Sand in Her Swimming Suit, Part 2

[ FF/g, video, mast, spank, anal finger, kissing, oral ]

by Corn53

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Published: 2-Jun-2011

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Please read Sand in Her Swimming Suit, Part One before reading this story. Enjoy!

The next morning I kissed her on the lips to wake her up. She seemed disoriented for a few seconds; then smiled and kissed me back. We laid there together kissing for almost five minutes, before she had to get up to go pee. I got up, too, and we put on our swimming suits and went out to look for shells since it was low tide. She didn't say anything about the night before. Instead she laughed, ran, giggled just like she had before we met each other just one day earlier. I was relieved that she didn't seem stand-offish, or act embarrassed or guilty.

We walked out into the water with our new noodles. She stopped in ankle-deep water and reached down to scoop a handful of sand off the beach. I was watching her, not sure what she was doing. Amy smiled and pulled out the front of her swimming suit bottoms and dropped in the handful of sand. "Oops. Well, we'll have to clean me off again later. I accidentally got sand in my swimming suit again!"

We both laughed. I said, "I guess I'll just have to wash it off for you again."

When we were bobbing around with the noodles between our legs so we could float easier, she pointed to her Dad's cabin. "Look, I guess Gail is still in there. That's her car. I bet they did it last night. Whenever she comes over after Daddy thinks I'm asleep, I can hear them wrestling around, and then she starts making noises. I spied on them a couple times. It's fun watching them. They will probably sleep late."

"It's not nice to spy on them, Amy, but what were they doing?" I winked at her.

"He was touching and licking her all over, especially between her legs, and then she was sucking on his thing, and then he was licking her again. I wonder what that feels like - I mean getting licked there. I like it when you touch me with your fingers or with the buzzer, but I was wondering what it would feel like to get licked there."

I smiled again. "We have to be careful, Amy, and not let them see us doing anything, or else you won't be able to stay with me. You want to stay with me sometime, don't you?"

"Yes! I like being with you, Ms. Vicky. We have fun together."

"Well, Honey, after I wash you off down there, when we're in private, I'll know you're all clean. Then I'll lick you there so you'll know what it feels like."

"Oh, neat! Can we go in now?"

"No. We're going out for brunch with your Dad later this morning. Let's go build a quick castle so it will look like we've been playing out here for a long time." We then went up on the beach and built a big castle. She kept putting more sand in her swimming suit whenever I looked over at her. We laughed, but she was being discrete - only doing that when her back was towards her Dad's cabin.

He came out about an hour later - after we had played in the ocean two more times, and put lotion on each other. Then Amy and I went in my cabin to wash up and get dressed for brunch. Gail left while we were cleaning up. Amy looked through the slats in my living room curtain and saw her car drive off.

After brunch I suggested we sit in my air conditioning a work on a puzzle and invited Amy's Dad to join us, but he wanted to go to his cabin for a little nap. Instead of working on a puzzle, Amy wanted me to wash her off and show her what it feels like to get licked there - and it was my pleasure to show her. I used the pulsating showerhead on her pussy, and a buzzer, and some lotion - getting her clitty to swell up. She was very wet when I said that first I wanted to show her what it would feel like with a finger in her bottom, and then I would lick her.

As I had hoped, she loved the feeling of my slippery finger pushing in her anus. I rolled her onto her back. Then, with her legs in the air, I fingered her anus and started kissing and licking her pussy at the same time. She loved it. I loved it. She came a few minutes later and then laid down for a nap.

I used the buzzer on myself and then put my swimming suit back on and went outside to sit under an umbrella and listen to the surf while I read a book. It was difficult to concentrate, even on my trashy novel, because I kept thinking about Amy and wondering when she might stay with me.

Her Dad came out and I explained that Amy was taking a nap. He said that was a good idea, otherwise she would play on the beach all day and get burned no matter how much sunscreen we put on her. He thanked me again for taking care of her and taking her shopping.

He pulled his chair close to mine so our umbrellas touched. While he clicked away on his laptop, I tried to read my book. He said he would like it if I could keep Amy on Saturday night in two weeks, and I said it would be fine. "She's no trouble. Really. I like how she enjoys life, and doing puzzles and playing games."

"She's got a lot of energy. That's for sure!" He laughed.

A little while later Amy came out in her new swimming suit and we got in the ocean. I needed to cool off after sitting outside so long. It was even hot under my umbrella, and I was coated with salty perspiration. I went in the ocean with Amy. While tickling her as she rode on both noodles, I whispered in her ear. "Your Daddy wants you to stay with me overnight in two weeks. Won't that be fun?"


