wondered if she could learn to be as dominant as Piona. She was his most popular "action model" at parties because she could take charge and spank men. Piona also liked licking other girls while someone else fingered her ass and buzzed her clitty, which was also very popular at his private parties.

Makenzie stopped fingering, spanking, and jerking the boy. She said, "OK, Young Man. Stand up and face me. I want a treat." She started playing with his balls and sucking his cock immediately, as her right hand went between his legs so her finger could push in his ass again.

The boy came less than a minute later, after announcing that he was 'ready.'

Makenzie pulled her mouth off and opened wide - catching most of his six shots in her mouth.

After Mr. Thompson said, "Cut," everyone clapped for Makenzie.

She smiled, and then blushed, as if she suddenly realized she had been acting like a total slut. Makenzie had heard that phrase when older girls were talking. She had heard one of the eighth graders laughing and telling her friend that she had been a 'total slut' because she let two boys take turns fucking her. She told her friend it was great, and turned her on even more with another boy watching her. She said that one boy didn't last long enough, so it was better when two boys took turns.

Last Scene For The Day - With Johnny

Mr. Thompson was talking with Johnny and Alice when she came out of the dressing room with Ms. Laura. Ms. Laura whispered to Makenzie, "Mr. Thompson went over the script with Alice and Johnny, so just go along with whatever they are doing."

Makenzie was surprised to see that both Johnny and Alice were dressed - Johnny in his soccer shorts, and Alice in a school uniform, just like the one Makenzie was wearing.

Mr. Thompson looked at his watch as he motioned for Makenzie to join Alice and Johnny in front of the cameras. "Need to get going, so just walk on the set and start. Act reluctant at first, Makenzie, as if you're nervous."

Alice knocked on the underside of the coffee table so it would sound like somebody knocking on the door. She said, "Oh, come in Makenzie." She turned to Johnny, "This is my friend from school, Makenzie, the one I told you about, the one who wants to watch us. I told her what we do after school sometimes on the days when Mom works late." Alice looked at an imaginary clock back towards the cameras. "We've got almost two hours before she gets home, so we have time to undress all the way."

Johnny said, "But I want to watch you two make out for a while before I undress."

Alice sat in the middle of the couch and motioned for Makenzie to sit beside her. They started kissing and touching each other. Then Alice tried to open Makenzie's knees as she put her hand up under the front of Makenzie's school jumper.

Makenzie wasn't sure when to act reluctant, but she tentatively started when Alice put her hands on Makenzie's panties. "No, not with your brother watching."

"But you like it when I lick your pussy, don't you, Makenzie?"

"Yes, but not with somebody watching."

"You said you wanted to watch him put his finger and then his thing in my bottom. You want to watch us don't you?"

"Yes." Makenzie wasn't acting. She really did want to watch that again.

"Then let me pull your panties off and undress you so he can watch. That will make him hard before he gets my bottom slippery."

"Well, OK." Makenzie said as Alice undressed her completely with Johnny standing close by and watching them. Makenzie watched him rubbing his soccer shorts.

Alice rolled around on Makenzie as she put her in different positions - even pulling Makenzie's ass open to show her brother. "See what a pretty, little asshole she has, Johnny?"

"Yes, it's beautiful. I bet it's tight, too."

"I only put my finger in her a couple times, Johnny, and I had to use lots of lubricant. I'll show you." Then Alice proceeded to put Makenzie on her hands and knees and push her towards the couch to rest her head and shoulders on the cushion so she could pull her ass open to get lubricated. Alice lubricated her with Johnny's help.

Makenzie moaned softly as Johnny pushed his finger in. It was almost as big as a grown-up's finger. Johnny kept pushing his finger in slowly. "She really is tight, Sis, just like you said. I'm going to get ready." Then he took off his shirt, soccer shorts, and underpants. He put lots of lubricant on his cock. Both Alice and Makenzie helped coat Johnny's cock with greasy lubricant. His cock was rock hard and slightly curved. It was smaller than a grown man's cock, but thicker than a hot dog and just under five inches long.

Alice said, "See? I told you he had a pretty one. Do you like it?"

"Yes, it's pretty. But I think it's too big to ... you know." Makenzie said as she kept stroking it.

