Sand in Her Swimming Suit, Part 1

[ F/g, slow, first, photos, mast ]

by Corn53

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Published: 23-May-2011

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This is a work of fiction based on suggestions from a new fan here at Loliwood. Thanks to everyone for sharing your suggestions, comments, and story ideas.

I watched her. So cute. So lively. I guessed her age as nine or ten. Slim and blond. Staying with her Dad in the rental cottage next to mine. We had been waving greetings to each other for the last two days. I heard him calling her Amy, and she called him Daddy. She loved playing on the beach and had a variety of plastic buckets and tools for building her daily castles. Today her third castle was getting so large that she was closing in on my beach chair. Her Daddy said, "Amy, don't bother the nice lady." He was sitting in his beach chair, under an umbrella, tapping on his laptop, about twenty feet south of me along the beach. There was plenty of room along this section of beach since we were about a mile from the high-rise condos and the motels. It didn't start to get crowded until about a half mile south of us.

I said, "It's no trouble really. In fact I was wondering if Amy would help me build a castle over here. I like to see how far the tide comes up the beach during the night. What do you say, Amy? Want to help me build a long wall from up here all the way down to the water? The waves are pretty small today."

Over the next hour we became friends. Amy was almost ten and later she mentioned that she would be in the fifth grade in the fall - just six weeks away. She liked school, but liked summers even more, "especially when we come to the beach. Mommy and Daddy don't come here together anymore. They got divorced two years ago." She kept chattering away about her friends, her cat at home, and the kids in her class. She wanted to get a noodle so she could play with it in the waves, but her Daddy didn't like her going out beyond her hips in the water unless she was with a grown-up, and he didn't especially like going in salt water. That started my plan. She also complained that last year's swimming suit was getting too tight on her. And it was tight - so tight, I could clearly make out her plump pussy lips and ping-pong-ball sized, brand-new titties. What a beautiful, young, full camel-toe!

"It's cute, Amy. You look nice in a two piece, especially since you're starting to grow up into such a cute, sexy girl!" We laughed. I did like her suit, which was stretched out and not as elastic as it must have been last year. It was tight, but as she scooted around on the sand, her bottoms pulled down, which loosened the crotch area. Sometimes while she scooted across the sand on her bottom to fill up another 'castle bucket,' I could see her firm, bald, very pale pussy as the material slid to one side. At other times, while she was hunched over patting down the base of a castle turret, I could see a pale, pink nipple on a small dome of firm, white flesh.

Amy's Daddy was still busy on his lap top, and Amy was pinching and pulling on her swimming suit on her pussy and bottom, since her suit contained almost a full scoop of sand. Without staring, I saw more proof that she was beginning to develop a figure... those marshmallow-sized titties were so inviting! And that pale, hairless pussy was so plump and firm; absolutely magnificent! I figured her pussy itched from all the sand, and she probably also had to pee but didn't want to run all the way back to their cottage.

I said, "Let's go out in the waves for a little bit. I've got sand in my swimming suit!" I stood up and took her hand.

As we walked over to talk to her Dad she said, "Me, too, Amy. Whenever I play on the beach or in the waves, I get lots of sand in my swimming suit."

"I'm Vicky." I said, introducing myself to Amy's Dad. He looked to be about thirty five, maybe older, but I guessed he was five or ten years younger than me. He was stocky with dark hair - the opposite of his slim, blonde daughter. I figured she took after her Mom. We talked for about five minutes - where we lived; careers, etc. - until Amy tugged me towards the water. I told him I was a nurse and worked three twelve hour days and then was off four days, so I often came down to the beach for little holidays.

He said, "Sure, Amy can go in the water with you. I just don't like her going out past waist deep without an adult with her."

"I understand. We'll be back in a few minutes."

"If she gets to be a pest, just send her back over here."

"She's no bother at all. I never had kids of my own, just a few nieces and nephews and they are grown and live a long ways from the ocean. I love the enthusiasm that kids have for the beach and playing in the waves. "

He said, "I have Amy for one or two, and sometimes three days each weekend/ Sometimes I have to call on clients near you." He mentioned a couple of the businesses he called on in my neighborhood and I recognized them.

I said, "Well, whenever you're coming over, just call first. I'm only about an hour from you and I would be glad to keep Amy for a while if I'm not working. Sometimes I work on weekends, but if not, its fine for Amy to stay with me."

We went out into the mild surf and rinsed out our swimming suit bottoms. While we were standing near each other, I said, "I get sand inside me, too, so I run my finger around inside, especially in the front."

Amy said, "I know. The sand makes it itch. Every time I play in the sand, it itches for a few days even though I wash it in the bathtub." She was standing still - and I'm sure she was peeing in the ocean, just like I was.

"The tub in my cottage has a shower attachment on a hose with a special shower nozzle, so I spray it off real good so it won't itch the next day. And I am careful to get it really clean afterwards, too, and use a special oil to make it real slippery to get all the sand off. It takes a few minutes, but then it's all cleaned out. It's one of the oily soaps we use at the hospital, so it gets my girl parts all fresh and clean. Then I use a medicated lubricant on it, like a lotion. I could let you use some of it, or I could even show you how to use the hose attachment."