"I'll tickle you other places when you stay with me." I said, as my hand went up under the noodles and pressed on her pussy.

"That's so neat, Ms. Vicky." She said.

"I'll like up some little adventures for you, Amy, and it will all be our secret."

"I know! But what kind of adventures?"

"I can't say now, because some things might not work out. So just wait and see. But maybe you could get waxed and pose for some pictures. Then you would get to see pictures of some of the other girls who got waxed."

"Oh, neat. I want to see their pictures." We splashed around for another few minutes. Then she asked. "Are there close-ups, and are they like... open?"

I smiled. Yes, wide open with some close-ups and some video clips. But this is really a secret. You can't tell your Mom or Dad or any of your friends."

"I know that. I won't. Gee, videos, too?"

"If you want to see the pics of other girls, then it's only fair that Ginny takes pics of you. And same for the videos."

"Gee, you mean she will take videos of my ... down there?" She pointed down into the water between the two noodles she was straddling.

I laughed, "Of course, silly. Let's go back up on the beach. And don't talk about this if there is even a chance your Daddy could hear you."

"OK. I won't." When we got to knee-deep, she said, "And I do want to see the pictures and videos of other girls, so I guess I'll let her take pictures of me."

"Let's work on our castle!" I said to change the subject before we left the water.

For the next hour we worked on our castle and then it was time to clean up for dinner. I rinsed her off but didn't help her have an orgasm. I promised to help clean her off even better later on, after dinner.

We had dinner with her Father again that night. And again, he asked if I could keep her for the night because Gail was coming back to his cottage. I said I would be glad to, especially since we were working on a new puzzle.

That night she was full of questions: "What will I do in my video?" "Will she really get close-ups of my... you-know-what? Like before and after?" "What do the other girls do in their videos?"

I laughed and answered her questions as we worked on a puzzle. I wanted to have one partially finished in case her Dad came over the next morning to see how far we got with putting the puzzle together. I said, "She also has a few videos of other girls getting stimulated in back and in front, after their wax treatments so they are completely bald, and they even have orgasms in their video clips, but you wouldn't have to do that."

"But I want to watch them! And it's only us girls who see the video clips, right?"

"Yes, we call it the 'Waxed Girl's Club.' Then, for your follow-up treatments in six months or so, you can watch the new video clips of the other girls as they do other things to help them have orgasms. Of course, all the video clips start with the girl undressing and then some close-ups of the waxed area. The other girls love doing their videos because then they get to watch the videos of the other girls, and they always get to have a big orgasm. It's more exciting in front of a camera with one or two people stimulating them until they have their orgasm. And after the first time, Ms. Ginny has special clothes for the girls to wear - including high heels. And she does their nails and make-up, too. I think some of the girls like dressing up for the cameras! You can see how wet they are, just knowing people will see their videos, and that they will have a big orgasm. It's almost like having people watching!"

"Gee. That will be so much fun."

I didn't tell her that there were actually thousands of honorary members of the Waxed Girl's Club, who also loved watching the videos of the excited nine, ten, and eleven year olds as they dance, strip, and open themselves for the cameras, and then get masturbated in front of the cameras."

"I want to do that, too, Ms. Vicky. And I want to watch the other girls."

I decided it was too soon to mention the possibility of doing a video with another one of the waxed girls. The girls loved undressing each other and then getting to play sex games in front of the cameras, and maybe even a small audience. I had seen many of the videos and was present for some of the girl-girl sessions - to help with coaching and stimulating them. I enjoyed it almost as much as the little girls!

"So tonight, Miss Amy, I want to clean you off again, after we get more of the puzzle put together, and then I will kiss you and finger you and help you have a big, wonderful orgasm. I'm going to pretend to nurse on you, too, and you can nurse on me."

"That will be fun. And, in those videos, do the girls like, umm, get a finger in the back?"

"Oh yes. Most of the girls just love that. It's often how they reach their orgasms. You can tell that they really like it. I've seen some of the videos."

"Is there a video of you, Ms. Vicky?"

"No, I'm way too old. But I help Ms. Ginny with some of the other girls occasionally, so she lets me see the videos, too. Sometimes I work a camera. But you.... Well, you are going to be one of the stars!"

"Gee, that's neat!"

"Yes, but for this it's even more important to never tell anybody. You can't talk with anybody about it except me, Ms. Ginny, and some of the other girls in the Club. You might get to meet some of them over the next two years. We'll see. But the main thing is to keep this quite. Hopefully you can stay with me every month, for at least a Saturday night. Maybe I could ask Ms. Ginny to borrow a couple of the videos when you're going to be staying with me."