"No, it feels great." Alice said. "Do you want to watch him do mine first?"

"Yes, let me see if it really goes in. I think it's too big." Makenzie said.

Alice pulled off her panties and got in position on the side of the couch. Makenzie and Johnny flipped up her uniform and lubricated her anus while Alice pulled her ass open for them. She moaned softly as they alternated pushing a finger all the way in.

Makenzie watched as Johnny got in position. "Guide it in." Said Alice in a soft voice. So Makenzie held her hand oh Johnny's cock and Alice's pussy and guided it into Alice's anus. Alice moaned as he pressed his slippery cock completely in her lubricated anus.

After four full strokes, Johnny said, "I'd better do Makenzie now."

Alice said, "Suck on his cock as soon as he pulls it out to keep it hard for your turn."

Makenzie had her mouth close to Alice's ass when Johnny pulled out. He pumped his cock into Makenzie's mouth several times. It tasted like the greasy lubricant.

Johnny quickly put another coat of lubricant on his cock.

They got Makenzie in position over the front of the couch and checked the lubrication, adding more as both Johnny and Alice fingered her bottom. Alice guided Johnny's cock into position. He did two full strokes into Makenzie's ass before 'the accident' happened.

Alice still had her hand on Makenzie's pussy to continue guiding Johnny's cock. He pulled it out of Makenzie's ass, as they had planned, then Alice guided it into Makenzie's pussy.

Makenzie started to say something, but remembered to keep quiet.

Johnny pumped her pussy several times before he wanted to change positions. He laid on his back on the floor, and Alice guided Makenzie over him. She straddled his body while on her hands and knees and Alice helped her sit back on Johnny's cock. No pretense this time - just right into her vagina.

Alice sat back to watch, keeping out of the way of the cameras, but remaining in the shot. Makenzie continued to slowly rock back and forth on Johnny's cock, sitting all the way down on it.

Next, they laid Makenzie face down with her hips over a large pillow. Johnny knelt over Makenzie's knees and leaned forward, letting Alice guide his cock into Makenzie's pussy. Makenzie's louder moans told the cameras, the boys, and everyone in the studio that Makenzie liked this position even better, and Johnny pumped faster.

Johnny pulled out and Alice guided his cock into Makenzie's ass. The naked nine year old liked that, too.

Alice and Johnny rolled Makenzie onto her back. Johnny said, "Spread your legs if you want my cock in your pussy."

She spread as wide as she could. She wasn't thinking about the cameras, but Johnny hesitated to let the cameras zoom in on Makenzie's open, wet pussy. Then he mounted and pumped another minute, before he stood up on his knees and quickly walked forward to put his cock in front of Makenzie's mouth. She opened wide to accept most of his cum. Two squirts got in her hair and on the side of her face.

He got off, and without directions from Mr. Thomas, Alice went down on Makenzie - licking her clitty and fingering her wet pussy. Makenzie had a noisy climax less than a minute later.

Alice laid down beside Makenzie. "You did great, Makenzie. See, it does feel good in your bottom, and in your pussy, doesn't it?"

"Yes. Really."

"And you like how I lick you and finger you, too, don't you?"

"Yes. Thank you."

Alice and Makenzie continued to hug and kiss each other as the scene ended.

Going Back Home

Mr. Thomas welcomed Makenzie into his official group of models. He said, "And if there is a little 'accident' once in a while, it's OK with you, isn't it, Makenzie?"

"Yes. That's OK. But don't tell Mommy."

"We won't tell. You're still a virgin, Makenzie, because it was just an accident, and it didn't last very long. Understand?"

"OK." Then she smiled. "You're right. It didn't last long enough."

Mr. Thomas laughed, too, as he hugged her tightly. "You're a champion." He said, and kissed her on the mouth. He patted her bottom to send her back to the dressing room with Ms. Laura. "We don't have time to take care of my 'personal treatment' today, Makenzie, but we'll do it next time. I promise."

Makenzie blushed, knowing what he was referring to - letting her suck on his cock. She wanted to see it, and it gave her a kind of high since he was the boss.