"Gee, I don't think we have a shower thing on a hose in our bathtub."

"Well, I'm a nurse, so I know how important it is to get myself really clean down there. It only takes about five to ten minutes to wash it thoroughly, and then it's so clean it almost sparkles!" We laughed.

We rinsed out our suit bottoms as best we could while bouncing in the surf, and then went back up on the beach. When we were done peeing and rinsing out our suits as best we could, we looked around at the boats and wave runners out from the beach. We bounced in the waves for a few more minutes.

I went in my cottage and fifteen minutes later brought out a box of cookies, sandwiches, grapes, and a cooler with pop. Amy's Dad thanked me again for keeping his daughter busy and taking her out in the ocean. He thanked me for the sandwiches and cookies. He had his own cooler full of beer and two soft drinks for Amy.

During our little picnic, we kept talking, and, while I put sunscreen on Amy's back and legs - enjoying the touch of her firm, young skin - he told me his name was David and that he had been divorced almost two years.

Amy went back to our castle project and I promised to join her in a few minutes.

Then David shared that he had a 'new friend,' but he wasn't supposed to let Amy meet her, or his ex-wife said she would cut his visitation down to once a month instead of once a week. I felt he was probing for more information about me, so I shared that I had been married but got divorced five years ago, when I was "a little past thirty." David said he was thirty, and that he really liked his new friend, but didn't want to see less of Amy. He said he was glad to hear I was a nurse, although he didn't say why.

I thought he was leading up to something, so I reiterated my offer to keep Amy whenever he was tied up on business or with any other obligations, as long as I wasn't working that weekend. Then I said, she could even spend the night in my cabin tonight, too, if that would make things easier for you, I mean if your friend comes to visit. My little couch folds out into a bed.

"Well, Amy certainly likes you. She even told me that yesterday before we had talked with you, except for the occasional wave or 'hello.' And now... well, now I'm sure she enjoys being with you. I'd be glad to pay for those noodle things she wants, and any other children's games or toys. I'm not sure what kids play with these days." While he was talking, my mind drifted to other 'toys' Amy might enjoy, especially if her little pussy felt 'itchy' from the sand in her swimming suit, but I pushed the thought out of my head. A minute later I pictured putting together a little 'doctor kit' for us to play with sometime.

That evening the three of us went into town, for dinner at a pizza and ice cream place. I invited them back to my cottage to play games that evening. That's when David said he had called his friend and invited her to visit him for the evening. He said, "It would be a great help if you could really keep Amy until midnight, or better yet, I'll just get her in the morning. Maybe we could all go out for brunch. My treat."

I said I would be glad to keep her since we had some shopping to do anyway. So, we agreed that I would keep Amy for the night and we would go shopping for noodles and other ocean toys, and maybe a new table game.

Amy came back over to us to get me so she could show me her idea for making a moat around part of our castle. While she was pulling my hand, I asked David about getting her a new swimming suit, "since the one she has is from last year and she is getting so grown up."

He agreed and said he would give me cash when we got back to our cabins.

I said I had card games and puzzles to work on with Amy. Amy liked the idea of coming over to my cottage. I said, "We can have a girl's party night tonight!" She giggled her approval and told her Dad she would liked spending time with me.

After dinner and before we went shopping, I gave Amy a bath - and had her spread her knees wide apart in the tub so I could show her how to spritz off her pussy with the showerhead at the end of the hose. Amu was getting a few, sparse, blond, pubic hairs growing around the top of her pussy crack already. I tugged on them and told her she certainly was growing up!

She giggled. Then she said it felt 'funny,' so I turned the shower head up to pulsate and kept massaging her young, clitty with the warm spray. I rubbed a mild, soapy-lotion into her pussy several times and kept rinsing, telling her I was needed to get it really clean because of all the sand. She got quiet and held her legs open to let me keep spraying it. I could see her clitty swelling, but didn't comment. A minute later I said, "I'll do this another minute to get all the sand cleaned out. I'll give you the oil treatment when I'm sure it's all clean inside." Then I lied and said, "I've had to do this at the doctor's office several times if a girl has too much sand in her feminine area, and then do the oil treatment to make sure all the sand is out and to relieve any irritation. Maybe I could show you. It doesn't hurt a bit, in fact, most little girls really like how it feels. But we should keep this just among us girls."

"I know. This is 'girl stuff,' so we can't talk about it with men or boys!"

I said, "stand up a minute, Amy. We can look at each other, and then I'll rinse you off some more."

We were both naked, and I was glad I had taken off my clothes first, so she felt relaxed with being naked. She kept looking at my pussy - and I could tell she was wondering why there wasn't any hair. Finally she said, "Gee, I have almost as much hair as you, Ms. Vicky. Gosh. Do you shave it? Some of the girls at the swimming pool do that, but sometimes you can tell because it looks like they have rough, black short hairs on their skin, Like Daddy's beard when he needs to shave. And some of the girls with big breasts still have smooth, bald you-know-whats. Well, I don't know how they get theirs so smooth. They have titties and are teenagers, so I don't know how they do it. Theirs look so much cuter than the ones that are shaved, and lots cuter than the hairy ones. The shaved girl's cracks look like Daddy's face when he needs a shave - like dark sandpaper."