"Please! Oh, please, Ms. Vicky. Ask her. Tell her I'll be in the videos, and I want to see them."

I laughed again, and kissed her. I showed her how to pull her pussy lips apart and up with the fingers of both hands to expose her clitty button to the cameras... and to my kisses. Then I was sure she would remember that position, and pull herself open for me. It took several reminders to tell her not to talk while I washed her off again, and then licked her - front and back - and fingered her - front and back - and brought her to another wonderful orgasm and then to sleep in my arms. It felt like I was falling in love.


Ms. Vicky's Condo

Seven weeks later Amy came to visit me on a Friday afternoon. She would spend two nights with me. Her Dad gave me a hundred dollars to keep her for Friday and Saturday, even though I told him it was my pleasure to have her. "Thanks so much, Vicky, for taking care of Amy for me. I like your condo." He said, as he looked around. "This way I'll still get the same number of visitation days each month. Maybe I could bring her again the second weekend next month?"

"Sure, I like having Amy. I've been looking forward to this visit." I was certainly telling the truth. Amy was smiling up at me, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and her gym shoes, and holding a bag with her other clothes. She had her school books in her book bag. Then I said, "I'm sure I won't have to spank her."

We all laughed, and Amy and I hugged each other politely. As her Dad left, he said, "Have a good time, Amy. I'll see you Sunday, around noon, and we'll all have brunch together."

"OK, Daddy. I'll be a good girl, and I'll do some of my homework, too."

When he was gone, we went inside. Amy said, "You can spank me, Ms. Vicky, if you want to." She laughed. "I like how you spank me."

Then I sat on my couch and pulled her onto my lap facing me with one knee on either side of my hips. She was grinning and I was smiling as we looked into each other's eyes. I said, "I want to hear how school is going for you, and what is happening at home - both homes - with your Mom and your Dad. But first, I want to kiss you and tell you that I love you."

She smiled and kissed me on my lips. We kept kissing and soon we were tongue kissing. I took her hand and placed it on my right breast. As we kept kissing she began squeezing and massaging my right breast and then switched to my left. I started doing the same to her.

I stopped a few minutes later. "We need to stop now, Amy. Ms. Ginny will be here in about thirty minutes to set up her cameras and the waxing table. It will be so much fun. I thought we should get the waxing over with right away, because it does hurt a little bit."

She looked worried, but I smiled back into her face with my hands still on her bare hips under her T-shirt. "It does hurt a little bit but only for a few seconds each time. And it won't take long for you since you don't have much hair and what you do have is so fine and wispy. I want to get you all cleaned up - your hair and nails - and dressed up in your best. What other clothes did you bring?"

"Today? Oh, cool! I can't wait to watch the videos and see the pictures of the other girls."

I smiled again and whispered in her ear. "You know that you have to make a video first, Amy. You have to undress in front of the cameras and then get in the positions we tell you. The other girls will want to see you, too."

"And then will I really get to meet some of the other girls? Really?" She was wiggling on my lap, unable to sit still any longer.

"Yes, maybe even next month. Would you like that?"

"Yes!" She stood up and dumped the bag of clothes out on the couch next to me. "And I've been practicing pulling myself open, you know - like for the close ups - like of my little button. It's exciting, like pretending a camera was taking a video of me as I held it open and then rubbed it so the other little girls could see it. I want to see theirs."

"Of course you do, Amy. And I know they want to see yours, too. Ms. Ginny already told a few of the girls about you. She told them, 'there is a new, cute nine year old, who will be ten in a few weeks, who is going to join our club so she can watch your videos.' And then Ms. Ginny said they all wanted to see pictures of you. Ms. Ginny only had a few of the pictures I took of you at the beach - in your swimming suit and trying on your new panties and bra. I erased all the other pictures. Anyway, when Ms. Ginny showed them your pictures they all said they wanted to play games with you sometime and that it would be OK with them for us to show you pictures and videos of them. So... if you want... but only if you want... we will show you pictures and videos of lots of the girls, and the ones who said we could show you more... then..." I didn't finish, but let her think a minute.

"Then what? Come on, Ms. Vicky. Tell me."

I looked at her and talked quietly. "Whenever there are two girls in the same video, they start by kissing each other. Will you do that with the other girls?"

"Yes. And then what?"

"Well, they dance around and undress each other with lots more kissing and touching, and sometimes they play doctor, or they will do other silly things. The girl who is the 'doctor' has to put slippery stuff in the 'patient's' bottom and then put her finger in, like to take her temperature. Would you do that with the other girls and let them do that to you? Because if you say, 'yes,' then you'll be allowed to even see those kinds of videos. But even in the one-girl videos, they undress all the way and open for the cameras and let themselves get fingered and then have an orgasm. So do you want to do all solo video clips, or would you like to try one with another girl. Next month. That's if we can arrange things."