"You want to play with my cock and suck on it, don't you, Makenzie. A special little prize for you if you can make it squirt. Want to try it sometime?"

"Yes. Gee." She nodded her head.

It was just over an hour later when Ms. Laura and Makenzie walked in to talk with Makenzie's Mom in their apartment. Ms. Laura said, "She did great, so we will want her to join us at the slumber party! I'm sure she'll have fun with the other girls. They will talk and play half the night!" Ms. Laura laughed. She had her arm around Makenzie's shoulders. "And this little girl will make a great model for us. She'll be invited to lots of parties with other girls and the new ... umm... 'photographers.' There might even be some out-of-town trips with other models, even to the ocean. I couldn't get a hold of the wax treatment center - we have a special place we take our models - but I'll let you know the schedule as soon as I know. Probably in about two months. Here is a very nice envelope from Mr. Thomas. Now, it might be good to wash Makenzie's hair and let her get to bed early. We stopped for a quick dinner on the way over here. The other models enjoyed working with your daughter."

Makenzie's Mother took a closer look at her daughter's hair, and noticed a few streaks in it. Although she knew what it was, she only said, "Well, playing with other kids can get your hair dirty sometimes. But did you have fun modeling, Honey?"

"Yes, Mommy. It was lots of fun. The other kids are nice."

"Good. I'm glad you had fun. It's OK if your hair gets dirty when your playing and modeling. Now run on in and start the tub."

Makenzie walked back to the bathroom. She could tell her bottom and pussy felt a little sore, but Ms. Laura had assured her she would be good as new by tomorrow. Before they got out of the car in front of Makenzie's apartment building, Ms. Laura had told her, "It will feel just fine again by tomorrow. Maybe you'll even learn to love the occasional 'little accidents!'" Makenzie turned on the water to fill the tub.

Out in the living room, Ms. Laura turned to leave while Makenzie's Mother looked in the envelope.

"Oh, my. This is wonderful. Thank you, Ms. Laura. Tell Mr. Thomas I appreciate it, and that he can use Makenzie as often as he wants." Then she added, "As a model, I mean." Her face was red as she smiled good-bye to Ms. Laura. Still blushing, she added, "I mean since Makenzie enjoyed modeling, it's OK. Of course, I wouldn't make her do it if she didn't want to."

Ms. Laura smiled. "I understand. She's a pretty and lively little girl, and a great model - very obedient; very limber. So he will probably use her at least once or twice a month, at least for the private parties. And after she is waxed, she'll be able to model for several years."

"Thank you. That's wonderful." She said, clutching the envelope.

Ms. Laura stopped in the doorway, and turned to look at Makenzie's Mother. "Oh, and Mr. Thompson told me he is going to show some of the pictures and some of today's video clips to two of his local sponsors, so they might want to meet her. If so, then Mr. Thomas will call you to arrange for me to pick up Makenzie for a private interview sometime next week. It would only be Mr. Thompson and the two older gentlemen. If he calls you, then get Makenzie all cleaned up. Have her wash her panties area extra good. Then I'll pick her up early and do her hair, nails, make-up, and clothes before she meets them. This is important. And, like Mr. Thompson told you, nothing bigger than a man's finger would go in her vagina or anus. Her anus would be lubricated if they want to put a finger in there. The sponsors will want to make sure that Makenzie is as tight as Mr. Thompson said. Also, just between us, Mr. Thompson said Makenzie gets especially juicy, and that she smells and tastes great. The two older men are very wealthy, so you would be paid as if she is modeling. They will take her to a nice restaurant for dinner and then back to one of their homes for the private interviews. The other mothers, and the girls, too, love it when they get to go out for dinner with Mr. Thompson and some of his friends. The mothers are happy to give their daughters another bath and wash their hair when I bring them home. If he calls you, will you have her take a bath before I pick her up? I know Makenzie would have fun."

"Yes, of course. I mean, since the other girls like it, and their mothers do, too. I'm glad he likes her, and says those nice things about her. I'll have Makenzie wash it extra clean for them."

End of Part One


Dear Readers, as always, please send any comments or suggestions to my email. Thanks for reading. Part two is already about half done - and will be even longer than part one, so feel free to send suggestions.

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