"Maybe the smooth girls get waxed." I said. "I started getting my pussy waxed about ten years ago, and it really hurt at first. I had to let it grow out over the winter and then it took several sessions because it hurt so much that I only let them do a little area at a time. I have thin, blond hair, like you, but still it was a full, little bush. But they told me that some girls start getting wax treatments when they are nine or ten years old, before they have much hair - so it doesn't hurt nearly as much, and after a few treatments each year for about three or four years, the girls don't ever grow embarrassing, ugly hair there. Now I go in two or three times a year for a touch up. Some Moms like their little girls to get the treatments so they will always look so smooth and pretty down there."

"Yours is pretty, Ms. Vicky."

"Would you like to feel it? It's OK if you do, because I've been feeling yours, and I need to massage yours more in a little while, with the medicated oil."

"Can I? Really"

"Yes. Let's make that another agreement besides secrecy: whatever I do to you when I'm cleaning you or teaching you new things, then you can do the same things to me. And we'll play different games, like you could pretend you're a little baby and pretend you're nursing on me, and then later, I could pretend I'm the baby. It would be fun. Just us girls."

"My friend and I did that! It was funny. We took turns being the baby."

"Of course. It's very natural, Amy." I stood by the tub and put one foot up on the edge of it, and opened my legs to let her examine me. I was embarrassed by my wetness and swollen clitty. My mature inner lips were like two, little, rooster wattles protruding from between my closed lips. When I opened wide for Amy, they laid out to the side. I knew she could see how wet I was.

Amy said, "Yours is all wet, too. I can tell mine is. This is exciting - getting to play and act silly with a grown up; like touching each other. It's so pretty without hair. How much does it cost, I mean for the wax thing?"

"It's about a hundred dollars, but someday soon, if you stay with me, I could ask my friend, Ms. Ginny, to come to my condo and she could do yours pretty fast. And it wouldn't hurt too much. Maybe she would bring her book of pictures - before and after - lots of different girls, about your age, up to about fifteen."

"Oh, that would be good. You mean pictures of their... their... umm..."

"Their pussies. You can say it. We're both girls." I smiled.

Amy said, "She would show me pictures of other girls' pussies? Neat. But I couldn't afford it, because I only have thirty two dollars in my secret box under my bed. How bad does it hurt?" She was still tracing a finger up and down my lips and around over the top.

"I'll pull out one of your pubic hairs later with a tweezers, and that's how bad it hurts. It won't be bad for you at all. I like how you're touching me, Amy. It tickles and makes mine tingle, too."

"Gee. Tingles feel good, don't they, Ms. Vicky?"

"Yes, but this is our secret."

"I know. I can't tell Mommy or Daddy about this. But it feels good to have a friend again, and especially a nurse so you know what to do, like when I get sand it in, and like to get it waxed. Then it will be so pretty."

"It's pretty now, Amy. And it will stay pretty for years and years and years once we get you the wax treatments, but that will be our secret, too. I'll ask Ms. Ginny to wax you for free because you are a friend of mine, but you'll have to let her take close-up pictures of it before and after. Then she will do yours for free."

"Oh, neat! Then I'll have a smooth one, like the pretty girls at the swimming pool."

"You just can't tell anybody where you got waxed. Maybe keep it your secret until you're a teenager, but even then, don't tell anybody about us."

"I know." She was pulling my lips open with the fingers of both hands. I knew she was going to ask me something since she was a real chatterbox. I waited, enjoying the touch of her fingers on my pussy lips. Then she said, "Did you have sex with a man? I mean did he put his big thing inside you? It looks too small to fit one inside, like they did in the movies I watched with my other girl friend when we were babysitting. The men had such big things. They put them in the girls' pussies and in their mouths."

"Yes, several men have put their things in me. It feels kind of good, but anymore, I don't think it's worth the hassle of putting up with a man."

"I know! Like the boys at school and at the swimming pool. They think they are so funny, and they joke about naughty things all the time, and use bad words."

I laughed, "That's right, Amy. Men and boys can be so annoying. We need to keep our way of washing the sand out of our girl parts strictly between the two of us. You can come over here tomorrow night, too, if you want, so I can get all the sand off. That's only if you get sand in your new swimming suit. Maybe you won't get any sand in your new one, so we won't need to wash you off here. Now sit back down and lean back so I can finish washing you off before we do the medicated lotion treatment."

"I won't say anything to anybody about you. I'll just tell Daddy that I like being with you. Ohhh! This tickles funny, Ms. Vicky."

I kept spraying the pulsating water on her open pussy. "I'm getting you real clean. We're almost done. This doesn't hurt, does it, Amy?" I held the nozzle with one hand and with my other hand I kept moving and opening her pussy lips so the spray would hit her clitty as I moved her lips around - opening, closing, pulling on those firm, young, pale lips.