"Yes, with other girls. That would be fun."

"And you're sure you wouldn't mind putting a finger in the other girl's vagina after you kiss her and undress her, and then, using lots of lubricant, slide your finger up her anus. You'd have to do it slowly at least ten times - pushing it all the way in. Would you do that?"

"Yes. Really. I want to." She looked at her clothes and picked out the sexy panties I had bought for her near the beach. "I'll wear these. Oh.... And will the other girl do that to me, too?"

"Do you want her to? It would be in front of a camera and other people would see it. They would watch her slide a finger in your vagina, and later in you bottom."

"Yes. I mean, that would only be fair."

"Good, Amy." I hugged her. "Now let's get you all prettied up before Ms. Ginny gets here. Then you can make your first undressing video and once you're naked, she will give you a wax treatment. And then, after you're bald as a baby again, and after we have dinner, you will do your next video and then we'll finger you so you have an orgasm in front of the camera. Just imagine that five or six girls are watching you through the camera."

"Gee. This is so exciting!"

I looked at my watch. "When did you take a bath?"

"Last night, when I was getting ready for bed, because I had to get ready for school this morning, so I didn't have time to take one this morning."

"Were you tingly last night - thinking about coming to see me?"

"Yes. I kept thinking about the things we talked about at the ocean. Like making a video, and getting waxed. It made me laugh when I thought I would get waxed, because it sounds like a car. And I was thinking about you ... ummm... doing things to me. And I wondered about seeing pictures and videos of other girls, like without their clothes on."

"Well, good. I'm glad you're excited about seeing me, Amy. I've been thinking about you, too!" I kissed her. "We need to get you ready. Let me brush your hair. That will be all for your first video. Just keep these clothes on for your first video. Ms. Ginny will be here shortly. I told her to pull into my garage a little while after your Dad's car left my driveway. She got here early since she had a long way to drive. She's looking forward to meeting you. I've known Ginny for years and trust her completely."

"But shouldn't I at least put on clean panties? I slept in these and wore them all day at school, and ... well... I've been thinking about seeing you, and ... well... I mean... like they are kind of wet."

"That's OK, Amy. We'll wash you off after your first video clip and during your wax treatment, and then you'll be all clean. We don't mind cleaning down there."

I brushed her hair before Ms. Ginny arrived. We helped Ms. Ginny bring in the special massage table from her car which she parked in my big garage. We carried three other boxes that were closed. When Amy asked what was in the boxes, I just said, "You'll see. It's all for you."


Amy's First Video

When we got inside, I introduced them. Ms. Ginny said, "You're as pretty as the pictures Vicky sent me. You are such a pretty and sexy, little girl!" She bent down and kissed Amy on the mouth - a long kiss, and Amy didn't back away.

I asked Ginny if she brought the videos to show Amy. Then I said, "And Amy wants to see the girl-girl videos, too, and already agreed to make videos with another little girl when things work out with everyone's schedule."

Ginny asked me, "And did you ask her if she would put her finger in another girls vagina or bottom?"

"Yes, I asked her." I looked at Amy. "Tell Ms. Ginny what you said."

Amy said, "I said would like to do that. I already did it with a girlfriend, but that was a long time ago, and only in the front. We took turns."

"Good." Said Ms. Ginny. "Because I showed your pictures to four of my other waxed girls, and they all want to meet you and play with you. When we look at the pictures and videos later, you can pick out which girl you want to meet first, and we'll try to arrange it when we know when you'll be staying with Ms. Vicky the next time."

I told Ginny that we already had a date set for her next visit, and it would probably be Friday night and all afternoon on Saturday. I said, "...and then dinner with Amy's father, and back to my place for Saturday night. She'll have to leave on Sunday after lunch. That's the same schedule we have this weekend."

"Hmmm." Said Ginny. "I'll check on something later. I didn't realize you would have her all morning and afternoon tomorrow. But now, let's set up for your introductory video, Amy. This will be fun. All of our girls in the Waxed Girls Club love to undress in front of cameras or a small audience. Are you excited?"

"Yes. This is so neat."

We set up a tripod with the bigger camera for Ms. Ginny, and I used the hand held one. We had her introduce herself several times for practice. She was blushing the whole time, and seemed very nervous. Ginny looked towards me as Amy began to undress. While Amy was fiddling with her clip-type belt buckle which seemed to be stuck, Ginny gave me a quick wink, indicating "perfect!"