"No. Ohhh, it doesn't hurt. We need to get it real clean." She was squirming in the tub, so I had to keep moving the shower head to keep it aimed at her stiffening and swelling clitty. I could see it stiffening as I kept spraying it with the pulsating water.

A minute later I sensed she was about to cum - her breathing, mottled-reddish skin, and the way she was moving her hips - so I stopped spraying and got her out of the tub. I dried her off. The naked nine year old with the stark tan lines was standing on a fluffy towel between my knees as I sat on the closed toilet. I dried her all over - turning her several times. I put her foot on the side of the tub so I could dry her 'girl parts.' My hands reveled in the touch. With the towel in one hand, I kept my other hand on her bare hip or bottom, or around on her tummy. Then I put a soothing lotion all over her - including her chest, bottom, and pussy. She turned and let me position her - and I could tell she was also enjoying the touch.

I put my right hand on her pale, plump, pussy mound. "Time for the deep cleaning and oil treatment, to get you really clean down here, and then we'll both get dressed again and go get noodles to use in the ocean tomorrow, and some more games or a new puzzle, and of course, a new swimming suit and sexy panties since you're getting so grown up and sexy. We'll have a fun evening, but first I need to make sure all the sand is out of you."

While leading her back to my bedroom with the baby oil and a stack of towels, I asked if she had a new close girlfriend she played with, since the other girl had moved away over a year ago. She said, "Well, I did have, but she moved away last year, like I told you. Clear across the country. We used to play games; ride our bikes; do our homework together; and like, talk about boys."

"I know what you mean, Amy. I bet you miss her. I had a best friend when I was your age, and she moved away when I was ten. We did all kinds of things together, too, just like you. We even played doctor sometimes. Maybe that's why I became a nurse!" I laughed. "I guess all kids do that, but I thought we were so naughty at the time."

Amy blushed. "We used to do that, too. It was fun."

My pussy had been tingling all afternoon and evening - just looking at her, or listening to her talk - but when she said that, I felt myself suddenly get wetter. I said, "We used to put our fingers in each other when we played doctor. That was fun." After I said it, I regretted it. It was going too fast and I didn't want to scare the cute, little Amy - the new flower in my heart.

Amy said, "We did that, too, and we pretended it was a boy's finger. That was so funny."

"It reminds me of a friend from nursing school. She had lots of adventures growing up, and even got to do some nude modeling when she was ten years old. But now I'll give you the oil treatment and we can get dressed again. I'll brush out your hair before we drive all the way into town. Remember, I'm a nurse. I've washed off lots of little boys and girls."

"You washed off boys?" She blushed. "I mean, you know, on their things?"

"Yes, a few times, like if he is cut, and I have to get that area all clean before the doctor comes in to put in stitches in his tummy. The boys are so embarrassed, but as I keep washing it the boy's thing gets stiffer and swells up. They can't help it even though they are embarrassed. I know that the doctor gave me extra time to wash off one boy. He was fourteen, and I think the doctor wanted to see if I could get the boy really stiff before he came it. It wasn't a big cut - right on his hip, so it wasn't dangerous."

"Gee. Neat. What did the doctor say?"

"He started to come in and asked me if Danny was all cleaned up. I told him I would need to wash another couple minutes. I said, 'Knock before you come in, Doctor.' Then I kept washing Danny's cock. He had some pubic hair, so I washed his hair down there and all over his balls and bottom. Danny was so embarrassed, but his thing got completely stiff and slightly curved. I kept washing it and told him to close his eyes so I could get it to relax. I said, 'I'll be able to tell when the tension eases out of your penis, Danny, because white, sticky stuff will squirt out. Does that ever happen when you are washing it?' and Danny said, with his eyes still closed, 'Yes, sometimes. By accident.' And then I said I wanted to help him have a little 'accident' so it would be soft and relaxed when the doctor came in for the stitches in his hip. I told him the stitches wouldn't hurt as much if he could relax and just let me help him have the 'accident.' And I told him I would clean up all the white stuff before the doctor came in. And I told him that his was so big and pretty for a boy his age. Boys like to hear things like that."

"I know. Like they brag about having a big one."

"Boys! They are silly, aren't they, Amy?"

"Yes, but what happened with Danny?"

"I rubbed for another minute while he kept his eyes closed, and then it squirted out into my hand. I had a face towel over it. I set the towel aside and cleaned him off, and then the doctor came in and put in the stitches. I told the doctor that Danny was very brave and relaxed so the stitches shouldn't hurt much at all. He only needed four stitches."

"Gee. Neat. I wish I could have watched you, Ms. Vicky."

After spreading the towels on my bed I had her lay back and spread her legs. I put a pillow under her head and shoulders so she could watch and also so she could reach her pussy easier, to hold it open for me. I said, "Pull yourself open, Amy, and I'll help it swell up a little more, and then push up the sheath over your clitty. Then I'll put oil on your clitty to get it really cleaned off. Do you know what your clitty is?"

"Yes, it's the wrinkly thing in the middle; the part that tingles when you rub it."

"When I was your age, I used to rub mine in the bathtub, and when I went to bed at night. Unless my friend was there, and then we took turns rubbing each other's clitty."

"My friend and I did that, too. I rub mine at night and in the bathtub, too, and sometimes, like if nobody is around and I'm in the pool or on my bike, I'll put my hand in my panties or in my swimming suit and just rub it for a few seconds."

"Yes, it feels so good, doesn't it?"

"Yes. It gets tingly."

"That's right, Amy! You certainly are growing up. I can see you're even starting to get breasts. Such a pretty, sexy girl you are! Sit up and let me look at you closer."

"I don't have a bra yet, but lots of girls in my class do. Do you think I should get one?"

"Let me feel them again. I couldn't tell in the bathtub, or when I put lotion on them." I kept feeling and massaging them. There was still lotion on her small breasts with her puffy, pink nipples. He tan lines made them appear even bigger on her chest. "No, you don't need one, but it would make you feel more grown-up. I'll ask your Dad if I could get you one. You wouldn't have to take it home, but you could keep it at my house for now, until your Mother gets you some for your house. This way you could practice wearing one to see if you like it."

"Oh, neat. I would like that."

"Are your nipples sensitive, Amy? That's another sign you're growing up." I gently pinched and pulled on her right nipple, letting my finger snap off.

"That tickles, too. Like, you know, giving me a tingle. You know where."

I laughed again. "Like I said, you're getting so grown-up. Let me pinch each one three times. That's a good way to exercise them when you're alone. It helps them grow." I gently pinched and pulled on each breast three times.

"Ohhh." She said each time I pulled out and snapped off the tip. The tips of her nipples were stiff and sticking out. She was turning and pushing her chest towards me after each tug, so I could reach them easier. She wanted to make them bigger, and was proud that they were growing.

I said, "See how the tips of your nipples are stiffening up?"

"Yes." She said, "And it really gives me tingles. It's different with the lotion on them."

"Actually ten times on each one is the best, and be sure to use lotion to keep them slippery. Should I give each one another seven pinches so you get the maximum exercise?"

"Yes." She said softly and turned her right breast towards me.

"Let me add a little oil, Amy, to keep them really soft and slippery." I put several drops of oil in my hands and massaged both of her half-lemon-sized breasts for a full minute before starting the next seven pinches. I pinched harder as I counted them off.

Amy moaned softly each time, and was squirming her hips by the time I was finished.

We were both still completely naked, so I put some oil on mine and pinched and pulled them. "I still do this sometimes, even though they are done growing. It just feels good, too, doesn't it?"

"Yes." She was watching my pinching fingers snap off the ends of my nipples. "And yours are getting stiffer, too, Ms. Vicky."

"Yes, of course. It feels good. Would you like to pinch mine?"

"Yes. I mean, if you don't mind. You're a pretty lady."

"Why thank you, Amy."

Amy tentatively pinched and pulled. "Was that too hard?"

"Oh, no. As you get older, you like it harder and harder. Really pinch hard when you get to the tips and then let your fingers snap off."

She did it several times to each one. "Are you sure it's not too hard?"

"No, it's fine. Do it a few more times to each one. Really tug and snap your fingers off to pinch them. Ohh, yes. That's it. Good. Maybe we could put lotion on each other each night. Just tell your Dad, if he asks, that it's sunburn lotion. I don't think he'll ask."

"I would like that." She said. "And he doesn't ask me about anything except school."

Then it was time to get the rest of the sand out of her pussy. I said, "Now lie back and open your legs. Pull your feet up by your bottom and let your knees fall outwards. Yes. That's it. Good. Now, with both hand, pull your pussy lips apart and up. That's it. Now I'll tickle your clitty with the buzzer for a little bit and then push up the sheath covering your clitty, so I can rub oil directly on it. It takes a few minutes to do it right. Just relax and we can talk about it later if you want to. Don't be embarrassed. If it also feels good, well, that's OK. Close your eyes and relax. We won't talk for a little bit."

I tapped my small vibrator against her swollen clitty for a minute, before applying oil. Then I massaged her clitty while pushing the sheath even higher. When I tapped the buzzer on her exposed and oiled clitty again, she came - a moaning, squirming orgasm. Maybe her first one ever.

I let her rest, and put a warm, fuzzy towel over her. Later, while I was brushing out her hair, she asked me what happened.

I said, "It's all clean now. I was just getting all the sand out of it, and maybe I rubbed it too long. Did it feel good, Amy?"

"Yes. Like I mean, it was, well, like getting more and more tingly and it felt like a giant itch inside me, and then it burst open and felt so great! Like twitching and squeezing."

"You had an orgasm. It's natural. But, of course, it's a girl-thing, and we don't talk about those things with boys or men. Just us ladies. Have you had orgasms before?"

"Gee, nothing like that. I mean it feels good sometime, like if I rub it while I take a bath or after I go to bed. It feels good, but never anything like that. Gee."