Amy was moving to the music as she undressed. Once she was naked we had her get in a series of some glamour and some very unladylike poses. Ginny told Amy to lay flat on her tummy with her legs together. "Now reach back and pull your bottom wide open for the cameras. Imagine we are getting ready to put lubricant in your bottom, so you want to hold it wide open for us. That's it. Now look back at me and smile. Good girl."

Amy was blushing even brighter as she held her ass open for the cameras. She wasn't able to hold still, and kept wiggling and squirming around - almost as if she already felt a finger sliding into her bottom.

Ms. Ginny said, "That's it, Amy. Very good. Keep your head on the carpet and now reach back with both hands and pull your bottom wide open again. It a little while you'll do that for us so we can get you lubricated before fingering your anus, and we'll probably start in the hands-and-knees position for the first time we finger you in back. Not for a while though. We need to finish your introductory video and then get you waxed, and then go out for dinner. When we come back we'll get you all dressed up so you can undress again. And I'm glad to see you're excited about making this video and about joining the Waxed Girl's Club."

Both Ginny and I could see how wet and excited she was - full to overflowing with her white and clear, creamy excitement.

I asked, "So, Amy, when you are playing with another girl, will you want her to lie flat on her tummy and pull her bottom open, or would you rather have her on her hands-and-knees so you can see her pussy from behind?"

"Gee. Either way would be fun."


The Wax Treatment

Then it was time for the waxing and we helped her onto the table. With a continual flow of compliments, Ginny got her strapped into place with her legs spread wide and the two, articulated legs of the special massage table were wide apart and locked into place. She did another video as if she was struggling to get free. Ginny and I each worked a camera - both of us catching a little glob of excitement as it oozed out and slowly - like a white, creamy glacier - flowed down between her ass cheeks onto the towel.

Without saying anything, Ginny bent forward as if inspecting the fine, wispy, blond pubic hair, then leaned in closer and licked some of Amy's excitement into her mouth. We could both see and smell her little-girl excitement. Then Ginny stood up and prepared the warm wax cloths. She said, "I'll put these strips of waxed material around your pussy. It won't hurt nearly as much by starting now - and then you'll be in the club! And, by the way, you taste delicious. I've tasted all the girls, and you'll get to do that, too, once you're in the club. I know the other girls will like you. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes." She sounded scared.

While Ginny continued to tell her about some of the other girls in the club, she suddenly pulled one of the waxed strips up and off - pulling out a little swath of hair.

"Ouch!" Amy cried. "That hurt."

"Only a couple more to go and you'll be all done, Amy. Does it still hurt?"

"No. It's OK now."

Ginny jerked up the strip of waxed cloth from the other side and got another "Ouch!" from Amy, but pretty soon it was all over, and Ginny rubbed lotion on her pussy lips, telling her what a brave, sexy, little girl she was. That made Amy smile. I wiped away a few tears with a warm washcloth.

We untied her and helped her up. Then we showed her the waxed area in a mirror. Amy said, "It looks almost the same, but I don't see any hairs."

"There are still a few small, fine hairs, but otherwise it's bald. You and the other first-year girls will continue to get a treatment every six months. And you get to make a new video each time, and also watch the videos of the other girls. Let's get cleaned up for dinner now. Don't wear panties under your dress. We'll let your pussy cool off while we have dinner. It's so pretty, don't you think?"

"Yes. Gee. Did the other girls really think I was cute?"

"They sure did. I only showed your picture to four other girls so far and they all want to meet you. They want you to pull down their panties and look at them, so they will get to do the same to you. We have lots of fun games for the girls in our club, don't we Vicky?"

I said, "Yes. All the girls love being in the club. It's worth a little wax treatment every six months."

"Yes, really it wasn't so bad." Amy said as we got her dressed.

"I have pictures of the four girls with me. We can look at them at dinner. You don't have to decide yet, which girl you want first. You can watch some of their video clips and then decide."


Dinner & Looking At The Other Waxed Girls

We sat at a corner table, with Amy between us. After we had ordered - in a nice restaurant with linen tablecloths and real silverware - which Amy commented on - Ms. Ginny reached into her purse and pulled out four envelopes. Each envelope had a girl's name on it: Brittany, Dani, Charlotte, and Mary. Under each girl's name was the phrase, "10 years old." Ms. Ginny said, "I wanted you to start out with girls your own age."

"But I'm not ten yet. I'm just nine, but my birthday is in two weeks."

Amy was eager to get the envelopes, but she waited politely while Ginny said, "There are five to ten pictures of each of these girls - fully dressed, nude full body shots, close-ups of front and back - with legs together and legs closed. All of the girls in these pictures have already been waxed. We'll get your pictures tonight after we do your hair and make-up and get you all dressed up for your next video. We'll be taking pictures and video clips for a couple hours. And you, Little Amy, are the star."