I smiled and hugged her. "Time to get dressed now. This will be our secret. I thought you were growing up and getting sexy, but now I'm sure. Maybe I'll have to give you another bath tomorrow night to make extra sure. Would you like me to give you another bath and make sure all the sand is cleaned out? Of course, in your new swimming suit... well, maybe you won't get any sand in it."

"Yes, gee. I mean, thank you."

After getting dressed and brushing out Amy's hair, we walked back to her cabin to talk with her Dad. I asked him about getting her a bra and a new swimming suit, and explained she was beginning to grow up and is more fashion conscious. He gave me money.

He said, "Get whatever you think she needs. Her Mom and I are both so busy, and we hardly talk with each other. Whatever clothes you get her, we'll keep at my house. My friend will be here shortly, and ummm...."

"What?" I smiled.

He said, "She doesn't have to work tomorrow, so I'm wondering if you could keep Amy at your place tonight."

"That would be fine." I said, and noticed that Amy smiled. "We'll get games and puzzles and some clothes for her to try on, and a new swimming suit. Tomorrow we'll take the big, plastic noodles out in the ocean. It will be a great day tomorrow."

"Good. Maybe we can all go out for brunch in the morning. Say around ten?"

"That would be great." I said. "Amy and I might do a quick morning swim to test out her new swimming suit." I looked at Amy, "How does that sound, Amy?"

The smiling girl said, "A new swimming suit! Cool! Yes, I like to go out real early, but Daddy likes to sleep later."

We left for town a few minutes later and shopped until the stores closed at 9:00. Then we stopped for ice cream. We got noodles, several games, a new swimming suit, and some panties and a new bra.

Amy was so excited. She loved shopping with me. "What a fun trip. I'm glad we're getting more ice cream before we go back. How late can we stay up? Can we play a game or put a puzzle together? And maybe we could try on my clothes tonight. And..."

I laughed. "We'll see, Amy. You can model your new swimming suit and the new panties and bra after we get ice cream, and then we'll see. We have to get up early, remember?"

"I know. But this is so fun. I like shopping with you. You looked at the stuff I wanted, too, I mean, like Mom is typing into her phone, those text messages, and she doesn't care what I get, she just doesn't like me to spend too much money."

"I picked up more sunscreen for us, too, since we're going out early. But I bet, that even with the new swimming suit, you'll still need the get all your sand washed out."

We both laughed. She laughed and talked while we ate our ice cream, and told me which boys she thought were the cutest of the three young, male teenagers who were running the ice cream shop. We even joked about which one of the three boys had the longest thing. She thought that was so funny.

"Have you ever seen a real one?" I asked.

"No, just pictures in health class, and some videos when I was babysitting with a friend of mine. They were grown-ups though, and their things were so big! I don't think they could fit in a girl, at least not me. I mean, even a finger feels big in me. But in the videos the men put their things all the way in the girls. It looked like the girls liked it."

"In the videos you watched, did the men put their cocks in the girls' pussies, or their mouths, or in their bottoms?"

"Mostly in their mouths. It was pretty gross. And sometimes in the girls' pussies."

"Well, you're only thirteen, Amy, so you won't need to worry about things like that for a few more years."

Amy laughed. "I just turned ten, Ms. Vicky! But I'm going to be eleven. Gee, did you really think I was a teenager?"

I laughed, too. "I was teasing, but you could pass for eleven or maybe even twelve. You're getting so cute and sexy and grown-up. I know. We girls have our secrets! So I'm sure you are getting grown-up and sexy! Maybe you could do a little fashion show for me tonight, and try on the swimming suit and bra and the panties. We could pretend you're a model! Like my friend that I told you about."

"That would be fun!" She said, and was almost ready to leave before finishing her ice cream. "Like we could pretend there is an audience and cameras and things, and we could clap."

I laughed again. "Yes, all that. I could even take pictures."

She suddenly stopped and looked at me.

I said, "I would erase them, of course!" We both laughed. Then I tilted my head back towards the ice cream counter. "See the tall boy?"

"Yes. I feel sorry for him. I mean he's real cute, but he has lots of pimples."

"That's not so bad. I'm sure his skin will clear up in a year or two. It means he's getting through puberty, like so his thing is getting bigger. Probably bigger than my finger." I held out my finger. "Probably a little longer and a little fatter."

She was staring at my finger, and then looked over at the tall boy who was busy bending into the counter-freezer, behind the glass, scooping ice cream. I said, "Did your friend put her finger all the way in you, Amy?"

"Not at first, but then later we did. I don't remember exactly when we started doing that, but like we would take turns, and we would push our fingers all the way in. And then like we made it a game, like pushing all the way in and then counting to three and then pulling it out, and saying 'two, one, two, three, and the next time it was 'four, one, two, three, and so on, up to ten times and then we switched. Usually we went slow, but sometimes we pushed in real fast, like especially if we were getting more slippery. You know, like when it gets all wet and gooey."

"That sounds like fun, Amy. I did games with two of my girlfriends when I was your age. Did you always push in the front, or did you push in the back sometimes, too?