Ginny was still holding the envelopes in her hand, poised over her open purse. "I'll show you these in just a minute so you can pick out your first co-star. Then I'll work on making arrangements with the girl's family or whomever makes these decisions for her, and with Ms. Vicky. But I want to tell you, Amy, that your little pussy is absolutely beautiful with full, firm lips. Your inner labia doesn't show unless your legs are spread wide open. You'll notice that two of these girls have rather thin lips, but those are pretty, too. And you smell and taste delicious. You know, and I need to know that you agree, that besides fingering front and back, that you will have to lick the girl your acting with, and she will have to lick you. That's why I wanted to taste you today, even though you haven't had a bath in almost a full day. And you taste good. Are you willing to lick the other girls between their legs? They each said they couldn't wait to taste you. That is one of the most exciting parts of each of the videos that you'll get to see - the first time you lick another girl, and the first time she licks you. Take your time. While she is licking you, be sure to pull your pussy lips wide apart and up so that your little clitty button will stick out for her. But first, before you look at the pictures, I need to know if you will lick your co-star."

"Gee. OK. Yes. I'll do that." She started to reach for the envelopes again, but a waiter came over with their drinks. Gin and tonics for the two adults and a Shirley Temple for Amy.

After the waiter left, Ginny handed Amy the envelope marked "Brittany." Ginny said, "You would have fun with Brittany. She just loves a finger in her bottom, and she likes getting her nipples pinched. Vicky says you like that too."

"Yes. I like how Ms. Vicky does it. I never did that before."

I said, "Amy had a really big orgasm when I first showed her about getting finger in her bottom while I tapped her clitty with a vibrator. She loved it. Didn't you, Amy?"

"Yes. Gee."

Ginny said, "Keep the envelope in your lap, below the top of the table, and if anyone comes over to the table, just slip all the pictures in the envelope and let it sit on your lap. We have to keep this private. Just take out one picture at a time."

As Amy opened the 5 inch by 8 inch manila envelope with Brittany's name on it, she giggled. "This is so exciting. Will other girls look at my pictures?"

"Yes, of course." Ginny said. "If you didn't agree to let the other members of our Waxed Girl's Club see your pictures and videos, then we couldn't let you see theirs." Ginny gave me another furtive wink, our private joke about the Waxed Girl's Club, which actually had thousands of members around the world - and they would love Amy's pictures and videos.

The first picture she pulled out showed Brittany dressed in a short, white dress - similar to the dress Amy was wearing. Brittany had on lacy, ankle socks, and flats. There were white ribbons in her blond hair. Her lipstick was red and she had blush on her cheeks and a sparse amount of eye shadow - making her look both younger and older. Her long legs were bare and she was smiling into the camera.

Amy kept looking at the picture. "She's pretty!" She finally said. "And she is waxed?"

Ginny said, "Yes. She's been getting waxed for almost a year. Of course, that only means twice, since when a girl is nine or ten when she starts treatments we only do it twice a year."

"She's so pretty."

I said, "Just like you, Amy. You're very pretty, too. Later tonight we'll do your hair again, and make-up and nails. We'll get the polish off your nails before we go out for dinner with your Dad."

Amy pulled out the next picture which showed a naked Brittany, standing with her legs together, facing the camera. Amy said, "Hers are bigger than mine. They are so cute. Will I get to ... ummm..." she dropped her sentence.

Ginny and I laughed. I said, "Do you want to feel her breasts?"

"Yes. I want to."

Ginny said, "And see how pretty her baby-bald pussy is?"

"Yes. It's really pretty."

"So you would kiss it?" Ginny asked with a smile.

Amy blushed.

Ginny said, "I've kissed her pussy lots of times - running my tongue up and down between her firm, slippery lips. She tastes and smells good. Like yours. I loved kissing and licking yours, too, Amy, so slippery and wet. Umm, umm, you are delicious. Just like Brittany's. It's really nice. Firm and plump like yours. She gets wet, too. You promised you would kiss and lick your co-star there, so I need to know - would you kiss her pussy?"

Amy was blushing brightly, but she said, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" Asked Ginny, sounding serious. "Tell me what you will do after you take off her panties."

"I will kiss her and lick her there, like between her legs."

"Good. And you'll do that knowing the cameras are on you and other people will watch the video of you undressing Brittany; kissing her, and then licking and kissing her pussy?"

"Yes, even with the cameras. Ohhh..." Amy squirmed.

Ginny and I knew why she squirmed.