Amy thought for a minute with a spoonful of ice cream held above her dish. I watched a little clump of multi-colored sprinkles drip off the side of her spoon back into her dish. Then she said, "Back? You mean in your bottom? Gee, no, not back there."

I said, "I used to do that with one of my girlfriends. It felt good to me, but I liked getting a finger in the front better, but she liked it better in her bottom. You have to use lubricant, of course. Some girls really like it in their bottoms. Some older girls even like getting a cock in their bottoms. Did you see that in those videos?"

Amy swallowed the spoonful of ice cream, then said, "Gee. Really? No, not in back in the videos, and I never tried it in back. And it feels good? Really?"

"Yes, but not as good as it felt to you when I got all the sand off your clitty. You really liked that, didn't you?"

"Wow, yes. Gee. That was so good, whatever you did. It was kind of embarrassing though."

I smiled, "But it felt good, didn't it?"


"Maybe we could be like girlfriends for the rest of this week. I'll pretend I'm ten, except I have a driver's license..." I laughed, "... but I could show you some other fun games - games just for us girls."

"Gee, that would be fun. And you bought me nice stuff - a bra and some new panties, and a swimming suit, and the noodles to play with in the ocean, and ice cream. This will be fun!"

"We'll have fun and we'll keep our girl secrets to ourselves! You want me to get the sand off your clitty again tomorrow, don't you?"

"Gee, yes. But we can't tell anybody. It's one of our girl secrets." She giggled.

"We'll have fun tonight. Before I show you the new games, you can try on your swimming suit and the new bra and all the panties and model for me."

"OK, but will you really take pictures?"

"Yes, but we'll erase them. Why?"

"I don't know. It just sounds exciting, you know, like modeling. When I see ads with girls modeling panties and things like that it makes me feel... well, like kind of tingly, and I wonder how many people are in the photo studio. I wonder if the girl's Mom is there in the studio watching her get the pictures taken, because that would be embarrassing."

"I know what you mean. You wouldn't want your Mom watching you have so much fun, undressing in front of the cameras."

"But still, it would be exciting, like being in front of people in just your panties and a bra. I wonder if the cameraman is a man."

"There are probably two or three cameraman, and maybe a lady for the make-up and hair and to help with dressing and changing."

"Really? Gee. That would be so exciting. I mean if your Mom wasn't there watching you."

"When I was in nursing school, one of my friends told me a story when we were out drinking. She said that she was a model and that there were three men with cameras and a woman, just like I told you, to help her with clothes, make-up, and hair. She said she had to change clothes in front of the cameras. She said she was very nervous since she was only ten years old, but, like you, she was just starting to get a figure, and that's what they wanted to model the training bras and sexy panties for little girls. She said it was the most exciting two hours of her life. And..." I didn't finish my sentence.

Her ice cream was melting, but she didn't seem to notice. Then she asked me what else. "What else did your friend tell you? Was she excited about it?"

"Yes, like I said, she told me it was the most exciting thing she ever did. And she was just your age."

"I mean what else did she tell you?"

"I promised I would never tell anybody. But that was almost twenty years ago. I don't even know her new last name. She got married and moved out of town after we graduated from the nursing program."

Amy was wiggling on her seat. "But what else did she tell you. You can tell me. Aren't we like sisters, or something?"

I smiled. "Don't you want to finish your ice cream?"

She smiled and took another spoonful, "Tell me, Ms. Vicky. Please."

I leaned in closer to her and looked around, as if I was making sure that nobody was listening. We were several feet away from the nearest group of people and they were pretty noisy - laughing about something. I whispered close to her ear. "She said when she was done with the official photo shoot that everybody left except for the main photographer who was the one who had paid her Mom for the modeling hours. He said, 'We're all done with the official shoot. I already paid your Mother for the official time. But we have another half hour left though. I was wondering if you would like to model for just me. For my private collection.' And then he waited, so my friend asked him what he meant, and he said, 'you know, like to undress in front of my camera. Take everything off and turn around in front of my camera. Do some of your stretching exercises for me, and then I'll pay you, too, but you have to promise to never tell anybody about this or I could lose my contract with the store.' And then, well..." Again, I didn't tell Amy the rest of the story.

Amy whispered back, "What? Did she do it?"

"Yes, but I'll tell you more when we're back in my cottage. Maybe while you do your fashion show in front of my camera. We'll go back when you're done with your ice cream."

She finished in three quick bites, and then had to take a drink of water because she started to get an ice cream headache.

We laughed and talked about other things on the way home. She liked carrying the packages back to my car, and then into my cottage. She kept wanting me to tell her more about my friend's modeling adventure, but I kept saying I wouldn't tell her anymore about it until later when we played our girl games. Then I asked her if she was willing to try the back, "I mean in your bottom. Then I'll tell you all about it. I bet you would like it so much that you would have another big orgasm - while I'm showing you and also telling you about my friend's adventure."

"Gee, OK, but I mean, like it sounds kind of embarrassing."

"But 'embarrassing' makes it feel better, remember? Bigger tingles that way. My friend was embarrassed, that's for sure, and she had an orgasm in front of the man's video camera. He promised her that he would never show anybody because he could get in trouble. That was back before digital cameras, do you remember VHS tapes?"

"We have a tape player at home, but we don't get tapes anymore. You mean like that? Like old movies from when Mommy and Daddy were younger?"

"Yes, that's right. So that man probably still has the video tape of my friend undressing and then rubbing herself while he worked his camera."

"Gee." She whispered again, even though it was just the two of us in my cabin. "Was she... umm... you know... naked?"

"Yes. She was completely naked. She was dressed when she started and then she undressed in front of the cameras, just like you're going to do now while I take a few pictures and we'll act silly!"

She laughed and dumped out the three, plastic bags of clothes onto the fold-out, sleeper sofa in my little living room. She tossed the large, plastic bag with our swimming noodles in it over to the side of the room, against the door. "What should I try on first?"

I said, "Take it all in my bedroom and then you put on some of the things. Surprise me. I'll get pictures while you undress."

She laughed and picked up the panties, bra, and swimming suit. As she started to run into my bedroom, she said, "Get the camera ready. I'll be right out."

I knew she was excited, and I also knew my excitement was building, because my panties were actually wet... not just damp, but truly wet.

She called out, "Should I put my shorts back on over the new panties?"

"Yes." I called. "Because I need to get pictures of you undressing, just like my friend did. You have to imagine that there are three men in here working their cameras."

I turned on some lively music, and a minute later she came out in the same shorts, T-shirt, and sandals that she had worn for our shopping trip. On her tight T-shirt I could make out the lines of her new training bra. I said, "My friend said she came out dressed and wasn't supposed to talk, but just undress and do her stretching exercises one she was naked. Sometimes the man would tell her how to pose or how to touch herself, and then she put on another outfit and did it again. She said it was exciting and embarrassing at the same time. So just pretend I'm a man and I'll give you some directions, but you don't talk. Just undress and show yourself to the camera. We'll erase the pictures later. I want you to act silly and dance for a few minutes before you take off anything. Smile into the camera. Go."

She danced and tugged on her clothing - itching to take it off, but I made her wait. I had her pretend the arm of the couch was a horsie and she had to ride it for a full minute - bouncing and twisting around. I was hoping that when she finally undressed, I would be able to pick up her silky panties and feel her wetness. I knew she was excited. I had her open and close her legs while she kept riding. I had her keep riding while she took off her T-shirt and bra, and then kick off her sandals. I told her that my friend had to do that all those years ago in front of the cameraman when she was modeling panties and training bras. Then I had her stand and take off the shorts and ride a little more - trying to make her titties bounce, which she did - as small as they were - because she was really bouncing.

Her skin was flushed and blotchy with her excitement, and she was moving her hips and unknowingly pursing her lips, and flicking her tongue across them. Then I told her to put her hands inside her panties and pull her lips open while she kept bouncing on the horsie.

"Oh, that feels funny when I bounce on it."

"Now slide frontwards and backwards. Keep it pulled open so your panties are pressing on your clitty. Can you feel your clitty rubbing on the arm of the couch?"

"Ohhh, yes. It makes it tingly."

"Stand in front of me. I'll take your panties off. Then you can try on another pair of panties to model for me, and then your swimming suit."

She was unusually quiet while I pulled down her panties. I could feel that they were wet - actually getting her girl goo on my hands. I whispered, "Why don't we go in the bedroom now and I'll rub you for a little bit. You can try on the other things in the morning before we go out to the ocean. It's getting late."

She nodded, and headed back towards my bedroom. I slipped the wet panties in a little, plastic bag and sealed it. Then I went on in the bedroom and pulled back the sheets and patted the bed. She laid down in the center where I had patted my hand.

"Don't talk, Amy. If you want me to rub your clitty again, just open your legs. We won't talk anymore now."

She opened her legs and in less than five minutes she had another orgasm. Then I said, "You're so pretty, Amy. Don't talk. Leave your legs open for another minute so I can take one more picture of my pretty, new girlfriend."

After taking the picture, I undressed, turned up the air conditioning, and got in the bed. "You're so pretty, Amy. I'll hold you tonight. Just go on to sleep."

Part two - coming soon. Share your suggestions. (or any memories, suggestions, fantasies for stories)

Rough outline for Part Two: they will get up and have a quick breakfast and go out to the ocean. Amy pulls out the front of her new, swimming suit bottoms and, with a wicked grin, she drops a handful of sand into her swimming suit. Then clean up and go out for brunch with Amy's Dad at 11:00 and then have another fun day building castles. It's very hot, so they go in for a little nap around 2:00.

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Looks like an interesting tale. Mayhap, Vicki will wind up with Amy permanently in part three. Mum and Dad finding other partners.


Absolutely WONDERFUL story...I cant wait to read next chapters...Thx..Sara


Mmmmm liked this one vv much, more please

Lil Laren

Delicious sooo looking forward to the next chapter!

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