Then Amy said, "Ohhh, I just got another tingle. Gee. Just thinking about it. Can I look at her other pictures now? I want to do a video with her."

"Good." Said Ginny. "I'll set it up. She told me she couldn't wait to make a video with you." Ginny laughed, as if remembering something. "Brittany said, 'I hope she tastes as good as she looks!' So I told her I didn't know, but that my friend, Ms. Vicky, said she tasted great."

"What did Brittany say when you told her that?" Amy flipped to the next picture - nude, lying on the floor, legs together, side view.

"Brittany told me that she wanted to taste you for herself, and she could hardly wait." Ginny said, "And she even asked me if your vagina got real wet, and I said it did, and then she wanted to know if your anus was real tight, too, so I told her that Ms. Vicky said her bottom is very, very tight so you'll have to use lots of lubricant."

"Gee. Neat." Then she looked at the next picture - Brittany on her knees with her head on the floor and both hands back, pulling open her ass to the camera. A full shot, and then a close up on the next picture.

Ginny leaned over towards Amy and whispered, "her anus is a little more brown than yours, except right in the center where hers in pink. See?"

"Yes, it's pink right in the middle."

"That's right - like everybody's, but hers has light brown wrinkles around the center, and your wrinkles are pinker."

"Oh." Amy kept studying the close-up of Brittany's ass.

"The other girls will like looking at yours. Pull it wide open so they can all see it. OK?"

"Yes, OK." Amy looked around to room to make sure nobody was close. She said, "And you can see she's excited. Look how gooey she is."

"You're right again, Amy. Smart girl. Very observant. And she tastes wonderful, too, just like you. Both of you get very wet."

The next two pictures were of her pussy from the front - legs together and legs apart, and the last picture showed both of Brittany's hands pulling her pussy lips apart and up to expose her swollen clitty button. Ms. Ginny let Amy study the last pictures. Then she whispered, "She has a nice clitty button, doesn't she?"

"Yes. I didn't know they were that big."

"She's just very excited. Yours gets that big, too, Amy. I know Brittany will hold her lips open for you, so you can suck and lick on her button. Won't that be fun?"

"Gee. Yes. Ohhhh, I'm feeling tingles."

"Of course you are, Amy. You're excited just thinking about sucking on her little clitty button, and pushing your slippery finger up her anus."

"Ohhhh." Amy said softly as she moved her hips.

Ginny said, "Put the pictures away, Amy. Here comes our waiter."

With the waiter next to the table, after setting the tray of food on the tray stand, I said, "Umm, talking about delicious... This smells good, too."

The waiter left the plates and left with his tray and the tray stand. Ginny said, "Umm, delicious, too, but I bet Amy will like the taste of Brittany even better." Ginny discretely put the envelope back in her purse with the others.

After a few bites, Amy asked about seeing the other girls.

Ginny smiled, "But I thought you wanted Brittany."

"I do." Amy said, "But, well, I mean, I would like to see the other girls, too."

"We'll see." Said Ginny.

A few seconds later, I had to laugh, seeing the look on Amy's face. She didn't know what to say. I said, "It's OK, Amy. We're just teasing you. You can see all of them. You can look through them in the car after dinner. Then we'll fix you up all pretty and you can do more pictures and your first 'bald video,' as an official member of the Waxed Girl's Club." I turned to Ginny. "How many girls do we have in the club within fifty miles of us?"

"About thirty. Amy will get to meet most of them over the next couple of years, including a few of our parties." Ginny turned to Amy. "We have Waxed Girl parties every so often, where we have five to maybe... umm, I think once we had sixteen girls at a party."

"Gee, that sounds like fun." Amy said, while I put my credit card with the check and handed it to the waiter. "I like playing with other girls."

Ginny said, "And you'll play other games, too, not just our special, secret sex games. But the sex games are so fun because you don't get to play them at most parties, like at school, or for a friend's birthday party. These are special parties. Ms. Vicky and I will be there with cameras, and probably a couple other grown-ups to tell you what games to play and who to play them with. And you can watch other girls play the games, and if you're in one of the game videos, then some of the other girls will be watching, too. I know they will all want to play with you."

I said, "We'll be leaving in a minute, and you can look at the other three girls who live closest to me. One thing all of the girls have to agree on, is to be nice to each other. We have to kiss each other - kiss like you mean it. And so whomever you are playing with next time you visit me, you'll have to spend lots of time kissing each other. You don't get to undress each other until after you kiss. OK?"

"Yes. I want to. Gee."

Ginny sat next to Amy in the back seat and gave her another envelope. Ginny said, "This next girl is Dani. She's tall for her age. She told me she wants to play with you."

I heard Amy open the clasp on the envelope and pull out the little stack of pictures. "Gee, she's pretty, too. I like her long, brown hair."

It was quiet in the back seat. I occasionally heard comments like, "hers are so pointy, like tiny, pink cones," and "ohh, yes, she is pink in the center, but the little wrinkles is darker brown," and "Gee, you can she that she is excited for the picture, too. Look how wet it is. Kind of creamy and whitish."

"She tastes great, too." I said. "Like you, Amy."


Ginny said, "I know she wants to play the 'kiss-all-over' game with you. She wants me to make a video of her kissing you and undressing you and then... well, you know... the fingering and kissing down there."

"Gee. She's so pretty."

"Almost as pretty as you, Amy." I said.

"Gee, and like in front of cameras?" Amy asked.

Ginny said, "Yes, of course. That makes it more exciting. Dani loves cameras. See how wide open she is pulling her bottom for the camera? She wants to show the other waxed girls. I know she wants to see yours. Would you like to play with Dani sometime?"

"Yes. Gee."

"This next girl is Charlotte. She's almost eleven. Look, see that her titties are bigger? But look here, she is also as bald as a baby."

"Yes. Gee. It's pretty. Oh, and she's wet, too, but not as wet as Dani or Brittany."

"Your very observant, Amy. Good. So, would you like to play with Charolotte, or Dani, or Brittany when we can arrange it?"

"Yes. All of them." I heard her giggle. "Gee. All of them. Let's look at the other envelope, too."

"This is Mary. She's the same size as you. She's self-conscious about her braces. See?"

"Yes, but she's cute, too. She's the flattest, but they are kind of puffy, like brownish and puffy." A minute later Amy said, "ohh, look. She's wet, too. Her little ring of wrinkles is a light brown, kind of like Brittany's."

"So, Amy, would you play games with Mary, too?"

"Yes. Like I said, they are all cute."

Ginny said, "They all can't wait to put their fingers in you, Amy. Let's go make a really hot video for them so all of the girls will want to finger you. OK?"

Amy giggled. "This is so fun."


Amy's First Waxed-Girls Video

We walked her through a series of poses after getting her hair and make-up just right. Then we got her dressed up again, and started her first official 'Waxed Girl' video after a few more poses while fully dressed.

Ms. Ginny explained they would play the same music over the sound track so nobody would hear their stage directions. But they would hear her introduce herself - saying her name and age into the camera while still fully dressed. "Then, after you cum, we'll want you to look into the camera again and say, 'thanks for watching. My name is Amy. I hope you want to play with me sometime.' OK, introduce yourself."

She introduced herself - fully dressed and blushing. Her voice even cracked once, so she started over again.

At Ms, Ginny's direction, she continued to move and squirm to the music, following their directions. She opened herself lots of different ways - fully exposing her clitty, pussy, and anus. She played with her own breasts - making them bounce. She pinched and pulled on them, letting them snap back into shape. She got very wet as Ms. Ginny continued to hint or even blatantly tell her what some of the other girls wanted to do with her. Her natural excitement was making great pictures - especially the close-ups. My hand was even in her video as I spanked her to get her ready for the anal fingering, and again when I lubricated her and began the anal insertions. I knew Ms. Ginny would be careful not to have any more than my hands and arms in the video. Amy had a wonderful orgasm - looking into the camera on the tripod while Ms. Ginny moved around with the small camera.

I knew all the members of the Waxed Girls Club members - thousands of them - would love this new girl. I did.

It took almost an hour for the dressing, pictures, and video before she had that big, noisy orgasm. She remembered to look in the camera and say her lines.

Ginny said, "Cut!" and both of us clapped for Amy's performance.

After a short rest, Amy wanted to watch the videos of the other girls.

Amy was squirming the whole time we watched the videos of the other girls. Ms. Ginny and I were careful not to stimulate her too much while she sat on our laps watching the videos on my big TV. She orgasmed while watching her sixth 30 minute video clip, as Brittany orgasmed on my TV, Amy orgasmed on Ms. Ginny's lap with a finger in her vagina, and my finger in her anus. Amy loved it.

It was getting late as we put Amy to bed. She thanked me as she kissed me good night. I promised to get in bed with her soon, "...but I need to make a couple phone calls with Ms. Ginny." Amy went on to sleep.

Ms. Ginny was on the phone when I got downstairs.

End of Part two...


Dear Readers, Part Three is coming soon. Your comments and suggestions, please. (This series of stories is based on a theme sent to me from a fan. Please send me your story suggestions or early memories) Thanks, Corn53

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loved the story. you have the talent for building up excitement.


oh very exciting....really well done

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